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The Second Tigris War narrates the civil war between the different emerging factions of the Krassio races in the Tigris Galaxy. Note that this is not part of the War of ages as its named Tigris War due to its location. All the empires that have colonized Tigris Galaxy may participate in this war. Otherwise, don't, but you are invited to comment and give feedback about it.

Note that not all the Krassio races rally to one banner only, in this time there were various Krassio races that decided not to join their powerful brethren inside the Krassio Host. This is a civil war, but not inside the Host, but between the races of the Krassio gene.

This war shall not take the layout of the War of Ages, but the layout of the Intergalactic war, this is due to the fact that the War of ages layout was made for colossal Universal wars, though the intergalactic war layout was made for galactic and a more plot-telling war rather than a summarized one.


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The Nigtrion Forsaken tribes have been trying to rebuild their devastated galaxy since the scourge, having built up a stronghold in Civa Prime, just as they felt they were again the dominant presence in the Tigris galaxy, the Loreatron appeared from no where, doing exactly the same thing as them, reanimating corpses and integrating them into their own. The Nigtrion used the power of the void, calling the vacuum of space to channel their energies, while the Loreatron used necromancer energy to convert the dead into life again.

It was then, when both sides knew that they had one day to fight for their ideals, or die along them.

Week OneEdit

=Day 1=

Onslaught of the LoreatronEdit

The Loreatron leader Ferya, planned for years in a plan to bring the shining followers of the void energies; the Nigtrion tribes, back to the death. Having used old Xhodocto technology left from the demonic horde. Ferya had her minions build tireless an armada of big proportions, in order to make a swift and decisive move agains the Nigtrions. When the fleet was finished, she launched the first phase of her plan.

The Loreatron fleets started cutting the outlying colonies of the Tigris Galaxy belonging to the Nigtrions far in north. The outer rim colonies described the undead as the end of the Nigtrion Forsaken tribes as they saw it. Loosing control from the north, the Nigtrion diplomats dispatched a small transport carrying negotiators to bring peace, protected by a small squad of war freighters.

The small fleet recorded a disturbing image before it was obliterated by the Loreatrons. Nigtrion warchiefs and void masters joined in council on how to deal this massive threat coming from the north. Nigtrion fleets were surrounded and attacked to extinction by the time they answered distress signals. Ferya's flawless part of the plan was turning the Nigtrions against themselves. As Nigtrion leaders ended on arguing political affairs and unending plots against this new enemy.

Nigtrion defenders awaited inpatient orders from the war council. But they were jammed too. The forsaken tribes would have fell that day if the military haven't take the problems for their own.

Battle of Ross 161 Edit

With Nigtrion leaders merged in endless arguments about how to solve this emergent crisis, the first step of the Tigris total domination for the Loreatrons was made. Yet Ferya never considered the need of allies, as the plan was working good. Ferya was cynical and became overconfident as her minions destroyed one by one the colonies established by the Nigtrions.

After most of the North outer rim was conquered, the leader of the fallen undead rallied and prepared to march against the core. A Loreatron fleet emerged into the mid rim and arrived at the old titanic station of the old Cianju Alliance, Ross 161. Yet the fleet was caught off guard by a fully armed Nigtrion fleet, which obliterated the undead within hours.

The news of the battle of Ross 161 spread quickly across the galaxy, reviving lost hopes and fueling exhausted defenders. The Nigtrion leaders finally opened their eyes to the galaxy, and saw that these undead Krassio could be beaten. They finally dispatched their forces across the mid rim in order to defend what they still could.

The Nigtrion leaders warned their allies in the Tigris Galaxy, realizing that they could not possibly defeat anymore the Loreatrons by themselves. They asked for help in this battlefront.

=Day 2=

Security increase at New Ramirith Edit

Rambo Nation, long time allies of the Nigtrion Tribes colonised the Tigris Galaxy many many years ago, shorlty before the outbreak of the Tigris War and was known as the Power of the South. Though not native, and all there colonies were destroyed during the Tigris War the Rambo managed to keep one colony, and was named New Ramirith, the center of there power in the Tigris Galaxy and acted as an embassy. Though hidden mostly under rocks, and recenlty fortified by more troopers and ship they noticed an increased fleet activity in the north, though they did not knew what it meant.

The Senator responsible for the Tigris Galaxy, Senator Lord Ram'Arathon ordered an alert and security was increased at New Ramirith. Though the Nation was curious about what was going on awaited a response from the Nigtrion Allies.

