Septis Ultanos is one of the youngest five children of Uriel and Alessa Ultanos. Groomed by his parents, Septis aspires to become a heroic warrior one day.


Septis hatched roughly around the events of the Holy Shadow War. He was born aboard the RASC Alaveas - the personal cruser of his father - where he was sheltered from the war's horrifying events. Septiswas kept in constant view of his mother for the next decade.

When the Khaxvis Resurgence attacked Alcanti in 2785 he witnessed his mother kill a Khaxvis-hired mercenary by using a pistol to vapourise his head. Although Alensia kept his view away from the act, he stil lremembers seeing the body. Shortly after the killing he met and imprinted Tyraz, Iovera IX and Jahric after they came to check on his mother. Septis joined his mother to see his father dead in the throne room after the battle's climax and watched as Iovera ressurected him.

When Spetis was finalyl old enough to leave the constant watch of his mother he became highly inquisitive and spent much time exploring the palace. WHen Tyraz returned he met the Zazane's son, Kezoreg. The two quickly formed a fond friendship with each other and when Tyraz was due to leave, Septis gave Kezoreg one of his toys as a sign of gratitude for the fun they they had with each other.



He is young and round-snouted with deep emerald eyes like his father. As he is of a royal bloodline his wardrobe generally contains all kinds of gold-threaded outfits, he has a particular fondness of baggy and less ceremonial clothing than what his father may wear.


Septis carries traits distinct to a toddler - he is curious, energetic, talkative, playful and is always cheerful despite the horrid events he has been witness to and displays clear affection for anyone he has been positively imprinted. He is highly intelligent and is very confident at choosing his own clothes even if they may mis-match on occasion.

When upset, Septis will generally run to find one of his next-of-kin to see comfort.



Green face.pngThese people are fun!

  • Uriel Ultanos - My dad is the best warrior ever!
  • Alensia Ultanos - My mummy always protects me from the monsters.
  • Larnus Vontarion - Daddy's best friend, he always brings me meatsticks whenever he visits!
  • Alessa Ultanos - Big sister!
  • Template:CaptainIovera IX - Haha your face looks fuzzy.
  • Tyraz Breek - One of daddy's friends, he looks scary but he seems nice.
  • Jahric - His pistol is Sooo cool!
  • Kezoreg - I want us to be friends forever!


Yellow face.pngFriends?


Red face.pngGo away or I'm calling my dad to beat you up.


One day you will be a great leader, my son.

- Uriel Ultanos

The little scamp reminds me so much of Uriel, its adorable.

- Larnus Vontarion

I wonder how much of a bounty I could get on him... His tiny head may be worth billions in other worlds...

- Ka'zun Härza

You look funny. We should play together one day!

- Princess Maryah

Heh, my dad is better than your dad, but you're cool anyway!

- Kezoreg


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