The Feolhviaeri female known as Shivrt hailed from a different timeline and was once a citizen of the Aurilithiae Order. Escaping her cruel life she became a refugee under the protection of captain Rambam and returned with him to the Quadrant Galaxies. Once there she settled down and eventually joined Rambo Command, earning her command of the Bonaventura-Class; USS Aquila. She later commanded the first Typhon-Class timeship, the USS Typhon during her maiden voyage and the test of the temporal weapon, resulting in the return of Ramirith and the rest of the Tigris colonies in the Outer Colonial Sector.


Early History[]

Shivrt was born in a future time, as a subject of the terrifying and brutal Aurilithiae Order. When captain Rambam arrived from the past, she joined him as a refugee and returned with him to the Quadrant Galaxies, arriving in the midst of the Battle of Fornaeria. After the Imperial Alliance was driven off, the refugees onboard Rambam’s ship signed the Treaty of Fornaeria, allowing all to become citizens of the benevolent Rambo Nation. Her birth date was re-evaluated by her age and set to current time dates to avoid confusion within Rambo systems. Joining her example and personal hero, she joined the Rambo Academy and lived for a year in Rambo City. After graduating she was given command of the Bonaventura-Class; USS Aquila.

Captain of the USS Aquila[]

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Battle of Rametru Nui

Shivrt gained command of her ship during the sixth month of 2802 (04 AQF). Her first mission was to join fleet captain Trabl'krgte of the USS Apocalyptor in the defense of Rametru Nui during the Great Cyrannus War against the Confederacy of Allied Systems. During the battle Shivrt allowed civilian ships to flee from the besieged planet, covering Trabl’s ship, the USS Apocalyptor. Though losing the battle, she was relieved to hear that the planet was liberated month later by other Rambo forces. During the ninth month of 2802, Shivrt and her crew joined a Rambo-Republic fleet under command of Ramniels Ramcelsior to besiege Yudumarth. During the battle, Confederate admiral Lizaconda managed to escape, though the Battle of Yudumarth was a victory for the allied forces.

Battle agianst the Syndicate

Two weeks later, a Confederate fleet led by the Mortalitas-dreadnought Terror of Stars under command of Nirndal attacked Yudumarth. Outnumbered and with the allied During the fifth month of 2803 (05 AQF) she joined vice-admiral Ramcard and various Girdo drones to attack the Syndicate HQ. Soon the Rambo got the upperhand and destroyed most Syndicate raiders and they followed up their attack with an orbital bombardment which send most bounty hunters fleeing for their lives. After the battle was won in favor of the Rambo she stayed at the Syndicate Port for a while, watching over the Rambo citizens who settled themselves at the former Syndicate HQ.

Captain of the USS Typhon[]

Ramnenia and Shivrt meet onboard the bridge of the USS Typhon

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She later received temporarily command of the USS Tyhpon, the first Typhon-Class time ship on her maiden voyage under supervision of rear-admiral Ramnenia Ramfrozen. During the maiden voyage she tested the weapon to attempt to close the anomaly that allowed a Congregation cruiser from the past to appear. The outcome turned out completely different as the entire Tigris Colonial Sector reappeared, including the bastion Ramirith and its fleets. Afterwards, she and the rear-admiral informed the High Council and Supreme Empress Ramashe about the results, apparently quite satisfied.

Arriving at Arcaniox

A few weeks after the test, she permanently assumed command of the USS Typhon. In July 2806 (08 AQF), Shivrt and her crew participated in the Torments of Arcaniox to aid in the defense of the Quadrant Galaxies. Flanked by two Delphator-Class carriers she attacked the Hutter Kingdom vessels in orbit and later on fired its main weapon in an attempt to delay the evil entity, the Tormentor from destroying the Quadrants. The effort was not in vain and the Tormentor was defeated. Shortly after, Shivrt left Arcaniox to map all new anomalies and the possible consequences it had for Quadrant 82.

James and Shivrt onboard the Typhon ready to deploy its temporal beam

As the Gorge crisis continued in 2817 (19 AQF) with France, she once opted to remove the entire NZTO with use of the temporal weapon but was rebuked by the admirality about the ruthlessness of such an attempt. Shivrt remained in command of the Tyhpon for over a decade. In october of 2818 (20 AQF), she joined rear-admiral James Rambo on his mission to the Serox Nebula where they deployed the temporal weapon on the Interdimensional Warp Gate. An attempt to get the remaining Paragavatus-Class to their own reality.

As the first two Paragavatus-Class super star destroyers emerged from the rift, their plan backfired as the Typhon-Class overloaded and disabled both the ship and the Interdimensional Warp Gate. Forced to withdraw Shivrt piloted the Typhon-class back into the nebula where they started repairs on the engines before returning to Rambo Space.

Personality and Traits[]

Shivrt is a kind and gentle person, loving her job as a starship captain and exploring the galaxy. She however can also be quite stubborn, gains a greedy obsession for accomplishing greatness and has dreams to rise among the ranks of Rambo Command. Though a gifted captain, she is far from a capable battle commander or tactician, instead she is better positioned as an escort or supportive roles in battles.

Her hobbies include reading and gardening.

Service Record
Location Assignment Dates Rank or Rate
Rambo Academy Student Officer Unspecified Cadet
USS Aquila 2802 - 2805 Commanding Officer Captain
USS Typhon 2805 - 2819 Commanding Officer Captain

USS Typhon


Shivrt in her original uniform


Blue face.pngI believe I can trust them


Orange face.pngBlergh!

  • Lizacondaa cunning tactician, ruthless and without mercy



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