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A monument to all psionics. A bastion for those in need. The bane to all evil in the Universe.

- An Historical Dossier

The Intergalactic Psionic Pact, Psionic Alliance Pact or more commonly and officially known as the Singularim Pact is the following government that rose from the ashes of the most prominent government known to unite the different peoples and civilizations practicing the arts of the Psionic essence: the Krassio Host. Efficiently uniting even more factions under one banner, the Pact became the spiritual successor of the Krassio Host as a galactic and extragalactic empire, controlling a vast portion of Chandras Galaxy, a feat rivaled only by the Xolarum Republic, who control a slightly lesser portion of the galaxy. They also hold an area of space inside the region known as the Endless Space thanks to the Krauna.

In the aftermath of great conflicts like the War of Ages or the Second Coming War, the remnants of many psionic people among a variety of universes came together to form a new Pact in a group of galaxies in different sets of the Universe, creating in the process an intergalactic organization of colossal proportions. After the terrible Great Psionic War that killed billions, and led by the patriarchal notions of the psionic god Singul'Aren, considered unanimously by the Psionics as a deity and fountain of their power, the many species now under this newly formed alliance travelled from many places listening to the psionic gods whisper across the stars, many of them barely having the capacity of traveling at light speed or with vortex/portal technology, thus beginning a journey of thousands of years, with their hearts and minds endlessly inspired and attracted by the powerful psionic power of the Singularim. After many struggling conflicts and following a great revolution among the current ruling of the psionic people, the great organization finally arose from the ashes of terrible conflict and became the Singularim Pact.

With the expansion almost reaching its end, the Patriarch of the Singularim Pantheon retreated from public view and addressed the responsibilities to the day-to-day maintenance of the Pact to the Council of Ministers, ruled by Grand Maester Kroc. The Pact became one of the powers of the Chandras Galaxy alongside the Reformed Xolarum Republic and the Lankrass Alliance.

By all standards, the Pact is a military organization, an oligarchic military junta designed to dominate the Galaxy with its methods and its own agenda. Currently, the Pact self-proclaimed itself the protector of the Chandras Galaxy alongside the Xolarum Republic and the Lankrass Alliance in the form of the Galactic Commissariat of Chandras, a greater, more democratic form of itself, since this larger military junta combines the arsenal and scores of armies from the three major powers.



Great Psionic WarEdit

Cold WarEdit

The Second Great Cyrannus WarEdit

We shall return to participate in the universe's fate, although this time we may be aliens to the peoples of the First Gigaquadrant and not its natives.

- Grand Maester Kroc.
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Ynur'Vae resurrects Bo Ramik for the glory of the DCP.

Ynur'Vae, the Pact's main military commander, inspired by her friend Kroc, took an interest in liberating the former Rambo Nation sectors of Quadrant 82, from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus where the Civatrons' former allies lie. For a time, she observed all the different events in the massive conflict and deemed the Empire as a threat to the Pact's own agenda. Prompted by DCP Emperor Wormulus II, Ynur'Vae resurrected the DCP Warlord Bo Ramik to help on the war effort indirectly, but in the end she determined that no troops would cross unto the other side.

7th Expeditionary Force PA

The 7th EF of the Pact marked a historical event as the Civatrons introduced themselves back into the larger community of the First Gigaquadrant.

Seeking to aid their ancient allies in their struggle for retribution and reform, the Pact, under the direct orders of the Lady Protectress, advanced through the Quadrantia wormhole into the larger galactic cluster with a large fleet and army in order to support the Rambo war effort against the Empire. Named the 7th Expedition force of the Qonkistadym and under the leadership of Lord Psantik, the Pact's forces pierced through an imperial blockade, rescuing the Rambo Loyalist forces and thus granting the Serindia a chance at their campaign to restore a Rambo based government in the quadrants.

With these events unfolding, the Pact officially declared war against the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, allying with those it considered were the closest representations of its old alliances.

Emeryx WarEdit


The Seat of the Pact, as many would rather call it, lies in the outer rims of Chandras Galaxy. Their presence is not absolute in the galaxy, however, as the Xol Dominion and the Yasuul Legion contend for territory in the core sectors of the galaxy.

