Krassio Fleet

Warriors, it is thanks to you that the Pact survives. You will probably be the first, last, and sometimes only defense of a myriad of worlds that need protection from the clutches of chaos and the enemies of our kind. It is thanks to you that the Pact now stands and that it does not crumble in little pieces. It is thanks to you that the imperial Xol Dominion now remains as a shade of its former self. Let us not give credit to mighty beings of godly power for this victory, for it is every single soul in the Armies of the Pact the ones responsible for the glory we experience today.

- Grand Maester Kroc addressing the assembled armies of the Pact.

The Armies of the Pact are the largest and most cohesive military force in the Chandras Galaxy. Its numerous forms serve as the first line of defense, as well as expeditionary force and conquerors in behalf of the Singularim Pact. It is comprised of countless billions of souls that inhabit the worlds of the Pact--hundreds of thousands of planetary defenses, fleets, and regiments called 'Legym', supported by a vast array of psionic and alien technology from ancient times. Led by the relentless disciplinary and martial force of the Civatrons, their undisputed leaders who lead the forces of the Pact into constant conflict, the Armies of the Pact fight a never-ending conflict either for protection, expansion or war.

Just as its name implies, the Armies of the Pact, albeit cohesive when united, are comprised of the military forces of the main species who constantly work as a protectorate of lesser civilizations. While local planetary defenses dedicate their efforts to the preservation of their world/system, there are more cosmopolitan versions where several species or official regiments from the Pact's main HQ, Civa Praxeum, take place. Nevertheless, it is this chaotic and seemingly disordered method that has kept the Pact from dying before terrible foes such as the Xol'Etra, the dark psionics of the Yasuul, or even incursions from chaos monsters, having been called "The Blades of the Pact" as a popular dub.

The origins of what is known as "the Armies" dates back to the beginnings of the Great Psionic War, in which Singul'Aren instigated a galactic-wide uprising against the Xol'Etra and their Xol Dominion, which had uncontested rule over the galaxy for centuries. Such insurrection split the galaxy in two between those loyal to the Xol'Etra and those who had been converted to Singul'Aren. The Singularim Pact was formed in order to quickly mobilize troops and supplies to worlds that had started to suffer from the Psionic lords' retaliation. While the first conflicts were managed by powerful psionic beings such as the Krauna or the Krass during the first stages of the war, as soon as the Civatron Fleet of "Primal Armada" arrived on the battlefield, their strategic and martial genius, boldened by the experiences of the War of Ages, allowed for a more cohesive defense on numerous systems. Taking arms in these occasions were not just simply Civatrons or members of the psionic gene pool called Krassio, but also other lesser psionic species that took upon themselves to fight the oppression of their former masters and secure a foothold on countless systems.

When the war ended, the Pact sought to consolidate its gains, formally creating the Armies of the Pact for such purpose. Every member of the Pact would receive standard psionic and anti-psionic training and equipment on behalf of the Civatrons, whilst leaving their organization and structure to themselves. The result was the vastest and probably greatest force in the galaxy since the era of the Cianju Alliance.


All of the armies of the Pact have embedded themselves with the code of the Book of Discipline authored by the Valader, whose prime and basic ideal stands on "Preparing for war during times of peace". The Singularim Pact is well aware that their existence poses a constant threat to demonic cults and forces of Chaos, as well as many other empires' concepts of Order. The Armies of the Pact thrive in war, as their purpose is assured when uniting during war efforts.

Albeit sometimes erratic in form, there are four main branches in the Armies of the Pact that need to be considered, the first one commanding the other three. Since the interests of the vast members of the Pact vary greatly, one may see different species taking on roles in the main branches of the army. Needless to say, the Armies of the Pact do not differentiate or segment the Armada of ships from the myriads of warriors on land.

Trinity LegymEdit

They shall be an extension of our will.

- Singul'Aren

The Trinity Legym is the highest and most powerful force in the Pact since it is solely composed of Civatrons and Krauna. When the Psionic Wars ended, the Civatron Primal Armada was disbanded in order to found three different legions instead of depending on the political maelstrom that had been the Civatron Tribes in ancient conflicts. Just as its name implies, the Trinity Legym comprises three main branches, each assigned to one of the leaders of the Court of Three. The Legym are the Court of Three serve as their personal army, their highest secondary ranks composing their guards or worship cults around them, and the highest officers often taking command of joint military efforts with other species, assuming the roles of military masters of the Armies of the Pact.