Delpha Coalition of Planets in preparation Edit

The Delpha Coalition of Planets had a tight grip of over 2000 colonies in the Tigris Galaxy, and has had a long history of relations with the Krassio races, collectively one of the DCP's greatest allies. The Tigris Galaxy had great importance to the DCP in its history, typically the War of Ages and DCP Civil War, but the DCP has several very imprtant locations, including one of the few Kerr Metric doors, this one leading Universe 66501. A large group of the DCP's fleet in the galaxy was dispatched to defend these strong hold postionsd, leaving weaker colonies more exposed. In order to defend the weaker colonies from possible psionic attacks, the DCP gathered some of their practinioners of Elemental energy, some also gifted with psionic powers as well.

Although the DCP knew little of the Inog, from data gathered, they could prove a tremendous threat. With important strongholds such as the Kerr Metric Doorway, the DCP were soon to up their defenses. However reinforcements will be slim. Colonies in the Cyrannus and Milky Way galaxies were under attack by the MSP, Vartekians, Grox, Confederacy of Allied Systems and now the Marinoxidiz, the Quadrant and Black Eye galaxies were aiding the central DCP sectors, while other fleets were engaged in important tasks of building "The Civilization", exploring the Sana and Forma galaxy and Xanthrus Spiral.

The Republic of Cyrannus AwaitsEdit

The URC are great allies of the Nigtrion and they have had flourishing relations with them since the Cold War, when the URC colonized a large section of Tigris, with the permission of the Nigtrion of course. Naturally, the URC were dragged into this war, along with their allies of the Rambo and the DCP.

The capital of the URC in Tigris, New Caprica was put on high alert, luckily, a large fleet was sent to defend the Republic and the allie's interests in the war.

The Loreatron attacks the alliesEdit

Considering that the Nigtrion defeat may come quicker if the Loreatron pushed in the backdoor of the Nigtrion galactic empire, a sizable force was dispatched into deep space, arriving at the southeast rim of the galaxy, where the Nigtrion Allies lied, the Loreatron never knew of other powerful species in the vicinity, but they attacked them anyways, setting foothold in many colonies of the URC, the DCP managed to defend their few colonies, and as well as the Rambo, the Loreatron took many systems at first, but then the URC started retaliating and they allowed themselves to preserve what they have conquered so far, imprisoning the colonists living there, and even torturing them. The fallen Krassio had gone too far, their sight was blinded by ambition.

The DCP held the Loreatron, but...Edit

The DCP had a standing force since they discovered by their own the troubling invasion from the north, though the Invasion was far away from their colonies, the Loreatron managed to reach the DCP's few colonies and embassy there at the Tigris Galaxy. Though the attack was prevented at its full, another threat emerged from the outer rims of the Tigris Galaxy...

A few days later after the Loreatron attacked, numerous probes crashed in the DCP colonies, when these alien probes started to be analyzed, a powerful virus spread across the labs, and started to transform citizen forces.

As a DCP fleet was evacuating the survivors of such mutagen, an alien fleet spawned various miles away from orbit, the fleet captain was called to the bridge of his Dreadnaught, he was showed the images of those obscure ships, the readings showed that the fleet came from the psionic portal rifts used by the Krassio commonly. At first the captain thought that the Nigtrion had come to help in this chaos. But then the fleet opened fire to the DCP, destroying in the first wave a couple of freighters carrying survivors. The DCP military ships fired in defense, thinking they had been betrayed by the Nigtrion.

Loreatron encounter near New RamirithEdit

The USS Androcus, commanded by a Kzyterkz captain was patrolling the astroid field near New-Ramirith (in fact the remains of the former colonie of Ramirth) and the captain was bored. Cleaning his ears he awaited any news from his science and tactical officers, but as expected they saw nothing ordinary, like the last 85 times he patrolled this area the last four months. The wolf-like creature sighted, he like most Rambo Nation captains hated patrol duties. Especialley if nothing was to found or expected.

Second Tigris War Rambo 01

USS Androcus encounters unknown alien ships

Though the Kzyterkz captain could not be more wrong, as the science officer raised her eyebrown and waved for the captain to look. Between the astroids a massive, obscure, green-like astroid was spotted. The Kzyterkz captain pondered, he had never seen such a thing with tentacles. Perhaps a new giant space-faring lifeform? As a sudden the alarm sounded, various other obscure ships surrounded had surrounded the USS Androcus. The captain called for battlestations as the shields were raising and weapons were locked. the science officer explained that the obscure ships could get so close because the used unknown signatures, seemingly only alerting close range sensors. The captain widened his eyes, who could wonder how long they have been here. Suddenly a ship opened fire, at once the Constitution Class V2 shields were downed with 15%. The Kzyterkz captain ordered immedate retreat to New Ramirith, as within the astroid field there were no possibilties of contact with the colonie. Opening fire to keep the obscure at bay they managed to leave the astroid field. The unknown aliens did not persue and the captain transmitted the event to New Ramirith and the nearest Nigtrion outpost.

