The Board of the Great Eight is an intergalactic council made up of the eight most powerful civilizations in the universe of SporeWiki (known as Great Eight or the G8). The Great Eight nations are widely recognized as the most politically influential and/or wealthy of all Empires in the known multiverse. Pioneers of research and technology, they possess the highest quality of life indexes and the most educated populations, as well as a stranglehold of intergalactic influence on everyday matters. The G8 were also the first members of the Universal Alliance of Nations before its dissolution; after the Annihilation, the Board became the leading council of the Seven Starr Alliance and the most powerful collective body in the new universe.



After the Board was established, the original Great Eight Nations consisted of the Core Federation, Delpha Coalition of Planets, United Veatrex Federation, United Republic of Cyrannus, Rambo Nation, Vartekian Empire, Krassio Host, and Masaari Crusade. The eight never succeeded in holding a summit planned at the world of Concentron, which was to be hosted by the CorFed, as the outburst of the DCP's Civil War and later the Great War of Cyrannus and Second Coming constantly forced plans to be postponed.


In the Annihilation, many of the First Gigaquadrant's original empires were destroyed, and four of the Great Eight fell. When the Seven Starr Alliance was reborn, the G8 was instituted as its highest military and economic council. As the original Seven Starr Alliance splintered and ceased, the original Great Eight vanished as well as new organisations rose.

Terms of the AllianceEdit

The Following Terms and Treaty are signed by the members of the G8 Board.

"The Alliance is a recognized and binding alliance of mutual protection, financial aid, mutual support, and technological trading between the Great Eight Empires."
The alliance is not compulsory, and empires within the G8 board that do not have diplomatic ties with one another may not participate in the sharing of these Laws."
"However, it is mostly encouraged and actually beneficial to the Empires:this way they shall assure that they will remain more advanced than any other Empire without having a need to trade, absorbing its benefits and leaving its problems behind."
"The present members of the Board of the Greatest Eight shall be able to conduct free trade, diplomatic visits and cultural exhanges without interference, and will abide by the promise that the safety of other Empires, whose trust is invaluable, will never be violated."
"Liberty By Law, Law by Liberty"

Status and PositionEdit

The G8 Empires are modeled after the real-life Group of Eight and somewhat resemble the real-life G8 nations, though they are vastly more powerful and extensive, with its members sometimes incorporating large swaths of many galaxies (and in one case, an entire multiverse). The G8 nations, having only recently been created, act as a sole unit when in together, uniting forces to isolate, destroy or otherwise deal with threats to the intergalactic community and help universal civilization more effectively. They led the Universal Alliance of Nations during its period of life, as the first members of the organization, and have since presided over the SSA.

Even when not acting in the name of the Board, all of the members have large influence in politics and trading matters among their less powerful peers, and all are formidable cultures with trained militaries and covering great expanses of territories.


The G8 Nations hold meetings every year, called summits, which take place in the Empire who's turn it is to host, rotating every summit. The order of hosting is the following: Empire of the Core, Rambo Nation, United Republic of Cyrannus, Delpha Coalition of Planets, Jovar Socialist Republic, Shka'Tun Imperium, Krassio Host, Vartekian Empire. Once on the chosen Empire's hosting planet, the leaders of the G8 decide what the Board's agenda shall be for the year, until the next summit, and choose a Board Director for the next year-long period to moderate new additions to the agenda. The G8 Nations can also bring attention to any problem they see or themselves have, simply by posting transmissions it on the Board's [talk] page. Emergency summits, simple conferences to address urgent matters, can be called by any of the members if the need arises.

Member InformationEdit

Holy Empire of IllumEdit

Illyan Flag-1

The Holy Empire of the Core, a nation most commonly known as Illum, is the greatest realm of the Raven Races within reality. It is also one of the largest empires in existence, a combination both of the absolute authority and perpetual theocracy that come with the Ravenrii. Most of the Empire, however, is in fact managed by the Ravendetari, while the more godly of the Races spend their eternities persecuting their interests somewhere at the heart of Illum.

The Empire is the successor to the defunct Core Federation, boasting of many improvements as the Ravenrii's power ofr reality has increased. It is much more powerful-and ruthless-than its parent, for one thing, dominating the entire multiverse of Artrus after a sole thousand years of bringing its denizens to heel and reshaping its stars. It has tens of millions of systems under its control, clothed with the treasures that the Atra have collected over the eons, and isolated from the First Gigaquadrant as can be. It is also, coincidentally, the only nation with a seat on the Board with its domains outside of the First Universal Square.

