"By the holy power of Nihl we conquer, by the holy fire of Nihl we enslave, by the holy penance to Nihl we serve." -Popular shillite religous chant.

The Shillite Empire of Nihl, The Dark Entropy commonly referred to as the Shillite Empire is a mid tier three empire ruled by numerous high ranking military officers and Lord The Corrupter who serves as empress and religous leader of all of the empire. The state religion is the worship of the god Nihl.


The dominant race of those living in the empire is Imperial Men, very tall humans. Shillites and their Shurg cousins are prominent members, and often serve as administrators and intellectuals, all races make powerful warriors. A myriad of less significant Xenos races scattered throughout the Empire govern their own worlds.

Known PlanetsEdit

  • Brois- Capital Citadel
  • Ecros- Originally an outpost world turned quarantine world.
  • Baria- Neigboring Brois, this military world is primarily a manufacturing world, complemented by orbital docks and a fleet of spacecraft, it is responsible for producign the majority of shillite war machines in thhe sub-sector.
  • Callde VII- Purgatory World, in a state of rebellion.
  • Betron-Reach- Semi autonomous planet.

Classification of PlanetsEdit

  • Core World- Long established worlds of the empire, most are dotted with massive cities or are even distributions of settlements.
  • Colony World- A fully fledged member of the empire, however, does not retain the coveted status of a Core World.
  • Holy World- Rare planets sanctified to one fo the shillite gods, they are commonly used as bases for the Church of Entropy or countless other rleigous offices.
  • Penal World- Home to criminals and their children, Penal Worlds are offered as a chance to escape slavery and indulge one's depravities, while paying a heavy tax to imperial officials in exchange for their freedom.
  • Production World- Planets devoted to the production of a good, e.g, War Machines, food, medical research.
  • Fringe World- Planets too small to be worthy of the empire's time, these planets are under imperial protection and are ruled by a local militia and dictator.
  • Purgatory World- Home to outcasts and political enemies, these planets are often used to forcibly relocate dissedents into a secluded area to live out their lives.
  • Quarantine World- Planets struck by plague or other pestilince are quarantined, to die or suffer through its hardship.
  • Outpost World- Usually single settlement planets used as refueling and resupply bases.


There is a very rigid though unofficial caste system making up the Shillite Empire.


The warped priesthood of the Star Empire is divided into three major branches, the priests who represent the will of their fell god Nythryl and the concepts of pride and malice, the priests who represent his second aspect Nihl the aspect of entropy, and lastly the Techno-Order of Desper which fuses science and arcane sorcery to create weapons of war. Priests are generally found planted on individual worlds managing small churches or serving in military units. Missionary work has declined in recent centuries.

Military Rulers/ImperatorEdit

The Imperator and high ranking military members who preside over different aspects of the empire are a part of this caste, they have most of the power in the empire and are responsible for governing the empire and defending it's citizens. The military has nominal control of all aspects of the empire save religion and law enforcement. Individual veterans are also afforded a degree of respect.


Lord is a title given to an individual who rules an entire planet as governer, and serves for life or until being relieved of duty by the local Eclessiarchy representative. A duke is the patriarch of a noble house, on planets in which such entities are allowed to exist.

Petty NoblesEdit

Petty nobles own small amounts of land in which lesser ranked members of the caste system, serfs and slaves will live here to be sold into the military or used as free labor. Petty nobles have a duty to protect their vassals. They often make up the local beaurecracy alongside Free Peroples.

Free MenEdit

Most Shillites andd Shurg are free men who live on a certain noble's land but owe the noble no alleigance. They often serve as white collar workers or military officers.


Serfs live on a nobles land and work for sed noble in exchange for protection and permission to live on the aforementioned noble's land. Serfs are commonly freed slaves who were forced to sell themselves into serfdom, serfs can be killed by their noble without reason and are treated as property.


Slaves belong to the national government or lords and nobles, they are most commonly used as soldiers and farmers.


The Shillite Empire has a rich and turbulent history, that began with the shillite race on their homeworld of Shillitendom being visited by the ancient race known by many titles in the shilltie galaxy.

