"Peace is a deception. There is only power."

It was a nice day on Nengeredis, the newly settled capital of the Confederacy of Free Planets, and the Vice Chancellor Collo was heading to his home. He was glad his superior managed to make peace with their enemies, the Empire. When he got home, he rested for a few hours, watching the HoloNet, before deciding to go to bed with his wife. However, when he entered his room, there was a giant bang, and Collo found himself on the floor, his bedroom destroyed, and standing in front of him stood a Libertus wearing a respirator, and more surprisingly, what seemed to be an Imperial Inquisitor. The Inquisitor threw Collo's wife into the wall, rendering her unconscious.

  • Inquisitor:"Vice Chancellor Collo of the Confederacy of Free Planets. You are under arrest. News that you are apprehended shall spread quickly throughout the Imperatore Cyrannica's Inquisition, to Lord Moranonúngur or even the Galactic Emperor. Now my rise to power shall begin."

The Inquisitor grabbed Collo by the neck, and suddenly both of them disappeared. They reappeared in a large, circular, dark room, with no light, yet the Vice Chancellor could see the Inquisitor's yes shine a blood red. Feeling his pockets, Collo felt his stun gun. He quickly pulled it out and shot his bullets at the Libertus' eyes three times, though he suddenly saw a light brown energy blade deflect all bullets, ending them into the darkness.

  • Inquisitor:"Vice Chancellor Collo of the Confederacy of Free Planets. Your firearm is useless against an Inquisitor's powers. Your weapon is now mine, and shall be destroyed."
  • Collo:"Impossible! To think, I trusted you Imperial dogs to keep peace! You cannot apprehend the Vice Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Planets! And what did you do to my wife? Is she dead? Oh, I shall be sending a very strongly wondered letter to you and your Emperor in the next six business days once I get out of here!"

Collo attempted to run, but instead ran into a wall. As he staggered, he felt his stun gun slip out of his grasp and into that of the Libertus. He was suddenly stripped of everything, including his clothes, and he felt quite exposed, not to mention embarrassed.

  • Collo:"Hey! Put my clothes back on, you frak! Only my wi~"

What else Collo was to say was stopped, for he was suddenly gagged and stuck to a chair, and a thin layer of cloth was put on him. He managed to tilt his head a little to his left, and saw the Libertus standing in the corner holding Collo's stun gun and the Inquisitor's energy blade, while behind it stood about four highly equipped soldiers, and leading them seemed to be a cyborg with a dark gray energy blade.

  • Inquisitor:"Vice Chancellor Collo of the Confederacy of Free Planets. The Emperor shall be pleased to hear of this revelation. You shall now wait with my acolytes. Goodbye."

The Inquisitor left the room, and his acolytes closed in. Suddenly, Collo felt very dizzy, and then fell asleep.

The RevelationEdit

The Inquisitor left the room, and went to get its personal starship, The Black Vengeance. It got on, and left the planet, heading to Nengeredis in hyperspace. As it rested in its chair, its appearance suddenly changed, now taking the appearance of an Osteola, the Emperor Jekad. However, when he soon landed in a spaceport, he quickly changed his form to that of an Osteola Confederacy citizen, and walked through the spaceport, passing through the security checks with ease. After some walking in the streets, he found what he was looking for: a pothole. He opened it, and jumped down into darkness.

Jekad landed in a dirty tunnel, unused since the first civilization on the planet. As he made his way, now in the form of an Imperial citizen, he saw his contact: the Nengerah Laben Naiko, an infamous bounty hunter in the Cúrongul Sector.

  • Laben Naiko:"Good. You came. Though, from what you wanted, I expected you'd look a little more... intimidating."
  • Jekad:"One should not be judged by their appearance. I am far more powerful than what you expect, yet I am no fool to showcase my powers here, lest you reveal me to the authorities, if they are any good in this place."
  • Laben Naiko:"Right. Anyways, here's what you need. Now, where's my money?"

Laben handed Jekad a datapad that could be used to hack the planetary HoloNet, and suddenly in the bounty hunter's hand appeared one hundred fifty credits. Jekad continued to make his way through the dark tunnels, but before he went far he spoke to Laben.

  • Jekad:"Bounty hunter. Stay here until I return, and disable your HoloPad. I shall give you more money if you swear not to reveal me."

Before Laben could respond, Jekad left, and when Laben looked at his HoloPad, it was all static.

Jekad made his way through the tunnels, effortlessly killing the little animals that opposed him. He found the other pothole, miles away. He used his powers to move the cover almost instantly, and jumped out into a large Holo building, now in the form of an elderly human. He quickly made his way up to the top level, escaping the gazes of strangers. He appeared in the broadcast room, and the broadcaster gave a start, for now he saw an Imperial Inquisitor in his room, wielding an energy blade. Millions at the moment were watching the HoloNet, for it was about time for second breakfast, and were shocked as they saw an Imperial Inquisitor kill the broadcaster and others. Suddenly, all electronic devices on the planet connected to the Holo network was disabled, for the buttons on the data pad Jekad held in his Libertus hands could do such a thing. Suddenly, the devices came back, and on all of them appeared a dark room with a chair surrounded by Imperial Inquisitors. The citizens of Nengeredis saw, to their shock and anger, Collo stuck to the chair, gagged and nearly stripped.

  • Inquisitor:"Peace was made. Peace is folly. Peace is broken. Your Confederacy shall fall, and Collo shall be the first casualty, unless money is paid."

Suddenly an energy blade struck through Collo's left arm, and he writhed in pain. Suddenly the transmission ended, and though all that watched it were in outrage, the most angered individual was Cassynder, High Chancellor of the Confederacy of Free Planets, who was in his office, planning something out.