=Day 3=

Loreatron attack on New RamirithEdit

As the USS Androcus was coming out of the asteroid field, it quickly gave signals to the colony to prepare defenses, the fleet stationed there was giving High alert of a possible attack when the possible attack happened, numerous seemingly pods came out from the jamming signal of the asteroid field. The "pods" were moving at high impulse speed towards the orbiting station, but as the fleet of obscure vessels was approaching the orbiting barrier of the Ramboidae fleet, the fleet divided into two groups, one moving towards the surface of Ramirith, and the other one targeting the orbital ships.

Ram'Arathon, the Senator in charge of the colony, gave order to fire. A rain of phaser cannons and torpedoes stroke the fleet of pods coming towards them. Meanwhile another battle ensued in the skies of New Ramirith, as anti-air military units fired mercilessly against the invaders, many went down, but many more made their way towards the surface, Loreatron troops landed successfully on Ramirith, but where met with a sizable defense of both Rambo Nation and Nigtrion forces.

The battle on the ground at first was limited to the outskirts of the colony and some skirmishes on the center, but as more Loreatron appeared on the front, they slowly started to gain ground on many sides of the colony. The Nigtrion's power wasn't enough and they weren't too many to battle the invading force.

Back in space, the fleet of the Rambo was winning apparently, as the Loreatron were attacked on their backs by a coming DCP military fleet carrying civilian freighters as well, the Loreatron fleet was completely annihilated. But the ground forces seemed to win the colony, the Rambo soldiers made anything to protect the civilians, mostly composed of scientists or followers of the Krassio.

As the DCP fleet stationed they disembarked troops in the colony, the united front of allies made the Loreatron retreat and scavenge the surroundings of the colony. Yet as the battle was won, the DCP admiral held responsible the Nigtrions from attacking their embassy, violating the Alliance treaty and breaking the Onuris Alliance codes. The Nigtrions were shocked by such accusation, and the Nigtrion representative with the Rambo spoke with the Admiral, stating that they too had lost contact with his fellow representative of the DCP.

The DCP wondered who were those who invaded and infested the DCP's few colonies in Tigris Galaxy with a mutagen unknown to all Onuris members, the Nigtrions asked the origins of the attacks, in which the DCP informed them about the dark ships similar to the Nigtrion's navy appeared at the East of the Tigris Galaxy, where the Cianju Alliance was stood. The Nigtrions responded with surprise: "Inog".

The BreachEdit

This two threats rising from different fronts were what the Nigtrions considered to be a "Disciplined Invasion", a flawless offensive of large scales for a swift and decisive occupation, the Nigtrion forces were scattered across the galaxy, but once the Loreatron fleets began an attack, the Nigtrions started to loose all communications from the worlds, leaving the Nigtrion Military command with no choice but to accept that the Loreatrons had fully conquered those systems. The Nigtrion Strategists realized that the Loreatron pattern of attacks was coordinated to make a path towards Civa Prime, the Legendary homeworld of the Civatrons.

Lagart'Ulomio, the Leader of the Nigtrion tribes, held a preens conference in all available frequencies, in order for both allies and Nigtrions to hear:

Greetings, and as you all are aware, three days ago, a hostile and huge armada started to besiege our outlying colonies in the Tigris Galaxy, This Fleet are not Xhodocto, but their power stands equal to ours, only weakened by their corruption. I send this message so that all available ships and troops hear, In the first day of this invasion, the enemy already had the north outlying colonies under their control, by the second day, they started to invade the mid rim, and we just detected a large fleet moving towards the Tigris Heart, Civa Prime. According to their speed, they are expected to arrive in another four days, by the end of the week. This is for all the Remaining forces of the Mid Rim, and if anyone of the Outer Rim hears this, all units must retreat to the capitol. You know, Civatrons, what it is to loose your homes against an evil foe, We shall not give them the gem of this galaxy, our gem, my gem... I shall not rest until I see every single of them leaving my home, forever...

- Ulomio the Nigtrion Chieftain

The Transmission was heard across the mid rim, and the Allied territory, which was dealing with the Inog invasion. By the end of the third day in the war, the Nigtrions had lost completely the Mid Rim of the North, and the south rims were hammered by the Inog Swarm, only a 45% of the 84% the Nigtrions controlled before in the Tigris Galaxy remained.

