The Serpentaxt Quadrent Grox Wars were a conflict around Quadrant 82. It is one of the first recorded battles where the Quadrantia Grox have purposely ventured out of their territory in an attempt at assimilating new species. As of now, it is determined to be a galaxy wide conflict.

The StoryEdit

Introduction Edit

The scouting ship entered Quadrant 82, slowly descending upon unexplored areas- the Serpentaxy had only just begun to adventure outside there borders in Quadrant 82, though they also had plans to make use of the common trade route to explore the other known Quadrants. The scouting ship was just about to enter the atmosphere of a blue planet when something caught the pilots eye. A black sphere could be seen slowly approaching the scouting ship- moving in strange fashion. The pilot noticed something moving in his direction, a slow green light. As the light hit the hull of the ship- blowing a gigantic hole where the thrusters were, smoke filled the ship as it plummeted to the planet below. Before chrashing at the surface the Serpentaxy captain managed to send out a distress call! Meanwhile the sphere disappeared from sight.

Serpentaxy Rambo aid

Ramcard sends a shuttle to aid a Serpentaxy in aid

Vice-admiral Ramcard, captain of the USS Dallas recieved the distress call and decided to answer the distress call. Arriving at the planet the crew of the USS Dallas investigated the wreckage of the ship. As it turned out, the pilot was still alive, having lost an arm and gained many burns from the crash. The crew of the USS Dallas recognized that the pilot was Serpentaxy in origin and asked him a few questions. Meanwhile Ramcard himself approached the Serpentaxy and began asking the questions:

Ramcard:"Whats your name, young one?"

???"Call me Basvila *(cough)*"

With that, Basvila was taken onboard the USS Dallas where he recieved some medical care, especialley treatment to his burns. Sadly the Rambo were unable to replace the lost limb. Onboard Basvila and Ramcard has some diners and learned more about eachother their cultures. It seemed the Rambo were quite large, they never ventured near the areas where the Serpentaxy had their homeplanet and were still a great mystery to them. Basvila asked Ramcard to bring him to his homeplanet and gave the Serindia vice-admiral the coordinates he needed. Arriving at the Serpentaxy home world, Basvila was given proper medical care.

As it turned out, in 02 NE the Serpentaxy and other Quadrant inhabitants began encountering Quadrantia Grox more often after this event as they increased their activity for unknown reasons.

The Quadrantia Disease Edit

A single black sphere settled its self only a mile above ground level, the Serpentaxy colonists watching in amazement and horror as the sphere opens up one of its hatches and releases a metallic canister- which hits the ground and causes a small crater. Several armed guards approached, aiming at the strange object. As they prepared open fire, a purple gas rose from the canisters valve and the guards began coughing on the thick air, not long after all of the colonists began coughing. When the coughing stopped, the colonists skin began changing to a purple color while their limbs distorted. The colonists had just been turned into Dronox troops.

Within the Sphere the Quadrantia Grox observed what had happened, using information from the Meta-Grox Empire the Quadrantia Grox decided to use a new form of assimilation. Spreading a virus would fasten the process of assimilation to their perfected appearance (in their opinion). However first test was a failure.

Quadrantia Grox: "Analyzing results; subjects turned into Dronox. Results insufficient- more data and testing required.

With it the sphere left, leaving the planet inhabited by these Dronox. The Quadrantia Grox were eager to experiment more, however they wanted the subjects to turn into themselves, and not in what they deemed as inferior- a Dronox. Experimenting with their own DNA, they abducted a Serpentaxy civilian, having other things in mind.

The Serpentaxy awoke in small, black room. Before he could even struggle, a grey mist flooded the room and the Serpentaxy began changing. Assimilation was near perfect this time, with only small details making the subject "inferior" to the actual Quadrantia Grox.

Quadrantia Grox: "Subject is imperfect, test insufficient. Subject must be eliminated".

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Error, does not compute".

Quadrantia Grox: "Error analysed............. Error not found?"

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Error analysed............. Subject must be tested before annihilation".

Quadrantia Grox:"Prepare subject for further tests.

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Affirmative".

The new born creature was lifted out of the room, likely to be released on an unsuspecting colony to cause harm to the population there, while the Quadrantia Grox will analyse their subject before it will either be destroyed or left alone.

The War Begins Edit

The Serpentaxy officials in a underground bunker, ready to discuss the disaster that happened on one of their colonies.

Senator Pa'ple: "As you know, one of our colonies, Laveis-106, was infested by Dronox troops. The military has decided to bomb the planet until no Dronox are left. This has caused controversial protests among citizens.

Commander Juk: " According to official data given to us by Rambo Nation, a species referred to as Quadrantia Grox was responsible. We've decided that we will have to enact War on them. Many species disagree with this, but we are sure this is the best choice.