  • Cassynder:"What! This is an outrage! Those fraking Imperials, never keep their word, I say, and all because this usurper bloke comes and takes over! I bet that Imperial toad has something to do with this to! Very well, High Admiral, ready our fleet and signal for reinforcements from the Army in Nosiso, for today we go to war! Conviuraedhel Cyrannica! To war! We shall show those Imperial fraks true power!"

The High Admiral left the room, leaving Cassynder to contemplate his next moves while his forces face their enemy once more...

The WarEdit

The First StrikeEdit

It was midnight on an Imperial planet, and five Libertus Stormtroopers were on guard duty. They had their guns at hand, yet as nothing happened, they began to disregard it. One of them checked their HoloWatch, and luckily ssaw they had two more minutes left of their shift.

  • Stormtrooper 1:"Great. We have two more minutes left. I hate this job. If only the Emperor can take us away from this wasteland."
  • Stormtrooper 2':"I agree. If only we could be relocated to a planet in the war, so much for serving your galaxy."
  • Stormtrooper 3:"I guess... but it's not that bad... with all the peace... not the chance of death... Wait! What's that? An army? Imperial? Wait a minute..."
  • Stormtrooper 4:"...Those are Confederates! That scum! We must report to the base!"
  • Stormtrooper 5:"Frak! We shall not run like fools! We shall fight! For the Emperor! Imperatore Cyrannica! Now, t-"

What the stormtrooper said was cut off, for he was shot in the chest and killed. The other four readied their guns, yet one died, burned from behind. Suddenly, the Nengerah Laben Naiko appeared, and killed the remaining soldiers. She then grabbed her now working HoloPhone, and opened it.

  • Laben:"I got them dead. The base is next."

The Confederate troopers began their march, shooting down the other Stormtroopers with ease. They destroyed the hill and saw their starships appearing, passing the destroyed planetary shield and heading towards the capital. The ground forces also made their way, though it was nowhere to be seen. The starships rushed to the capital, and within seconds they reached it, a small town with few people. They immediately rushed in and destroyed most of the city in minutes, though it seemed that the city went deep underground. The commander of the fleet sent a transmission to the commander of the ground forces, who was on his speeder.

  • Admiral:"Come in, General. Admiral speaking. You must enter underground, for more than half of the city is underground, and there might be more. Also, we have Her on our side, paid by a benefactor. Admiral out."

The general readied his speeder, put his feet on the ignition, and commanded his troops to blast a hole in the ground. It was blasted into the remains of the hill and happened to go into a cave, and as the other troops slowly moved on, the general called his Speeder Bodyguard to him, and they sped into the new cave.

Laben Naiko ran down the hill minutes before it was blasted, and managed to see the main military base ahead. However, before she could formulate a plan in her calculating Nengerah head, she activated her jetpack as she saw the debris of the hill fall upon her. She landed a few yards away, and donned her Nengerah helmet, before calculating a plan. She then started to fly around the base, looking for an entry. She went to a weak gate, and set bomb next to it. As Laben ran away from the gate, she saw it explode, with the nearby sentries dead. She then jumped over the walls, shooting down the survivors. She then went around, killing the rest, before entering the main base. She leaned by the door, listening to the Imperials speak.

After hearing their panic and a gunshot, she burst through the door.

  • Laben:"You are all going to perish. Die or surrender."

Half of them surrendered and the others were shot, though the ones that did not resist suddenly all fell to the ground, dead. Laben looked around, and she saw looming from the shadows a dark figure. It raised a hand, and Laben was thrown into the air, knocking against the walls.

  • Figure:"The benefactor's wrath is upon you. His servant shall make you perish, if you fail. His servant and wrath leaves you now."

The figure left, and Laben remembered the second part of her mission. She then opened the door and flew towards the capital, seeing her money in her mind.

The general and his troops sped through the cave system, evading the shots of the defenders and shooting others down while the general's troops advanced behind him. Suddenly, a large droid appeared and blocked the entry, with four of its "legs" attached to the wall while its shield activated and its two "arms" fired. After several minutes of dodging the bolts, they managed to break it down from the legs, though twelve out of the fifty speeders were destroyed and their riders were killed. They then scouted a little before heading back to their army.

The army began to advance through the caves, killing more civilians and military personnel alike as they made their way to the capital. Meanwhile, above the surface Laben Naiko was flying to the smoldering hole of the capital, and had just jumped in. She was immediately approached by Imperial Stormtroopers. She quickly spun around and shot them down, though at the same time they were cut in half. Laben then set the bombs, and pressed a button on her HoloPad. Suddenly, from the sky parts of a ship began to fall, crushing some of the city while Laben got herself to safety. In many minutes more than half of the city was destroyed, and just in time: at that moment the many speeders charged and fought the Imperials while the rest of the army began to annihilate the city or massacre the troops. From the shadows, a cyborg did the equivalent of a smile, thinking of all the death.

He then raised his arm and spoke into his intercom, from which his master had heard most of the attack.

  • Figure:"All is according to plan, Emperor."
  • Emperor:"Good. Report to Onderthon, where we shall speak about the next mission and travel to Cognalorilos to speak with the Teacher..."

The CouncilEdit

Cassynder, though quick to accuse his rivals, slowly cooled down over many hours, about an hour before the first battle of the war. After he became rational once more, he resumed his stoic stance and got some Capricaerónn Wine, drinking deeply. Then, thinking of how ridiculous his words were to attack before declaring war, Cassynder realized that he must speak to the Imperials before the attack. He quickly got himself ready and summoned the members of the Confederate Congress, and was about to call for Collo, before remembering that he was the reason they were meeting the Imperials. He then left his building on Nengeredis and went to the spaceport, getting on his personal ship with the Congress. Cassynder then opened up a transmission to the Imperials, though it barely made through. On the other side was the Ermitant Mandator Draedarrr of Puria, surprised that Cassynder was speaking.

