“'With the stars at our back, we shall rule eternal.

- Emperor Kon, c. 168 CE

Dominion Everlasting

The Sindar Dominion, commonly referred to as the "Dominion" is a minor power in the Milky Way, known for it's strong capitalist idealism and dependency on slave labor. The Dominion is ruled under a parliamentary republic, though it often leans more towards authoritarian oligarchy as a result of political corruption in the assembly. It's utilitarian principles and slave labor market have earned the Dominion a complex reputation, however the Dominion prides itself with the security of it's business partners, providing safety for merchant outfits that trade with them.

History Edit

The Sindar Dominion was formed in 149 CE in the aftermath of a global war that devastated the majority of nations on the Sindar's homeworld of Logus. The Dominion absorbed the remains of many of these nations torn apart from the war, promising a united future for all Sindar. The Dominion was first ruled by Kon, who greatly emphasized the idea of strong nationalism and commissioned the first spacecraft to be launched from Logus. Kon is to this day an iconic figure of the Dominion, and often represents the idea of exploration and curiosity. His wisdom also helped forge a strong industrial base early on in the Dominion's history, leading them to militarization, wealth, and power. The second Emperor, Seoc, is regarded as one of the greatest tacticians in Dominion history. Seoc led the Dominion from it's relative seclusion and marched his armies across the solar neighborhood, making a name for the Dominion and founding several colonies. This first step into solar politics would later be known as the Age of Foundation. The Dominion grew as a military power and In less than a hundred years, it was expanding at a rapid rate, overturning foreign governments and conquering numerous key systems, all decisive victories.

By 455 CE, a new emperor had taken the reigns of the Dominion. This new ruler reduced the expansion of the Dominion, focusing more on the development of a rigorous society of aristocrats, and he developed the culture over his lifetime, elevating the necessity of key bloodlines within the Dominion, while others were forced into slavery. Under his rule, the early economic infrastructure of the Dominion was created, and he forged a powerful economy built on the backs of slaves, conquered by the Dominion's vast army. It was not long before he became almost a god in the eyes of his subjects, and he basked in the worship. This sort of ruling did not last long, as in 565 CE the Dominion was shook up by the First Uprising, a brutal internal conflict that lasted 9 years before both sides came to truce allowing for the establishment of constitutional law and the creation of the National Assembly and the Ministry's of Governance.

Over time, ideas of nationalism and cooperation grew with these new government checks, and dozens of new political ideologies and parties burst into existence. Elections were tight, but fair under the principles of Instant-Runoff voting and soon the new bureaucracy of governors, ministers, and subgovernors was running smoothly and the people felt an involvement with their government they had never before. In 1023, advancements in technology led to the discovery of even faster forms of warp travel, and the Dominion felt a wave of interconnection once again with the establishment of public interstellar communication networks, proper commercial spaceports, and various corporations developing interstellar public transportation systems to capitalize on new technology. With the industry of the Dominion properly combined, it only rose to further and further heights, and the Dominion saw a golden age of discovery, peace, and wealth that lasted a thousand years.

Government Edit

The Emperor rules as head of state in the Dominion, but he is governed by the the National Assembly and must adhere to the laws set in the Dominion Charter, the document first written in 149 CE but later rewritten in 574 CE. The National Assembly is responsible for writing laws and dealing with internal matters, while the Emperor acts as commander and chief, commanding the legions of the Dominion and acting as the outward leader of the Dominion. The Emperor is elected by the Assembly and serves until their death or resignation. As a result the executive and legislative branches of the Dominion are closely related.

National AssemblyEdit

Within the Dominion, there are many sectors the divide up territory. Sectors are led by elected Governors who represent their sector in the National Assembly. Governors advise and consul the Emperor and make internal decisions and pass laws within the Assembly. The Assembly is housed in the towering capital spire, high, in the vast cityscape of Logus. There, in the spire, Governors convene together in an enormous chamber. The top levels of the spire are the residence of the Emperor and his closest aides.

Ministry Of WarEdit

The Ministry of War is the organization responsible for the production and deployment of the Dominion's military. The Minister of War directly answers to the Emperor himself, and holds the highest rank in the Dominion Military.

Ministry of JusticeEdit

The Ministry of Justice maintains the Dominion's judicial system and is responsible for internal enforcement of Dominion law through the Dominion Civil Authority.

Ministry of Commerce and LogisticsEdit

The Ministry of Commerce and Logistics is charged with the smooth running of the Dominion economy and maximum efficiency of the Dominion industrial capacity. Sub-ministries that are part of the Ministry include agriculture, industry, energy and labor.

Ministry of IntelligenceEdit

The Ministry of Intelligence is the covert operations and counter-intelligence organization maintained by the Dominion. They supply information to the Dominion and at times necessary 'leak' disinformation to outside forces.

Ministry of ScienceEdit

The Ministry of Science divides funding between scientific studies, experiments and ventures. It is responsible for the coordination of science and technology-related projects and to formulate policies and projects in the fields of science and technology.

Ministry of Foreign AffairsEdit

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is responsible for international diplomacy and affairs including immigration, emigration and traveling.

Culture and Idealism Edit

In the Dominion, bloodlines are a very important part of culture, and descedants of lesser bloodlines are often treated like second-class citizens, only slightly better than a slave. This oppressive society has made for a system in which nobles rule over peasents, a very black and white class system. Only few bloodlines manage to stay in a perpetual 'grey' zone, where they are higher above the lowest, but not enough so that they are among the greater bloodlines. Even fewer are bloodlines that managed to elevate their position, usually through trade and wealth. The Dominion's high society is built from intellectualism paired with heavy nationalistic overtones.

