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The Five come, and with them, doom sure follows!

- Arrtkar Crowart

The Wrath of the Five is the first part of the Second War of Black Fog, notable for being the time where the Dark Five attacked the First Gigaquadrant.

Note: The Plazith, Andromedan, Cyrannian and Unknown Space sections can be read at any order you wish! However, make sure to read all of them before checking the Ottzelloan Front.


Initial Invasion[edit | edit source]

Plazith Front[edit | edit source]

Coming of the Floral Menace[edit | edit source]

It was an usual quiet day at the Dracogonarious Empire. Men and women worked as usual with their normal routine, maintaining a colony localized far away from the core colonies. Their productivity had increased considerably the last month and they were been praised for how fast they were advancing. The advisors on the colony were more than proud of their work and the work of the colonists.

Children played in a park, some of them flying around eagerly. It was a beatiful day to play outside, and even though all of them had virtual reality games they could play, some time outside with their friends in flesh was good. One Dracogovaesis girl pointed up on the sky, and the entire group of children gasped in awe.

It's a shooting star!

Oh, it's so beautiful!

Quick, make a wish!

Pfff, you're so dumb, it's just a comet.

Who cares, it looks pretty!

Indeed, there was a shooting star on the sky, even though it was day, it was clearly visible. Many men and women looked up, to admire at it. It had an unique, purple glow, unusual for a shooting star. But the unusually had only started there. More shooting stars appeared...and the first star grew larger. And larger. And larger.

Laidar rises

It crashed in the middle of the city, created a gigantic crater. A blast of purple fire erupted out of it, and gigantic vines grew out of it. A huge, cyclopic visage emerged out of the smoke and let out a healthy, taunting laugher. The surviving guards around the city fired their weapons at it, but whatever it was, it felt nothing. The monster's vines wrapped the buildings around it and threw them away effortlessly, all while laughing hearthily. Its tentacles wrapped themselves on the population and lifted them into its five mouths, devouring them whole.

Feed me, mortals, feed me now!

The other shooting stars all crashed on the planet as well, revealing themselves to be smaller versions of the gigantic monsters. The things, these...plants...they overran the cities and completely wrecked the surprised military, caught totally by surprise. Among the chaos, portals formed, and Marinoxidiz emerged, to join in the carnage. The monstrous leader, Laidar, the Floral Menace, ate the planet whole with its tentacles and crushed the planet's core itself with its immense roots. Such extensive were his vines that the planet's crust had been completely overrun in a matter of three hours.

In a blast, Laidar forced its tentacles, breaking the planet's crust like if it was a mere rock. The demon plant had no fear of the immense heat of the planet's interior, and just kept feeding. Its diet of mortal blood would hardly be satisfied by a single world. More were needed. The Marinoxidiz retreated as the world crumbled, the children of the demon teleporting away as it erupted itself from the ground and blasted itself out of the planet into outer space, to join itself into a huge nebula of black fog. Behind it, only remained a crumbled, destroyed planet.

The Dark Five had arrived on the Milky Way.

Warrior Scholar[edit | edit source]

Following Laidar's invasion, news were spreading all over the Dracogonarious about the dark nebula that began advancing into its territory. The Supreme Advisors grew more and more worried as they saw images of the invaders. These "beasts" were unlike anything the Dracogonarious had ever seen, as they had never dealt with essence in the past, with a single exception which they still did not completely understand. They had to do something about it, and as such, the highest ranking commandant of the Empire was called for a meeting with the Supreme Advisors and the Emperor himself.

Commandant Jerkon, son of the legendary Captain Drakley, made his way through the halls of the Emperor's palace. The capital of the government, the palace had an almost ancient look, as the Emperors of the Dracogonarious had saw it as a good way of honouring the very first leaders. Despite this, it was by no means a rudimentary building, being plated in a shining silver look, with extensive flora as decorations around pillars and in the middle of large rooms.

Upon arriving into the throne room, Jerkon bowed to the Emperor and his advisors. The Emperor, named Garolei Kronk, was the original Great Science Lord's most recent ancestor.

  • Jerkon - Excuse me for being late.
  • Garolei - Worry not, commandant, you arrived just in time. We were just waiting for your arrival to resume the war plans.
  • Jerkon - I see.

Jerkon approached the desk where the Emperor and the Advisors were discussing. In it, there was a large holographic map of the Dracogonarious Empire, showing the movement of the dark nebula, which was advancing through its southern region.

  • Garolei - As you can see, this anomaly has advanced and destroyed a total of six colonies in a matter of five days.
  • Advisor 1 - By what we have identified, it appears to be made of similar material to what the famous warchief of the Klamb Tribe can capable of harnessing.
  • Jerkon - Have you come to conclusions about it?
  • Advisor 2 - Unfortunately, we have not yet discovered what her..."power"
  • Advisor 3 - I would suggest requesting help from her. Relations with the Klamb are positive, and she has shown her battle prowness already during tests.
  • Garolei - Is using the leader of a pre-industrial a viable choice? I would rather not involve innocents. And again, she is a tribeswoman.
  • Jerkon - I am willing to seek her and request her aid. She may have knowledge of what is the invasion force. She will be presented the offer and will take it at her own risk.

Garolei nodded to Jerkon.

  • Garolei - So be it, then. But still, take caution. She is an unique specimen.
  • Jerkon - I will take note of it. Now, I must know exactly what the enemy is.
  • Advisor 2 - You were not yet presented?

The advisor changed the hologram, to show an image of a Marinoxidiz. Upon taking sight of it, Jerkon was paralyzed on the spot.

  • Jerkon - ...But they are extinct.
  • Advisor 1 - That was what we believed too, until five days ago.
  • Jerkon - Are the Grox with them?
  • Garolei - The Grox have not been encountered in any of the attacks, but we do not dismiss the possibility of their involvement. For now, we believe the best strategy is to gather allies and find wherever this "nebula" is originating from.
  • Advisor 3 - If the Marinox are back, they may be attacking more empires. I suggest seeking aid from the Spinkers.

Jerkon grinded his teeth.

  • Jerkon - Koluap...
  • Garolei - Any problems, commandant?
  • Jerkon - Their admiral. Probably the most unrealiable and unlikeable character I've come across.
  • Advisor 2 - I'm afraid you will have to put that behind you, for the good of the Empire. Seek allies and combat this invasion.
  • Garolei - The Marinox fell before us once, and they will fall before us again. No retreating, and no surrendering.
  • Jerkon - Hm. I will do so, for the Empire.
  • Advisor 1 - We will be waiting your reports, commandant. Good luck.

Wth this, Jerkon left the room and made his way back to the spaceport. He'd have to work with people he really didn't enjoy, but in times of crisis, it's better to have an annoying ally than no ally at all.

The Klamb Warchief[edit | edit source]

Jerkon's ship, the Legacy, made its way to Planet Klambah, homeworld of the Klamb. The planet was notable across the Empire for being the only planet where a Dracogonarious colony and a pre-industrial tribe co-existed peacefully. The Klamb tribe and the Dracogonarious, despite their technological differences, could live together by enchanging favours. The Dracogonarious showed the Klamb new forms of technology and news ways of using the land, while the Klamb provided the Dracogonarious with information about their culture and their criminals as test subjects.

Leading the Klamb was a mysterious and very ancient woman called Macin Xermilin. Unlike other Klamb, she was blue and golden, had wings and radiated an aura of power. The Dracogonarious had colonized Klambah around 1,340 years ago, and Macin had been the warchief of the Tribes since then. The scientists of the Empire were fascinated by her, but she refused to be studied.

Jerkon, following the roads created by the Klamb, until he arrived to the central tribal outpost of the Klamb. The citizens of the area were all friendly and waved at Jerkon, calling him "sky man". Jerkon looked around until he spotted the largest hut. One Klamb woman approached him and smiled.

  • Klamb - How can we help the sky man today?
  • Jerkon - I am looking for your warchief.
  • Klamb - Oh, I'm sorry. The warchief is busy right now.
  • ??? - I am here.

Jerkon meets Macin

At this moment, Macin Xermilin left the hut and walked up to Jerkon, helped by her warchief staff. Jerkon was surprised by the notable physical difference between her and all other Klambs, while Macin looked at Jerkon's eyes with interest.

  • Klamb - Oh, warchief. You said you were not going to-
  • Macin - This one is different. Leave us.

The Klamb bowed and quickly left. Jerkon looked at the scene in confusion, but then turned to Macin again.

  • Macin - I expected your arrival.
  • Jerkon - Hmm? Well, I'll get to the subject. Our emp-
  • Macin - The nightmares have risen. I am aware.
  • Jerkon - Excuse me?

Macin paced left and right, with a worried look.

  • Macin - I was not allowed to comment on this, but they are here now.
  • Jerkon - Comment on what?
  • Macin - The nightmare folk. Evil beings with dark magic powers. They have come to end the world.
  • Jerkon - "Magic"? Please.
  • Macin - Magic is real, sky man. The nightmare folk have come to destroy everything! My teacher said so before she left!
  • Jerkon - Wait wait. Your teacher?
  • Macin - Yes. She is one of the dream folk. Thea'Nhirara, that's how she called herself. She brings destinies. Mine will come one day, but not for a few years.

Jerkon groaned and rolled his eyes, believing Macin was being delusional. However, once she noticed him doing so, she aimed her staff at him, and Jerkon was thrown up and locked in midair. He waved his limbs, startled.

  • Jerkon - What the?! How did you do this?!
  • Macin - Magic is real, sky man! I have it! The nightmare folk have it! But their magic is bad. It needs to be stopped, or the nightmares will end the world.
  • Jerkon - ...Telekinesis...but how...

Macin slowly put Jerkon down. The Dracogonarious shook his head, still startled from the incident. He then looked at Macin and adjusted his uniform.

  • Jerkon - Wel...magic or not, you really do have a power in you. My sources say your power is similar to that of the new Marinox.
  • Macin - I use dream magic. They use nightmare magic.
  • Jerkon - So you're saying your power and theirs are opposites?
  • Macin - Indeed.
  • Jerkon - Are there any more with this "power"?
  • Macin - Only my Teacher, and I have not seen her in over four thousand years.

Jerkon's eyes widened.

  • Jerkon - ...Macin, how old are you?
  • Macin - Five thousand years.
  • Jerkon - ...Right. Are you willing to leave this place and join me to stop the "nightmare folk"?
  • Macin - Of course. Just let me prepare myself and appoint a temporary warchief while I'm gone.

Jerkon nodded and left the area. He came to the planet for answers, but only got even more questions. Anyway, Macin was part of his crew now. The next step would be the Spinker Empire...

Attack at Eris[edit | edit source]

Eris under attack!

Eris, a colony of Rambo Nation in the Milky Way, acting as there capital planet there was small and lush and green. Filled with happy citizens and hard working Rambo Nation people, though it was also defended by a small fleet and military force. During the 4th month of the year 04 AQF, during the Quadrantia Disorder.

The dreaded Marinoxidiz arrived at the planet, huge creatures and very powerful. They arrived just with 5 of them, but the arrival of such a huge creatures Eris sounded the alarm and immidate the militairy prepared to attack. Sadly, they were no match and the tanks, Argo Wagons and even the Morty's were falling from the skies and burned. The Marinoxidiz just smiled and looked happy. They nodded and left the planet. The Marinoxidiz arrived at Eris to investigate the defences of Rambo Nation and to hack the database there. The Marinoxodiz succeeded, if there would be an attack at the Milky Way or Earth, Eris was severly weakened and the date they stole didn't had anything classified or secret, but containted the basic information about Rambo Nation, the Cyrandia Alliance and there various ways of living and locations. Valuable information for a race which isn't familair with the Cyrannus nor the Quadrant Galaxies.

And ofcourse, the battle was just fun for the Marinoxidiz, defeating them also meant whispers and rumors would spread across the Quadrant Galaxies. Sending fear and caution, the Rambo would think twice before attacking the Marinoxidiz, even it there allies would aid them.

The Taking of Kaizox[edit | edit source]

Planet Kaizox was the former homeworld of the Marinox. It was their place of creation and their capital when their empire still existed. It was also the closest planet to the former capital of the Milky Way Grox. Despite being quite close to the Galactic Core and as such, bathed daily by extreme amounts of radiation, the Grox had enveloped the planet in a protective layer which allowed the Marinox to live in a synthetic environment. When Kaizox fell 600 years in the past, all traces of its original inhabitants were replaced with science teams from both the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies. It had become a symbol of peace and a representation of the bond created by the races of the Milky Way when they joined forces to defeat the Grox.

Marigrax and his troops destroy the scientists

The nebula of the Corruptus arrived to the Galactic Core, unflinching by the radiation, and before any of the forces around the planet could do anything, the Marinoxidiz appeared in the surface. Leading this force was their leader himself, Emperor Marigrax, who ordered all aliens in the planet to be decimated. Followed by demons and Errrbots, the Marinoxidiz annihilated the science teams. In the middle of the carnage, Arrtkar Crowart appeared and turned to Marigrax, whose blade was stained by Dracogonarious blood.

  • Arrtkar - I take you are having fun.
  • Marigrax - I will not allow these "vermin" to defile my throne.
  • Arrtkar - Your throne is to become a new Overworld. Finish your deed, while I arcanise your star. Let none survive.
  • Marigrax - These creatures are not deserving of the Devourer's blessing.

Arrtkar disappeared, while Marigrax returned to battle. In space, the humongous nebula launched blasts at the star which Kaizox orbited. The star became unstable and began pulsating, but they were not tryign to destroy it. Instead, the star began shining in a shade of purple and was eventually enveloped by a crust of pure entropic energy, which began growing in size. At the planet, what remained of the Dracogonarious forces watched as the sky mutated into a purple nightmare above their heads.

  • Dracogonarious soldier - Warn Mission Control! Kaizox is lost! Get help!
  • Marigrax - Help yourself in the grave!

Marigrax stomped the soldier into the ground and let out a roar as all Dracogonarious in the planet had been slaughtered. The mutated star shined above the Marinoxidiz, causing the land of the planet to slowly be corrupted. The new Overworld was being created.

Spinker Discussions[edit | edit source]

Arriving into orbit of the Spinker homeworld of Kingus, Jerkon contacted the Empress, Windey Spinkarius for a conference. The Spinkers were one of the many species bioengineered by the Dracogonarious, and because of the extensive list of similarities in their genetic codes, the species kind of considered each other as siblings. As Jerkon's hologram appeared to Empress Windey, he bowed to her in respect, even though there really was no need for that.

  • Jerkon - Greetings, Empress Windey.
  • Windey - It has been a while, Commandant.
  • Jerkon - I take you already know the reason I am here today.
  • Windey - Indeed...the same creature who attacked your planets is advancing through Spinker colonies, followed by these new Marinox.
  • Jerkon - So I believe your cooperation is already secured.

Windey smiled and crossed her arms.

  • Windey - You don't ahve to be so cold, Jerkon.
  • Jerkon - ...Oh....I'm sorry, I didn't mean to.
  • Windey - It's okay. Now, I believe Admiral Koluap is still here at the government palace. I'll get him to join you.

As Windey left the screen, Jerkon groaned. Macin approached him by his side, looking confused.

  • Macin - What bothers you?
  • Jerkon - Koluap is a mentally defective liability.
  • Macin - What?
  • Jerkon - I am not exaggerating. He has been diagnosed with insanity. I've worked with him briefly in the past, and those were some of my worst missions
  • Macin - So you're saying...he's bonkers on the head?
  • Jerkon - Hm. Yes, you could say that.

It was then that a new face appeared on Jerkon's screen. It was quite unlike Windey. She was delicate, quiet, and kind of cute. This figure was gruff, ugly and already entered the discussion screaming. He looked at Jerkon and narrowed his eyes, while showing off his teeth at him.

  • Koluap - Eh? You?
  • Jerkon - Admiral Koluap. It is a...pleasure.
  • Koluap - No it ain't! I ain't working with you for whatever reason!
  • Macin - You don't even know why we are here!
  • Koluap - I didn't ask your opinion, you whatever-the-hell-you-are!
  • Jerkon - Koluap, you are being illogical...again.
  • Koluap - Don't provoke me, you self-centered nerd!

Windey grabbed Koluap's shoulder and gave him a very stern look. Koluap stared at for several moments until he groaned and turned back to Jerkon and Macin.

  • Koluap - Uuugh. Fine. What do you want from me?
  • Jerkon - Did you not learn the news? The Marinox have returned, and they are attacking our empires.
  • Koluap - ...You mean that's not a joke?
  • Windey - Of course it's not a joke.
  • Koluap - ...Well. Right. Get your ship in here and I'll join you. But keep your blue dog pet away from me.
  • Macin - What did he just call me?!

Before the transmission could go any further, Jerkon closed it. The Spinkers were on his side, and as the ship made tis way to a dockbay to pick Koluap up, Macin prepared to give him a very good beating for what he said. Jerkon, noticing her intentions, did the most logical thing in this kind of situation: grabbed a snack and prepared to watch the show.

Herquie's Nightmare[edit | edit source]

It was another day at the Lokramin Space Station, located within the borders of the Bonio Republic. Home of some of the nastiest individuals of the region, it was a hub of crime and disorder. Greedy crimelords called this station home, though they all knew there was one individual they would never mess with. The Shadow Mercenary, they called him. A man of many battles, with a kill count higher than any other man in several light-years from Lokramin. His guild was well feared across the station, as anyone marked as a target by them was as well as dead. This Shadow Mercenary lived in the station as any other man, though he was well aware of his reputation, and made full use of it to get what he wanted.

Herquie Lhern, the one and only Shadow Mercenary, and master of the Lhern Guild. Entering a "men's club", he walked up to one of the various crimelords of the station, a businessman by the name of Fragrion. As he made his way to him, he watched the dancing females around the place. The guards of the club meanwhile glared at Herquie intensily, not as in anger, but as in they were terrified by his presence. Fragrion was drinking from a fine wive as Herquie approached him, taking the wine off his hand and drinking it himself.

  • Herquie - Hmpf. You call this a drink? You wuss.
  • Fragrion - You say that because you have no fine taste, my friend. Or it may be because of my saliva.
  • Herquie - You're a disgusting, fat, old bird, Fragrion.

The crimelord laughed and made room for Herquie to sit next to him. He had chosen a good location to sit on, at the upper floors of the club, giving them both a good views of the dancers below. One of the barmaids of the club walked up to the duo, taking more alcohol for them. Like the dancers, she wore mininal clothing, and as she saw Herquie, her expression changed to astonishment. Tall, musculous and scarred all over. As she served the drinks, she leaned up on him. The mercenary stared at her with a blank expression, moving his robotic eye at her direction.

  • Barmaid - Hey there, big boy. Would you like one of our "special massages"?
  • Herquie - Massage, eh? Well, I've not had one in a few days now. My shoulders are starting to tire.

The woman passed her hands through Herquie's chest, putting herself against his large, imposing chest. Fragrion smoke a cigar and watched the scene in amusement, as he put more wine on his glass.

  • Barmaid - We should do something about that, don't you think?
  • Herquie - Well, now I can't refuse. I don't wanna see such a pretty doll with a sad face. Give me some minutes, and I will join you.

The barmaid winked at Herquie and walked away. He looked at her with as she left, with a smirk on his face.

  • Herquie - She's got a tail for sure.
  • Fragrion - Popular with both the business and the ladies, eh, big guy?
  • Herquie - Tell me why you called me here, Fragrion.
  • Fragrion - I got you a target. Easy money. It's one man who's being a thorn in my side, and a small legion of guards. Nothing the "Shadow Mercenary" can't solve.
  • Herquie - I don't like that nickname. It's so cheesy.
  • Fragrion - Then, after you're done, let's scrap it. Instead of Shadow Mercenary, why not King of Lokramin? Claws of Death?
  • Herquie - Pff. You're terrible at names.

It was at this momen that something entered the club. It was not like the rest of the men, who had come for fun, money and pleasure. This being was completely emotionless, with a blank expression and a robotic pattern. Its brown and striped skin made it stand on the crowd, and as the guards noticed it, they immediately aimed their weapons at it. They knew what that was, but why was it here? They were supposed to live on the galactic core. Why was that Marinox here?

  • Marinox - Cull.

The Marinox let out an order in a strange, robotic tongue, and the club was swarmed by several more of them. They attacked everything and everyone, causing destruction along the way. Noticing the carnage, Herquie jumped off his seat and ran off through a window, before the Marinox got upstairs and massacred Fragrion and the rest of the barmaids. These creatures had no need for pleasure. Their only objective was to destroy. Herquie opened his wings and flew around the streets, where the population was being culled by the Marinox hordes. He had to get to his headquarters fast, to gather his men and fight off the invasion.

As he got there, however, all he saw was his Guild being destroyed. He was a good distance away, but could still hear their cries.

"What are these monsters?!"
"They're murdering everyone!"
"Where's Herquie?!"
"They just gunned him down!"

Usually cold and calculating, Herquie fell to one of his knees. He had the trust of these men, his subordinates, soldiers, friends. And now they were being attacked for who-knows-what reason. It was then that he saw a hooded figure, roughly three and a half meters in heigth, who appeared to be ordering the Marinox. He put out his bladed knuckles, the weapons he had used to kill so many men before, and leaped into the figure. He wanted to tear it apart, limb from limb.

However, as he got close, the figure turned and grabbed one of Herquie's hands, stopping him in midair. Taking down his cloak, all Herquie saw was a monster.

Herquie encounters the monster

  • ??? - Child.
  • Herquie - W-w-what the...
  • ??? - Interference. Unnacceptable. Watch the fire.

The monster forcefully turned Herquie around, causing great pain on his neck and arm. He grabbed his head to keep it still, turning him into the city's direction. The Marinox had disappeared, and replaced with more monsters. The station which Herquie had called him since birth was now in flames. He fought to break the monster's grip, but found it impossible.

  • Herquie - I don't know who you are...but I will rip you apart.
  • ??? - Threats. The poor man's fighting style.
  • Herquie - You're playing with fire, you abomination. I am more powerful than I look.
  • ??? - More powerful than the fire? Then fight it.

The monster threw Herquie very high into the air, causing him to freefall into the burning inferno's direction. He tried to move his wings, to no success. The heat began catching up, and his skin started to burn, until he finally hit the floor.

Herquie woke up, at his personal spaceship. He held on his head, still having the terrible nightmare in mind. It was then that his transmittor began beeping, as if someone was calling him. He groaned and walked up to it, accepting the transmission. A masked figure appeared on his screen.

  • ??? - Greetings, mercenary.
  • Herquie - Who're you and how did you get into this frequency?
  • ??? - A man with tools and a job to be done. And I am interested in your services.

Attack on the Kicath Empire[edit | edit source]

A rainy day went as normal on the Kicath Empire. A powerful and old empire of silicon-based, reptilian-insectoid beings known as the Kicath, nothing of really interesting was really going on. On-duty, Agent Mu watched the population moving around, doing their thing. He was close to a bar, and planned to give it a visit when off-duty. He also watched several of the Empire's protectorate races also walking around. Despite their xenophoby, the Kicath lived together with them, and they appeared to be content with their situation. Two more Agents with similar armor approached Mu, who nodded to them.

  • Agent 1 - Everything going well. No action as far as we could see.
  • Mu - Hm. It's been a while since we saw some action.
  • Agent 2 - Downsides of being the peace-keeper force. Eventually, you actually get some peace.
  • Mu - Don't talk too loud. You might attract something.

The second Agent let out a chuckle, and at that moment, the rain stopped. The third Agent looked up, and his eyes narrowed. The sky had gone...purple. Cloudly, stormy, and purple. But those were not rain clouds.

  • Agent 2 - The hell?
  • Mu - Eh? What's up wi-

A huge meteor hit the city, launching all three of them away with the impact. The meteor spawned tentacles and vines around itself, and out of it, Laidar's head emerged and roared. Mu watched dumbfounded as one vine wrapped itself around the leg of the third Agent and took him. Mu and the second Agent watched as one of Laidar's mouths ate the Agent whole.

  • Agent 1 - just ate him!
  • Mu - Siná'in, get back!
  • Laidar - this...silicon-based chemistry I'm tasting?...Excellent! I've have not tasted such in a long time!
  • Mu - Shit, it speaks even. Regroup!

Mu and the surviving Agent both ran out of the way, to take distance from the monster. As they ran past the population, they watched as Laidar's vines extended through the city, and swarms of spherical beings began appearing. A Kicathian Drone began emitting sounds, warning the population to not panic, but all it did was make it worse by hurting the ears of the citizens. Laidar looked annoyed at the Drone, and with a tentacle, pummeled it down into the ground, causing a large explosion. One of the spheric beings gave chase to Mu and his subordinate, and as it got close, it unleashed a blast of purple energy at the subordinate's back, which caused him to fall down on the floor.

  • Agent 1 - Argh!
  • Mu - ...Essence?

Mu reached his hand to get the subordinate back up, but before he could, the spherical being approached and entered the Agent's body through his mouth. He began jittering and spazzing, spikes forming out of his limbs, and his skin slowly changed into black and white. Mu watched in confusion, but as the Agent got back up, Mu jumped on him and stomped on his head until it was flattened, killing him. The spherical creature left the Agent's body, hissing at Mu before flying away.

  • Mu - ...That was a demon. There's demons attacking the planet!

More Agents approached Mu, all of similar armor as his.

  • Mu - Just great. I expected bar brawls, not the damned apocalypse!
  • Agent 3 - Orders, sir?
  • Mu - Well, keep away from the ball thingies, for one. But, about that huge tentacled thing...
  • Agent 4 - Sir, we have also detected immense cyborg aliens attacking alongside these...monsters.
  • Mu - Aliens AND demons? C'mon. I better get a promotion after this...We need an advantage point. Follow me and keep your guns primed. I need a good view of that huge thing.

Mu and the Agent squad ran through the chaos, evading possesseds, demons and more spherical monsters. As they had told, the cyborg aliens also made their appearence: the Marinoxidiz. On their path, Agents were forced to stay behind to fight them, lowering their numbers. As Mu and his team got to a relatively safe distance, he could get a good glimpse of the huge demon. He watched with genuine worry as it was as big as the city's largest buildings, and it wrapped its tentacles around it.

  • Mu - ...Shit.
  • Agent 4 - It's kilometers is that even possible?
  • Agent 5 - Hell, how do we even hurt something that big?
  • Mu - Where's the space fleet when you need it?
  • Agent 6 - Apparently all dead because of this nebula which's eating the planet. Great way to go.

Mu looked at his surroundings, and upon close inspection, he finally located himself within the city. He and his team were in a building's ceiling, close to several anti-aircraft cannons, and watching Laidar, he could notice a massive, pulsating organ on his chest. Connecting the dots, Mu turned to the rest of the Agents.

  • Mu - Right, I got a plan. You'll go in two teams, and go get these AA guns working. Team A will aim their guns at that whatever-the-fuck-it-is' chest, where there's that huge pulsating thing. Team B will fire them at the mouths. Those appear to be the most likely to be weakspots on it.
  • Agent 4 - Acknowledged.
  • Agent 5 - Hell, this is like a huge nightmare.
  • ??? - Hm hm hm hm, you could say that...

In front of the Agents, a large creature, nearly twice Mu's size appeared. Arrtkar Crowart. Mu gestured at the others to leave as he stepped forward to confront him by himself.

Arrtkar taunts Mu

  • Mu - You're in charge of all this?
  • Arrtkar - In charge? No. I am but an agent.
  • Mu - Funny you say that. I'm also an agent. Except I'm not an aberrant.
  • Arrtkar - I care not for your goals, mortal. Your planet will make a fine feast for Laidar.
  • Mu - Yeah, about that. Tell your demon friend to get the hell off my planet before I blow it up.

Arrtkar laughed loudly at Mu's remark.

  • Arrtkar - Your innocence amuses me! But I can see into your thoughts. You are terrified of all this.
  • Mu - Might be, but it won't mean I'm gonna stay with my arms crossed.
  • Arrtkar - I accept your challenge then, mortal. Fight me!

Mu charged at Arrtkar to deliver a punch to him, but the demon stopped him on his tracks by launching tentacles out of his back. He lifted Mu off the floor and then threw him against it. Mu got up, and angered, grabbed one of the tentacles close to him and twisted it. Arrtkar shrieked and then threw him Mu over his head, crashing him against the floor again. Aiming his energy, he fire it at the Kicath, who only barely managed to avoid the attacks. As he ran, Arrtkar suddenly tackled him, trapping his helmet on his insectoid jaw.

  • Mu - You're a disgusting Kiltaránkisiatékagazátazhatmanaí!

Mu grabbed Arrtkar's mandibles and pushed him back. His maw was large enough to devour the Kicath's entire torso if he allowed him to get any closer. Delivering a kick, Mu hit Arrtkar's chest, which caused him to stumble back. Taking the opportunity, Mu delivered several full strength punches at the demon's chest, which knocked him off the building they were on. At this time, the AA guns began firing, hitting Laidar's chest and his open mouths. Fortunate for Mu, his theory was correct, and the giant demon screamed in pain from the attacks.

  • Laidar - Aagh! My throat! My heart! You mortals must feed me, not fight me!

Mu watched the fireworks as Arrtkar jumped up and levitated in front of him. He turned to Laidar to see him being attacked and frowned.

  • Arrtkar - This is not worth the effort. Retreat.
  • Laidar - The feast will have to wait...but I will taste you again.

Laidar curled into a ball and blasted itself upwards, leaving the city. The demon forces and Arrtkar disappeared in a black fog, and the sky slowly turned back to normal. Mu stood with a knee on the ground, panting, as the rest of the Agents ran up to him.

  • Agent 5 - Commander. You alright?
  • Mu - I better...get a damn promotion.
  • Agent 6 - He's alright.
  • Agent 4 - The demons are gone and the city was mostly saved. Though the death toll was probably worthy of a prize.
  • Agent 5 - A demon invasion...what do we do now?
  • Mu - Humff...I gotta get in contact with Alpha about this.

Death to Leaders[edit | edit source]

Emperor Garolei of the Dracogonarious organized a meeting with Empress Windey of the Spinkers and the presidency of a close ally of both empires, the Bonio Republic, on the Dracogonarious homeworld of Draka-2. Garolei was the first to arrive, as well as his advisors. Soon after, Windey and her diplomats appeared and took their seats. Lastly arrived President Trokiun of the Bonio. As they all took their seats, Garolei spoke.

  • Garolei - Greetings, allies. I've called you all here for this emergency meeting to discuss our plans to deal with this "nebula".
  • Trokiun - It arrived at the border of Bonio Republic territory today. The citizens are starting to panic from all the news being spread around the region.
  • Windey - We have to do our best to keep everyone calm. Panicking will only make things worse. Garolei, any word from Jerkon and Koluap?
  • Garolei - Unfortunately not, but I've seen reports of the nebula advancing to other empires. Victims include two empires known as Kicath and Rambo Nation, if I remember correctly.
  • Trokiun - We should probably get them to join us then. Get more allies, and think of ways to fight this threat.

Garolei showed images of Dracogonarious fleets attempting to directly confront the nebula with no success, as well as spaceships directly attacking Laidar.

  • Garolei - A frontal assault on the nebula is useless. And this individual creature, who appears to be the leader, is impervious to spaceship-grade missiles, blasts and lasers.
  • Windey - What is that thing...
  • Trokiun - It looks like something out of a nightmare.
  • Garolei - Whatever it is, we have to deal with it before it spreads this nebula any further.

At this moment, the door to the meeting room was kicked and blasted away through the room. A massive entity entered it, glaring at the leaders of the empires with its deep red eyes. It was Arrtkar Crowart. The soldiers around the room immediately aimed their weapons at him.

  • Trokiun - What the hell?!
  • Garolei - Who are you? How did you get here?
  • Arrtkar - I bring you a message from the Marinoxidiz, Dracogonarious.
  • Windey - ...Marinoxidiz?
  • Gerolei - Men! Shoot to kill!

The soldiers all shot at Arrtkar in union. They were soldiers of the Royal Guard, the most elite of the elite in the Dracogonarious Empire's military, outfitted with the most advanced weaponry and armor available. Yet, Arrtkar resisted their shots, looking at the soldiers as if they were nothing but meddlesome flies who insisted in poking him.

  • Arrtkar - Do you always shoot the messager like this? You will hear my message, you wanting it or not. Dear Emperor of the Dracogonarious...

Arrtkar leaped into the Dracogonarious emperor's direction and smashed his forehead with one of his four fists. The massive strength of the impact caused Garolei's head to explode, breaking the table next to him and splatting his blood and brains over the ones next to him, most notably Windey, who screamed in horror.

  • Arrtkar - ...DIE. Love, Emperor Marigrax.

The soldiers kept firing at Arrtkar, enraged by the brutal death of their emperor. President Trokiun tried to escape, only for Arrtkar to grab him by his tail and throw him against a wall. The impact tore a hole through it and crushed all of the poor Bonio's skeleton like it was made of glass. As he was distracted, Windey took the opportunity to run away, crying in fear from the incident. Arrtkar did not even notice, and just laughed as he turned his attention to the soldiers and walked into their direction.

His message was delivered.

Father's Worst Enemy[edit | edit source]

A combined Dracogonarious, Spinker and Bonio fleet made their way to the Bonio planet of Jalar. A highly populated Bonio colony, it was the current target of Lardar and his demons. As the fleet arrived into the system, the Corruptus nebula had already arrived to Jalar's atmosphere and demons rained into the planet to attack it. It had appeared the nebula had changed direction completely and was now going into the Bnio homeworld's direction.

At the fleet, Jerkon, Koluap, Macin, and the commanding officer of the Bonio fleet, Captain Horakius, watched the nebula from a safe distance. Horakius in particular looked enraged from the attack.

  • Horakius - Those monsters are attacking my homeworld! My entire family lives in Jalar!
  • Macin - Worry not, for thye will be saved, star man.
  • Jerkon - All ships in position. Unleash fire into the nebula.
  • Koluap - Finally, some action!

The combined fleet flew closer to the nebula and unleashed hell upon it. Blasts, bombs, lasers, all into the direction of this infrenal enemy which appeared unstoppable. Many shots went straight through the nebula, but the fleet could see some of them were actually hitting something. Parts of the nebula dispersed when hit, but slowly returned to normal.

  • Jerkon - So you are in fact solid, hm? Fire the shipeaters.

Thunder-class Dracogonarious ships took the front and fired special canisters into the nebula. Those canisters contained shipeaters, special biological nanomachines created to consume ships. Jerkon watched a console on his screen which showed the status of the fired canisters, and as they hit the nebula, something puzzled him. The shipeaters were being destroyed.

  • Koluap - Your nanothingies are not working.
  • Jerkon - They were destroyed what?
  • Macin - It's the nightmare magic!

From the nebula itself, then, emerged a spaceship. At what looked like 45,000km in leight, it slowly movde into the combined fleet's direction. Koluap, Jerkon and Horakius' jaws dropped at the sheer size of it. Jerkon himself was the most startled, as he could see the ship had clear Grox design. Except it appeared as if it had been tore apart then united again. It was then that Jerkon received a transmission, and on his screen, appeared a Marinoxidiz.

  • ??? - Well, well, well. You're challenging me to a fight, hm?
  • Koluap - Who's this fag?
  • Jerkon - Identify yourself, creature.
  • ??? - look a lot like an old friend of mine. A Dracogonarious, well known for killing a certain race of cyborgs off over 500 years ago. You know him?

Jekron clenched his fists and growled. He knew well who the Marinoxidiz was talking about. It was his father, Captain Drakley, famous for slayig the Marinox in the Battle for Planet Kaizox.

  • Jerkon - What is your relation to Drakley, fiend?
  • ??? - Drakley was my best friend. We played together so many times. With stabbing, shooting, piercing, exploding...good times.
  • Jerkon - I said, identify yourself.
  • ??? - I'm Commandant Karnak, mortal! And you are Drakley's snotty little kid! I can see it in your face you look as repugnant as he was!

Jerkon's eyes widened. Karnak was the most infamous of all Marinox, responsable for the genocide of countless planets and races back during the Grox wars 500 years in the past. Was he really bad? Did Jerkon's father fail in killing him off after all?

  • Koluap - I thought this guy was dead or something!
  • Jerkon - And he was...the Grox must have brought him back.
  • Karnak - Grox? Bahahahaha! You're adorable! The Grox are nothing but small, bothersome gnats who need to die. We have a new, better master now. We follow a god!
  • Macin - Nightmare people! He follows them!
  • Koluap - Wow, the Marinox turned into zealots now. If you wanted to get me to hate you, you damn well succeeded.
  • Karnak - Yes...hate me. Show me how much you want me dead. How much you want me to bow before you. It pleases me.

Black purple tendrils erupted out of Karnak's dreadnought, giving it a horrible, loathsome appearence. Those tendrils wiggled unsettlingly around until they all aimed forward and fired tremendous blasts of energy at the combined fleet. The ships hit were completely obliterated, including the poor captain Horakius and his Bonio ships.

  • Karnak - Yes...die for me...burn for me...
  • Koluap - This is making me unconfortable.
  • Macin - There's too much power here. We have to leave!
  • Jerkon - Fall back. Fall back!

What remained of the defeated fleet ran away while they could. Karnak made no effort to chase them and simply laughed out loud. His ship slowly returned back to the nebula it had emerged from. Meanwhile, Laidar himself attacked the surface of Jalar, beginning the destruction of yet another planet in the Dark Five's hands.

The mystery invader[edit | edit source]

Titanozor had been awoken from asleep, alarm bells flashing in his dreams. Stood in his room was his secretary of planetary defense. Rarely did he have to speak to planetary defense, as most invaders do not get this far into DCP territory. Titanozor could feel his rage subsiding as he knew this was an important matter.

His secretary looked frightened, he should be. Titanozor was one of the biggest and strongest Grimbolsaurian who ever existed and wielded weapons heavier than armored vehicles. But not so imposing this time, as his secretary could not help but grin as the great warlord was in his pajamas.
At 0568 Standard Time, we have lost contact with five colonies bordering routes the Ottzello Galaxy, in the Plazith Rim. We do not know the status of the planets in question. --Secretary of planetary defense.
What is the nature of this? --Titanozor
The planets are cloaked by a seemingly dense nebula which our sensors are unable to penetrate. We have no idea what is actually happening on the surface, or who the assailant is. --Secretary of planetary defense.

The two were instantly transported to a spacecraft ready to return to the Plazith Rim. Being a Warlord vessel, it could make intergalactic distances in a matter of hours. The ship reached the first colony to be affected by the strange impenetrable fog, joining a fleet of hundreds of scientific observatories, military oversight vessels and even medical facilities.

Gradually the fog lifted, revealing vast tendrils. Then suddenly, the planet exploded, destroying vessels which had not engaged in ghost phasing. Even Titanozor's face was in shock. Then he snapped What is the status of the other colonies?
They have been destroyed as well sir. Three hundred million dead. --Secretary of planetary defense.
Play back the sensor readings, what do they tell us of those structures embedded in the planet's surface before it was destroyed? --Titanozor
Our first readings are bringing back... Marinox signatures. --Secretary of planetary defense.
Titanozor was put in contact with the Minister of military justice for the Plazith Rim.
We believe the Grox Meta-Empire does manufacture biological weapons related to the Conqrix drones, and the Marinox are a sure sign the Grox are the culprits for this weapon. Minister of military justice for the Plazith Rim
That settles it. We must be on the war path! Increase defenses in the galaxy and dispatch task forces to retaliate a strike on Grox biological weapon factories in the Plazith Rim and Caesium Costran (Black Eye galaxy). --Titanozor
Unfortunately, the DCP couldn't have been more wrong.

Kicathian Meeting[edit | edit source]

Mu took his seat upon a shuttle with surviving Kicathian soldiers and Agents upon to a ship - A crescent-shaped cruiser that dominated the space-scape over other Kicathian ships. It was a dark anthracite colour, with thin cyan lights outlining the shape. The shuttle appeared like a grain of sand as it entered the body.

He stepped out of the ship - the ship was well plated in a smooth and sharp Kicathian architecture - a gleaning dark colour with the familiar cyan light pattern as well. The ship was teeming with Kicath and their protectorate species clad in similarly coloured armour. It was but a walk to the captain's bridge; a long, winding corridor that along it, had many protectorate species tending to terminals dotted along the ship's design. Mu towered over most of the Kicath.

As he reached the captains bridge, he was met with a large, cylindrical room. At the opposite, the screen showing the outside, and around it, numerous computers regarding ship controls. Planted further down the middle was the captain's chair - although it was more of a throne than a chair. It was well designed, and seated in it, was another Kicath.

Taller than other Kicath present, he wore a different armour to that of the others. It was more sleek in design and was a silver and gold in colour. The lights that marked his armour was a deep red rather than blue. The throne sat itself in a hover ring over a pad, and the Kicath seated in it, turned away from Mu.

  • Mu - Commander, we have a problem. A really big problem.

The Kicath turned around in his chair. He sat rather casually, almost bored so. His left hand supported his slumping stature, namely to his head.

  • Kithworto - Really big problem'. If I had a Borealis credit for every time I heard that, I would be able to purchase the entire Zoles Imperium. You had better support this, Agent.
  • Mu - Borealis? Like anyone cares for that place. And I'm serious. There's a demonic uprising hitting our outer colonies.

Kithworto stood up. Although he was shorter than Mu, his sheer self-being made everyone in the room seem tiny.

  • Kithworto - Speak out of line again, Agent, and you will answer to the Emperor. Borealis is of great worth to us.

Kithworto paced to the left, where a small table was. On it was a flask, filled with a moderately powerful Kicathian drink. Kithworto took the drink and sipped it slowly.

  • Kithworto - Demonic invasion you say? Any proof of this?
  • Mu - I got recordings. And a physical proof.

One Agent walked up to Mu and gave him a body bag. Mu then threw it at the ground, revealing it to be a heavily disfigurated, black and white-coloured Kicath. Kithworto looked at the body. Whilst not shocked, looked rather perturbed at the corpse. He bent down to its level, and placed his hands on the Kicath's torso.

