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The fact we defeated him was mere luck. No, we were never powerful enough to combat him. Even being empowered by the Realm of Dreams was not enough to make us equal with him. He is an entity above all others, a monster so vile, so alien... It was sent pummeling through the dimensional voids on its defeat, though I will forever be haunted by his roars... My dreams, forever haunted by his voice.

- Rhigeo Fuerq, Vida'Rra hero

Shu'rimrodir (Vida'Rra: That Which Devours) is the first of the Shu'olerthae, the creator of the Corruptus and the Essential God of Nightmare Energy. Originally a non-sapient spaceborn organism, he was descended by one of the seven Xhodocto Eyes and turned into one of the most terrible demons of all, with an insatiable thirst for the conquest of the Onuris Universe and indeed, all of reality.

Representing decay and irreversibility, Shu'rimrodir haunts the minds of mortalkind through terrible nightmares and has as his ultimate goal the complete domination of all life, turning it all into servants and demons under his iron fist. Shu'rimrodir is a constant which cannot be removed, only slowed down, and even then, he is noted to come back stronger than before every time he is bested. Currently falling under the Dominion of the Xhodocto, the God of Nightmares is forever expanding his influence, awaiting for the next opportunity to induce terror in the hearts of aliens once again.

History Edit

Origins Edit

Shu'rimrodir was not initially a demonic entity. He came to be as a non-sapient, space-born organism who fed off star matter for sustenance. His original form was harmless and barely noticed by the ancient civilizations of the universe, including the Vida'Rra, who might even have studied the infant Shu'rimrodir. The primeval creature would eventually be attracted to an object which was not a star, but one of the seven Xhodocto Eyes, most specifically the one by the name of Diafthora. The creature attempted to feed off the Xhodocto Eye, and it is said that the demonic artifact was humoured by the creature's attempt and decided to empower it with tremendous power. Merging itself with Diafthora, the star eater became the first Shu'olerthae demon who eventually grew into the creature who would be known as Shu'rimrodir by the races of the universe.

Shu'rimrodir began breeding at an extremely fast rate, which led to the creation of the Corruptus and its demon races. Their bodies, now filled with Nightmare Energy, meant that few opposed them as they marched through the universe. The Vida'Rra stood before them and succeeded in defeating Shu'rimrodir, causing him and Diafthora to be separated and the demon lord to be trapped inside the alternate dimension known as the Realm of Dreams.

Second War of Black Fog Edit

Shu'rimrodir was the mastermind behind the Second War of Black Fog, though he did not physically appear in it until the very end. Creating the Marinoxidiz and linking a glimpse of himself to the Ermitant scientist Errr, Shu'rimrodir directed the demon forces of the Corruptus into attacking the First Gigaquadrant. This glimpse, known as the "Avatar of the Devourer", served as Errr's personal bodyguard and enforcer. As the war went on, Shu'rimrodir and his forces were confronted by none other than Angazhar of the Xhodocto, and bonds between the Xhodocto and the Corruptus started to be formed.

Following Errr's death and the destruction of the Marinoxidiz, Shu'rimrodir caused a spacetime rip across the Milky Way Galaxy from the energy he had gathered through the war and prepared to leave it to launch a full-on demonic assault which would certainly cause an apocalypse on the galaxy. Before he could, however, his plans were undone by the Dracogonarious Empire and its many allies, who entered the Nightmare Region and confronted the Demon God himself, who was destroyed from inside out through the use of dream energy hyperweapons provded by Sonhadromerith.

Annihilation and Third Xhodocto War Edit

After the end of the Second War of Black Fog, Angazhar invaded the Realm of Dreams and retrieved a tiny sphere of entropy from Shu'rimrodir's corpse, which turned to be a vestige of his energy, and took him to Inferno. In there, Khazurhal Draguros brough Shu'rimrodir back, now infused with Chaos Energy. Shu'rimrodir aided the Xhodocto in the final destruction of the multiverse, destroying billions with his new enhanced powers. After his work was done, Shu'rimrodir returned to Infero and entered an hibernation state, resting for his next strike on the mortal universe. Shu'rimrodir had participation in the creation of the Dominion of the Xhodocto, where he led the servants of Shu'wokerama into Shard to obtain the partnership of Maktanshatin and his Xi'Arazulha loyalists. To do so, he brought back to life the at the time destroyed Kitoruka. He later regained control of Diafthora once it was rediscovered at the homeworld of the Kondrakar, and the demon placed the Xhodocto Eye back on his forehead, greatly increasing his already formidable powers.

