What is the thing that you fear most? The darkness, the danger, the unknown... Well, we are all this things and more, we are the shadow under your bed, the voice in your head, the strange man that you saw in the street... We are the eyes and fists of the Hegemony, we are the Shadow Force.

- Commandant Aliankanv

The Shadow Force, sometimes known as Gigaquadrant Hegemony's Hidden Operation, is an gigaquadrantic size intelligence agency composed by skilled essence users that is under the rule of the Gigaquadrantic Hegemony. The Shadow Force is known as its secretive and mysterious behavior, and, apparently, has influence everywhere in the known universe.


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New Leader: AliankanvEdit



The Shadow Force, despite its secrecy and occultism, has a hierarchical organization very well armed, but often the legs of this organization have no idea the kind of social pyramid in which they are trapped.

The Shadow Force's organization is build over "circles" of agents that control anything in the area that they work, being a sector, an arm or a galaxy. Althought most of the cirle are unknown for the agents out of it.

Mysterius Circle
The Mysterius Circle is the highest and most secretive sphere of power in the Shadow Force, being a council of the most powerful and smartest agents among all ranks of the Hegemony's hidden operations. This Circle is composed by two groups, the first is the Brigade of the King, that is a team of the five most improved genetically, technologically and using essence polymorphs of the Shadow Force, these are the Dark Shadow and his four second-in-command. The other group is known as The Five and nothing is known about them.

The Mysterius Circle is unknown for almost all the peapole in the Gigaqudrant, except for themselves and the Emperor, even the other members of the Shadow Force don't known anything about them. This Circle agenda is absolutly unknown, but someones say that are always making conspiracies or looking for the secrets of everyone in the universe, anyway they are real and are always observing everyone, nobody is safe of the power of the Mysterius Circle.

Inner Circle
The Inner Circle, often known as the High Circle, is the second most important Circle in the Shadow Force. The Inner Circle work as a council where the leaders of the agents of each galaxy take important decisions, these leaders are one for each agent type and galaxy, so there are four leaders of the Agents Level I, of the Level II and of the Level IV, because the Unseens are led by an only leader. Anyway the last word always is owned by the Dark Shadow and the Brigade of the King.

The Inner Circle is only a myth hide under a conspiracy theory for most of the Gigaquadrant, and this theory is possible that was started by the Shadow Force itself, creating more fear around its agents. The Inner Circle agenda is generaly known only by the highest spheres of the power in the Hegemony, as the Emperor and his second-in-command.

Provincial Circle
The Provincial Circle, often known as "Galactic Circle" is the Shadow Force's administrative division which objetive is control and organize the agent's activity in a determinated galaxy. The Provincial Circle work as a council of small group of the main leaders of the agents who act in the galaxy that is under the command of the Circle. So there is an Agent Level I, Level II and Level IV from each arm of the galaxy.

The Provincial Circle is known for a few high-ranking leaders of each galaxy. This high-ranking officials haven't, thought, complete knowldege about the others Provincial Circles, so the information in each galaxy is just known in such galaxy and in the higher circles.

Arm Circle
The Arm Circle is the administrative division of the Shadow Force aimed at keeping under control and organized the agents' activity in the territory of just a galactic arm. The Arm Cicrlce, as the others circles, work as a council of few people composed by the leaders of the agents who work in such arm. That means there are an Agent Level I, Level II and Level IV from each sector of the arm.

The Arm Circles are well known for most of the Hegemony's policians in the galaxy, being an important advisor of information for most of the military activities. Anyway, most of the low-ranking leaders of the Hegemony haven't much knowldege about this Cirlce.

Sectorial Circle
The Sectorial Circle is the second less important Circle in the Shadow Force. The Sectorial Circle work as a council where the leaders of the agents of each star system take decitions about their sector. The leaders who compose this circle are, as the circles above, an Agent Level I, Level II and Level IV from each star system of the sector.

The Sectorial Circles are well know for almost all the Hegemony policians whose ranks gives them control over more than a galactic arm. But the common of the people don't have any knowledge about their existence.

