Early lifeEdit

Born on Cyloia and raised in a Militaristic family, Sikolia was taught since birth to be strong willed, patriotic and independent from others. Raised to be a leader since being less would be dishonor to the family, Sikolia has attended private schools for most of her life and studied Eldarisian Military history. But unlike the rest of her family, Sikolia never wanted to be a General or Soldier. While she had the intelligence to plan attacks and the courage to kill someone, she never had the will. So while studying Military history, Sikolia secretly took classes in diplomacy and charisma. She was eventually caught and disowned by most of her family, painted as a rebellious child and one without a future. Sikolia was hurt greatly by her families actions, but realized that it is truly her own fault for betraying them. Sikolia dropped her classes in Military history and focused completely on diplomacy, she soon became rather good in the field and was selected by Sylo to be part of his small diplomacy force. Sikolia was pleased by this and accepted quickly, she then spent the next five years in this small group as they focused relations in whatever region the High King picked.

Eldarisia's Minister of Foreign AffairsEdit

In 2804 the French Colonial Empire gave the Empire the opportunity to build a Ministry for Foreign affairs. Of course the offer was accepted and the old diplomatic group was disband and hired into the new Ministry. Sikolia was welcoming of most changes, but not the fact that Sylo was no longer in control. In the time she has been a diplomat of Sylo, she has had the ability to speak with him and know him. These chats she had with him made her more attached and eventually grew into a small crush, but him being married is what hurt her greatly. Dedicated to him, Sikolia elected herself for the position of Minister, Sylo saw this and looked over her training and past accomplishments. She impressed him greatly and a vote was put in place, she eventually won. Now working with Sylo constantly and finally fulfilling her dreams of being the head-diplomat has made Sikolia happy and ready to prove herself to her crush, her family and her friends.


Prideful, courageous, willful and known to take matters into her own hands, these are traits that can describe Sikolia. Religious and loyal to only those she likes, these traits make Sikolia a perfect Minister for foreign affairs. She also seems to have a great love for Eldarisia and it's people, wanting to represent them in the most perfected way possible when meeting other factions. She can be rather outgoing and friendly when she wants to be, but she also can be cold and arrogant when she feels entitled to be so.

Growing up in a military family has made her rather strict and Conservative, this makes her dread dealing with Liberal factions since she cannot relate to them at all and has a harder time at adapting to the situations. But it makes her excel when she deals with similar factions. Unlike Captain Ioi, Sikolia is rather calm when dealing with enemies of the Empire and instead of becoming angry, her calm style is rather intimidating.


Green faceAllies: You have my trust and respect.

  • Elka Cloden: The most religious and strong willed person I have ever seen, he is greatly deserving of respect.
  • Sylo Ethland: High King and destroyer of heretics, my what a grand man.

Blue faceFriends: Welcome friend, what can I do for you?

  • Golk: Of all people it is you who earns my trust.
  • William Stratford: A scientist who seems to be constantly interested in what I am doing.

Yellow faceNeutral: What do we have here?

Orange faceDisliked: Hostility is not required you fool.

  • Rv-709: Yet another ignorant lamb lead by the carrot.
  • Captain Ioi: Oh my, it seems I have made you jealous of my position.

Red faceEnemy: How I wish you never existed.


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