- Rhigeo Fuerq, Vida'Rra amalgam

Shu'wokerama (Vida'Rra: That Which Unmakes) is an incredibly ancient and powerful entity who serves as the second authority of the Corruptus, after its god creator Shu'rimrodir. Created by the fusion of millions of Shu'olerthae and given independent thought, Shu'wokerama is an enforcer of the Nightmare God who embodies all of his most negative emotions, displaying an undying hatred for mortalkind and believing it must all be slaughtered to make way for his master's march.

As one of the four high demons of the Corruptus pantheon, Shu'wokerama is among the most powerful entropic lifeforms in reality, having such power to be considered a deity of his own right by others. Unlike his master, Shu'wokerama has a more direct interaction with the universe, and many spacefaring empires have been victimized by the demon through the ages, with often many of them being reduced to ashes by his burning rage. Shu'wokerama and his servants are always watching and to underestimate them is to allow yourself to be open to their influence, which always results in disaster.


Ancient History[]

The exact origins of Shu'wokerama are subject of speculation due to his peculiar nature. Shu'olerthae swarms who unite into one body become entities known as Shu'lorangar, and because of this, many assume Shu'wokerama is a specific Shu'lorangar given extra powers by Shu'rimrodir shortly after the latter's ascension into godhood. Alongside the other high demons created by the Nightmare God, Shu'ytrogarva and Shu'suvreca, Shu'wokerama's first major act in the universe was to wage war on the Vida'Rra in an attempt to conquer the ancient Milky Way Galaxy, leading to the deaths of billions in the process. Along the way, the demon obtained his very first servant in the form of the treacherous Vida'Rra sage Arrtkar Crowart, and after thousands of years of war, Shu'wokerama was defeated by the fabled hero Rhigeo Fuerq after he was frozen alive in a Dream Energy prison and sent to the depths of space.

After the defeat of the Corruptus and the eventual fall of the Vida'Rra, Shu'wokerama remained imprisoned but nonetheless remained conscious during the next nine billion years, exerting his influence over worlds and empires he drifted near of. Even imprisoned, his influence was such that he was able to manipulate and eventually lead to the fall from grace of Cairaovén, a Dream energy champion, and turned her into a lackey.

Second War of Black Fog[]

Shu'wokerama kills Laminoula'Fuerq

Shu'wokerama was the first Corruptus demon to be awakened before the events of the Second War of Black Fog. His first actions after being awakened were to free Shu'ytrogarva and Shu'suvreca from their own prisons, and following it, attack and destroy Laminoula'Fuerq. Shu'wokerama then created the Marinoxidiz and recruited Errr to be the host body that would bring Shu'rimrodir himself back to this universe once he had gathered enough power to do so.

Shu'wokerama remained behind the scenes during the attacks of the Dark Five, but once they were destroyed, he moved to the front lines and began personally leading the Marinoxidiz into war. He confronted the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies at multiple occasions, including in a large-scale battle at the intergalactic void which nearly saw the defeat of the entire allied fleet before the timely intervention of the Isio'Nar, who weakened the demon enough for Jerkon and his forces to destroy him.

Recruiting his Servants[]

Shu'wokerama deals with Tyrómairon

Shu'wokerama would rise once again following the universe's destruction, having his soul links to Shu'rimrodir severed due to the Xhodocto's attack. Having only Arrtkar and Cairaovén on his side, the demon initiated a search for new servants which would serve as a replacement to Errr and the Marinoxidiz following their failures. The first servants obtained by the demon would the Zanierton Mahedore, the Hseraelna Mordathai, the Basileus Mar-Júun, the Inalton Murangon Nal, the Zua-Zaoi Vouinas and the Radeon Geltastra, though Mahedore would eventually be destroyed by the Xhodocto due to his disobedient behavior. After recruiting these individuals, Shu'wokerama managed to regain his link to the rest of the Corruptus, allowing him to rejoin his demon legions once again.