Ravenousness of the Inog Edit

Beginning Edit

As the Nigtrion had lost nearly half their territories to the Loreatron and Inog, the attention was soon turned to the DCP's Kerr metric gate. It was black hole forced to spin so violently, it becomes a ring, and it is safe to pass through its core. Once emerged on the otherside, the traveller enters a different universe. The DCP designed these portals during the first Tigris war, to escape the Scourge, and burrowed through the extra dimension to another universe, 66501.

The Inog was not so interested in the portal itself, along with the Krassio, they had the technical capabilities of reaching new universes, however, assimilation of the exotic matter reserves would prove useful in their invasion of the Tigris galaxy, and their new prey, the DCP itself...

The Inog began their long siege on the gate. DCP forces were heavily guarding the station, the Inog ran head first at it. The DCP's graviton distortions usually inhibit FTL travel to the portal excecpt the DCP shift drives, but the Inog has their own FTL too, which was barely affected. The DCP next lines of defense was set in action, various non-phasic shields were generated, some ensnaring Inog ships and trapping them like amber, to be picked off by DCP weapons. The DCP did have an advantage of gravitational height, they have warped spacetime into an upturned bowel (this was invisible), and the Inog ships approaching were slowed down considerably. The DCP ships fired barrages of various weapons destroying many of the first waves, but the the Inog kept coming.

=Day 10=

Mutagenic strategy Edit

Five days had past, and the Inog were still failing to itake control of the gate. So they gathered a new strategy, and attacked the nearest DCP colony, and using a graviton bubble of their own, cut communicaions outside the system. The Inog unleashed their genetic weapon, the mutagen, which soon were acculturated the colony over to the Inog mind, before the Inog listed the system.

After a massive asualt on the Gate, the DCP began to use ghost phase to advance on the invading Inog ships. However, a fresh DCP fleet arrived from the nearby system. They had ghost phased as well, and distributed around the defensive lines. Unknown to the DCP, the Inog had assimilated them. In the next Inog strike, the assimimilated DCP ships pounced on unsuspecting DCP ships.

Meanwhile, a Nigtrion fleet was approaching, to combat the Inog. But the commander, realized he was too late...

Gravity waves Edit

Spore 2011-04-02 18-07-06

Gravity waves wreak havok on the gate and the Inog fleet.

The remaining DCP forces went out with a bang, they first swwitched off the astronomical sized superconductors which suspended black hole in a powerfuil electrogravitic lattice. All of the exotic matter was dumped right over the event horizon at near the speed of light, causing the black hole to speed its rotation tenfold, it began to drag spacetime around causing massive gravity waves so powerful they were tearing any atomic structures in their way at the speed of light, including the Inog forces, lucklily the Nigtrion had escaped by now, these gravity waves would continue to destroy several star systems, the resident star collapsed in on itself.

Remaining DCP forces in the Tigris galaxy retreated back to the colonies and especially to the trans-Milky Way/Tigris route. Maybe the DCP would return one day to the black hole and build a new gate, but the Inog were not finished, they saw a bigger prize in the nearby galaxy, and again were ammassing their forces to DCP Central terriories...

Attack on New CapricaEdit

Battle of New Caprica

Battle of New Caprica

New Caprica is the prosperious home of the Cyrannus Republic in the Tigris Galaxy, it is a large colony of rolling green hills and clean blue oceans, a true paradise named in honour of the Libertus homeworld, Caprica. Above the lush green planet, hangs the New Caprican Defense Station, a newly built starbase that caters for visitors to the planet and serves as a military hub for the Republic ships stationed in Tigris.

However, above this gentle bastion of hope, danger is looming... Suddenly, a huge unknown starship appeared in orbit over the planet, followed by another, and another, until over ten huge and unknown ships appeared. The ten unknown ships converged on the New Caprican Defense Station and began to fire upon it using beams of green energy, tearing huge chunks out of the station.

Two Star Destroyers attempted to defend the station, and managed to destroy one cruiser, however they were outgunned and where quickly destroyed. As soon as the ships came, they left, leaving the citizens of New Caprica in a state of shock and nervousness...

Week TwoEdit

=Day 1=

The Battle for Civa PrimeEdit

First defensive lineEdit

The First defensive line was composed of a fleet of ships from the Nigtrion defenses and the Capricornian remaining forces in the galaxy, the number of battle cruisers was considerable, and along side the powerful vessels of the Capricornians they would be able to defend for a long period of time.