  • Mu - Accelerated decay, while it was still alive. Spawning bones out of places where we really shouldn't. Size increased, but body appears more fragile than a regular Kicath.
  • Kithworto - Explanation. Atánasero. [Now.]
  • Mu - Demonic possession.
  • Kithworto - I am not here for a laconic discussion. Upload your recordings to the screen.

Kithworto turned to the Agent who put the body on the floor.

  • Kithworto - Take the body down to the medical bay. Think twice before putting bodies on the floor. We are not Loron.

The Agent nodded and took the body away. Meanwhile, Mu uploaded his recordings to a screen, which showed the attack on the planet. Swarms of spherical demons flew over the skies, and the Dark Five member Laidar could be seen, towering over the buildings of the city. Kithworto's left brow raised.

  • Mu - Those small, sphere-shaped ones. Those are the ones who possess. The large plant-like thing on the background was the head of the invasion. We managed to scare it off with some AA guns.
  • Kithworto - Scare it off. I would have expected you to at least hurt it.
  • Mu - I tried to. But our guns couldn't hurt it. It took down the entire fleet around the planet.

Kithworto turned to the table again. The recording showed as part of Mu's crew were forced to stop to fight off Marinoxidiz forces as well.

  • Mu - And there's those aliens.
  • Kithworto - And what do you expect me to do? I will not be sending fleets of this militia to fight a force that cannot be taken down by mere particle weaponry.
  • Mu - If we don't do something, the demons are gonna advance further into our territory. Last thing we need are demons attacking Paclernos.
  • Kithworto - Do you take me for a fool?
  • Mu - I do not, which is why I'm showing you this.
  • Kithworto - You have some nerve speaking to me like that, Kicath. A mass-scale attack upon a force like that is folly. I will not send forces of mine against that.

Kithworto sat back down in his seat, still facing Mu.

  • Kithworto - Unless you have any other suggestions, I suggest you leave before I lose my temper.
  • Mu - Gather allies. I seriously doubt we are the only victims of this.

Kithworto leaned forward.

  • Kithworto - Any...further suggestions? You are an Agent. You are required to divulge information, not spit out words at me like a drunk Taiathwor.
  • Mu - Get allies, study the enemy, kill the enemy. I'm as informed about this threat as you at the moment. But one of those demons fought me up-close and nearly ripped my head out. I don't plan to give them the satisfaction of coming to our Empire and wreck havoc unpunished.
  • Kithworto - Unless you have suggestions on whom, Agent then you will fight this on your own.
  • Mu - There's the Dracogonarious. I heard news about them fighting an enemy who "was supposed to have been destroyed 600 years ago".
  • Kithworto - Dracogonarious. Scientists. Processors. Is there a warrior among them since Captain Charil?

Kithworto stood up again, picking up a Kicathian fruit.

  • Kithworto - Speak. You have already tried my patience enough.
  • Mu - There's this Jerkon guy. He's Charil's son. I don't know much about him but I've heard a few times how he's apparently very ruthless to the enemies around Dracogonarious space.
  • Kithworto - Hm. Sounds...rather intriguing. You believe this Dracogonarious fights for the same cause as us?
  • Mu - Analyzing these aliens from the footage, I've seen some similarities with an old enemy of the Dracogonarious known as Marinox. I expect him to be fighting the same enemy as us right now.

A few moments silence. Kithworto's eyes turned in his head very slowly as he juggled the fruit in his hand. Turning around, and looking at the rest of the bridge, he eventually spoke.

  • Kithworto - Hmph. Very well. Attempt to make contact with with this...Jerkon. Let's hope this works unless you wish to invoke my wrath.

Mu nodded and left the room, not wanting to make Kithworto any angrier. It had gone worse than he expected, but at least he had some support.

Herquie's Job[edit | edit source]

Following their defeat at Karnak's hands, Jerkon and his team retreated back to the Spinker homeworld of Kingus. They would meet again with Windey Spinkarius, this time in person, to discuss their next step. Jerkon was realizing this war was not going anywhere for the Dracogonarious' side. The Corruptus nebula could not be stopped by any of their weapons, and these new Marinox were far more powerful than the ones they had fought in the past.

After landing on the capital's spaceport, the trio composed of Jerkon, Koluap and Macin made their way to the royal palace of the empress. On the way there, Macin was visibly very interested, as this was the first alien city other than the Dracogonarious colonies of Klambah she had ever seen.

  • Koluap - Beautiful, eh? Kingus is a gem.
  • Macin - I take you have history.
  • Koluap - Oh, of course we do.
  • Jerkon - We created the Spinkers through bioengineering.
  • Koluap - Shush. That's your people. My people, though, is famed across many light-years for its war against the genocidal Ernai Empire.
  • Macin - Ernai?
  • Koluap - Big, angry, zealous bastards who had enslaved the region. At least until we kicked their asses back to the stone age.
  • Macin - Were you there?
  • Koluap - Of course! My whole career began in the Ernai war! Ah, the nostalgia...those were the best years of my life.

Taking a shuttle to the palace, upon arriving, the trio entered and made their way to the throne. With Koluap being with them, they didn't have to deal with any guards on their way, as the Spinker admiral had full access to the palace. As they arrived to the throne room, they were met with a distressed Windey, who had surrounded herself by guards, something unusual for her as her throne room was usually just her and her advisors.

  • Windey - Who's there? Oh, it's you...
  • Jerkon - Something is not right here.
  • Macin - She's scared of something.
  • Koluap - Aw, what's the matter, hun?
  • Windey - Did you not hear of the incident with Emperor Gerolei and President Trokiun?
  • Jerkon - ...What happened to the Emperor?
  • Windey - He's dead, Jerkon. Him and the Bonio leader were killed. And I only barely managed to escape.

Jerkon's eyes widened. His expression was of visible shock. As a fervent soldier of the Emperor, hearing such news made him very distressed. Koluap appeared genuinely surprised and, while he could make a comment out of it, he prefered not to. Meanwhile, Macin looked around with a raised eyebow.

  • Jerkon - ...How did this happen?
  • Windey - The three of us were in a meeting, and an agent of these new Marinox appeared out of nowhere and attacked. It was almost...demonic. Your Royal Guard unleashed hell on him yet he took no damage. He killed Garolei and Trokiun in cold blood, and he did it as if he was delivering a message.
  • Koluap - Well, at least you're okay.
  • Windey - I may be, but what if this creature comes after me again? I've stationed all these guards here yet I don't feel safe.
  • Jerkon - These new Marinox...need to die.

At this moment, each guard was killed by a swift strike to their necks, much faster than any of them could register. An invisible individual killed them one by one, the guards not knowing where to shoot as there was visibly nothing there. Windey screamed in terror, while Jerkon put out a submachine gun and Koluap unsheated his favorite shotgun. All fifteen guards on the room were dead.

  • Windey - What is this?!
  • Macin - You can't run for I can sense you!

Macin's hands shined as energy appeared out of them. She fired a bolt of energy from her palms which hit the assassin, knocking him back though he fell on his feet. His cloaked figure finally turned visible, showing a grinning, chuckling Bonio in mercenary clothig. Herquie, the Shadow Mercenary.

  • Herquie - Fancy. I've never fought a magician before.
  • Jerkon - A Bonio?
  • Herquie - There's a big price for the gal's head. I'll be taking it away, if you don't mind!
  • Koluap - I'll slap you seven across the ass!

Koluap immediately charged guns blazing at Herquie, in a reckless decision. He wanted to make Windey safe, but now he was at close range, where Herquie is far more powerful than his shotgun. The shots hit his shields and armor, which absorbed all the damage, and the Bonio slashed forward, hitting Koluap's cheek with his Bladed Knuckles. The pain, combined with the heat of the Knuckles caused Koluap to shout in pain and stagger, and in another strike, Herquie hit him across the chest, cutting through his armor and hitting his body. In the same maneuver, Herquie then threw his foot forward, kicking Koluap into the ground with great force.

The Spinker admiral fell, his shotgun being launched out of his hands. He tried to get back up, but only for Herquie to jump on him and slash at him again. Jerkon and Macin could not help, as the proximity between Koluap and Herquie meant they could end up harming the already weakened Koluap himself. Them and Windey were forced to watch Koluap being relentlessly beaten down and cut through.

  • Herquie - Hell, this is easy money. Who's next?

As he thought his opponent was dead, Herquie was surprised when he was suddenly thrown aside. The battered Koluap got up, in a fit of rage, and let out a gruffed scream which served as his species' equivalent of a roar. He tackled Herquie and, in an unexpected move, dug his sharp, shark-like teeth at Herquie's neck. The unusual move caused Herquie to lose his concentrated and allow himself to be hit, and as the frightening painful bite hit him, he let out a scream and threw himself back, kicking Koluap down again. At this moment, Jerkon and Macin fired a combination of energy slugs and Essence at him, which sent the mercenary crashing against a wall and falling on his belly.

Koluap was unconscious, and Windey quickly ran to his aid, taking him on her arms. Jerkon and Macin slowly approached Herquie, with their weapons and Essence in hand. However, Herquie got up and threw what looked like a flash grenade, which blinded them both. As the flash dimished, Herquie was already gone. With the assassin nowhere to be seen, the duo walked up to Koluap and Windey.

  • Windey - Why us...what have we done to deserve all this?
  • Macin - The crazy man is not dead. But he needs healing.
  • Jerkon - I'll take him to a medical facility. I imagine those strikes hit him at his organs. He might need them replaced.
  • Macin - That man...was strange.
  • Jerkon - The Bonio? Whoever he is, he better not try anything like this again, or he will die.

Project Indoctrination[edit | edit source]

Still startled by the incident which took place on her throne room hours before, Windey Spinkarius sat on her throne, holding her head. A new set of guards watched as small droids finished cleaning the bloodstains caused by Herquie's attack and made repairs around the room. Windey was a diplomat, and because of it, she had never in fact seen the spilling of one's blood before Arrtkar Crowart's attack on the Dracogonarious and Bonio leaders days prior. All of this bloodshed was terrible in her eyes, and all she wanted to hide away from all this.

At this moment, a message appeared on a screen next to her. A transmission coming from the Dracogonarious Empire. Windey expected it to be Jerkon again but, upon accepting it, she was greeted by a orange-coloured Dracogonarious in laboratory clothing.

  • Dracogonarious - Greetings. Empress Spinkarius, am I correct?
  • Windey - Yes, I'm Spinkarius. How can I help you?
  • Dracogonarious - I am here in the name of Project Indoctrination. It is time for merging.
  • Windey - Excuse me?
  • Dracogonarious - Dismiss your guards. I need to talk to you on private.

At first confused, Windey sighed and dismissed the guards from her room. As they left, she turned back to the screen. The Dracogonarious retained a seriosu expression.

  • Windey - Who are you? And what is this "project"?
  • Dracogonarious - I am named Tarygan Tersly, and I am the chief scientist of Nova Gheralvoz, the scientific capital of the Dracogonarious Empire, located orbiting the name-sake colony of Gheralvoz. Project Indoctrination is a government-funded project developed to unite the Dracogonarious and their greatest creations, your race.
  • Windey - Unite?
  • Tarygan - I am talking about our empires becoming one of the same.

Windey's eyes widened. In a situation like this, she never expected such a thing. Her empire and the Dracogonarious', merging?

  • Tarygan - We have no reason to not do this. Dracogonarious and Spinker Empires will seize being separate to become one, great nation. In the war we are currently in, we cannot win by being separate. We must merge, creator must join creation, and when that happens, we will be equals.
  • Windey - ...Oh dear...
  • Tarygan - I am calling you because, we will only do this if you allow us to.
  • Windey - A-a-allow?
  • Tarygan - Of course. We will not go any further if you decide to not take part of it. We will not force you.

Windey stood in silence for several minutes. Tarygan retained her expression, making no effort to nag Windey for an answer. She was aware this was sudden and unconfortable for the Spinker empress. After a whilel, Windey looked at Tarygan again.

  • Windey - Before I give any answer, please clarify to me, why does a nation merging involve a scientific project?
  • Tarygan - Neither you nor a Dracogonarious will lead this unified empire.
  • Windey - What do you mean?
  • Tarygan - A new leader will be made. By merging.
  • Windey - ...Are you saying...?
  • Tarygan - An hybrid. An individual with Dracogonarious and Spinker genetics will be the first leader of the empire of Dracoognarious and Spinkers. Our two species, indoctrinated as one in the form of a ruler who is as much my race as it is yours. But to create this hybrid, we require genetic sample of your greatest. We already have the sample of the one we consider our greatest, gathered from the tomb of our first empire, Gareile Kronk.
  • Windey - ...This is...very interesting...
  • Tarygan - I will give you three days to decide your course of action. Think wisely. Your empire is already dependant of ours. Why not merge and be done with it?

Windey gasped as Tarygan left the transmission. She didn't want to admit, but she was right. The Spinkers had always being dependant of the Dracogonarious for everything. Be it military, economy...the fact they were an empire at all had been their doing. Windey called her guards back and held on her head again. She needed to think.

Agent Alliance[edit | edit source]

Jerkon, Koluap, Macin had travelled to an attacked colony known as Molari, where a piece of the Corruptus nebula had appeared. Laidar himself was not attacking, but a sizeable demon force was swarming on the planet. The trio fought together with the planets' ground forces, managing to keep the planet's capital safe but suffering heavy losses in the process.

  • Koluap - Die, you black and white bastards!
  • Macin - Nightmares will not prevail!
  • Jerkon - Your shouting does not in fact aid us in any way.

Jerkon was approached by a commanding officer of the planet, a young-looking Dracogodasimer.

  • Officer - Commandant, they just keep coming. I believe we have to evacuate.
  • Jerkon - Call reinforcements.
  • Officer - They can't reach us through this nebula, sir.
  • Koluap - I'm getting sick of losing all the time!

Amidst the chaos of the fight, a large vessel shot through the clouds. It was black, and appeared somewhat crescentiform in shape. It was patterned with futuristic teal lighting, and from the vessel, particle blasts fired from it at the demon hordes. The ground forces were surprised as the blasts tore the hordes apart.

  • Koluap - What's that?
  • Jerkon - Hmm. It appears to be a Kicath vessel.
  • Koluap - Kickwhat now?

Clearing a considerable area, the ship landed. On the ground, the ship appeared to be around sixty metres long at the very most. The ship opened up from the back, and from it, Kicathian Agents poured out of it. The final two; wearing different armour, wielded different weapons. Marinoxidiz appeared in front of the Agents and attacked them. One of the two Agents immediately attacked the demons in a fit of anger. From where they were standing, Macin shook her head in confusion.

  • Macin - Something bad approaches...

The other Agent, wearing black and golden armour, hurled bolts of essence at the demons; in the form of a red electrical surge. One Marinoxidiz uppercut one of the two armored Agents, sending him flying into the air to where Jerkon, Koluap and Macin were standing. He stared at them for a moment before getting up.

  • Mu - Well hello. We were looking for you.
  • Jerkon - Hmm.
  • Mu - Hope you don't mind if we get rid of those before we chat.
  • Jerkon - Be my guest.

The golden Agent spoke in his native tongue to Mu, in a somewhat aggressive undertone. Mu quickly ran back into the fight. The Dracogonarious ground forces then followed and assisted the Kicath Agents in the fight. The golden Agent charged a bolt of essence at the demons; as the bolt passed through, it struck the demons like an inferno. The combined power of the two forces took all the demons down until they stopped appearing.

  • Koluap - Shiny...
  • Macin - Ngh. I have a bad feeling about this.

The Agents examined the demonic corpses, some of them kicking them to assure that they were dead. The golden Agent and Mu stood among the wreckage, and the golden one peered over to Jerkon's group, whilst wearing a rather decorated helmet. Jerkon, Koluap and Macin approached the duo, while the ground forces of the planet celebrated. However, the nebula was still visible in the sky.

  • Jerkon - Unexpected. I did not imagine anyone would come to this planet's aid.

The Agent's arms stopped surging with the red lightning as he turned to the group. Macin growled and energy appeared on her palms as she stared at Kithworto. Mu looked at him with narrowed eyes.

  • Kithworto - We are not here for your colony.
  • Koluap - Eh, I thought it was good, but it's bad after all! More enemies!
  • Mu - Hey, we're no enemies.
  • Koluap - You sure look like enemies to me!

Kithworto remained rather stoic in his stance and ignored Macin's presence.

  • Kithworto - Put your essences away before someone gets hurt.
  • Macin - You have darkness in you. Leave!
  • Jerkon - What is the meaning of all this?

Kithworto looked at Mu, and then back at the team.

  • Kithworto - It would be more fitting to talk somewhere else.
  • Jerkon - Hmpf. Very well.

Macin growled and put her arms down. Kithworto turned away from the group and walked back to the vessel that he appeared out of, with the Agents following him. Mu gestured to the team to follow him, and they did so. Jerkon had his arms crossed in what looked like annoyance, while both Koluap and Macin appeared visibly discontent with Kithworto's attitude. As they all entered the ship, the Agents all sat down in a row. Towering over the group even when sitting down, the empty seats were high-raised from the ground. Kithworto remained standing and looked almost statuesque in his position as the ship took off.

Kithworto stood between the two rows of Agents, and very briefly looked at the team. Jerkon stared at Kithworto, waiting for him to say something.

  • Kithworto - Atara man chúchunikasat orá? [They're small aliens, aren't they?]

The Agents proceeded to laugh almost mockingly.

  • Koluap - What're they saying? Are they laughing at me? Because I swear I'll bite him if he is!
  • Jerkon - Stand down, Koluap.
  • Koluap - Don't tell me what to do!

An Agent spoke up, speaking to Kithworto.

  • Agent - Ashaítaranan ítara laroumanazhát? [What happens if he bites us?]
  • Kithworto - Átkaþáratzí ítara malí'm khamnáshataránakagazá. [We slice his privates off.]

The Agents laughed again.

  • Mu - Ahem. Demons? Alliance? The reason we came here?
  • Kithworto - Hmph. Very well.

Kithworto walked up to the team, towering over the other Agents.

  • Jerkon - You are not the best race when it comes to diplomacy, as I heard.
  • Kithworto - And yet you have the nerve to say that to my face. Regardless, this Agent here suggested to me that I call for a discussion regarding the solution to the demon crisis.
  • Jerkon - You are the ones who have come searching for me. If anything, you should be polite.
  • Mu - Nevermind that. We're here because these same demons you're fighting are attacking us. I suspected this and I was right after all.
  • Koluap - Demons? What do you think we are? Five-year olds?

Mu forced himself not to answer.

  • Kithworto - Ét ít malí'm nanuntarǎzøsamnatakinasháro. [I hope you don't breed.] If you are an educated warrior, Spinker, then you will know that demons exist.
  • Koluap - I'm educated in killing, not mythology!
  • Jerkon - If what you say is true, then yes, we should join forces. The force you have faced now is but a fraction of the forces hitting other planets at this very moments.
  • Kithworto - Then I should at least have the knowledge of your names.
  • Jerkon - I'm Commandant Jerkon, this is Admiral Koluap and Macin Xermilin.
  • Macin - Your energy feels like insects crawling inside my skin...
  • Koluap - Don't tell my name to strangers like this!
  • Kithworto - Hm. You may address me as Commander Kithworto Aknatazán of the Kicath Empire. This here is Núnān Tagárai, or among common speech, Agent Mu.
  • Mu - Hello, etc.
  • Jerkon - Very well. I hope our cooperation shows productivity. I fear we do not have much time before these "demons" advance too close to our capitals.

Kithworto looked at Macin with apprehension.

  • 'Kithworto - So, you can feel the essence within my body?
  • Macin - Can I? It's all over the place! And it confuses me. There's a golden aura wrapped around darkness...
  • Jerkon - So, you also have this "power" she talks so much about.

Kithworto paused for a brief moment.

  • Kithworto - In my culture, this "power" you speak of is a royal inheritance from the progenitor of my bloodline, Maktanshatinaknatazán.

Kithworto gathered a bolt of essence within his left hand. Macin appeared startled, while Koluap stared at it with curiosity.

  • Jerkon - My people's attempts to study Macin Xermilin's powers gave no results. If you have information about it, do share it with me.
  • Kithworto - This is the power over death itself. The ability to drain life from the living, give unlife to the dead. This power came from the god of death.
  • Koluap - Pfff. God. That's silly.
  • Kithworto - You would think so. Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Vi'Navitum and the Xi'Arazulha waged a war on our planet.
  • Jerkon - I do not know any of these names.
  • Mu - Shit, we'll have to teach them about Essence. For a races of scientists I expected them to already know.
  • Kithworto - The Vi'Navitum are the gods of life. The Xi'Arazulha are the gods of death. Those who bear the name Aknatazán descend from the latter.
  • Koluap - So you're zealots.
  • Jerkon - Forgive Koluap, he is mentally deficient. I am interested in this, as it is a lead to what those creatures attacking us really are.

Out of nowhere, portals formed on the room, and out of them, red coloured beasts emerged with blades coming out of their arms. They let out gruffed roars and immediately attacked the Agents.

  • Creature - Feast on blood! Blood for blood!

Agents struggled to wrestle with the red demons, and threw their fists at them. Firing weapons was too dangerous. One of the demons thrust its blade through Mu's back, piercing it. Mu let out a pained roar.

  • Mu - Son of a fuck pierced my armor even!
  • Jerkon - Unexpected.
  • Macin - Aid them!

Jerkon and Koluap fired at the demons, while Macin fired her essence at them. One of the demons jumped at Kithworto and striked at him with his blade.

  • Creature - Soul big! Soul juicy! Soul tasty!

Kithworto flinched slightly, before turning back at him. His eyes were more reddened than most Kicath eyes. The demon roared and kept attacking, being indifferent toward Kithworto's eyes. Kithworto thrust his fist through the demon's chest, with a red spark of lightning coursing through it. Kithworto's fist pierced through the demon, causing fiery energy and blood to splat across the room. The demon let out a roar and disappeared in a black fog. Immediately, the other demons noticed it and then swarmed Kithworto.

  • Jerkon - Annoyance...anger-inducing creatures...
  • Mu - Hey, don't worry. The commander can take care ot it.

Kithworto turned to the other demons, and wrestled them, taking swings at them with his fists and his tail. The demons were thrown away by his attacks and disappearing as they were hit. Some of them slashed at Kithworto, while other tried to bite him with their sharp teeth. Kithworto let out a dissonant roar as one of them bit him, before he came down on the demon's head with a fist.

The demon's head exploded, the roar caused the others to jump away from Kithworto, letting out groans and growls at him. Macin used the opportunity and struck them with her essence, throwing them all away. The demons were all thrown aside, and each of them disappeared in a black fog. Their blood was all over the room. Mu stuck a finger on the wound on his chest, as it was large enough for him to do so. Kithworto was covered in blood, and wiped his visor clean of the muck.

  • Mu - Ouch.
  • Kithworto - Demons...ancient beings with ancient tactics.
  • Koluap - They just showed up like we're their toys or something! This makes me so mad you have no idea!
  • Jerkon - ...These pawns of the Marinoxidiz do get on my nerves considerably.
  • Kithworto - This team is already making progress.
  • Mu - See? We all love killing demons. More reasons to work together.
  • Jerkon - We will work with you, Commander Kithworto. To end this threat, we will do anything necessary.

Macin's Vision[edit | edit source]

Following the incident with the Kicath, Jerkon, Koluap and Macin rested as their ship made its way to their next destination. Jerkon hoped he could get the aid of one of the Dracogonarious' oldest allies, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and so he prepared himself to meet with them. The Kicath were to join their ship at a later date, after they had gathered the Coalition's help. Jerkon appeared interested with the Kicath's knowledge about these "powers" Macin and the invaders possessed, and so was willing to work with them, despite their rude behaviour.

Koluap was more than unhappy about all the incident, finding the Kicath obnoxious and would rather shoot them than work with them. Meanwhile, Macin Xermilin meditated in a room made for her. Her eyes were closed and she levitated, emitting a faint, blue aura which radiated the room. She hummed to herself, concentrating. It was then, however, that she began hearing faint whispers in her mind. A familiar voice spoke to her, and upon noticing it, her eyes widened open.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Macin...can you hear me?
  • Macin - ...Teacher?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Oh, thank the Avatar, you can hear me...
  • Macin - Teacher, it has been so long...we need help. The nightmare folk are here, like you warned me about.
  • Thea'Nhirara - I know...I've been taken captive by them...
  • Macin - What?!

In Macin's mind, images of a planet appeared. The vision zoomed in to show a facility guarded by several Marinoxidiz and demonic forces, large plant-like demons acting as living walls around a cage which held Thea'Nhirara captive. Seeing these images caused Macin to growl.

  • Macin - How did this happen, Teacher?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Overconfidence got the best of me after the death of Gobongogon...I attempted to take on Laidar, only to be captured...
  • Macin - Give me the...what do the star men call them. Coordunots?
  • Thea'Nhirara - It's coordinates, Macin. And I'll leave them imprinted on your mind...I don't believe I have much of the High Four is here, I can't let him recover the Shard...
  • Macin - Shard? High Four? Teacher, what are you saying?
  • Thea'Nhirara - A piece of him...I can't let Shu'wok-

At this point, Thea'Nhirara's voice became too low to be heard. Macin repeteadly shouted her name, trying to talk to her again, but to no avail. She put her hands on her head in annoyance, tring to see if she had managed to give her the coordinates. Concentrating, she could find them in her mind. Macin smiled slighty, which was followed by a sigh. She did not expect her re-encounter with her Teacher to be this rough.

Macin came back to meditating. The rescuing would still have to wait until after the DCP had been contacted.

Aid of the Coalition[edit | edit source]

Jerkon and his team travelled to the territory of the Delpha Coalition of Planets, hoping to get their help. Being allies since the old Grox wars, Jerkon expected the DCP to be cooperative on his mission against the demon forces. His ship arrived to a planet attacked by the Marinoxidiz, where he sent a transmission.

  • Titanozor - Open hail. Ah, Jerkon, it appears you have been having similar issues. Have you come to assist? Our old enemy has returned it seems.
  • Koluap - Heheh, this guy looks goofy.
  • Jerkon - Greetings, Warlord Titanozor. Indeed, I am here looking for allies to fight against the Marinox. It appears you have already been hit.
  • Titanozor - We are surprised by their new weapon. We have no defenses that seem to function.
  • Jerkon - Their new weapon? What do you mean?
  • Titanozor - This cloud of unknown composition covers the planet, like a nebula, only our sensors cannot penetrate even a femtometer. It cuts straight through the planetary shielding, and when it dissipates, the planet crumbles.
  • Macin - It's nightmare power! Magic!
  • Jerkon - I have recently joined forces with the Kicath Empire, and their own commander claims these clouds are made of "essence".

Titanozor took a moment to think, obviouly surprised.

  • Titanozor - Essence of this concentration has been unheard of since the War of Ages.
  • Jerkon - He claims the new Marinox and the forces under their control are "demons", though I'm skeptical about it.
  • Titanozor - The Grox are not known to even use essence.

Jerkon appeared apprehensive and moved closed to his screen.

  • Jerkon - Have you detected any Grox forces in these attacks? Because I too imagined they were responsable, but we have been under attack for over a month, and we have not detected a single Grox ship.
  • Titanozor's advisor - There hasn't been any evidence of that the Marinox are still associated with Grox in 500 years.
  • Titanozor - We have been attacking Grox infrastructure in the Black Eye galaxy and have detected no sign of this weapon.
  • Jerkon - As I imagined. I fear they have a new master who is not the Grox.
  • Titanozor - A master who undertands essence a great deal more than me...
  • Jerkon - We do not yet know the real enemy then. But can I assume the DCP will fight on our side against them?
  • Titanozor - Of course, we will divert our closest battle groups enroute to the Black Eye galaxy in your aid.
  • Jerkon - Thank you. The new Marinox will stand no chance against our united fleets.

Jerkon closed the transmission and smiled to himself. Koluap had watched the conference with a weirded look, as if he had not taken it seriously.

  • Koluap - So this is the big empire you talked so much about? That alien looked like a clown!
  • Jerkon - Do not be a fool. Titanozor is a legendary supersoldier. He is not named "the Obliterator" for nothing.
  • Macin - Yes, now that this is done, get the bug man and the Kicath men to the coordinots. We must save my Teacher.
  • Jerkon - Hm? Save your Teacher?
  • Macin - Oh, I forgot to tell you. So let me explain...

Meeting the Teacher[edit | edit source]

A few hours following the first contact with the DCP, Jerkon contacted both the Kicath and Titanozor again to prepare for the rescuing of Macin Xermilin's "teacher". While skeptical about it, it was still better than having no lead at all of what to do next.

  • Titanozor - Contacting again so soon ? Did you forget something?
  • Jerkon - Excuse me, warlord. But I believe we found our first lead on our mission to destroy the "demon" Marinox and their plant leader.
  • Kithworto - And in time. I was beginning to lose faith in you.
  • Koluap - Dumb.
  • Kithworto - I'll pretend I didn't hear that.

Macin Xermilin stepped forward.

  • Macin - My teacher is in danger. She is one of the dream folk, enemies of the nightmare folk. She claims she was captured by them and she gave me her...erm...numbers or whatever you people use to travel around the sky.
  • Titanozor - Coordinates?
  • Macin - Yes. That. She gave me those. We must go and rescue her.
  • Jerkon - I will transmit the coordinates to you. According to Macin, the planet in question is heavily guarded by enemy forces, but the plant alien himself is not present. I recommend taking a sizeable force.
  • Mu - Sounds fun.
  • Kithworto - Árazazámasí'naktázcha. [Understood.]

The planet in question was a desolate rock located far away from the territories of any of the three empires. Dracogonarious, DCP and Kicathian forces landed to be greeted by armies of medium-sized cybernetic creatures with guns strapped on their heads. The Dracogonarious and the DCP could recognize them as being Errrbots, weapons used by the Marinox 600 years in the past.

  • Mu - Those are some of the ugliest aliens I've ever seen.
  • Kithworto - You do not remember the Skijorn Horde?
  • Mu - Ah yeah. They were ugly bastards as well.

Titanozor charged ahead, slicing the Errrbots in half with his battle axe, while Koluap fired at close range with his shotgun with a grin on his face. Mu and Jerkon both shot the enemies with assault rifles, though Jerkon appeared more apprehensive, not being used to being in the front lines.

  • Koluap - Ehehehehe!
  • Jerkon - Do not overextend yourself.
  • Koluap - Don't ruin my fun!

Kithworto drew a sword from the sheath from his back, which was a long, blackened sword with a slight curve. From the blade he channeled jets of essence, whilst with his right arm, blasted the enemies with a heavy pistol.

  • Kithworto - You seem apprehensive.
  • Jerkon - I am not used to being among the ground forces.
  • Kithworto - As advice, do not find yourself alone.

Macin flew over the Errrbot swarm and blasted them with huge explosions of her energy. As the forces fought, the team heard heavy footsteps approaching, as well as a gruffed roar-like sound. Kithworto assumed a defensive stance as the footsteps grew heavier with each slam.

  • Titanozor - Something big is coming. Good, I'm enjoying this fight.
  • Kithworto - Whatever it is, I wouldn't underestimate it.

Macin flew over to the team, while Jerkon, Koluap, Titanozor and Mu also braced themselves, In a distance, an immense plant-like creature appeared, slowly making its way to the team. A Laidarthae.

  • Mu - Shit, it's like a mini-demon plant.
  • Kithworto - Your intelligence agencies are rather substandard.
  • Mu - Well, tell me what that is then.
  • Koluap - I wanna cut that!
  • Laidarthae - Feed me, little men, feed me now!

The Laidarthae launched its large vine-like tentacles at the team's direction. Jerkon, Koluap, Mu and Titanozor jumped out of the way, while Macin launched herself up. Kithworto narrowly dodged the tentacles, swinging his blade at the tentacles. The blade hit the tentacle and caused purple liquid to gush out of it. Macin Xermilin aimed her Essence and blasted the Laidarthae with it, causing it to scream in pain. Titanozor charged at it and slashed at it with his axe, causing it to stumble back. However, the Laidarthae swung one of its arms and punched Titanozor away.

Kithworto sliced at the demon again, this time more forcefully. The Laidarthae let out irritated groans and tried to pummel Kithworto with its vines. Kithworto was hit by the vines with immense force, and was hurled into the air. As he hit the ground, it took him a moment before he stood back up.

  • Kithworto - Ow.

Mu growled and fired directly at the Laidarthae's eye, causing the demon to shield its face. Koluap flew over to it and noticed the pulsating organ on its chest, and decided to shoot it. The Laidarthae let yout a scream and began stumbling more.

  • Koluap - Hey! Shoot the ball thing!

Jerkon, Koluap and Mu all concentrated fire on the organ, while Titanozor slashed at it. Macin concentrated her energy and fired a blast directly at the weakspot, causing the Laidarthae to explode, showering the team in purple liquid.

  • Jerkon - ...Unpleasant.
  • Koluap - Ewwwgh!
  • Mu - Feels like I'm in a bar now.
  • Kithworto - What kind of bar have you been to?
  • Mu - I've been in a bar with Psi once.

Kithworto paused before biting his lower jaw slightly.

  • Kithworto - Makes sense.
  • Titanozor - Let us continue. I think I see the enemy base from here.

Moving on, the team and their forces, despite the casualties, continued until they arrived at the enemy base: it appeared as a rather large facility, though there were dozens of more Laidarthae all around it, as if they were forming a "tree" around it. Macin Xermilin's jaw dropped at the sight of it.

  • Titanozor - Well, this might take a while.
  • Jerkon - I can solve this problem.
  • Koluap - And what are you gonna do? Whine at the plants of how you can't hold a gun right?

Jerkon activated a device on his wrist and ensued an order in Dracogonarish through it. Moments later, Dracogonarious fighters flew over the base and bombarded it, tearing the demon tree apart. Koluap put his finger up to say something, but just decided to stay quiet. Entering the base, the team came across what looked like an advanced container. Jerkon operated on a nearby pannel and managed to open it, revealing a large-sized avian entity who emitted a constant white aura. The entity could barely stand up, and looked at the team with a tired expression. Kithworto felt slightly uneased at the aura, but at the same time welcomed by it.

  • Macin - Teacher!
  • Koluap - The hell is this thing?
  • ??? - I am...Thea'Nhirara...we must leave this
  • Titanozor - Why so? The enemy is not yet all destroyed.

At this moment, the team noticed it had suddenly gone dark. Thea'Nhirara weakly pointed to the sky, visible from the lack of ceiling. The team turned back and looked at the sky: there was an incredibly large silhouette in front of the sun. Its body was not visible from the planet's horizon. Jerkon looked at it in visible terror, while Koluap and Titanozor appeared genuinely surprised.

  • Jerkon - the world...
  • Titanozor - I'm getting really angry now!
  • Mu - ...Am I drunk?
  • Kithworto - If you were, I'd be having a few words with you.
  • Macin - Teacher...what is that?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Shu...suvreca...

Thea'Nhirara collapsed. At the horizon, one of the silhouette's tentacles became visible, coming at the team's direction.

  • Koluap - We gotta get out of here!
  • Kithworto - And how does one escape from that?
  • Macin - I can teleport us! Everyone, hold me!
  • Koluap - Eh? Ew, no.
  • Macin - Just do it!

Kithworto placed his claw on Macin's shoulder. Titanozor took Thea'Nhirara by her arms and carried her over to them. Jerkon, Koluap, Mu and Titanozor then held on Macin. A flash of energy blasted and in a blink of an eye, the team disappeared, right before the silhouette's huge tentacle pummeled the entire continent into ash.

Hours later, Koluap and Macin spoke at Jerkon's ship. Jerkon himself was at his quarters, still recovering from the panic attack the immense entity had inflicted on him.

  • Koluap - Yeah, Titanoguy took her. She's being treated right now.
  • Macin - I hope my teacher is okay...
  • Koluap - Eh, she's gonna be fine, whatever the hell she is. What I want to know, though, is WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT HUGE GUY?
  • Macin - Teacher should know. We have to wait her heal and tell us...

Thea'Nhirara's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

The following day, Jerkon and his team, the Kicath Agents and Titanozor got into communications once more to discuss their next move. Thea'Nhirara also appeared to them, after being healed by the DCP, and awaited for their questions. The team looked at her with curiosity, except for Macin Xermilin, who appeared genuinely eager.

  • Thea'Nhirara - I believe I have not presented myself yet. I am Alaromáryvaklarah, but you may call me Thea'Nhirara.
  • Koluap - More like, I will call you that all the time.
  • Kithworto - Alaromáryvaklarah? It reminds me of my own language.
  • Macin - My Teacher will surely gives us answers of how to defeat the nightmare folk. I'm sure of it.
  • Mu - If she's as smart as she's ugly-looking, we got ourself our victory ticket.
  • Jerkon - Miss Nhirara, I take you know exactly what these "demons" are. If you do, explain it in detail.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Of course. What you fight right now are a conglomeration of demonic entities known as the "Corruptus". The names comes from the language of a very ancient race which, in your tongues should translate to "Infernal Ones".
  • Kithworto - Humility, Tagárai.

Mu lowered his head and said nothing.

  • Titanozor - Infernal Ones, hm? What I want to know is if we're dealing with the Xhodocto's demons again.
  • Thea'Nhirara - You are, in fact, not. The Corruptus are not related to the Xhodocto.
  • Kithworto - The Xhodocto? What do you know of them?
  • Thea'Nhirara - I come from an alternate dimension known as the Realm of Dreams. In this dimension, my kind has access to the dreams and memories of all living beings. We are well aware of the destruction the Xhodocto have caused through reality.
  • Koluap - So you're saying...some outwordly beings stalk us all the time? That's some creepy shit right there.
  • Thea'Nhirara - The Corruptus date from around 10 billion years in your time and were originally defeated by the same ancient race who named them. I don't know their origins but I do know they control an unique essence which goes by the name of "Nightmare Energy".
  • Titanozor - Well, I surely never heard of Nightmare Energy during the War of Ages. This is all new to me.
  • Jerkon - The entire concept of this "magic" essence is new to me.
  • Mu - Heh. Magic. I thought you Dracogonarious were supposed to be smart.
  • Kithworto - These powers aren't native to anyone.

Thea'Nhirara opened her hands and from her palms, a luminescent crystaline formation appeared.

  • Thea'Nhirara - The beast you fight, Laidar, is actually one of five great demons. Each one of them possesses a shard like this. This is actually the soul of an extremely powerful demigod called Laminoula'Fuerq.
  • Koluap - Woah woah woah. Hold the phone. There are FIVE of them?!

Kithworto appeared apprehensive.

  • Kithworto - Demigods. Define them.
  • Thea'Nhirara - An Essence organism powerful enough to shatter a planet with a punch.
  • Titanozor - Hmpf. The DCP enjoys proving these so called "gods" how inferior they really are.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Worry not. Laminoula'Fuerq is an ally. However, his soul was shattered into five pieces and each of the Dark Five have a shard. Or rather, the two still alive.
  • Jerkon - You mean three of them are already deceased?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Yes. The monsters known as Eleielord, Okastana and Gobongogon have been destroyed in other galaxies. The shard with me belonged to Gobongogon, while the shards of the other two are under the care of one of my sisters.
  • Kithworto - I am rather...sceptical. As to why the shard under your control was corrupted.
  • Thea'Nhirara - It is not corrupted. It was merely kept separate from the others because the Corruptus doesn't want Laminoula'Fuerq being revived. This is exactly my mission.
  • Koluap - So you want us to search for some random diamonds to revive some hyper-powerful kid to beat the demons up for us.
  • Thea'Nhirara - ...In a very simplistic way of speaking, yes.

Kithworto let out a humoured snort from his mouth. Jerkon stepped forward.

  • Jerkon - Considering our options, we have no choice but to help you in this quest, even though I'm still very skeptical about it.
  • Mu - I take the bird gal has any idea of how to kill Laidar?
  • Thea'Nhirara - I do, in fact. Laidar is an immobile creature. If you can keep him trapped, he cannot escape being attacked. However, conventional weaponry will not harm him.
  • Titanozor - Immobile, hmmm...this gives me an idea.
  • Jerkon - Yes?
  • Titanozor - Lure the damn thing into a black hole disguised as a planet. It'll try to root itself on it, but then surprise, it's actually a horrible death.
  • Kithworto - What is it with you Grimbolsaurians and your quantum singularities?

Thea'Nhirara put her hands together with a smile.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Laidar can't teleport. That's a perfect idea. However, we would need to get the shard out of him first, otherwise it'll be destroyed into the black hole as well.
  • Titanozor - Hmm. In that case, we prepare an actual solid surface, get the shard, and then we spaghettify it.
  • Mu - "Spaghettify". Isn't that human food?
  • Jerkon - So be it. The Delpha Coalition will prepare the black hole. All we need now is a lure.
  • Thea'Nhirara - I don't mind being the lure. The Corruptus should be searching for me after you saved me from that prison.
  • Koluap - Yeah, that reminds me. What was the huge thing we saw?
  • Thea'Nhirara - That would be Shu'suvreca. One of the four leaders of the Corruptus, a beast so immense he can literally devour planets.
  • Jerkon - ...Scientifically impossible.
  • Kithworto - After that encounter, I would be hard pressed to support your claim.
  • Mu - You Dracogonarious seriously need an Essence class.
  • Titanozor - I believe we're done here. I'll warn you all once the trap is prepared.

Killing a Weed by its Roots[edit | edit source]

A few days later, the team met up at the trap prepared by the DCP. A hollow shell with a black hole on its center, Titanozor's plan was to have the demon rooting into the shell and then be thrown inside the black hole. Thea'Nhirara had already left to attract the demon to the planet and now the team were doing the final preparations for its arrival.

  • Macin - What is a "black hole" again?
  • Titanozor - Talk to my science advisor, I am none the wiser.
  • Kithworto - Gravity. And a lot of it.
  • Macin - What is "gravity" again?
  • Rigsaw - Hello. A black hole is a region of severe spacetime curvature, within space is falling faster than light. Objects freely follow this curve called a geodesic from which they could not escape unless they exceeded the speed of light, impossible under normal conditions.
  • Macin - Why are sky men so complicated about everything?

At this moment, the Corruptus nebula had arrived on the system. Thea'Nhirara appeared to the team with a few bruises on her body but those healed quickly.