Commander Juk showed them a holographic map of Quadrant 82. He pointed to the center of the map and spoke about plans for an attack. Juk sent a small fleet to secure the area around the Galactic Core. The ships launched and began the mission. Ships were known to disappear when they went around the Galactic Core, many unknown dangers guarding the area. The most forWard of the other ships detected something on the radar, a large number of red blimps popping up on the screen. Before the ship could even get its defense system ready, a gigantic beam struck the ship and destroyed it. Soon most of the fleet was gone in the span of only a minute. A single sphere prepared to fire at one single ship which approached. A circular hatch opened, a green beam of light preparing to be fired no less. Acting quickly, the Serpentaxy captain fired several missiles into the hatch. The sphere imploded into smoke, being damaged from the inside. However, the Serpentaxy captain was unable to fire any more as another sphere settled behind his ship and fired.

Qaudrantia Grox: "Resistance is futile..... attack by Serpentaxy is irrelevent".

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Continue testing Serpentaxy-hybrid - analysing results".

Quadrantia Grox: "Scanning destroyed vessels for survivors - prepare for assimilation of Serpentaxy".

Serpentaxy Quadrantia Grox Hybrid Edit

A single canister dropped in the middle of the street. Citizens were already running when it opened. The creature that stepped out was strange looking. Having a blue/purple skin and a mouth full of sharp teeth. Guards shot massive rounds of bullets and essences at the creature, but it proved to strong for their guns. Annoyed that it was being shot at, it picked up a guard and throw him over the wall of the colony. The creature destroyed buildings and devoured multiple Serpentaxy.

The creature began to do something unbelievable. Its mouth began to emit a grey fog, turning many Serpentaxy in the area into Quadrantia Grox. Any Serpentaxy that attacked the creature were devoured or mauled by the Serpentaxy hybrid. The whole colony was quickly assimilated, the whole planet soon after. A Quadrantia Grox hyper-cube lead a small fleet of spheres to the formerly colonized planet, planning to inspect the effects that the assimilation had on the habitat.

Quadrantia Grox: "Analysing results.......subject seems effictive"

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Results are acceptable"

Quadrantia Grox: "Now extracting newly assimilated Serpentaxy".

Escaping The Colony Edit

Basvila watched the sky above him, looking out for any suspicious activity. Deciding this was a waste of time, he left to go back to his home. While he was preparing to step onto the doorstep, a green light burst from the clouds. Five buildings instantly exploded into chunks of fire and smoke. Basvila made a quick dash, jumping over obstacles that got in his way. He planned to make it to a ship and send out a distress signal to any nearby ships.

He was forced to backtrack a hundred yards due to a giant crater blocking his path. Basvila finally made it to a fighter class Serpentaxy ship and prepared to send out a message.

Basvila-"Do not approach the colony. Repeat DO NOT approach the colony."

The ship entered orbit and escaped the system before the Quadrantia Grox could follow. Meanwhile, the Quadrantia Grox began retrieving the newly assimilated Serpentaxy and searched for their subject, which seemed to be able to turn all into Quadrantia Grox. The Q-Grox went to study the effects and ways of how the creature hybrid is able to turn victims into Quadrantia Grox so easily, which could be of great use for their assimilation process.

Battle at Palavis Edit

The colony of Palavis was one of the most financially important areas in the entire Serpentaxy empire, so it was well protected. Officials their had wanted to open trade to Rambo Nation in an effort at improving relations with the community. Basvila had came here to Warn the military about the attacks on one of the colonies. However, the Quadrantia Grox had already planted a sphere at the polar area of the Palavis. The military barely stood a chance against the mechanical monstrosity that was assimilating their planet.

Commanders sent strike teams and ships against the sphere, to no avail. The sphere was sending signals to other Quadrantia Grox. Soldiers stationed on the ground throw explosives at the sphere, causing slight burn marks. It retaliated with its full capacity, vaporizing soldiers, abducting civilians, and destroying tanks. The ground began forming into melted steel. In a final attack on the sphere, the Serpentaxy brought in their seventh fleet and bombed the Sphere. Unable to withstand all of the pressure from the explosions, its shields disappeared, allowing the soldiers below to finally cause the sphere serious damage.

Qaudrantia Grox Destrution

A sphere is damaged

Unable to compensate the sphere fell apart and chrashed into the surface, killing all 150 Quadrantia Grox onboard. Most of the sphere desintegrated with the plasma leaking out and burned most of the carcasses. However, the most important section, containing the pilot of the sphere and the lone survivor remained intact.

The Aftermath Edit

A probe was sent to inspect the remains of the ship. While analyzing the wreckage, one of the pilots attacked the probe wildly, but it quickly died due to its injuries. The carcass of the lone Quadrantia Grox and its technology were taken to a government center to be studied.

Scientist: "Amazing! This specimen seems to contain no recorded DNA in Quadrant records."

Commander Juk: "So your saying this thing hasn't been classified?"

Scientist: "Commander, this is the first ever Quadrant Grox to ever be studied. We must document this!"

The scientist put the Q-Grox's corpse into a freezer and began to video tape the technology the sphere left behind. Elsewhere the Q-Grox learned of the loss of one of their spheres and were confused- never before had one managed to destroy a Q-Grox sphere besides the Secoolian.