Founding And The First Holy Shillite EmpireEdit

Shillite core realms were under the control of the Elder Dominion of Csherryx at the time Nihl took interest in the Shillites as a race to serve as patron deity for. Nihl led a great army of men and conquered Csherryx over the course of two decades. The free shillites and men adopted Nihl as a primary deity. The Eclessiarch was created by Nihl from the ranks of its cult-champions to oversee the Church of Entropy. Nihl then abandoned its realm to war with the Chaos Gods. The Eclessiarch and the Church of Entropy served as the overreaching authority of the Nihlist Duchies led by its former generals. The return of Nihl was unexpected and it came with orders to the Eclessiarch to create a mighty edifice from which it could draw armies and power. The few duchies founded by its former legionaries that did not yield their independence were brought into line with swift dipslays of force from the allied forces of those who had heeded the Eclessiarch's call to form one empire. Once the realms liberated by Nihl nearly a century ago were united, the Eclessiarch declared the new realm the First Holy Shillite Empire. The Empire had a mighty beaurecratic complex that maintained its many worlds and a military that slowly but inexorable brought neighboring states under Imperial control. During this period the Empire's greatest rivals were the Conqoris dominions, a relic from the Elder Pan-Galactic Empire. The Conqoris were in the process of consolidating individual splinter states and lacked the capacity to fully assault the empire, however. Ultimately the empire fell to laxity and corruption, and the Imperator declared the Empire independent from the will of Nihl, who had not been seen for nearly a century. The Eclessiarch and the Technocracy of Desper fought against the Imperator who was unable to mobilize the bulk of his forces. The Revanchist led its angels against the Imperator, and slew him on the irradiated wastelands of Brois. The Empire was crippled by the long war it had endured and the Eclessiarch declared the reorganization of the empire.

The Second Star Empire of NythrylEdit

The era of the Second Star Empire is described as a far cry from the Empire of old. The Eclessiarch formed the Prviy Council to govern the Empire on higher matters while local governments dealt with trivial matters. The Inquisition was greatly expanded during this period. Shortly after the end of the Civil War Nihl returned in an avatar not seen since the first days of the Empire. Nihl, now Nythryl, issued an edict that during the waning days of the First Empire it had wandered the stars and sought answers, it was the charge of all the Star Empire to concentrate all the might of the galaxy within the confines of the Star Empire. Nythryl then returned to its sojourn, leaving its lieutenant, the Revanchist, The Eclessiarch and the utterly disturbing Dissimulator of Desper to wage war against the Chaos Gods and rule the empire. During this period central control waned as local goverments impacted their dependencies more than Imperial Order. Many core worlds became semi-autonomous, self governing but still feeding taxes and manpower into the Imperial War Machine. During the later years of this era central control continued to break down further, paralleled by the dissolution of major powers throughout the rest of the galaxy, some Core Worlds fell back into semifeudal systems, with noble houses once again warring for control of the Lordship and other high posts. The Chaos War also continued and escalated rapidly as the ability of the Inquisition to monitor the Empire waned.

Fall of The Star EmpireEdit



The Shillite Empire is highly miltarized, with one of the best trained and equipped armed forces for its tier level. Military theory of the empire calls for a hammer, shield and dagger approach, with vast legions of slaves of varying quality (some are armed with scavenged armor and autorifles, while other form famous elite army groups of great renown) serving as a brutal hammer to destroy any nations that resist the empire's will. The shield is the galactic militia and regular army garrisons that protect the worlds of the empire, and the dagger is the Holy Guard and other elite groups, supprted by the regular army.

Shurg Hellrainer

A shurg soldier, armed with a hellrainer magnetic rifle and shield.


The Shillite Inquisition is a real and powerful force, made up of assassins, spies and other specialists it is the duty of the inquisitors to root out worshippers of illegal gods, rebels and heretics. The Inquisition employs few agents, instead using a massive pool of funding made from racketeering on alien worlds. Inquisitors are chosen from other corps, their loyalty and ability to serve the empire the most important traits. The inquisition does not use a strict organizational system that is employed by the army of Holy Guard, thus it is compromised of only 300,000 agents across the galaxy.

