Through the minds of those who tap the Divine Realm, the Allfather sees all. Through the hearts of those peaceful, he pours his ideas and creativity, and from the glory of his Solar Throne he whispers across the stars words of comfort, of balance, equilibrium.

A pilgrim poem

Singul'Aren, also known as the Valader or the Allfather, is the psionic god of Balance and Order, of Peace, of power through one's harmonious heart. He is the head of the Iluvii Pantheon, the group of gods affiliated with Psionic Essence and stands as the most powerful and influential deity. Singul'Aren encompasses the teachings of the Book of Discipline and his spirit rests in every individual who practices psionic energy beyond the mystical arts of sorcery or magic that by consequence of its affinity seeks balance and order. Singul'Aren is so influential in the present-day Gigaquadrant, that he is one of the most powerful Essentials in the known Universe. His role in the matters of religion, philosophy, and mystical arts is key to the Gigaquadrant, in the sense that he is constantly contending with powers that lurk beyond the sight of mortals.

Alongside Anur'Ctar and Ynur'Vae, he comforts the Trinity, a shinning beacon that rules the ethereum of the Iluvii Realm and the realspace of most of the Chandras Galaxy through the Singularim Pact. When manifesting in the physical world, he adopts the form of his previous incarnation, the Civatron warrior and sage of legend called the Valader. During and before his godhood, Singul'Aren had two relationships (ranging from direct relationship to short encounter) from which he has fathered offspring; from the Goddess of Imbalance, illusion and the Hidden Mind, Fery'a, the Goddess of Darkness, was born, and from the love of the Goddess of Death, Val'Dir came to be, the God of Undying Light.


Among the three members of the Trinity, Singul'Aren is the most recognized among most of the civilizations that practice psionic energy either as a religion or as a science. According to Civatron records, he ascended from being the legendary warrior of "The Valader" into what he is today. However, due to how the Iluvii Realm itself defies physical laws overall like any other essence, the perception of Singul'Aren's true age is unknown. Some even dare to say that he has existed all along, maintaining the Valader facade for as long as he could until he was forced to reveal his true power during the Great Psionic War.

Ever since the establishment of his own regime in the Chandras Galaxy, Singul'Aren has retreated into the Iluvii Realm, leaving the direct rule of the Singularim Pact to the other two members of the Trinity, and has dedicated himself to ponder upon the intricacies of the realm he inhabits. Ever since then his presence in the minds of his followers is ever stronger, as he gains psionic power that is latent and sometimes invasive to the universe. In reality, his hold over the universe is not limited to a single galaxy. He now supersedes the entirety of psionic practitioners, as he inspires civilizations to embrace the essence he embodies. Although the Krassio and the Iluvii represent the greatest psionic ascension thus far, he does not limit himself to the teachings they thoroughly follow and accepts other species approaches as long as they fit his own vision of Order.

Within the concept of the Trinity, he represents the intangible, immovable and therefore mysterious and mystic aspects of psionic essence. He is the long-prophesized "Warrior of the Past", so he holds all knowledge that was and yearns for control of all wisdom shared about psionic essence. All the intricacies of psionic essence that have been discovered by trillions of minds are now his. It is in his upmost interest to safeguard all psionic essence to have existed, and thus he shares the concepts of the psionic afterlife with Ynur'Vae, with whom also courts as a partner. He will immediately lash out at any malevolent presence that seeks to reach his vast vaults of texts and vaults that go into the zeitgeist of all times. Whatever happens, he will continue to dig and dig across history, pondering ancient places in the universe in search for new meanings, all in order to attain his vision of Order. Under his watch, psionic energy will always persist, its traditions and views will remain accessible to those with the will to tap into it the way he considers the best.

His followers bind themselves to spiritualist lives where they cast out all signs of materialism, and they are known for diving for extended periods of time into the Iluvii Realm to commune with their master. These people come in many forms and approaches as they try to comprehend the magnitude of Singul'Aren's mind and designs. His neural-processes and clairvoyance are so complex that they might look as convoluted to the mind of a simple mortal, but at the same time, Singul'Aren's rampant spirit for more knowledge and inward perfection permeates his followers' souls and makes them orderly, balanced—it gives them unimaginable authority over their demons and tormenters through peace of mind. It does not matter how complex and incomprehensible their god maybe, something inside them stirs them to simply dig deeper and learn more than what they hold, pushing their boundaries until yesterday's one self is gone, changed into someone else.

Although Singul'Aren sees psionic people equally, there are some groups and individuals that have gained special favor before the Psionic Lord. Rarely, the Allfather feels moved by the devotion and spiritual pursuit of a mortal, group of people or even an entire planet, and thus he bestows upon them boons and insights of his knowledge that enhance them in supernatural ways. Seven canonized occurrences like this have happened before, and they are called the Nuray'Akor or "Seven Aspects", all of which represent seven truths Singul'Aren bestowed upon them, which came with power and special communion with the deity.


In the plethora of literature and oral tradition passed by countless voices in Chandras and other regions of the universe, Singul'Aren often bears a resemblance to a loving and caring father, a patient teacher. It is said in unofficial religious accounts that the Allfather went through a process of hardship and violence to achieve his status as a god, developing a calm mind and meek character, which mirrors his actual life as a warrior during his first incarnation as the Valader, where he fought during the Minos War to protect his brethren and fought in the hellish War of Ages.