Around the same time the Q-Grox connected themselves with the Neraida Gigamatrix- though kept their conflict with the Serpentaxy a secret, as well as the excistence of the Hypercube and the Type III sphere. Both vessels far too powerful for any civilization within the Quadrants to beat. And the Q-Grox arrogance did not allow others to learn of their most powerful vessels- afterall none ever held the Q-Grox at bay before!

Serpentaxy Advancing Edit

The Serpentaxy managed to slowly discover how to use the technology the Quadrantia Grox left behind. Their was even data that the Serpentaxy used to learn the Quadrantia Grox. The data was in turn used to help improve machinery and equipment. Basvila was hired to rally a group of military officials and soldiers for a speech by commander Juk, the crowed waiting in a anticipation.

Commander Juk- "We've lost a lot of good citizens and sacrificed resources. But its time to start fighting. I don't know what they want, I don't even know what these things are. This doesn't just affect us, this effects almost everyone in the Quadrants. The Grox think were inferior and believe we can't fight them. That ends now. Its time to avenge the ones we've lost.

The crowds cheered at this spectacle as the commander left the stage.

Q-Grox retaliationEdit

The north of the Serpentaxy territories borders the territory of the Quadrantia Grox and the dangerous Serox Nebula, a preferred smuggling area for some of the Serpentaxy. The nebula itself is thick-red colored and various lightning storms roam around the nebula.

Now for the first time in their excistence a Quadrantia Grox fleet of sphere Type I's are hidden in the nebula, awaiting their time to strike. Now with the completion of the air-born virus and the recent loss at Palavis made the Grox re-evaluate the threat level of the noble Serpentaxy (an outsider would call it a retaliation but the Q-Grox are beyond feelings).


The Quadrantia Grox and Serpentaxy prepare for battle

As such the Quadrantia Grox dispatched a mere scouting party of three spheres to advance into Serpentaxy territories. Yet the fleet of the Serpentaxy were alerted by the recent battles and intercepted the advancing spheres when they were shown visible upon exiting the nebula.

A fleet of 7 Serpentaxy vessels intercepted the spheres, but one of them was destroyed by a lightning erupting from the Nebula. The other ships prepared for battle when suddenly the Quadrantia Grox opened a channel.

Quadrantia Grox: We are the Grox, lower your shields and surrender your vessel. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will become part of us. Resistance is futile.

Serpentaxy Captain: We are the Serpentaxy, as you are well aWare of us. I wonder why your kind is here again?

Quadrantia Grox: State your intentions.

Serpentaxy Captain: Begone you filth. We defeated you at Palavis and we can do so again! We will stand our ground again!

Quadrantia Grox: Irrelevent, you will be assimilated.

With that said the Grox stopped the transmission and the nearest sphere glowed green, indicating that is raised it shields and targeted weapons. The Serpentaxy captain looked nervous, after all a fierce battle was about to occur!

Nebula Battle

Serpentaxy vs Grox, aided by two Rambo ships

The captain sent one distress signal south of the battlefield, hoping to get the attention of passing ships. One Rambo Nation battleship captain noticed the signal and requested additional support. In a few minutes, the Exeter sub-class USS Potemkin under command of Apanoida arrived together with an Excelsior class. Recognising the Quadrantia Grox spheres they aided the Serpentaxy who were under siege.

Serpentaxy Captain: Rambo, glad to see you! Take one of the spheres, we will target the other!

Apanoida: Understood, good luck and we will give you cover!

As one, the Serpentaxy ships advanced toWards a Grox sphere and began firing her weapons. Though the shields held the first wave, the second was too much for the Quadrantia Grox Sphere and exploded- though destroyed a Serpentaxy fighter in the process. Meanwhile Apanoida targeted another Grox sphere while the Excelsior class was fired upon, taking damage to her saucer. All of a sudden, the Grox retreated and vanished into the red nebula. Apanoida nor the other Rambo captain felt much for following and opened a channel to the Serpentaxy.

Apanoida: Well done Serpentaxy! I have been dispatched by Rambo Command to investigate rumors of Quadrantia Grox activity. However it seems that it is all to true?

Serpentaxy Captain: Yes, yes. Around two weeks ago a entire colonies population disappeared, and before that we found another colony infested by Dronox troops.

Apanoida: Entire colonies were attacked by the Grox? Now that is most unusual for the Quadrantia Grox to do such things. We monitored them for years and all of a sudden them seem to get out of their borders to attack colonies? We must investigate this matter at once Serpentaxy captain. Perhaps it will even improve our empire' relations!

As the captains talked, the NOVA ship N.A.S venom entered the nebula, seeking aid from the ships.

NOVA captain: Hello serpentaxy and Rambo!I wish we could meet under better circumstances, but I have come to request assistance from you. A fleet of 5 grox spheres invaded the planet arkaden IV, and we need assistance in defeating them!