  • Cassynder:"Now listen, Imperial scum. We know what you did to Collo, and we are going to speak about this! Good day to you, sir!"

Before the Mandator could respond, Cassynder closed the transmission and set off into hyperspace, heading for Orbispira.

On Orbispira, Draedarrr looked perplexed, wondering what in the galaxy was Cassynder speaking about. However, he opened up another transmission to the Potentate, Tereyn Aeresius.

  • Draedarrr:"Greetings, Potentate. It's a pleasure to see you."
  • Aeresius:"Hurry up, Draedarrr, I don't all day. Your message better be important enough to interrupt my work for the Emperor."
  • Draedarrr:"My apologies, I'll get to the point. So, that Confederate idiot Cassynder sent a transmission, and he suspects us of doing something to Collo, but we didn't...right?"

Aeresius raised his eyebrow and narrowed his eye.

  • Aeresius:"Do you truly believe we did this? Idiot! We would definitely not kill him now, we would kidnap him, torture until we learned enough about the Confederacy to bring it to its knees, then we would kill him. But continue, Mandator."

Draedarrr was somewhat hurt by this remark, but continued.

  • Draedarrr:"Anyways, Cassynder heading to Orbispira to confer with us. Open fire?"
  • Aeresius:"No. Let him speak his foolish words. He shall find nothing he wants, for we have nothing he wants in this case. Call the HoloNet, and all of the galaxy shall ridicule the fool."

A few hyperspace jumps later, Cassynder and his congress entered the Orbispira System, and to their surprise the gigantic fleets did not open fire, but instead gave a path.

After a few hours of clearing customs and getting transport to the Senate Building, Cassynder and the Confederate Congress burst through the doors, leaving the Senators and Mandators waiting for him still somewhat shocked at the anger and hatred in the Adlapuspino.

  • Senator 1:"Well, High Chancellor, Confederate Congress, you came to speak. We will listen."

Cassynder was about to go into another fit of rage, but then he realized the HoloNet recorders behind the senator chairs, and he calmed himself.

  • Cassynder:"I am here with my Congress to address the issue of Vice Chancellor Collo's disappearance, and I managed to keep the video on my HoloPad. Here."

Cassynder handed it to the senator, and suddenly dozens of HoloCams were aimed at the video. The video played, and there were gasps of shock as the video was passed around, and citizens everywhere watching the HoloNet at the moment were completely shocked. After almost a minute of silence, another Senator spoke up.

  • Senator 2:"Lies. We deny all claims. You are a fool to come here, Cassynder."

Suddenly Cassynder's security readied their weapons and looked around, expecting at any minute for Imperial soldiers to attack, and then a reporter spoke, pressing his mic on a senator's face.

  • Reporter:"I beg to differ, as this video proves everything. What do you have to say about this?""

The senator gave the reporter a rude gesture and spoke.

  • Senator 2:"The video could be fake, for all we know. We deny all claims."
  • Cassynder:"Right. You are the liars, the traitors, the destroyers of everything that lasts. I believe this is a declaration of war. In that case, we shall retaliate in full-"

Suddenly a small wounded Imperial Stormtrooper burst through the doors, and wagged a finger at Cassynder.

  • Stormtrooper:"You! You sent that army and hired that bounty hunter. You destroyed it all! You started this! Arrest this idiot! Now!"

Suddenly Cassynder, his Congress, and his security rushed out the door, shoved the stormtrooper aside, and ran. They quickly got on their ship and before the Imperial Fleet could destroy them they disappeared into hyperspace.

Minutes later, they teleported to Nengeredis, where they got back on the surface. The bounty hunter failed, and she will have to pay...

Unknown to the beings in the Senate room, an Osteola was hidden by his energies as he watched the entire scene unfold.Now that Cassynder was weak, he would make his move, but first he had to get to Onderthon and meet with his apprentice...

Meeting on OnderthonEdit

The figure left the battle and teleported to its ship on the other side of the planet, away from the sensors. It then ordered its personal droid, HT4-7, to start the ship. It entered hyperspace, and in seconds it appeared in real space above Onderthon, the new capital of the Ahsokr Empire. It passed through the planetary shields, recognized by the Onderthonian Guard. It landed by the Emperor's Palace, and left its droid behind before entering the palace, anxious about its meeting with the Emperor.

It was allowed entry by the Guard, and walked through the large palace, taking no notice of its accessories. However, it knew its master would be impatient, so when no one was there, it teleported to right outside the the Emperor's door. It was here that the figure took down its cloak, revealing it to be a masculine cyborg. He then used hiss robotic hand to open the door, and inside stood Emperor Jekad, staring out the window, his back facing the cyborg. Though Jekad could not hear the door open, he sensed his servant's presence. He spoke to the cyborg, still facing away from him.

  • Jekad:"You arrived just on time. In a few minutes, we shall head to Cognalorilos. But first, I wish to speak to you about your next job."

After receiving the details about his next mission, the cyborg nodded before Jekad spoke once more.

  • Jekad:"Good. Now that you are informed, let us board our ship and make haste to Cognalorilos. You know the Primercer dislikes tardiness."

The two teleported from the palace to the spaceport, avoiding the public eye and quickly walking towards Jekad's ship, the Black Vengance. They went through the hyperspace leaps, and in about twelve hours they reached the real space over Cognalorilos, the capital of the Cognatus Empire and the temporary residence of the Primercer.

They were halted by the planetary shields, and on their ship's transmission appeared a Cognatus captain, his face hidden by a mask.