"Captain, I'm picking up numerous ship signatures... all Loreatron" said the helm.

"Signal the fleet, prepare shields and weapons, ready to fire on range!" yelled the captain.

"They are coming out sir!" said the Helm, "200... 400... 1000 ships, sir they outnumber us 6 to 1 sir!!"

"Do not fear warriors! Civa Prime shall not fall!" stated the captain.

The Ally fleet fired their beams, torpedoes, towards the enemy, an exchange of fire was dealt, as the Loreatrons kept advancing towards the planet. The enormous ships of the Loreatron started firing big projectiles towards the surface. "It's too big to be a weapon sire!" said the Helm, "Some of those are colliding with our ships". BOROUUUUUUM!!!, the ship trembled, and started to loose balance, on screen a furious and savage dogfight between fighters could be seen, while the cruisers kept firing at each other. The energy power from the leading ship was collapsing, blackouts all along the ship appeared. While the crew was busy fighting the damage areas, Loreatron came out of those projectiles, they were boarding parties.

"Send our space troopers to deal with the boarding parties, concentrate the whole fire on every single cruiser that steps on the border line helm!" ordered the Captain. Suddenly, a silence appeared, everyone quiet in the bridge, a transmission, audio only, appeared.

"At last, the long fallen of the Krassio arrive at their capitol, we shall establish a new order, and no one will stop us! Not even the Nigtrions, united with the Onuris Alliance treaty, no, you shall face what it is to be forsaken, for true."

The Transmission shot off, the power was coming again, the ship was falling, the helm was doing anything on his hands to keep the ship on the fight. Outside, the Nigtrion ships were a war zone from within, boarding parties from the Loreatron attacked the space warriors of the ally ships. The Loreatron slowly started breaching a little part of the ally defenses, forcing the cruisers to move aside in order for them to not collide with the Loreatron advancing cruisers.

"Call for the planetary defenses, let them kill all those enemies that pass through our blockade!" ordered the captain.

The Loreatron ships were suddenly in a shooting gallery, planetary forces started firing psionic bolts of energy, paralyzing the Loreatron ships and making them fall to the planet's atmosphere. But as the ships entered the atmosphere, a swarm of little vessels were deployed. "Escape Pods!" the Helm suggested. But they were something more.

The damaged Loreatron ships collided with Civa Prime's surface after a few minutes of falling into the skies, the fleet thought that they were destroyed, but the battle would just get more complicated from there.

"Sire, I'm detecting a huge amount of life-signatures coming out of the crashed ships, they are the ground forces!"

The Captain swore, the Loreatrons would eventually arrived to the surface, one way or another, their ships were equipped with an incredibly tough life support, allowing the ships to keep the huge armies each ship held. "Alert Civa Prime, we cannot loose our planetary defenses, What is the status on the boarding parties?"

"The Loreatrons are advancing towards our main Energy core, at this rate, if they destroy it the ship will fall!"

The Captain sighted, he knew that fighting the boarding parties of the Loreatron would simply just reduce his crew force, he stood up of his seat, "Abandon ship, all remaining Sasorius report to the escape pods and psionic transports, we are moving to Civa Prime and we will help defend the planet from there!" He then turned to his helm, "Open a channel for the fleet... This is 1st D-Leader, our ship has been compromised, the second ranking ship is in command, we will escape to the surface and help defend the planet from there. Good luck to the 1st D fleet, don't let them get in our planet."

Encountering Loreatron at Civa Prime!Edit

Second Tigris War Rambo 02

the USS Androcus opening fire at a Loreatron Battlecruiser.

The USS Androcus, a Constitution Refit Class V2 under command of a unidentified Kzyterkz captain arrived at Civa Prime to deploy merchandise and trade. However the captain found himself in surprise as it seemed Civa Prime was under attack by the dreaded Loreatron which plagued the Trigis Galaxy. Looking grim he raised all ships and targeted the nearest Loreantron battle cruiser and opened fire. Aided by various Lightning fighters the 3 photon torpedos hit the Loreatron ship, which was destroyed with little effort as it was already damaged by a Nigtrion attack.

The Kzyterkz captain looked around and targeted more Loreantron battle cruiser, but at the cost of taking damage himself. He then opened contact with the Nigtrion and URC ships and told them he awaited further orders. With that said more Rambo Nation ships arrived, a Galaxy Class, various Miranda V2 and more Constitution Classes had arrived from New Ramirith to aid their long time allies, the Nigtrion. At last the Rambo had a chance to fight side by side again with the Civatron, something all were honored to do.

