Sinhai Kakharis is a Quadrantia Zazane in service of Rambo Command, captain of a Kelvin-Class starship, the USS Areshkova. A proud and noble person, Sinhai believes that honor is that what defines you from your foes and friends. As a capable captain who gained a favorable and reliable reputation over the years in service. Offering his ship as trainee vessel for cadets as well as being involved in space battles. During his carrer he became involved in saving the life of High King Rambert Ramveral, rewarded for it for personally assigned by the Monarch as Marscalcus around 25 AQF for his involvement during the Jatooine Incident.


Captain Carreer[]

An unknown ship approaches the Areshkova

Sinhai Kakharis is born in 2778 (20 BQF) at the Quadrantia Zazane planet known as Parjurba. Raised in the arts of a warrior since youth Sinhai is gifted in the use of his samurai sword and is able to perform it with deadly and lethal precision.

Showing such promise, he was elected to become the second of his kin to apply at Rambo Command in 2800 (02 AQF). Finishing his studies at the Rambo Academy he was promoted to captain after serving an internship for over a year onboard another vessel. He received command of the Kelvin-Class, the USS Areshkova in 2806 (08 AQF). In april that year, Sinhai and his crew took onboard first year cadets for a few weeks intership to learn the basics of serving onboard a starship. Travelling to the Wormhole Plateau near Rambo Prime, he had a nice conversation with cadet Irina Gallia. Suddenly the ship was taken under surprise attack by a Quadrantia Loron vessel, pirated by Nra'inja Metalfoot who entered the wormhole leading to the Borealis Galaxy unauthorized. With orders not to pursue, Sinhai checked on the shaken cadets.

Jatooine Incident (19 AQF)

In february of 2817 (19 AQF), Sinhai and his crew rushed to Jatooine to protect High King Rambert Ramveral from a failed diplomatic meeting with the Lizardian. Upon arrival Sinhai ordered his crew to target the Lizardian Ifrit-class vessels, though fired at the Quadrantia-Class as well to prevent a coup d'etat by Marscalcus Kya and beamed the High King to his own vessel.


Marscalcus Sinhai and rear-admiral James in coversation about the Interdimensional Warp Gate

Sinhai Kakharis was promoted to Marscalcus later on in 2817 (19 AQF), as a replacement for Kya, who was fleeing to the Cyrannus Galaxy in hopes of joining the Cyrandia Resistance. He was given the position as a reward from Rambert Ramveral for saving his life during the events at Jatooine. Upon his promotion, he donned the new white/gold uniform designed by the King, wiping away the last remnants of House Le Rambo Dynasty and influance within Rambo Command. In the months following his promotion, Sinhai researched himself upon the political and command structure of both Rambo Command and the Rambo Government and soon introduced the new uniforms as well in january of 20 AQF.

Informing the Chancellor, the Lord Hand and the Head of Rambo Intelligence about the incident

In october 2818 (20 AQF), Sinhai Kakharis complied with the orders of High King Rambert Ramveral to deploy the Typhon-Class during the Crossing Line-incident. Rear-admiral James Rambo confronted him about it and expressed his worries about the use of the temporal weapon, Sinhai rebuked the rear-admiral and claimed they served at the High Kings wishes and demands. Later on, he discussed the incident with Chancellor Fleur Inviere, Lord Hand Ramseph Ramcard and Judge Magister Ramhis and was given permission to assault the Interdimensional Warp Gate to reclaim it. Later on it was destroyed and the Marscalcus had some unpleasent meetings with the Lord Hand about the failiures of Rambo Command.

With the conclusion of the Precipice-storyline during the New Republic Civil War Sinhai together with Hand of the Monarch Ramseph Ramcard became displeased with Rambert's course of actions. Upon Rambert's decision to invade New Republic space Sinhai openly voice his disgust and concerns. In return Rambert imprisoned the Marscalcus. When Rambo Nation fell Sinhai remained in prison though now under watch of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus at Pauvenris. In March 2820 he was present at the whipping of Sia though was unable to aid her. By September 2820, during the battle of Pauveris, Sinhai left with the evacuating Legatus forces as his people were absorbed within the Legatus. Feeling responsible for the fate of his people, Sinhai gave up his life within the Ramboidae Realm and decided to join the Legatus.

Personality and Traits[]

Sinhai Kakharis is a proud and stern Zazane, fully believing in the way of the warrior and has a great sense of pride and honor. Gifted in the lethal use of a samurai sword, Sinhai doesn't rely on phasers instead he uses his sword to deflect bullets and phasers. Physically strong and fit, quick wits and temperament for justice Sinhai is often seen within the fleet as one of the most promising and honest amongst the captains.

He likes to study history and reading books, he also enjoys sumarai training simulations on the holodeck or simply watching the stars.

After his promotion to Marscalcus, Sinhai Kakharis vowed to himself he would be just and gentle, though harsh when required. He took great pride in his promotion and his seemingly friendship with the High King though it didn't make him arrogant, instead one could say it actually made him more cautious.

Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer 2800 - 2803 Cadet
Unspecified Command Division 2803 - 2806 Unspecified
USS Areshkova Commanding Officer 2806 - 2817 Captain
Rambo Command Commander-in-chief 2817 - ongoing Marscalcus

USS Areshkova


Sinhai in original captain uniform


Blue face.pngWorthy of my friendship


Orange face.pngUnworthy!



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