  • Cognatus Captain:"Captain Geoes' Mecdunai of the Cognatus Empire reporting. What is your business, outsider? Answer now, or you shall be punishable by death in the name of the Gods."
  • Jekad:"My apprentice and I are here as guests of the Prinercer, your just and wise emperor. Let me pass, great captain."

The Cognatus captain disappeared for a few moments, but when a voice responded, it was not that of a normal Cognatus citizen, but that of a feminine saurian.

  • ???:"Let him enter. He shall be judged by the Primercer and I, his faithful ally."

Jekad and his cyborg apprentice, Brezóband, entered the planet, exempted from customs. They passed through the atmosphere and headed towards the Primercer's palace, awaiting their judgement.

They were taken to the Room of Judgment in the palace by some Cognatus guards, and while Brezóband knew not of the plan and tried to resist the guards, though Jekad guessed something else and remained silent, allowing the guards to bind his hands with energy chains and to for him to be handled roughly. They entered the Room of Judgement, and sitting loftily in the throne at the head of the room stood the Primercer, absent-mindedly summoning globes of energy and dispersing it, while at his right side stood his new Oikoumene ally Qulmé, her face hidden under her Oikoumene armor.

  • Primercer:"So. You have arrived. Leave us be, Cogsangui, and let me deal with them alone."

The Voice of the GodsEdit

The Cogsangui left the room, honored to be in the presence of their gods, leaving just the Primercer, Qulmé, Jekad, and Brezóband in the room. Jekad closed his eyes and raised his head slightly, showing great respect, and Brezóband followed suit, while the two Oikoumene merely closed their eyes.

  • Qulmé:"Thrukâl, Osteola. We await your news."
  • Jekad:"Thrukâl, Primercer. I have completed the assignment, teacher. I trust that you and your ally is pleased, along with your instrument."

Jekad spoke of the Primercer's instrument with great disdain, hoping for it to go unnoticed, though little escapes the auditory organs and mind of an Oikoumene.

  • Primercer:"This is good news. Indeed, I am pleased, for I never thought a being of your "liú-dramáte" race could accomplish such things. Good work. You are now dismissed. Farewell, Jekad."
  • Jekad:"Farewell, Primercer and Qulmé. I will not disappoint you."

Jekad and Brezóband left the room, leaving just the Primercer and Qulmé in the room, content with the news. As the two subordinates left the room, the Primercer sealed the room, got out of his chair, and faced Qulmé.

  • Qulmé:"Primercer, I have utmost faith in you, yet I believe not of the potency of these 'liú-dramás' as you do. The other timelines remain, but we must fight against the Traitor. Alas."
  • Primercer:"Worry not, dear Qulmé, for our plan will work. Do not think I completely and utterly rely on these acolytes. They are useful, yes, but to a point. So worry not, once again I shall have my rightful claim in this universe, and all will be right. But now, let us plan our next move."

A Light in the DarkEdit

As across the galaxy beings were speaking of the controversy that has sparked in the informal meeting between Cassynder and the Senate, Cassynder sat in his chair, thinking of what liars the Imperials were. While his agents were searching for Collo and the Congress w, he was thinking on how he should tackle this mess. Force would not work against the might of the Empire, so subterfuge and cunning was the only way. Luckily, Cassynder was born cunning. Also, he needed an ally. The current rebel movement are the enemy of their enemy and thus according to the saying their friend, yet Cassynder deems them worse than the Empire. Unknown to him, his goal was coming his way...

He was halted by the guard, but upon showing his passport, he was allowed entry. He exited the elevator at the top floor, and spoke to the messenger.

  • ???:"Tell High Chancellor Cassynder that the Emperor wishes to speak with him."

The messenger squealed and ran to Cassynder's room and knocked at the door while Cassynder was received a hologram that cancelled a trade agreement.

  • Cassynder:"Son of a frak... Come in!"

The messenger rushed into the room, knocking against the desk before hastily getting up. Cassynder was mildly surprised when he saw that the messenger's eyes were wide with fear, though he had quite a reputation amongst the messengers.

  • Messenger:"High Chancellor, it's the Emperor. He sent a magical green bird to bring you! He wants to talk to you!"

Cassynder did not take this seriously, though he told the messenger to leave and he opened the door. Outside indeed stood an Osteola, though by no means was it the Emperor, or an Imperial for that matter.

  • Cassynder:"What do you want? I do not have time for time-wasters!"
  • ???:"I am no time-waster. I am an emperor, and you need help against the Galactic Empire. The Imperial State does not suit you, I do not like them either, and the Cognatus are simply barbaric, yet I am here. My ties to both of them shall give the military backing that we may need, though they will not know of your involvement."
  • Cassynder:"I am convinced... but who are you?"
  • ???:"I am Emperor Jekad of the Ahsokr Empire."
  • Cassynder:"Well then, Jekad, I guess it is a deal. This agreement is legitimate, and thus we shall begin work in the future. Kalos Mercu."

Jekad then left, but before he did Cassynder saw him telekinetically bring a water capsule into his hand. After he left, the messenger came out of the decorations and spoke.

  • Messenger:"Magic powers... you're ally's a badass."

The PartnershipEdit

In a period of a day, both the Confederacy of Free Planets of the Ahsokr Empire were glad to hear of the alliance, and soon plans were made for the first joint strike. There were already several skirmishes, and while most of them were victorious, slowly the Imperials began to win victory after victory. Thus, Jekad and Cassynder, along with the military advisors of both countries, planned an attack on the Imperial Planet Kollis in the Outer Rim near Confederate space. The Confederacy of Free Planets sent a force of two mighty Rescure-class Light Destroyers and three magnificent Munificus-class Star Frigates, a fleet even Jekad admired. The Ahsokr Empire offered two exceptional Akrius-class Destroyers, along with two squadrons of Mora-class Destroyers, along with a revised Osteola ships. Half of these forces were stationed at the borders of the Cyrannian Imperial State in several skirmishes against the Empire, but after recent revelations involving Tyermaillin, they were recalled to Confederate space.