Planning on staying tonight?Edit

On ground, the battle started to increase in ferocity, as the Loreatron forces constantly landed on the surface of the planet. Still, the Nigtrions gathered there were incredibly numerous too, the battle was furious. Forests and cities were the place of fierce battles.

“Sir, the Loreatrons are massing in sector 245, they found something on the ground.” Said one Nigtrion monitor.

“They have not found something warrior, they are preparing to create a necromancer monolith there!”

“How sure can you be?” said a figure behind him, it was Ulomio, the leader of the Nigtrions.

“Sir, a monolith requires a great concentration of necromorphs, and the Loreatrons are just doing it, believe me sir, once they start to build monoliths, it really hard to overcome them.

“Then we must bring that monolith down Oratorius!” said Ulomio.

Back on the front, a platoon of Nigtrion warriors were just finishing an ambush on a Loreatron group. The battle could be heard nearby. Their leader, a Civatron Lideratus, was just finishing a walking dead body from his own kin. The Loreatrons were not their kin no more; they were dead, corrupted dead.

“Come in, Sector 245, does anyone hear this?” said a thought in the lideratus mind, he closed his eyes to catch the transmission.

“Lideratus Jaart at your service command, copy” thought Jaart.

“Oh well, a good connection, what is your status Lideratus?”

“We have just finished fighting a Loreatron scouting command, we are going back to base.”

“That’s Negative Lideratus, command has a special mission to you. The Loreatrons are massing up to create a corrupted pylon named ‘Monolith’, if the monolith becomes functional then the Loreatron will be able to reinforce their troops and this battle will be lost, your mission is to destroy the AA cannons that protect the construction, tear a whole in their defenses and we will be able to hit the monolith. Good luck.”

The Lideratus sighted, as the transmission was lost because the messenger was probably busy sending other commands to the rest of the army. The Civatron gathered his warriors, and explained the mission. The Nigtrions were quite disturbed by this news, but they had duties with their homeworld, with their brethren fighting. They had a job to do.

A FavorEdit

Back on space, the Rambo were being hammered hard, as their recent appearance in the battle caught the attention of several Loreatron vessels.

A Rambo captain suddenly received a transmission of the Nigtrions. It was Ulom himself, the leader of the Nigtrion told the plan to their allies.

“Greetings, allies from the Rambo Nation, if you are available for some action, we might have something interesting for you.”

“Go on Chieftain.” Said the Rambo captain, impatient by the crossfire.

“Here on the ground the Loreatrons plan on calling for reinforcements, they are building a phenomenal structure on Civa Prime, a teleport structure, if the monolith is finished, Civa Prime would fall.”

“What has this to do with us?”

“We are sending our warriors to open the skies for a short period of time, your ships have the best maneuverability right now, so your mission is to enter the base with your ships and take out the monolith.”

The Rambo captain stood merged in thoughts for a second, then he regained composure, “So we wait until they are done destroying their anti-air defenses?”

“Yes, let your ships descend over here, and wait for their signal”

“Consider it done” the transmission closed, “Helm, set a course for Civa Prime’s surface, we have a special favor to do for our friends.”
Battle of Civa Prime (2nd Tigris War) 01

Rambo Nation ships batteling their way through the created free way!

As the Rambo withdrew from the orbital battle around the planet, an energy explosion appeared from the surface, so big that it could be seen from space.

“Sir, numerous parts of Civa Prime are being destroyed simultaneously around the planet!” said the helm.

“On screen” said the Rambo Captain watching blue explosions laying waste to the planet terrified. He knew what that meant. The Nigtrions have recurred to psionic explosions to cause major casualties to their enemies; the Nigtrions were going to far. “All right crew, the Nigtrions did something we were unaware of, again. We should wait for those warriors to open us a free way towards the monolith. Set phase cannons on line and ready torpedoes, do not waste them, use them for the monolith.”

A few minutes later on, the AA turret was down; a safe passage for the Rambo vessels was open. The Rambo captain ordered to rush towards the monolith.

The Rambo cruisers fired all in their arsenal towards the progressing construction of the Loreatrons, the Monolith was brought down in a matter of seconds.

The Rambo small fleet proceeded to bombard the base with their phase lasers and remaining torpedoes, laying waste to mustered Loreatron forces. The enemy scattered across Civa Prime, where they would eventually fall in Nigtrion hands.


