Sia is a mysterious individual hailing from somewhere within the Endless Space. Slavers eventually brought her to the Quadrant Galaxies where she saw her chance for freedom and took it, becoming a Rambo Nation citizen and applying for service within Rambo Command. Silent and smart, many feel uneasy around her cold demeanor.

Though a promising cadet while on the Academy her carreer came to a sudden stop with her disappearance by the end of March 2820. In reality, she was send to the labor camp to endure the cruelty, the horrors and beatings at the salt mines of Pauvenris.


Not much is known from Sia her past, only that she was born in 2804 in a kingdom far away long since burned to ashes somewhere in the Endless Space. Sia was found by slavers who trained and brought her to the Quadrant Galaxies. Once there, she saw her chance and escaped to gain her freedom. She became a refugee and was accepted by Rambo Nation as such and given a citizenship. Living on the streets for a while and honing her skills, she eventually applied for service in Rambo Command.

Academy Years[]

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First Year of the Academy

Mysterious, cold and known as a loner, earning her the soubriquet Squid-Head

On the 5th of January in 2819, Sia joined the Academy on its first day and met with her fellow cadets. Though both her and Volerx Ateeshe were different they were treated as outcast by the other cadets. Sia herself ate alone the first month during lunch until she befriended Volerx. In her private time Sia studied, honed her skills and trained a lot keeping herself in shape and away from her fellow cadets. Months later, in may 2819 (21 AQF) Sia found herself at odd and not looking forward to the upcoming internships. Though her instructor, commander Tash Hannity reminded the class how important it was to work together as a team Sia found herself at odds with her. She formed the opinion that the rumors about the Rambo Serindia were incorrect, instead the humanoids shunned non humanoid species instead of the birds. Though some tried to make contact with her, Sia often reacted cold and people left her alone, just as it suited her. Relations made her weak anyway.

Sia onboard the USS Brittain

To her horror their first fieldtrip in May went to Noldágorel, where they visited the Temple of Aldárae Order and studied the native flora and fauna. To most of her fellow cadets annoyance, the sport instructor forced them on a running hike of 6km in the pouring rain. Sia was in her element, she liked the darker and cold climate and together with Volerx they took lead though she did became tired eventually. When fellow cadet Jenna slipped and fell of a cliff, Sia refused to lend out a hand and simply smirked when Volerx came to the rescue.

In June Sia was assigned on her internship onboard the USS Brittain, a Miranda-Class under command of the Venatioa captain Venullius. Dreading the experience to serve on the bridge, she rather wanted to join security and do ground combat. Instead the captain welcomed her onboard and placed her in the chair at once, to complete mooring procedures. Shocked and hesistant she took the seat and listened to the captain's instruction and managed to complete the procedure without scratching the Brittain. During the remainder of her internship she joined the crew of the Brittain on space patrol of the (in)famous Gorge and met quite some shadowy and dangeorus persons.

Second Year at the Academy

Mandator Camron Dar meets Sia onboard Raptor Nest

After her first internship Sia returned to the Academy where she finished her following semester exams with fine results and high graded in tactical and sports. She was horrified though when Rambo Nation fell in October 2819 and was subsequently conquered by the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Sia started her second internship in January 2820 onboard the Yurrus-class Raptor Nest under command of Mandator Camron Dar. Though the Mandator wasn't onboard, lieutenant Vax Trask made her familair with Imperial customs and Sia actually took a liking to the Libertus.

Camron stuns Sia as punishment for the assault on him

On January 18 the Mandator returned onboard and forced Sia to open fire at civilian vessels, destroying the Q-Dagian and Plutanios population. Throwing up, Mandator Dar slapped her in the face for it and ordered her to execute her duties as the Empire demands it of her. Shedding a tear, she was horrified when the Mandator proclaimed their next stop was to solve a mice problem at Aegimi.