Holy GuardEdit

The Holy Guard is an order of paladins dedicated to enforcing the will of Nihl (as well as his subservent deities) with minimal government interference. The Holy Guard is restricted to few units however and is used primarily for ceremonial duties. It consists of 20,000 seperate regiments, making the Holy Guard nearly 12,000,000 strong, all of whom are classified as elite soldiers.


Tha land force of the Shillite Empire is their most powerful branch, utilizing excellent infantry with a wide arra of vehicles and artillery pieces for different missions. The majority of the soldiers in the army are slaves, fielded en masse for battles on large worlds. Nearly five-hundred billion strong the Shillite Imperial Army is larger than many individual species, commonly using a combination of numbers and quality to overwhelm any enemy. The army follows standard military oganization as drafted in the first days of the empire. Regiments are adaptable to face any foe. A 50 soldier company consisting of 30 privates, 10 corporals, 7 sergeants, a first and second lieutenant and a captain, derived from which are 5 specialists, a physician, Tech-Priest, pontifex, death-priest, and standard-bearer.


The majority of infantrymen are slaves from a variety of species, each slave serving a role specific to its race. Slaves are nromally from primitive societies to ensure loyalty (for example, ogres are native to the shillite homeworld) and drones, wose loyalty is unqestionable. Shillites use a wide variety of weapons for their infantry but the most common types are polearms and assault weapons, all infantry, even slaves, wear very advanced shillite battle armor which can absorb direct hits from energy weapons with little damage to the soldier, however, once to many hits are sustained the soldier undergoes a gruesome death which melts his/her innards.


There are numerous ranks in the Shillite Imperial Military.

Known SoldiersEdit

Captain Ph'Delles- Fought in the infantry attack on Station Halcyon, he was promoted major before the Military Police arrested him for showing signs of disloyalty.

Major Dsh'Kellant- Leads the garrison of Port Ecros, he was instruemntal in keeping his small demoralized and ragtag company together when the weakened Xhodocto Ceryxirith was flung light-millienia to the planet of Ecros and eventually defeating Ceryxirith, leading to the creation of the Cosmic Incursions department of the inquisition. H was killed in the subsequent bombardement of Port Ecros. General Lord Ge'Sephtra- Led the Shillite invasion of Station Halcyon and was later promoted ot the directorate council. At the young age of only sixty he was made consul of the Military Directorate Council.

General Lord Dth'Sherral-

Corporal Cr'Ipphel- Led a squad of soldiers on the purgatory world of Callde VII, when crazed civilians besieged the town fortress Cr'Ipphel and his two privates slew twenty-two rebels before falling under sheer weightof numbers.


Due to the existence of hundreds if not thousands of variations on the same design shilltie vehicles are reffered to by their prpose,

Shillite APC- This transport carries up to ten infantrymen and is only lightly armed, it is designed for speed and protection, with immunity to small arms fire.

Shillite IFV- This version of the APC has numerous gun ports and heavier weaponry for an APC that provides drect fire support.

Light Tank- Armed with a railgun and two heavy energy repeaters, this slow tank can inflict heavy damage very quickly.

Space FleetEdit

The Shillite space fleet is better than avergae but smaller than the fleets of some empires. Mostly consisting of large capital ships and frigates to defend planets from other space invasions. One Arctide Class Star Destroyer has the power to seize a colony of a tier three or lower empire with ease. The most powerful class of star destroyer availale to the Shillites is the Entropy class, only three of which exist, serving as the ultimate capital ship virtually indestructible to conventional weaponry used by tier 2 and lower empires.

  • Life on board a ship in the shillite space navy is often slow consisting of the occasional skirmish with pirates and petty nations, running the ship and listening to the droning of the ship's priest.

Arctide Class Star DestroyerEdit

The mainstay capital ship of the Empire. The Arctide is a reliable and adaptable spacecraft. It's main armaments are batteries of chemical lasers and rail based macro cannons. The Arctide also holds subatomic, and, in some variants, nuclear missiles.

