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For a timeless era, I worked hard to delay this as much as I could. I used all of my power, all of my resources... but this "thing" cannot be stopped. It started to leak into the mortal universe. All I can do now is watch, and hope the mortals are prepared to deal with what I could not.

- Sonhadromerith

The Second War of Black Fog is the name given to the event that marked the second invasion of the Corruptus into the Onuris Universe. Swarming across the Gigaquadrant, the demons of Shu'rimrodir attempted universal domination, and it was up to the Dracogonarious Empire and their allies to put an end to the invasion before it was too late.

The war would mark the first appearance of the demons of the Corruptus in the modern era and led to the deaths of billions of sapients across the First Gigaquadrant. The war also marked the rise of the Dracogonarious as an intergalactic power, eventually leading to the founding of the hyperpower called the Indoctrinate Collective. Repercussions of the war would be felt several decades after its end, and even though it ultimately ended with the defeat of the Corruptus, they have only gotten more powerful since then.



This revision of the Second War of Black Fog is a remake of the original, enhanced to remove bad writing, overly silly parts and make it fit better in the current canon. The war was created by OluapPlayer with the help of Technobliterator, Xho and TheHachi.


  • No belittling of factions unless given permission.
  • No large fleet sizes or superweapons without permission.
  • All ideas for the war should be discussed first with the creator.


You may only join the war by being invited by the creator.

Prologue: A Plague RebornEdit

Fog War Prologue
Read here

Nine billion years after the War of Black Fog, the minions of Shu'rimrodir finally freed themselves from their Dream Energy prisons. Now, they would prepare the universe the second coming of their lord.

Part 1: Wrath of the FiveEdit

Wrath of the Five
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The Corruptus had risen, and leading them was the dreaded Dark Five. Each member of the Five launched an invasion on a galaxy, and it's up to the natives to work together and stop them from completely destroying anything in their path of conquest.

Part 2: Da Dark LoronzEdit

Da Dark Loronz
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With the Dark Five defeated, a new force had arrived to the Gigaquadrantic, fighting in the name of Shu'rimrodir: the Loron'Kikra. Suddenly attacked by this strange new enemy, the Dracogonarious and their allies found themselves caught off guard. Meanwhile the Vengeful Claw plotted, elaborating how to use this war to fulfill their own wishes.

Part 3: The Plazithian MassacreEdit

The Plazithian Massacre
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The death of Zr'An'Kar led to the defeat of the Loron'Kikra and the resurrection of Laminoula'Fuerq. However, the Milky Way Galaxy would come to become victims of the full power of the Marinoxidiz, and multiple members of the allied empires would watch their empires be massacred in front of their very eyes. Only superior strategy and teamwork would be able to put an end to the Marinoxidiz's advance.

Part 4: Land of NightmaresEdit

Lands of Nightmares
See here

The defeat of the Marinoxidiz did not mean the end of the Corruptus threat. Shu'rimrodir, the Nightmare God, was free of his prison. Only by taking the fight to the heart of his realm would the forces of the First Gigaquadrant finally bring an end to the Corruptus menace... or die trying to combat a true deity.



For a very summarized version of the Second War of Black Fog, see here. It serves as a quick way to understand all of its main key points, in order to learn all of its relevant canon. Also check out the cast page.



- Zr'Ahgloth

It was but a forerunner to the greatest threats of the universe...

- Tuolog

A devastating war which resulted in many innocent deaths, even in victory the allied forces continue to feel the brunt of the evil whims of the Corruptus and their minions.

- Apollo



  • The war is known by a variety of names across the Gigaquadrant. These include:
    • Plazithian Massacre by the Dracogonarious
    • Corruptus Intrusion by the inhabitants of Cyrannus
    • Plazithian War against the Corruptus by the Kicath
    • Foggy Second War of Blak Geezas by the Loron
  • The original version of the Second War of Black Fog was the featured story of 31st October 2011 to 7th November 2011.
  • The war lasted 2 and a half years in-universe, while it lasted from March 10, 2013 to January 9, 2016 out-of-universe, taking a total of 2 years and 10 months to be written.
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