Jaart lied on the ground, his armor was pierced by numerous wounds of gunfire, just above him lied a dead Loreatron, bigger than him, dead. Jaart had impaled him with his sword; he was resting from a hell of a fight. All his warriors were defeated, destroyed. He took a last look to the AA turret he had destroyed, and moved the dead body aside.

He opened his mind, and a myriad of thoughts appeared.

“The Monolith is down, all enemy forces are hiding and retreating.”

“Great Chieftain, I’m picking up another signature, its not Loreatron, its headed right to towards the planet.”

Just as he heard that, an object covered with fire, like a meteorite passed just above him. The Object crashed near the ruins of the Monolith.

“Lideratus Jaart, do you read over?” said a voice in his mind.

“Yes, I read, copy” he answered.

“Lideratus, you need to get out of that area, the Inog are here!”

What? He thought to himself. Inog? Impossible, the Inog never knew about the Krassio Capitol! How could they have been here?

“Get out of there Lideratus!” yelled the voice, as the bodies around him, except the ones of his warriors, started to be corrupted, a gross purplish and sick skin started to came out, transforming the dead corpses into abominations.

Jaart picked his psionic rifle and sword, and started to make a way to get out of that nightmare. As he ran, the Rambo ships above the surface intensified their bombardment, but it was too late, the Inog had infected the planet with the mutagen. Civa Prime seemed doomed to fall in Inog hands, not even Loreatrons.

=Day 2=


The Nigtrion fleet lied scattered or torn to shreds of big metallic alloys, which slowly started to fall to the planet’s gravity. Like a meteor shower, the defeated allied shreds were seeing falling from the skies. An entire armada of Inog ships lied on higher orbit.

The Civa Prime skies were turning darker and darker, as the Inog closed their operation over the planet by covering the skies with their ships.

Nigtrions and Inog mutated corpses were still fighting on few spots. Cities were being held hostages by armies of Inog. The remaining forces back on space from the Allied defense force was scattered and from a safe distance watching more and more Inog ships coming from psionic portals.

The Occupation was successful and Civa Prime fell again.

Grandeur ThreatEdit

Inog elite soldiers were taking Ulomio, leader of the Nigtrion tribes and some of his warrriors inside an Inog carrier; his gaze was fixed on the road ahead, not wanting to look at the corridors of the Inog ship. His warriors did the same; there was nothing of interest in the Inog culture for them.

They entered a big room, with lots of data-memory banks; Ulomio assumed it was a library. Before him lied an Inog bigger than the rest, an eye patch covered his left eye. A smile was filling his face when the Nigtrions came over.

“Chieftain of the Nigtrion tribes, what an honor!” yelled the Inog evilly.

“Save your pathetic laughs Inog, who are you?” said Ulomio seemingly raging.

“Its not a laugh, its an honest comment Ulomio, I wished that we could meet in a more comfortable situation, but that won’t be the case.”

He moved forward towards Ulomio.

“I am Antropog, the Great Monk of the Swarm.”

Ulomio’s expression changed, knowing the Inog’s true identity made him feel a cold in his stomach. It was the Inog’s name; the name was a modern grammar arrangement of numerous words in old Inog language meant, “In shadows I dwell, to the shadows I draw near, the shadows shall attract”. That meaning was powerful; fear could be smelled around Antropog’s aura, his mere appearance preceded his name.

“What is the religious leader of the Inog leading a military campaign?”

“Straight to the point, I like that” said Antropog to his warriors, he then glanced again towards Ulomio. “You know chieftain, there is more behind our arrival to the Tigris Galaxy than what it seems.”

“You… you come and mutate our allies colonies, you take profit of our situation here and take possession of Civa Prime in a dishonorable manner, it seems that your purpose here is clear.”

“It is not it seems, what I’m about to tell you is something the Inog wouldn’t never mind to say to other species. The swarm is at a civil war. Yes, you heard well, our situation at Bor’eaa Galaxy is quite difficult.

I’ll tell you now, that our intentions were never to invade Tigris Galaxy, but the other Inog faction made a pact with the Loreatron. Which means, by default, that the opposite faction controlled the mutagen that attacked your allies.”

“Then you are coming here to stop them? But why attack Civa Prime, it doesn’t make sense!”

“My mutagen released to the surface is at bay, it won’t exterminate life that isn’t a Loreatron.”

“But why coming to Civa Prime? Why?”

“Let me finish chieftain.”

Ulomio was silenced.

"Long before this war started, us Inog got visited by another psionic species (not the Krass) and we discovered that the psionic energy emanating from them was greater that any other P-DNA species, thus, we assumed they were such.