Wraith Class Star DestroyerEdit

The Wraith is an older class that fills a niche between the Entropy and Arctide classes, often serving as a flagship. The Wraith itself is designed to sustain long drawn out battles.

Vector Class FrigateEdit

A smaller vehicle than the Arctide Class the Vector still has a hangar that holds many fighters. The Vector is used primarily for anti capital ship purposes being equipped with heavy shield generators.

Rifter Class CorvetteEdit

A small three or four deck (depending on the model, three decks for ones that serve in hangars for larger ships) corvette used mainly for anti fighter purposes, it has a crew of ten and six small turrets that are effective against smaller faster targets. However, Rifters are also equipped with missile tubes and turbolasers when threatened by larger ships.

Adherent Class GunboatEdit

The Adherent is a large gunboat that has the capability to severly damage larger ships, it is typically to fast for larger ship's weapons so it must be destroyed by fighters or corvettes.

Entropy Class Super Star DestroyerEdit

A massive capital ship that can destroy incredible amounts of enemy cruisers. Only three Entropy class ships were ever manufactured.


The smallest branch of the military, the navy is now only .3 percent of the military patrolling watery worlds or being used as assault craft on other mostly water worlds.


The main Shillite Empire is a curious mixture of political ideals. Individual worlds are often state capitalistic in nature, and internal trade keeps the empire wealthy. The Empire is governed on an Imperial, Provincial, Planetary, etc. level the Eclessiarch serves as a theocratic overlord and autocrat but rarely takes direct action.

High CouncilEdit

The semi-secret privy council of the empire consists of the following. The Privy Council rarely meets in full as the nine members are often on other buisness.

  • The Eclessiarch- Represents the core of the Empire.
  • Lord Grand Admiral of The Imperial Navy- .
  • The Revanchist- Serves as a second lieutenant to Nythryl.
  • The Dissimulator- Serves as a third lieutenant to Nythryl.
  • High Exarch of The Holy Orders of The Inquisition- Synthesises and analyses extracosmic incursion data.
  • Technopantocrator of Desper- Represents the Technocracy of Desper's alliance with the Empire.
  • Grand General Lord- Provides strategic experience.
  • Authexarch of Doleatis-Turres- Aides the Cosmic Exarch and represents Doleatis-Turres.
  • The Emperor- Represents the state itself.

Legislative BranchEdit

Imperial Directorate- Led by a coalition of all three leaders of each directorate board.

  • Shillite Military Directorate- Made up of twenty High General Lords, led by Grand General Lord Ge'Sephtra.
  • Shillite Political Directorate- Made of fifty senators from each political sector in the empire, these sectors are made up by population.
  • Shillite Economic Directorate- Made up of thirty economists elected by all the lords in the shillite empire.

Judicial BranchEdit

  • Courts- Courts serve to discern the innocent from the guilty and moreover to determien punishments for criminals, the shillite military police forces are technically under jurisdiction of the courts but serve directly under the Military Directorate.
  • Imperial Police- Serve mainly to deter organized crime in megapolis' they are linked nationally by several local chapters.
  • Inquisition- Inquisitors serve to hunt and kill chiefly rebels and heretics against Nihl, a smaller branch exists to investigate (and even combat) extra cosmic horrors.

Executive BranchEdit

Made up of three main positions.

  • Sancti Ducis/Eclessiarch- Lord the Corruptor/Nythryl's Angel serves as a religous leader and supreme authority.
  • Imperator- Serves a diplomatic and administrative leader, duties include negotiation, internal regulation and maintaining the beaurecracy.
  • Consul- Oversees the armed forces of the empire, working with the leader of the Military Directorate.

Governemnt in Shillite Fringe ColoniesEdit

According to the Second Colonial Ordinance Laws a fringe colony is designated as lacking a permanent military garrison or having a population under one billion. These fringe colonies are ruled by an appointed governer who enforces laws and is essentially a petty dictator. The governer is also head of the militia of the colony, the colonial militia is made up of primarily consripted free people and slaves bought using the small public funds from these colonies. Fringe colonies usually have nearby fleets of ships to defend them in the case of a space battle but during invasions fringe colonies usually must fend for themselves. Fringe colonies are in essence independent, and forces from the core shillite worlds rarely intervene in their affairs unless they have some sort of strategic value.