  • Cassynder:"An impressive fleet, Jekad. You were wise to recall your forces from the Imperial State, though may I say it was not wise to ally them in the beginning."
  • Jekad:"Yes. Foolish of me. However, until they are eradicated or victorious, I will not discard them. But now, let us focus. The Empire will not suspect this attack, for the recent battles probably lured them into a false sense of security. So, while they will not suspect anything, we should expect a small defense force. Possibly just a Star Destroyer, though if we are lucky, just a couple of frigates. But now, let us attack! Send your admirals, and I shall send myself. However, I expect you to keep the hologram."

He suddenly entered hyperspace, and minutes later, the metal-rich planet of Kollis appeared before them. Suddenly, a Libertus naval officer ran to Jekad, and he shouted.

  • Naval Officer:"Emperor, Allegiance Star Destroyer on the west! And Victory Star Destroyer on the east! Squadron of Harrower Frigates ahead."
  • Jekad:"Very well. Raise the shields and fire!"

Jekad left most of the command into the hands of his admiral, and began to move his ship, the Black Vengeance, through the battle. He fired a volley at a Harrower-class Frigate, damaging the shields and deflected or dodged most of the returning shots. The frigate was then destroyed by the superior firepower of other enemies, and then Jekad proceeded to the planet. He fired volleys at nearby starships, destroying most of them, ripped the atmospheric defense to shreds, and headed towards the capital city, Kollī. He fired a few minor shots, burning a few worthless buildings before landing in the capital building, crushing a few pillars.

He exited the Black Vengeance, and he shouted to the crowd.

  • Jekad:"Can't you see? The Empire does not care for you, lest they might have a force that could defeat us. However, under the rule of the Confederacy, you will be guarded by a far more powerful force, one that can truly defend you from attackers. The Empire is biased. They place Libertus above all others, even when they are not a majority, but under Confederate rule, there shall be equality amongst all, unless they deserve otherwise. And your miners, do you see what their homes are? Tiny huts in the caves while the Empire makes profit off their work. None of this would happen if the Confederacy of Free Planets ruled."

Jekad nudged the minds of all beings on the planet, and slowly they agreed, and the Governor of Kollis, Marth Seyernus, spoke.

  • Marth Seyernus:"Very well. We shall be under Confederate control. I shall signal the surrender of the fleet."

An hour later, the fleet surrendered and all that did not were annihilated, and plans to improve the welfare of the people were set in action immediately.

Jekad, his job over, sent him and his fleet entered hyperspace, and once he reached Onderthon's Palace, he made contact with Cassynder.

  • Jekad:"It is done. Let us celebrate with wine and women!"

Cassynder gave a small smile and they both got Capricaerónn wine and drank deeply, before Cassynder spoke.

  • Cassynder:"Excuse me, but treating females like that is quite... barbaric. But we cannot be distracted by one victory. We must continue. We must find Collo."
  • Jekad:"And we will."

The ReactionEdit

Jekad felt it the second it happened. He was watching the battle from his galactic map, though on the other side of the galaxy, in the Unknown Regions, another battle was just finishing. The wave of energy that jekad felt could only mean one thing. There was a smaller one before, though they were both noteworthy. They were both so strong, it could only mean one thing: an Oikoumene died. Jekad dearly hoped it was one of the Traitor's, or even the Traitor himself. But, when he saw the outcome of the battle, he zoomed in on the Basilica of Cognalorilos, and saw it a smoking ruin, and it seemed like they exploded a star inside it.

  • Jekad:"Only one survived..."

When he saw that the Empire was victorious, he groaned and zoomed out for a view on the entire galaxy. He felt shockwaves in his brain, signaling death. There seemed to be a faint trace of consciousness, existence... but no corporeality. Then, after searching in his mind for a little longer, he knew Qulmé was gone. He was never fond of her, though her death was a shock. He presumed wondered if she got the chance to change sides, and she was a fool to not if it happened. Then he quickly focused on the other.

  • Jekad:"The Primercer, he is... gone. A shame. There was so much... he did not teach me. I could join the Empire now, though I am sure they would kill me. However, if I manage to meet Lord Maethoruin, I heard he does not do battle unless the enemy cannot be useful, he might spare me. In that case, the Confederacy and the Empire cannot know of my part in it, for then I will be punished."

Jekad zoomed in on Vasuband, and after a few short, crucial moments the State was defeated, and the Empire was victorious once again. Jekad groaned, and left, for he still had business to settle...

The Lord's ComingEdit

Maethoruin had thought over the message numerous times. There were coordinates in the message, and he was flying there right now. He had heard of this 'Jekad' a couple of times, a false emperor, and apparently a former member of the Phaedric Order. He abandoned them in favor of the Primercer, and now he sought mercy. he could be useful, but his superiors would have to approve. He quickly entered the atmosphere, and he saw the place he was supposed to land. He flew over the mountains and landed, and saw another ship already there. Next to it stood an Osteola.

  • Jekad:"Lord Maethoruin. I wish to plea for mercy. I have no weapons on me, and I expect you have the honor to do the same."
  • Maethoruin:"Honor is an excuse for foolish behavior. It would be a shame to see you die, but that choice is for my superiors to answer. Pray to whatever gods you believe in that they say you can live, for I have killed the the Blade, and I can kill you too."
  • Jekad:"I pray to no gods. They are only Oikoumene. Now go, Lord Maethoruin."