In accordance with its rulers' new tastes, the Empire has remained shrouded in mystery. Its territories remain unexplored by anyone other than the Raven Races themselves, its policy and politics remain unknown, and little if anything is known about the lives of its people. Its current leader is known to the public, however; the newly-crowned Illia the Pure is said to lead the people at her brother, the Host of KKia'Sihm's side. However, the Queen is kept veiled, much too important to deal with the Boar's matters herself. A Ravendetari is delegated to represent the Empire in board meetings, and while no mrtals have yet been allowed within the confines of Artrus, it has been hinted at that a summit on Illumyon might eventually occur.

United Republic of CyrannusEdit

URC Flag

The United Republic of Cyrannus is a huge union of star systems within the Cyrannus Galaxy, incorporating most of the known galaxy, it is the first known government to ever achieve this in Cyrannus. The Cyrannian Republic has been, for the majority of its history one of the major players in the First Gigaquadrant with influence that streatches far beyond the rim of Cyrannus. In the aftermath of the Annihilation, the URC has grown to fill the power vacuum left by supposed fall of the Delpha Coalition of Planets and many other empires across the universe, retaining its position as one of the Gigaquadrant's foremost economic and military powers, which is seen as a shining light of hope in the darkness of space.

The Cyrannian Republic was formed in the year 10 BTC, in the aftermath of the Second Galactic War, and during the apocalyptic Intergalactic War, when the Cognatus Alliance brought the young nation to it's knees. However, in the aftermath of this war, the United Republic grew a huge amount, and became one of the foremost superpowers of the Gigaquadrant. Recently, the URC used its influence to prevent the equally powerful Confederacy of Allied Systems from having a seat on the council.

The Cyrannian Republic is represented in board meetings by President Aeden Cretacea, better known as Apollo, while when the URC hosts the meetings, they take place on Orbispira, the capital of the Cyrannian Republic.

Rambo NationEdit

Flag Rambo Nation
Flag of Rambo Nation

Flag of Rambo Nation

Rambo Nation is a fair and honest Nation, they are the most prominent Empire in the Quadrant Galaxies and are the swore enemies of the Imperial Alliance. They have a large fleet, and there ships are often used for exploration missions.

They are an ancient nation, existing for many years and have been through a lot of wars, the most devasting ones for them were the Tigris War and the Second Galactic War. During these wars they were aided by various empires, effectively improving there Galactic Status and they are often seen as noble and strong. They are close allies to the Sylit Republic, DCP, Tralor Freedom Force, and the Krassio Host. They are also close alllies of the United Republic of Cyrannus, together they have been trough a lot and aided eachother in the various wars, currently the Intergalactic War. They also think a like and Rambo Nation often agrees with the URC, the Sylits and the DCP.

The Nation is ruled by Empress Ramashe, a young Empress who followed up her late father. She is proud to be considered one of the G8, however she dislikes the Vartekains Empire as members since they are officially enemies of the Rambo and the URC. How this will develop during meetings is yet to be seen. Yet, since there has been no meeting after the forming, the Nation believes the G8 is about to collapse with the Vartekian betrayal and the destruction of the Masaari Crusade. There has been rumors the Nation wishes to propose new members to the G8 to replace those whom have fallen.

Sadly, after the annihilation of the First Gigaquadrant contact was lost with the Rambo as the wormholes leading to the quadrants shifted positions due to the shifting of the Universe. The wormholes that remained active were that between the Quadrants and the Milkyway, Cyrannus and the Mirus Galaxy and that between the Quadrants themselves.

Delpha Coalition of Planets Edit

DCP flag 2

The Delpha Coalition of Planets is a massive alliance of many members founded by the Grimbolsaurians, who are honorable warriors. The DCP controls over a million star systems spread throughout the Local Group of galaxies, however, it was founded in the Milky Way. The DCP has also colonized other dimensions, gravity mass shadows, stars and megastructures. With a population of over 50 trillion, very advanced technology and obscene power sources it is one of the most powerful empires in local group of galaxies.

The purpose of the DCP is to destroy evil - but not through diplomacy, but mainly through force. The DCP is not evil but is capable of terrible atrocities, and will destroy anyone who gets in their way, but generally, will be peaceful. Recently, the DCP has dissolved money almost completely. The DCP is controlled by a demi-god by the name of Emperor Wormulus II.