Star Circle
The Star Circle is the lowest rank Circle in the Shadow Force, aimed to control the agent's operations in a single star system. Unlike others, the Star Circle does not work as a council but as an autocracy governed by a single leader, usually a representative of the sectoral circle. This unique leader is who gives orders to agents and manipulates the information which is then delivered to the upper circles.

The Star Circle is the only administrative divition of the Shadow Force that is known by the common people. Anyway, the knowdlege about this circle is full of myths, secrets and conspiracy theories, fears that protects the secret of the Shadow Force and make it stronger. "More information coming soon"


The agents of the Shadow Force are scattered throughout the universe and counted in billions. There are basically agents almost all (if not all) the races belonging to the Hegemony, being infiltrated almost every Gigaquadrant organizations, even in the GRZU.

All agents have some weapons, especially tactical weapons, and armors able to blend in and block almost any projectile, beam or other kind of weapon. All the agents have been trained in the essence control, especially telekinesis and telepathy, this makes them virtually invincible when facing masters in the use of the substance, unless of course they are faced with a very powerful one.

  • Level I: Pawns - Lower agents without any type of cybernetic or biological improve, they usually are leaders bribed or intimidated by the Shadow Force who decided to enlist as official agents.
  • Level II: Superagents - The second lower agents are the ones who were improved biologically to the top of their species potential, make them more powerful and clever than the others memebers of their races.
  • Level III: Unseens - The Unseens, like the name suggest, are agents that their skin was nanotechnologically changed, making it able to camouflage the agent and make him/her invisible and able to shapeshifting.
  • Level IV: Polymorphs - The highest agents are the Polymorphs, a group of selected agents that were enhanced to the point that the re able to change shape. That is the best way to make an infiltration specialist agent.

The Pawns are the lowest rank in the Shadow Force, being agents that recently start their work as members of the Shadow Force or criminals that accepted an armistice with the Hegemony and became them into agents. They are tasked to do less important works and they are mostly used as cannon fodder by the manipulative leaders of the Shadow Force.

They have almost none of improvements in their bodiesexcept for that they were made before joining the Shaodw Force, after their join engange their bodies by themselves are foribid, because the improvements are a demonstration of power and influence between the Shadow Forces men.

The Superagents are the second lowest rank in the Shadow Force, this is composed by experienced agents from any species, althought the most common are from the most important races in the galaxy where they work (Draconis in Dranvamus, Libertus in Cyrannus, etc). They are elite troops and leaders of small organizations of agents.

Their bodies were imporved several times with biotechnology and mechanical implants. Some of them, anyway, prefer deep in the world of the mystics and become overpowerful descended beings with extreme powers in the essence.

The Unseens are the second highest and the most strange of the Shadow Force's ranks, the members of this are a species of technologically modified creatures known as the Unseens, whose origin is absolutly unkown. They are the most dangerous elite troops and murders, but they haven't perssonel thoughts.

The Unseens don't need body's improvements due that their bodies were created with all the extraordinary powers that they need. They are able to shapeshifting, become invisible and read the enemies thoughts. They are known for they huge powers in the essence too and they particular hunt's behavior, which includes taking the form of greater fear of the prey.

The Polymorphs are the highest rank and the most powerful class of Shadow Force's agents. They are members of important or extinct species whose bodies was replaced with nanobots, that allow them shapeshifting and become invisible, they brains was enchanged with micro-computers and they are trained to be masters in the essence use.

The Polymorphs are in the top of the body imporvements, mainly because their bodies are made from this improvements. They work as elite troops, spies, murders and leaders.


The Shadow Force's technology is specializated on the militar and transportation, that is logic thinking that the Shadow Force is more an independent army force of the Hegemony than an empire. The Shadow Force has ones of the most advanced femtotech in the universe, being able to make high energy weapons and huge energy reactors in millimeters.

Another of the most advanced technology in the Shadow Force is the communication and spying technology, being ables to hear any converstion and know what is happening in everywhere in the Hegemony's territory. Their camouflaje technology is so advanced that they could be undetectable from any electromagnetic spectrum.

Agent-class Hand Gun
The Agent-class Hand Gun, sometimes known as Pawn Gun, is the most common weapon in the Shadow Force. A simple small plasma thrower that shoots a small ionizated gas sphere which is surrounding a small magnetic generator which maintains the bullet-shaped projectile, that makes the weapon only for short or moderated range, because when the magnetic generator stops working the plasma could lose energy or expand in a cloud of ionizated gas.