Captain Apanoida realised another race, known as the Nova were under siege of the Quadrantia Grox as well? What were the Grox up to? As recent friends of the Rambo, Apanoida responded and took her vessel the assigned coordinates.

The NOVA Alliance Joins The War Edit

As the Quadrantia Grox's enemies continued to fight them, the NOVA alliance split into civil War between the Tech-nation and Bio-nation. With the tech-nation demolishing all resistance in their path, the bio-nation sent a distress signal out to all over. the Quadrantia Grox intercepted and sent 2 scout spheres to see what it was from. They came to find a colony with the most basic ships, the Bio-nation panicked and ordered their fleet to open fire after the Grox didn't answer their comms messages. The Grox spheres disintegrated the fleet and razed the planet, before going on to rampage through bio-nation territory. Soon, they stumbled onto tech-nation territory, and the tech-fleet recognized them as quadrantia grox, and opened fire. The spheres destroyed the fleet and razed 2 planets and left after one of the defense fleets damaged one of the spheres. The Bio-nation surrendered to the Tech-nation, who started sending probes to find anything about the Grox. One of the probes caught a transmission from Commander Juk, and headed down to see the signal source. it recognized it as Serpentaxy, so the NOVA fleet sent a message through the probe to the Serpentaxy government:

Message: Hello Serpentaxy forces, this is the NOVA Alliance commander, Admiral Coscertp. We have found that you have been ravaged by Grox forces also. we have sent this message to request creating an alliance against the Grox.we currently have our forces prepared to mobilize wherever you require our assistance. Please send back a reply so we know your people are still fighting the Grox.

Commander Juk: We are currently looking at Quadrantia Grox technology and have managed to operate some of it. We would gladly except help from you at this time.

Admiral Coscerto: we are sending 4 frigates and 2 brigades to your colonies. I would divert more, but our own forces are currently rebuilding and fortifying our frontiers.

Commander Juk: As are we. Thank you for your forces, we will send you supplies in return.

Battle for Arkaden IV Edit

While forces from the Rambo Nation and Serpentaxy fought in the nebula, the Grox sent 4 spheres to assimilate the planet of Arkaden IV, which, unknown to the Grox at the time, was a symbol of pride for the alliance's armies and fleets. As the spheres entered orbit, a fleet of 30 frigates and 5 fighters intercepted them. This fleet was able to damage one sphere, but was almost completely destroyed by the spheres, except for 4 frigates. One frigate left off to request assistance.

In the midst of battle the USS Potemkin under command of Apanoida, dropped out of Warp and offered her assistance. Meanwhile a nearby sphere launched a volley of phasers at the USS Potemkin, damaging her outer hull. Taking evasive maneuvers, Apanoida's ship tried to make a distance between the Grox sphere and her own vessel. Sadly the sphere was in interception course and remained firing.

Ensign: Captain, we are losing rear shields!

Apanoida: Contact those Nova people, tell them to give covering fire before the shields drop!

Lieutenant: Captain, we noticed two more spheres appearing from transWarp. They are in an intercept course at us as well.

Apanoida: By the Gods.......

Barely able to escape the attacks from the other spheres, Apanoida prepared to recharge her shields and fire the last of her photon torpedoes at the incoming Quadrantia Grox.

NOVA captain: this is the N.A.S venom. We have the remaining ships of the defense force here, and we've got your backs! Head to the surface, and contact the remaining land units! they need you to take the surviving civilians to the closest planet, Ogdan III! ask for commander Korhal, and he will get us help!

As the signal ended, the last 6 frigates and fighters of the defense fleet fired their remaning weapons at the spheres, distracting them for the moment. The distraction proved to be vital as Apanoida and and several escort cruisers dove for Ogdan, using a cloaking device to not draw Grox attention toWards the planet.

Apanoida: Commander Korhal, the civilians have been dropped off. But as of now your frigates are taking damage from hostilities, Serpentaxy are expected to arrive later on but we need every ship available up until then!

Korhal: I'll see what I can do but you'll have to distract those spheres until ally forces arrive.

Apanoida nodded, and her ship went back into orbit. Together with the remaining Nova vessels they engaged the Grox spheres, though kept their distances to prevent being captured by their tractor beams. One of the spheres, damaged during the attack crippled a Nova vessel and took aim at the USS Potemkin. Luckily the other Nova captains noticed as well and concentrated their fire at the already damaged sphere- who unable to stand the hammering assault exploded in a bright green explosion.

The remaining three spheres suddendly took another battle position and Apanoida joined the Nova formation for the final assault at the spheres.but as they moved in on the spheres, their radios flared with chatter.

Admiral Coscerto: This is the N.A.S Rivetor! We brought reinforcements! All ships form up on the Rambo ship! Destroy the grox!


the groxlings, results of the grox gas infecting a globling

As the Transmission ended, 40 ships and fighters entered the system, and began bombarding the spheres. Meanwhile, Apanoida noticed that a sWarm of 20 transports and cargo ships desceded to the surface. These ships carried a force of 1200 soldiers and vehicles, who began clearing the planet of the Grox transformed Globlings.