Arriving at Aegimi in March 2820, Mandator Dar took Sia for a tour of the settlement, showing her the Trivoid Occupation Remembrance Statue. Later on, she followed the Mandator to witness the results of the Contingency Plan for the Whitharia. To her horror, the bridge leading to the mainland was littered with the corpses of the dead Whitaria. Forced to watch events unfold with a gun to her head, to her disgust the Whitharia remains were digested by a Carnotarian. Afterwards, while at the piers of Aegimi Sia attempted to assault the Mandator to save the Quadrants and herself from this horror. Swinging a hammer, she hit the Mandator once her second swing missed target, allowing the Mandator to stun her with a phaser. Taken back to Raptor Nest, she was imprisoned in the brick of the Yurrus-class and brought to the labor camp at Pauvenris.

Salt Mines of Pauvenris

Sia is whipped while in the cruel salt mines of Pauvenris, March 2820

Upon arrival at the salt mines of Pauvenris, Sia was brought to a site known as the Solidary Cell. There awaited her various guards, Rambam the Warden and the imprisoned Marscalcus Kakharis. One guard ripped her upper uniform, leaving Sia only in her pants and sport bra. Gasping Sia was left in fear of what was about to come as the Warden told the rest of the prisoners that she was to be made an example of the consequences of refusing Imperial rule. The guard hit her with the metal whip, the first she endured with a fixed jaw and tears but by the second and the third Sia's screams were heard all over the camp as the whipping teared open her flesh to the bone. By the tenth she had lost consciousness but was rudely awoken when one of the guards cut off various tentacles. To torment her even more, salt was rubbed in her open wounds while she was given heavy chains around her arms and ankles. Sia endured the night in the Solidary Cell while sleeping on the ground, filled with salt water that continued to burn her wounds while enduring the shivering cold of night at Pauvenris.

Jatooine Refugee

Sia as refugee in the deserts of Jatooine

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Personality and Traits[]

Sia is very passionate about many things, expecially so with the people whom she loves. Sia's passionate nature also often extends to her interests, which include books, sweets, music and sports. However she keeps these traits to herself, appearing to others as cold and mysterious and unapproachable. Sia can be teasing, witty, and carefree when she is happy and trust one enough to show her inner self. Her immediate reaction when anry, sad or in pain is to channel her darker emotions into a barely-contained rage or killing calm. Sia doesn't tolerate injustices and seems to have a strong moral compass. She loathes slavery and unnecessary cruelty, unless you find yourself at her mercy.

Sia is decribed as being particularly beautiful, with hypnotizing eyes and nice manners when she wants to show them. Standing at an average height, Sia's body is finely honed and trained-as well as curvaceous-and covered in scars, including those on her back which she recieved from the whipping while on Pauvenris. Some of the gashes never closed nor fully healed as the guards whipped her often enough for their enjoyment.

Sia (Cadet)lARGE.png Sia in her Rambo Command Academy Cadet Uniform.
A sleek, tight-fitting flightsuit only worn by Cadets. The uniform signals their position as Cadets and Students. Most the suit is colored black, with a white shoulders and high neck colar with red lines running along.

The uniform displays a Rambo Nation comm badge in the form of the Rambo Nation insigna. It is normally located above the left breast. The new and more darker uniform reflects an increased military alertness.

Sia (Pauvenris)Large.png Sia in her outfit while at the slave labor camp and salt mines of Pauvenris. Upon arrival the guards ripped her upper skirt, leaving her in her Academy pants and sport bra. Her bare back is littered with the scars of endless whipping by the crual guards. After the whipping the guards rubbed salt in her open wounds, further agonizing her pain.

Her guards whipped her often enough so that some of the gashes never closed nor fully healed.

SiaLarge.png Sia in her refugee disguise while in living on Jatooine as a scavenger.
While on Jatooine, Sia wore simple clothing, comprising purple and yellow colors. Wearing tide bindings to keep out the sun and sand, she is unable to salvage enought for a full body suite.

She wears a bikini top and short pants consisting out the tight bindings. On her legs she wears thick bindings to protect her legs against the elements. Her eye goggles protect Sia her eyes against the blazing sun of Jatooine's deserts. While out in the desert, she often wears a hood as well to protect her vulnrable skin against the heat, as an amphibic Sia is more vulnrable for burning and dehydration.

She also carries a blaster for protection.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy

USS Brittain

Raptor Nest

Student Officer 2819 - Ongoing

2819 June 2819

2820 January - March


USS Brittain



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"Once upon a time, in a kingdom long since burned to ash, there lived a young girl who loved her kingdom.....very much."


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