Agent-class Rifle
The standar high range weapon of the Shadow Force is the Agent-class Rifle, a weapon made to attack to moderated to long distance. The rifle shoot a super heated plasma that rotates at a very high speed due to a spiral magnetic impulse used by the weapon to shot the proyectile. As most of the Agent-class weapons, the rifle is made from nanotech and can be stored on the wrist as a metal band.

Agent-class Knife
The standar knife of the agents are made of an special and almost indestructible once solidified, while being very malleable at high temperatures. The material used is a good conductor of electricity and capable of vibrating at very high frequency, which makes these knives very useful at the time to increase its kinetic energy. As most of the Agent-class weapons, the knives is made from nanotech and can be stored on the wrist as a metal band.

Agent-class Armour
Superagent-class Armour
Master-class Armour

The Scopes of the Shadow Force are a name given to any type of system used to engange the vision of the user to allow him to see small objects miles away or see throught opaque objects. Most of the Shadow Force's scopes are implants installed over the eyes of the agents or even directly in his eyes, although it is common use in weapons too, transforming any rifle in a sniper rifle.

Subspace Detector
The Subspace Detector, often known as "Hyperspatial Radar", is a system used by the Shadow Force to know with uncanny accuracy where an object is located in the whole Gigaquadrant. The system is mostly classified, but is known that it generate a sort of waves throught the hyperspace (or sub-space) that allow to know where is a point in the hyperspace. Then the information is analized by a powerful AI which, knowing the kind of effect generated by the body in the hyperspace, is able to predict the exact location of that point, allowing the Shadow Force know the location of any object, ship or person, at any point within the range of the device.

The teleport is the normal transport system between the Shadow Force agents, mainly because the starships can draw a lot of attention. The teleport chamber, although they are widely used, are obsolete because of their inability to move, therefore the most important secret agents have developed a system that allows the user to teleport within a given area without having to be located at some particular point. This technology is classified but is known to be based on the use of extra dimensions.

Spy-class ship
The spy-class ship is a special type of Hegemony's starship designed specifically for the use of agents. The Spy-class is an small ship of few metres of long able to descend on almost any surface and has the most advanced system of shields and camouflage. This ship is a miracle of efficiency and technology, being able to perform most of the activities of large ships a relatively small vehicle. This efficiency is primarily due to the advanced technology used by the Shadow Force.

Power Amplifier
Althought most of the Shadow Force's Agents are excellent essence users, there were always better masters or essences that were not so easy to domain. This is the why for the creation of the Power Amplifier, a technological device that can generate a suddenly rush of elemental energy on the user's body. This artifact is used by any agent, allow them to defeat even the most powerful essence users.

Telepahty Blocker
The Telepathy Blocker was developed as a natural evolution of the Shadow Force's agents needs. Due the expansion of the essence based powers of the agency's members, the Shadow Force's masters of the essence needed to create a device that were able to block the mental attacks and avoid psyquic strikes from their enemies. This was the origin of such device, a machine able to generate a wall that incapacitate targets' psychic abilities.

Master-class Plasmablade
Althought the plasmablades are pretty common as a weapon, the Master-class, often known as the "Bijali" is a variation of the classic metalic stick surrounded by hot plasma. The Bijali is known for being able to cut thourght almost anything and absorb the radiation around it. It is unknown the mechanic of this device, but is very possible that the technology was fused with the magic of the essence to create this terrible weapon.



Green faceYour secrets are safe with us.

Allied OrganizationsEdit

Blue faceWe work togheder.


Yellow faceBe careful with the Shadows.


Orange faceYou can not defend from what you can not see.


Red faceWe are everywhere, you can not hide, you can not save you.


Useful. Efficient.

- Emperor Aedanius I

We respect their purpose, but rest assured they have no need for a presence in our galaxies. Not that such a thing should stop them.

- Simhaslaeo Province

Their methods are effective and they have proven useful, rooting out the enemies of the Hegemony with ruthless dedication. Their leader however must keep in mind who he is subordinate to!

- Patriarch Uriel

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