Unfortunately a type II sphere perched itself in the vastness of the system. It prepared to fire at the USS Potemkin, a blast powerful enough to rip a planet to shreds. Then a gigantic light stunned the sphere, allowing the combined allied forces to carpet bomb it and eventually destroy the sphere.

Basvila: Did I miss anything?

The Serpentaxy forces had arrived. Onboard the brige of the USS Potemkin Apanoida and her crew cheered, this was a first! A Quadrantia Grox Sphere Type II had been destroyed with aid of allies. Smiling she send a decoded transmission to Rambo Command to inform them of their succes. Meanwhile she awaited a transmission form either Basvila or Coscerto.

Meanwhile, far beyond the Serox Nebula a Quadrantia Grox Hypercube was analysing the results of the battle.

Quadrantia Grox (1): Loss of spheres is unexpected. Error in threat level?

Quadrantia Grox (2): Negative, input was correct. Spheres outnumbered. Type I spheres acted as expected.

Quadrantia Grox (1): Error detected. Type II sphere destroyed as well?

Quadrantia Grox (2): Anticipated. Subject given hope, easier to crush them when hope is broken. Analyse did show Groxlings as side effect of air born virus. Unacceptable and inferior life forms. Virus must be re-evaluated and tested.

Quadrantia Grox (1): Acknowledged.

As such the Quadrantia Grox began to formulate a new use for the hybrid. With certain enchancements the hybrid could be tested further, and if tests would be succesful they would implement these "upgrades" to the Quadrantia Grox form as well. What easier way to assimilate others by simply releasing gas into their vessels or planets? This way entire planets could be assimilated by a mere torpedo or the arrival of a single Quadrantia Grox!

Return of The Hybrid Edit

The Serpentaxy hybrid roared in its chambers as a robotic drone began to send grey gasses into the chamber. During its last attack, it had been damaged by heavy fire power. The Quadrantia Grox planned to add technological enhancements to the creature, such as a communicating device, shielding, and a tracking device. The hybrid was dubbed B.A.S (Biological Assimilating Servant) and was set to inspect a NOVA colony close to the Quadrantia Grox border.

The NOVA colony to be attacked was known as Crious, and was under heavy guard after the NOVA admiralty mobilized all available units to guard the borders. Crious served as a fuel stock for ships, and therefore was a heavily trafficked planet. It had 15 frigates and 60 fighters patrolling the nearby area, and had a garrison of newly drafted wolfling knights on guard.

The Quadrantia Grox dispatched three type I spheres to Crious, with one of the spheres holding the Hybrid ready for deployment. The Grox were eager to learn of the results upon it's release and could be used to further their goals to perfection. The Hybrid was sent near a local city and began to attack.

After pouncing on and dismembering various civilians and military soldiers, the creature began to roar, releasing a grey gas that subdued and began slowly transforming its victims into Quadrantia Grox. The spheres extracted the Hybrid and it's victims, planing to experiment on the newly assimilated Grox.

The following experiment on the Quadrantia Grox sphere was a disaster to be said- the sphere that held the hybrid destroyed itself as the virus killed the Quadrantia Grox. The nearby sphere transported the creature to her own holding bay before it was sucked into the vacuum of space. Now that both the NOVA and Serpentaxy experienced the hybrid and knew it's existence perhaps both should fall? However, in the Grox eyes the Serpentaxy gained important and powerful allies in the form of the NOVA and the Rambo and should be dealt with as fast as possible!

Quadrantia Grox: " No race in the Quadrants will stand in our way of perfection. "

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Targets were insufficient to repel the Hybrid."

Quadrantia Grox: Affirmative, subjects were able to take down sphere I types - error detected.

Quadrantia Grox (2): "Error acknowledged. Next course of action?"

Both the Quadrantia Grox looked at eachother and none replied. Even from their hivemind came no answer. For the first time in their history the Quadrantia Grox had no clear path in sight!

War Plans Edit

The Quadrantia Grox were eager to learn the Serpentaxy a lesson in supremacy. As such they send a fleet of over 20 type one spheres to the Serox Nebula, waiting the arrival of a type II sphere and start their full assimilation campaign against the Serpentaxy and Nova. The Serpentaxy had contacted Rambo Nation, Warning them to extra cautious around Quadrantia regions. While this was happening, Basvila and Apanoida had a conversation about how the Serox Nebula was likely a major target, as it allowed easy access to Rambo, Serpentaxy, and NOVA colonies.

Due to their recent expeditions, the Quadrantia Grox were growing stronger with each assimilated Serpentaxy. They had been planning to send a Type III sphere to finally perform an attack that that would allow hundreds of Grox, some from the Gigamatrix, to finally claim the Quadrants. The Quadrantia Grox also managed to destroy various Secoolian colonies, in retaliation for keeping them away from Quadrant 21.

