History Edit

Evolution Edit

The Skarling species is a species create in-lab by the Warmis. Those semi-sapient reptiles are weak but smart. The species survived to many gamma radiation due to their creators. They finally have been implanted in the Colida system, to see if they will be able to survived.

They survived and evolved, but they never used fire, because they always thought that it was a devastating thing.

A day, the Warmis send them powerful gamma ray that mutated their DNA and make them different each other. Those specials characteristics helped them reach the top of the food chain.

They began to transform their planet to make it easier for the others creatures. They built canals, island, they moved continents. They used vegetation to build organic space ships and finally quit their planet and set the others planets in their system as T3.

They invent the holografique matters, holograms that are touchable. They build planets with it, space cruisers and even more. They discovered the Frieum Empire and allied them.

The Shanum War Edit

One day, the Skarling Empire meet is evil creator, the Warmis Empire, robot creator. Because the Warmis are unable to let biological empires alive, a war was imminent. The Skarling Empire attack first the Warmis and destroy a little part of their army. But the Skarling Empire didn't know that the Warmis were masters of a powerfull army of robots named Ayolm. The Skarlings and Ayolms fight againts thousands of years. Finally, the Skarling destroy the robotic menace.

Skarling Kadrium War Edit

After the Shanum War, the Skarling Empire was weaker then ever, most of their army was destroyed. They discovred the Oushis Empire, a powerfull and agressive empire. The Oushis and Skarlings allied and become the Oushatadon Empire. After a long preparative, the Oushatadon Empire decide to attack the Warmis Empire, but when they found the Warmis colonies, there was no Warmis, but a new enemy named Vayl, robotic parastites. The Vayl infiltrated the Oushatadon ships and mutated the equipages. The only solution that The Oushatadon Empire found was to used their new weapon on the contamined planets: The weapon was supposed to change the planets into T9 planets, but they discoverd that this isn't working, that was changing planets into antimatter. After 203 years, they finally wins the battle.

The Mind changementEdit

After years of battles, the Skarling king died. His son took control of the empire. He renamed the empire Skarling Allied Systems and comand to stop producing weapons and to abolish the army.

The Skarling allied systems decided to move to another galaxy, beacause of the others empires attacks. They moved to Andromeda system.

They begun to protect the others empires.


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