Shu'wokerama would accept sharing servitude of Mar-Júun with Tyrómairon of the Mornûnendur, but conflicts between Mar-Júun and servants of the Dark Lord such as Meketanor caused the demon to grow an animosity toward the Oikoumene. Following Mahedore's destruction, Shu'wokerama replaced him with the Zazane Varugr and with the rise of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, he would become one of its greater demon masters. Shu'wokerama's involvement in the Third Xhodocto War involved his attempt to recover the infant Chaos Monster named Foshi alongside the Chaos Monsters Phobos and Deimos, but ultimately failed thanks to the efforts of Kithworto and his team.

Following Mar-Júun's true death in the Second Great Cyrannus War, Shu'wokerama attacked the Cyrandia Cluster in a fit of rage, demanding retribution for the destruction of his servant. He would only be stopped following a cataclysmic battle against Thaurlathrón and Chaneonix, who managed to send the demon back to where he came.



Shu'wokerama is strikingly different from his Shu'olerthae kin. Rather than being a draconic being like Shu'rimrodir, Shu'wokerama instead appears as a great beaked reptilian with green and red scales. A total of four blood red eyes and several horns adorn his head, and a pair of feathered wings are present on his back. A massive spiked tail is present in Shu'wokerama's back which often drags across the ground as he walks. His avian form is associated with Shu'rimrodir's hatred for the Vida'Rra, being such that his most hateful creation would come to vaguely look like a Vida'Rra himself.


It is not difficult to determinate Shu'wokerama is a wrathful entity who is often locked in a state of animosity for the environment around him. This aggression comes from his origins as a manifestation of Shu'rimrodir's fury, and translate to Shu'wokerama being one of the most violent demons in the Corruptus. He shows little care for the needs of both his allies and servants, being focused on his own goals instead and often pushing others out of his way to obtain them. Due to being composed by swarms of Shu'olerthae, Shu'wokerama always refers to himself as we, which has sometimes being interpreted as him referring to himself and Shu'rimrodir as the same entity.


Shu'wokerama's godlike powers allow him to tear parts of reality apart through sheer entropic energy power. When in combat, the demon assumes a bestial stance as if he were a predator and proceeds to attack his opponents with flurries of blows, giving them no room for defense. Shu'wokerama's claws can cut through any known material no matter how advanced, and his sheer endurance allows him to shrug off all but the most powerful blows. If dismembered or otherwise killed, the Shu'olerthae swarm who composes his body can reconstruct him from scratch, effectively negating damage dealt to him, and he is able to resurrect his dead Vanguards by rebuilding them inside his own body, a proceed described as extremely painful for them. Shu'wokerama is also able to create Shu'wokethae out of his essence to serve as extensions, at the cost of sacrificing portion of his power.

The Eight Vanguards[]

Shu'wokerama's Eight Vanguards

Shu'wokerama's Vanguards, often called simply Servants are eight ex-mortal individuals turned into demons after accepting having their souls linked to Shu'wokerama's, and are his main mean of interacting with the mortal universe. The servants are chosen in a way one covers the weakness of the other and are able of working at full competence, with no mind restrains.

Arrtkar Crowart, the First Vanguard[]


Arrtkar Crowart is Shu'wokerama's oldest and first servant. Formerly a Vida'Rra who sold his soul to the Corruptus in exchange of not being slain like the rest of his race, Arrtkar was turned into a monstrous and zealous demon. The most powerful of all servants, Arrtkar is the fourth-in command of the Corruptus after the High Four demons, and a force to be reckoned with.

Mahedore, the Vanguard Scientist[]


Mahedore is a former Zanierton scientist with an unhealthy obsession with his own creations, the Gynash Dragons, choosing to achieve immortality through machinery in order to spend eternity with them. Shu'wokerama made a servant out of him due to his resources, but his stubborn, naive and disobedient attitude eventually got him destroyed by the Xhodocto. In recent times, however, he has returned with a much more mature and far more dangerous mindset, eager to prove his worth to his master.

