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Seerkar was not born in wedlock and for all intents and purposes is a bastard, a royal bastard at that. He was born of the union between the Persan leader Zuki and Volver king Brygon after Zuki seduced Brygon as part of her own plan to create a symbol of balance between the Void and Autogenesis. Though primarily raised by his mother Seerkar visits his father with fair regularity, though he privately admits to not being especially close to either of them. The facts that he knows neither of his parents are truly attached to one another has left him unwilling to form casual relations so he does not really seek out romantic involvement from others.

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Seerkar bares traits of both Vanara and Volver, as well as the other species that make up Brygon's genetic makeup. Though his general body plan is Vanara he has webbed feet, antlers, a fifth cyclopian eye, semipermeable skin, and tail that can launch poison like a Volver. He is also stronger and taller then the average Vanara thanks to his Ugandalorian and Soldarian dna and can produce pheromones thanks to his Raptoranean dna (something he is less then happy about since it attracts unwanted attention from the other gender). Seerkar as green skin and purple eyes.

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For someone born from the temporary union of two of the most influential political figures Seerkar is a surprisingly unassuming individual, in fact most people probably wouldn't look at him twice if they met him on the street. He is a rather meek and quiet person, afraid of standing out, who prefers to keep to the shadows, out of sight out of mind. Though he is prone to private quips of sarcasm when faced with something or someone he dislikes. However, this soft, non-confrontational exterior hides something much darker for Seerkar has inherited two rather unpleasant traits he has inherented from his parents. First is his mother's conniving, scheming, and manipulative side, and second is his fathers ruthlessness. Combined these two traits have manifest as a sadistic, berserker fury that manifests when he is pushed to the edge. However, Seerkar is absolutely terrified of this side of himself and tries to keep it at bay.

  • Favorite Food
  • Favorite Color – Green
  • Preferred Style – Basic, Plain Colors, Comfortable
  • Most Prized Possession – Clockwork Watch
  • Areas of Interest – Music, Philosophy, Videogames
  • Dislikes – Fighting

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  • Void Energy - Seerkar posses Void Energy but differs from other users in in that he can control it without the need for techniques like a koatria can.
  • Vanara Genetics - Seerkar's Vanara genetics allow him to breath underwater through gills upon his neck and allow him to fire neutron blasts from his mouth.
  • Volver Genetics - While he did not inherit every Volver ability from his father, Seerkar does have an array of useful abilities at his disposal. Seerkar is capable of firing deadly poison from his tail, bursts of controlled flight, and has the ability to breathe under water through his skin.
  • Soldarian Genetics - He may lack the durable scales of his Soldarian ancestors, but Seerkar still inherited powerful abilities from them. He has the potential to have near limitless stamina, incredible physical strength, and impact resistance.

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Despite not being a warrior by nature Seerkar is more the capable when it comes to the art of swordsmenship and wields a arming sword along with a a revolver for ranged combat. He also wears a Light Encounter Suit which is about all he can wear into battle since anything heavier or with more sensitive electronics would interfere with his spellcasting.

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  • LoveRelationAkanri - I... I really care about you, you know that right?

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I know you do... and I care too, idiot.

- Akanri

Son, I've won many battles..and many wars. I helped form one of the greatest powers the gigaquadrant has ever seen. I even had a chance to be a god if you can believe it. But even after all that, I think the most joy and pride I've ever felt came from watching you grow.

- King Brygon

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