The Krassio

The apex of psionic evolution and advancement, the Krassio represent a beacon of spirituality in the whole Multivese, albeit their occupied territory in the First Gigaquadrant may be limited, they presumably control/operate the entire Iluvii Realm, a parallel universe based on psionic energy, essentially monopolizing its usage and its access from other species. They actively serve the universe by actively fighting universal threats and protecting lesser species. They are led by a triumvirate called the Court of Three, who oversee all the Krassio's military, social and spiritual affairs.

Of all the empires in the Universe and known Reality, the Krassio are the main proponents of good and a major military presence against Chaos forces.

New Shka'Tun Imperium Edit


Thought to be amongst the oldest species known in the universe, the Shka'Tun Imperium are not actually native. They are over fifty thousand years old, and are the the most powerful empire in their old universe until it was scourged by the Xhodocto. They moved to this universe and found Andromeda as a new home.

They are well known for their massive extent, almost 20 million systems in this universe, and numerous colonies elsewhere. Other than that, they are highly unknown because of their low profile.

Jovar Socialist Republic Edit

JSR Flag

Considered to be the more successful successor state of the former Jovar Empire, the Jovar Socialist Republic is unlike many nations in that it follows a rigid socialist policy for almost every aspect of its economy, which has proved to be quite successful over the past decade. With an industrial capacity that rivals that of many other nations, the JSR has positioned itself to become one of the leading economic leaders in the Gigaqudrant for many years to come.

In addition, the nation is perhaps even more well known for her strict militarism, which may have even more control over its actions than its socialist ideologies. Despite the nation's youth, the JSR has amassed for itself one of the largest and most powerful fleets in the entire universe, and a standing army that rivals many. This policy of aggressive militarism has angered many of her neighbors; nonetheless, the JSR has been able to avoid most wars, due simply to manipulation and cunning used on the behalf of her diplomats. The nation has extremely strong ties with the Confederacy of Allied Systems, and is also (albeit somewhat) friendly with the United Lanat Empire.

Lead by the mysterious and secretive Council of Twelve, they have led the nation on an imperialistic policy of expansion, colonizing many star systems and taking over many other smaller races that the council deems to be "lesser". Because of this rapid expansion, the JSR now has a total of 1,200,000 colonies, and it only continues to grow. However, despite the policies of the JSR, both the leaders and citizens of the nation see the races and countries of the Great Eight to be invaluable and equals (perhaps even superiors) and are willing to collaborate with them, so long that it is "for the good of the Jovar people". Meetings hosted by the Jovar Socialist Republic take place on Osion, the capital of the JSR and the economic capital of Milky Way Galaxy.

Humanity Edit

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Past MembersEdit

Vartekian EmpireEdit

Spore 2010-05-27 07-22-54
The Vartekians are a lawful and evil race. They are ruthless and aggressive, yet many of the high ranking Vartekians are honorable, noble and loyal. The Vartekians have good relations with the DCP and are allies with many of the evil races in spore. They stand to represent these races in the G8. Their empire controls two galaxies and controls thousands of races. Vartekians live a high quality life and have good experience running a government their intelligence and sense of leadership allows even a single Vartekian to rule another empire.

The Vartekian empire is ruled by Lord Covaitan who rules his empire with might and ease. Lord Covaitan is an Evil master mind. he came to power at the age 58 after he restored peace to his empire. He has started the Vartekian golden ages and ultimately has made the Vartekian empire stronger. He and Votarah became good friends and have already started plans on domination. He is a strong military leader and takes pride in his great speaking abilities.

The Vartekians betrayed the G8 in the Vartekian War, and so were not included in the G8. However, their corruption throughout the members of the G8 is still being investigated. The Vartekians are very manipulative and precautions have been taken to annihilate their informants within the Board.

Masaari CrusadeEdit


Masaari Crusade is zealot organisation led by Radeon theocracy. Despite that they lack number of systems, they have very large influence and advanced technology (only slightly less advanced than DCP). They are good friends of DCP, Krassio and Rambo Nation (due to War of Ages), but their relations with Sylits and Core Federation are shaky. They occupy intergalactic space, thus controlling intergalactic trade.

The Masaari were long gone when the G8 had been reformed, changing to the Dei'Ar Theocracy and later the The Divinarium.

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