The Silver Galaxies are those galaxies that are completely controlled by the Federation of the Core Worlds. They contain the most massive of the federation's Commonwealth realms. There are currently four of these galaxies:

  • Xanthrus Spiral-the home galaxy of the Federation, it is the home of the ever-living Ravenrii and home of the federation's capital realm, the Great Realm of Xanthrus. The galaxy is completely owned by the Core federation, as it abosrbed all other Empires with the Act of Complete Supremacy. The Federation controls 526,700 systems in Xanthrus, anumber expected to rise into the millions within following times.

    The great galaxy of Xanthrus Spiral-home galaxy of the Core Federation.

  • Xanthra Major-

    The twin, satellite galaxies of Xanthra Major and Xanthra Minor.

    a satellite galaxy of Xanthrus, Xanthra Major and its sister galaxy, Xanthra Minor, are completey controlled by the Federation's forces. Xanthra Major houses the Commonwealth of Xanthra, the largest commonwealth of the federation's extragalactic realms, which dominates the entire galaxy from its centre.

  • Xanthra Minor- a satellite galaxy of Xanthrus, Xanthra Minor is slightly smaller than its twin satellite galaxy, Xanthra Major. Both of these galaxies are found in the Quadrant of Xanthra. Xanthra Minor houses a moderate number of Federation systems, but is mostly entrusted to the Allied Consortium (which is controlled by teh Federation).

  • Phradox Galaxy- Phradox is completely owned and controlled by the Federation. It is a dense centre of Ravenrii planets and activities, ruled by the Commonwealth of Phradox, one of the few commonwealths that dominate entire galaxies. Phradox is an unusual galaxy in that it possesses a great ring of stars that rise in a right angle from the galaxy's more conventional ring of stars. The federation has entrenched Ravenrii forces and socioeconomic centres in the galaxy-which is virtually auto-sufficient and over fifty times larger than most average Empires.

The unusual galaxy of Phradox is a CorFed military and empirical stronghold.

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