  • Kithworto - At man namnáta? [What is that?]
  • Thea'Nhirara - It is here.
  • Jerkon - Everything is going as planned.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Once Laidar lands, we must manually remove the energy shard from him. Are you all capable of flight?
  • Mu - I got a jetpack. Heh, imagine a winged Kicath.
  • Kithworto - Khanthanān. [The same]. Jetpacks are a standard issue with Kicathian Agent armour.
  • Titanozor - My only worry is that Laidar will sense the surface of our elaborate trap resisting his acceleration towards the black hole.
  • Rigsaw - We must make sure it is too late before he even can realise.
  • Jerkon - This "Corruptus" does not seem to use technology beside the new Marinox, so we probably do not have to worry about that.
  • Kithworto - You are not very well versed in military combat, are you?
  • Jerkon - I am a fleet captain, not a ground commander.

From a safe distance, the team could see the nebula slowly taking over the skies, just like how Laidar had attacked all of its other targets. However, out of the nebula, a blast of energy was launched and hit the surface, causing the entire trap to rumble. The DCP's sensors detected the trap had been jammed and it was not responding correctly.

  • Kithworto - What the?
  • Koluap - I don't like the sound these machines are making!

Rigsaw began to monitor data sets coming in, and seemed confused. Laidar landed on the trap and looked around, looking for victims, though there was obviously no one in the false panet beside the team and the scientists who built it.

  • Thea'Nhirara - We have to strike now. Take flight and aim for the heart organ.

Titanozor let out an angry yell, drawing a giant war axe and several other heavy duty weapons. Jerkon, Koluap and Mu took flight with their jetpacks, while Macin and Thea'Nhirara flew with their own wings. Kithworto's unsheathed his blade, and launched from the surface with his own jetpack. On his left arm, sparks of dark essences surrounded it. As the team approached Laidar, they could see a figure who levitated close to him. Closer inspectation showed it was a Marinoxidiz. Most specifically Commandant Karnak. At the sight of him, Jerkon barred his teeth.

  • Karnak - I don't know...what you have done there...but you DO have something and I DON'T like it.
  • Kithworto - That's...quite large.
  • Mu - Fuck me that's ugly as hell.
  • Titanozor - I'll show you who is the ugly one here.
  • Karnak - I didn't like it, so I broke your toy. It went all "fzfzzfzfzfz". Funny.
  • Koluap - He's a funny guy, I gotta say.
  • Jerkon - Shut up. Eliminate him!

Jerkon and Koluap both fired at Karnak with their weapons, while Macin Xermilin fired her essence at him. Rigsaw fired his pistol, but Karnak's shield made the bolt drop harmlessly to the cold floor. Kithworto threw bolts of essence from his fist whilst he poised his sword to his side. Karnak endured all the shots, with each hit causing him to grin and let out a shout.

  • Karnak - Good! Show me how much you want me dead! It makes my body tingle!
  • Mu - ...What?

Karnak then threw himself forward and headbutted Mu much faster than he could evade, which sent him flying several meters away.

  • Kithworto - Get yourself up! You are an Agent, not a ragdoll!
  • Mu - Try getting hit by that thing yourself then!
  • Kithworto - Don't speak back to me like that!

Macin Xermilin and Thea'Nhirara blasted their Essences at Karnak, which caused him to scream angrily. He launched a mass of tentacles on their direction, hitting them both.

  • Karnak - That's a pain I don't enjoy receiving!

Titanozor and Rigsaw both kicked on their engines in an attempted to pincer Karnak between two. Karnak allowed himself to be hit, and then sent his fists at both Titanozor and Rigsaw. Titanozor had recieved a glancing blow, but Rigsaw was sent flying. His helmet was crushed, apparently dead. Koluap flew close to Karnak and fired his shotgun directly at the demon's eye, causing him to shout and throw his head away.

  • Koluap - I'm gonna blow a hole through this creepy bastard!
  • Karnak - Oh my.

Kithworto streamlined his body towards Karnak, before somersaulting forward with his sword driving downwards. Karnak saw Kithworto coming and launched his tentacle-like tongue into his direction. Titanozor saw this as an opportunity and lopped off the tip of Karnak's tongue. The demon screamed, and black purple blood was spilled out of the tongue's wound. Kithworto dived out of the way, before shooting back towards him. Karnak tried to launch tentacles into Kithworto, but Mu tackled the demon, causing him to stagger while Macin and Thea'Nhirara both attacked him with his essences, paralyzing him where he was.

  • Titanozor - One move down.
  • Jerkon - Filthy, disgusting monstrosity.
  • Karnak - Let me see how you all taste like!
  • Titanozor - Say that again and I'll remove your whole tongue!
  • Kithworto - You are rather annoying.
  • Karnak - And I want to take you home with me.

Kithworto drove his blade into Karnak's snout, twisting it as it went in. Karnak shrieked and flaied his limbs around, his blood being launched upwards into Kithworto. He threw himself out of Kithworto's grasp and held on his snout. Kithworto fell backwards, but was not floored.

  • Karnak - I got a wound...I got a wound! It's been years since I got a wound! But this means I have to heal. Terrible. You all. We will meet agian. But later. Must heal.
  • Jerkon - Do not let him escape!

Before anyone on the team could do anything, Karnak teleported away. Kithworto growled, before wiping the blood from his sword.

  • Titanozor - Humph, afraid of a little blood?
  • Kithworto - Giant aliens. Small constitutions.
  • Mu - Ah damn, I wanted to rip his head off.
  • Koluap - Yeah, same here!
  • Thea'Nhirara - This is our chance. Attack Laidar's heart and recover the shard.

Titanozor hacked into the flesh of Laidar, as if he had been trying to get inside. Kithworto directed bolts of essence from his blade at Laidar, whilst crouching. Macin and Thea'Nhirara aided with their own essences, Laidar himself looked down as he felt himself being attacked. While Laidar struggled to grab Titanozor inside his own body, the fibrous flesh was tougher than Titanozor expected, and he tripped up hanging upside down, Laidar then threw him out. Eventually, the team was hit by a radiant light as they found the energy shard inside of Laidar's entrails.

  • Koluap - Yuck! I'm not putting my hands on that!
  • Laidar - What are you...that is mine!

Macin grabbed the shard, and the team all left Laidar's body before he could slam them with one of his tentacles. At this moment, Titanozor could see the DCP's systems were returning to normal, and the trap could be activated once again.

  • Jerkon - We have the item. Everyone, back to the ships so we can evacuate.
  • Laidar - No one steals from me and lives!

Rigsaw had "woken up", much to the surprise of everyone but Titanozor. His helmet had rebuilt his head, and his body armour reanimated the body into a cyborg.

  • Titanozor - Good, the paperwork I would have had to fill if we had left you.
  • Mu - Cold.

The team flew away, Mu shouting as one of Laidar's arms nearly hit him as he escaped. The team made their way to their ships, and as they left the false planet, the trap was turned on. The hollow exterior disappeared to reveal the black hole below Laidar. The demon found himself being sucked into it, incapable of escaping. Before being destroyed, he looked up to the escaping ships and roared, his voice growing deeper as he was sucked into the black hole.

  • Laidar - If I cannot devour you...the Devourer himself will!
  • Kithworto - He shall try.

Back on their ships, the team contemplated their victory, with Thea'Nhirara holding the newly obtained energy shard. Kithworto sat down at his chair, with his blade resting against the side. He slumped in it, and had his fist pressed against his jaw as his elbow supported it.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Good work, everyone. Another member of the Dark Five has fallen.
  • Koluap - It was pretty easy, really.
  • Mu - Tell that to my ribcage.
  • Kithworto - There is something just unsettling about this. Call it intuition, but this is far from over.
  • Thea'Nhirara - It is not. There is one member of the Dark Five still alive.
  • Macin - Who is this, teacher?
  • Thea'Nhirara - The most vile and powerful of them all. A demon who can control time itself. Zr'An'Kar.
  • Kithworto - Control of time? Rather...unprecedented.
  • Titanozor - He will be wise not to strike us as we expect then.
  • Thea'Nhirara - I believe he is attacking a location known as Ottzello. Are any of you familiar with this name?
  • Kithworto - Yes. I have had some military experience there. So has Mu...I would have thought.

Mu shrugged.

  • Mu - Yeah. Killed Loron in there. It was rather fun.
  • 'Titanozor - Yes, I work there, the DCP will be monitoring everything.
  • Jerkon - The war will not be over until the enemy is obliterated. We will travel to this Ottzello and defeat this Zr'An'Kar. This Corruptus will pay for invading our empires, that is assured.

Andromedan Front[edit | edit source]

Coming of the Spider Lord[edit | edit source]

The Draconid Imperium is one of the greatest and most sucessful empires of the Andromeda Galaxy, there is no denying that. An old superpower located deep into the galaxy, it serves as a beacon of order in their space. In the farrther regions of Imperial space, where the so called frontier worlds were located, colonists lived on their usual lives, just like any normal day. Frontier lands are mostly composed of farmland, worked on by both organic and machine hands in unison, with an occasional transport from deeper in. In the cities, the colonists live in modern mid-rise buildings and walked on open streets to go where they wanted.

A fairly mundane day, most of them would consider. At least, until the nebula arrived.

Eleielord rises

Imperial ships in the vicinity detected something interfering with their equipment. Their communications let out scrambled, strange sounds...hissing, screeching, gnarling...and upon looking back forward, the immense dark and purple nebula appeared, seemingly out of nowhere. It was no natural event, as it let out bright, thunder-like blasts inside of itself, and flaming comets appeared out of it into the colony's direction. A larger comet, followed by thousands of smaller ones. The Imperial ships attempted to retreat to get a better view of it, but swarms of...things...appeared in their ships. The things unleashed their tentacles and forced themselves into the crew's bodies, taking them over, ending their resistance.

The leading comet fell into one city, causing a huge blast which leveled great part of it. Out of the crater, an immense, arachnid-like monster appeared from the fire and let out a deafening screech which destroyed the windows of any remaining building in the area. The colonists found themselves swarmed by hordes and hordes of spiders which were way too numerous to be pushed back. The Draconis, well known for being very strong creatures, were stabbed by these spiders' stingers as if they were made by paper, expecially when they specifically aimed at weakspots such as eyes and joints.

Devourer consume you all!

The gigantic arachnid let out a warcry, and out of several portals, Marinoxidiz appeared and attacked the city alongside the demonic spiders. Eleielord, the Spider Lord, pummeled vehicles and infantry with its immense fists and blasted surviving spaceships out of the sky with Essence powers out of its mouth. As the cities and farms crumbled, Eleielord roared and started to create a huge web made out of entropic energy in his path, which was helped by its smaller spider minions. Survivors found themselves trapped on this web and corrupted by its energies. In a matter of hours, the spider horde had turned the entire planet into a web-infested breeder. Eleielord blasted itself back into his nebula, to move on to his next target, while his smaller counterparts remained on the planet, eating on survivors and cultivating more eggs.

The Dark Five had arrived on Andromeda.

Prima Arcana[edit | edit source]

The Arcanae assemble.

However, there was a Draconis that survived the nightmarish apocalypse that the Spider Lord brought upon the Imperium world. As the arachnid monsters devoured city after city, corrupting the land itself, as her neighbours cried for salvation, she remained still, unmoving, unseen, unheard, as if a divine power of some sort protected her, watching. Despite the carnage around her, she remained calm, her face like a featureless mask. As much as she wanted to aid the colonists, it was against the Veil. Still, the attack concerned her - not the citizen, not the planet itself, but rather, the invading monsters. She had a message to bring. As the last of the Imperium world's inhabitants were devoured by the ravenous spider monstrosities, she vanished, dispersing into mist as if she was a desert mirage. Unseen, unheard.

However, this wasn't her end. Hundreds upon thousands of parsecs away, she reappeared from the mist, in amethyst robes, alongside her nineteen brothers and sisters: twenty cards in a deck. Where did they assemble? Andromeda? Borealis? Milky Way? A faraway galaxy outside the Gigaquadrant? Nobody knows for certain. What is relevant for the people of today is that there was an assembly. The Twenty Arcanae had arrived to discuss a matter of great urgency. The Draconis Arcana was the first to speak, her voice rumbling like a thunder and yet never losing its cool.

Great Hierophants, I speak, Tria Arcana, whose eyes watch over the greater whole to protect it. The Infernal Ones have arrived, the Thrice-Cursed, the Doom of Prima; the delirious chains of Veiro'Thoi no longer hold them. Like a rising tide they pour into four grand constellations, with no end to their numbers or their strength. The Grand Design is at stake. What must we do?

The very room that the Arcanae assembled in answered her; harmonious melody ringed in the ears of the high priests of the Anointed and the light that burned in the center of the room grew more radiant. The Hierophants listened to the melody for a while, listening to the subtle whispers that formed it; then the silence was broken again, by one of the robed figures. Its voice was young, masculine, and carried a tone of intelligence, curiousity and yet, fanaticism.

It is time then. We'll have to break the Veil, to act against the Infernal Ones, lest the Grand Design will be undone forever. For a moment, our face has to be revealed.

Penta Arcana's words are true, - another voice joined in, feminine and smooth - the darkness cannot be breached without light. For too long we have been in shadows, letting the universe fall to chaos. We have to intervene - directly - in order to stop the taint.

The melody's sounds became disharmonious, as if they battled against each other in a mortal combat. The Arcanae started looking around and talking to each other, discussing Penta's radical proposition. Not all of the Hierophants were content with it; Tria Arcana, in particular. Raising her voice once more, she stood against the defiant Arcana, staring at him through her robes.

The Veil always has to be maintained! We must defeat the Infernal threat through mortal hands alone, as we always had. The Grand Design shall not be compromised by any-

Suddenly, the hall went silent. It was as if all Hierophants froze and lost their voices - all but one. The voice that was the strongest of them all, the one that carried power and wisdom more than anyone else in this room. Almost nstinctively, all Arcanae bowed in respect.

I speak, Tessera Arcana, the lord of heart and eye. The Infernal Ones are an unusual foe, brothers and sisters, and this foe has to be dealt with unusual means. We do not have to compromise the Veil, but neither do we have to remain here and do nothing but talk as Tria desires. There is another way. Our goal for now is to bring the one from the age of the Infernal Ones. Yes, brothers and sisters, you heard me. Prima must incarnate.

The Arcanae stood dumbstruck, unable to believe what they had just heard. Prima Arcana? Manifested in this plane of existence? This seemed unbelievable, but Tessera was a figure of great respect, and the other Arcanae listened to him.

This will not be easy. The Infernal Ones will attempt to stop us - and we also need a host. Prima was a being of great wisdom and great power... he was a hero, in a sense. And thus we need a hero as well. There are many candidates... but will they prove worthy? This, brothers and sisters, is our mission. We shall find the wortthy Host, we shall make Prima return to this universe, and thus, we shall usher in the Infernal Ones' destruction. This exchange is over, Arcanae. We have to prepare.

With these words, the Arcanae vanished, preparing for the brewing storm...

The Senate Responds[edit | edit source]

News spread quickly of an attack. Another further few colonies wiped from existence by, as reports put it, hordes of spiders. A collective of senators sat within a circular ampitheatre deep within Minos'Drakon. A large echoing room where close to over a hundred politicians had gathered.

  • Praetor Mardos - This is an absolute outrage! Fate is testing us I am sure as whatever attacked Trameli III and the other half-dozen colonies in that subsector must. be. punished!
  • Senator Semerion - And do what, praetor? You saw the reports, Imperial Talon warships were swarmed with creatures few of us can describe.
  • Senator Carlim - They're darkwisps i'm telling you, whatever that monster was--
  • Semerion - We're deliving into supersition now are we? Darkwisps indeed there msut be another explaination.
  • Mardos - Explaination? Downtown Mobis was destroyed by salamanders and a giant bloody tarantula. Whoever these sapient salamanders are they are bound to be repsonsible for the attacks I'm sure of it.
  • Semerion - And that gives you the conclusion it was a mythical counterpart to the gardeners of Paradise? Oh my what is this world coming to.
  • Mardos - Very well Semerion, what do you propose these attackers were?

As the senators bickered, chancellor Vesperon Maltris stood in the middle of the room, his bellowing voice eachoing throughout as he made his presence known. It was his job to ensure that senate meetings kept orderly.

  • Vesperon - Can we have order please! Paretor Mardos I understand you areconcerned for your lost holdings, the Imperial Talon Navy will seek to restore waht has been lost.
  • Mardos - Restore? Restore!? Restore waht, it wil ltake months to repair the damage. Seven systems those things ravaged, do you think--
  • Vesperon - My take on whether or not the subsector can be saved is not priority .What is priority is halting this mysterious invasion.
  • Semerion - And how do you propose we do that? Throw more ships at it? Reports were the ships stationed in orbit around Tameli III were taken over by - as best as we can guess - something that loosk eagerly like a darkwisp.
  • Vesperon - Senator this chamber is a place of politics, not fairytales.'

As Vesperon spoke, his appearence appeared to glitch up, he flittered and eventualyl dematerialised, finding himself in his office. On the other side of the room was a shilouetted figure. Clad in fine armour and standing in the shadows. The figure positioned themselves, they looked Draconis in appearence.

  • ??? - Such things may be fairytales, but such tales are often grounded in fact.
  • Vesperon - Who are you and how in the void did you get into my office.
  • Kelsos - My name is Kelsos. All you need to know is I am aware of things beyond the common understanding.
  • Vesperon - And how does this invasion relate.
  • Kelsos - Dark days are coming, Chancellor. Dark days. Signalled by the arrival of these invaders of yours.
  • Vesperon - I am in little mood for cryptic musings, what in the black void's name attacked the colonies?
  • Kelsos - Demons. That is all I can really say.
  • Vesperon - Demons. If that is your answer you are barely better in the head than those senators.
  • Kelsos - Perhaps, but like I said, fairy tales are often grounded in truth.

Vesperon scoffed. Looking sternly at Kelsos wh owalked confidently out of the shadows.

  • Kelsos - Inform Lord-Admiral Vontarion to prepare the navy and I reccomend the mentalist corps for the counter-attack. Mortal weapons may be ineffective against the foe we shall all one day face.
  • Vesperon - And what authority do you have to give me orders?
  • Kelsos - The word of Mistress Irianos and the Archcleric.
  • Vesperon - Hrmph. Inquisition. Fine, I may as well bow to your demands so long as the Archcleric's authorisation is genuine.
  • Kelsos - You can always ask him but there's little point. Now, I have other matters to attend to.

Kelsos vanished as he seemed to be envoloped by a curtain of invisibility, leaving Vesperon standing in his office as the hologram of the senate chamber returned around him. Brushing himself up and regaining his posture he spoke confidently.

  • Vesperon - After an unexpected uplink outage. I have had time to contemplate our move and propose an en-masse attack on these invaders with support from the mentalist corps. All in favour?

The vast majority of the senate booths flashed bands of blue to indicate the senators occupying them had chosen to agree with Vesperon's suggestion. With a satisfied nod, Vesperon called for meeting ajourned and ocne again the reality of the senate chamber dissolved around him, returning hi mto his desk. He looked down at his desk to see Kelsos had left a token on his desk, which shimmered in the light as it contained a hologram imprint.

What Future Holds[edit | edit source]

While the Infernal Ones wrought havoc all over Segmentum Draco, destroying the colonies of the Draconid Imperium one by one, the neighbouring Segmentum Crepusculum was engulfed in a war of its own - a war that had continued for countless millenia already. For the belligerent Artharon clans, there was no end to conflict. In a sense, it was a fundamental part of their existence; they were born to the sounds of battle and died on the battlefield, bloodied but still willing to fight. When the Corruptus invaded Andromeda, the warlords of the Artharon Realms were simply too entrenched in their feudal squabbles and political intrigues to care. Why would they bother to think about some ethereal demons from the west while their neighbours plotted and schemed against them and their ancestral realms?

There was one young Artharon noble, however, who did realise the threat that loomerd over his species and indeed, all the Gigaquadrant. In the dark force that was engulfing Andromeda, he saw the fulfullment of the portents he had been seeing for a while, a prophecy coming true. In a sense, he even welcomed the Corruptus invaders. They were the harbingers of the goal that he had been working tirelessly to achieve for all his short life. Little did he know, however, that his endeavours had brought upon themselves the attention of forces beyond his understanding...

Tagu'sai prepares for the brewing storm.

There was silence in the impregnable ceramite walls of Sai-shari. An ancient citadel built by the Artharons of the First Realm, back from the days when the warriors of Tharrus were one, it stood out proudly in the desolate landscape of Kashanar, the ancestral homeworld of Great Clan Sai. While other warlords seeked to flaunt their wealth by adorning their residences with lavish tapestries and grandiose statues, understanding that their power might vanish tomorrow, Kagu'sai, the current lord of the Great Clan, kept his citadel spartan and pure. As a member of an ancient bloodline that had always remained prominent in complex and opaque politics of the Artharon Realms, he had no need to show his status provocatively; nor did he want to.

Kagu'sai mind was captivated by something else; he was an idealist and, in his daydreams at least, thought of himself as of a messianic figure. His ultimate goal, his greatest aspiration, was to one day see the Artharon species unified under a single banner; one species, one empire, one leader. But how? How could hundreds of warring clans that had known only war and hatred since the beginning of time possibly become one? Kagu'sai didn't know, but he hoped, no, knew, that one day he would find out.

  • Commander - Lord Kagu'sai, I bring you a message.
  • Kagu'sai - What is it, Taku'zisai?
  • Taku'zisai - Our attack on Alkhuse has been a success, great kai'zu. Adherent machines now belong to Your Highness... Adherent slaves too, of course.
  • Kagu'sai - Is the resource among them?
  • Taku'zisai - Yes, great kai'zu.

Taku'zisai stepped back to reveal a young Radeon female which stood on her knees. Her body was exposed, delightfully revealing a wide extent of her physical form. Her overall figure was shaped into a curvacious hourglass, her hips wide and seemingly predetermined for children. These curvy formations were also applied to her generous rear, which was held tightly in place by a mere strap of material that reached below and across her waist. It was obvious, both to herself and the Artharons, what was she abducted for. However, despite losing her dignity, the defiant Radeon remained cool, staring at her captor with eyes filled with cold malevolence.

  • Slave - Do whatever you want to me. This body doesn't matter. The Faithful never die; our souls return to the Greater Whole, Dei'Nar. This shell is merely a vessel, a single teardrop in the great ocean. Its pain is irrelevant. Destroy it, and one hundred will replace it. You, at the other hand... cannot escape your destiny.
  • Taku'zisai - She's feisty, yes. That's the way you like it, don't you, kai'zu?
  • Slave - Soon, our empire shall be reborn, and we shall have our vengeance. Our attacks will tear you apart. Our power is unmatched. We will end you.

Kagu'sai sighed. This wasn't exactly the purpose she needed her for... though that might have been a pleasant bonus.

  • Kagu'sai - ...What's your name, esteemed lady?

Both Taku'zisai and the slave stared at the warlord in confusion.

  • Sheophatia - Sheophatia Theraim.
  • Kagu'sai - Very well, lady Theraim. Welcome to the Realm of Sai. I apologise for such an... unorthodox way to meet, but alas, our species are not at cordial relationships with each other. I ask you for one thing.

Sheophatia remained somewhat uncertain about her new acquaintance. Was the warlord trying to sweettalk her... or was he sincere in his cordiality?

  • Sheophatia - And what is it... lord?
  • Kagu'sai - You see, madam...

Kagu'sai stepped from his throne and activated the building's ancient holoprojectors - technology widespread in Segmentum Draco, but virtually unheard in technologically backward Artharon realms. The image was glitchy and blurred, but it was obvious what was depicted on it - Imperium citizens being decimated in thousands by strange demonic creatures. Taku'zisai stepped back, disbelieving his eyes; was it a vid of some sort? Unfortunately, he was wrong. It was reality.

  • Kagu'sai - As of now, these things have destroyed a dozen or two of Imperium worlds - in a matter of days. And yesterday, they have also been sighted in the Federal Union's territory. Do you understand where this is going?
  • Taku'zisai - Y-y-yes...
  • Kagu'sai - Indeed. That means that in a week or two, these demons will approach our borders... and alas, this might as well be the end of the Artharon species. - Kagu'sai appeared strangely upbeat, even happy - But where others see only death, I see an opportunity.
  • Taku'zi - An opportunity? For what?
  • Kagu'sai - I have dreamed of this moment for years, my loyal general. - Kagu'sai closed his eyes, reminiscing - Bloodshed. Warfare. Then, amidst the chaos, dark forms come. They devour everyone and everything, but people are deaf to each other, divided... and then, I come. The unifier. With you at my side, I shall create a single Great Artharon Realm, with myself at its head!
  • Sheophatia - And why exactly should I care about unifying your primitive species?
  • Kagu'sai - Because, madam, when these things end us, they shall came for you. And as far as I know, your species is weaker than ever at the moment. It is in your interest to aid me. I have heard of you. It is clear to me that you, lady, are an educated and lordly woman. If you aid me in reverse-engineering your empire's technology and provide your organisational talents for our cause... the unified Artharon Realm will be most grateful.
  • Sheophatia - ...Very well. But first, return my clothing to me. Lying around seductively isn't exactly my speciality...

  • Deutera Arcana - Hm. Definitely a viable choice... strong-willed, visionary, magisterial.
  • Penta Arcana - Nonsense! This Artharon is naught but a fanatic; his ego blinds him... much like my own kind in a sense. There is no way he can be a suitable host for Prima.
  • Deutera Arcana - If not him, then who?
  • Tessera Arcana - Silence. Such important decisions shall not be resolved by petty disputes. Let the events unravel on their own. After all, there is one more potential host in this universe, one that you, Deutera, might remember...

Uriel's Nightmare[edit | edit source]

Uriel found himself within a central plaza on Araveene. Here a crowd of peopel had gathered as well as his family wh osat behind him. He was performing a rallying speech, gathering forth support in these dark times. The crowd roared with applause as uriel gave inspiring words to them, giving them hope and cofidence. As they cheered, Uriel turned to Alensia who sat behind him. Holding out his hand, he signalled her to stand up and take his hand. She presented him with a knowing smile and stood up gracefully.

  • Uriel - We can do this Alensia my dear, I know it.
  • Alensia - All the people need is your dedication and you will have their trust.

Uriel pulled Alensia closer, the two embraced a loving nuzzle, which was followed by a roaring cheer from the crowd. Uriel closed his eyes, embracing the affection his wife was giving him. As he lifted his snout away his eyes lifted softly open, then jolted wide as that moment he closed his eyes, his wife's scales were now withered and chipped, her face was gaunt and her skin pressed against her skull. Her eyes were now shriveled and dep set inside her skull and her clothes had become frayed. She smiled again, baring rotted teeth set within receded and blackened gums.

Uriel turned his head slowly to see that those with him - Paronus, Alessa ans well as several others of his offspring had suffered the same. Their calming voices now hoarse and gutteral as they looked at Uriel with ungry .

  • Uriel - No...this isn't happening...the plague could not have spread!

Pushing his way through the decaying crowd was a red zombified Draconis. It let out a roar which disbanded the others around it. He pointed at Uriel with his decayed, skeletal finger.

  • Red Draconis - You...I want...what you stole!
  • Uriel - What-- What are you talking about?
  • Red Draconis - Don't if you didn't is mine...give it to me!
  • Uriel - What did I steal. Tell me!
  • Red Draconis - The stole the throne...from me!

Uriel continued to struggle out of Alensia's grip as she opened her jaws. He gave another tug, freeing himself and falling off the platform.

  • Uriel - I never intended to, are you a relative?

The zombie slowly made its way to Uriel. As he looked around, the zombies' colourations began changing to a shade of purple.

  • Red Draconis - I am of you...Ultanos dogs!
  • Uriel - Then the throne was not stolen...
  • Red Draconis - It was...from me...from my house...don't if you didn't know!

Uriel slowly pulled himself up. Reaching for the sword stapped to his side.

  • Uriel - Who in the void do you think you are to make such a claim.
  • Red Draconis -
  • Uriel - Then you have no claim, for you are a descendant of a usurper!

All the zombies shrieked together. The red zombie began shambling at Uriel's direction, with the intention of striking him with his claws. Uriel held his head as the zombies shrieked. Waiting for the right moment until the red zombie was close enough, he drew his sword to cut at the zombie as the blade left the sheath, a field of plasma enveloping it as it left its holding place.

The zombie was cut in half and its pieces fell on the ground. The zombies across the plaza began shieking harder. Uriel held his head again, baring his teeth as he helt tightly onto his sword. The halves of the red zombie suddenly flashed and exploded violently, with enough power to send Uriel flying. The exploded area was engulfed in an intense fog, and inside of it, a massive sillhoette was visible, with shining red eyes. Uriel was thrown backwards and at the feet of his zombified family. They lurched forward as corrupted saliva dripped from their maws. Uriel flailed the sword, hoping the glow of the plasma field would drive them away.

A monstrous roar was heard from the fog as fleshy tentacles erupted from it and began capturing the zombies and bringing them into the monster's maw. One tentacle swooped next to Uriel and grabbed all of its family, barely avoiding Uriel himself.

Uriel confronts the monster

  • Uriel - NO!

Uriel reached forward his face in pain as he watched what remained of his family pulled into the monster's maw. He watched in horror as with every consumed body the monster swelled. The fog megan to dissipate, showing a massive, brown Draconis-like figure. It roared again and began moving outside of the fog very slowly, its red eyes aimed at Uriel.

  • Uriel - I'll kill you for what you have done. I'll...I'll tear out your heart and sever your head from your torso.

As the figure left the fog, it suddenly changed into a completely different being.

  • ??? - Death everywhere...that's what your future holds. Your race has overstayed its welcome.
  • Uriel - Lifefather'
  • ??? - Death calls your name. It calls for all. But calls your name desires you.

Uriel pulled himself up, looking at the being and steeling himself. Gripping his longsword with both hands.

  • Uriel - I was spared being consumed before...And I will do so again.

The being turned to the fog behind it, then turned back to Uriel.

  • ??? - It ate everyone. Or not. One still lives.

Uriel's eyes widened and he rushed forward towards the creature, a bellowing roar escaping his jaws, his eyes narrow in fury. As Uriel approached the creature, it looked at him with disgust and jumped high into the air, falling into the platform where Uriel and his family were one standing. It began looking around it, as if it was searching for something.

  • ??? - The one I meant. It is here. Is it even alive? Not yet, actually.
  • Uriel - Take another life and I swear to destroy you so long as I breathe.
  • ??? - Take lifes? I don't take lifes. Death takes lifes.
  • Uriel - Death has no form. You do however.

The creature eventually found what it was looking for and on its fingers, Uriel could see it grabbing an egg. Uriel narrowed his eyes, his pupils contracted hand he bared his teeth visiously, he charged at the creature once again. As he did, a savage snarl escaped between his teeth. A tentacle erupted from the creature's back and grabbed Uriel, wrapping around him and bringing him close. The creature examinted the egg, with an air of interest.

  • ??? - Can we call it alive yet? He? She? We do not know.

Uriel writhed about savagely within the tentacle's grip.

  • ??? - Death calls you. But it does not actually call this little thing. We will do you a favour, and make sure you both meet up in the other side.

The creature tossed the egg upward and crushed it on its jaw. Uriel let out a sorrow-filled roar at the top of his lungs.

  • ??? - I am not death. I do not take lifes. I take order. I bring entropy. You should thank me. My original idea was making you eat it yourself. Now you will join it in the other side.

The creature enforced the tentacle's grip until Uriel could hear his bones cracking. Uriel jolted awake, panting and looking around. Gone was the decayed plaza of Araveene. Instead he woke up within an old apartment. Looking out the window was a Val'Kar - one of the members of his expedition who heard him wake up and looked over, giving him a friendly nod and an enduring smile.

  • Vrom - Rough dreams mate?
  • Uriel - You-- you could say that.
  • Vrom - Well, you can always take over the watch.
  • Uriel - I will, Thank you Vrom since I might not be able to sleep much more.

Lord of the Clans[edit | edit source]

The Fleets Assemble

The fleets assemble.

Massive, gilded ships assembled above the geometrical surface of the ancient Artharon homeworld of Praestol, carrying on their hulls the banners of all colours and shapes; today was the House Convocation, an annual meeting of all Artharon houses and clans within the walls of their ancestral capital, Citadel Ordu-ed. Among these gargantuan vessels was a silvery, ornamented ship of House Sai. Like the noble family itself, it was a relic of the past, a luxurious starliner created by the hedonistic artisans of the First Realm thousands of years ago. Created in the time when there were no noble houses or warring fiefdoms, only the unified Artharon Realm.

Kagu'sai smirked when he saw his allies and rivals' starships flying around him. The original purpose of the Convocation was to discuss the ways the Artharon species could become one, unified, but as time passed, it had become a battleground for house politics. In Ordu-ed, alliances were made and broken, wars were declared, nobles were killed by assassins sent by rival houses, and poisonous rumours were spread by deceitful courtesans. It was a festival of deception and lies, hypocrisy and betrayal; that was the way of things everyone was used to. That is, everyone but Kagu'sai.

Kagu'sai - Come here, madam.

Sheophatia entered Kagu'sai's quarters, now dressed in a much less provocative Artharon noblewoman dress adorned with rare jewels and elegant Khastai hieroglyphic patterns. The Radeon still retained a cold, stoic expression on her face, but it was obvious that she warmed up a bit and more or less accepted her captivity. After all, house Sai gave her a room of her own, complete with a small Masaari altar, and she didn't need much more.

Sheophatia - I still find my clothing to be excessively revealing. Is there anything less sensual?
Kagu'sai - We have more important problems right now, lady Theraim. How is the weapon project going?
Sheophatia - Very well. In a month or two, your engineers will refit the entirety of your fleet with our technology... turns out you Artharons are much smarter than you look.
Kagu'sai - The feeling is mutual, madam. I have to admit, I once considered you Adherents to be weak... cowardly. But now that I've seen you, I understand that I was wrong... - Kagu'sai stared into Sheophatia's eyes - Maybe our species aren't that different after all.
Taku'zi - Ahem... - Kagu'sai's advisor entered the room - Sorry to interrupt, my liege... but the summit is about to begin.

The Convocation

Kagu'sai starts his speech.

A gust of wind blew into Kagu'sai's face as his delegation entered the gates of the ancient Artharon fortress. The air of his species' sacred homeworld was refreshing, even pleasant to him, but at the same time, there was a taint in it, a stench of corruption and vice. He recognised that smell, which was indeed quite familiar to him, the very instant he stepped on the surface of Ordu-ed: the entire place reeked of Artharon poison. For all their honour, Artharon nobles weren't above using underhanded tactics in order to attain more power.

The other house leaders and dignitaries bowed to Kagu'sai in respect as he stepped through its ancient, rocky streets, but he knew full well that this social etiquette was nothing but a formality, a mask. Over a few failed assassination attempts, Kagu'sai learned to read his peers' body language, to understand who is sincere in his hospitality and friendly demeanour and who was ready to kill him and take his place given the chance. He saw the latter much more often the former.

Taku'zi - I hope you are certain in what you are doing, great kai'zu. Noone has ever approached the Warchief Plaza in centuries. Are you sure the nobles will listen to you?
Kagu'sai - The reason noone has approached the Plaza, Taku, is because there there has never been anyone like me. - Kagu raised his head proudly in an arrogant manner - And they will listen. If not now, then when the demons arrive.
Taku'zi - I hope so.

Kagu'sai passed through the pavilions filled with chattering nobles and headed straight to the largest hexagonal platform that stood in the center of the citadel: the Warchief Plaza. The legends said that in the ancient days, the High Overseers of the First Artharon Realm governed their subjects from this place, and even after its fall it remained to be a symbol of the greatness of the Artharon species, the greatness that had been lost. It was up to Kagu'sai to restore it.

Kagu'sai - Stay at my side, Taku. It is time.

Determined to find his rightful place at the head of the New Artharon Realm, Kagu'sai stepped forth. His studded metallic boots touched the surface of the massive stone platform, making a loud "clang" sound, and the platform shook - and moved. With a loud, earth-shakin thud, the rock sprang to life and started to rise, ascending Kagu'sai high enough to satisfy his ego - and to let everyone see him. Both confused and surprised, the Artharon nobles turned to the upstart warlord, staring in disbelief, and then realised that his face was appearing all over Ordu-ed. Somehow, Kagu'sai had activated the citadel's ancient machinery, and one by one, his holographic images were activated, speaking in a chorus of voices.

Kagu'sai - People of the Artharon Realm, heed my word!
Artharon 1 - Who is that?
Artharon 2 - Kagu, of House Sai. Ancestors damn this kid...

Kagu's voice, amplified by the holoprojectors, turned into a deep, booming crescendo that shook the very walls. It was undoubtedly quite impressive.

Kagu'sai - I am not a kid. I am a unifier. While you bicker and plot against each other, a threat looms against our species - a threat that will destroy us if we do not UNITE!
'Artharon 1 - And who in the Abyss do you think you are to make such demands?
Kagu'sai - Have you not heard about it, people of the Realm? Of the demons that assailed the Dragon Stars? Of the demons that are moving towards our lands?
Artharon 1 - Do you say we are weak? Do you say that we cannot defeat these demons you speak of?
Kagu'sai - Divided, we CANNOT!
Artharon 2 - Bah! With your petty ambitions, you spit on your father's name. You have always been a narcissist, Kagu, but... ruling the entire Artharon species? To fight demons?
Kagu'sai - You think of them as of myths, don't you? THE IMPERIUM IS FIGHTING THEM RIGHT NOW! THESE DEMONS EXIST! WE HAVE TO UNITE!
Artharon 1 - Blah. Demons. Deluded upstart... ??? - Demons do exist.

A lordly Artharon clad in golden armour entered the walls of Ordu-ed, ignoring the sights of his peers and glaring at Kagu'sai malevolently. The nobles recongised him: that was lord Khano'tan, one of the more influental Artharon house rulers known for his wealth and power. Yet, in his eyes there was something else - a dark, foreign influence that made his features beastial, his eyes dreadful, and his smirk diabolical.

Artharon 2 - Lord Khano'tan?
Khano'tan - In the flesh. I have heard of the demon attacks on the Imperium and the Federal Union. But war is not the answer.
Kagu'sai - What do you propose then?
Khano'tan - We... SUBMIT.

Suddenly, the Artharon lord's body turned black and white, becoming monstrous and demon-like with horrible bone-crushing noises. As he screamed and roared in pain, the sky around him darkened and became red as skull-like creatures fell from the sky, shrieking as they devoured the souls of Artharon dignitaries and nobles, turning them into corrupted monstrosities similar to Khano'tan himself. With feral fury, they turned on their former comrades with claws and teeth, roaring like beasts of prey they resembled; in a matter of seconds, Ordu-ed's festivity was gone, replaced by the agonising screams of dying Artharons.

??? - Now that was an ugly body...

The Attack
File:Nightmare Horrors.png

Kagu'sai faces Kikra demons.

Kagu'sai jumped from the platform to see a monstrous insectoid creature emerging from Khano'tan's twisted corpse. His heart sank: that was the fulfillment of his prophetic dream. Will he become the hero that will save the Artharon species? It was up to him.

Kagu'sai - Who... who are you?
Arrtkar Crowart - The name's Arrtkar Crowart. Not that it matters... whether you know it or not, you and all of your mortal kind will die.

With a wave of his clawed hand, Arrtkar made the walls of Ordu-ed break and crumble, burying more Artharons under their massive weight. Kagu'sai stood dumbstruck, unsure what to do. He had to save the others, but at the same time... this thing must have been stopped.

Realising that the demon was too strong for him to even have a chance of defeating, Kagu'sai decided to concentrate on the survivors. With a single power glove uppercut, the Artharon warlord disabled his opponent for a few split seconds, allowing him to run away and find the rest of the ambassadors. As he cleared out the rubble, the survivors of the attacked stared at their saviour in disbelief. Was it really happening? Were the demons really... real?

Kagu'sai - Quickly, get up and head to my shuttle! We have to escape!

Although they did not trust Kagu fully, the survivors understood that this upstart was their only chance to survived, and simply followed him to survive. Running from the impending demon horde, the Artharon warlord led them through the labyrinthine pathways of Ordu-ed, all while chased by merciless Artharon Kikras.

Taku'zi - What is happening, my liege? What are these things?
Kagu'sai - They are the enemy, Taku. That is all you need to know.
Taku'zi - Acknowledged.

Taku'zi loaded his coilgun and unleashed a barrage of fire at the Kikras, illuminating the darkened sky of the Artharon homeworld. The zombies shrieked in pain and slowed down singificantly, but that was still not enough to kill them, and thus the Kikras continued to crawl while muttering something out of their past lives. Those who lived surrounded by lies now finally esembled their inner selves: wild, destructive and comprised of pure malevolence.

Kagu'sai - Go, go, go!

Free from the pursuit, the survivors rushed towards Kagu's ship, but the zombies were fast, and slowly but steadily the gap between them became shorter and shorter. Kagu'sai breathed heavily, firing at the Kikras to halt their unstoppable advance. That was the moment of truth. To die pointlessly or to live as a hero.

Arrtkar - You will not escape me!

Enraged, Arrtkar Crowart appeared in a flash of flame in front of Kagu'sai, roaring in anger. His body was engulfed in entropic fire which reflected his unbound, unrestructed fury and hatred: he was prepared to stomp Kagu'sai like an ant.

Kagu'sai - I am not afraid of you... demon!
Arrtkar - Good. Good. It is more interesting that way.

Arrtkar Crowart raised his hand and unleashed a wave of fire on the Artharon warlord, searing his flesh like it was firewood. Kagu'sai clenched his teeth. Agony permeated every part of his body, but he stood, prepared to meet his death, prepared to die in the flames...

Or did he?

Arrtkar - What?

Arrtkar pulled his hand back. The fire didn't hurt Kagu'sai. A strange aura of purple light surrounded him, giving him a supernatural look similar to Arrtkar himself, but more benevolent. The Artharon looked at his burned body and watched as it healed, not understanding what was happening to him... but he did not want to understand. All he wanted was to make that thing suffer.