In response, in the first days of the fourth month of 02 NE the Secoolian contacted Rambo Nation in Quadrant 21. Meeting them at the Q21 space station the senator of the Deep Space Sector, senator Lady Ram'Eriathine promised to meet them. When the Secoolian arrived, a lot of trade traffic was coming to through the wormhole, but the station stood under guard from captain Rambo and captain Apanoida from the USS Enterprise-A and USS Potemkin respectively.

Senator Ram'Eriathine looked nervous, she heard terrible stories from the "Harvesters", insectoid creatures with a fierce red/black skin. As three Secoolian ships decended to the station a lone shuttle docked containing a small regiment of Secoolian and a representative for their Hive.

Lacrima 08

Rambo and Secoolian began peace negotiations in order to fight against the Q-Grox

  • Ram'Eriathine: "Welcome great and noble Secoolian at this space station, the gatekeeper to the wormhole leading to Quadrant 82".
  • Secoolian: "Krrt, kcht krat klook?"
  • Ram'Eriathine: "What is wrong with this translator?"
  • Apanoida: "A moment please............"
  • Secoolian: "Thank you for your pleasentries senator of the Nation. We must be short in talking, as the Quadrantia Grox are hammering our space and colonies. We request any information you have about them."
  • Ram'Eriathine: "I understand your need for information, but I cannot simply give it without permission of the Senate."
  • 'Secoolian: "Hmpf, than I speak to this Senator of yours as fast as possible. Make preperations, Grox are advancing very fast".

With that the senator and the Secoolian left to speak in private, leaving both James and Apanoida behind in confusion. Both agreed that an alliance with the Secoolian was dangerous, not to mention what other species of Quadrant 21 would think of it. Apanoida raised her shoulders and told James that is was probably to do with finding allies strong enough to withstand the most powerful of enemies, the Quadrantia Grox and perhaps in the future, the Empire.

  • Apanoida: "See you around James, perhaps next time we can be given more time?"

With that Apanoida blinked an eye before leaving, and James smiled......

It seemed the conflicts with the Grox were far from over.

Quadrantia Grox intervention Edit

  • Quadrantia Database: "Secoolian ambassadors likely to try reasoning with other nations"

Quadrantia Grox (1): "Error detected. Secoolian are feared and hated."

Quadrantis Grox (2): "Unless they were to be extremely desperate. Likely to the point of treaties and tradings until the conflict is resolved."

Quadrantia Grox (1): "Agreed. Intervention is required."

As the Secoolian agreed to meet with the Rambo Senate, two Secoolian cruisers were dispatched to travel to the Rambo Capital. The Secoolian vessels were placed under escort by Apanoida of the USS Potemkin, the USS Vespucci under command of a Kloppig captain and the USS Ayers under command of a Serindia captain.

Taking the secure Ramsoria Run- a trade route running from the Capital to Rambo Prime and the Q82-Cyrannus Wormhole, it is the safest and most fastest way of travel to the Capital. At the second day a sudden anomaly was detected in front of the escort when all of a sudden a Q-Grox sphere exited a transWarp gate and attacked the escort.


Q-Grox vs Rambo/Secoolian escort

  • Quadrantia Grox: "We are the Grox, lower your shields and surrender your vessel. We will add your biological distinctiveness to our own. Your culture will become part of us. Resistance is futile".
  • Apanoida: "All ships raise the shields, prepare to engage the Quadrantia Grox!"
  • Chinawkya Lieutenant: "Captain, sensors indicate it is a Type II sphere!"
  • Apanoida: "Wh-what?"

That said the Q-Grox sphere approached the escort and fired upon the nearest Secoolian cruiser- incinerating her with a single beam the Secoolian cruiser was engulfed in flames and exploded in a bright flash. The USS Vespucci engaged the sphere, as well as the second Secoolian cruiser but to na avail. The shields weren't breached. The captain of USS Ayers, realizing there is no change in victory, suggested a retreat and already turned in vessel. Apanoida refused when the Q-Grox sphere fired a grazing-phaser at the USS Potemkin, destroying the shields and severely damaging the ship. The grazing-phaser caused hull breaches and killed the Chinawkya female lieutenant navigator, as well as her HarbronrSaurien commander who was engulfed into flames.

With it the Secoolian cruiser, and the USS Vespucci began to retreat as well, with a damaged USS Potemkin following. The Q-Grox sphere itself remained at her position.

  • Quadrantia Grox (1): "Enemy withdrawal..... target acquired, one Secoolian cruiser destroyed".
  • Quadrantia Grox (2): "Acknowledged. Begin searching for survivors for assimilation process".
  • Quadrantia Grox (1): "Affirmative".

Meanwhile the retreating escort planned a new route to the Rambo Capital, it was vital that the Secoolian and Rambo formed a peace treaty and helped eachother against the threat of the Q-Grox.

  • Quadrantia Grox (1): "Enough of this petty resistance".

