Shjrn is a young female Feolhviaeri in service of Rambo Nation. Upon her servie into Rambo Command, Shjrn was given the rank of yeoman was assigned to serve under Rambas and became strictly loyal to him.


Early History[]

The Feolhviaeri known as Sjrn was born in 18 BQF at the planet Sanderhal. Her mother, a slave servant at Sanderhal was already pregnant when she was caught and enslaved. Upon birth and her following years of youth, Shjrn was often hungry and underfed. In 06 BQF, when Shjrn was 12 years old her mother was killed in one of the arena fights held at the planet. Shjrn bitter and angry at the people of Sanderhal managed to escape and found her way into Rambo Nation where she was raised in a foster family. Upon reaching teenhood, Shjrn joined the Rambo Academy and entered service within Rambo Command. Shjrn felt that joining Rambo Command would make the Quadrants a tiny bit safer and could prevent others from slavery.

Service under Rambas[]

Q-Grox spheres damages the USS Capricaerón

Upon graduating the Academy, Shjrn was assigned to the USS Capricaerón, under command of Rambas II. Upon her assignment she was soon tasked to work at the night shift, and became known as the girl with bags under her eyes. During her first assignment the USS Capricaerón became trapped in a time-loop and the night shift was forced to alert the captain, who was annoyed at being awakened. After escaping the time-loop the USS Capricaerón and her crew had an encounter with a Quadrantia Grox sphere who heavily damaged the Capricaerón. During the battle, Shjrn was critically injured, gasping for air as a piece of metal penetrated her right lung. Luckily they managed to escape and Shjrn needed a lengthy treatment and as such didn't participate in the Great Cyrannus War. Later on in 01 NE/04 AQF, when the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus placed Rambo Nation under it's protectrate, Shjrn join Rambas in his rebellion against the Empire though were forced to go into hiding after their ship was lost. Eventually the Marscalcus herself, Kya with aid of Rambo Intelligence tracked down the party and offered them a new chance onboard Starbase 08, Lianna-station. Shjrn accepted and Rambas assigned her to become his captain's yeoman. Pleased, Shjrn soon enjoyed her new position as it seemed to be free of conflicts. Shjrn did became concerned about the controversial rumors about the station and it close proximity to New Republic space. During the first month of 07 AQF she was providing various dignitaries with snacks and drinks during a meeting, wich eventually led to an attack against Mortikran and the forming of the Lianna Initiative.

Personality and Traits[]

Shjrn is a kind and joyful person, kind to most and eager and enthusiastic to learn new things and meet new persons. Shjrn however loathes slavers and feels no remorse for capturing them and bringing them to justice.

Shjrn also dislikes nightshifts, as she has difficulties sleeping afterwards. During her carreer she showed to be strictly loyal to Rambas and sees him as her hero and looks up to him. Shjrn became known to Rambas and his crew as teh girl with the bags under her eyes due to the nighshifts, she now has them as well due to large amounts of work that comes with being a captain's yeoman, though she enjoys her new position.

Shjrn is eager to serve onboard the Lianna, as it is a new chance to meet new species, interact with her captain at a differant level and a chance for new adventures. Shjrn doesn't really mind Imperials or New Republicans, though fears the Icolians, the Quadrantia Grox and is sceptical of the Jenassians.


Shjrn's original appearance


Green face.pngMy friends!

  • Rambas - Rambas is my personal hero and my first commanding officer!
  • Jiarn - The Venatioa commander


Blue face.pngThey are kind!

  • None


Orange face.pngUrgh, they are the scum of the Quadrants!

  • none yet


She is a loyal and great yeoman with a kind and noble spirit!

- Rambas


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