Mordathai, the Vanguard Researcher[]


Mordathai is a member of the Hseraelna race. A zealous follower of the Corruptus' ways, his passion for the powers of nightmares were met with Shu'wokerama turning him into one of his modern servants. An extremely skilled military commander and soldiers, Mordathai fights for the Corruptus by leading his hordes of Mor'natio demons into war with whoever opposes his beloved master.

Mar-Júun, the Vanguard Assassin †[]


Mar-Júun was a former Basileus aligned to the Confederacy of Allied Systems who had an unhealthy fascination with Essences, and wished to one day master their power to destroy the United Republic of Cyrannus. His desire was met when Shu'wokerama appeared to him and gave him the power of entropy. A master of stealth and deceit, Mar-Júun moved quick and unnoticed like a shadow about to strike on its prey, for the glory of his master. He was eventually destroyed during the Second Great Cyrannus War, being the first Vanguard to suffer a true death.

Murangon Nal, the Vanguard Warrior †[]


Genrai Nal was a Klayik breed Inalton who was one of the most powerful warriors known. During the time he was left alone, Genrai Nal challenged Shu'wokerama to a fight, and accepted have his soul linked out of respect for the demon. Combing the power of Nightmare and Dark Chronoscopic energy, along with superb warrior prowess, the now-branded Murangon Genrai Nal was a one man army, an unstoppable juggernaut of power in the name of the Corruptus. He was eventually destroyed during Time's Terminus, being the second Vanguard to suffer a true death.

Vouinas, the Vanguard Warlord[]


Vouinas is a former Zua-Zaoi warlord who was imprisoned in a vegetative state for thousands of years in a desolated lava planetoid. He joined Shu'wokerama by selling his soul in exchange of finally being freed from his prison. Being an excellent strategist and drillmaster, Vouinas leads his Zua-Zaoi loyalists, sporting the greatest physical strength out of all servants, and wrecks his enemies in the name of the master who freed him from an eternity of torment.

Geltastra, the Vanguard Apostle[]


Geltastra is a former Radeon captain who served in the Church of Spode and Masaari Crusade, famous for her cruelty and zeal for her god. However, after returning from a mission, she found her race destroyed, and lost her faith. Shu'wokerama appeared to her and gave her a new god to praise, and Geltastra joined the Corruptus. An exceptional preacher, Geltastra is highly charismatic while at the same time the most powerful servant in terms of Essence prowess, being a mistress in both entropy and elemental energy.

Varugr, the Vanguard Consumer[]


Varugr is a former Zazane who once governed a planet in the name of the Brood of War, but was disgrunted and believed himself to be the most "perfect" of his kind, seeing everything else as ugly and wrong. Shu'wokerama appeared to Varugr and allowed him to bask upon the "perfect power that is Entropy, turning him into his newest servant. The combined Nightmare and Shidium makes Varugr extremely resilient, and while he might be the least mentally functional servant, he is still a force to be feared, devouring his enemies so that he may enhance his own power.



Yellow face.pngOur purpose is one.


Yellow face.pngYou obey.


Orange face.pngHmpf.

  • N/A


Red face.pngWe will cause you pain unlike any other.


Well at least you hold your servants better than Angazhar does. He goes through a few hundred every ten thousand years or so, drops them like flies. Perhaps we should all have a wonderful tea party some time! Or not. I don't like angry people at my table.

- Santorakh

For too long have you been allowed to live like some sorta king over mortalkind. Your armies, your warriors, the power you wield in those damned claws of yours scares me, but the thought of letting my friends and everything good and right in this world be held at your mercy scares me more than any of your nightmares.

- Hachiman

We march as one. We fight as one. Together, and in your name, we shall bring down the festering edifices of old regimes and instate a new order that will last an infinite multitude of eternities.

- Geltastra





  • Shu'wokerama was originally known as The Crow.
  • Shu'wokerama's original concept was created after his creator attempted to draw Bowser but made his mouth pointed rather than round, leading to the drawn character appearing to have a beak.
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