Maethoruin entered his starship and saw Jekad speed away, and he flew towards Orbispira. The meeting was short, but to the point. The Emperor was busy doing something, so he would have to ask his lieutenant, Apeligateza.

The Command of ApeligatezaEdit

Maethoruin was brave, but he felt fear inside when he heard the coldness of Apeligateza's voice.

  • Apeligateza:"This Jekad... You only spoke to him. You do not wish to join the fool?"
  • Maethoruin:"No, my lord. I would never join a traitor."
  • Apeligateza:"Good. As for his judgement... I will think."

Meathoruin bowed and left the room, and then Apeligateza spoke in a cold, calculating voice.

  • Apeligateza:"Kill him, and tell him that I sent you."

The PainEdit

Cassynder smiled as he watched via hologram as another Imperial fleet was destroyed, and the Confederate fleet mopped up the rest of them. The histories would remember him and this Jekad as the liberators of scores of planets and species, freeing them from Imperial oppression. Cassynder could already hear them cheer as they were freed from the shackles of that tyrant. He watched as Jekad landed when he spoke to him.

  • Jekad:"The planet's taken, and someone is coming to you. An enemy. Turn off the hologram."

Cassynder was, shocked, and he made to turn it off, but then the door opened. His guards must have heard what Jekad said, for their guns were ready and when the door opened they fired, and then Cassynder turned around. He saw a thing standing, like a statue, with a black robe on it. It had fearsome armor, and spikes were protruding from it, and an ancient helmet. However, what shocked Cassynder was the guns did nothing to it.

  • Cassynder:"Who are you?"

His guards moved around him to protect him, but the thing moved his hand, and they fell to the floor and rolled away. Jekad, however, knew exactly who this was. The thing spoke, and it sounded fearsome and old.

  • ???:"I am your friend."
  • Cassynder:"I do not know you. Who are you? An Imperial? Jekad?"
  • ???:"I am not that weak waste of matter and energy. I bring important information about your ally. Something very important. You can trust me."

Cassynder was Jekad's ally, yes, but he knew little to nothing about him, or his past. And this thing was dangerous, and he noticed the weapon hanging by its waist.

  • Cassynder:"Very well... tell me."

He also noticed Jekad quickly shaking his head as he said it.

  • ???:"This Jekad... he was Jek-4101, a member of the Empire. He rebelled and escaped. A traitor to the Empire. And an enemy of yours. He has Vice Chancellor Collo in his custody, and it was he that stabbed him. He has caused this war for his own benefit, and is yet to kill him. However, I know where he is. Join me, and we shall free him."

Cassynder looked at the hologram, but as he turned away it turned off, but not before he saw his Confederate fleet ripped to shreds by Jekad's. The traitor!

  • Cassynder:"Show me were he is."

The thing pulled up a galactic map, and zoomed in on a planet in the Outer Rim, near Vasuband, the planet Onderthon.

  • ???:"That is where he is. You must mount a full attack on the planet, for it is too well defended for a small force to take."
  • Cassynder:"I must think of this. Go, and I shall summon you when I make my decision."

The thing made to leave, but Cassynder spoke again.

  • Cassynder:"Wait. You sound foreign. Where were you born?"

The thing stopped, then spoke in a slow, cautious voice.

  • ???:"Nandóband."

To OnderthonEdit

Jekad never felt emotion. The Primercer had taught how to control him, and it had been valuable in many meetings. And he was born a clone, so it came naturally. But what has happened already had changed that. Leaving for the Unknown Regions... Onderthon... now this. He knew what that thing was. Who that thing was, but no matter. He said the words.

  • Jekad:"Destroy."

Brezóband understood, and while the Confederates thought that meant destroy the planet, Jekad's forces knew what do to. He smiled as he heard the screams of shock and pain as the Confederate fleet was destroyed, taken off-guard. He sent the Black Vengeance to chase a few runaway ships, and destroyed them.

  • Jekad:"All ships to Onderthon. Send the message to the Confederates. Now."

Murmurs of assessment passed throughout the fleet, and they jumped through hyperspace to Onderthon. Jekad was smarter than some fools, and he never attacked with his full strength. He watched as his defense fleet let him pass, and as he entered Onderthon's atmosphere he gave them the command.

  • Jekad:"When the Confederates come, fire at will."

Jekad heard the surprise in the captain's voice when he spoke.

  • Captain:"Aye."

Jekad and Brezóband slipped past the skylines of Onderthon and docked by the palace, and then they went down to Jekad's lair, and even though they were deep underneath the surface of the planet, they could see the fleet above. Then, the transmission came.

  • Confederate Captain:"We were commanded to travel here, and we shall. We are on our way, High Chancellor."

Good. They still believed he was Cassynder. He watched as the fleet entered Onderthon space, and was upset when he saw that it was only three fighters. Damnit. Either way, they were destroyed, but Jekad heard the transmission sent to Cassynder. This was bad, bad. Now the majority of the Confederacy was alert of his, ah, activities.

  • Jekad:"Tell them we have a hostage."

He had his captains send the hologram, and as expected, it was denied. Nevertheless, he would know sooner or later. Then, he had a hologram from an Imperial. Reluctantly, he accepted.

The EndEdit

Renegade clone. This message is meant to inform you of your utter destruction. You have acted against the Empire and shall be punished. Rebellion is not tolerated. Your skies shall darken when your home falls, your people's homes destroyed, your military crushed. Empire eternal.

Jekad had expected this, but he had expected some shred of mercy. He had learned the truth of the Emperor. He could tell anyone he wished, and then the Empire would rise in rebellion. They had to know that. He had to tell them this. The hologram was from a droid, showing a single, plainly dressed Libertus speaking. Then, Brezóband ignited his energy blade, and spoke in a cold, emotionless voice.