Apart from the Chandras Galaxy, the Pact holds a large area of the Endless Space between galaxies, which they call Beacon Sector.

Chandras Current Division

Current Political Division of the galaxy with the Singularim Pact holding much of the Veo Quadrant.

Notable LocationsEdit

  • Capital planet symbol Civa Praxeum (100 Billion and growing) - Civa Praxeum is an "ever under-construction" city planet that holds the main center and nexus of all the operations the Pact does in military and economic agendas. Its initial population was a gigantic head-start of 30 billion people that constructed their homes on the planet following Singul'Aren's establishment there. Now, 100 billion people live in the planet's surface under the wing of the Pact's protection and citizenship.
  • Planet symbol Monoikos (12 Billion) - Located in the Endless Space, particularly in the Beacon Sector, it is the second most important location in the Singularim Pact and the place where it was constitutionally founded. The home-world of the Krauna and, arguably, the seat of the Beacon Sector.
  • Planet symbol Inner Sanctum (3 million) - Inner Sanctum is considered to be a holy place by many psionic practitioners, it is the place where Singul'Aren first arrived in the Endless Space and officially founded the Singularim Pact. Now, it is a place where the most devoted philosophers, scientists, monks, sages and warriors that study the psionic essence construct temples to keep their training fluent.
  • Planet symbol Quadrantia Wormhole - It is the only known way in and out of the Chandras Galaxy, and it is under Pact occupation now. Access to the wormhole is extremely restricted due to the Pact not trading with any extra-galactic organizations yet.

Government and PoliticsEdit

The Court of ThreeEdit

Once the Psionic War with the Xol Dominion was over, Singul'Aren retreated from political leadership, not wanting to be worshipped as a god religiously, but to be seen as a spiritual guide to his people. Instead, he named his oldest friend and comrade to be the Grand Maester of the Singularim Pact: Kroc. Already proved to be a capable leader, Kroc designated Ynur as Lady Protectress of the Pact, tasking her with eliminating all that posed a threat to their newly found empire. Together, this united front of sound leadership goes by the name of "The Trinity".

All three of them were prophesized to appear eventually, being called the Warriors of Time by ancient defunct prophets. Singul'Aren came first as the warrior of the Past, he who set the cornerstone of what the Krassio would be. Kroc became the Warrior of the present, a timeless legend of inconceivable power that is destined to be the ever-present face of the Civatron/Krassio/now Singularim Pact's greatness. Finally, Ynur, although a new arrival, displays the power of the dead, as her presence opens a doorway to psionic immortality long thought to be impossible since with her mortality is just another path, a feat in the art of war.

The authority of the Court of Three is absolute, overriding the other two institutions of executive power within the Pact when necessary. The Court of Three's administration regulates the creation and enforcement of law. The Trinity's capability to process information allows them to revise what their subordinates create. This being said, the Pact allows the autonomy of every world it represents and protects, and its laws are simply bound to space-faring affairs, like transit, commerce between worlds, psionic studies and the utmost continuation of conflict on its borders.

The CouncilEdit

Despite being led by godly psionics, the Singularim Pact was also founded with a Governmental Council, where each of the member races rallying under the banner of the Singularim could have a voice and a chance at power. There are currently sixteen main seats in the Pact, whilst there are countless candidates who seek a spot at the chamber. The Council has room for more, but its prerequisites prevent weak minds to assume the mantle of such responsibility. For someone to win a seat at the council, they would need to account a large record of technological advancements and contributions to the Pact, or just demonstrate enough affinity to psionic disciplines to impress the Civatrons. In a way, ascendancy in the Pact comes in a meritocratic way.

The Council manages commerce between civilizations and species under the Pact, military aid that does not require the direct intervention of the Civatron Legym (such as planetary defense or surgical operations), allowing for a world within the world of the Pact to thrive and prosper beyond what the Civatrons could do.

