Shaura is a Persan Nihilism Agent, individuals tasked with preserving the UPD's stability by whatever means necessary, often times regarded as above the law. Shaura is one of the Nihilism's best agents known for her serious nature and ruthlessness, but also a surprising heroic and selfless streak. Interestingly enough Shaura is a Saint, someone saturated by the power of Accel Space giving them incredible luck allowing them to beat seemingly insurmountable odds and occasionally preform miracles. However, these miracles always come at a price, a price that has left Shaura deeply bitter and with a complete and utter disbelieving in miracles.

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Shaura is a black furred female Vanara with startling green eyes. She is very fit and highly athletic thanks to her intensive training. She notably never seems to smile except on the rarest of occasions.

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Shaura is a serious individual well known for her dedication to her job as Nihilism agent and letting nothing interfere with that duty. A very pragmatic individual and not above being ruthless if the situation calls for it. That being said she doesn't throw away lives needlessly and never without good cause, knowing that it's her duty to protect the people of Persan at all cost and that there is no point in protecting dead people. Highly determined Shaura will push through and complete her missions to the best of her abilities, though is known to become vengeful and prefers to personally deal with her enemies. Usually without mercy. If she ever were to find the individual who killed her family she would doubtlessly slaughter him without mercy.

Due to the various tragedies throughout her life Shaura has become deeply cynical and embittered. She is utterly dismissive of things such as miracles believing the only thing that cen get her through is her own power (ironic considering what she is). While frequently claiming that idealism is foolish her actions and her words do not always match up. She is known for going above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to protecting others. She has stepped into to help others from other nations that she has obligation to help what so ever. This disconnect between her actions and her words may mean that her hope is not as dead as she is letting on.

Despite her serious nature Shaura is capable of kicking back, relaxing, and having a good time. She actively enjoys being around the select few she calls friends And does her best to spend time with them on things other then missions when they get the chance.

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Shaura is by far one of the best agents Nihilism has ever trained with a determination that drivers her to see every mission to the end no matter how bitter. Highly skilled it could be argued that even without the powers of a Saint at her disposal she would still be one of their best. Just as talented at stealth as she is a direct confrontation, Shaura is also a highly train in martial arts. While her preferred style focuses largely on offensive moves with very little defense, she has modified more then a few moves to act in a defensive nature. Still she is well trained in several martial arts, refusing to put all in her faith in on strategy.

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  • Techno-magic Multiform Weapon -
  • Explosive Disk Drones -
  • Grappling Cables -

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  • Astral Armor -
  • Realizer -

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  • Sainthood -

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