"You are doomed, Jekad-"

"Master. And we are not doomed. Go alert the fleet, we are under-"

Brezóband attacked.

Jekad sensed it in a way. he just hoped he was wrong. Men of power could see the future, though they could still read it wrong. Unfortunately, he was right. He had not even finished talking when he jumped away, twirling in the air and grabbing his energy blade. However, his apprentice stopped his jump in time and flipped around, landing right in front of Jekad. He was stronger than he should have been.

"The Imperials got to you."

Jekad charged, and struck a few blows before jumping away as Brezóband countered. He was now on top of the information panel, and quickly forced his apprentice's blade out of his hand. Then, to his shock, it did not move.

"No. Victory got to me. Do you think I shall truly join that Imperial scum? They shall bring me into their order, and I shall learn their secrets. I shall grow powerful, and then I shall strike the Emperor down, as I shall do to you!"

Brezóband threw his energy blade, and before Jekad could toss it away the traitor sent a bolt of lighting at him. He crumpled to the floor, sliding past the information panel where he stayed there, unmoving. His respirator was broken, and his breath was rattling. His left arm was almost torn off, but it managed to stay, and his flesh and muscle was hanging from his bones. His torso was steaming, and parts of the flesh was charred. His legs were a mush of broken bones and torn flesh, with some ripped muscles and bodily liquids pouring out and his right foot a blackened crisp. Where his respirator was, broken and burned flesh now was present. His neck was twisted in an odd angle, and it was bleeding. His face was cut by the energy blade, and a large part of his face was taken off. Even one of his eyes was gone a bit. His teeth were knocked out for the most part, and his tongue was bleeding in a dozen places. Jekad was choking on his own blood.

The rogue acolyte. Killed by the being considered his acolyte. Funny, that the one to betray his master could not fathom the same happening to him, mused Brezóband, and he summoned his energy blade, then levitated it over Jekad. He was already dead, but to be safe.

The blade fell, cutting through Jekad's dead body, and Brezóband turned it off and brought it back to him as he went to the Emperor's Palace. Now, it was his palace. Then, the guards confronted him. "You went down with the Emperor. Where is he?" Then, Brezóband produced a document, showing the Empire was given to him. He gave it to them and watched the shock on their faces when they saw it, then felt a spark of annoyance when the guards' faces turned to anger.

"This is false. Trickery. You hurt our Emperor. Stand down and you will not be harmed!" One took out his firearm and shot, while the other called for help, also getting his weapon ready. The next thing the attacker knew, Brezóband was behind him, and when he turned his head slowly fell off.

"Fool." Brezóband telekinetically grabbed the other one, and crushed its neck. He ignored the little noise the being made as it died. He walked past him towards the entrance, when a hand grabbed his neck. Brezóband used his powers to move it off, but it continued to dig into his metal components. He felt a spark, then a bolt of lightning brought him to the ground. Then, his head exploded as he heard the rattling breath of a being now dead.

"I. Am. Alive."

Brezóband crumpled to the ground, sparks flying out of the holes in his crushed mechanical parts. His chest was broken, and he made a few strange noises before going silent. The body of the being who should be dead looked down with a toothless smile, while the scientist behind him, a close friend, said, "Jekad, we should really be going now. I am not sure how long you can survive without treatment."

"Then. Heal. Me."

"Ah, yes, Your Majesty." Rotund Virginiator, the scientist, was amazed that his friend was even alive. He would not say what happened, but whatever did should have destroyed any normal Osteola. Then again, his friend was not normal. He would have led him by the shoulder, but his right shoulder was crushed, and his left shoulder flesh and muscle drooped from his bones. And the blood. It was disgusting. He remembered coming across the body, hearing a blast and walking through the open door, only to see half of the room blasted apart and his emperor lying almost dead on the floor. He had managed to wake his friend, but when the being woke up he saw that it was almost in two pieces, with the cut on the waist. But what worried Rotund the most was that Jekad might be gone, replaced by this walking dead being.

He led his friend down the hallway, beckoning to him. At the end of the corridor stood the elevator in the middle, the gallery on the left, and the lab on the right. They went through the lab, and Rotund activated the medical capsule, smiling as the power ignited.

The corpse breathed a rattled breath, then collapsed.

Rotund rushed towards him, and cringed as he dragged the bony arm across the floor to the capsule. He heaved the Osteola onto his back, and felt sparks of electricity come from the back of the corpse's head. He threw the corpse onto the capsule's table, and as he arranged the medical droids the corpse's eyes opened, and spoke before dying again.

"I. Live."


Three hours later

The battle was raging above Onderthon. The Confederates had attacked in full force, and to the shock of the citizens the Galactic Empire was with them. The fleet had been ready, their shields up, and managed to knock a few ships out of space when they first reached the planet, and those were only the first of many ships to fall towards the surface of Onderthon. The commanders of the defense put most of their firepower on the colossal Imperator-class Star Destroyer Basilisk, commanded by Captain Cuinn, and also the Providence-class Dreadnought Viscount, commanded by High Admiral Mornheleth.

The Confederate and Imperial fleets worked in perfect unison, seemingly forgetting their differences and the fact that they were officially at war. The renovated Assault Frigates and Unisoan -class Destroyers of the Ahsokr Empire held strong against the enemy, yet the sight of the massive Star Destroyer sent fear into their ranks.