Arrtkar - ...Them?..

With a brutal, feline roar, Kagu'sai drew his power sword and struck Arrtkar. He did not understand. What was the power that gave strength to the Artharon? Who was behind it? For a split second, he heard a faint voice, a voice that reminded him of his past that he had been trying so hard to forget. Of one person he once knew...

We are not brothers.

With a shriek, Arrtkar covered his gaping sword wound and flew into the sky. Kagu'sai did not understand what happened to him, but whatever it was, it allowed him to drive that thing away... and he was grateful to it for what it did to him.

Remaining Artharon leaders assembled in Kagu'sai's shuttle, staring at their saviour in a combination of disbelief and admiration.

Artharon 1 - Okay, we get it. You were right. Demons exist, and right now, they are attacking our homeworld. Half of the house leaders are dead, and now we are completely leaderless. What are we supposed to do?

Kagu'sai sighed and smiled.

Kagu'sai - I shall lead you.

The Imperium Retaliates[edit | edit source]

Arriving in orbit above an inner frontier colony, Admiral Erius Verdonus observed the carnage unfolding below. Eleielord had attacked again, bringing Marinoxidz with her. Erius observed images from orbit, flicking though feeds and watching with disgust as demons rampaged through city streets and across country plains. As he flciked though Kelsos came pacing up from behind him. For a few days now the Imperium had been following the demons' rampage and Kelsos was determined to stop the invasion here and now.

  • Erius - This monster's killed millions already across nearly twenty-eight worlds. Every time we arrive at a location the invaders dissapear but now we have it.
  • Kelsos - The reports are it is in the middle of Termiria, a city on the northern continent.
  • Erius - Damnation. And here I was with the hopes of incinerating it from the sky.
  • Kelsos - Time will come, I have operatives working to cull offshoot invasions but...

Kelsos took over the feeds and showed Marinixidz enduring frontal volleys from Dragon MBT tanks, the energy burning their skin but the creatures themselves merely becoming angrier. Some footage displayed such creatures emerging from shadows to crush scout squadrens and patrol cars underfoot. Erius' eyes widened, he saw the creatures acting as elite soldiers while the spiders that had been seen since first sighting continued devouring soldiers.

  • Kelsos - Reports indicate the orbs that attacked Navy crewmen were immune to conventional weapons.
  • Erius - Then how are we supposed to eliminate them?
  • Kelsos - The creatures do appear to be affected by telekinetics.
  • Erius - So what, post inquisitors on every ship? Can the Order spare so many?
  • Kelsos - I have already sent a request to the Military Council to deploy what they can of the psionics corps.

Erius slowly turned his head to Kelsos and narrowed his eyes aggressively, furrowing his lips in frustration.

  • Erius - I am the commanding officer of this fleet.
  • Kelsos - "Was", admiral. So long as this crusade is in effect you answer to me.

Erius twitched and reached for the sword strapped to his side. As he grabbed the handle Kelsos grabbed his frearm and with a twitch, Erius let go and Kelsos moved his arm away, bringing the admiral close slightly and tilting his head with dissapointnment.

  • Kelsos - You telegraph your moves admiral. In fact I knew you would reach for that sword of yours.
  • Erius - I do not appreciate command being stolen from me, Inquisitor!
  • Kelsos - You will addresme as "Sir", or should I request someone more capable?
  • Erius - No. You don't.

Erius pulled his arm downwards, noticing his sincerity Kelsos allowed him to do so. Kelsos took a tep back and grunted.

  • Kelsos - Good. Now, prepare for a ground assault. As long as we blockade this planet the creature shall have nowhere to hide.
  • Erius - Inquisitor the last blockades we set upwere ineffective.
  • Kelsos - This time we have psionics corps and inquisitors. We have surrounded this creature and wewill end it.
  • Erius - And if we cannot contian it?
  • Kelsos - We shall chase it to the halo regions and beyond if we must.

Kelsos looked at another holographic screen. He watched as thousands of AO-8 dropships and heavier transports ferried troops, tanks and artilery to the surface, protected by thousands of drone starfighters.

Admiral Erius watches as the Imperium descends to confront Eleielord's dark forces.

This planet was one of the imperium's own worlds, but the vast array of soldiers and machines fo war being deployed would say otherwise. Erius wanted ot take no chances and had mustered an entire legion of soldiers. Such numbers rivalled the populations of developing planets, potentially more soldiers than this planet had people. Erius enjoyed such a sight, an indicator of the overwhelming firepower Erius posessed at his fingertips, the wrath he could deliver on any target he chose. But Erius was merely a cog in the machine. He was one of hundreds, perhaps thousands in the imperium who commanded such numbers and he was subordinate to more. A few hundred superiors who each commanded a dozen like him and above them, perhaps seventy of the so-called executive admirals, who each commanded a lesser empire's worth of military forces.

The mighty hammer the Imperium was prepared to drive Eleielord and his brood from Segmentum Draco with fire and sword, and the might of a thousand suns behind them.

Kelsos' shuttle touched down outside the ruins of a town on a terrestrial planet under attack by the demons of the Corruptus. He had arrived with a full squadron of talon ground legionnaires, a squadron of marines and four other inquisitors who were tasked with securing the village and surmising what had happened. Kelsos exchanged wordless order to the soldiers, two marines lifted a pair of heavy particle cannons fro mthe back of the AO-8 transport and placed it on a grav sled alongside extra munitions and explosives. With everyoe ready, the force made their way int othe ruined town. The ruins were littered with web-like substances.

  • Marine - Inquisitor look at this stuff. it's like silk only...well.
  • Inquisitor - Supernatural?

The marine shrugged. The soldiers continued, An air of uneasiness falling over all of them as they looked about, seeing devoured bodies and webbing everywhere. One of the marines aimed his fusion rifle and fired a burst at the webbing. They could hear sounds from a distance. It ranged from hissing to roaring. However, the sources didn't appear to be close.

  • Kelsos - Keep an eye out, I hear inhabitants.
  • Marine - Private set up that particle cannon to cover our flank.

A small spherical creature popped out of a window and flew over the distance, disappearing around the buildings. A marine nodded and lifted the bulky particle cannon from the grav-sled. Extending the tripod at the bottom he planted it firmly in the ground. Activating a sequence, a half-bubble enveloped the front of the cannon with the emitter pointing out from the bubble. Plugging in a power-pack the marine nodded to Kelsos and kept an eye on the streets behind the squad.

Steps were heard, as well as an angered rambling. The marine pulled the particle cannon around to the sounds of movvement. Slamming the side of the cannon and powering it up. From a street, a black and white Draconis appeared. Riding it was a large arachnid-like creature. The Draconis looked frantically around and growled loudly.

  • Marine - Identify yourself!--

The Draconis turned to the marine, roared and immediately charged into his direction. As the marine shouted, Kelsos grabbed his shoulder and drew a fusion pistol, firing several particle shots at the Draconis-like creature. The Draconis fell lifeless, while the arachnid creature on its back jumped into the air, trying to fall into the marine.

Panicking the marine pressed the trigger, firing particle blasts in an upward arc trying to hit the spider. Seeing the spider leaping several marines fired on it as well with their fusion rifles. The spider was hit and hit the ground, shrieking. Tentacles formed out of it and it launched them at the marines. The marine at the cannon was protected from the tentacles by the dome, a forcefield designed to protect the gunenry crew, one marine and two ground legionnaires were attacked by the flailing limbs. Kelsos himself fired a finishing shot on the spider.

  • Kelsos - No mercy. Anyone still alive in these ruins is either posessed or at risk. If you see anything like that shoot on sight, understood?
  • Marines - Sir. Understood sir.

As it died, the spider's body dissolved away. Roars were heard across the ruins, as if the fight had attracted the attention of the inhabitants. Kelsos shouted orders, the marines picked up the other particle cannon and set it up on the other side of the group. Other marines set up deployable forcefield barricades to bunker down. Red, humanoid demons with blades for arms jumped into the ceilings of the buildings still standing and moved around. Soldiers fired towards the rooftops and exploded upper floors in a panicked attempt to draw the new assailants out.

The explosions caused the buildings to collapse and the creatures to disappear in the rubble. More black and white Draconis-like creatures appeared, and like the first, showed no sight of conscience. The particle cannon gunners fired into the hordes of black and white Draconis, drowinging the streets their vision covered in a sea of rapid-fire particle pulses that would incinerate the flesh and bone of any normal creature. These particle cannons were designed for this, to take on armies of infantry. They served as equal-parts troop thinner and suppressior unit.

The creatures fell, appearing less resilient than normal Draconis even though they were more musculous. However, through all the gunfire, loud steps were heard as well as a voice.

  • ??? - Life persists in this place? All should be dead or blessed at this point.

Other soldiers joined the hellfire, pressing against barricades and firing into the swams of beastial Draconis, shredding and incinerating. Some primed grenades and threw them over, the grenades exploding and throwing forth high-pressure shockwaves, plasma or shrapnel to disorient the enemy. A nearby building fell, and through the dust, a Marinoxidiz appeared. It watched the battle between the soldiers and the possessed in amusement.

  • Marinoxidiz - You look too fresh. Too calm. You only got here. A most idiotic mistake.

One fire team, looekd up to see the demonic Marinox that looked towards them. Some of them backing up, unnerved by this alien sight. Kelsos noticed the hesitation and paced up, his very prescence instilling these soldiers to fight on.

  • Marinoxidiz - What brings you to one of Eleielord's nests, mortals? Do you want to join the rest of your people here as members of the Kikra Caste?

Kelsos turned to see the Marinoxidiz and widened his eyes in surprise.

  • Kelsos - Anti-material teams take that monster down!
  • Marinoxidiz - I will take that as a yes.

FOur soldiers armed with shoulder-resting particle cannons nodded and positioned themselves, priming the weapons they held and each firing a single beam, strong enough to melt the armour of all but the most resilient tanks, towards the Marinoxidiz. The demon grinned and launched itself out of the beam's way, taking cover behind the various buildings still standing. Meanwhile, more spherical creatures began appearing in the sky, flying over the battlefield. Kelsos put his pistol away and drew a battle rifle, priming it and firing at the spherical creatures.

  • Soldier - How in the void can something so big jump so high?
  • Marine - Inquisitor...what are those things in the sky?

The creatures avoided Kelsos' shots, and those hit didn't appear to feel much damage. The Marinoxidiz appeared out of a wall, holding on a Grox tech-based rifle, and began firing at the soldiers. Some soldiers fired back, the Marinoxidiz was clever enough to avoid the particle cannon fire that mowed the street. Panick began to swell in the ranks of the less ecperienced while others fired back, some getting caught in the Grox-tech rifle's blasts, not surviving. When they panicked, the spherical beings in the sky began descending. Their red eyes pierced the soldiers'. One of them tackled a marine and began forcing itself down his throat.

The marien struggled, trying to push the spherical being out, screaming as he fell to the floor. All but the inquisitors in the field were being reduced to panic. The Inquisition's stoic warriors proving ot be te most difficult to break. As the spherical demon entered the marine, he began growling and spazzing. His body mass increased, spikes and horns erupting out of his body and his skin slowly turned into black and white. One inquisitor saw the transformation and even she started to feel uneasy. Taking deep breaths she remembred her duty and drew her pistol, aiming and firing several shots towards the transforming marine, watching helplessly as his swelling mass dislodged armour plates and tore at the body glove he wore. The transformation siezed as the shots killed the victim. The spherical being left the body, frowning and hissing at the soldiers.

Kelsos looked around as his soldiers' ranks were reduced. Clenching his fist he lifted large chunks of rubble from behind him and threw them at the Marinoxidiz by throwing his arm forward. The rubble hit the Marinoxidiz, causing it to stumble back. It clamb one building until it arrived into the ceiling and opened one of his palms. Dark purple energy began gathering in it in the form of a sphere.

  • Marinoxidiz - Indeed, you are strong. Beginning the invasion in your empire was a most intelligent plan.
  • Kelsos - Fall back...FALL BACK!
  • Marinoxidiz - Your strength, however, means nothing for us, for we are stronger!
  • Marine sergeant - To the evac no--

Kelsos threw more rubble at the Marinoxidiz, while the demon launched the energy at the soldiers, causing a powerful explosion. Kelsos managed to find shelter and watch as his squad was decimated, he was launched away by the shockwave of an explosion, slamming against the floor. The Marinoxidiz was hit by the rubble and forced itself forward to not fall off the ceiling where he was standing. He let out a robotic-sounding roar, and more Marinoxidiz began appearing in a distance.

Kelsos saw what this meant. He decided there was little choice, there was not much of his unit left and he bolted for an escape out of the ruins. More black and white Draconis and spherical demons followed Kelsos, while the Marinoxidiz launched in a distance.

  • Marinoxidiz - I can see you running! But when the Devourer comes, there will be nowhere to run!

Kelsos threw as much rubble as he could at his chasers, tearing crumbling walls off and toppling buildings to save himself. With all the rubble in their path, the enemies finally stopped on their tracks. Turning a street he aimed his rifle, firing a blast from it targeted right in the Marinoxidiz' spokesman's eye.

  • Kelsos - [comm] This is Kelsos. Requesting emergency evac.

The shot hit the Marinoxidz, causing it to shout in surprise. It let out a roar and began running at Kelsos' direction, causing the ground to shake with each step. Seein the monster approching Kelsos ran for the roftop of a nearby building, He squinted to look up into the sky and looked back to the approaching Marinoxidiz, waiting for the dropship to arrive. The Marinoxidiz was not very fast, but it tore down any wall of rubble on its way just by tacking it. Kelsos fired more shots at it, his heartrate increasing when he saw a speck in the sky getting closer. Squinting he recognised the profile of an AO-8, pacing up towards it the shaking ground caused the building to give way and Kelsos opened his wings to slow his fall, hitting the broken ground on his feet but stumbling and landing on his stomach, shielding himself as the building gave way around him.

The Marinoxidiz arrived to his location, but the dust from the fallen building blocked his view of Kelsos. He looked around, growling, with purple energy forming on his hands. Kelsos was fortunate once the dust settled, most of the building had avoided him and the chunks that did come close were tossed aside by telekinesis. He stood up with dust coating his scales, the dropshi pnow in clear sight. Seeing the Marinoxidiz Kelsos opened his wings, kicking more dust into the air and attempted to launch himself off the ground and fly towards the approaching dropship. The Marinoxidiz, still having no sight of Kelsos, unleashing his energy into the dust, causing another explosion which cleared his vision. He looked until he saw Kelsos flying in a distance, and began walking into his direction.

A marine opened the dropship's side-door and reached for Kelsos as he flew close, grabbing the inquisitor by the arm. The dropship was a few dozen metres from the ground, flying low in order to help Kelsos up.

  • Kelsos - Get this thing back to the fleet. Now.

The Marinoxidiz suddenly opened his own wings and boosted himself forward, leaping into the dropshp's direction with his maw open. As the dropship turned around the marine widened his eyes and powered up the swivel-mounted particle repeater, swiveling it around and firing at the Marinoxidiz as it approached. The shots caused the Marinoxidiz to lose his balance and fall down into the ground, smashing a building in the process. The marine sighed with relief and shut the side door Kelsos slumped at the back, panting and with wings sagging as he gathered his strength.

  • Marine - Inquisitor...what in all things was that?
  • Kelsos - We need to find out.

Through one of the dropship's viewing ports, Kelsos and the marines could see Eleielord itself smashing the city by unleasing tentacles at the largest buildings. Kelsos looked out of the viewing port and clenched his fists with rage.

  • Kelsos - Pilot relay an order to all ships, gather forces in the former city of Luveiros.
  • Pilot - Inquisition orders?
  • Kelsos - Yes. Gather tanks, drones, artillery, whatever we have and dispatch it to those ruins.

War on the Ruins[edit | edit source]

Kelsos was sitting in one of the AO-8 dropships bound for the former capital of the planet. Frontier worlds were small communities but here, closer to the sector capital, the city grew into spires that glistened in the light of the parent star. The dropship was one of many flying in to retake the city, drone fighters flying alongside, piloted in orbit by some of the Imperium's best. Kelsos looked into a screen showing the city below, studying it carefully for a good landing site, sighing heavily as he looked down upon the once-prosperous city.

At the capital, Eleielord rampaged, waving its arms around as if it was trying to hit something, even though there was nothing visible. Kelsos peered and saw Eleielord towards the temple district. At one time several monuments were here dedicated to the various gods and patrons, "a new model imperium" the advetisements had been saying. Signalling, his AO-8 and two others descended towards rooftops as others did so, spewing forth armour-lad warriors, some armed with large cannon-like weaponry. Covering them from above, strike fighters fired railgun blasts into the city. The dropship landed possibly over half a kilometre to where Eleielord was, Kelsos stepped out and looked up, despite his distance he could clearly see it.

  • Kelsos - Rail teams camp here, Brothers Terys and Seremmon follow me.

Kelsos could see large, floating creatures with eight eyes, each on various stalks on a distance. They watched the landscape with much attention, and one of them had one eye turned to where Kelsos had landed. Kelsos indicated to the rail teams as he and his fellow Inquisitors entered the building. Aiming a high-velocity rifle, one of the soldiers camped out fired a rail shot at the eye to notice them. Upon being shot, the creature let out a screech and flew higher into the air. The soldiers could hear the roars and groans of possessed citizens approaching, apparently being attracted by the eye creature.

  • Sniper - Crap somehow it didn't die.
  • Spotter - We got a jet to swipe it.
  • Sniper - And the hostiles?
  • Spotter - We break out the MG if we need to.

As the two of them bickered, Kelsos headed inside the building, looking for a way to get closer to Eleielord. While down there, the sniper team had called for an artillery barrage to bear down on Eleielord, screaming overhead were a dozen high-explosive artillery shells. The building trembled as Eleielord let out shouts, though those appeared more as shouts of annoyance rather than pain.

  • Sniper - *comm* Inquisitor the barrage has hit - no effect.
  • Kelsos - What do you mean no effect?
  • Sniper - Inquisitor the barrage did nothing, I think all we did was piss it off.
  • Kelsos - Have artilery load up higher-impact shells and fire again.
  • Sniper - Yes sir. By the way, prepare for hostiles, that eye is drawing them ot our location.

Kelsos suddenly could hear an intense growling from the shadows of the building. Something stomped on the ground and snarled as if it was enraged. Kelsos drew a fusion rifle and primed it, the two inquisitors did the same and pointed into the shadows. Out of the shadows, a red coloured beast tackled one of the Inquisitors, slashing at him with a blade which apparently came out of the top of its right hand.

  • Creature - MUST FEAST ON SOUL!
  • Inquisitor - Get this thing off me!

The creature shouted in both anger and pain and threw itself away from the trio. From its mouth, what looked like purple-coloured fire was launched into the Inquisitors' direction. Terys shielded himself with his arm as the fire touched his armour. Even with the heat insulation he could feel the heat of the flames, aiming his rifle he fired hastily in the creature's direction. After being shot enough time, the creature fell into the ground and disappeared in a blackened fog.

  • Seremmon - Where is it!? I'll kill that son-of-a-houseless!
  • Kelsos - It fell against the ground and dematerialised. Hopefully we won't see this prticular one again.

Outside, artillery fired another round of shells at Eleielord. The demon growled and could be heard launching blasts of Essence at his attackers.

  • Terys - Brother I think those artillery are just angering it.

Kelsos and the other two inquisitors barged their way outside, fusion rifles blazing at the kikra that swarmed the streets. The Kikras appeared to be suffering from accelerated decay. Many of them had their skeletons exposed or were otherwise deformed.

  • Kelsos - I get the impression these things are shock troops. They perhaps fulfilled their purpose once this city was purged of resistance.
  • Terys - Dead sapients walking.
  • Kelsos - No...they were dead when they were converted.

Hordes of the small spider-like creatures littered the capital, the buildings and streets being engulfed in a net-like material while the Kikras kept trying to attack the inquisitors. Meanwhile, Eleielord kept waving his hands around, trying to hit something.

  • Serremon - What *is* that thing doing?
  • Kelsos - One final strategy. *comm* admiral, open fire on my coordinates.
  • Erius - What?
  • Kelsos - Do it!
  • Erius - Inquisitor there are 8,000 lives in--
  • Kelsos - Do not question my orders open fire on the transmitted coordinates!

On the bridge, Erius sighed and ordered battery command to fire a volley of rail cannon fire on Eleielord, the impacts kicking up dust and shaking the surroundign buildings as each shot hit the vicinity with the force of an atomic weapon. Eleielord roared and was thrown out of its feet, falling into the ground and causing a massive thud. Kelsos beckoned for his inquisitors to follow as he rushed towards the impact site in order to verify their trarget had been destroyed.

Eleielord growled as it slowly got back on its feet. On his way, Kelsos had noticed a small crater with a faint white aura coming out of it. Kelsos looked up as Eleilord stood back up. Soldiers continued to clear out the Kikras while his gaze then fixed on the small crater.

  • Terys - How in the void did that thing survive THAT!?

Inside the crater was a sphere-shaped creature, except unlike the others, it was white coloured and emitted an aura which kept the Kikra away from it. It appeared heavily wounded and barely conscious. Meanwhile, another eye creature appeared and its eyes flashed. Suddenly, one of the soldiers started firing at his own comrades.

  • TGL - Inquisitor we have a problem.

His comrades were reluctant but, the soldier was shooting and so they fired incapacitating shots targwted at the legs and arms. As he was shot, the soldier got back to his senses, and the eye creature let out what sounded like a chuckle. The Talon ground soldiers stopped firing as the soldier fell limp and turned their coilguns on the eye with fury.

Kelsos cautiously made his way into the crater, gazing upon the sphere-like creature with caution, at all times he aimed his rifle towards it, looking at it sternly. The spherical being turned its beady eyes to Kelsos and watched him as he approached.

  • ??? - He's too strong...I couldn't harm him...

Kelsos was startled, he jumped and aimed his rifle.

  • Kelsos - Who. The arachnid?
  • ??? - Yes...his name is Eleielord...I think that's what the Corruptus calls him...there was a bomb which hit him, it sent me crashing here...I was trying to hurt him, didn't work...
  • Kelsos - That...wasn't a bomb.
  • ??? - Still hurt...ouch.
  • Kelsos - Wait...we saw it constantly swiping at something. That was you?
  • ??? - Yeah...he can't hit me because I'm small and fast!...ngh, my wings.

Kelsos lowered his rifle and rested it on his leg. he turned sharply to the inquisitors.

  • Kelsos - Contact command we need medivac here now!

After Kelsos made the order he lifted his rifle and fires straight into the watching entity's central eye. The eye creature let out pained growls and began flashing more. Some moments after, three Marinoxidiz emerged from the ruins with weapons primed at the soldiers.

  • Kelsos - Shit!
  • Marinoxidiz - The Thoi'olerthae is alive! Destroy it!

Kelsos and the other soldiers ran for cover, Terys paced back, standing over the white sphere-like creature as he fired his rifle towards the Marinoxidiz. The Marinoxidiz fired their own weapons at the soldiers and the eye creature began flashing into Eleielord's direction, as if it was trying to get its attention.

  • ??? - Stupid Ocularivs! Stupid Marinoxidiz! Stupid every one of them!

Kelsos ducked behind cover and focused, cupping his hands he lifted several chunks of rubble into the air and threw them from behind into the Marinoxidiz. Kelsos threw another chunk of rubble at the Ocularivs, which crushed it, causing it to burst in a blast of energy. In the distance AO-8 dropships were coming, a swarm of them flying in to collect evacuating ITN and inquisition forces.

  • Kelsos - Those dropships had better come soon!
  • ITN soldier - They're en-route now Inquisitor.
  • Kelsos - Well they're not arriving fast enough!
  • ??? - Oh...are you gonna help me, mister? I'm called Avahlarómahlya but you can call me Mimi!
  • Kelsos - Allies call me Kelsos. You worked against our priority target and these Marinoxidiz wanted to kill you. By logic that makes me assume you are not an enemy.
  • Mimi - I was sent to help save everyone!

Kelsos grunted, peering back over the rubble to see the approaching dropships, as they closed in they fired a hail of fire to provide suppresive fire to evacuation teams.

  • Kelsos - Fine, although considering your anatomy I cannot ascertain how effective our medical facilities will be.
  • Mimi - I just need time to rest...

The Kikras were mowed down and one of the Marinoxidiz was killed by the constant fire. At this moment, Eleielord had fully turned around and glared down on them.

  • Eleielord - Servant of the false god. You will not evade me.
  • Terys - Brother, priority target on the move!
  • Kelsos - I take it by servant he means you, Mimi.
  • Mimi - We should run!

Terys nodded and scooped Mimi up in his arm, using the other to fire at Eleielord, more interested in drawing his attention rather than killing him. Tentacles erupted out of Eleielord's body and extended through the capital, making their way to the inquisitors' location. Kelsos and the inquisitors ran for an AO-8 as they landed, Kelsos watched as the tentacles stretched outward.

The two surviving Marinoxidiz kept firing at their diection, their shots hitting the AO-8 but not causing any significant damage. The Ocularivs still floating around kept flashing at their direction, sending more Kikras at their direction in an attempt to stall them. Seremmon pulled a minigun from one of the AO-8s and fired on Eleielord while Terys headed inside, however, the shots did no damage to the demon.

  • Kelsos - Seremmon get in now!
  • Seremmon - Almost, just need to keep them distracted for a little while longer...*
  • Kelsos - That's an order brother!

Seremmon realised his mistake and turned the minigun on Kikras and Marinoxidiz as he stepped backwards, within inches of the dropship's loading floor.

  • Mimi - Need to run before...any of them teleports inside!

Kelsos lifted his arm up and concentrated, Seremmon began to levitate and was brought inside the dropship as the pilot promptly decided to leave. As Seremmon fell down inside Kelsos gasped. Kelsos slammed the side doors shut and everyone felt heavier as the dropship rapidly climbed up into the atmosphere. As it took flight, Eleielord stretched one of its arms forward and tried to grab it, missing by a few inches.

  • Kelsos - Damnation. Seremmon next time you do something like that I will personally ship you to the safest frontier monestary I can find!

Kelsos grunted and turned to Mimi, not looking happy from the eyes of a Draconis as he only had a slight frown. Mimi's form appeared deflated and her eyes were only barely open.

  • Kelsos - Let the entity rest. I'll question it later.
  • Terys - Permission to keep an eye on it brother?
  • Mimi - Couldn't save anyone...lots of good people down there...beautiful dreams...
  • Kelsos - I learned long ago a hard lesson Mimi: You cannot save everyone, no matter what you do.
  • Mimi - Doesn't hurt to try...
  • Kelsos - I know. Sometimes it is best to focus on those that can be saved.
  • Mimi - When I get better we can work together...I know his weakspot...
  • Kelsos - We delivered the firepower of tank battallions, artillery columns, we even bombarded it from orbit and all we did was knock it over. If it does have a weakspot I would certainly like to know it.

Mimi put her wings over her face, covering it.

  • Mimi - Let me heal...we talk later...
  • Terys - Permission to keep an eye on her, brother.
  • Kelsos - Any reason in particular?
  • Terys - She's endured a lot, company wouldn't hurt.

Kelsos gave Terys an interrogating glare that sent a chill down his spine.

  • Terys - And...I admit I do find her adorable.
  • Kelsos - Hrmp. Do as you please brother. You are both relieved for now.

Mimi let out a giggle and poked Terys with what looked like a tentacle.

  • Terys - Hey!
  • Kelsos - Something the matter brother?
  • Terys - N-no nothing b-brother...

Forming the Pact[edit | edit source]

An unusual, alien visitor passed through the gilded corridors of Orothil'Kuntus Vorss, of a species that was rarely seen, let alone treated with such deep inside Imperium territory. Although his hands chained with bonds made of an advanced, ceramic material (courtesy of Draconis artisans who somehow managed to make all of their craft, even the one that was meant to bind and restrict, baroque and elegant) and armoured, faceless wardens whose species he could not recognise followed his every step armed and ready, well aware of what threat could a member of his species prove, the prisoner did not seem to be discontent with his current lack of freedom, looking around and admiring the ship's opulent architecture. The expression he had on his face was not one of admiration or awe, but the one of hope. There was once a time where his people were as great, if not greater, as the dragons which reigned over Andromeda now, and he was sure that he would find a way to usher in that golden era once again.

ITN Marine - I don't understand, Sergeant. Why did we comply to that Artharon's wish to seek audience with the chancellor? For all we know he could be a pirate or-
Sergeant - You heard the commander. We need all allies against the plague right now, and you know it.

The marine silently complied and nodded, all while the Artharon warlord was silently listening to their discussion, his placid and confident expression brightened by a smile. The classical education he recieved, which was a source of ridicule by his brothers when he was a child, finally paid off.

Sergeant - Here's the chamber, Artharon. Get there.

Seeing the gates of the Paragon's chamber before him, the Artharon started whispering, feverishly and silently, in what appeared to be badly accented but fairly eloquent and formal Radessic. the wardens appeared to be perplexed at their prisoner's idiosincracy, but simply ignored it. The warlord stepped in to show his pride, his head raised up high, and allowed himself to be seen by three people that sat in the throne room; the chancellor at the left, his sparsely decorated chair made of a chromatic material which shimmered and changed colour from white to black as light was shed over it, the the lord admiral on the right, his chair more spartan and utilitarian compared to his gray-scaled compatriot, and the Imperium's Paragavessa in the center sitting on a golden, lavishly decorated seat which seemed to be a replica of the Paragon's actual throne in Minos'Drakon. All three Draconis were perplexed, sternness never leaving their dogmatic faces.

Sergeant - Chancellor, Paragavessa, Lord Admiral, this is the Artharon you have been informed of. Alensia - An interesting turn of events. You're dismissed, Sergeant. Right now, we have questions to ask.

Vesperon's dark amber eyes narrowed as he turned towards the chained warlord, analysing his body language; every gesture, every movement of his muscle, every smirk. He didn't see an ally. He saw a threat. Larnus and Alenisa, at the other hand, seemed to be more friendly towards the visitor, but much like the chancellor, they kept their distance, thinking, planning. The Artharon expected no less. He was fully aware of the price a member of his species had to pay to treat with powers that shaped Andromeda's politics.

Kagu'sai - This Artharon has a name: Kagu'sai the Proud, Warchief of the Great Artharon Realm. I speak for my people, and I seek help.
Larnus - Your people? Since when do the Artharons have a unified government?
Kagu'sai - Since the Invasion.

Both Vesperon, Alensia and Larnus stared at Kagu'sai in disbelief, visibly unnerved. Using this to his advantage, Kagu'sai suddenly stood up, taking a small black orb from his pocket in his hand and dropping it on the ground. Vesperon instinctively stood from his chair; he feared an attack, an attempt on his life... yet the orb did not seem to be a weapon of some sort - instead, it was a holographic projector. Swirling, spinning like a top, it transformed into an azure, shifting hologram of a green, Draconis-like figure dressed in crimson dress blues and sporting an array of golden medals on his chest; the Generalissimus of the Segmentum Draco Federal Union.

Venaliy - What? Radeon Theraim, what is the- Vesperon! One of your schemes again, isn't it?
Vesperon - Venaliy? So that Artharon is your puppet? How predictable of you... Drasheril.
Kagu'sai - I am no puppet, and I serve to noone but my people! - Kagu'sai raised up defiantly, - But the enemy we face right now cannot be defeated by my people alone, nor can it be defeated by your great empires.
Alensia - What do you mean?
Kagu'sai - The demons. The hellish monstrosities. The devouring spiders. Call them however you want, but they are everywhere. I heard the news. They attacked your people as well as mine.
Venaliy - ...Indeed. Zamentrad and Kanemchac have been overrun completely by these... spiders. Larnus - Do you mean the invaders? Calling them demons isn't exactly correct.
Kagu'sai - I saw their wrath firsthand in Ordu Ed. There is no other way to describe them.
Vesperon - Your Majesty... - Vesperon turned his head to Alensia and whispered to her in High Dracid, - Are you sure we have to listen to this Artharon? He is definitely up to something along with the Drasheril. In my opinion, we should simply let this Realm of his take the first impact of the invasion while we prepare for all-out war... our resources are already strained with the Plague and-
Kagu'sai - So what is your verdict, milady? I hope you will understand me and my reasoning...
Alensia - ...Guards, send him back to Segmentum Crepusculum. We shall... think of your alliance. But not right now.
'Kagu'sai - Do as you please then!, - Kagu proclaimed as the guards grabbed him - But remember: the more you try deny the threat that might devour us all, the more fierce it becomes! You will see! All of you, will see!

Alensia watched as Kagu'sai left the room, watching him going. Then, something changed in her eyes; a feeling of regret, uncertainty and fear appeared in her mind and gnawed on her. While her two advisors remained sitting, she raised to her feet and held her hand forward, telling the guards to stop.

Alensia - Wait! ...I agree with your terms, Warchief. I shall discuss this matter with the Grand Senate; we will fight together.
Kagu'sai - I am most pleased. Guardians protect you, milady... and your husband.
Vesperon - Your Majesty, what of the Federal Union? Shall we treat with them as well?

Alensia turned to Vesperon.

Alensia - I understand your grudge against the Drasheril, Chancellor. But this is not War of the Dragons anymore. You have to remember that.
Vesperon - ...As you wish, your Majesty.
Venaliy - Hmph. Very well. I shall arrange the talks with the Presidium soon enough...

With these words, Venaliy and Kagu'sai left, leaving the three great empires of Andromeda to fight against their common foe...

The Marking[edit | edit source]

Arsac had arrived at a planet within the Solonese Union, intercepting transmissions of strange invaders that had been cropping up. It was not unusual for diplomatic situations such as this but she felt she needed the full support of the Union to coordinate the defences. She arrived at a white concrete senate building of modernist design and had been walking though the halls for fifteen minutes now, arriving in a private room with five individuals. Arsac had entered disguised as an official for the Draconid Imperium. She stood before the council with a straight face and prepared for a debate.

  • Arsac - Ladies and gentlemen I come as a delegate of the Draconid Imperium with an offer. We have heard how you--

One of the delegates held up their hand and looked at Arsac.

  • Colmar Rep - Before you mention, no we are not planning on becoming a protecorate of the Imperium. We need support, you provide it, we are in crisis, no political tricks.

At this moment, through a window, a large eyeball appeared and looked around the room. Outside, the sky began turning dark purple, and rumbling sound was heard.

  • Solinkidor - What in blazes--?

Arsac unsheathed a pair of daggers, the resulting move caused two security guards to draw their pistols and aim at Arsac.

  • Ryketian rep - An assasination attempt. Pah, should have guessed!
  • Arsac - Delegates you do not understand!

Banging was heard from the door, as well as constant groaning and roaring. The figure staring at them, a Marinoxidiz, cackled and crashed his fist against the wall, bursting a hole through it. Due to the size of the room, the Marinoxidiz also tore a hole into the level above. The solonese representetives panicked and packed up against the wall as their bodyguards stepped forward and fired laser rounds at the Marinoxidiz' body. Arsac turned around and glared.

The Marinoxidiz shouted as it was shot, and the doors crumbled, revealing a small army of black and white versions of the Solonese Union's races, who shambled at Arsac and the bodyguards' direction.

  • Solinkidor - Wha-wha...what are these things!
  • Bodyguard - Requesting high-level evac. Now!
  • Razzit - Don't let those...those people touch us!

The mutants attacked the bodyguards with their claws and teeth in an angered frenzy. The bodyguards, being dressed only for civil assignments fired their best but that did nto last. Arsac drew her knives and launched herself, dancing btween the mutants and striking in critical areas in order to thourghaly execute them, all the while making sure none got close to the representetives. The mutants quickly fell to Arsac's attacks. Through the hole on the wall, they could see the city was being swarmed by Marinoxidiz and spider monsters who were attacking the population.

  • Arsac - Damnation here too...

After slicing a few more mutants, Arsac unsheathed a pair of pwoer claws from her forearms and leaped to stab at the Marinoxidiz. The demon was stabbed and upon noticing Arsac, it threw one of his hands at her direction with the intention of grabbing her. Arsac pulled one of her claws out and slashed it to cut at the demon's hand while driving the other claw in. The Marinoxidiz shouted in pain and threw his hand away, barring his teeth at Arsac.

  • Marinoxidiz - That hurt, scum!
  • Arsac - I know.

Arsac pulled herself upwards and attempted to stab both claws into the Marinoxidiz' face. The Marinoxidiz saw Arsac coming and opened his large maw in an attempt to crush her on his teeth. As she soared upwards Arsac's concentrated scowl produced a brief smirk, she used the Marinoxidiz' chin as an anchor as she twisted herself and rapidly japed the front end of the Marinoxidiz's mouth with her claws before kicking herself away. The Marinoxidiz shrieked and lost his grip, causing it to fall off the building and into the ground.

Arsac breathed a sigh of reliev as she looked down to see the Marinoxidiz land. In a distance, Arsac could see a Marinoxidiz considerably larger than the other ones, with purple skins and an unique armor. Arsac looked out from the hole and growled as a dropship flew in to rescue the representetives. The purple Marinoxidiz pointed at a building, and several demons quickly swarmed it. Arsac helped the representetives ont othe transport and climbed on as well. She watched as the transport flew up and a little closer to the purple Marinoxidiz.

  • Arsac - Get me close as you can to that creature.

The Marinoxidiz turned its attention to the transport, inhaled and then let out a purple blast of demonic fire at it. Klaxons blared as the doors were sealed for the incoming heat-blast. However as they flew past the intakes began to overheat, signaling the crew and passengers either needed to escape the fire or hurtle towards the ground. The Marinoxidiz watched the transport go pass him, not displaying any visible satisfaction from his attack unlike the rest of the Marinoxidiz, who appeared to enjoy the carnage they were causing.

Arsac handed parachutes and magnetic drop aids to each of the representetives before she opened a door on the other side and jumped out, gliding down to the rooftops. More mutants were on the rooftops, some of them having spider creatures on their backs, these arachnids gnawling on the mutants' backs. Arsac had dropped her disguise, she was adorned in polished ceramic power armour with two largep ower claw-like gauntlets over her hands. She looked up and glared as she saw her target.

With little hesitation she picked up pace and ran to reach it, slicing though the vital anatomies of mutants as she ran. Both the mutants and their spider hosts were attacked by Arsac, and as she ran through them, many of them gave chase. Arsac used the power armour and her wings to bound over the gaps between buildings, cracking the gravel and concrete when she landed. The claws were sheathed in plasma, burning at whatever they cut as she paced up to reach the purple Marinoxidiz.

Arsac meets the purple Marinoxidiz

As she approached, the purple Marinoxidiz slowly turned his head to her general direction, seeing many mutants and demons falling out of the buildings. Arsac landed on another rooftop and glared up towards the pruple Marinoxidiz with a snarl on her face. The Marinoxidiz glared back at Arsac, appearing indifferent toward her.

  • Arsac - The planet is under my protection, monster.
  • Marinoxidiz - I care not.
  • Arsac - Right...we are all ants to you, am I right? Little better than the mutants you swarm thic city with?
  • Marinoxidiz - I am merely doing what I'm tasked to. Ants? Not necessarily. I welcome any man or woman who wishes to be part of our mission.
  • Arsac - And those who do not wish to be? Myself, for example.
  • Marinoxidiz - Then I'm afraid I must remove you out of my way.
  • Arsac - Your subordinate tried that. He failed.
  • Marinoxidiz - A servant. His emperor would do better. I know it well.
  • Arsac - And why is that?
  • Marinoxidiz - Because I am the emperor.
  • Arsac - And here I thought you were a mere commander.

The Marinoxidiz pointed at Arsac, and the mutants quickly swarmed her again. Arsac turned around and brandished her power claws. She acted defensively this tiem but still struck for the aliens' vunerabilities; necks, limbs, wings, knees, she danced between the mutants, their claws scratching against her armour, some managing to scratch her face before she tore them apart. The Marinoxidiz watched Arsac tear through the mutants with little difficult. He then clapped his hands once, which caused all the mutants to back away.

Arsac stopped as they backed away. She kept a stern expression before tilting her head slightly towards the Marinoxidiz, opening her wings out slightly.

  • Arsac - A test. Was there truly any need?
  • Marinoxidiz - The way you fight is unique. It would be a waste to turn you into a Kikra Caste drone. You will join us with full sentience and abilities.

Arsac chuckled to herself and turned around, casually stepping between mutant bodies as she made her way towards the Marinoxidiz emperor with clenched fists, looking up at him with a disdained expression.

  • Arsac - I already serve a purpose, alien. I already dedicate myself to a cause so tell me, wwhy should I discard my oathand join you in this...massacre?
  • Marinoxidiz - Because your future is nothing but this massacre. We are but the harbingers of something much greater than you can imagine.
  • Arsac - That's cute, but I have seen worse than mutagens and pandemics.
  • Marinoxidiz - What you've seen is irrelevant. Emperor Marigrax orders you to be a servant. You will comply, or I will force you to.
  • Arsac - Is that really how your recruitment plan is set out? Dear dear, I have lost count at how many have tried to tell others to join them or die. Frankly I find it rather sad.

Marigrax put his hand forward, dark purple energy forming on it. He ignored Arsac's words and blasted the energy at her direction. Arsac saw the hand move and she jumped to dodge the blast, tucking her wings in as she rolled before righting herself. Marigrax then pulled himself forward and punched the building Arsac was standing on, causing it to immediately crumble violently from the force. Arsac opened her wings to glide down as the buiding fell bebeath her, but she lost balance and grasped onto the ledge of another building. Scrabbling before regaining her grip.

  • Arsac - I congratulate you that you prefer to give others a choise as opposed to simply scrubbing their minds.
  • Marigrax - Yet you fight fate.
  • Arsac - You're not the first to notice alien.

A viscous-looking tentacle erupted out of Marigrax's back and launched itself at Arsac's direction, in an attempt to wrap around her. Arsac tried to leap out of the way but in the process was grabbed by the leg, she was left dangling but rather than struggle she stayed calm. Arsac snarled as she dangled from the tentacle, keeping that cold fierce expression on at all times.

