You was not killed by our drone. That must mean you are a new initiate. To survive in this sector you must learn what it is.

2792. The Delpha Coalition of Planet's determination to wipe out the Dominatus was parried by the Tyranny's malevolent desire to uproot the Coalition during its campaign to enslave everyone. A war of attrition fought with metric weapons: relativistic missiles, black hole bombs, wormhole burners, cosmic string scythes and hyperspatial waves. Over a trillion lives and several billion battleships fighting on every front, easily replenished without heart. The space between the Tyranny and the Coalition became horrendously scarred, string loops whipping through space faster than light, swarms of black holes, bleeding quantum froth from hyperspace, squalls of subspace storms.
2794. After the war, governments and the Cooperative begin a clean-up operation on the sector, as it was effecting nearby trade routes and was thwart with dangerous anomalies. While officially they state they are still mopping the sector, the clean-up operation lasts only seven months.
2795. The Dominatus are defeated, but new tension escalates and sector is left unchecked. We arrived, but so did other syndicates as far as Borealis, and... Some Overseers. The sector is so volatile we barely find each other however. Secrets are and have been buried here by the foolish.
You will not live long here, but due to the bruised nature of spacetime, death is the least of your worries. But you know the risk, you have your reasons to be here. Drones and distorted space weeds out the wandering fools.

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