Whitestone, the High Admiral of the Ahsokr Fleet, held his position in the center of the fleet, firing at nearby ships from his flagship, the Dragon. Holding together the remains of the fleet, Dragon fired its heavy weapons at all enemy ships within range. From the bridge of the ship, Whitestone spotted another Star Destroyer baring down on the edges of the fleet. He furrowed his brow, and ordered the Dragon to go alongside it and open fire. His inferior opposed the notion, and Whitestone shot the Libertus. The Dragon glided through space with its escort towards the Star Destroyer, which was the only enemy ship for quite a distance. Just before he could give the order to fire, Whitestone's eyes widened as he saw three other Star Destroyers surrounded the other vessel. Blue energy erupted into space as turbolaser and hyperlaser lances arched from the Imperial vessels and impacted against the Dragon and its escort. Whitestone fell to the ground, and struggled to rise again as he heard his officers shouting and one scream. Another blast rocked the bridge, and their weapon systems were disabled. The engines of the Dragon roared to as the frigate shot across space to its target. The Star Destroyer moved away, but the Dragon slammed into the shields of the Star Destroyer. The massive Star Destroyer heaved, yet the Dragon exploded, all on board dead.

Jekad watched from the Black Vengeance, and frowned. His best commander, dead. Clearly unworthy. Behind him, he could hear Caralor's whimpering. He turned around, made sure none were watching, then crushed the Libertus' neck. The corpse fell to the ground, dead. Jekad moved his hand, and felt the strain on his body as he hid the body under the communication panel. He would have never felt that strain, were it not for Brezóband's betrayal. Traitor. He activated the comm, and said the words that he dreaded.

  • Jekad:"Initiate omega sequence."

He watched as the fleet of the Ahsokr Empire fell to the combined forces, and the planet of Onderthon fell to those enemies, his people killed, Collo rescued, his cause forever gone... for now. He brought his closest friends with him. Rotund and Kana Nasvere. His lover was hidden in the crew quarters, while Rotund was charting the course for the Unknown Regions. It only the three of them, and the crew of the Black Vengeance. As the battle receded, he felt a big thud. He fell to the ground, and screamed a rattling scream as his burnt face hit the floor. The flesh the energy blade had cut off was screaming, even with the pain pills Rotund had given him and his armor. His armor...

Rotund was a godsend. Jekad was beyond lucky that the scientist had found him, and he still marveled at the fact that he managed to kill his traitorous apprentice while being, well, dead, even if he remembered none of it. Despite the pain, he still felt more fearsome when Rotund was down with him. He decided that Jekad needed a life support suit, and, with the help of his medical droids, turned it into a fearsome suit of black armor. He had to have his damaged eye removed, and it was replaced with a prosthetic one. The flesh that was cut off was replaced, and it was there that the heart of his medical systems were. He had to wear a large black helmet to cover his burned flesh, yet it looked more like a battle-helm. His new respirator was absorbed into the armor, and a large part of his neck was machine. His left arm had to be replaced, while his right arm and chest somehow survived the attack, yet they were to be covered by his armor. His waist was put back together, with a long metallic band connecting it. His legs were all machine and no flesh, yet they felt stronger, more powerful. Were it not for the pain pills imbedded in his armor, he would be screaming all day and all night. Even now he felt aching as he rose to his feet.

He heard shouting, gunfire, then silence. Jekad's energy blade had survived, and he ignited it, readying himself. Kana. He ran to the crew quarters, and he saw the ship set to autopilot as he ran. Then, the ship went dark. Jekad felt his way down the hallway, then heard footsteps. He did not know who it was. He closed his eyes, and saw it was Kana. He smiled, until he saw what was behind her.

  • Kana:"Jekad! You're there! Something's happened, a ship is piggybacking us, but I'm glad I'm with you-"

She screamed. The energy blade went through her heart, stayed there until her screams became weak, then it was gone. She whimpered, then fell. Kana Nasvere was dead.

However, Jekad was looking at the thing behind her. It was a statue in fearsome black armor, with spikes protruding from it and it wore a fearsome helmet.

  • ???:"The last we met, you begged for mercy. It is denied."
  • Jekad:"Maethoruin."
  • Maethoruin:"I see you have your own set of armor. Do you imitate-"
  • ???:"Stop right there!"

Rotund charged, firing his pistol, and then he was dead. Jekad charged, energy blade in hand. Maethoruin ignited his own and parried the blow, then made a counterattack. Every blow he struck Jekad blocked, yet he was giving more ground than he desired, and soon enough he was in the comm room, and he saw Onderthon's sun coming towards them. No, no. Then, he jumped. He landed behind Maethoruin, and before the Phaedra could turn around he struck. Maethoruin grunted as the blade cut his back, and then Jekad kicked him. The Phaedric Lord fell, and Jekad charged. Then, the lightning came.

The room seemed to explode, and Jekad screamed as the bolts of energy broke his armor. He felt his systems failing, one eye go blind, his neck twist, and his body going back into that mush. Yet he stayed standing, and charged. Maethrouin rose, then he made a louder grunt as Jekad punched him in the face, right in the scar where the Blade of the Primercer had struck him. The lightning disappeared, and Jekad still stood.

Then he choked.

There was no hand on his neck, nothing. But he still felt a tight grip on his neck, crushing his mechanical parts and clawing at his flesh. His respirator exploded, and he screamed, only to cough on the lack of air. Then, he felt a scaly, saurian hand grab his neck. Then, they were not in the smoking comm room, but at the ramp, and it opened. But instead of the vacuum of space beneath them, all Jekad saw beneath him was Onderthon's sun, its flares rising to embrace him.

  • ???:"Maethoruin. You failed to kill the rebel on your own, and without my help, I feared you might have been defeated. but no matter, the rebel is now defeated. Shall we go?"

Jekad heard no answer. But then the hand was gone, and he was flying through space, towards the star.

He was dead in seconds.

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