  • Arsac - Killing me will do little you know. The order i pledge myself to is a hydra; sever one head, another grows back in its place.

The tentacle pulled Arsac out of the ledge and lifted her in the air, in front of Marigrax's face. The Marinoxidiz emperor, with his index finger, burned a scar through Arsac's armor and into her chest, which disappeared as quickly as it appeared. Marigrax then appeared to smile. Arsac grated her teeth as she felt the burn, writhing a little from the pain and squeezong her eyes shut.

  • Marigrax - I have no interest in killing you. You will serve us.
  • Arsac - think scarring me is going to make me join you?
  • Marigrax - I have marked you. Whenever you run to, I can find you. We will always be in touch.
  • Arsac - Rot in the void, I'll never be your slave!

Arsac delivered a surge into her armour, sending her torso jolting upwards and doubling her over, she reached with her power claws and sliced at the tentacle. With the momentum she gained she spun and slashed Marigrax in the face before launching her feet to kick herself away. Marigrax's visible eye widened and he held the slashed reason in surprise. He took a step back and then frowned. Arsac landed on her feet and looked up at him.

  • Marigrax - The nerve.
  • Arsac - You expect me to bow to you?
  • Marigrax - I don't expect you to. I am ordering you to.
  • Arsac - I am an agent of Drakon's holy inquisition. I do not "bow" to anyone; god, king or demon.

Marigrax reached his hand to grab Arsac. However, before he could, another figure appeared, forming from a black fog close to Marigrax. It was Arrtkar Crowart. Marigrax turned at him in confusion.

  • Arrtkar - Marigrax, we must leave. Urgent matters are at hand.
  • Marigrax - Can you not deal with your own problems, Vida'Rra? I am busy.
  • Arrtkar - Eleielord failed to kill the Thoi'olerthae agent.
  • Marigrax - ...What?

Marigrax turned to Arsac again, with an almost saddened expression.

  • Marigrax - I'm afraid we must part ways. For now. We will meet again.
  • Arsac - Forgive me if I do not count the days.

Marigrax clapped his hands again, and all the Marinoxidiz attacking the city disappeared. Marigrax and Arrtkar then disappeared themselves in a black fog. As they left, the fog covering the sky also cleared. Arsac huffed and pressed her hand against her chest, taking a few breaths. She then activated a communicator built into her armour.

  • Arsac - Command this is HVO-1. Reporting clear skies.

Mimi's Knowledge[edit | edit source]

Mimi had been placed within a private infirmary aboard Erius' flagship. Hours had passed since she was recovered, all that time Inquisitor Terys kept nearby; meditating, reading from the Book of Divine teachings, anything to keep his mind awake, secretly concerned for Mimi's safety. Mimi slowly opened her beady eyes, and let out a yawn. She looked at Terys with curiosity.

  • Mimi - You look tired, mister.

Terys was in meditation, breathing deeply and regularly while sitting on the floor, but sometimes even meditation is not a good idea if you have been awake for so long. Therys blinked when he heard Mimi's voice, jolting awake.

  • Terys - Hmm-- Oh, wha? Urgh, i'm fine.
  • Mimi - Did you stay here to check on me? That's so nice of you! But you don't have to, I'm a grown-up!

Terys stood up and walked over to the bed reserved for Mimi.

  • Terys - Well it's not that...It's just...well...when people normally take hits like that they stand a chance of, well, dying.
  • Mimi - Awww, you were concerned!

Mimi put two tentacles on her cheeks and giggled.

  • Terys - Well...yeah I guess I was.
  • Mimi - Well, you don't have to be concerned anymore. I'm all okay now!

Mimi began levitating across the room, flapping her feathered wings as she did.

  • Terys - Well that's wonderful. Oh that reminds me; Senior Kelsos wished to see you once you had recovered.
  • Mimi - Oh, okay!
  • Terys - He asked me to take you to the ship's briefing room once you were healthy and able enough.
  • Mimi - I can do that. Just let me something first.

Mimi waved one of her small tentacles until a sphere of Dream Energy formed. She began molding the sphere into a crystalized form, and after doing so, she began gnawling on it.

  • Terys - Pretty convenient source of nutrition.
  • Mimi - It's a Dream Bit! You want some too?

Terys looked at the crystal with confusion.

  • Terys - Are you sure its edible? For my species I mean.
  • Mimi - Of course! You bite it and it breaks! It tastes like candy!
  • Terys - Hmm well, I suppose I "could" try a piece.

Mimi broke a piece of the small crystal and handed it to Terys. Upon contact with his skin, Terys could feel as if energy was touching him. Except it was not harmful and instead appeared to be pleasant to the touch. Terys opened out his hand and accepted the crystal piece, holding it in his hand for a few seconds, admiring the plasant feel before he gently placed it on his tongue and crunched it between his teeth.

  • Mimi - Me and my sisters eat these all the time!
  • Terys - Well, it's a bit different to Inquisition ration packs.
  • Mimi - I think we should meet Kelsos now. Shouldn't keep him waiting for too long!

Terys nodded and beckoned for Mimi to follwo and stay close, leaving the infirmary and travelling up a turbolift to the main command deck, a few more corridors and he arrived in a briefing room where Kelsos and Erius were waiting. Mimi looked around, still gnawling on her crystalized candy. Erius and Kelsos were talking in the briefing room around a large wooden table when Terys walked in with Mimi. Kelsos stood up and walked over.

  • Kelsos - Ahh good to see our rescue subject is awake and-- Terys what have you been eating?
  • Terys - Nothing sir, why?
  • Kelsos - You seem a little...unfocused.
  • Mimi - I gave him a bit of my Dream Bit!
  • Kelsos - "Dream bit"?
  • Terys - It's like confectionary sir, it's really good in your mouth.
  • Mimi - You want some too?
  • Kelsos - No I do not. Unlike the junior here I have more important matters than stuffing my face with confectionary.
  • Terys - I only had a bit...
  • Mimi - Aww, don't be a boogy.
  • Kelsos - Without quarantine "a piece" of anything can be fatal. You didn't even know anything about it until ten seconds before you placed it on your tongue.

Mimi shrugged and kept gnawling on her crystal. Kelsos waved his hand dismissively of the situation.

  • Kelsos - Now, you said you had an idea of how to hurt and possibly kill this thing attacking our cities?
  • Mimi - I do, yeah. It has a weakspot. Or, since you bombed it, two weakspots.
  • Erius - We targeted a barrage of precision 15-megaton hypersonic warheads and all we did was knock the target over and cause massive collateral damage. If that thing has a weakspot it certa--Excuse me? The thing was hurt?
  • Mimi - You made a crack on his left shoulder. He was bleeding from it. That's what I saw until I was thrown away by the explosion.
  • Eruis - See Kelsos, sometimes a precision strike nets results. None of this "supernatural energy" crap people are trying to sell me.
  • Mimi - He can heal with his entropic energy though.
  • Erius - I'm no phycisist but isn't entropy supposed to be some default state of matter?
  • Terys - It's better not to think about it, Admiral.
  • Kelsos - You were right thinking of simplicity and decay. Right now we are losing ground and need a way to permenantly kill that thing.
  • Mimi - It's how the Vida'Rra named the energy of nightmares. It causes destruction and wrecks with all order. Bad stuff. Those black and white people were possessed. The Vida'Rra used to call them the "Kikra Caste".
  • Erius - Shock troops. And from sattelite and field data they're not long-haul soldiers.
  • Mimi - Nope. They are rotting away constantly. Eventually they just die out.
  • Terys - So they get posessed by those orb-things, kill every non-corrupted being in sight then die. It expalins why they were bigger but more fragile.
  • Mimi - Those orbs are called Shu'olerthae. They are my people's nightmare counterpart. Trying to kill them without Essence takes a very long time. They're the Devourer's kids.
  • Erius - I didn't expect to be using magic Inquisitor. My men, crew and I are soldiers, not magi so how exactly do we kill this thing if all our weapons did was cause a flesh wound?
  • Terys - Mimi is there aywhere on its body where it is potentially mroe vunerable to weapons-fire?

Mimi finished eating her crystal, letting out a short squeak as if she was burping.

  • Mimi - The belly is where you have to hit him.
  • Erius - If I keep firing on that site the whole area is going to melt into plasma. Is there any way we could, oh I don't know, knock it over?
  • Kelsos - How long will it take for that shoulder wound to heal?
  • Mimi - From what I saw, the wound was rather deep, so it may take a week. If you attack it enough, I think you could inflict enough pain for him to flip over. On his belly there's a big heart. That's very vulnerable to damage.
  • Erius - We've exposed the fkesh and he had a hard time swiping you, perhaps a few misile-mounted drone swarms could inflict pain on him.
  • Mimi - Eleielord needs to be stopped before he causes any more death...and I need to get the Shard from him and get back to my sister.
  • Terys - With respect sir, perhaps we leave the drones as a distraction?
  • Kelsos - Energy being or not, I'm not fond of the idea of nursing someone back to health then sending them back to the same thing that almost killed them within the same day.

Mimi wiggled her tentacles, in a state of desperation.

  • Mimi - But I want to help! It was my mission to stop him!
  • Erius - Perhaps we get the energy being - Mimyia was it? - to inflict pain on its shoulder, enough to tople it, then my ships fire a full-volley barrage. This time we use our main gun.
  • Terys - Admiral I thought you were trying to avoid collateral damage?
  • Erius - Inquisitor...the only thing left in that city is either the walking dead or an extra-universal abomination. There is little reprecussion from such an attack.
  • Mimi - I can't damage it enough to flip him over. I'm gonna need you to bomb it too.
  • Terys - I don't want you getting hurt again Mimi, would missile-armed drones work for support?
  • Mimi - I guess. Also I would recommend getting more help because if the Corruptus notice you harming Eleielord, more demons will come. Many more.
  • Erius - Fortunately we do; while you were resting I recieved a communique from the 1st fleet. Under the sanction of the Varlum'Paragavatus, we will be getting support from the Artharon Empire and the Segmentum Draco Federal Union.
  • Mimi - Eleielord is holding something of great importance for me...we can't let him get away...
  • Terys - Varlum'Paragavatus? What happened to Paragon Uriel?
  • Erius - Right now MIA somewhere in Minos'Drakon. The VP's ordered an all-out search.
  • Mimi - Oh no! You think Eleielord got him, whoever he is?
  • Erius - Minos'Drakon is on Alcanti, a planet some 23,000 light years from here. But before the planet went dark there were reports of undead.
  • Mimi - Kikra!
  • Terys - Damnation...I hope he pulls though.
  • Kelsos - I've seen his profile. He's been though hell before.
  • Terys - Yeah but not like this.

Mimi poked Terys' side with a tentacle.

  • Mimi - Who is this by the way?
  • Terys whispered - Pragavatus Uriel Ultanos. He's the Draconid Imperium's leader. From what I've heard he's also quite a war hero.
  • Mimi - Oh. Well, I hope he's okay!
  • Terys whispered - I hope so too. If we pull through maybe you can meet him some day.
  • Kelsos - We are sidetracking. We have a strategem so we had better prepare for its execution.
  • Mimi - Yep! We're gonna win and the deaths are gonna stop!...In this galaxy, at least.
  • Erius - Understood inquisitors.

Crushing the Spider Lord[edit | edit source]

The Draconid Imperium, Artharon and Segmentum Draco Federal Union fleet rushed for their target's current lcoation. Since their discussion, Eleielord had moved once again, this time the Corruptus nebula engulfing the Artharon homeworld of Praestol. The fleet could detect Eleielord on the surface, though it appeared he had not landed on any city and instead had landed on a mountain, where he remained completely immobile.

  • Kagu'sai - Here it is... my homeworld. - Kagu stared at the burning world - Our homeworld.
  • Venaliy - So awfully sentimental of you.
  • Kagu'sai - Well, if that world was Voytrad, what would you do?
  • Venaliy - Mourn the fallen... and move on. I have endured worse.

Erius looked at the planet with a frown before turning his head to look at Venally.

  • Erius - Your "homeworld" was an Imperial colony, Generalissimus, your opinion is not as well-judged.
  • Kelsos - Wilderness area, isolated mountain, few people within the region. We can bombard it from here with minimal casualty risk.
  • Venaliy - We can do that.
  • Mimi - Get a closer view! This kind of thing is really not usual.

Venaliy turned to the Thoi'lerthae in confusion.

  • Venaliy - And who is that? One of your pets?
  • Mimi - I'm an Essence being!
  • Erius - Kagu'sai, are you able to get a sattellite view of that mountain?
  • Kagu'sai - In a second.

A Radeon in regal Artharon clothing entered the room, operating a holographic interface.

  • Kagu'sai - Sheophatia, activate the Eyes of the Realm.

The Radeon started clicking, activating a large hologram of the sattelite image. The image showed Eleielord, but at the top of him, there was an immense, ethereal, purple barrier. At the mountain below him, his Eleiethae completely infested it as if they were guarding him. Erius squinted at the barrier, curling his lips in a scowl.

  • Venaliy - Brrr. As disgusting as your Radeon courtesan.
  • Sheophatia - How did you call me?
  • Erius - What in the eternal void's name is that...
  • Mimi - It's a shield!

Kagu'sai clasped his hands, thinking.

  • Erius - Looks inefficient.
  • Mimi - It's an entropy shield. Your weapons won't bypass that by any means. But I'm confused...Eleielord can't create shields.
  • Venality - I take that bombardment is out of the question then. What can we do?
  • Kelsos - So who, or what, is protecting him?
  • Mimi - I have no of the high ranking Corruptus demons must have been alerted of the wound.
  • Kagu'sai - Hm... There is a solution.
  • Venaliy - What is it?
  • Kagu'sai - With blood and honour, we bloody the battlefield: warriors triumph.
  • Mimi - Eh?
  • Erius - You cannot be serious.
  • Kagu'sai - I am. We land and fight this beast on the ground.
  • Mimi - Oh my. Well, if you're gonna try that, you should take your best soldiers. Only the big guys of the Corruptus can make shields this big.

Erius rubbed the ridge of his snout in frustration.

  • Erius - A ground operation against a being of that size will require tanks, drones, this is not an enemy we can go toe-to-toe with, especially if its on a mountaintop!
  • Mimi - With that demon army below him, the only way you could land on him is by flying below the shield.
  • Venaliy - For once, I agree. We need more men.
  • Erius - Leave it to an Artharon to convince himself that this is an enemy he can kill by stabbing at its heart with a power-spear.
  • Mimi - We don't kill Eleielord himself, we get rid of whoever is shielding him. Then we bomb him from space!
  • Kelsos - If the protector is as powerful as you say, how effective would an army be?
  • Mimi - Very.
  • Erius - See Kelsos, modern techniques still have their merits against entities such as these.
  • Kelsos - The Imperium will have to field a healthy number of mentalists then.
  • Venaliy - We shall send our troops. But first...

Venaliy called a robotic servant made of dull grey metal.

  • Servant - Yes, Generalissimus?
  • Venaliy - Make me a sandwich. It makes me feel stronger in moments when bravery meets stupidity... like now.

The armies travelled to Praestol and prepared to land on Eleielord. The demon himself appeared to be asleep, giving them the opportunity to land from whichever side they so desired. Arriving in dropships were many dozens of ITN marines equipped with weapons of all sizes. Among the groups were soldiers marked on their shoulders with the emblam of an eye within a circle. Kelsos, along with a dozen other Inquisitors were also in the dropships, who had been assigned to act as field commanders.

Meanwhile, Federal Union soldiers in drab sand camouflage armour, their faces covered with breather masks, fell from the sky on gravchutes, shouting inspiring battlecries as they dropped. Following the troopers were grey and gold spiked airships which seemed to be composed almost solely of various weapons and mechanisms of warfare; with air-piercing shrills they landed atop the massive beast; carrying countless Artharon soldiers with them. Kagu'sai himself was in the first lines of this army, waving his glaive and roaring wildly; he was a source of both inspiration and fear.

  • SDFU soldier - S-T-M! S-T-M! S-T-M!

Mimi levitated next to Kelsos as they landed. The demon's hide was hard and furry. It was almost as if the armies were standing on barbed wire. The shield's intense purple light made it somewhat difficult to see, but the armies could see a beam being launched upwards, and the shield being extended from it in a distance.

  • Kelsos - I recieved word the High Inquisitor could be coming to oversee the war effort while we are down here.
  • Mimi - There really IS someone over there! And...oh no. Anyone but him.
  • Kagu'sai - Who?
  • Mimi - The Warrior's servant.
  • Kagu'sai - The... the being that was on Ordu-Ed when they attacked it? The insect?

Kelsos looked on the horizon and held his rifle tightly. Approaching the source of the beam, the teams could see a figure Kagu'sai could identify well. It was Arrtkar Crowart. The demonic servant held the beam above himself with two of his limbs, and as he noticed the armies approached, his face changed into a frown.

  • Arrtkar - You...landed on Eleielord? What kind of stupid idea is that?
  • Kagu'sai - The only stupidity I see is your groundless belief in your victory, coward. This time, you will not run from me.
  • Mimi - Traitor of the Vida'Rra!
  • Arrtkar - Thoi'olerthae scum. So you did survive. No matter though, once Eleielord is healed, you can wave goodbye to this planet.
  • Kagu'sai - Never!
  • Arrtkar - Your victory over me before was pure luck! Now face eternal nightmares!
  • Kelsos - Open fire!

Immense tentacles erupted out of Arrtkar's body and launched themselves into the armies. Imperium marines vired volleys of particle weapons of all sizes along with tank-killing beams in Arrtkar's direction. Lines began to waver as the tentacles swarmed the lines. Kagu'sai leaped into the fray along with his soldiers, while Federal Union troopers remained on the back firing with their exotic, advanced weaponry. As he was shot, Arrtkar let out a roar. Eleiethae demons emerged out of their parent's back and began charging into the army to attack them in melee range.

  • Arrtkar - Face oblivion, mortals! This is what your future holds!
  • Kagu'sai - The only future I see is the one I choose for myself, slave! I AM KAGU OF CLAN SAI, AND THIS IS MY PLANET!

Imperium psi-troopers performed gestures and fired their weaponry, those who gestures summoned the power to throw Eleiethae alongside boulders and other random yet dangerous objects across the battlefield. Arrtkar's movements appeared limited as he held the shield above him, but he could still walk. He grabbed one of the marines with a tentacle and threw him upwards. Upon being in contact with the sheidl, the marine was completely disintegrated.

Kelsos used his own telekinetic abilities to attack Arrtkar by throwing boulders and Eleiethae at him. Kagu'sai attacked with redoubled fury, tearing through Arrtkar's flesh like a feral beast of prey. The demon turned to Kagu'sai with a purple fire coming of his mouth. He inhaled and then breated this fire into the Artharon's direction. Kagu'sai was thrown back, noise filling his ears. The fire hurt not only his body, but his very soul; such was the power of the Entropc energy which devoured all on its path. Yet among this cacophony of terror, he also heard a calm melody, one which he recognised.

  • ??? - We are one. You are one. We are peace. You are peace. We are order. You are order. We are ascension. We are supreme.
  • Kagu'sai - ...What's... that?

Purple light surrounded the Artharon warlord, healing his wounds and giving him new strength; he felt renewed, reborn. Kelsos used his own telekinetic abilities to attack Arrtkar by throwing boulders and Eleiethae at him. Being hit caused Arrtkar to stumble. The army could see the shield briefly disappearing before Arrtkar began channeling it again.

  • Kelsos - The shield...Keep him off-balance!

Mimi flew around Arrtkar and unleashed blasts of Dream Energy at him, which caused him to let out loud screams. The demon however, extended its maw and chomped down on Mimi, trapping her on his jaws. ys' gaze darted to look towards Arrtkar and his eyes widened.

  • Mimi - Aaaaaaahhhh!

He sprinted and fired several pulses of his rifle at Arrtkar, his facial expression was subtle but he was ravaged by worry as he observed Mimi clamped in the insectoid jaws. The shots caused Arrtkar to stumble and let go of Mimi, who fell into Eleielord's back. All the punishment he had taken from the army had already deformed the demon's appearence, but he refused to give up.

  • Arrtkar - I'll drag you to Hell myself!
  • Kagu'sai - Not... TODAY!

Terys rushed forward and extended a power claw, leaping to stab it into Arrtkar's torso with his wings open. However, tentacles erupted out of Arrtkar's chest and slammed directly at Terys. He roared in pain as he felt the tentacles impact his body with the force of solid walls. he truggled to not surrender to the pain and kept digging in as best as he could. His fists burning with purple energy, Kagu'sai charged at the demon with bare hands, wielding the strange power as an extension of his own body. Whispers echoed in his head and the heads of all around him, chanting a single message.

  • ??? - We are not brothers!

Arrtkar turned his attention to Kagu'sai and his eyes widened as he heard the voice. As Arrtkar turned his attention, Terys slipped and fell to impact Eleielord's body. Kagu'sai's fist ignited in purple flame; with supernatural strength, he slammed it right in the demon's hellish face. Arrtkar screamed and was launched into the air, falling several meters away from them. The shield above the armies disappeared, and Arrtkar no longer moved. The essence around Kagu'sai too disappeared, making him fall on the ground with barely enough consciousness left to contact his allies.

  • Kagu'sai - This is... my... planet.
  • Kelsos - The beast is exposed but is lying down. Somehow we have to flip it over.
  • Mimi - Urk...we gotta leave...bomb him...and he'll fall off the mountain...
  • Terys - Like...Like Pelemvor's Peak?
  • Venaliy - Huh! - the Generalissimus contacted the ground team from orbit - Let the professional handle this.
  • Mimi - Call shuttles first!...Or you're gonna bomb us too!
  • Kelsos - Everyone return to the dropships.

At this moment, Arrtkar jolted awake and got back on his feet. He clenched his fists and let out a demonic roar.

  • Arrtkar - You were supposed to be dead!

Kelsos strained himself and, holing an arm out, tore off a house-eized chunk off the mountain. he strained as he neared it and launched it at Arrtkar. He shouted as he was hit and thrown off Eleielord. However, his roar caused the demon himself to awake. Eleielord immediately began shaking his back, in an attempt to get the army off him.

  • Kagu'sai - Quickly! Time to end that thing from the sky!

Soldier panicked and jumped onto the dropships, some were launched off the mountainside while those with wings frantically tried to slow themselves down. Artharon and SDFU soldiers quickly started leaving the spider creature on dropships. Kelsos managed to climb on but looked to see Terys barely standing up. Kelsos reached out but as he did, Terys slipped and landed on hisstomach, the rocking bumped him and he began to slip off Eleielord's back.

  • Mimi - Friend!

Mimi extended various tentacle sout of herself and grabbed Terys by his arms before he could fall off. Terys gripped tightly to one of Eleielord's hairs and opened his wings, his eyes wide and mouth open as he panicked. he felt Mimi's tentacles grab him just as another jolt was about to kick him off. Mimi forced herself up and carried Terys into the dropship with Kelsos. She then fell on the floor, panting. Terys lay on his side as he collapsed inside the dropship. As the doors closed he pulled himself closer to her, resting his head within her view.

  • Terys - Thanks. I...I thought...I was done for...
  • Mimi - Not today...teehee...

Last to escape, Kagu'sai fired several times at Eieielord's head and then boarded an Artharon shuttle. As the shuttles and dropships escaped, Eleielord roared in frustration. His wounded shoulder was now fully unprotected. The time to attack was now. Erius watched from above. Seeing his chance, he ordered for drones to fly in and bombard the shoulder, dozens sooping down and dropping their payload. Aboard the Defense of Savast, Venaliy smiled, finished eating his sandwich and turned a switch on his ship. The Drasheril armada's weapons began to shake from the sheer energy.

Eleielord is bombarded as the dropships escape

The demon roared in pain as he was hit and lost his balance. Erius could see as Eleielord began falling off the mountain, crushing the demons below it and causing the area around him to be wrecked by his weight. As he landed, the demon fell over, revealing his chest area, where a gigantic pulsating organ was visible.

  • Erius - All ships fire.

All SDFU ships shot at the same time, engulfing the spider creature in a volley of light and fire. Roaring though space, amber beams from the ITN fleet shot from the barrels and cascaded to collide with Eleielord's pulsing organs, tearing apart the landscape in massive shockwaves. The gigantid demon screamed in pain as its weakspot was ravaged by enemy fire. Eleielord's form radiated in purple until it exploded, engulfing kilometers around him in his gory black blood and silk-like material.

  • Venaliy - Hah. More rubble, less trouble.
  • Servant - Well said, Generalissimus. I have only one question: how did you manage to keep eating a single sandwich for several minutes?
  • Venaliy - I'm a sandwich specialist extraordinaire.
  • Mimi - W-w-we won!

The black fog that engulfed Praestol slowly dissipated until it completely disappeared. The Artharon homeworld was saved, all traces of the demons gone. And at the surface, where Eleielord had died, a shard shined a bright light across the landscape. Behind Erius was a shadowed Draconis figure who watched diligantly. She sat in Erius' chair encased in darkness, the only sign of her presence was a single red eye.

  • ??? - Excellent Commodore. Now we can begin mop-up operations in this theatre. You have done the Imperium a proud service.
  • Erius - I will send word.
  • ??? - Hold that thought commodore, I wish to adress the soldiers personally.

Terys looked out of a window as they ascended and squinted as he saw the light emerge. He beckoned Mimi over, hoping she had the strength to see. Upon taking sight of it, Mimi suddenly became agitated.

  • Mimi - L-l-laminoula's shard!
  • Terys - Pilot turn this dropship around and head towards that light. I estimate it is very important.

The dropship broke formation and flew towards the shard, opening its doors as several ITN marines jumped out to secure the object, with Terys following. Mimi threw herself forward and wrapped her tentacles around the shards, her wounds being almost intantly healed as she touched it.

  • Mimi - Daddy is gonna be so proud of me!
  • Terys - What is it exactly?
  • Mimi - It's one of five parts of the soul of a super-powerful entity called Laminoula'Fuerq!
  • Terys - So...there's more of these things?
  • Mimi - Yep! Me and my sister are gathering them. She already has one, and now that I got this one, I gotta leave and get the one Okastana holds!
  • Terys - Aww really?
  • Mimi - Don't be sad, friend. Once this is over, I can come and visit you!
  • Terys - I would appreciate that Mimi.
  • Kelsos - Incoming transmission from the fleet. You may want to see this.

Kelsos tossed a device on the ground and a shadowed figure with a bright red right eye, the only thing really distinguishable about her head, materialised above it.

  • ??? - Congratulations to all who have participated in this battle. Your actions here today have triggered a turning point in this war.
  • Mimi - Oooh, scary eye.
  • Venaliy - Hm. The Inquisition again.
  • ??? - Be vigilant, be proud, war is a grim task we have all devoted yourselves to. But peace will come, and your actions today have assured that.
  • Venaliy - I do not need your advice.
  • Terys - That woman gives me the creeps.

The hologram dematerialised and Terys let out a sigh.

  • Kelsos - We had better get moving, the Order's work is never done.
  • Venaliy - Hmph. Our work is done here. Return to Federal space, comrades. We need to finish off the invaders.
  • Mimi - Oh well. I gotta go now. Bye!
  • Terys - I'll remember you Mimi.

Mimi was engulfed in a bright white light, and both her and the shard disappeared from sight.

Cyrannian Front[edit | edit source]

Coming of the Sniper of Darkness[edit | edit source]

This was not her target. This was not her mission. Yet, the nebula arrived to the region known as the Kraw Galaxy. Errr had not ordered her to go there. He had ordered her to go to the opposite direction, to deal with a real target. Yet, something compelled her to travel to this galaxy. There was something in there that captivated her. Something powerful...something that should be hers.

Surely punishment would follow suite, but it would be worth it. At the Friendly Republic of the Asgord, the colonists lived on their usual lives. Well known for being friendly...too friendly, in fact...they did whatever Asgords did in their spare time. Chat, watch their equivalent of television, play games...but the nebula arrived. The Asgords, at first skeptical, eventually decided to not care for it. In fact, it was kinda beautiful. It had an intense, purple glow, and emitted what appeared to be elctric shocks. It was like a huge light show, right above their heads. They could get used to this.

But then, the comets arrived. As always, a larger comet, followed by several smaller ones. The large comet crashed right in the middle of a populous city, levelling it into rubble. The comet uncurled itself to reveal a beaked monster with an enormous bug-like jaw, unlike those you would find in large insectoid aliens. On its back, four cannons extended, except those were no regular weapons. They were limbs, coming out of its back. The monster let out a feral screech and fired its cannons, blasting the landscape unlike an artillery tank.

Where is it? Where is the power!?

From the smaller comets, what appeared to be smaller versions of the monster appeared. And just like the larger one, they had cannons on their backs which fired like artillery. Unlike other attacks, no Marinoxidiz were involved, mainly because Okastana, the Sniper of Darkness had gone off course. Not that they were needed. Okastana bashed the ground with one of her arms, causing a massive earthquake which completely destroyed what remained of the Asgords in the region. She was angered, she could not find what she was looking for.

'You shall not hide the power from me!'

Okastana's cannons pressed themselves against each other until all four of them had their "exits" fused together. She let out a roar and out of it, an immense blast of entropic energy was fired upwards. The shot could easily be mistaken for a moon due to its sheer size. Okastana and her minions left the planet back to the nebula before the shot fell down and hit it, causing it to be annihilated into a little more than an asteroid belt.

Whatever this "power" was, the Dark Five was searching for it.

Blood Emperor[edit | edit source]

Tyraz's rage was burning and writhing inside of him as he walked away from the ruined apartment building that housed the Asgord diplomat, Lezia Ipevreia, who was left devastated and emotionally beaten after Tyraz's display of anger. He had entrusted her with just one duty and she had failed him. Tyraz's gauntlets were freshly coated with black blood, spilled from the bruised and cut skin of Lezia. Those wounds were not inflicted by any enemy, but by himself in his anger. She needed to acknowledge the penalty of her failure, the extent of Tyraz's tolerance. Tyraz's mind was clouded with thoughts and wonders on where his precious spawn was residing, if it remained alive at all.

Meanwhile, a blast was heard from a distant city, where a huge meteor had just fallen. Above it, a dark purple nebula covered the sky. Tyraz's eyes focussed towards it, broken out of his trance.

  • Tyraz - What? I didn't notice that before.

A large shadow jumped out of the city's ruins and fell near Tyraz and Lezia's location. It revealed itself to be a large, beaked monstrosity, who glared at them both. Tyraz looked up towards the abomination that stood glaring down before him. Instead of expressing fear, he bared his teeth and took a step back in frustration and anger, black vapour escaping from his skin as he looked into the monster's eyes.

  • Okastana - ...The power. The source of the power. It comes...from this location.
  • Tyraz - Whoever you are, feel free to wreck havoc to this city! But I suggest it wise to not place your filthy claws upon my flesh.
  • Okastana - have traces of the power. The egg-shaped power. It must be used for the Devourer's glory!
  • Tyraz - My power is none of your concern, creature! Stand aside! My patience has been tried enough already.
  • Okastana - I don't want you...I want the egg!

Okastana roars at Tyraz

Okastana let out a roar which blew Tyraz back a little. He narrowed his eyes and clenched his fists, snarling in anger as his body shook from rage.

  • Tyraz - The egg...The egg isn't here! And even if it was, I'd never allow such vile cretin to lay its hands upon it!

Okastana extended two bony blades out of the stubs which made up her arms.

  • Okastana - Then die, mortal!
  • Tyraz - You are severely mistaken, witch!

Tyraz roared at Okastana and ran forward, his eyes blazing red in a demonic manner. The Corruptus demon cackled and slashed at Tyraz's direction with one of his blade hands. Tyraz felt the blade slash through his scales, but he grabbed ahold of it tightly. Baring his teeth, he bit down into Okastana's blade with immense force. Tyraz felt as if he was biting a huge crystal. Okastana lifted him up and shook her hand, trying to get him off.

  • Okastana - All mortals die instantly. How did you not?
  • Tyraz - Such a stupid creature! If I possess a trace of the egg's power, who do you think I am?!

Okastana hissed and threw her hand into the ground, trying to bash Tyraz against it. However, Tyraz leaped into the air as she threw her hand, launching himself high into the air. His wings spread, allowing him to suspend himself in the air with the assistance of his demonic powers. As she noticed it, Okastana aimed one of her back cannons at Tyraz and fired at him.

His black energy now engulfing his body, he launched his fist forward with immense ferocity. While initially thrown back by what Okastana had launched at him, he let out a roar and managed to push it back at her direction, although not without sustaining damage. Okastana was hit by her own blast, which exploded on contact with her. She let out a pained roar and was blown back, destroying several buildings she collided with. Upon stopping, she shook her head, as if she was stunned.

  • Okastana - Insolent child...

As she was distracted from the counter, she did not expect the next move; Tyraz's head slammed against hers at a speed and force that would destroy most materials. Despite the size difference, she could definitely feel Tyraz's crest push against her head. Okastana groaned and staggered back, but then lifted one of her hands and bashed Tyraz away into a wall. She let out a roar and approached to strike at him again. However, before she could, a masked, humanoid figure teleported between the two.

  • ??? - Enough.
  • Okastana - Huh? Master?
  • ??? - I commanded you to attack Cyrannus. Instead you've come to this galaxy.
  • Tyraz - not get in my way! Who are you, anyway?!

The figure turned to Tyraz, his shining red eyes being visible across his mask. It then turned back to Okastana.

  • ??? - Are you trying to jeopardize the invasion?
  • Okastana - I was searching a power sour-
  • ??? - Leave. Now.

Okastana roared in frustration and curled herself into a ball. Moments later, she was enveloped in energy and blasted herself into the sky. Tyraz pulled himself from the building he had been smashed into and launched himself forward towards the masked figure.

  • Tyraz - I asked you a question!

Before Tyraz could reach him, a muscular, dark being emerged out of the figure's back and grabbed Tyraz by the neck, stopping him on his tracks.

  • ??? - Easy, Avatar. This man is not of our concern. We are on our way, anyway.
  • Avatar - ...Hmpf. Hrrrg.
  • Tyraz - Ngh, agh! Answer my question, scum! Who are you, what was that...thing?!
  • ??? - If you want to know so much...I am a scientist, and that thing...was one of my assistants.

The entity threw Tyraz into the ground, grunting at his direction.

  • ??? - Such rudeness. Well, goodbye. We will not meet again.
  • Tyraz - You had better hope we don't!

The figure and the entity on its back both disappeared in a black fog. Tyraz slammed the ground in frustration, growling as blood dripped from his mouth. In his anger, he stood and grabbed a nearby Asgord who had arrived to check on him, almost snapping their neck in the process. Throwing the Asgord away, he also disappeared into his vapour, disappearing from the area.

Apollo's Nightmare[edit | edit source]

It was a festive day at Coruannia, the location of the senate of the United Republic of Cyrannus. A big announcement was about to be revealed. Apollo arrived to the planet, and despite being the president, he was not actually aware of what this announcement was about or who had called it. What mattered to him is that the entire senate was in commotion over it and they refused to tell him what it was about if it wasn't in person. Upon arriving to the senate, Apollo looked around himself to see hundreds of people celebrating over something.

As he walked through the corridors of the senate, he eventually encountered Senator Fila. Upon getting sight of Apollo, Fila ran up to him and the two shook hands.

  • Fila - President, you've finally arrived!
  • Apollo - Yes, I arrived a few momen-
  • Fila - Nevermind your travel, we must go now!
  • Apollo - What is this all about? Everyone refuses to explain this entire celebration to me.
  • Fila - You'll find out when he speaks. Come on, he's nearly here?
  • Apollo - Fila, wait. "He"? Who is "he"?

Fila, however, ignored Apollo's words and pulled him with him. Fila's grip was much stronger than that of a normal D'annaío, leaving Apollo with no choice but to follow him. They eventually reached the room with the senate seats, where the senators were all celebrating, and looking over a corridor. Apollo sat down next to Fila, and watched the senators all clapping and commemorating. Despite his insistence, Fila would not reply to any of his questions.

Eventually, however, a figure enterde through the corridor. It was immense and completely covered in large, regal robes, though his figure appeared fairly Capricornian. Apollo was startled by the being's immense size, but the senators all cheered harder as he appeared. The figure lifted one of his hands, and all senators were silent. He moved to a pod, and began to speak.

  • ??? - Brothers and sisters of Cyrannus! Today, a new Era will begin! The Era of the Republic, of the Confederacy, of all failed governments and states will end, and from their ashes...I will be born!
  • Apollo - What?...Fila, what is-

Apollo is terrorized by the beasts

And as Apollo turned around, Fila had been replaced by a beast. Apollo shouted and fell over. As he got back up, he turned around to Senator Mizio. She was also a beast. And so was senators Mirea, Agna, Ramthrace...they had all become beasts. The large figure in the pod left it and approached Apollo, grabbing him on his immense grasp and putting him down. In a swift move, he removed his reveal yet another beast. All the beats laughed in union. Apollo only watched the larger beast, paralyzed.

  • ??? - Your leadership is nigh. Your galaxy will be consumed by fire. It is time to vote.

All the "senators" then shouted in union: "OUT WITH HS HEAD".

  • ??? - The majority has chosen. This is the world of democracy.
  • Apollo - Who are you? What are you doing?!
  • ??? - I am your future.

The beasts all roared, and from the larger one, a blade-sharp appendage formed form him and was alunched agianst Apollo. And as soon as it hit him, Apollo woke up on his bed at his home. His wife, Gianne Inviá, slept quietly next to him. Apollo held his head for a moment before going to back sleep. What a horrible nightmare.

Assault of Constantipolos[edit | edit source]

Okastana bombards buildings down

Concurrent with Apollo's nightmare, Okastana's dreaded nebula arrived into United Republic of Cyrannus territory. The first planet on her path would be the fairly large planet of Constantipolos. During these times, the Republic was already busy fighting the Confederacy of Allied Systems as part of the Great Cyrannus War, the largest war in the cluster's modern history. And now, Okastana and her demons decided to make things even harder for the poor diplomatic people of the URC.

Swarms of Okasthae appeared in the surface of the planet and with their artillery cannons, they destroyed the military of the planet, which was taken completely off-guard. Okastana herself arrived in her usual meteor fashion, and as the Republic ships retaliated against her, she smiled. Unlike the other galaxy she attacked, these ones could actually put up a fight. However, her essence blasts could bypass the ships' shields and obliterate them easily. The Republic was unprepared, the last time they had fought demons was during the War of Ages.

As Okastana obliterated the cities and prepared to deal the final blow to the planet, the Republic had actually managed to evacuate great part of the population and only part of the defense fleet was destroyed. While the planet was lost, most of its inhabitants escaped alive. And as the planet was destroyed, Okastana moved on. However, she was not going to the Core Worlds' direction as one would expect.

She was going to the Inner Rim.

Senate in Session[edit | edit source]

Apollo addresses the Senate in the wake of the attack on Constantipolos.

A day after the destruction of Constantipolos, Apollo called an emergency meeting of the Republic Senate. From across Republic-held space, senators began to arrive at Corunnia, the third moon of Orbispira and the seat of the legislative body. Though he didn't mention his nightmare to anyone, Apollo found himself unnerved while on Corunnia, but buried these feelings of unease in the hopes of resolving the current crysis and ascertain the reasons behind the destruction of such an influential planet. The Senate Chambers were abuzz with activity when the President walked in, prompting the senators, even those against Apollo's leadership to stand as a sign of respect.

Apollo held up his hand and the senators sat. Accompanied by two Presidential guards, Apollo made his way to the podium and began to speak.

  • Apollo - I assume you are all aware of the situation? The planet of Constantipolos, an ancient Caprican colony in the Mid Rim, was destroyed by an unknown assailant. We have no idea who is behind these attacks, but it is imperative that we prevent a repeat incident.

The senators murmured amonst themselves.

  • Senator Guolivian - Do we have any idea about the current location of this "unknown assailant"?
  • Apollo - More or less. According to the most recent data, it is not heading toward the Core Worlds as one would suspect. Instead, it is headed toward the far side of the Inner Rim.
  • Senator Gianne Inviá - Then we simply must reinforce our worlds there and of course, warn neighbouring civilisations. What worlds are in the most immediate danger?
  • Apollo - Along its current trajectory, it is heading directly toward Puria, the homeworld of the Ermitant.
  • Senator Dua'Tess - The Ermitant? I'm not familiar with them.

Senator Chaciá, the young Alavar senator spoke up.

  • Chaciá - Ahem... They are a peaceful race of traders. As far as I'm aware, they are officially neutral in the Great War, though they have shown strong pro-Republic tendancies in recent months.
  • Guolivian - Nevertheless, we cannot rule out the possibility that this entity will not divert its course to attack another Republic world. As far as I'm aware, Nahdar, Atum-Natl and even Cyroenia are all located along the creatures' path. It would be foolish not to reinforce these colonies first and evacuate them if necessary.
  • Gianne - Surely you're not implying we simply leave the Ermitant to their fate if the creature does decide to attack them.
  • Guolivian - I'm not implying anything senator. I'm simply pointing out the facts. If you haven't already noticed, the Confederacy are advancing further into our territory everyday and we should weigh up the evidence before throwing a flotilla at the problem.

Senator Mizio of Cyroenia raised her hand, indicating her intention to speak.

  • Mizio - Cyroenia is still recovering from Zillum's recent attack. However, the Ermitant have proven to be good friends to our planet in the past. They are strong trading partners and if they are in danger, I would be happy to send a fleet to reinforce their defenses. Just in case.
  • Apollo - That is most kind Senator. I will contact President Gharrrko and inform him of the situation. Meanwhile, I'm issuing a mandatory evacuation of colonies in the creature's path as well as a freeze on trading in the immediate area until this creature is subdued. This meeting is adjourned.

The senators continued to discuss the situation between themselves while Apollo watched the sun set over the sea. Was this decision too late?

Taking of Puria[edit | edit source]

It was indeed too late. The nebula had skipped Nahdar, Atum-Natl and Cyroenia, and went straight to the Ermitant homeworld of Puria. The fleet sent from Cyroenia had just arrived when the Corruptus force arrived. Inside the nebula, Okastana ordered the ships taken down, and swarms of demons began teleporting directly inside the ships. As they fought, the soldiers found themselves going into blind bloodlusts, which merely empowered the demons attacking them: Malcaeum, the most numerous demons after the spherical beings and the Marinoxidiz themselves. The rage of mortals was their fuel and their nourishment.