Council MembersEdit

Chamber of SupplicancyEdit

Despite being astronomically small compared to other galaxies in the Quadrant, Chandras is vast, and its native inhabitants many. Scores of worlds with their respective denizens and unique species have been deeply affected by the changes Chandras has been exposed to over the years. Psionics emerge day after day, and new worlds have colossal breakthroughs by achieving space-faring technology and realizing that the Singularim Pact is there. In order to welcome newborn civilizations and 'primitive' beings under the Tier 4 scale, the Pact founded the Chamber of Supplicancy, where thousands of worlds pledge their allegiance to the Singularim and absorb its culture.

Supplicant worlds are then visited by the Pact's Emmisarym, where an embassy will be established, and trade agreements will be in place. There are 25 supplicant races that were adhered to the Pact in Chandras, either by their psionic arts or their technological achievements. Members may be listed either as a species or as an organization.

Known Supplicancy MembersEdit

External AffairsEdit


Being the greatest power in the Chandras Galaxy, the Pact has exerted a great deal of influence across its controlled and uncontrolled sectors. Its only potent rival in the galaxy remains in the form of the Xol Dominion, and due to the Mirror Universe incident at the end of the Great Psionic War, where the Yasuul poured their forces through a psionic portal and took control of that sector of space. Both native powers have begun efforts to seal the dark portal and even joined forces to battle several incursions.

Although not present threats, the Yasuul Legion and the Loron Kandrraz Bandz are rising prominently, the former as an invasion force from a parallel universe and the latter due to the increasing challenge the Civatrons pose to the Lorons' warring.


Being part of the Quadrant Galaxies, Chandras has relative proximity with its sister galaxies, connected through key and selective two-way wormholes.

Ynur'Vae, the Pact's main military commander, inspired by her friend Kroc, has taken an interest in liberating the former Rambo Nation sectors of Quadrant 82, from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus where the Civatrons' former allies lie. When Ynur'Vae resurrected the DCP Warlord Bo Ramik, the Pact openly declared war on the Empire, officially re-opening the wormhole connecting Chandras and launching an armada to free and restore Rambo Nation. Such fleet, christened the 7th Expedition Force, following the Lady Protectress' orders, traversed the wormhole and aided their old allies in the liberation of their territory, seeking to restructure the local powers. The 7th expedition force's war efforts stirred hope within the Civatron, Juvax and Krauna populace, with many, including Grand Maester Kroc, considering leading a huge colonization force towards the abandoned Tigris Galaxy.

The Pact is considered by observers as a growing, aggressive and expansionist Empire, whereas its exploits have a tendency of disrupting the order of things, although it normally serves for a greater good.


The Pact's technological achievements are only rivaled by the other two powers controlling Chandras Galaxy. They are able to create solidified surfaces out of light by using technology combined with their mystical psionic powers, use wormhole--like vortexes to teleport between locations almost instantaneously and create numerous forms of advanced machinery.

Even after millions of years, Dominion technology, loosely based on the ancient Krassio Host's, is still advanced at a comparatively rapid rate.

The high concentration of psionic induced particles affects the environment of the Pact's most concentrated areas, giving birth to flora and fauna, as well as inanimate objects, that are rooted in the Pharia Entanglement. These influential effects of psionic, spontaneous reactions develop a plethora of inhabitants inside the Dominion and affect even the farthest reaches of the Galaxy. In a sense, the Xol'Etra were on the brink of creating their own exclusive psionic paradise.


The Singularim have a deep understanding of the Universe's different materials and matter, allowing them to create technology to suit their needs. The civil side of technology, however, is more based on cargo/transport/private vessels and normal daily commerce and cultural purposes in order to suit its civilians' daily needs for those who do not participate in any governmental and military affairs.

However, due to the great influence the teachings and study of psionic energy on the Pact's society, the use of technology is seen as something complementary to the daily affairs of a normal citizen. Censors have conducted polls over most of the population in the Singularim Pact, concluding that the use of technology is not truly necessary for an 80% percent of the inhabitants in the numerous worlds.