And with that the sphere began to lower the hybrid onto the ground below at a Rambo Nation outpost. A couple soldiers began to barricade the gates to their capital building, lining up with their weapons at the ready. The hybrid picked up one soldier, swallowed it, and then spit out its tattered armor at the other soldiers. Walking over the small beings throwing things at it, the hybrid lifted a turrent firing at it into the air and threw it at the tallest building in the area. Making small craters with each step, the Hybrid jumped upon a building and threw various ships out of the air. Before it could cause anymore damage, the sphere took the Hybrid away.

After all, this attack was just a Warning. The attack showed the Rambo were not prepared against the Quadrantia Grox, and some within the militairy began to fear that the Quadrantia Grox might one day attack the Rambo Capital- such an attack might prove to be a disaster for the Rambo.

Waptoria Alliance enters the fight Edit

While the Q-grox interfered in the Rambo's diplomatic talks, the NOVA was having some of their own. The NOVA's important guests, the Waptoria Alliance, came to consider an alliance, and were discussing it on the planet of Jeagan, which was considerably more environmentally healthy then other NOVA planets, and was chosen for that since it would be more comfortable for the Waptoria's diplomats. Soon a Waptoria fleet, lead by Commandant Pl'ree landed, and were greeted by the NOVA. Unfortunately, it was also close to the outer edges of NOVA space, and closer to the Q-grox. So a NOVA fleet of 30 salamis' and 100 unions were watching the area around the planet.

  • Bio-trooper: "Please follow us, guests"
  • Runen: "Peace, brother. Great aura here. Planet is happy, I can feel its harmony"
  • Raptoranean: "Beautifull ecosystem indeed. And so much sunlight. I could stay here forever..."
  • Liev: "Hey, Globling, is that organic armor?"
  • Bio-trooper: "Yes. It is made in the same way as your technology. By the way, we have arrived at the meeting room."

The meeting room was decorated with strange plants that seemed to vibrate and glow when approached. Along with this, the walls seemed to be made of both metal and a strange moss that made breathing noises.

  • Liev: "I like the decorations..."

Looking further across the room revealed that their were various ambassadors and politicians sitting in in front of a large window. The trio walked up to the window, prepared for the meeting. Eventually one of the globlings present stood up andg estured toWards the Waptoria diplomats.

  • Ambassador Riktor: "Greetings, ambassadors of the Waptoria Alliance. I am Ambassador Riktor, the advisor to the prime minister on all things diplomatic, and the head diplomat of the NOVA. We welcome you here to this jungle world, one of extreme rarity to us, to show you what a NOVA colony is during mid colonization. Most colonies of ours are little more than shriveled up, factory worlds, with very little wildlife. We have invited you to help us in fixing this and bringing life back to our homes. Of course, we expect you want something in return, so what would that be?"
  • Raptoranean: "Their has been a rather disturbing amount of increase in Quadrantia Grox activity. We could use your help, as they will likely invade systems across the galaxy, including this one, if we do not gather help."
  • Runen: "Many colonization technologies in store for you."
  • Riktor: "Our forces are already engaged in War with the Quadrantia Grox, but they might soon be at your worlds soon enough, considering the reports gathered by other nations fighting back against them."

As more factions seemed to get involved with the Quadrantia Grox, the Q-Grox themselves were still confident with their way of going. Ignorant of the other combatants, they withdraw from Rambo space- as their analyses were complete and were not really a threat to the Q-Grox themselves. Repurcussion would follow if one of them would dare to enter Q-Grox space again.

As for the Waptoria, they had little information about them yet and as such the Quadrantia Grox decided to send a lone sphere class I to scout the Waptoria. The sphere managed to gather some info on Waptoria Alliance and send it to other spheres, but an anomaly of movement sent the sphere off course where it collided with a Waptoria ship. The organic ship suffered some frontal hull damage but healed itself, while the sphere was damaged by a shard of titanium, and was unable to move. The Waptoria infiltrated the sphere and took it to their headquarters in Mirus. While they just wanted to study it, the Q-Grox saw this as a sign of aggression and began to focus the brunt of their forces on the Waptoria colonies and those of their NOVA protectorate. The Q-Grox also started to develop an "impure" version of themselves, like Nexus Grox Saccharum in look, but still sharing the same genetic makeup as their Q-Grox masters. From now on, the Q-Grox used these "Drones" as their version of the Nexus Grox Saccharum, or more likely, their version of Conqrix.

Quadrantia Grox drone

The Invasion of Vega'a QuadrantiaEdit

The Waptoria were studying the damaged sphere on a Carrier class Dropship, mow used for storage.

  • Psiteon Supervisor: "The autopsy on the Grox corpses reveals their is an abundance of mixed DNA and cell structure. The spheres are made from simple metal, but a shield like structure protects it on the outer hull. Pod like beds are used for sleep and seem to transport nutrition to the Q-Grox's body. Pilot seems connected to technology. Hmm...We could reengineer the Neraida technology to create a counter weapon against the Q-Grox."