The Dominion boasts a vast capitalist economy, it's currency is Yrgus ╖, small triangular coins made of metals such as gold. The Dominion is known for it's security and dedication to protection of trade routes, and as a result many merchant outfits see fit to headquarter themselves in Dominion-controlled space. The Dominion economy is designed perfectly to keep the populace under the boot of consumerism, and economic classes are very distinct and are unlikely to change.

The Dominion is dominated by a militarized culture that relies heavily on wealth. The highest class of citizens in the Empire are commonly referred to as Purebloods and live in towering cities devoted to luxury, while the lesser bloodlines are treated with disrespect and live in relative squalor in the underbelly of these cities. Slaves are treated poorly and are sold and bought as commodities, and are property under Dominion law. However the lowest class of citizen in the Empire are criminals. Crime is taken incredibly seriously within the Empire and crimes even as petty as theft or assault are treated with incredible sentences.

Nationalism and patriotic pride are emphasized by the Dominion government, to give the people a sense of national image along with giving them a party to stand behind in times of conflict. Nationalist propaganda (such as the value of military service and characterization of the 'perfect citizen') is widespread and citizens are expected to honor their country with utmost respect. Conspiring against the government is seen as treasonous and most often is treated with either execution or severe prison sentence. Television and state-sponsored ExNet is often untrustworthy and highly-censored by government officials.

Art and MusicEdit

The Dominion is known for it's intellectuals, artists, writers and philosophers. High-wealth culture has bred a nation of thinkers and artists, well renowned for their thoughts and ideals. Numerous Sindar artists are widely recognized internationally for their diverse styles and pieces. Art is an token of high-class and wealth in the Dominion, valued and cherished by many. The Dominion is the origin of "Dhavba", a unique form of neo-expressionism quite popular inside and out of the Dominion along with "Yulc", an art similar to romanticism. Dominion music is thick and epic, often powerful ballads of horns, drums and other brass instruments. The Dominion is also the origin of the "Sawe", a 5 stringed wooden instrument designed to bellow deep tones.

Cinema is an important medium in Dominion culture, and films most often touch on subjects of epic war tales and conflict. Philosophy and literature are as well very influential and much of the Dominion's literature can be traced back to it's earliest roots, down to the formation of the Dominion. However, during the riots of the First Uprising, much of that classical literature was lost to the fires. Television is not very widespread in the Dominion, however much of the Dominion is connected through the ExNet, an enormous interstellar service that networks all devices connected to it together, similar to the internet.

Calendar Edit

A Dominion year in the Standard Dominion Calendar (SDC) is divided in 14 months, each of those encompassing 32 days, a day bring approximately 21 hours. The SDC was established some time early in Dominion history. The date is recorded based on the current month.

As of February, 2792, the year is 37004.SDC

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Military Edit

Might, to overcome opposition against all odds.

- Emperor Kon

The Dominion military (referred to as "Ge Borsulav") works as a structured hierarchy, making use of teamwork and complicated stratagem. Military ranking is based on skill, ability in battle, and coordination. As with the society in general, it is heavily structured and relies on a defined chain of command. The military is divided into three areas of power: The Legion Core, The Legion Navy, and the Helvas Zelac (civilian support). Conscription is possible in times of war and national distress, and all adult males age 20 - 29 are subject to conscription for 1 year of service when it is in place. Conscription can on some occasions be avoided by instead pledging to 4.5 years service in civilian support.

Legion CoreEdit

The Core is responsible for all planetary units under control of the Dominion, including infantry and atmospheric vehicles. Conscription is common in the Dominion and the Core's numbers are vast. The Core also serves as the Dominion's primary invasion defense, and companies of the core are stationed on planets across the Dominion. The Core sees much action in war time, as it is the primary invasion force as well.

Legion NavyEdit

The Legion Navy is a branch of the Dominion Military responsible for the entirety of the Dominion naval forces. Marines and crew are taken as conscription and volunteers from the Dominion population, and officers are recruited from prestigious naval academies found on several worlds across the Dominion. The Dominion Navy is comprised of several hundred fleets of both state and corporate vessels.


The Verstaufe is a secretive paramilitary organization that was formed in 2650 as an unofficial part of the Dominion military. The Verstaufe work almost as a secret police in the Dominion, and answer directly to both the national assembly and the Emperor. The Verstaufe have been known to conduct counter-intelligence operations as well as act like a military police agency, dealing with internal affairs concerning the Dominion Military. The Verstaufe are deceptive and sly, proving themselves a valuable espionage agency to the Dominion.

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Technology Edit

The Dominion are acclaimed for their innovations and creations, although compared to the rest of the gigaquadrant they are fairly average technologically. They have attained a technological level that allows for a massive industrial base fueled by powerful energy sources, and has enabled the Dominion to enact hyperlane trade routes that make international trade and interaction simple and easily achievable.

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Notable Individuals Edit

International Relationships Edit

Allied Edit

Green faceWe are glad to fight at your side

Friendly Edit

Blue faceYou are intriguing...

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceState you business


Orange faceFurther trouble will result with action

Enemies Edit

Red facePrepare to die!

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