As the fleet was taken care of, the nebula engulfed the Ermitant homeworld. However, unlike with other planets, Okastana did not attack the surface, nor did any other demons. Instead, they just orbited around it, covering the sky. A single entity teleported itself into the capital of Puria, its blood-red eyes looking down on the buildings and citizens. It had been over 600 years since he had last seen this planet. Errr himself.

The population ran away from the unindentified invader as he casually walked into the presidency palace's direction. His eyes watched through his mask, his expression unknown, completely covered. Soldiers appeared with their guns primed and unleashed fire on his direction. But before any of the shots could hit him, the Avatar of the Devourer manifested itself and shielded Errr, completely nullifying the weapons. Errr walked up to one soldier, who shivered at the sight of the demon coming out of Errr's back.

  • Errr - Is Gharrrko home? I want to pay him a visit.
  • Soldier - W-w-who the hell are you?!
  • Errr - That's not the answer I want. Take me to your president. Now.
  • Soldier - K-k-kill him!

And in a flick of a second, the Ermitant soldier's body was thrown upwards, and his body was bent diagonally, then folded itself horizontally, breaking all of his torso instantly. Errr had not moved a muscle, nor did the Avatar. The scientist continued walking on, the rest of the soldiers paralyzed in fear.

And some minutes later, President Gharrrko received a call from Apollo.

  • Apollo - Greetings, President Gharrrko. Your planet is under threat, and we sent a fleet to help you-
  • Gharrrko - You don't need to tell me...I already know...

Errr was already in front of Gharrrko. With a wave of his hand, all equipment in the office stopped working. Errr glared at Gharrrko, who could not recognize him due to the mask and the scars.

  • Gharrrko - What in the world's name are you...
  • Errr - Hello again, Gharrrko. I see you've taken good care of my planet for me. A good job, indeed.
  • Gharrrko - Your planet? Eh?
  • Errr - I take my laboratory is untouched. None of you would know how to find it anyway.
  • Gharrrko - ...Wait...Errr?
  • Errr - Your services are no longer needed. I would kill you, but for old times' sake, I'll just have you arrested. Goodbye.

Errrbots entered the room, ordering Gharrrko out. Completely defenseless, the Ermitant president simply put his head down and left, being escorted away. Errr sat on his chair, turning it to the window's direction, giving him a full view of the Ermitant capital and the darkened sky. He put his hands up.

  • Errr - Your Vizier is back.

Under New Management[edit | edit source]

Apollo speaks to Errr

In the aftermath of the invasion of Puria, the Republic lost all contact with the planet and its Ermitant population. After three days of no contact, Apollo opened a channel to Puria yet again. This time he received a reply, but not one that he would expect... On his screen, a masked being was visible. It stared at him with intense, blood-red eyes and a visibly uninterested expression.

  • Errr - Hm. What do you want? I'm a very busy man.
  • Apollo - Me first. Where is Gharrrko?
  • Errr - Gharrrko has been removed from office. Puria is under new management, or should I say, back to its original management.
  • Apollo - And what gives you the right to remove an elected official from office?
  • Errr - Do you even know who you're talking to, child? I am the rightful ruler of the Ermitant since before they even knew how to pilot spaceships.
  • Apollo - Oh? What's your name, "rightful ruler of the Ermitant".
  • Errr - You may call me Errr Krrarrr Lerciannn, lizard. Remember it well.
  • Apollo - Errr Krrarr Lerciannn, you have committed an act of war against the United Republic of Cyrannus. State your intentions.

Errr let out a quiet, raspy-sounding laugher.

  • Errr - Your Republic is an obstacle toward my interests. My intention is to bring entropy to all of you. Surrender now, and perhaps I can decide to restrain the beasts I've sent to get you.
  • Apollo - No. On the contrary, I suggest that you surrender. I strongly recommend against testing us. You will fail.
  • Errr - I've tested you already. You are not prepared. Don't provoke me, for I can have the Ermitant extinct with only one order. You, the Confederacy, and everyone else will be razed off the map to make way for my interests.
  • Apollo - We shall see.

With a gesture of his hand, Apollo closed the transmission. From his chair, Errr let out a chuckle. Concentrating his energy, he linked his mind with Okastana's.

  • Errr - Have fun.

Terminus[edit | edit source]

Apollo sat in his office, looking at a strategic map of the galaxy. To the galactic north, the Confederacy continued its advance toward the Cyrannian Core Worlds under the command of the fiendish General Zillum while the blockade around the besieged Puria sector remained standing. Though Apollo suspected that it wouldn't stay standing for long. A bright green light appeared on his desk controls, indicating that there was someone outside the room.

  • Apollo - Yes, come in.

A female Libertus in dark clothing appeared in the doorway, with an expressionless look on her face.

  • Libertus - Mr. President, can we speak?
  • Apollo - Of course, miss...?
  • Libertus - Agent Leucothea. I represent a classified intelligence agency designated Majestic 51. MJ-51 for short.
  • Apollo - MJ-51? I'm not familiar with it.
  • Leucothea - Unsurprising. The existence of the agency is on a need to know basis. Nevertheless, in the later stages of the Intergalactic War, you approved the construction of a top-secret battlestation codenamed "Terminus". Majestic-51 have been aided by a man named Tyrómairon in its construction. It is clear given events on Puria that Terminus is now needed.

Apollo absorbed Leucothea's words and scratched his chin.

  • Apollo - You have given me a lot to think about Agent Leucothea. However, I'm not in the habit of authorising the use of a superweapon without more information.

Leucothea activated a hologram that flared up from her hand. It displayed a spherical space station the size of a small planet.

  • Leucothea - This is Terminus. It measures 1,500 kilometres in diameter and is equipped with a superlaser capable of destroying an entire planet in the blink of an eye.
  • Apollo - So it's basically a Planet Buster?

Leucothea scoffed.

  • Leucothea - Hardly. Planet Busters bounce harmlessly off even the most primitive planetary shielding. Terminus is capable of bypassing shielding even on the level of Orbispira. And that's on 50% capacity.
  • Apollo - There is no way I can approve of such a weapon without the Senate and the People's approval.
  • Leucothea - Mr. President, we will use this weapon against this new threat if the need arises. When survival is at state, ethics are thrown out the window. Now, if you'll excuse me.

Leucothea turned on her heels and walked out of Apollo's office, leaving the President with much to think about.

Battle over Nexios[edit | edit source]

The Republic and the Confederacy fight against the Fog.

High over the Trucinex planet of Nexios, a Republic Fleet under the command of Captain Pierea hung in orbit. Republic Intelligence indicated that a Confederate Fleet led by General Taros Cassynder would eventually arrive at the planet in the hopes of inciting a Trucinex rebellion against the Republic. As predicted, within two hours of Pierea's arrival, Cassynder's flagship, the Viscount dropped out of hyperspace and opened fire on the Republic fleet. With both fleets relatively evened out, the ensuing battle was both bloody and relentless. On the bridge of his flagship the Angelic, Pierea noticed something approaching from the far side of the system. It appeared to be a massive, enveloping nebula that began to approach the planet with frightening speeds. Unsure what to do, both fleets attempted to pull back when suddenly two massive fog-like tendrils erupted from the cloud and began to crush two Confederate frigates, which imploded into nothingness.

Shocked, Pierea ordered a jump to hyperspace when suddenly strange demonic beings teleported to the bridge of the Angelic. One demon slashed at Pierea's first officer, killing her instantly. Taking out his handgun, Pierea began to fire at the invading demons though it was the ship's auto-defense system that managed to destroy most of them. With the situation on the bridge under control, Pierea ordered a complete bombardment on the nebula, agreeing to a cease-fire with Cassynder in the process. The two ships-of-the-line simultaneously unleashed the full firepower of their ships causing the deadly nebula to dissipate. Without speaking another word to each other, Cassynder's fleet entered hyperspace, honouring the short truce that had been made in an increasingly bitter war.

Meanwhile in an unknown part of the galaxy something was about to happen that would change the galaxy's face forever...

Tyranny of the Scientist[edit | edit source]

Errr sat on his throne on Puria, watching over the capital from a window. Since he had arrived and took over the planet, he had already imposed extremely severe laws on the Ermitant race. He had heavily restricted their freedom of speech, had implemented strict times to when Ermitant were allowed to be outside, had enforced a conscripting system and had cut all ties the Ermitant Empire had with their allies, breaking their trade routes in the process. The Ermitant had, more or less, been turned into slaves constantly under watch of Errrbot drones. Cattle with no say on Errr's grand scheme of things whose only purpose was to be unhappy.

Errr himself had no sympathy for any of these civizens. They had shunned him in the past and, due to the Ermitant's long lifespan, many of these men and women were the same from back when the Robotic Uprising took place. Errr had been humiliated and he was defeated by the military over 600 years ago and he was still unhappy about it. While he could have merely ordered Okastana to destroy the planet, he saw them being punished with a life of domestic prison to be much more fitting. They would suffer what he suffered.

A young diplomat called Milinitt entered Errr's office. She had been chosen to be his secretary. As she entered the room and glared at Errr's intense red eyes, she cringed and shivered. Errr knew of Milinitt already, as she was already a diplomat back during the Robotic Uprising, though she was merely a young adult at the time. Errr watched as she was completely terrified of him, something that amused him greatly.

  • Errr - Ah, my right hand woman. I take my laws have been accepted by the "senators"?
  • Milinitt - I'm afraid we didn't have a choice in the first place...
  • Errr - You're right! You didn't! See how everything runs smoothly after you do what you're told? No one gets hurt.
  • Milinitt - You're a monster, you know that?

Errr grinned through his mask, something Milinitt could not tell except for a few eye movements. The fact that Errr had an army of monsters was only one of the things that made her terrified of him, but what really scared her was how his face was covered. It was impossible to tell what Errr was about to do. It was impossible to know if he was angry, happy, intimidated, amused. It was a blank mask, with a pair of fiery orbs shining through two holes. It was like staring into hell itself to Milinitt.

  • Errr - That is not the correct nomenclature. I want the correct nomenclature, now.
  • Milinitt -'re a monster...Master Doctor Krrarrr Lerciannn.
  • Errr - Now that's more like it. And really, you should adjust your attitude. That way I'll never accept you.
  • Milinitt - ...What?
  • Errr - What do you mean "what"? An emperor needs a queen, of course. And you're a pretty face. You and me can always do a biology test, if you know what I mean.
  • Milinitt - Ugh! Not in a billion years!
  • Errr - I'm perfectly capable to wait that long.

Milinitt stormed off the office, while Errr let out a quiet, successful chuckle. This monster of an Ermitant was plaguing the planet and the Ermitant clearly couldn't survive under him for long. However, hidden from the Errrbots patrolling the planet, someone teleported into the capital. Mimi, the Thoi'olerthae...

Technological Terror[edit | edit source]

Apollo views Majestic's brainchild.

It was two weeks since Leucothea visited Apollo in his office on Orbispira, informing him of the Terminus-project. Since that time, the devilish Okastana had attacked and destroyed ten more Republic worlds in the vicinity around Puria, the focal point of the demonic invasion of Cyrannus. Against his better judgement, Apollo agreed to greenlight the project, hoping that its activation would spell an end to the invasion, thus ending one of the fronts of the ongoing galactic war.

On Orbispira, Leucothea escorted Apollo to a pitch-black shuttle, which in turn docked with a pitch-black Venator-class Star Destroyer in orbit. The unmarked Destroyer immediately entered hyperspace once Apollo was on board, only returning to normal space once it arrived at its destination. Apollo gazed out the window of the Star Destroyer and what he saw shocked him.

Without thinking, he placed a claw over his snout and looked at the monstrous terror hanging against the darkness of space. Suddenly, Leucothea approached him.

  • Leucothea - Beautiful, isn't she?

Apollo turned, with his brow raised.

  • Apollo - Not exactly the word I would use.
  • Leucothea - It's the most powerful weapon ever conceived in the galaxy's modern history and its under our control.
  • Apollo - Irrelevant. We will not resort to using such a weapon in war. Only in events like this in which the fate of the galaxy hangs in the balance.

Leucothea smiled slightly, though Apollo could tell it was insincere. Suddenly, a flash appeared on her gauntlet. The agent's eyes widened and a genuine smile appeared on her face. She told Apollo that the time had come and that Okastana had destroyed another military convoy near Puria. Apollo sighed and agreed to board the station and conduct the final operation on-station. Once all hands were on board, Terminus entered hyperspace and instantly appeared in orbit over one of Puria's moons. In the distance, the massive Okastana could be seen, hanging in space. Apollo stood in the command centre on the northern pole of the massive space station with Leucothea at his side.

Terminus destroys Okastana.

  • Leucothea - Firing control reports all systems ready, Mr. President. We can fire when ready.

With steel-eyed determination, Apollo nodded.

  • Apollo - Do it. Maximum firepower.

Okastana suddenly noticed the massive station in front of her. The Sniper of Darkness unleashed one last massive screech before Terminus fired its primary weapon. From the station's disk, eight tributary green beams met with a tremendous green flash, instantaneously creating a massive green beam that streaked through space before finally impacting Okastana. The resulting explosion was brighter then a thousand suns.

The Sniper of Darkness was destroyed.

  • Apollo - ... My gods...

One Last Attack[edit | edit source]

Errr had watched the entire incident from Puria. The explodion had engulfed Puria in a blast of light which had blinded the citizens and Errrbots across the whole planet, with the exception of Errr himself. He clenched his fist in a fit of anger, but before he did anything, he sighed loudly and put his hand on his mask. He had promised to himself he would never throw enraged tantrums again like he used to do before the Battle of Planet Kaizox.

  • Errr - I know when I'm defeat. I have understimated this "Republic" and that was an obvious amateur mistake of my part. This explosion, though, surely destroyed the Dream Energy shard. So have it your way, lizard men. Have your precious Ermitant. I care not, for I have much grander servants.

Errr disapepared in a black fog, and so did every one of his servants across Puria. The citizens looked in confusion as their slavers suddenly vanished. Whatever caused the huge explosion on space was their hero. The Ermitant all commemorated. They had their freedom once more. However, while Errr had accepted defeat, another servant of the nightmare demons had not.

Apollo and Leucothea suddenly heard explosions coming out of Terminus' lower decks. The cameras showed the mighty weapon suddenly being overrun with demonic forces, led by a completely enraged Arrtkar Crowart. He slayed the crew of the weapon, desiring to avenge Okastana's death. Armed guards attempted to stop him, but the sheer number of demons swarming the weapon was just too much. Apollo watched as some of these demons were identical to the beasts from his nightmares, and Leucothea watched in annoyance as her beautiful Terminus was defiled by Arrtkar's rampage.

  • Arrtkar - I'm tired of mortals murdering my masters! I will sacrifice you all! I will break your precious weapon into pieces until nothing but rubble and your corpses floating through the vaccum remain!
  • ??? - Enough!

Arrtkar suddenly felt a kick to his face, sending him sliding across the floor backwards. He turned growling to his attacker and his expression changed into confusion. Standing before him was a Marinox-like figure, except considerably larger, with a jet black skin, empty eyes and massive spikes coming out of its body. The Marinox emitted an aura which caused Arrtkar to feel unconfortable. It was surely not Essence. The Marinox stomped the floor, aiming his massive blade at Arrtar, before letting out an order.

  • Meketanor - Your kind will not defile our galaxy, demon. Leave, or I will cut you into pieces.
  • Arrtkar - Who do you think you are, vermin? I am a servant of a god! If I want the destruction of this station, then I will have it!
  • Meketanor - So not only you are a demon, you are also a heretic. I will show you the power of a god. And I will enjoy casting you down!

Arrtkar and Meketanor clashed, Arrtkar summoning an entropy-made blade to counter-attack Meketanor's own weapon. The clash of their weapons caused shockwaves which swept Republic soldiers and demons alike across the room, as well as caused massive collateral damage to Terminus. Being an ancient being, Arrtkar quickly noticed Meketanor's power did not come from Essence, but from extremely advanced technology. The demonic servants swung his weapon various times to hit the Marinox, but he merely bended his body away from his attacks much faster than Arrtar could attack. Arrtkar then delivered a slash followed by a blast of energy at Arrtkar's chest, knocking him into a wall.

Meketanor rushed into Arrtkar to finish him off, but out of the demon servant, tentacles erupted from his body and slammed at the Marinox. Meketanor was thrown back into his feet, and as he looked forward again, Arrtkar tackled him with such force the two of them crashed into several walls and passed through them. As he stopped, Arrtkar held on Meketanor's head and blasted Nightmare Energy through him, causing an enormous explosion which caused the entire area around them to rumble. Meketanor attempted to break free but Arrtkart threw him against the floor, causing a huge slam which could be heard several floors above and below the duo. Arrtkar angrily slammed Meketanor's head against the floor repeatedly, breaking several of the Marinox's teeth in the proceed.

Meketanor groaned and layed defeated on the floor, too weakened and damaged to move. Arrtkar lifted his foot which charged itself in Nightmare Energy, a murderous grin forming on his deformed face. Meketanor was a tough opponent, but Arrtkar had won. And after he was done with him Terminus as a whole would be next. As he thrw his foot to crush the Marinox's skull, Arrtkar suddenly felt himself being stopped in place. A shadowed figure appeared before him, with a vaguely Capricornian shape surrounded by an aura of darkness which clouded it completely, except for a pair of shining eyes.

  • Arrtkar - W-what?
  • ??? - Enough.

Arrtkar felt himself being launched as the entity did what looked like an arm thrust. He hit a wall, crashing through it and causing yet another hole. Despite the impact, Arrtkar got up, letting out a roar. He charged at the entity and slashed at it with his blade. However, he felt his blade impacting with something and stopping completely. His face was locked diretly into the entity's eyes, and Arrtkar felt something he had not felt in billions of years. Something about this being made him feel fear.

  • ??? - I said. Enough, kirus.

The entity hit Arrtkar again, this time with such force the servant was thrown away like a ragdoll. Upon impacting with a wall, he vanished in an explosion of black fog. The entity glared at the defeated Meketanor and with a swing of his hand, the Marinox vanished. It then looked around the destruction caused by the demons and in a blast of energy, all the Corruptus forces inside the station were obliterated. The damage was completely reverted, the soldiers killed by the demons were revived, and no one on the station had any memory of what had happened at all. And before anyone could notice, the entity disappeared as fast as it had arrived.

Meanwhile, a shining light fell on Puria, landing on a forest. Okastana's Dream Energy shard. Mimi flew over to the shard and picked it up, smiling happily as she did.

  • Mimi - Yey! I didn't even have to ask for help for this one!

And as fast as she had arrived, Mimi vanished, taking the shard with her.

Unknown Space[edit | edit source]

Coming of the Crystal Beast[edit | edit source]

The Grox Empire. A well known threat across the Gigaquadrant, famous for being present in nearly all galaxies at some point of their history. In some galaxies, for more time than others. Nonetheless, the Grox were among the most powerful forces in the known universe, sporting extremely advanced technology which made them in par with civilizations such as the Delpha Coalition of Planets. And at one point of the Grox's history, they possessed a secondary force. One that had striked fear and terror in the Milky Way Galaxy 600 years ago.

The Marinox. Synthetically enhanced beings of such elasticity and agility, they could dominate any battlefield they were deployed in. A race of absolutely devoted, merciless, emotionless abominations, create expecially to serve the Grox's will. The perfect slave race, until the Battle for Planet Kaizox caused their demise. The Grox had just given Marinox drones to other galaxies when it happened. And so they thought: servants who die out so easily? No longer useful. And so the Marinox were discarded, except for very specific exceptions.

And now, the Marinox were back, and had a new master.

Through unknown space, Grox colonies detected a nebula of purple and dark colouration advance at faster-than-light speed at their direction. From this nebula, comets surrounded by purple fire descended into the atmosphere of a Grox planet. Planetary defenses would usually deal with this kind of thing before it even approached the planet, but when they attacked, the comet just fell faster. It crashed, causing an earthquake which shattered the terrain kilometers around it. Uncurling itself, comet showed an eyeless visage, and spoke.

Gobongogon impales the Grox city


Grox spaceships immediately detected the huge monster and attacked it with their most potent weapons, but found out they could not even penetrate its skin. More comets fell through the planet, and out of them, massive icy beasts emerged and roared, causing blizzards which froze hordes of Dronox troopers in seconds. It was no mere monster, it was Gobongogon, the Crystal Beast. Lifting its fist, it hammered a Grox city, completely obliterating the landscape in an explosion. The monster's strength was unlike an antimatter bomb at each attack, and no matter how hard the Grox attack, it shrugged off their attacks as if they were nothing but flies.


Portals emerged, and out of them, the old servants appeared with a vengeance. Marinoxidiz troopers swarmed the planet to loot the Grox's technology for themselves and to spit on the soon-to-be graves of these weak, small, pathetic imps who once served as their leaders. And as soon as they were ready, Gobongogon let out his ultimate strike, stomping on the ground with tremendous force. Nightmare Energy-made, mountain-sized, blade-sharp crystals emerged out of the planet and literally impaled it. By the time Gogongogon returned to the nebula he had come from, the former Grox colony had been reduced to a gigantic, demonic crystal.

The Dark Five had come for the Grox.

The Avatar's Order[edit | edit source]

The Realm of Dreams is an alternate plane of existence located somewhere in the infinity where the subconscious of mortals and immortals alike connect into a single point. Their ideas, wishes and dreams manifest themselves in this abstract dimension, where they interact each other in a plane where the concept of time does not exist and everything is composed by an ancient power known as Dream Energy. This plane of existence was indeed alive and sentient, but inside of him, what could be compared to a cancerous cell was growing. Part of this infinite paradise was being corrupted by the vile power of the prisoner who had been trapped in there 9 billion years in the past.

Guarding the un-corrupted areas from this "cancer" were a race of small, wisp-like beings known as Thoi'olerthae. Leading them was a majestic, avian-like being who was actually thousands of these small wisps who had united themselves in a single body. This being was known as the Alaromáryvaklarah in the Realm's tongue, "Thea'Nhirara" in the tongue of the ancient ones and "Destiny Bringer" by her students. As she led her Thoi'olerthae sisters into battle against the swarms, a call from above ordered her to leave the front lines. She teleported away to be face to face with a huge, abstract being. She bowed to him, causing the being to lift one of his arms in her direction. That was the god of dreams, Veiro'Bheranka, also known as "Sonhadromerith" and he was growing weaker.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Father, your power dimishes more and more every day.
  • Sonhadromerith - The nightmare regions consume us. Shu'wokerama and his agents have awakened, and Laminoula'Fuerq was slain.
  • Thea'Nhirara - The Body of Fuerq is dead?!
  • Sonhadromerith - Slain, and broken into five pieces, currently under the guard of Shu'wokerama's minions.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Father...if Shu'wokerama managed to slay Laminoula'Fuerq...I fear for our future.

Sonhadromerith lifted his fist and put a finger near his mouth, as if he was telling Thea'Nhirara to remain quiet. His movements were slow and jittery, as if he was an old man.

  • Sonhadromerith - We will not fall to the Devourer, child. Like the ancients didn't, you must not lose hope.
  • Thea'Nhirara - What shall we do then, Father?
  • Sonhadromerith - Go to the universe currently under attack. Take Laminoula's pieces and bring him back to life. To aid you I shall call one of your most trusted sisters. Avahlarómahlya!

Upon hearing the call, a Thoi'olerthae materialized near Thea'Nhirara. This particular Thoi'olerthae wore what appeared to be a headpiece.

  • Avahlarómahlya - I am here, Father!
  • Sonhadromerith - Avahlarómahlya, you and Alaromáryvaklarah are to go to the threatened universe and reunited Laminoula'Fuer's broken body. Gather all the allies you can. We cannot allow the Devourer to grow any more powerful.
  • Avahlarómahlya - Oh, sister! We'll be in a mission together!
  • Thea'Nhirara - This is serious. Don't mistake it for play.
  • Avahlarómahlya - I'm sorry. I won't!
  • Sonhadromerith - Now go. I will stall the monster...while I still can...

A portal formed near Thea'Nhirara and Avahlarómahlya both entered. Sonhadromerith then closed it and looked forward. In the horizon, the red fiery corrupted advanced, and inside of it, a colossal dark figure with three red eyes stared at him, grinning. Sonhadromerith made his way to it, so he could push it back...while he could...

The Birth Closes In[edit | edit source]

Gobongogon's relentless assault on Grox territories kept going. Far-away galaxies with Grox presence were completely consumed by the Crystal Beast and the Marinoxidiz. No matter how the mighty and advanced Grox attacked, they could not even harm the humongous, kilometer-tall monstrosity who single-handely turned their worlds into rubble. Right behind them, the Marinoxidiz looted the Grox's technology for themselves, to mock them even further.

During one of Gobongogon's attacks, Commandant Karnak oversaw the invasion. Telepathically, he received a message from his master creator. The burning image of Errr's mask and shining eyes invaded Karnak's mind.

  • Errr - Status report.
  • Karnak - Gobongogon feasts. We have obtained vast amounts of technology to be taken to the Nightmare Realm and the Overworlds.
  • Errr - Casualties?
  • Karnak - For us? Next to none. The Grox are pathetic. They have no anti-essence weaponry.
  • Errr - Good. Have Gobongogon devour them all and have the Errrbots take all the equipment. The birth should not take much longer now.
  • Karnak - I shall do so, master creator.

And as they talked, Grox scout drones flew around Gobongogon, trying their best to analyze the beast before it could hit them. And after much effort, they managed to detect something and send it to the Grox databases. Upon analyzing the data, the usually emotionless Grox grew uneasy. There was another beast, growing inside the one already attacking.

Gobongogon was pregnant.

Borealis' Defense[edit | edit source]

Gobongogon's Corruptus nebula travelled to the distant regions of the Gigaquadrant to take on another Grox stronghold. This region was the Borealis Galaxy, one of the least known galaxies at the time. Due to its distance and the fact no known empire had colonies in there, Borealis was but an unnamed, ignored region in most empires' maps. However, the Grox lived in there, and this attracted the Corruptus. The Borealis Grox Empire, in fact the most powerful empire of this unknown galaxy.

And as the nebula was about to enter Borealis territory, it was immediately hit by a psychic blast of such intensity that caused it to back away immediately. In the nebula, Arrtkar Crowart ordered iit to try teleporting inside, but as the nebula attempted, another, stronger blast hit it again. It tried entering the galaxy from another direction, only to be stopped again. Arrtkar grew irritated and ordered the nebula to unleash its energy into the galaxy, but before he could give any order, an image appeared on his head. It was a blue Grox.

  • ??? - Such racket.
  • Arrtkar - What?
  • ??? - You should have noticed by now that I will not allow demons in my galaxy.
  • Arrtkar - Who are you to stop us, Grox scum?

The blue Grox laughed inside Arrtkar. The demonic servant began shivering and held his head in pain, and right after, the entire nebula began spazzing.

  • ??? - I am one who holds the power of gods.
  • Arrtkar - Ther eiso nly one god, and that is the Devourer of Dreams!
  • ??? - Your god is nothing but a bothersome obstacle. I will not say this twice. Leave.
  • Arrtkar - I do not take order from-

At this moment, the image of the Grox was replaced by four burning, red eyes. It shouted in such intensity that Arrtkar screamed.

  • ??? - LEAVE.

The entire nebula was blasted back and disappeared. Whatever protected this galaxy, the Corruptus was actually not powerful eonough to breach it.

Out with a Bang[edit | edit source]

Analyzing the best countermeasure against Gobongogon, the Grox Empire was growing worried. If they allowed the demon to live any longer, another one would be born. And if Gobongogon really was fertile, who knew how much more offspring he could produce. As the Grox hivemind concentrated, after much thinking, it arrived to a conclusion: if they could not take Gobongogon out, they could at least delay it by murdering its baby through ghost-phasing.

Ghost-phasing was the act of turning a ship intangible. The Grox's plan was to plant a powerful enough explosive inside the monster to at least kill off the baby and possibly damage the parent as well. After making their preparations, the Grox ship with the explosive travelled to the location of the Corruptus nebula and unleashed thir weapons at it. Their intention was to distract it enough to attack Gobongogon. However, as the battle began, a white portal opened nearby the fleet, and a blue avian creature with a heavenly aura appeared: Thea'Nhirara.

Thea'Nhirara speaks to Gobongogon

Gobongogon's massive head appeared out of the nebula, whicha ttacked the Grox fleet with a combination of tentacles and essence blasts. Upon taking sight of Thea'Nhirara, Gobongogon let out a slow laugher through telepathy.

  • Gobongogon - The Destiny Bringer is here...what a visit...
  • Thea'Nhirara - Dark Five scum! Deliver the shard of Laminoula'Fuerq in your possession immediately!
  • Gobongogon - Laminoula will stay...and watch the crystals grow...what is life...without crystals...without bad empty life...
  • Thea'Nhirara - You are irrational. You fit your master well, abomination.
  • Gobongogon - Life...wishes...dreams...all false...there is only nightmares...only crystal...only cold and will learn...these Grox will learn...all of this universe...will learn!

Gobongogon let out a blast out of his mouth at Thea'Nhirara's direction. While she evaded, several Grox ships were hit and instantly annihilated. While Thea'Nhirara showed no sympathy for the Grox, she couldn't allow Gobongogon's rampage to go on.

  • Gobongogon - Your will...learn...your place...!...Arrtkar...destroy!

And out of the nebula, Arrtkar Crowart appeared and tackled Thea'Nhirara through the vacuum. Gobongogon hid his head inside the nebula again, with the Grox fleet being incapable of finding him.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Traitor! Your life persists?
  • Arrtkar - You should have learned already, missy. I spit and laugh at death's face!

Thea'Nhirara and Arrtkar delivered blows at each other, their essences conflicting and causing massive shockwaves around themselves. The Grox turned their attention to them, and noticed Thea'Nhirara fighting one of their enemies. After a few moments, the Grox fleet unleashed a barrel of lasers at Arrtkar's direction, causing heavy damage to him. He shouted in pain, and Thea'Nhirara turned to the Grox with a smile.

  • Arrtkar - Cursed filth!
  • Thea'Nhirara - Even the emotionless know you have no right to exist. Begone!

Thea'Nhirara finished Arrtkar off with a blast from her palms which hit the servant through his chest. The servant screeched and teleported away by a blast of Nightmare Energy. The Grox fleet stood by Thea'Nhirara's side as she launched another blast, this time directly at the Corruptus nebula. Gobongogon was launched out of it in a roar, his body being paralyzed by the blast. The Grox fleets then did their job, ghost-phasing through the monster and leaving the explosive inside of it.

  • Gobongogon - You accomplish...nothing...I am...the weakest of Five...Arrtkar...cannot die...
  • Thea'Nhirara - Me and my kin will hunt your companions to the last of our breaths. For as long as we live, the Corruptus will have no chance!
  • Gobongogon - Your meaningless as life...the outcome...will be the same regardless...Shu'rimrodir is back...the black fog will...consume everything!

The Grox detonated the explosive. Unexpected for them, Gobongogon's insides were in fact very fragile. The resulting explosion terminated Gobongogon, launching his hardened skin into space. The nebula began spazzing out uncontrollably until it vanished into its entirely, leaving only a large, shining energy sphere. The Marinoxidiz in the fleet teleported away as soon as Gobongogon died.

Seeing their task done, the Grox fleet departed. Only a handful of ships had survived, but the enemy had been eliminated. Meanwhile, Thea'Nhirara flew over to the energy sphere and took it. It was indeed one of Laminoula'Fuerq's broken essence pieces. She then teleported away, hopping that her sister was having the same luck.

At Errr's laboratory, he had watched the entire conflict through telepathy. He opened his eyes to see a weakened Arrtkar Crowart in front of him. Through Errr's mask, Arrtkar could see his burning red eyes in a state of tranquil fury.

  • Errr - You were distracted and defeated by Grox.
  • Arrtkar - Thea'Nhirara showed up, I could not-
  • Errr - Silence. You are pathetic. Anyway, I am not the one you have to answer to.

A large shadow formed behind Arrtkar. As he saw its sillhouette on the form, he was already aware it was the shadow of his master Shu'wokerama.

  • Errr - They are.

Arrtkar turned to his master, who was less than content with the outcome of the battle.

  • Shu'wokerama - You are well aware of the consequences of your failures, servant.
  • Arrtkar - I'm sorry, master. I promise you, It will not happ-
  • Shu'wokerama - We don't want promises! We want results! Leave!

And with that, Arrtkar left the laboratory. He should be glad. Failing Shu'wokerama often results in a proportionally large punishment. Errr nodded to the demon as he left as well, and resumed his operations on his laboratory. Gobongogon was one one of five.

Dark God of Time[edit | edit source]

Preparing himself to pay a visit to the Ermitant homeworld of Puria, Errr watched his screens one more time to make sure everything was going as planned. Emperor Marigrax was to take care of the invasion on his absence. Through his mask, a smile formed as he watched the carnage created by his creations and his new demonic forces.

  • ??? - Going somewhere, I see?
  • Errr - Hm?

Errr turned, and saw a tall, dark figure with dark purple energy surrounding its floating body. It was barely recognised to Errr as a Vyro'Ralza, but clearly one of high importance. And indeed, it was Zargoth.

  • Zargoth - I figured I would speak to you before you left to do whatever you were doing.

Zargoth was immediately surrounded by several Marinoxidiz, who pointed their blades at him at point blank range, as well as several Errrbots who immediately aimed their guns at him. The Avatar of the Devourer also spawned out of Errr's back and let out grunts at Zargoth's general direction. Zargoth simply did not respond to the hostility he was presented with. Errr gave Zargoth a uninterested look before waving his hand, dismissing the soldiers.

  • Errr - A Vyro'Ralza. Most interesting.
  • Zargoth - You have caught the eye of my superiors at the Deathmarch. They never do admit when they're impressed. But I am aware of your work around here.
  • Errr - My knowledge of the Deathmarch is limited, but I am well aware of your...feats...years ago when you merged this universe with what may say it was hell.
  • Zargoth - Indeed. I was present, and highly involved, at the time. But no matter. They've taken some interest in you. Of course, that means you are in great privilege as much as you are in great danger.
  • Errr - Hmm. Identify yourself.
  • Zargoth - My name is Vyro'Ralzora. But I am much more commonly known by my name before I became somewhat Emperor Zargoth.

Errr walked up to his throne and sat down, with his hands together.

  • Errr - As I suspected. He speaks much about you.
  • Zargoth - You are referring, of course, to Kolossus?
  • Errr - He prefers to be called Zr'An'Kar.
  • Zargoth - Indeed he does. I cannot remember when we gave him his Vyro'Ralzan name, but I always prefer to refer to him by his older name. Though that is not relevant. Indeed, Zr'An'Kar is currently working for you, which is how I discovered you and how to find you...though it is not the reason I took interest in your work.
  • Errr - And what would that be?
  • Zargoth - The reason I have taken interest in your work is that you have managed to catch the attention of the Deathmarch, as I have just told you, and that I have seen several possible futures for your work and its success...which have intrigued me.
  • Errr - I'm interested.

Were Zargoth not the emotionless being he was, he would have likely laughed at this, though he simply kept a straight face.

  • Zargoth - You are not to know of your possible futures.
  • Errr - Well, you are no fun that way.
  • Zargoth - Just know that I am 'overseeing' your work, and that I am in contact with Zr'An'Kar. However, I have no obligation nor reason to intervene. Should the Deathmarch say otherwise, that might change.
  • Errr - I don't need to know the future to know that I will suceed. But feel free to oversee everything if you want. If anything, it makes me more confortable.

Zargoth then disappeared through a portal, making very little sound. He didn't even leave a 'goodbye'. Errr remained indifferent, and then looked up to the Avatar. His expression changed to somewhat surprise, as the Avatar's face was now locked in a grin.

Old Fang's Nightmare[edit | edit source]

The war raged on the surface of planet Kaizox. Dracogonarious, Spinkers, Bonio, the Delpha Coalition of Planets, and many more aliens had joined forces and pushed inside the territory of the Grox Meta-Empire and hit the homeworld of the Marinox Empire, their loyal servant race and one of the most cruel enemies of the entire galaxy. As entire fleets soared the space around the planet and fought the Grox's defenses, Captain Drakley led the allied force's ground armies to attack the source of the Marinox's power, the gigantic Marinox Generator. The team clashed with the Marinox and took them down, littering the battlefield with their corpses.

An eager female Dracogonarious marine stood close to Captain Drakley, the two fighting in coordination with each other. The marine shot the enemy with much determination while Drakley tore them in half with his blades. The team had arrived at the capital city, where a message was relayed from unseen speakers.

  • Errr - Turn back! You will never win this war!
  • Marine - Ehehehe, the mad scientist is all scared now.
  • Drakley - Do not understimate Errr and his abominations. You know how much destruction they have caused.
  • Errr - children will defeat you...they will destroy you! They will EAT you! Karnak, dispose of them!

An imposing Marinox fell down down and blasted the entire army away as it hit the floor. Commandant Karnak, the most powerful of all Marinox soldiers, let out an electronic roar which disrupted the equipments of the soldiers, and without any kind of reinforcements, he charged at them. And despite being alone, Karnak tore down the army with little difficult. Drakley and the female marine attacked the Marinox commandant with all they could. All the marine wanted was for those hateful cyborgs to die in a pit.

Karnak eventually roared again and retreat to inside the city, after having destroyed great part of the allied force. The marine quickly tried to run after him, but before she could, Drakley put his hand on one of her shoulders.

  • Drakley - Hold on.
  • Marine - What now?
  • Drakley - There's something on your eye. I don't wanna have you blinded or something.
  • Marine - Pfff. I told you already, I can take care of myself.
  • Drakley - Shush. Just stand still for a second.
  • Marine - Ugh. Fine! But be quick, Karnak is escap-

Drakley shoved his claws on the marine's eye, and in a swift move, tore it out. The marine screamed loudly from the sudden attack, the pain of both the clawing and her eye being removed being absolutely unbearable. Her eyehole bled all over her own face, and the pain made her body go numb. Drakley squished the eye on his fingers, his own eyes rolling all the way back until his pupils were gone.

The marine felt herself being dragged. She managed to turn her head to see Marinox dragging her to what looked like a pitch black pit. She tried to free herself but with no success. She turned her good eye to Drakley in a fit of rage, but it quickly turned into confusion. Drakley was no longer there. Instead, there was a monster. And surrounding him, the entire allied army was there. And they were also replaced by monsters.

  • Marine - What the...
  • ??? - There is nothing to see. Nothing but the darkness.
  • Marine - What have you done to everyone?!
  • ??? - What point is there for sight when there is nothing to see? There is none. Embrace the nothingness.

The Marinox dragging the marine threw her into the pit. And she fell until everything went dark. A cold feeling went through her spine as all light slowly vanished. However, even in this nothingness, she heard something, she forced herself to look down, to see a maw of teeth about to crush her...

Old Fang woke up on her headquarters in the Vengeful Claw, screaming in terror from the nightmare she had just suffered. At this moment, her lieutenant Kaeron Vangardus opened the door with his eyes widened, clearly worried about Old Fang's statue.

  • Kaeron - Mother! What happened?! I heard you screaming!
  • Old Fang - Urk...I suffered a night terror...
  • Kaeron - Bizarre. I've never seen you suffer something like that.
  • Old Fang - I'm okay, Kaeron. All I need is to rest a bit...
  • Kaeron - Well, mother, I do in fact have news. I was waiting until you were awaken but perhaps you'd like to heard them now.
  • Old Fang - Anything to make me forget "that".
  • Kaeron - The Dracogonarious Empire is under attack. And you will not believe who is the enemy...

Final Invasion[edit | edit source]

Make sure to read all previous plots before reading this one!

Ottzelloan Front[edit | edit source]

Coming of the Brain of Corruption[edit | edit source]

Laidar, Eleielord, Okastana and Gobongogon layed dead. The fifth of the Five had grown irritated by this fact. In fact, his period of seclusion had to end now. He had a plan in motion, and the death of his siblings proved to be not only an obstacle but as something that made him very, very angry. These mortals dared to slay his five companions, who he had led since times unknown, and take away what they had been tasked to guard. This would not stand, and now the fifth demon decided to act. It was now not merely a quest for conquest, but a quest for vengeance. The Ottzello Galaxy. Probably the worst place to live in millions of light-years. If you were not killed by bloodthirsty scientists or their huge, super-powered barbarian slaves, you would be slain by the recently arrived horde of planet-devouring locusts which consumed the galaxy at a steady pace. While some tried to fight to survive, it was more or less a hopeless fight which merely delayed their own doom. And now the Corruptus nebula spread through it, seeking to make life even more miserable than it already was in this hell-hole of a galaxy. The inhabitants didn't imagine it could get worse, and they were wrong.

In the middle of a war which already destroyed whichever stability the galaxy had, you wouldn't want another enemy to show up. And that's exactly what happened. The nebula engulfed a planet belonging to the New Kralgon Empire, where the fifth demon slithered in the direction of the nearest city. The Kralgon cities were made entire of Kralgon Pods dotted around in hexagonal forms. These Pods were as tall as the largest known skyscrapers and it was in these where the Kralgon ate, slept and lived their lifes.

Kolossus glares at the Kralgon

The demon looked around with his single eye narrowed. Unlike his companions, he was not kilometers in height. He stood at merely 15 meters tall, with a gigantic tail behind him. As the Kralgon military noted his presence, Killer Pods quickly moved to his location to destroy him. And as he saw them coming, the demon casually swatted them aside like flies. Cloned Kralgon soldiers unleashed their weapons at the demon, yet none of their guns did anything to him. Not even a scratch, not even a tickle, he did not feel the weapons hitting him.

What rudeness. You didn't even say "welcome".