While the Waptoria dissected all parts of the sphere, the Q-Grox sent a group of "Conqrix" Q-Grox drones to enter through all entrances of the carrier. Quite a few Q-Grox drones got blown into the vacuum, but some hijacked oncoming trade ships and crawled aboard the docks. The ship had little security and was vulnerable.

Arrival of the Omega Edit

Meanwhile, in the vaccum, a Omega grox Cell was heading toWard the Quadrantia. Armed with a few hundred Saucers, the Omega Grox where interested in colonizing new galaxies away from the Alpha Grox, their main enemies. The Alpha had recently merged together with several other grox, and purged the Omega Homeworld. The Omega scattered all around, and settled in the Milky Way and other galaxies. They where currently fleeing from an Alpha grox Task force.

On boarde the lead suacer, an Omega Supreme ordered his fleet closer to the galaxy. They had to get some foothold, and possibly hide.

An Alpha grox Star Destroyer opened fire, destroying 1 of the saucers.

  • Supreme - Report! Report!
  • Stratigist - We are experiancing causlities. Saucer 29A has been totally destroyed. Saucer 29B is being boarded.
  • Marinox Drone - Enemies are closing in!
  • Supreme - Order all ships forWard!

The Omega Fleet moved into the galaxy, finally escaping the dread Cyber Collective Grox. Meanwhile, On board the lead Alpha Grox Cube.

  • Fleet Commander Tsirnak - Report in! What has happened?
  • Drone - Enemies have retreated into one of the quadrant galaxies. Quadrantia Grox Energy signatures present.
  • Tsirnak - That means the Neriada Gigamatrix is here.

Tsirnak would've liked to wipe every Omega off the face of the universe. But he had his orders. The Gigmatrix was too strong. For once, the Alpha feared something. And the Omega could deal with that something. They had to avoid this Neriada at all costs.

  • Tsirnak - All units! fall back to Cyber Collective bases with newly Assimilated races! Leave the Omega to their fate.

The Omega watched as the Star Destroyers, Cubes, and various other ships left. Their saucers sent out colony pods onto the nearby planets, estaplishing a head quarters. With new foundries up and running, they began to replicate their number at an astounding rate.

The Supreme and his troops landed on the planet, watching as their cities began to errect themselfs. The Supreme turned himself toWards his legions.

  • Supreme - The enemy has left us alone, for now. We have lost, but our main objective is not forgoten. We must test the races of this galaxy! Their weakness must not clog the Universe. They waste resources the strong could use. As is our duty, we Shall not fail! Extermination to all weakness!
  • Omega hordes - Extermination to all Weakness! Extermiantion to all weakness!

Already, their saucers where begining to explore behold their few military bases and into the other esctions of the galaxy. They would find the strong and preserve them, and exterminate the weak.

Finding what they seek Edit

A small Omega Grox Saucer floated through the aybss. They found various tribal and wild planets, but these where not of their concern. Space empires had to be tested. Once tested, they would either be removed or preserved. Those tribals' time would come though.

The Saucer finally spotted a Waptoria ship, A hawk-Class Missle Frigate.

  • Omega Drone (1) - Target anaylzed. Waptoria scum aboard.
  • Omega Prime - Open contact, and declare the testing to begin.
  • Omega Drone (1) - I obey.

The ship opened communications and sent a message to the Waptoria.

  • Omega Message - Wapotria Alliance of races, you are to be tested for weakness. Any found will be exterimanted. Only the strong can inhabit this universe, and you shall be one of many that will either stand, or crumble as dust. Prepare your people.

The Captain Stiffened as he heard the message.

  • Captain - We already are dealing with the Quadrantia Grox, and now these plagues show up?!
  • Psiteon - Sir, Projectile incoming. It's releasing ludicrous amounts of radiation.
  • Captain - Brace for impact, Full shields!

The Missle hit the ships, disabling shields and weapontry.

  • Prime - Send aboard a Contingent of Drones. Leave no armed soul alive. Harvest any civilians you find. We shall make them...pure.

The Suacer closed in, and about 18 Omega Grox Drones teleported into the bridge. The some of the crew pulled out blasters, and fired, but to no avail. Omega where like moving battle tanks, able to take crushing injury like it was nothing. They immediatly blasted away any armed resistance, before knocking out the crew onboard, and teleporting them to the saucer.

They moved through the ship, destroying any Bioweapons, the main bio-engineered force of the Waptoria, they encountered. Finally, they left the ship adrift, and left, after harvesting it's resources.

The Prime then contacted The Eternal.

  • Prime - We have successfully defeated a Missle Firgate of the Waptoria, and have harvested a group of their various races.
  • Eternal - Excellent! I shall inform Supreme Kra'lin immediatly. Contuine searching for the Impure and weak, I shall send a compliment of Saucers and Broad-side Warships to your location.
  • Prime - As you wish.

Soon, a Fleet emerged from deep space, and the lone saucer joined the others. It was time, soon the galaxy would be made pure.

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