The Serpentaxy are a species native to Quadrant 82.

Biology Edit

Serpentaxy have a reptile like build, possessing scales and fins on their bodies. Males will have strong limbs and gangly legs, while the females will have long tails extending from their abdomens and usually have longer arms to make up for this disability. Females will use long arms to swiftly keep up with the males, who have more mobility. Serpentaxy have acute senses of taste and can tell if the food their eating is safe to consume. The tongue has a thin, tasteless mucus that covers it to keep heat, cold and bacteria away from the weak muscle that makes up the bottom part of the mouth. This also helps to prevent any vomit from burning the top layer of the tongue.

Serpentaxy have internal ears for hearing, with there ear sense connected to the tongue.

Government Edit

The Serpentaxy are ruled by an emperor and usually a empress will also be ruling. Along with this, nobles will make many political decisions. Any dispute within the system will be quickly dealt with and settled by authority of senators.

History Edit

The Serpentaxy are one of the oldest races in Quadrant 82. Living near the Ramsoria Run Trade Rout and Rametru Nui, they quickly established a small society.

Culture Edit

The Serpentaxies culture isn't very well known among other empires.

Many Serpentaxy wear robes as standard clothing, even soldiers will give up their armor in exchange for traditional Serpentaxy robes. The robes are usually adorned with symbols and bright colors. The Serpentaxy have a similar religion to Rambo Nation, even speaking of things like the Atlantica.

Serpentaxy prefer clean and organized work places.


There food consists of fish as well as cattle and there drinks are usually frozen because of the nature of there culture this results in cooked food to be rare.



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