However, it is with the same contempt and peaceful demeanor that he dominates all who seek to oppose him, or even more grieving, his work or even worse, his followers. Singul'Aren's common displays of power is the manifestation of an invasive, overwhelming atmosphere that tunes the minds and hearts of all present with the God of Balance's desires, a shroud and mist follow his steps across the universe when displaying his godly power, shaping planets to his will and cracking the ground as he walks. However, Singul'Aren knows too the power of humility, and so he often saves these heralding manifestations for when it is necessary.

Another trait found in Singul'Aren is his inclination to non-monogamous relationships. He is the father of all awakened minds, but an adoptive father still. There is a stirring desire in him to conceive his own progeny, and despite the abstract nature of his godhood, he craves physical children. This is clearly seen in his direct contribution with the Ghenes Project, in which the God of Order, alongside the Goddess of Death, conceived and brought forth Val'Dir, the greatest of his legacy. There are rumors that Singul'Aren has also spawned children with mortals and spirits; there is, supposedly, an unnacounted number of Juvan females who have been enamored by Singul'Aren's advances (as he is often considered a god of Love and sexuality among their most religious sectors), siring a yet even more vague and unknown number of Juvans with divine heritage, albeit mortal in form. All mortals descending from Singul'Aren are referred to as the Ninshuii, and they are often outstanding members of their communities, charismatic leaders and warriors of unfathomable potency beyond the spectrum of a Krassio. Chief among them is rumored to be Prophetess Sisara, whose unknown yet terrible psionic sorcery is said to be the fruit of the love between a Juvan mother and the Allfather. It is said that through the Archspirit Innana, who nurturs her power through love and its consumation, that Singul'Aren also fathered the Oleii, a special kind of spirits that today lead hosts of Iluvii spirits in service of their father.


Singul'Aren as a Civatron.

When manifesting any physical form to mortals, Singul'Aren chooses to do so in the form of a Civatron, which he used for centuries before the War of Ages. His a green-skinned Civatron with psionic linings all over his body and gleaming green eyes. He displays a crown that indicates his status as the head of the psionic gods and is often seen muttering words in unknown languages if he mutters at all. Most of the time he simply shines bright and stands still, manifesting his will in countless thoughts for his followers to interpret.



Given that they are polar opposites and holding a feud of existential dimensions, Mana'Tras is by all means and purposes the villain to Singul'Aren's hero, a nemesis of equal might and power, as well as intrinsic skill at manipulation at a similar level in which the God of Balance whispers and inspires mortals. Their relationship was not as sour as it is today in pre-modern history, with both of them said to have been mates before. From their love, the one who would become the Goddess of Darkness or merely the Darkness, Fery'a, would be born. Mana'Tras now hates her eternal rival as much as she loves him to the point of obssession, unrealistically wishing for the day when the two mightiest gods of the Pantheon will unite and reign as King and Queen of all psionics.

For now, however, Singul'Aren and Mana'Tras fight each other seeking to outsmart and gain ground in their endless struggle to rule and save, or destroy, psionic life.


Although many Iluviist worshippers consider them lovers, they are not together despite having had at least an encounter in which they sired Val'Dir, God of Undying Light. Their position as members of the Trinity is cemented in a sibling-like love and as fellow gods more so than actual lovers, given the fact that the Goddess of Death is way younger that him and that she rose to prominence due to the great devastation across the Chandras Galaxy following the Great Psionic War.


In their past lives as Civatrons, both the Valader and Kroc held each other in the highest regard and were said to be as close as brothers as they led their people to salvation and to their ultimate purpose as protectors of the universe. Anur'Ctar, now the God of Power and of a might that equals and perhaps even surpasses the Allfather, Anur'Ctar helps the Trinity bring order to their realm, either by fighting the gods of dark psionic energy or by protecting reality from the dangers of Chaos. Anur'Ctar is the Warden and highest warrior in the pantheon, second in might to Singul'Aren. Their bond continues to hold, and many state that whenever one of them withers and dies, the other would so too.


Despite his daughter fighting during the War of Ages against the forces of Chaos like her father, Fery'a and Singul'Aren rarely interacted, and despite the former knowing their kinship, the Valader was then kept in the dark. Fery'a rejected the ways of her mother too, as she was too unstable and sought only to bring her former lover to eternal submission, and so she was taught by the mysterious deity of Power, Endestid. From his training, she unlocked her divine heritage and awoke a power within as she sought to save her people from the clutches of Chaos. Fery'a remained stranded in the Tigris Galaxy following the Cianju Alliance's defeat, but she would still lead a faction named the Loreatrons in a mission of conquest to reclaim their Civatron glory.

Today, both father and daughter are estranged, and although the Allfather knows of her location and current status, little do they attempt to forge a relationship.


Born from the experimental Civa Ghenes project, Singul'Aren fathered Val'Dir with Ynur'Vae and placed his infant embryo in the chambers alongside all the Ghenes Civatrons, seeking to watch him and nurture him from afar. Due to his parents' roles as gods, Val'Dir grew up not knowing of his heritage, only a handful of trustworthy people actually knowing. When Val'Dir awakened his power, he was greeted by his father and both of them began a rather warm, but distant, relationship.