The pair of antennae on the demon's head opened themselves, and out of them, luminescent beams of energy were launched and hit the soldiers. Merely gazing upon the beams caused many soldiers to suffer horrible seizures, while the ones directly hit by them were completely obliterated, leaving only their bones behind. The demon pointed forward, and armies of demons formed behind him. Laidarthae, Eleiethae, Okasthae and Val'dahr, all united under the rule of Kolossus, the Brain of Corruption. He was the leader of the Dark Five, and control over all demons were his. He slithered up to one of the immense skyscrapers of Pods, tearing it off the ground and using it to pummel the others around it, while he crushed the rest of the city by slamming it with his huge tail.

And to think you're in charge of this galaxy. Pfff, please.

Kolossus leaned down and grabbed a single Kralgon, who had been thrown off his Pod after Kolossus had tore it out of the ground. The Kralgon shouted in horror and tried his best to get out of the demon's grasp, but it was like he was enveloped by a brick wall, completely static and crushing his body. Kolossus glared at him with his single eye, using his powers to read through his mind and within seconds, he flicked his fingers and completely crushed the Kralgon with them. As the demons razed the city, Kolossus chuckled to himself.

So, your leader is this "Kralgon Emperor". I will pay him a visit then. Thank you for the information.

Slithering away, Kolossus left the Corruptus demons to take the planet for themselves. His quest for vengeance had begun, and his next step was to pay a personal visit to the Emperor of the Kralgon. What for? No one knew, but the Emperor himself was about to find out, in the worst way possible...

Meeting of Spinkers[edit | edit source]

Before Jerkon, Koluap, Macin, Kithworto, Agent Mu, Titanozor and Thea'Nhirara travelled to the Ottzello Galaxy, the Spinker admiral was allowed to pay a visit to the Spinker homeworld of Kingus, where he wanted to see how Empress Windey was doing since the last time they had seen each other several days ago. As he arrived at the empress's palace and made his way to the throne, he was relieved to see that nothing had changed since he had left. Neither Arrtkar Crowart nor Herquie had attempted to attack Windey again.

Arriving at the throne room, Koluap smiled as he saw Windey safe and sound on her throne. Her guards were still around, but they had not seen any action since they were stationed there. Koluap approached, and as he did, Windey dismissed the guards so the two of them could talk in private.

  • Koluap - Empress. I see everything is going well over here.
  • Windey - Indeed. The attacks on our planets stopped and no assassin has entered the palace since that Bonio incident.
  • Koluap - I'm glad to know...we got caught into some deep stuff. Something about demons, angels and other supernatural things. Can you believe it?
  • Windey - After what I've seen so far, yes, I can believe anything.
  • Koluap - Luckily we found some gal called Thea'Nhirara who's giving us proper directions. Now we gotta kill some demon guy on a galaxy named Ottzello.
  • Windey - Oh, you're going to another galaxy? That's something not many Spinkers ever experienced.
  • Koluap - I'll make sure to bring you a souvenir.

Windey chuckled and as she did, she crossed her legs and watched Koluap with a sile on her face.

  • Windey - It's so nice of you to be worried enough to come all the way here to see me.
  • Koluap - E-e-eh? W-what?
  • Windey - You've come to see me in person when you could just have called me over through communications.
  • Koluap - W-well, I imagined it'd be better to see you on my front, I-I mean, as in, in person, in flesh. I-it is the admiral's job to make the empress s-safe, after all.

Koluap scratched his head and visibly sweated, while Windey giggled to herself. She got up from her throne and walked up to him, putting one of her hands on his cheek. This act made the fabled insane, short-tempered Spinker general freeze in place.

  • Windey - Everyone calls you insane, bloodthirsty, even a madman. But I know from all these years that you're a genuinely good-hearted person. You're always there for me and for all Spinkers.
  • Koluap - ...I'm f-f-flattered, empress. I always try my best.
  • Windey - Well, I expect you to do your best now, and take down this demonic enemy. Can I count on you?
  • Koluap - Of course! None of these supernatural schmucks will last when I'm done! I'll kill every one of them myself if I have to!
  • Windey - Go on then! But, before you do...

Windey put her hand on Koluap's feathered ear and pulled one of his feathers out. Koluap shouted in pain and held on his ear in confusion.

  • Koluap - Yickes! What was that for?
  • Windey - It's a secret which I believe you'll enjoy. Now go. Jerkon and your other allies must be waiting.
  • Koluap - Yes dear...I mean empress! Dear empress!

Koluap ran off and made his way out of the palace. Windey looked at the feather she had pulled out of the admiral's head, walking back to her throne and turning on communications. On the receiving end, a Dracogonarious in laboratory clothing.

  • Windey - Miss Tarygan, I got the DNA of my greatest as you had instructed.
  • Tarygan - Ah, excellent. I'll send a ship to get the sample immediately. Project Indoctrination begins, now.

The Brain and the Emperor[edit | edit source]

The Kralgon Emperor sat on his huge throne. In the largest Kralgon Pod in the entire New Kralgon Empire, surrounded by 6 other Pods only half the size, the Emperor would sit on the top floor, while managing his Empire through small terminals. The Throne Pod was right at the centre of the capital city of the planet, with giant Kralgon fleets hovering it in orbit. His throne room was large and expansive, a luxurious place with lots of room, but full of robots, of other Kralgon, and terminals from which he would control every aspect of his empire.

Suddenly, the nebula of the Corruptus arrived into the system, making its way to the planet.

  • AI computer - Emperor, there is a huge nebula above the planet, containing hostile forces.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Prepare the Throne Pod for evacuation if necessary. And send the fleet to wipe out the intruders. Prime all defences.

The Emperor felt his Pod tremble as something seemingly crashed against it. A chuckle was heard as the skies were covered by the nebula.

  • Kralgon Emperor - Prepare to disengage at any moment...
  • ??? - Hey hey. You're not leaving until we chat, "Kralgon Emperor".

The Emperor paused. Outside his palace, a hovering screen of himself - normally used for propaganda/announcements - appeared in front of the unknown being, with the speakers projecting his voice. On the Emperor's screen, Kolossus was visible. He held himself against the Pod while his tail wrapped itself around it. His face displayed what looked like a mocking expression.

  • Kralgon Emperor - And what, or who, are you?
  • Kolossus - You mortal may call me Kolossus. People around this galaxy say you're in charge.
  • Kralgon Emperor - I am indeed. The New Kralgon Empire is the dominant force in Ottzello, and I am its leader. Everything belongs to me...through The System. Which once again, I control. Need I remind you that over a third of this galaxy's planets are occupied by me?
  • Kolossus - More like, need I learn. I'm new here. That's very impressive and all, and it would be a big shame if I turned every one of these planets into a lifeless rock like I did to those eight planets I passed through before I got here. If you don't want that to happen, you're gonna give me some information.

Not the wisest when it came to picking fights, the Emperor retorted aggressively.

  • Kralgon Emperor - And my empire has twice the firepower it takes for you to destroy all 8 of those planets in a single fleet! So you had better be aware that I am in the stronger position here!

Kolossus narrowed his eye and bashed the Pod with enough force to send the Emperor flying out of his throne. The Emperor fell slightly, and then stood up.

  • Kolossus - Watch your tone, mortal. Or I make you regret being born.
  • Kralgon Emperor - I already DO regret being born! Now any last words before my fleet crushes you?
  • Kolossus - What fleet? I already obliterated it.

Turning his head to look at the screens, the Emperor looked in horror as his entire defensive fleet had been annihilated. The Emperor almost began to feel some fear, thinking that maybe this time, it wasn't worth taking the aggressive approach.

  • Kralgon Emperor - ...What exactly do you want?
  • Kolossus - I'm looking for artifacts belonging to the race known as Vyro'Narza. I take you are familiar with this name?

The Emperor nodded slowly.

  • Kralgon Emperor - The galaxy has hunted for these artifacts for years. The old DCP-Loron War was largely centred around them.
  • Kolossus - I want these artifacts for my own reasons, and you did the big mistake of being the one in charge. That means you are going to help me search for said artifacts so I can use them.
  • Kralgon Emperor - It is not like I don't have the resources to spare, I suppose. The only problem are the HXT's. UNO are a mere pest.
  • Kolossus - If you mean the alien locusts, I have enough numbers and power to deal with them. And I'm willing to spare your planets from my path of destruction as long as you cooperate. Trust me, you don't want to be enemies with me.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Clearly.

The Emperor thought for a moment.

  • Kralgon Emperor - I have plenty of artifacts of my own. If you are willing to destroy the HXT presence in the industrial sector, I would happily hand them over. Research on them is completed.
  • Kolossus - Reasonable. See how things to smoothly when you don't just charge angrily at others? Now, I believe we are done here. Since you've been a good boy, I will let your planet live.

Kolossus snapped his fingers and, in a flash, the Kralgon fleet at orbit seemingly reverted back to life. The Emperor turned to his computer in concern.

  • Kralgon Emperor - A master of the Chronoscopics. I want to keep him a close friend at least. Of course, I don't like it.
  • AI computer - Unfortunately it is not my role to make such decisions for you.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Oh, shut up.

With this, Kolossus and the Corruptus nebula left. But how safe it really is to make a deal with a nightmare demon?

Clash of the Titans[edit | edit source]

Storms gathered over the the most enforced colonial settlement upon Icarus, the capital world of the Third Sovereign Domain and its merciless war machine. Sat deep within the blood-tainted machinations of this ruthless warrior people, Tyraz sat upon his accursed throne. He has been scarred significantly moreso than when he had been last involved in this dispute, having fought his own battles outside of the conflict. A snarl was left across his hideous face, his crimson eyes burning on par with the very pits of Inferno. Black steam smoked from these scars that marked his ferocious body, a liquidous substance dripping from all orifices. He could feel something; something infamous, something monstrous. A creature he had not encountered, one more task to obliterate and shatter even after the conclusion of his own conflicts. He stood alone, his allies and subordinates located within orbit of this world.

The streets of twisted, malformed metal outside his palace were packed with either soldiers or civilian labour-forces. Legions within legions, they all worked under threat of Tyraz' tyrant fist, living in fear of evoking the rage that had won them victory but had cost them security and Tyraz his dignity and honour; the two aspects that were most important to his followers and supporters. He was now little more than a monster, barbarian; a ragebound colossus. His allies were the first to come in contact with the storm. It was no regular storm, but the Corruptus nebula which spread across the galaxy. And he would stay alone, sa the demons of nightmares attacked and slowly enveloped the planet.

Tyraz' snarl slowly shifted into an all-out scowl, his eyes filled with hatred as he picked himself up from his throne. He recognized the smell of those that assaulted his world, those that dared to trespass upon the territory he had secured for both himself and his people. Immensely hot saliva trickled from his jaws as he clenched his fist.

  • Tyraz - ...That stench.

Like a meteor, Kolossus landed on the capital city, causing an immense crater around him. Demons swarmed across the streets as he looked around, putting his hands together.

  • Kolossus - Ah, a new species to kill. Let's see how much you can last. The last one didn't last ten minutes.

Almost immediately, Zazane militia were on the scene. They did not run, they did not evacuate; they stormed back, like a horde. A counter to the demonic armies that Kolossus had brought with him. War machines and military-grade aerial fighters were already on the scene, blasting their weapons of alien energy at their foes. Soldiers attempted to fight their demonic assailants up close, turrets tried to pick them off. While several demons died to the milita, several soldiers were either possessed by Shu'olerthae or swat aside by Kolossus, who remained unharmed by their weapons.

As chaos began to ensue as per Kolossus' devastating and unprecedented arrival, Tyraz stepped onto the balcony of his palace-fortress that overlooked the city and all within. His red eyes stared down at his attackers, his nostrils pushed smoke out into the open air as his blood began to boil. As his gaze met with that of Kolossus, his heart pumped out of pure rage before returning to inactivity.

  • Tyraz - ...A titan.
  • Kolossus - You're taking longer to die than the others. A tough race, but not tough enough.

Kolossus had his back turned to Tyraz's direction, being oblivious to his presence.

  • Tyraz - A titan storms my city, kills my men, destroys all that I had built. A titan wrecks havoc upon my people, threatens them with death and obliteration! ...I will kill you, titan... I will kill you... I will KILL all of YOU! And YOU shall not tangle with ME ANYMORE!

Tyraz jumped from his balcony, smoke engulfing his form as he released a horrific roar that echoed throughout the city, shattering the ears of nearly all who could hear it. Before Tyraz could even reach the ground, he had disappeared in a daunting, dreading explosion of onyx and crimson energy; in his place stood something more, something beyond Tyraz. Its wings spread far apart, its jaws dripping with magma, its eyes of pure scorn focussing upon the serpentine entity that slithered through the streets of this city. It was titanic, it was colossal, an absolute behemoth. A demon. Standing at 15 meters at its full height, the beast towered over all others but Kolossus.

Kolossus heard the roar and turned his head slowly to investigate its source. As Kolossus turned his head, before his eye could even register what he saw, the entity was launched across the length of the city as Tyraz's monstrous fist collided with his face, delivering a punch that slammed Kolossus into and through several collapsing buildings. Kolossus crashed through the buildings until he fell over, sliding across the city. His face turned into a frown as he got back on his feet, glaring at his attacker.

  • Kolossus - Who dares?

Kolossus was met with a roar from the gigantic demon that Tyraz had spawned rather than any translatable response. It spoke in a tongue that only knew anger, madness and rage. Tyraz ran, his feet picking up dirt and destroying all beneath them, both his own forces and that of Kolossus. Kolossus' single eye narrowed as he watched Tyraz approaching. His antennae opened and out of them, luminescent blasts of energy were launched at the demon's direction.

Tyraz versus Kolossus

While several of the blasts missed Tyraz, many of them didn't; they collided with Tyraz' burning skin, exploding on contact and causing the demon to roar not out of agony, but out of an increasing anger. His blood spilled onto the streets below, acidizing and burning at all it touched like demonic lava. He had stopped running at least. Kolossus watched as Tyraz slowed down and, taking the opportunity, launched his fist at him with the intention of hitting his head

Tyraz was struck, causing him to stagger backwards from the force of Kolossus' punch but also throw his own arm towards the serpent with a clenched fist, also intending to strike the head of his foe just as he had done a few moments prior. In a fit of overconfidence, Kolossus did not bother trying to dodge. However, as he was struck, he was launched upwards, falling down and crushing several buildings under him, creating a pile of rubble below him.

  • Kolossus - Who...or what are you?
  • Demon Tyraz - ...Tyr...Tyraz... Tyraz... Bre...Bree...Breek... Breek... Tyraz... Breek... TyraaaAAAAARRRRRRGGHHH!

The demon fell towards Kolossus and slammed himself on top of him, pinning him to the ruined, burning ground that he had fallen onto. Raising clenched fists that burned with demonic fire and wrath, Tyraz began to slam them into Kolossus, smacking him in the sides of the head and body while roaring like an untamed, angered animal. Kolossus growled as he was hit and opened his wings. A blast of infernal fire blasted Tyraz away from the nightmare demon as he got up, displaying the full extent of his fiery wings. Soldiers and demons alike were burned alive by the sheer intensity of the flames, and Kolossus clenched his fists as he glared at Tyraz.

  • Kolossus - Tyraz Breek, hm? You're a tough one, Tyraz. And you've made a terrible mistake. You've made me interested in studying you.

Tyraz ran forward once more with his claws drawn, destroying buildings as he either smashed through them or swept his outstretched hands alongside them. Thousands were crushed beneath his feet as he either stomped them into little more than puddles of blood or were incinerated by his burning footsteps.

  • Kolossus - You're an animal. And like an animal, I will outsmart you.

Kolossus launched himself forward and collided his head against Tyraz's, digging his horns through his body. Tyraz roared as their heads collided, with Kolossus temporarily stunning him. To his shock, Kolossus' horns were impervious to the fires that radiated outside and within his body, although he did not focus too much on this as he was now up-close to his enemy as he had wanted. It took him a minute to regain focus, and he proceeded to try and tackle Kolossus. Kolossus threw himself back to evade the tackle, a tentacle forming out of his body and slamming itself against Tyraz's legs.

Tyraz collapsed onto the ground, causing quaking eruptions to add to the damage that had been done to the city. However, as he fell he dug his claws from one of his hands into Kolossus' torso, although that didn't prevent Tyraz from smacking his face into the floor. Kolossus growled in anger as he felt himself being pierced by Tyraz's claws and put one of his fists up before sending it down to pummel Tyraz's head. The fist slammed into the back of Tyraz' head, creating yet more quakes that threw both of their forces aside. As Kolossus did so, Tyraz clenched the hand whose claws had pierced Kolossus, causing him to tear away at his opponent's flesh with an agonizing, painful rend.

Kolossus roared in pain and retaliated by grabbing Tyraz's head and digging his own claws into it. As he did, he began squeezing it on his grasp. Tyraz began to gasp as Kolossus' claws penetrated his flesh, causing his molten blood, to which Kolossus appeared protected against, to spray across the city-made-arena. Tyraz let go of Kolossus and slammed both hands into the ground in order to press himself upwards, throwing himself backwards away from Kolossus but colliding with several structures that proceeded to collapse. Kolossus put a hand over the wound crated by Tyraz's attack and watched him, annoyed he was still standing.

  • Kolossus - I am a planet-destroyer. A god of my own right. I will not allow you animal scum to live for laying a finger on my perfect form.

Suffocating smoke emanated from Tyraz' wounds and scars, which did not appeal to heal but glow an Inferno-style molten yellow. It was at this point that Tyraz clenched his fists and prepared another punch, his hands burning in a fire that burned far greater than even Tyraz' anger. At the same time, dozens upon dozens of tentacles erupted out of Kolossus' form, clouding the battlefield with their sheer size. Kolossus' own eye shined in a dark purple light as his wounds began closing, almost as if the damage was being reverted. Before Tyraz could even begin to initiate a punch, he was horded by the tentacles; they pierced and cut away at his form, severing his flesh, his skin and whatever innards were inside of him. He roared and continued to try and throw a punch of behemoth proportions but to no avail as he was was continuously interrupted by the tentacles. Kolossus' fist burned in the same light that healed his wounds, and as Tyraz was too distracted to notice, he thrusted himself forward and delivered a punch directly at Tyraz's jaw.

The punch tore away at the flesh, or whatever it was, on Tyraz's face, shattering the foundations of his colossal skeleton; Tyraz's jaw was thrown from its hinges and launched across the battlefield, colliding with a building and causing it to fall. Tyraz stood almost completely immobile, his body twitching and making spastic movements. His eyes gazed towards Kolossus.

  • Tyraz - Hgghgh.... Hhhggghhgh...

Kolossus wasted no time and sent both of his fists at Tyraz while his tentacles whipped him like an animal in quick succession. Tyraz was knocked to the floor with immense force, shattering the earth beneath them. He couldn't move, he couldn't even hope to withstand the onslaught of tentacles as Kolossus assured his dominance over the Zazane. Tyraz was knocked to the floor with immense force, shattering the earth beneath them. He couldn't move, he couldn't even hope to withstand the onslaught of tentacles as Kolossus assured his dominance over the Zazane. Kolossus' eye shined once again, and Tyraz felt himself being launched back up, and then thrown back into the ground repeteadly. Kolossus looped his fall over and over, with a murderous grin on his face until he delivered another punch at Tyraz, this time aimed at his stomach.

The punch tore through nearly all of the muscles within Tyraz, impacting through his innards and blasting out of Tyraz' back. Kolossus had punch a hole clean through Tyraz' body, causing the monstrosity to scream in sheer, unending agony as it twitched, unable to regenerate as more and more damage was dealt to it. Feeling satisfied, Kolossus did his final move. He launched his gigantic tail at Tyraz's direction, hitting his head with enough force to cause a shockwave which obliterated all buildings which somehow still stood on the battlefield. The force shattered all of the tendons, nerves, organs and bones within Tyraz' neck, causing his jawless head to fly from his shoulders in a horrific display while blood erupted from his decapitated neck. The head flew through the air, slowly reducing to little more than ash and dust but not before colliding with what remained of the now-devastated fortress palace, throwing away molten hot debris across the plane.

Tyraz' headless body slumped onto its knees, immobile aside from the blood and other substances gushing from its wounds like geysers while at the same time its flesh began to turn into ash. Tyraz spoke not another word, for he was unable to make even the most basic and simplest of sounds. Kolossus smacked Tyraz itno the ground and threw his tail into him, letting out a cackle as he did.

  • Kolossus - My brains beat your hate, animal. And your world now belongs to me!

The blazing body of the colossal demon was cremated, burning itself into ash while Tyraz' true body revealed itself; he was stuck in a foetal position at the heart of the monstrosity, bleeding heavily from all areas, coughing and spluttering as his naked form touched air again.

  • Tyraz - W-What...W-What are... w-who are... y-you...?
  • Kolossus - You survived?...So this is some sort of state of being you were using. Interesting.
  • Tyraz - Agh, urgh... A-Answer me... s-shyrak-eater...
  • Kolossus - You want to know so much? I am Zr'An'Kar, servant of Shu'rimrodir, leader of the Shu'trokermave, but you mortal scum may refer to me as Kolossus.
  • Tyraz - K-Kolossus... S-Shu'rimrodir... Z-Zr'An'Kar... Y-You can all g-go to Hell, agh...
  • Kolossus - Hell? You could call our goal that, yes. The fight was surprisingly intense, I got to admit. I've not fought anyone who could keep up with me for 9 billion years. As a present to you, I'll let you live.
  • Tyraz - Gah, urgh... S-So... e-even demons k-know...agh! E-Even demons k-know h-honour... L-Let me m-make this c-clear... N-Next time w-we... w-we meet... I'll kill you.
  • Kolossus - You're an angry little man, are you not? But the odds are not on your favour. Soon enough, this entire Gigaquadrant will be enveloped by my master's nightmarish claws. You included.
  • Tyraz - Y-You're deluded... i-if you think a-anyone is g-going to l-let that happen. N-Not that I c-care for t-them... since i-it will be m-me who k-kills you. I-If I h-have to go t-through ten t-thousand Hells... I-I'll kill you!
  • Kolossus - I will be waiting, "Tyraz Breek". And I will not show mercy for you.

Kolossus dismissed Tyraz with a hand wave and slithered away from him. Zazane starships evacuated the falling skies of this world. Tyraz found himself dematerialized and collected on board a particular one; thousands of ships were plucked from the air by Kolossus' demonic forces, but this particular one was spared from the carnage, allowed to leave as a sign of Kolossus' word. Onboard, Tyraz had fallen unconscious, but his scowl had not vanished, his wounds still glowing red from the battle.

This was merely the beginning of a rivalry worthy of legends.

Reunion of Sisters[edit | edit source]

The allied team of Milky Way empires made their way to the Ottzello Galaxy to begin their hunt for Kolossus. The Kicath Agents and Titanozor travelling on their own ships, meaning Jerkon, Koluap, Macin and Thea'Nhirara were by themselves. Jerkon was using the opportunity to question Thea'Nhirara what she knew about the Corruptus and what forces they used. Thanks to her, the Dracogonarious had already obtained a long list of demons used by the Corruptus and some of their characteristics, meaning the team would be better prepared to fight them in the future.

  • Thea'Nhirara - So when fighting the Malcaeum, you must suppress your anger, otherwise they will grow in power, becoming stronger and more resilient. While they may shout in response to being hurt, they ignore pain for the most part and trying to paralyze them isn't really an option.
  • Jerkon - I see. Creatures who empower themselves from external emotions...
  • Koluap - You can't tell me to not be angry at someone! I'll be angry to whoever I want to!

Macin Xermilin delivered a slap to one of Koluap's cheeks, causing him to shout and hold into it with his eyes widened.

  • Macin - Reckless! You'll die with that attitude.
  • Koluap - Hey, for your information, I've been doing this for over 600 years and it worked fine so far.
  • Thea'Nhirara - But, during all of these years, how many times have you fight entities who actually got stronger from your anger?
  • Koluap - ...Well, none, but still.
  • Jerkon - You will not jeopardize the mission by being reckless. You will take caution and fight the entities accordingly.

At this moment, a flash of light suddenly shined in the middle of the room, causing Jerkon, Koluap and Macin to step back while Thea'Nhirara remained on the spot she was standing on. As the light extinguished, the Thoi'olerthae Mimi was visible. She looked around and, upon taking sight of Thea'Nhirara, she began giggling and wiggling her small tentacles in happiness.

  • Mimi - Sister! I finally found you!
  • Thea'Nhirara - Avahlarómahlya, my dear. It's good to see you're okay.
  • Macin - It''s a real dream folk! A wisp! An angel!
  • Jerkon - Fascinating.
  • Koluap - It looks like a floating gumball.
  • Mimi - I'm Avahlarómahlya but you can call me Mimi! I got two Shards with me!

Mimi presented Eleielord's and Okastana's Dream Shards to the team. Thea'Nhirara smiled as the team's vision was blurred by the intense light produced by the shards. Mimi giggled as she handed them to Thea'Nhirara, who used her energy to put them away.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Excellent work. Father would be proud of you.
  • Mimi - It was hard! I met Arrtkar Crowart and he nearly ate me!
  • Thea'Nhirara - Hmpf. I met the traitor too at one point, when I fought Gobongogon.
  • Jerkon - Excuse me but, Arrtkar Crowart? Who is that again?
  • Thea'Nhirara - A demon acolyte who serves the Corruptus. He was once a member of an ancient species who fought the Corruptus 9 billion years in the past, but he changed sides out of power-hunger.
  • Koluap - Damn. You lot are all older than me.
  • Mimi - I'm as old as reality!

Meanwhile, the Bonio mercenary Herquie rested on his ship. Having failed his mission of assassinating Windey Spinkarius, he was just expecting to hear from his employer again. And he did, when a transmission was sent to his ship, showing a masked figure.

  • ??? - I'm disappointed. The famous Shadow Mercenary lost a fight to a mentally retarded Spinker?
  • Herquie - Hey, screw you, okay? You didn't tell me she was being protected by...magicians.
  • ??? - ...Explain.
  • Herquie - A dog woman fired white magic at me. It hurt like all hell and I had to stay in bed for a whole day. That's not counting the fact the Dracogonarious commandant was also there.
  • ??? - White magic, hm? Hah. That interests me. But you've not done your job yet.
  • Herquie - And I'm not doing it until you tell me who you are and what the hell is going on here.

The masked figure chuckled and made itself more visible. It was actually Errr. Herquie looked at his screen and showed genuine confusion, but could clearly see Ermitant traits on him such as his large ears, hair and webbed hands.

  • Herquie - ...What?
  • Errr - I don't expect you to recognize me with this mask, Bonio. This is your old friend Errr speaking.
  • Herquie - died.
  • Errr - I did not. And I hired you so I could laugh at you dying. But you survived the mission. It'd call it a failure, but you just gave me valuable information.
  • Herquie - You scum...I'm not gonna be your tool!
  • Errr - You already are my tool! Really, is this how you treat your old friends? I'm sad now.

Herquie was visibly very angry, getting up from his chair and pointing at his screen to Errr.

  • Herquie - Give me your location and fight me, you cowardly snake.
  • Errr - Now why on the galaxy would I do that?
  • Herquie - To show me you're not a coward and so we can end this. No more games. I want you to fight me now.
  • Errr - Fine. I accept your challenge. I'm currently at the Ottzello Galaxy. If you want to fight me so much, then get over here and fight me!

Before Herquie could say anything, the transmission was closed. Infuriated, Herquie set his course to the Ottzello Galaxy so he could search for Errr, even though he thought of the possibility of him lying. Meanwhile, Errr got in contact with other people...

The Birth of Tagutan[edit | edit source]

Upon a rural world located upon the outskirts of Andromeda, might fortresses and castles dominated the landscape, patrolled and guarded efficiently by colossal battalions of armour-clad knights. Zazane knights. A world once colonized by Zazane of the past, it had since degraded within the technological aspects, the secrets of ship-building and warp engines long forgotten. Within one particular city located within the northeastern sector of the largest continent, one fortress had been built to stand above all others, equipped with defenses that outnumbered even armies. Cannons, pikes, warrior-mages, knights, a hundred different traps strewn across its format. Within the upper levels of the fortress, two heavily-armoured knights stood on patrol outside of someone's quarters.

This was the king's private chambers; the imperial ruler of this kingdom. From within, the knights could hear sounds that indicated... certain forms of activity. Loud, boisterous. One knight turned to his partners and exchanged an amused look upon his face, grinning.

  • Knight 1 - What'd you reckon he's doing in there?
  • Knight 2 - What do you think? He's having fun. And whoever's with him seems to be enjoying it.
  • Knight 1 - Surely no one goes at it like this for more than several hours. You think they're taking turns?
  • Knight 2 - Well, our king sure means it when he says he wants to please his people.
  • Knight 1 - Pfft, his Highness can please me by letting me have a go one of those days. He has, what, I imagine at least a harem of 14 in there. And it's only morning.
  • Knight 2 - Maybe if you can ask nicely enough, he'll let you have one. Heh.

As the knights spoke between one another, they heard the creaking of the door as it opened. Stepping out of the doorway, wearing little more but untidy robes below his waist, was the king; a purple Zazane with a muscular, handsome figure. Jots of... certain fluids were to be found across his face and torso, while he licked his fingers with his tongue.

  • King - Good morning, gentlemen.
  • Knight 2 - Good morning, Your Highness.
  • King - Mmm, I have had a hearty breakfast this morning. I feel set and ready to handle the duties of being your king, which I must say, can be somewhat difficult without the "assistance". ...How much did you two hear?
  • Knight 2 - You know I'd never lie to you, Your Highness. Quite a bit. A lot in fact.
  • Knight 1 - I'd say just about everything. And so did those downstairs, I imagine.
  • King - Oh, I should've kept my voice down. My apologies, gentlemen.
  • Knight 1 - Your Highness, me and my partner were wondering. Since we... protected your bed chambers, would it be plausible for us to have a share of your "breakfast"?

The king chuckled to himself and looked back into his quarters before placing his hands, licked clean, on his soldiers' shoulders. Licking his lips, he had a generous expression on his face as a smirk began to present itself to the knights.

  • King - Since you have been of such quality service, and you have made no complaint, I suppose I could allow you to feast upon what I have left. Although it shall be your duty to supply them with clothes and food afterward.
  • Knight 2 - Ohohoho. You can count on us, Your Highness.

The king chuckled and stood upright, lifting his robes in order to cover his bare torso and pulling out a cloth in order to wipe his face of fluids and essences that had managed to leak onto him. As the king began to walk away, he stopped for a moment and glanced back at his soldiers.

  • King - Is there anything other you would like to request?
  • Knight 2 - Hm? No, I don't think so.
  • Knight 1 - Well, a raise would be nice.
  • King - A raise? What kind of monarch do you take me for? Do you not think I pay you highly already? ...Ah, I'm just pulling at your legs. If you desire a raise, then a raise is what you shall have for your service.
  • Knight 2 - Woah, don't push the king too far now. He might think we're leeching off him.
  • King - You defend my life and that of my harem, it is only fair that I should accomadate for you. Do not worry, you shall know when I feel pushed. Heh, I push back.

The knight chuckled at his king's comment. The king nodded to his men before undertaking the strife that was the long walk down the many hundreds of steps that would lead to the ground floor of his fortress. His halls were lined with guards and artefacts, paintings and relics of archaic ages. It would take more than ten minutes to reach the ground floor, and even then there were levels beneath his castle which would take even longer to access. The king emerged from the front of his castle and approached the bridge that allowed access over the moat that had been installed, which itself was lined with underwater spears and carnivorous fish. As he stepped out he looked to the sky and admired the blue tone, before turning to his right and approaching a woman who stood with a multi-limbed salamander-like creature.

  • King - Ah, my mount! She appears to be in fine condition! I am glad that she is taking care of herself.

The king walked close and smiled at the woman, licking his jaws in a charming manner so as to show his keen interest in her. He admired her body for a moment; beneath her light clothes, she possessed a fine structure and rack. He petted the head of the animal, while he kept his eyes upon the woman that cared for it.

  • Woman - Good morning, Your Highness. I've taken good care of your mount as you can see.
  • King - Oh, I certainly can see. She appears ever-radiant this morning. Grossly incandescent, I might add. And the animal appears to be in good shape as well, heh.

The woman giggled and winked at the king with a smile.

  • King - I am glad that I have left my strongest creature in your soft hands, it appears ever thriving and well-treated. Have we had any messengers this morning requesting my aid?
  • Woman - None, Your Highness. Everything seems to be in order.
  • King - Excellent! Then perhaps I may take my mount for a ride this afternoon. She appears to be desiring my company.

At this moment, a knight arrived, running up to the king and stopping. He panted heavily and his armor appeared bruised and damaged. The king turned to the knight and approached, placing his hands upon the man's shoulders while chuckling gleefully.

  • King - Whatever is the matter, young man? Got into a fight with one of your comrades?
  • Knight - Y-your Highness...the graveyard...
  • King - What of the graveyard? Personally, I would not frolic there.
  • Knight - The...the dead...the dead are rising!

The king stared at the knight for a moment before bursting into laughter, chuckling and giggling almost as if a child. It took him a minute or so in order to regain his composure, and looked towards the knight while attempting not to erupt into another round of laughter.

  • King - What do you mean, 'the dead are rising'? You have become too entangled in your stories.
  • Knight - By that I mean the dead are coming back to life! They attacked me and my companions and are moving into the city!
  • King - Don't be so ridiculous. If the dead are rising, why would they attack? Surely they would keep their memory. Run along, young man, I have little time for fiction this morning.

Suddenly, the king froze. In the distance, he could hear it; the sounds of battle. Swords cleaving flesh, nails and teeth scraping armour, shouts and roars exchanged between one another, incoherent chanting and wailing. Screams filled the air as peasants ran for their lives and knights were downed, followed swiftly by the sounds of chewing and eating. Grasping his sword, the king unsheathed it and narrowed his eyes.

  • King - What trickery is this? What have you done, boy?!
  • Knight - It's not my fault! They just...appeared and attacked us!
  • King - Help your men secure a perimeter! Damned fools, can I not enjoy my morning? I'm too busy relaxing to fight!

As his knights, including the young one who had initially reported the incident, moved to secure their defenses, they were assaulted and torn apart bu emaciated, almost-skeletal creatures that appeared decomposed and degraded. Undead. Around him, his knights and peasants began to turn, transforming into hungered, craving creatures that took their appearance. The king prepared his blade, watching as his army was converted. Suddenlt, the skies found themselves engulfed in a purple, stormy nebula. The king looked up to see a large serpentine sillhoette inside the nebula, as what look like meteors fell from it into the city. As they hit, more beasts appeared. Not undead, but demons.

The king watched as his kingdom burned before his eyes; undead fought against knight and demon, demon eviscerated undead and knight, knights died either way. Lashing outward, the king struck several undead as they reached for him, severing them in two. Soon, gigantic salamander-like aliens also arrived into the scene, tearing the city apart with their sheer size and power, and confronting the undead in a battle of dark energies. The Marinoxidiz let out a roar which shook the ground, to the point even the king felt it on a distance. The king faultered, knocked to the ground as the floor beneath him trembled. His sword was thrown as he dropped to his knees, the armies of black and dark consuming all around him, swarming like insects. With his sword gone, he sat there, his eyes twitching as he was unsure of what would await him. He appeared to have surrendered, disconnected from the reality around him as it appeared far too surreal for him to believe all of this was actually happening.

The serpentine sillhouette had already disappeared at this point, leaving the demons and zombies to fight each other. Hissing was heard as a Shu'olerthae flew over the king's position and menaced him and the knight who had warned him of the invasion. The knight yelled a battle cry and charged at the demon, who retaliated by piercing its tentacles into the Zazane's body. The king felt the blood of the knight who he had once mocked being spat all over him, as the spherical demon lifted his victim up from the floor. The king muttered and whispered in his native tongue, clutching his chest tightly as he shivered. In one hand he clenched his chest, in the other he clenched his fist. It would have been useless to fight, for he was unarmed and to resist these creatures with mere fists was stupid. Instead, he waited. Waiting for it all to subside, waiting for him to wake up, waiting for him to die.

The Shu'olerthae threw his victim aside and turned to the king. It slowly hovered into his direction, while the undead and demons gradually made their way up to his location in a distance. The king glared towards the black alien orb with a stare of intense hatred. He watched the creature carefully, examining its movements among the carnage and chaos that was wrecked around him.

  • King - What... do you want?

The demon did not respond in any way the king could understand, only letting out a growling-like hiss. Its tentacles extended from its being, prepared to take the king so he could possess him. Baring his teeth, the king roared; the creature was thrown backwards by an immense, invisible force. Displaying his psychic prowess, the king continued to glare towards the demonic entity. He clenched both of his fists and stared ferociously. The Shu'olerthae hissed louder as it got back to its senses. Feeling provoked, it slashed the king at his face, leaving a large, glowing scar next to his left eye.

The king gasped for breath and he fell back, clasping at his wound as it bled unceasingly. Overcome with pain, his powers became unfocussed, he was distracted and his guard was lowered. Vulnerable. He breathed, panicked, through his jaws as he tried to ignore the pain. The demon wrapped its tentacles around the king's neck and moved up to his face, glaring down at him with its pitch red eyes. At this moment, other Shu'olerthae around the city had possessed the population, turning them into Kikras. It was a battle of zombies against zombies. The king continued to struggle, roaring and gnashing at the Shu'olerthae as its tentacles clenched around his neck. Bleeding heavily still, he looked deeply into the demon's eyes and he muttered with weakened breaths;

  • King - I'm too busy to die!

His eyes blaring, he unleashed another blast of psychic energy which tore the Shu'olerthae's tentacles to shreds and threw it to the ground, steaming from the temperature of the attack that the king had initiated. He took the opportunity to stand to his feet, albeit stumbling slightly, and glared down at the stunned demon. The Shu'olerthae hissed and waved its tentacles in confusion as it was floored. His face displaying anger and rage, the king leaped forward and tackled the demonic creature, sinking his teeth into its flesh in a desparate attempt to execute it. He showed no mercy as he swallowed its flesh and blood, tearing into it and lapping up iwhatever innards it had inside with his tongue.

The Shu'olerthae was too stunned and confused by the king's actions to retaliate. Its energy traveled through the Zazane's body, merging themselves with the psychic powers he was already born with. His body began mutating, with boney horns erupting from his shoulders and his skin turning even more purple. Yet, he had not become a Kikra. His mind was, somehow, still his own. In his monstrous rage, he did not stop until nearly all of the Shu'olerthae had been consumed in a bloody mess. When he was approached by several undead warriors who had been freshly converted from his knights, the king swung his powerful arm and rended them apart in a single swing, overcome with anger and upset as he had watched the murder of his people. One of the Marinoxidiz turned to the king and raised its single organic eyebrow.

  • Marinoxidiz - What in the master creator's name is that?

The Marinoxidiz found itself blown back as an explosion occured where the king had once stood. When the demonic smoke had cleared, standing there was not the king, but in his place a colossal, horrifying monster that partially shared his image - a large, illuminating eye now located where the scar inflicted upon him had been. Opening its monstrous mouth filled with diamond-sharp teeth, it unleashed a catastrophic beam of demonic, psychic energy at the surrounding opposition, blasting them away from itself while others were obliterated by the mere force of this attack.

Not only the demons and the zombies, but the city and whoever was still alive in it were destroyed by the demon king's massive attack. His energies combined with the power of the Corruptus had turned him into a juggernaut of sheer power. The colossus did not stop there; consumed by its rage, it launched several more titanic blasts at its surroundings, uncontrolled and undirected, obliterating demon, undead, and person alike with no indiscrimination between them. Soon, his kingdom was in ruins, the landscape of this world now eternally scarred from where he had unleashed his wrath. What was once a glorious, thriving city was now a crater filled with steaming corpses and ruins.

With the demons defeated, the nebula slowly vanished, clearing the skies once more. There were no more undead on sight, but likewise, there were no living to be seen either. As day could once more be seen beyond the black clouds that slowly dissipated, the juggernaut had vanished yet it had left its mark upon the surface of this world. Panting heavily, gasping for breath, the king lay near-unconscious at the center of this climax of destruction and death, with nobody seen for miles that could have possibly helped him. His body twitched and steamed with an unbearable heat.

Alone, in the middle of the destroyed ruin he had created, all the king had in his possession was his sword. He gazed upon it and could faintly read a name engraved on it. "Tagutan".

Never Trust a Demon[edit | edit source]

Losing planets everywhere, the Kralgon Emperor was getting rather nervous. He wasn't worried about losing his throne anytime soon, but he was getting annoyed at how big his threats were becoming. The HXTs had just taken an entire sector, while UNO's new alliance with the Ottzelloan Grox had resulted in their victory over another region. UNO were gaining allies, the HXTs were gaining momentum. The Emperor had no idea what to do...other than go for the easy way out. He contacted Kolossus. The demon looked down on the Kralgon as if he was humoured by his contact.

  • Kralgon Emperor - Well, Zr'An'Kar, we had a deal, didn't we? I'm currently getting attacked on two fronts and I need your help.
  • Kolossus - For someone who supposely owns this galaxy, you're not doing a very good job at maintaning its security.
  • Kralgon Emperor - This isn't that small a galaxy. It's not the easiest job in the universe!
  • Kolossus - It's a big galaxy, yes. Lots of places to search for those Taldar artifacts, and everyone seems to be at each other's throats. Your holiday meetings must be a sore.
  • Kralgon Emperor - We have located more artifacts. I will deliver exchange for your support.
  • Kolossus - And what do you want from me, pipsqueak?
  • Kralgon Emperor - It's simple. Annihilate two HXT and UNO fleets.
  • Kolossus - Is that all? I can do that in less than a second. But, deliver the artifacts.

The Emperor then readied a few ships to transport them. The ships were met with tendrils of Kolossus' Corruptus nebula, which transported the artifacts from the Kralgon ships. As soon as he noticed the artifacts entering his nebula, Kolossus let out a laugher.

  • Kolossus - Now, watch as I make them vanish!
  • Kralgon Emperor - Yes! MAKE THE ENEMY VANISH! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

With a flick of his tentacle-like fingers, Kolossus unleashed Dark Chronoscopic essence through a pair of Xenoform fleets currently attacking a Kralgon world. The Emperor watched as the energy hit them, though something was not going as he had expected. The shots did no harm to the aliens. Instead, they appeared to...breed twice as fast as before.

