Shoa-San Greenbeard is the eldest and most wisest amongst the Ragashota and lives in the Valley of Tranquility, a devoted follower of the Winds and a speaker of Trees. He doesn’t believe in the prophecies or readings of the coming darkness, he believes they dealt with it decades ago.

Under his rule the Ragashota were aided by Rambo Nation against the evil entity known as the Tormentor and as such asked the Rambo for their protection, allowing his planet to become a protectorate after a failed invasion attempt by the Hutter Kingdom. Even though, Shoa-San remains distrustful of strangers and travellers of space.


Holy Deciduous Tree within the Valley of Tranquility

Shoa-San Greanbeard was born in 110 BQF at Arcaniox, in the peaceful Valley of Tranquility. Trained as a monk, he guarded the Great Wall for decades before becoming a monk and eventually the elder of the Valley who learned to listen to the works of the Holy Tree, a Quadrantia Deciduous Tree that was seen as a source of wisdom and knowledge. Due to his advanced age, he eventually required a walking stick as support, though he remained a capable warrior. Though he disagreed with the decision of Chen Whitesnout to leave the village, he was in great disagreement with his tales of a coming darkness, as Shoa-San believes the Valley of Tranquility will always remain a serene and peaceful valley due to the protection of the Winds.

Meeting the Saviors

In July of 08 AQF, after the Hutter Kingdom attempted an invasion of Arcaniox during the Torments of Arcaniox, Shao-San was injured and was horrified by the theft of the Atlantican Artifact and the damaged Deciduous Tree. When Claire Rambo, Corva and Tironus Manition arrived in the Valley, a covert support of Rambo Nation requested by Chen Whitesnout, the injured Elder set aside his pride and fears and allowed them to travel beyond the Wall, with their guide his greatest warrior, Xang Flamesnout. It turned out he made the right decision as they managed to stop the arrival of the evil entity known as the Tormentor. Meeting with Empress Ramashe of Rambo Nation, he requested his planet and people placed under their protection, something the Empress willingly accepted. Later on, he welcome the "Saviors" when they arrived at the Valley, though one had fallen in battle. Offering them the hospitality of Arcaniox whenever they required it, he and the Rambo Empress joined the celebrations though watched in horror when Ramashe was gravely injured by an assassin.

Afterwards he returned to his prayers and took care of the Deciduous Tree.

Personality and Traits[]

Shoa-San Greenbeard is a wise, proud and endurable Ragashota, yet stubborn as a stone as he refuses to listen to other visions than his own believes. He loves walking the Temple of the Winds or simply walk the shore of the valley, watching the native wildlife going on their daily affairs.

He wears an ornate robe and hat, a signal of his elderly status.



Blue face.pngMay the Winds bless you!


Orange face.pngWatch the storms!



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