Shillites commonly use magnetic technology, using rail guns and other types of magnetic technology. Shillite technology often appears crude and lacks elegance, however, it is still brutally reliable and effective. Technology is maintained primarily by scores of engineers. Technology is unofficially divided into spheres by the Order of The Divine Machine, the second largest techno-cult in the empire. The Order maintains the highest spheres of technology on behalf of the empire, and escort military technology of higher spheres to war.


The Shillite law code follows a few simple rules, and punishments are to be decided by a slave or serf's owner or the ocurts in the case of a free shillite. Public execution is common for rape and murder, while heretics and rebels are usually executed by mass burnings. Less serious crimes are punished with slavery or a choice to go to a penal world or when a trial is not supposed to be public a purgatory world. Penal worlds are dense sprawling ghettos governed by a high ranking member of the army, criminals live amongst each other, workign menial jobs producing factory goods for the imperial war machine, half the moeny they earn is diverted to funds for the empire, the other half is kept by criminals to spend on basic goods. Penal worlds are notable for being recruiting areas for cults of Gauthemere and even more commonly Serrelethiu. Rebellions and insurrections are rare occurences except on small scales, any penal world that overthrows the military government is destroyed, and with only so few spaceships untold millions are killed. Penal worlds are notable for the depravity they induce in people and eventually around two thirds of the population will become insane or drug addicted. Purgatory worlds are different, used for indulging personal vendettas they are much less common than penal worlds. One notable purgatory world, Callde VII held about three-hundred criminals, thirty-two of which were soldiers who had angered superiors and were deemed to meet a fate worse than death. This is untrue, as suicide and disease kill most soldiers on purgatory worlds, anyone on a purgatory world will live an average elevan years after arrival thanks to high crime rates, plague and suicide.


  • "Infintely subtle is Nihl in its malice and one should never oppose the will of the priests of Nihl."

While Nihl is the main deity worshipped by shillites he has a host of lesser gods and demigods who are worshipped by shillites and some non-shillites as well. there are also many outlawed cults, below is a list of recognized and legal religions besides the Church of Nihl.

Legal Minor ReligionsEdit

  • Church of Revenge- The Revanchist cults of the empire. The largest branch is the Revanchist's angelic warband. Growth is neither encouraged nor discouraged.
  • Church of Azdetath- Size is limited to a small priesthood. The Church of Azdetath attracts some worshippers on the fringes of the empire.
  • Church of Boruth- Size is limited to a small priesthood and agents to tend to the gods whims.
  • Church of Shudd'Urgath- Is allowed a small number of lay worshippers and a priesthood that works closely with the military.
  • Church of Lord the Corrupter- Small minority church, the Church is comprised of Lord Corrupter's inner circle and other agents.
  • Church of Dissimulator- Largest Tech-Cult within the empire, the Church of the Dissimulator is allowed a moderate following as a show of good faith.
  • Church of The Reaper- Limited to a small priesthood and paramilitary branch, some worlds are reserved for the Church as well, which have their own militias. The pseudo-necromantic orders of the Church have considerable influence within the higher echelons of government.
  • Most Techno-Religous Cults- Are tolerated and maintained at small sizes. Larger cults are allowed to maintain paramilitaries of about 200-9,000 infantrymen.

Illegal ReligionsEdit

(While anything not specified above is considered illegal except amongst slaves these are actively hunted down.)

  • Church of Gauthemere- Thanks to hundreds of very militarized proxy cults the Church of Gauthemere operates effectively within the Star Empire.
  • Church of Sek'Lrar- The Cult of the Cursed Knight is seen as an usurper cult to the Eclessiarchy.
  • Archonic Cults- Cults of the Triumvirate of Archons are especially dangerous due to their often extreme levels of militarization.
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