Development due to insight has a significant advantage over evolution: while less advanced lifeforms will adapt to suit their environment, we can adapt our environment to suit us.

- Balbus Marinus

Secundus Septimius is an experienced agent in the DFI, and has infiltrated many organisations that are significant to the Talven Empire. He specializes in assassination and intelligence gathering, though he is capable of performing many other tasks.


Early lifeEdit

Secundus Septimius was born on February the 2nd, 2768. He joined the army in 2783, showing himself to be unusually talented at unconventional forms of combat. In 2784, he was approached by an agent of the DFI, who recruited him as a spy. Septimius underwent five years of training at a DFI facility on Ancora, developing his skills in combat, stealth, and as a computer specialist.

Imperial AgentEdit

Septimius began to investigate corruption in the Talven merchant guilds, assassinating or indirectly alerting the DDS to anyone who was damaging the security of the Talven Empire through illegal activities.

In 2790, Septimius found that Grandmaster Rufus Caelinus was behind pirate attacks on other guilds, as well as military facilities. Caelinus had intended to put pressure on the government to focus more on defense than expansion, while he expanded his guild with the profits taken from his rivals. When Septimius assassinated Caelinus, the DFI replaced the Grandmaster with another agent, allowing Septimius to easily impersonate him in the future.

Discovery at VotumEdit


Septimius is loyal, devoted, and manipulative. He enjoys music, playing multiple instruments, and will study languages and cultures even if they are irrelevant to him. He does not enjoy killing, but does not hesitate to eliminate those that he or the DFI sees as a threat to the Talven Empire, even if the threat is not a direct one.

Once Septimius has received orders from the DFI, he will do all that he can to carry them out. If a mission is decided to be impossible or too dangerous, he may continue to work towards completing it in his spare time, or as a part of his other assignments. Septimius' devotion to duty makes him unusually resistant to torture and bribes, even for a Talva.



Green faceWhat next?


Blue faceI am proud to fight by you side.

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Yellow faceDon't get in my way.


Orange faceBe grateful that I do not hunt you.

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Red faceYour days are numbered.

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