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The Seven Starr Alliance was a multigovernmental alliance generally used in the past as a military organization and council formed in order to defend the universe from such threats as evil, aggressive civilizations and intergalactic vandals.

History Edit

Pre-Annihilation Edit

The original Seven Starr Alliance was formed by the Delpha Coalition of Planets and the mysterious individual known as Captain Zaco many years prior to the Annihiliation, as it was formed to counteract the growing number of Vandal attacks on innocent empires. As the alliance grew, many other empires joined such as Rambo Nation and the Church of Spode, who used the SSA to launch and coordinate attacks against the evil Congregation during the Tigris War. However, as more and more empires joined the universal community, the SSA became seemingly abandoned, plunging it into dark times indeed. Luckily, several original members of the Seven Starr Alliance such as the United Republic of Cyrannus and the Girdo Empire spearheaded a revival in the SSA, in order to once again become the focal point of Gigaquadrantic Politics.

Post-Annihilation Edit

However, these glory days would soon end, as the Krassio ascended into a new godrace, the Xol'Etra. The enemies of the Seven Starr Alliance, the Xhodocto decided that this was to be the last straw, and began destroying the universe. Annihilation occurred across the Universe, killing a countless amount of sentient beings. However, because of the help of many forms of benevolent godraces a large portion of the First Gigaquadrant was saved from certain destruction. Because of the sudden strike of the Xhodocto, the races of the Seven Starr Alliance were thrown into disarray until they suddenly met each other through the Seven Starr Citadel, with the help of Apalos. The Seven Starr Alliance was soon reformed as a much more united alliance, and in compliance with this the Onuris Aliance was reformed as the Seven Starr Alliance's military force.

However, as it seemed the Seven Starr Alliance rose again, internal strife resulted in various former members leaving; for example Rambo Nation, one of the greater contributants during the War of Ages. Yet new members joined the Seven Starr Alliance as well, ensuring the growth of the Great Alliance.

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Governing BodyEdit


Main article: Onuris Alliance

The Seven Starr Onuris Alliance are the main military of the Alliance. Made of forces who are veterans in the War of Ages and Second Coming, they are incredibly experienced and war-hardened soldiers. Not only this, but their technology is incredibly advanced and adapted due to their many decades of war with the universe' greatest threats. Currently, the Onuris act as SSA's military and police force.


The Seven Starr Alliance trade amongst each other by default, and do so more in darker times. They share technology, but also ordinary products, for the SSA members who still need their own currency. Some members are beyond as much need for currency, or have a strong economy, so can afford to trade as much as they want.


The Seven Starr Alliance don't directly own any territory, besides some shared locations. This is because the members control their own territory; while the other SSA members are given a rite of passage, they don't have any control, unless it is offered as a ground to be shared.


A two-axis "Archetype" system is used by the Alliance to clasify the cultures of its members, and more importantly, their roles in the intergalactic community:

Secular Spiritual
War Warrior Zealot
Peace Diplomat Shaman
Science Scientist Ecologist
Money Trader
Justice Knight
Enjoyment Bard
Experience Wanderer


The Seven Starr Alliance has a technology-sharing program in which certain technologies are made freely available to all members of the Alliance. These are:

  • Deflector shields (a variety: regenerative phasic, absorbent phasic, multiphasic, adaptive phasic, non-phasic and cloaking)
  • Hypermatter containment technology
  • Intelligent computers
  • Multipurpose particle weapons (usable as beam, pulse and mêlée weapons)
  • Quantum replicators (plus all knowledge in materials science, chemistry, and particle physics, as well as some in hypermatter)
  • Staff of Life (modified: unlimited uses; capable of generating life from variety of biochemistries)

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There has been no recent contact with these members of the Alliance. They are officially assumed to be destroyed unless other evidence comes to light.

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