In the current day, Shu'rimrodir slumbers at the depths of the Nightmare Region, 'dreaming' the Corruptus' forces into existence and simultaneously watching the universe through the eyes of every single Corruptus Demon in reality.

Characteristics Edit

Appearance Edit

While he belongs to the Shu'olerthae species, Shu'rimrodir appears nothing like the rest of his kin. His appearance is that of a massive draconid demon with black purple scales. He possesses four eyes, with a fifth eye socket on his forehead serving as Diafthora's "residence", a pair of horns, two large ear-like structures and a massive red crystal at the top of his head. He possesses two arms and two legs, each displaying natural armor and his arms having large spikes coming out of it. He has a long, bony tail and on his chest, a large pulsating entropic heart is visible. Shu'rimrodir always has masses of tentacles erupting from his back.

Personality Edit

Shu'rimrodir is a demonic entity who shows a complete lack of empathy for those who are not in some way connected to him. He seeks to dominate the universe by converting it into his servants and shows no mercy for those who oppose him. His complete disregard for mortals is contrasted by his deep caring for his own servants, and Shu'rimrodir displays equal care for every one of his demons and servants, from the most to the least powerful. However, he is known to absolutely loathe failures and is willing to abandon or destroy servants who fail him. Despite serving the Xhodocto directly, Shu'rimrodir is not concerned with their unfathomable thoughts and goals, being content to torment the universe on his own accord for as long as they allow him to exist.

Abilities Edit

Being the Supreme Entity of Nightmares, Shu'rimrodir is among the most powerful Essentials of all. He not only has full control over Nightmare Energy, he also controls its flow across reality at will, meaning all Nightmare Energy is an extension of his will. Due to this, most of his demons are locked in a hive-minded state where they directly follow Shu'rimrodir's orders, unless he gives them free will. Shu'rimrodir can create new life out of Nightmare Energy and procreate to create more Shu'olerthae. He displays usual nightmare-demon traits such as the power to spawn tentacles out of his body, superior physical strength and endurance, and soul-devouring. He can shapeshift and change his size at will from a little taller than a human being to a size that rivals the largest of stars.

Relations Edit

Servants Edit

Yellow faceNightmare made flesh.

Serving Edit

Yellow faceWhat is, is.

Neutral Edit

Yellow faceWe watch.

  • Zargoth - You are weak. Express your true hatred.
  • Maktanshatin - Complete elimination of life is not our goal.

Enemies Edit

Red faceAn eternity of suffering awaits you under our grasp.

Quotes Edit

Drink the universe dry; shall this universe quench their parched minds with the system renewed.

- Krathazhrukhal


- Sanktanaar Felaanith

I'll get you back, Shu'rimrodir, I will get you back...

- Mac


- Zr'Ahgloth

A dangerous demonic creature, with incredible powers and knowledge of the way the Universe works. With a cunning and evil character his actions even reached my ears, and he should be watched over, especially since he allied various powerful entities like the Xhodocto. Even though he doesn't know it, he is being watched by my servants and if he will ever harm those I look out for, and breaks the rules of the Gods he will be dealt with.

- Ultimate One of the Rambo Nation Religion

Like all the demonic entities, he is definitely worthy of respect. He's not the first guy I'd like to do battle with... but if we do ever meet, that shall be a battle to remember.

- Captain Lorrelas of the TIAF

Hail the might of the only true god there is, the Devourer of Dreams!

- Geltastra

Equal... slavery... union of mind... meaningless... destruction.... DESTRUCTION!

- Sanktanaar Divin-Ra

Our priests have spent many an hour studying the holy scripts for a mention on this race, and still, we do not know whether to praise him or shun him.

- Overlord Kranov


- Anzilanarus

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