Sherali is Lord Dominator of the United Persan Descendants after the Second Great Cryannus War. However, she was being readied for the position well before that, having been elect for the position after Lord Dominator Domivere chose to retire from the position. Notable among her pre-Lord Dominator accomplishments include allying the Persan with the Scelus Reformation and most notably forming the organization Mad Tea Party, triggering the events that would lead to the resurrection of Enlightenment Collaborative and leading the UPD in victory during the Second Great Cyrannus War and against Qliphoggr. Sherali is also a member of the mysterious organization known as the Telenath.

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Sherali is notably short even by Vanara standards, something that leads political rivals and enemies to underestimate her. Other then that she has caramel colored fur and bright pink eyes. She is often described as very graceful and is notably lacking in scars that the rest of her kind tend to incur over their lifetime. Sherali has a very youthful look about her as well.

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Sherali is unusual for her kind as she is actually a very calm person who almost always keeps a reasonable tone of voice and has a great deal of poise and self control (most of the time). She is also rather gentle and tends to be more diplomatic then the previous Lord Dominators before her, often times more willing to compromise. That being said she can be very serious and is no push over. She will only take negotiation so far and if her morals are offended can be utterly uncompromising. An example of this being her refusal to ban the practice of Eldarisian head hunting in Persan territories. While she gives her staff a great deal of freedom, Sherali can be very strict with them when they cross the line.

In person Sherali is a very proper and lady-like person who is always polite to those she meets. She enjoys tea parties and sweets, as well as volunteering her time at the local orphanages and nurseries. In private though Sherali is a complete and utter love freak and owns many dirty romance novels. In matters of love she can become become rather excited to the point of full on losing her cool. Sherali has been known to try to set up her staff members with one another much to their annoyance.

All that being said Sherali like all her kind has a ruthless and sadistic side. This especially comes out if her sense of moral decency has been offended, especially if children were intentionally killed or harmed. She is after all the Admiral who remorselessly ordered the slaughter of any Hegemony military forces her forces fought during the Mendel Schism in retaliation for the Hegemony genocide of the Koatria.

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Sherali is a capable diplomat and rather charming who can easily get along with people, or at least pretend to when it comes to people she detests. She is also well known for her ability to give rather good advice both in day to day life and especially, surprisingly, in matters of love. Sherali is also notable for her abilities at manipulation it being said that she does not need to lie to pull the wool over your eyes. In combat she is deadly skilled with twin Laser Blade Fans, weapons as deadly as they are elegant.

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Hello, how wonderful it is to see you all again!

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Welcome, welcome!

  • Kirta Clett - You've got big shoes to fill, but I'm sure you can do it.
  • Gridlock - He was a terrible enemy once, but great ally now.

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Oh, hello there.

  • Alexandre I - Keep your distance and we will get along just fine.

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Now, now behave yourselves.

  • Ballatay - Do not dare show your face to me.

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My haven't we been naughty.

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  • Largely based off Sharon Rainsworth from Pandora Hearts.
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