The civilians normally possess standard knowledge about technology concerning knowledge and information storage, for instance, the introduction of psionic archives was a great hit in the general population, due to ancient texts and teachings narrated in those, the theocratic population of the Singularim Pact finds it nourishing, according to its governmental polls.


See Military

When it comes to weapon development, the Singularim Pact differs greatly from the other superpowers of the Galaxy, using machinery powered by their psionic energies instead of raw connections to the environment. Since the vast majority of the Singularim Pact's army is composed of a unified but de-centralized military composed of species from the Chamber of Supplicancy or the Council members, large carrier vessels are used instead of instant vortexes, used by the deposed Dominion. While Civatrons, the highest manifestation of psionic energy in the Galaxy next to the Xol'Etra, do not necessarily need ships to travel to different points in space, they did share ancient technology with the Pact upon joining. That, coupled with the Krass technology implemented into the military, the Pact's armies are the closest on diverging from the Essence-based methodology, favouring the effortless practicality of slipspace technology and vacuum energy.

Slipstream space is a specific set of eleven dimensions existing in a very small bundle. While these dimensions are present in normal space, they do not have an effect on the physics of normal space. By moving matter from the three 'normal' space dimensions to slipstream space, one effectively changes the laws of physics for that piece of matter. To the human eye, slipspace appears pitch black, because there is nothing in the visible spectrum to see.

Presumably, and when further advanced, slipstream should allow the Singularim Pact to travel instantaneously from one point of the Universe to another. However, their use of slipspace travel is not vast, since the Pact balances psionics with this technology, with the former encompassing the rest of the technological feats.

Virtually, Singularim technology is powered by harnessing and draining the energies of untold numbers of subconscious across the Galaxy, Singularim scientists are, arguably, the top social scientists, psychologists, psycholinguists, and neurologists in the First Gigaquadrant. Being the masters of the mind, the Pact's finest use a method called Indirect Drain, which allows Singularim technology to harness the noosphere of its users and function without harming anybody.

Mental warfare is constant in Chandras, and thus, the Pact has developed psionic inhibitors in order to disrupt unfriendly minds and keeping them away. The Singularim's bigger vessels possess special enhancers that allow Abstract Masters and Astropaths to map their attacks and travels across the galaxy.

  • A void fleet protecting its designated sector. Warping systematically to cover their whole area.
  • Planetary fleets defend the few worlds the Singularim inhabit.
  • The Greatest. Civatron praetorians rest and meditate after a prolongued fight.
  • A Systema fleet. They protect the myriad of void cities orbiting stars and black holes.
  • Size comparison of the different models.
  • The Krassio military descends upon a planet. A this point, only war awaits those inhabiting it.
  • A Krauna Fleet warps into a system during the Psionic War
  • The Trinity supervises the construction of the Veo Arkships
  • Juvax charge in the middle of an intense battlefield.
  • Ramion soldiers listening to a Juvax Chieftain and a Civatron Mastym.
  • The Tyr Broods engaging the Fourmican.

The Pact relies deeply on the usage of Psionic Energy, though it also relies its technological energy on particle neutronic compounds that power the cities and stations, as well as the core of ships.

As part of the Psionic Energy usage, ancillas composed of psionic essence manage cities and stations as an auxiliary help for Administrators bearing with the great responsibility of handling an advanced city technologically speaking.


The Singularim Pact, aside from their rivalry with the Xol Dominion is a relatively new empire forming in the First Gigaquadrant despite its ancient members. The Pact is not closed to trade with other factions but attempts to keep its distance from empires that oppose their vision of universal expansion. The Singularim Pact has stated its goal of fighting the forces of chaos in the First Gigaquadrant and bring the fight to its proponents.

Formal RelationsEdit

Allied FactionsEdit

Green face

"Each day is a blessing beside you."

Liked FactionsEdit

Blue face

"Your contributions to our cause will not be forgotten, but beware of not choking on your aspirations."

Neutral FactionsEdit

Yellow face

"Who are you again?"

Disliked FactionsEdit

Orange face

"A thorn at our side"

Enemy FactionsEdit

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"We will bring destruction upon you."


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