Kroc LegymEdit

The Kroc Legym is perhaps the most common in the controlled sectors of the Pact, dedicated to internal conflicts and the purge of demonic and chaotic cults within their territory. Their colors are brown, red and golden, mimicking their leader. They lead the Escudym, the military branch in charge of the defense of the Pact's assets and controlled systems. Constantly leading their troops for protection, rather than expansion.

  • Current Leaders
    • High Mastym Iguanodae
    • Battlemastym Tor
  • Intrym - The lowest rank and those who are under training.
  • Phalanx - The Standard Warrior, paragons of the Pact's Retribution.
  • Liberaym - Honored Warriors who command and train Phalanx and Intrym.
  • Mastym - Leaders of the Legym, veteran psionic users who command hosts of souls into battle.
  • Battlemastym - Reserved to just one, chosen by Grand Maester Kroc himself, he commands the entirety of the Legym's military assets.
  • High Mastym - The main authority of the Legym, second only to the Grand Maester himself.

Vala LegymEdit

The Vala Legym perhaps is the smallest of the three, as Singul'Aren himself deems who gains membership in the Legym, and holds close control over it. While other Legyms number close to three million members, the Vala Legym is reserved to a few hundreds of thousands, dedicated to maintaining harmony with all the minds of that daily commit themselves to the training and worship of the psionic god. The Vala travel the stars in search for new recruits, hunt powerful dark psionic entities or demons, and contest in the psionic plane against evil minds seeking to assail the treasured souls of the Pact and its secrets. They also command the military branch of Ministirym.

  • Current leaders
    • High Mastym Saropi
    • Battlemastym Harozen
  • Intrym - The lowest rank and those who are under training.
  • Phalanx - The Standard Warrior, paragons of the Pact's safekeeping.
  • Mastym - Leaders of the Legym, veteran psionic users who command hosts of souls into battle.
  • Levym - Considered to be the religious mastym of the Pact, they conduct entire masses in the worship and training of the psionic arts.
  • Battlemastym - Reserved to just one, chosen by Singul'Aren himself, he commands the entirety of the Legym's military assets.
  • High Mastym - The main authority of the Legym, second only to the Patriarch himself.

Ynuri LegymEdit

Of all three Legym, the Ynuri is the largest and perhaps most powerful when considering military assets. The Legym in command of the Lady Protectress not only commands specialized forces inside the order but also all expeditionary and conquest fleets assembled as the Qonkistadym to assure the eternal expansion of the Pact and its continued existence. In addition to this, the Lords under Ynur'Vae's command manage the entirety of the Death Fleets, comprised of scores of spirits that instead of moving on into Ynur'Vae's eternal promise, decided to stand alongside her mistress to promote her vision of a universe under her brother/lover's gaze.

  • Current leaders
    • High Lord Teruzon
    • High Lord Harozed

Another difference in this Legym is the ranking structure. Ynur'Vae took many of the most skilled Masters in the Primal Armada and anointed them "Ynuri Lords", using their expertise and prowess to command the countless forces of the Pact.

  • Lord - Commander of a large array of forces in the Pact.
  • High Lord - Supervisor of all of the expeditionary and conqueror forces of the Pact.



Qonkistadym Emblem.

Let our blade be known, Our hammer fall down! Upon our Lady's foe, Death shall flow!

- Chant of Qonkistadym forces.

The Qonkistadym (Krassioros for "Conquest") is the military branch specifically designed to seek the Pact's continuous expansion. Species that inhabit the borders of the Pact, as well as any other volunteers, are the ones filling the backbone of the Lady Protectress Eternym Cruzad. Led by Ynur'Vae's High Lords, the Qonkistadym follows a very extremist and zealous version of the Book of Discipline. It is largely known that the Lady Protectress is madly in love with her older brother and his vision of war, therefore seeking to fulfill it to the last syllable. One would think that such radical notions would draw many away from the Qonkistadym, but it is Ynur'Vae's burning beauty and deadly attraction what continues to pull millions of warriors into the neverending goal of conquest and expansion.

Known speciesEdit

  • Civatrons - Possibly the most powerful warrior race in the First Gigaquadrant.
  • Juvax - Their large numbers are the backbone of the Qonkistadym.
  • Tyr - Insectoid race from the Linioss and Liboss sectors of Chandras, forming in the millions.
  • Iluvii - Psionic Sprits of fallen warriors who chose to follow the Qonkistadym