  • Kolossus - And in seconds, the Kralgon vanish!
  • Kralgon Emperor - ...WHAT?!?!

The Emperor slammed his console in a fit of rage.


The Emperor slammed the buttons on his ship, firing out all its weapons, some of them hitting even other Kralgon, others blatantly missing, and only a few hitting Kolosses.


Kolossus laughed and launched precise energy blasts which tore the spaceships apart. The HXT forces attacking the Kralgon planets appeared to have doubled and only increased in number.

  • Kolossus - I have all the Taldar artifacts I need to find the planet I seek. I have no need for your services anymore, mortal.

The Emperor continued his fit of rage to fire at Kolossus.

  • Kolossus - A planet build by the Vyro'Narza, with enough energy and with these artifacts, I will bring my Dark Five companions back to life, and I will then throw this galaxy into hell itself. Nightmares will reign and you will bow before my Master.

The Emperor's fit of rage caused him to faint. And as he did, Kolossus unleashed a final blast of power which destroyed the Emperor's forces before finally disappearing from his sensors. With the demon's plan revealed, Jerkon and his team had better hurry up before it was too late...

The Taldar mercenary Mac had received a transmission from what looked like a new client. On Mac's screen appeared a masked being with intense, red eyes. It was Errr.

  • Mac - What is it?
  • Errr - Mac, I presume? I got a job for you.
  • Mac - You're right. And how much are you hiring for?
  • Errr - Name your price.
  • Mac - ...Anything less than a billion Milky Way credits and I'm not interested.
  • Errr - I am a lucky man then, for that's a reasonable price. I need a man dead.
  • Mac - I'm interested.

Errr sent Mac a holographic picture of Herquie, the Bonio mercenary.

  • Errr - This man is a mercenary like yourself. I could kill him myself but I wish for his death to be as ironic as possible.
  • Mac - Hah. So you're willing to spend money on me for that reason?
  • Errr - Yes. I'm paying you to kill this man, not to ask questions.
  • Mac - Well. I like your style. Consider him dead.
  • Errr - Good. I'll be sending you the coordinates of where you'll be able to find him. I think I'll also send you half of the bounty in advance as a, let's call it, "incentive".
  • Mac - Good.

Mac then quickly sharpened his blade, and closed the transmission down, sending his ship straight there.

Recruiting the Emperors[edit | edit source]

Kralgon Emperor

Jerkon and his team had traveled to Ottzello, and as he feared, the galaxy was already under attack. Kolossus' path of destruction engulfed entire parsecs of the galaxy with his Corruptus nebula. His team, alongside the Kicath and the DCP, followed the Corruptus trail looking for allies on their battle. Immediately, Jerkon's team recieved a warning transmission call. It was from a computer.

  • Computer - You are entering the Ottzello Galaxy, which is forbidden territory controlled only by His Highness, the Kralgon Emperor.
  • Koluap - I don't see a sign saying you own it!
  • Jerkon - Kralgon Emperor? Is this galaxy led by this individual?
  • Computer - I am the sign saying he owns it. And yes, you are correct. The galaxy is owned by the Kralgon Emperor, and you may not pass unless you have explicitly been granted permission.
  • Kithworto - Hmph.
  • Mu - Woah. Nice guy already, eh?
  • Jerkon - We wish to speak to this Kralgon Emperor. We have come to help this galaxy.
  • Computer - You will be placed on the waiting list to speak to him. Progress any further and you will be instantly terminated. Annihilation will be swift.

Titanozor was infuriated by the computer's words.

  • Titanozor - Enough of this NONSENSE. No-one speaks to a DCP Warlord this way.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Surely this Emperor has already noticed the demon invasion going on through this galaxy.
  • Kithworto - A waiting list.
  • Computer - The authority of the galaxy does so. Anyway, you are 371st on the waiting list. Please wait your turn, which will be approximately five weeks.
  • Koluap - Hoh. No. Screw you. Get your Emperor here now.
  • Computer - If that is a challenge, we will take that as a declaration of war. Prepare to die, and have a nice day in Ottzello, it will be your last!

The computer's transmission ended.

  • Mu - Get a load of this thing.
  • Kithworto - Certainly courteous.

Another transmission was sent to the fleet, but this time it was the Emperor.

  • Kralgon Emperor - Goddamnit! Why can't you pathetic welps be patient?! I have a waiting list!
  • Thea'Nhirara - The demons will not wait your precious "waiting list", creature.
  • Koluap - Look at this guy's hat!
  • Kralgon Emperor - Demons? All I see is one demon making my life worse. You mean to say there's more? BAH, I've got my own problems. Please don't go to war with me, because I'm sick and bloody tired.
  • Jerkon - Then how about you listen instead of sending an AI to threaten us? We have come to destroy this demon, Zr'An'Kar.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Because I'm BUSY, damnit!
  • Kithworto - Hm. I don't like this individual.
  • Mu - I don't like this galaxy already.
  • Koluap - Listen here, you. You want to get rid of the demon or not?
  • Kralgon Emperor - Hell yeah I do! But I can't do it when some of you whiny wannabe losers are ALWAYS PESTERING ME!
  • Macin - "Wannabe losers"?
  • Kithworto - "Wannabe losers". I take it that the literacy rate in Ottzello is around 1%. 1.1% at best.
  • Koluap - We're here to help kill the demon, you numbnut.
  • Jerkon - And you will not do anything to help?
  • Kralgon Emperor - ...ARGH...DAMNIT, FINE. I'll send a fleet or two to your location. Now BUZZ OFF!

Jerkon rolled his eyes and grunted.

  • Jerkon - So be it. We hope to have a good partnership, yadda yadda, have a good day.
  • Kralgon Emperor - Oh, whatever. Bugger off, and be quick to get out of my galaxy when you're done.

Jerkon closed the transmission.

  • Jerkon - The sooner we destroy Zr'An'Kar and leave this place, the better.

Tyraz Breek

Following the conversation with the Kralgon Emperor, Jerkon led the fleet deeper into Ottzello, still following Kolossus' trail. After some investigation, the fleet eventually arrived into Zazane territory, where Kolossus had passed through days prior.

  • Kralgon Computer - Greetings. I am a Kralgon AI hooked up with the System, designed to closely mimic the thought patterns of the Kralgon Emperor and to fill in for him. He is currently busy dealing with invaders, overseeing the design of new superweapons, and getting past the final boss on Death Assassin's 3.
  • Kithworto - Is the Kralgon Emperor a six year old?
  • Koluap - I'm confused and amused.
  • Kralgon Computer - I would advise you to not say that to him. He is rather sensitive.
  • Kithworto - A six year old then.

As the fleet entered Zazane territory, they were met with enemy fire from various ships surrounding a much grander, larger vessel which appeared more archaic, yet ornate, in design. After several minutes, the gunfire ceased, and the team recieved a transmission hailing from the capital ship.

  • Tyraz - Intruders. If you seek to venture further into my dominion and devastate my kingdom further, I would advise you return from whence you came.
  • Kralgon Computer - Actually, you are in Ottzello, meaning that your territory belongs to His Highness. As declared by His Highness. Please stand down.
  • Koluap - Don't shoot at me, you!
  • Jerkon - You are mistaken. We do not seek to bring harm on your domain. We seek to aid this galaxy.
  • Kralgon Computer - Our ultimate goal is the defeat of that Zr'An'kar demon. He has been causing issues, such as making the problem of the HXTs worse than it already is. They might affect you very soon.
  • Titanozor - If you do not listen, I will devastate your beloved kingdom myself!

Titanozor glared at the Kralgon Computer as he spoke.

  • Tyraz - Hmph, before you go on, allow me to state that Zazane belong to no one. I have already felt the brunt of this 'demon' upon my capital, and I shall gladly reciprocate violence against all who seek to harm my people further. Including you if you happen to be misleading me.
  • Kithworto - Polite.
  • Mu - Too polite. Made me unconfortable.
  • Kralgon Computer - Your territory will go unharmed. Just know that according to the Kralgon Emperor, it is not yours. It may soon be challenged.
  • Jerkon - Allow me to present myself. I am Jerkon of the Dracogonarious, and we come from Plazith Rim. Our only intention is the destruction of the "demon", and as soona s we are done, we will leave this galaxy.
  • Titanozor - Now look here, boy. All this chit chat is losing us valuable time.
  • Kralgon Computer - I actually agree with Titanozor. The sooner we can finish this discussion, the sooner the demon can be vanished. And the sooner the Emperor can get back to his beauty sleep.

Koluap cackled.

  • Tyraz - Let me make this clear as a crystal, aliens; I do not fight for the people this galaxy. I do not fight for the people beyond this galaxy. If I am to join you in your crusade, then know that I am fighting for myself and my people, who this demon has pestered.
  • Kralgon Computer - The selfish approach is one that the Emperor can relate to. As such, I understand.
  • Jerkon - All we want is support, and that is enough.
  • Tyraz - I shall be using my capital fleet, and my finest battalions if it means dealing death upon this monster and his fiends. But you do not tell me what to do, for you are alien and not Zazane, and the Zazane are commanded by naught but themselves.
  • Koluap - Same to you, kiddo! Don't even think about looking at me weird!
  • Kithworto - Hmph. That I suppose I can relate to.
  • Titanozor - Isn't that what we are all here for?
  • Kralgon Computer - No, we do not wish to command you. We merely wish to shove nanomachines inside your body and make your entire species our permenant slaves. Benefits include free drinks, free healthcare, free sessions to the gym, and a lack of ever needing conscious thought again. The Loron have all rated this treatment a 5 star treatment. But that is probably because we forced them to. However, that is for another time.
  • Kithworto - Idiot.
  • Mu - Keep quiet, you.
  • Kralgon Computer - I would advise you to not say that to the Emperor. He is rather sensitive.
  • Jerkon - That is acceptable. We hope to have a productive partnership, thank you for your time.
  • Tyraz - Leave my domain. MY domain. I shall follow whatever coordinates you desire so long as you do not pester me or my people further. Do not forget I am not fighting on your, or this galaxy's, behalf.

Jerkon nodded and closed the transmission. As he did, he put his hands on his own face and groaned.

  • Jerkon - Everyone in this galaxy is a pain in my rear!
  • Kralgon Computer - I would advise you to not say that to the Emperor. He is rather sensitive.
  • Jerkon - Stop!

Mercenary Issue[edit | edit source]

Herquie traveled to the coordinates Errr had given him, going through Kolossus' path as he did so. He imagined ht could be a trap, but his fury had removed his otherwise stoic attitude completely. He would have Errr's head no matter the cost, he thought. And at the same time, the Taldar mecenary Mac positioned himself in the coordinates he was given to Errr, exactly the same place where Herquie was going. To the Ermitant scientist, it was all one big, ironic and extremely funny show. Let a mercenary kill a mercenary. Deny him of a proper fight. Errr was not a fair player.

Herquie landed at the planet and went to the location given to him, his bladed knuckles ready for combat. The area almost appeared prepared like an arena, yet Errr was nowhere to be seen. Annoyed, Herquie shouted.

  • Herquie - Coward! Show yourself!

Mac appeared from behind Herquie and stabbed him.

  • Mac - Surprised?
  • Herquie - Urk!

Herquie launched himself forward and turned around to see Mac, who towered over him.

  • Herquie - Who the hell are you?
  • Mac - That doesn't matter.

Herquie is confronted by Mac

The Bonio evaded the blows as he could while trying to attack Mac back with his bladed knuckles. As the two fought, fires could be seen raising from the ground, and Malcaeum demons surrounded them, yelling.

  • Malcaeum - Battle! Battle! Battle!
  • Mac - What the hell are those things?
  • Herquie' - Hell, you tell me! You work for Errr, don't you? Did that snake send you to fight me instead of showing up himself?

Mac growled, and continued to try and hit Herquie. Then, he grabbed Herquie, lifted him up, stabbed him and kicked him away. Herquie fell over, coughing blood and bleeding heavily from his wounds. He tried to get up, but had no forces left.

  • Mac - Ready to die yet?
  • Herquie - Ugh...screw you...

Mac raised his sword, ready to bring it down upon his opponent and strike the finishing blow. What he had not noticed, though, was that a spaceship had appeared in the sky around the time the fight had begun. Jerkon's spaceship. Ina flash of light, an angelic being appeared between Mac and Herquie and stopped the blade with her bare hands. It was Thea'Nhirara, who glared at Mac in anger.

  • Thea'Nhirara - You will not harm this one no longer!
  • Mac - ...What?

Thea'Nhirara threw Mac forward and launched him backwards considerably. Her energies caused the demons surrounding them to back away in what looked like fear.

  • Mac - The hell are you...

Immediately as Thea'Nhirara defended Herquie, shuttles arrived to the scene. Jerkon, his team, Kithworto, Agent Mu, Titanozor, the Kralgon Computer and Tyraz Breek all appeared. Thea'Nhirara had not explained the reason they had to save Herquie, but it was clear by her expression that they needed to save him.

  • Koluap - Remind me why we're saving Captain Dumbass over there after he tried to, you know, KILL MY EMPRESS?!
  • Macin - No questions. You follow teacher's orders now or it's a world of pain for you.
  • Koluap - Eh.
  • Kithworto - Hmph. And why do we need to save him, exactly?
  • Kralgon Computer - Oh, this looks interesting. Perhaps the Emperor will enjoy watching this battle. It might be better than having him watch the same sitcom and soap operas over and over.
  • Tyraz - This Herquie does not sound worth saving if he requires the assistance of an entire team. So much for a warrior.
  • Thea'Nhirara - He is important. Stop this Vyro'Narza at all costs.
  • Jerkon - I do not enjoy being left in the dark like this!
  • Thea'Nhirara - I'll explain later, just defend him for now!
  • Kralgon Computer - The Vyro'Narza are incredibly powerful. I will just be hanging back here...and providing you all with morale support.
  • Mu - Oh no.
  • Tyraz - Coward.
  • Kithworto - Indeed. Aid us in this fight or I will make sure you are as useless as you sound.
  • Kralgon Computer - The Emperor would probably not like anything to happen to me. He has confessed his feelings for me a while ago.

Koluap yelled in a combination of anger and complete confusion and fired his shotgun at Mac, while Macin Xermilin fired her Dream Energy at him.

  • Titanozor - Humph, stop right there. We cannot exactly harm the Vyro'Narza, for we are only partially aware of his presence in our dimension.
  • Koluap - Don't tell me what to not harm! I harm whoever I want!
  • Titanozor - It is like 2D entities trying to hurt us.
  • Kithworto - And what do you mean by that?

Tyraz drew his blade and assumed a combat-orientated stance, examining Mac from afar but ultimately keeping his distance. Titanozor got annoyed by Koluap's attitude and shut up.

  • Titanozor - You know what? FINE. Do as you wish.
  • Kithworto - No, no. I want to hear your explanation before I go out there and die.

Macin Xermilin hit Koluap across the face, knocking him into the floor.

  • Jerkon - Please, do explain, Titanozor. Ignore the Spinker, he knows nothing.
  • Kralgon Computer - Oooh, temper temper.

Unknown to everyone else, Titanozor had a trick up his sleeve, a relic from an ancient era. But before Titanozor could explain his outrage, Mac, from a distance, turned towards the group, and glared. He walked towards them.

  • Mac - You are not involved in this. Get back or I'll make you my victims too.
  • Tyraz - Or you could surrender and leave this place.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Stay away, Vyro'Narza. We need this individual alive.
  • Koluap - Do we really?
  • Kithworto - Apparently, we do. I would like to know why before I sacrifice body and soul for this individual, however.
  • Thea'Nhirara - He has the blood of the ancients. Feel his essence. It is of astronomical power.
  • Kithworto - And so do I, apparently, and yet I seem to be expendable to you. Hmph.

True to Thea'Nhirara's words, those of the team with essence powers could feel tremendous power coming out of Herquie, even though he did not appear to use essence powers himself.

  • Kithworto - Regardless. What do we do then?
  • Tyraz - If his power is so great, then why can he not defend himself?
  • Thea'Nhirara - He has not unlocked his power. And we will need him if we wish to defeat Zr'An'Kar. Stop the Vyro'Narza!
  • Kralgon Computer - Make me.
  • Kithworto - I'm beginning to get tired of you. Get out there and help before I send you back to your master in a box.

Titanozor let out a laugh. Tyraz stepped forward and clenched his fists, observing Mac while black energy began leaking from his form. He snarled in Mac's direction. Macin Xermilin's expression changed to disgust as she backed away from Tyraz.

  • Tyraz - I'll destroy him with my bare hands.
  • Kralgon Computer - I would advise you not to destroy me. The Emperor would hate anything to happen to me. As I said, he has confessed his feelings for me recently.
  • Mu - We don't care for your emperor's robophilia, shut your damn mouth already!
  • Kithworto - I don't care about your childish excuse for an emperor. No one here will miss you if I smash your processor.
  • Kralgon Computer - Then I ask you politely to leave me alone.
  • Kithworto - I'll be sure to leave you alone when the Vyro'Narza over there uses you as a toothpick.
  • Jerkon - This entire situation is giving me a headache...
  • Kithworto - I'd much rather have a headache than be on the receiving end of a beating from a fifth-dimensional entity.

Titanozor, like all Warlords, had been gifted a device the DCP named 'God Hammer' by the Taldar, a device capable of confining hyperspatial entities into the fourth dimensional universe, sequestering their degrees of freedom to the level of everyone-else. The device was made to be undetectable. Titanozor, not wanting to cause any bloodshed by his own anger, decided to release the device. Mac appeared to shudder, as his form was cut off from higher dimensions. He felt that only a cross-section of himself existed. For the first time, Mac felt pain and fear, an alien sense of this realm. So too, was he imprisoned by motion and time. It was existentially terrifying. Titanozor kicked Mac across the head, and beat him to the floor.

  • Mac - What the...where'd you get your hands on that?!
  • Titanozor - Feeling so great now?
  • Mac - I was already...weaker than most Taldar...and you would make me weaker?!
  • Titanozor - Hah hah, you are now more feeble than a weak child.
  • Kithworto - Yes, apparently.
  • Tyraz - I would make you... dead.
  • Koluap - Can we beat him up now?

Mac staggered back, and sighed.

  • Mac - ...Guess I'm out. You win.
  • Kithworto - ...And I didn't even get to hit you around the face? Why don't I like that circumstance?
  • Titanozor - There is no reason to stop.

Tyraz ran forward, throwing his clawed hands outwards as he approached Mac, charging while energy leaked from his body, roaring. Koluap fired his shotgun at Mac again, while Mu fired his own gun. Thea'Nhirara and Macin both launched their essences, blatsing Mac with Dream Energy. Within a black sphere in his hand, Kithworto hurled the ball at Mac, sending Death Energy straight in his direction. Mac gave in, prepared to be killed right there, wondering how the individual had got his hands on the God Hammer.

  • Titanozor - It is about time you so called omnipotents learned not to underestimate us.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Hm. Wait. I have a better idea. Harm him no further.
  • Tyraz - What?! Why?!
  • Koluap - Yeah! Why?!

Thea'Nhirara walked up to Mac and grabbed him by his shoulders, turning his head to her.

  • Thea'Nhirara - There is a demon attacking this galaxy who goes by the name of Zr'An'Kar. Your life will be spared as long as you aid us in destroying this demon.

Mac looked puzzled.

  • Mac - I recognise that name from somewhere...
  • Thea'Nhirara - Then you have reasons to oblige to me.
  • Mac - You'd let me help you after I nearly killed this guy? Why?
  • Tyraz - Yeah, why?!
  • Kithworto - I think the bigger picture needs to be seen, here.
  • Thea'Nhirara - I am from the Realm of Dreams. I can look deep into the souls of every being. Yours is not malevolent.
  • Mac - It's gotta be at least empty or something, though.
  • Thea'Nhirara - True, your soul is scarred. But I believe joining forces with us will allow you to learn why it is so.

Thea'Nhirara walked over to Herquie and then called the rest of the team to approach her.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Now, allow me to explain why we need him alive.
  • Kithworto - Why you did not explain this to us earlier...
  • Thea'Nhirara - We would not be able to save him if I stopped to explain it earlier.
  • Tyraz - Go ahead, explain why we require the "golden child".
  • Kralgon Computer - Yes. Please tell us. Although I probably won't care.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Those of you who can see the aura of others have noticed, his own essence is tremendous in size, to the point it overpowers even mine. From this, I am certain he descends from the ancients who originally defeated the Corruptus 9 billion years in the past.
  • Tyraz - ...Golden child, indeed.

Kithworto's eyes narrowed. It was somewhat familiar to him, but he could not quite recognise how.

  • Koluap - I am golder-er than him!
  • Thea'Nhirara - The potential of his power is vast. If we obtain his help, we will have not only a powerful weapon, but a powerful ally against the Corruptus.
  • Mu - Descendant of ancients...this all sounds too strange to be true.
  • Kithworto - And you haven't read our history?
  • Mu - ...Good point. Okay, I'll buy it.
  • Tyraz - Everybody is the descendant of ancients. It is just that some descendants have ancestors older than others.

Mac stood up, still largely under the effects of Titanozor's weapon, though they were wearing off. He barely had any 5D ties left to begin with.

  • Mac - This story doesn't surprise me too much.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Zr'An'Kar's location is close. If we depart now, we should be able to find him in a matter of hours. We must return to our ships and chase him down immediately.
  • Koluap - I totally zoned out through all this. But killing the demon? That interests me.
  • Mac - I want to learn who he is. I recognise his name.
  • Kithworto - Then there is little time to waste. If any.
  • Jerkon - You may travel in my ship, if you do not have your own.
  • Mu - Your ship is like a circus, seriously.
  • Koluap - What you implying?!
  • Kithworto - Enough, Mu. Respect our guests.
  • Kralgon Computer - I suppose I will come. But the Emperor will probably miss me.
  • Koluap - I must urge you to shut up.
  • Kithworto - I agree. Shut up.
  • Tyraz - I swear to Vaxaal, I will kill that thing if it does not keep quiet.

And so, Jerkon's team got two more allies. And the final battle with Zr'An'Kar was about to begin.

Finale[edit | edit source]

Race to the Core[edit | edit source]

Following Zr'An'Kar's trail, Jerkon and his allies finally arrived to his location: a Taldar-built planet, now enguled by demonic black fog. Zr'An'Kar hoped to use the Taldar artifacts he had amassed to reivve the rest of the Dark Five, and if allowed into the depths of this planet, he would surely succeed. Herquie had been healed and looked down at the planet with the others, still confused of being on their side.

  • Herquie - This has been a really strange week...
  • Tyraz - You're telling me.
  • Titanozor - Stranger for Mac.
  • Tyraz - Yes, but nobody cares for the Taldar.

Mac glared at Tyraz.

  • Koluap - I still want to shoot you.
  • Herquie - Hmpf. Keep away from me, Spinker.
  • Kithworto - Enough. Focus on the mission, and kill yourselves later.
  • Kralgon Computer - Let's get the farse over with.
  • Jerkon - Indeed. To the surface.

The teams made their way to the planet, taking shuttles or teleporting depending of the individual. Following Thea'Nhirara's lead, they landed at the entrance of what looked like immense cave catacombs leading down. The entrance was large enough to fill an entire spaceship if needed.

  • Tyraz - Should have brought a spaceship down here.
  • Kralgon Computer - I can call one. The Emperor would do anything for me.
  • Kithworto - Hm. Big tunnel...big enemies.

From the shadows of the entrance, Zr'An'Kar appeared, slithering to outside to meet up with the new arrivals. His eye stared down at all of them in what looked like amusement.

The team encounters Zr'An'Kar

  • Kithworto - Just like that one.
  • Zr'An'Kar - Thea'Nhirara...what an interesting group you have made to fight me. And you have a lot of nerve trying that too.

Mac stepped forward.

  • Mac - I recognise you. Faintly.
  • Zr'An'Kar - ...Ah! You! I did not expect to meet you again, "Mac". I expected Hez'Kalka to finish you off.
  • Mac - Hez'Kalka...
  • Tyraz - Ngh, all of these names.

It was confusing to the others. Mac was a 5D creature, he should be beyond any concept of 'memory'. But suddenly the memories flashed back to him, and he held his head, as he fell to the floor. He remembered now.

  • Mac - YOU!
  • Zr'An'Kar - Hello, dear. How is the curse going?
  • Jerkon - Curse? Explain this.

Mac growled, as he picked his sword up.

  • Mac - Cursed or not, I'm gonna destroy you.

Zr'An'Kar then pointed at Tyraz, giggling as he did.

  • Zr'An'Kar - You again, too! You know, as I destroyed your planets, I noticed one thing: when you are not transformed, you're really small.
  • Tyraz - ...What did you say?
  • Zr'An'Kar - Small like a child. Lovely and adorable.
  • Kralgon Computer - This is hilarious. I shall record this for the Emperor. He can watch it in place of that crappy sitcom he watches every night. It dulls me.
  • Tyraz - You wreck my worlds... Kill my people... And then you take it upon yourself to insult my height?!
  • Zr'An'Kar - Yes. I am a tall god who can say whatever he so pleases.
  • Tyraz - You are little more than a lowly serpent! And I shall split that damned tongue of yours in two!

Zr'An'Kar cackled and then turned to Kithworto. He suddenly became puzzled and narrowed his eye.

  • Zr'An'Kar - You...what are you?
  • Kithworto - A descendant of Maktanshatinaknatazán, if you must know. Whatever you are.
  • Zr'An'Kar - Xi'Arazulha...interesting. All three of you. I will experiment on you. On Mac's case, I will experiment on him again! But not now. I have a family reunion to prepare...

Zr'An'Kar turned around and, in a burst of speed, slithered deep into the catacombs.

  • Jerkon - ...Oi! Wait up!
  • Tyraz - Get back here, snake!
  • Thea'Nhirara - Damnit, after him!
  • Tyraz - He shall not leave my sight!
  • Kralgon Emperor - Ahem. Please do not experiment on me. The Emperor wants to do that...personally.
  • Kithworto - Shut. Up.
  • Kralgon Computer - Make me.

Kithworto's eyes blasted red, and threw his fist into the computer's processor, accompanied by a bestial roar. The Kralgon Computer's body then fell apart, as it was completely destroyed.

  • Mac - Damn. Her lover will probably come after you next.

Thea'Nhirara flew after Zr'An'Kar, followed by Jerkon, Koluap, Macin and Herquie. Mu shrugged and went after the demon as well, leaving Kithworto behind. Tyraz rushed ahead of the group, snarling angrily as he was reduced to rushing on all fours, as if he were an animal. Zr'An'Kar was already far ahead of the team, going at high speed downwards. Malcaeum and Shu'olerthae demons inside the tunnel attacked the team, trying to make them stop.

  • Tyraz - Get out... of my way!

His claws outstretched and his teeth bared, Tyraz' body became engulfed in black energies until he could no longer be seen. It took several moments, mere seconds, until what stood in his place had materialized before the group; it was the colossal, demonic visage of the Zazane warlord, standing above all others while unleashing a horrifyingly loud, terrifying roar.

  • Mu - What the fuck is that?!
  • Kithworto - That would be our small Zazane friend...who's not so small.
  • Koluap - ...Cool!

Thea'Nhirara flew high above Tyraz, releasing a bright white aura. Merely getting close to the Corruptus demons caused them to burn away into ashes. Mac, in rage, charged towards the demons and hacked away at them with his blade. The behemoth ran forward with Thea'Nhirara in tow, the ground being crushed and distorted beneath Tyraz' feet as he took colossal strides, consumed by nothing other than pure rage. His footprints blazed with demonic fire as he made a path for the rest of the group. Titanozor used his mighty hammer to evaporate any demons in his vicinity. Herquie cut through the demons with his bladed knuckles, while Koluap and Jerkon both fired their guns at them. Mu charged at one of the Malcaeum and punched it across the tunnel until he could no longer be seen. Kithworto had unsheathed his rifle, firing it at great velocity at the demonic forces.

  • ??? - You're not going anywhere, mortals!

From behind the team appeared a familiar face: Arrtkar Crowart. Following him was an enormous swarm of Shu'olerthae, enough to fill the entire tunnel as they approached the team.

  • Mac - Clear out of my way!
  • Kithworto - Well this is unfair.
  • Mu - Not that guy again, I thought he was dead or something!

Mac turned towards the swarm. Tyraz turned towards Arrtkar with hatred burning in his eyes, unleashing a roar that generated slashing winds as he glared upon the demon. His fists clenched and he was close to initiating a charge. Arrtkar flew all the way to the top of the tunnel and punched it, causing it to rumble. Stalactites began raining down at them.

  • Koluap - It's raining rocks!
  • Mac - No way but forward, it seems.
  • Arrtkar - I'll make sure the only way you leave this place is as a Kikra!
  • Kithworto - A what?
  • Mu - Black and white zombie.
  • Mac - Just keep going! Chase Zr'An'Kar and kill the bastard!

Directing a fist, Tyraz turned round once more and charged onward, rushing forwards as he had done before while Malcaeum and other demons were stomped and crushed beneath his burning feet. Mac turned back and slashed them all with his sword to try and help Tyraz out a little. Shu'olerthae began swarming at Mac, trying to possess him. Arrtkar's eyes shined in purple and he clenched his fist. The swarm behind him mimicked his fist, taking the form of a fist themselves. He then thrusted it forward, and the giant swarm fist was launched at Tyraz.

Their fists collided, causing a shockwave that shuddered the cave further, causing more rocks to rain from the ceiling. Tyraz struggled against Arrtkar's colossal fist of demons, although he continued to persist, his body burning and charring the Shu'olerthae that made contact with him.

  • Thea'Nhirara - I have an idea, but you may not like it.
  • Mac - Tell us, we'll need something now.
  • Herquie - I don't like this entire thing already. Just do it.

Thea'Nhirara blasted a shockwave of Dream Energy at the tunnel. An earthquake could be felt as rubble began falling down at the swarm, crushing it, though the team's path to the entrance slowly got blocked.

  • Mac - Uh. Why?

Arrtkar's eyes widened as he saw a large boulder fall on him, crushing him under it. It was a matter of time until the entire Shu'olerthae swarm was trapped under debris, which barely missed Tyraz who was the closest to them.

  • Mac - Nice.
  • Thea'Nhirara - That is why. Now, outrun the rocks.
  • Koluap - I hate this plan!

Tyraz backed away as his opponent was trapped beneath the many thousands of tons of rock, smoke bleeding from his body as he looked on in a moment of confusion, his primal mindset too far gone to realize what had happened. Instead, he turned around, launching himself over the team, and ran onward.

The Final of Five[edit | edit source]

The team arrived to a larger chamber, deep inside the planet. They had in fact reached the core, and the boulders stopped falling behind them. On their front, they could see Kolossus channeling the energy of the Taldar artifacts as four demonic souls orbitted him.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Zr'An'Kar. Your scheme ends here.
  • Zr'An'Kar - ...Hmpf? You got here? You're persistent little mortals, aren't you?
  • Demon Tyraz - RAAAAAWRGH!
  • Mac - I'm gonna destroy you.
  • Zr'An'Kar - Ah, shut up before I curse you again.
  • Mac - It was you, wasn't it? There was someone with Hez'Kalka while I was imprisoned and experimented on. It was you! YOU were the one who had the idea of cursing me!
  • Zr'An'Kar - Yes, it was. Right below Hez'Kalka's nose too. It was amusing, really.
  • Kithworto - I'm getting tired of this.
  • Zr'An'Kar - Do I appear to care?
  • Kithworto - No. I don't either.
  • Mac - ...And how long did it take you to find out how to curse me? To break several of my ties to the Taldar? Fuck you.
  • Zr'An'Kar - Does it matter? I will make you my lab rat again. All of you. I love to experiment, after'll make amazing test subjects.

Tentacles erupted out of Zr'An'Kar's back as he put the artifacts down. A grin formed on his face as an aura of combined Dark Chronoscopic and Nightmare energies erupted out of his body.

  • Zr'An'Kar - Let's play, mortals!

Reaching down, Tyraz' demonic incarnation raised several hundred tons of debris from the ground beneath him and lifted it above his head. With another wind-shattering roar, he launched it at the serpentine deity. One of Zr'An'Kar's tentacles slammed at the rocks launched by Tyraz and destroyed them in a single hit.

  • Demon Tyraz - AAAAWWWRGHH!

Raising his hands, Zr'An'Kar unleashed blasts of mixed essences at the team's direction.

  • Mac - Bet you didn't see this coming...OMNISLASH!

Mac vanished into thin air, as he began to slice Zr'An'Kar apart from seemingly nowhere. Zr'An'Kar's skin, however, resisted all of Mac's slashes. It was as if he was trying to slash through pure rock.

  • Zr'An'Kar - You can't hurt me, Mac.

Tyraz rushed forward, his claws outstretched while his body burned more than it had ever burned before. Smoke escaped all of Tyraz' orifices, including the bright scars that covered his body, as he prepared to deliver a devastating slash towards Kolossus in pure rage. Zr'An'Kar launched his tail at Tyraz and slammed him at his side. Koluap and Mu both tried to fire their guns at the demon, but their shots did no damage whatsoever.

  • Mu - How do we kill this fucker?
  • Kithworto - Well firing particle beams into it isn't going to work.
  • Jerkon - Tactical thinking is required. Look for a weakspot.
  • Kithworto - For some reason, I doubt the eye is a weak spot.

Tyraz was thrown to the side, although he had kept up his resistance; he grasped ahold of Zr'An'Kar's tail as it struck him, and proceeded to exert force in an attempt to throw the serpent off-balance. Zr'An'Kar growled as he threw himself at Tyraz, bashing him against the floor and punched him repeteadly. Thea'Nhirara flew over the duo, her hand taking the shape of a blade, and she began stabbing Zr'An'Kar's head, causing to gasp in pain.

  • Zr'An'Kar - Grrh! Keep your filthy Dream Energy away from my perfect form, lackey of dreams.

Zr'An'Kar swung one of his tentacles and smacked Thea'Nhirara, with her hitting a wall and then falling on the floor. Mac fired Chronoscopic blasts at Zr'An'Kar. The rage from him was one that had not been seen before by any Taldar. Zr'An'Kar glared at Mac and out of his antennae, psychic beams were launched at his direction. Mac dodged them, by using another omnislash move on Zr'An'Kar. Tyraz roared into Zr'An'Kar's face and threw one of his hands against his head. His large, sharp nails pierced where Thea'Nhirara had struck the serpentine god and penetrated further into Zr'An'Kar's flesh, allowing Tyraz to scratch across the side of his face. Distracted by the attacks, Zr'An'Kar had noticed Herquie flying around him. The Bonio flew down, spinning where he stood, and delivered a deep slash at the demon's eye. Zr'An'Kar let out a pained roar and threw himself back, throwing Tyraz into the floor as he did.

  • Herquie - Your doubts are wrong.
  • Titanozor - Once again we are proved right.

Tyraz rolled across the floor, but he proceeded to stand once more, albeit with a limp in his step. He took observation of Herquie's attack and clenched his fist once more before launching himself at Zr'An'Kar once more, roaring and rushing frantically. Zr'An'Kar covered his eye with his hands and could not see Tyraz approaching, and was hit by him and launched back again. He ended up falling directly at the Taldar artifacts, with them being destroyed in the process.

  • Zr'An'Kar - No!
  • Mac - Enough energy in him to destroy Taldar artifacts when he falls on them?
  • Thea'Nhirara - Zr'An'Kar is the greatest of the Dark Five.
  • Koluap - Or was, as a matter of fact. Kill the geezer!

Mac omnislashed Zr'An'Kar once again. Koluap fired eagerly at Zr'An'Kar's face while Mu did the same with his own rifle. Both Thea'Nhirara and Macin showered the demon in Dream Energy, causing him to shout in pain and thrash around. Tyraz took advantage of Zr'An'Kar's stumble and launched himself into the air before initiating a descent towards him, his hands outstretched into ferocious claws with the intent of assaulting Zr'An'kar's face. Titanozor slammed his mighty hammer across Zr'An'Kar's skull. Kithworto, although seeing little point, unleashed rounds of his rifle at Zr'An'Ka's face.

  • Zr'An'Kar - To feel so much pain...from mortals...I will not forgive any of you!
  • Titanozor - Don't come back.

Zr'An'Kar launched his arms up and began unleashign blasts of essence at the ceiling. Rumble began falling once more as the demon attempted to take the team down with him.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Back away!
  • Demon Tyraz - RAAAAAWRGH!

Titanozor used his powered run and jump ability to evade and jump over falling rubble. Jerkon, Koluap, Macin and Mu all back away from the fight as the ceiling began falling down, crushing Zr'An'Kar and Tyraz under it. Kithworto leapt back, holding on to his armour as he did. Tyraz continued to punch at Zr'An'Kar and roared continuously, even as the ceiling came down unto them, until they were both consumed by the debris. Tyraz was nowhere to be seen, and it was unlikely that a creature of his size would simply have been hidden in plain sight.

The avalance of earth engulfed both demons until they could no longer be seen. Zr'An'Kar's energy could no longer be felt by any member of the team.

  • Titanozor - He would not have accepted a helping hand anyway.
  • Macin - The nightmare monster dies!
  • Mu - And so did the Zazane, I guess. But, a Zazane's body is strong.
  • Titanozor - A true warrior's death, I admire that man.
  • Mac - I'm done then, I guess.

Mac then teleported away, leaving to his spaceship, where he would go and look for more work.

  • Jerkon - Good work, you all. Our mission here is complete.
  • Thea'Nhirara - ...The Dream Shard. Zr'An'Kar suicided to deny us of it.

Thea'Nhirara punched a wall in frustration, causing it to crack. Kithworto remained somewhat ambiguous to the entire event, folding his arms.

  • Thea'Nhirara - Damnation.
  • Koluap - Well, what do we do then?
  • hea'Nhirara - We will have to fight the Corruptus without Laminoula'Fuerq's help.
  • Mu - Honestly? I say we do a pretty fine job by ourselves.
  • Titanozor - The Dream Shard is where Tyraz lay's at rest
  • Kithworto - I wouldn't be so optimistic. Without that shard, we will still need more help.
  • Thea'Nhirara - Indeed. We were denied of a demigod's help. We will need more allies. And while the Dark Five lays defeated, the Corruptus is still vast.
  • Kithworto - Hm...

As the team were discussing amongst themselves, the ground beneath their feet began to shake and rumble, the walls cracking as the entire area began to vibrate aggressively. From the colossal mountain of debris that had presumably crushed the two demons in their conflict, a figure burst forth from the pile; it was Tyraz, unleashing pained, agonized roars as he proceeded to strike at the dirt and debris at his feet.

  • Mu - Oh hey, there he is.
  • Koluap - Oh good, I was getting worried...I mean, not that I care.

The demonic Zazane threw debris recklessly and carelessly across the area, as if it were burying through the mountain that he had just escaped from. His claws, broken and disfigured and barely hanging by their tendons, slashed and scratched through rock and ore. Thea'Nhirara flew over and helped Tyraz escape by extending tentacles out of her body which threw the rubble away.Tyraz' massive body collapsed forward, causing the ground to shudder as it made an impact. In mere seconds, the body was reduced to little more than ash and dust, and what stood in the titan's place was Tyraz himself, naked and scarred with fresh wounds, covered in blood and steam.

  • Mu - Eugh. Where are his clothes?
  • Titanozor - Someone throw him a towel.

Tyraz weakly walked onward towards the team, his eyes wide and twitching while he limped. He was quiet, although he was not mute, and spoke out almost in a whisper.

  • Tyraz - Did we succeed?
  • Jerkon - We did.
  • Titanozor - Not really, we lack the Dream Shard.
  • Koluap - Yeah, there's that. Shame on that.
  • Mu - Partial victory, it is.
  • Titanozor - You didn't happen to see it down there?
  • Tyraz - ...Shyrak!

Tyraz punched the ground in frustration, causing it to crack and form a miniature crater where his fist made contact. He panted angrily, although he resumed to normal after several moments of capturing his composure.

  • Titanozor - We could go back down...

Titanozor angrily starts removing rock, but with everyone staring at him, gives up the monumental task of digging the mountain of rubble.

  • Jerkon - As I said when we met, we would stay until Zr'An'Kar was destroyed. So, goodbye, Zazane. We are unlikely of meeting again.

Tyraz walked forward, wiping the sweat, blood and debris from his brow as he approached the team. He was silent for several moments before speaking.

  • Tyraz - Good luck in your travels... I hope they provide more fruit than this. And you, Spinker... Don't stop doing what you're doing.
  • 'Koluap - Eh?...Okay, I guess?'
  • Thea'Nhirara - Stay close, everyone. I will teleport you us all out.
  • Kithworto - Hm. I will...find some allies for us.
  • Mu - And who's that?
  • Kithworto - You will see later. Patience.
  • Titanozor - The DCP will review this battle and the artifacts to find more ways to defeat 'omnipotents'. The Corruptus will regret attacking my great nation and it's fine allies.

Thea'Nhirara nodded and teleported all individuals to their respective ships, leaving the Taldar world behind as they made their way back to their own territories. The battle against the Dark Five was over...but the war against the Corruptus was far, far from over.

Da Propa Big Bad[edit | edit source]

In an unknown location, entities traveled in hundreds of thousands of spaceships. The ships were crude, strange, and looked like they barely held themselves together. The beings inside screamed, ranted, shouted and listened to booming loud music tracks as they made their way to a new galaxy. They punched, kicked, bit each other at random, in a chaotic mess where no one appeared to rule over anyone. At least, until two individuals arrived to the room. One of them, much larger than any other of the entities, followed by another one whose armor appeared messed up, with parts of other pieces of armor strapped on it. The larger entity bashed a table and pointed at the pilot, screaming at him.


The entities bickered with each other until a light appeared in front of them. The badly armored individual much smaller than his tall companion, grinned as he looked at the light.


The light was a portal. The ships were about to travel to another dimension. Our dimension. As their ships passed through it, the Milky Way galaxy was visible. The entities all shouted in happiness as the chaos ensued inside the ships.

  • ??? - WOOOO!!!

The Corruptus' reinforcements had arrived. And they were...Loron.

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