At first we attempted to fend them off, but our technology was impervious to them, no matter what we tried, we even unleashed the mutagen. The species identified themselves as the Vaalaa. They told us that they inhabited the void between Universes for eons, until they were defeated by the Ayrai'Shikua and diminished from an infinite population to several millions. They meant no harm to us, they stated that they were here because one of their own was attempting to destroy the Krassio by making them fight between them.

After that, we received a transmission from a female Civatron self-proclaimed Ferya. She wished the control of the Tigris Galaxy, and we deduced she was not part of the Nigtrions nor the Host. She invited the Inog to participate in the conquest, but our guests named Vaalaa stated that Ferya was a pawn of the evil one. My people got divided, one side going to war against the Nigtrions and their allies and the other side, leaded by me, obeying the Vaalaa's request.

The Inog that attacked your allies, was the group that allied with the Loreatrons."

Ulomio's gaze was widened, his anger towards Antropog suddenly began to faint. The Inog monk continued.

"It was not until we discovered a greater danger, that I summoned my armies to war. Our monitors infiltrated in our brethren's forces came to find something in the outer rims of the Galaxy, at the core of the Loreatron invasion.

"It was a gigantic structure, its volume and mass was already enormous even if it wasn't complete yet. My spies nicknamed it, the "Shadow harvester"."

"Shadow Harvester?"

"A device using Vaalaa technology, the evil one had the Loreatrons build this abomination for years before they started the war. We do not know its capacity, but we fear it might their key to a really swift victory.

My armies arrived using Psionic portals, and started to track down the Loreatron's biggest military concentrations, one of them was this planet, your spoiled homeworld."

Some how, that last comment about Civa Prime ignited Ulomio's anger again.

"What are you saying Monk?"

"I'm giving you a choice Civatron, a choice I think you won't deny: You can join what's left of your forces with me, and destroy the Shadow Harvester for good, or you can put aside of you misery and die here. All I need is to give the order chieftain...

Should I tell my forces to withdraw, or to terminate?"

An unexpected allianceEdit

Five hours had passed ever since Ulomio and Antropog decided to join efforts to attack the Loreatrons, the remaining Nigtrion ships, about 34 fully operational, joined the rest of the Inog Sacred fleet, which summed approximately 12, 000 ships. By that time, the Loreatron that once attacked Civa Prime were completely absorbed by the Inog mutagen. The fleet of allied Krassio, Inog and Nigtrions waited orbiting the planet at high orbit. The debris of battle were still floating around or falling to the planet's atmosphere.

Ulomio was sitting on the captain's chair of his own personal ship, the "Voidwalker". His eyes seemed concerned. His people was ready for combat at any time, ready to die for him.

He suddenly picked up a thought that came to his mind like a ball towards the head of someone. "What are we waiting for?" said this thought, its nature was evil, corruptive smelled like death. It was Antropog.

"Should I tell you again?" answered Ulomio.

"Your allies are not going to answer, not after what my kind did to them."

"I know, but I think they deserve their place in this engagement."

"Our commitment to battle must not involve others, this is a Krassio personal matter."

"They have the right to oversee this upcoming battle"

"As you wish, but as far as I'm concerned, you are probably inviting them to hell itself."

"They have been on Hell itselt, just to give you an idea of their power"


Ulomio sensed the thought to dissipate, but his mind was able to trap it, they weren't done.

"There is one last thing I would like to know"

"Go ahead"

"Where exactly are we going?"

"Vaalaa technology, though operational in normal space, can't be constructed in it. Vaalaa build their artifacts out of nothingness itself. Hard to believe eh?"

"Regardless of that, what you mean is that we are tracking the greatest amount of void and nothingness in the galaxy?"

Antropog said a plane Yes.

"But something like that would take time! The galaxy has more black holes than stars"

"Yes, but we have tracked a great gravitational force in the outer rim, its readings match those of a black hole... Besides, our spies have confirmed its location, I believe I told you before"

"So what's the plan?"

"Get there, strike hard, destroy the Shadow Harvester and kill any hope the Loreatrons and their evil master have to win."


"Yes quite, but I would really like to depart now chieftain, this is getting boring and I might quit and return home before your allies decide what to do"


Antropog's thoughts seemed frustrated, Ulomio had to learn patience, the patience empires like URC and Rambo Nation demand. It wasn't hard, but the Krassio are quite reserved and impervious to other cultures, and patience is not an innate gift, it must be gained.

Rambo Nation's DecisionEdit

Ulomio, leader of the Nigtrion tribes contacted Rambo Command, and did something that only occured once before, they asked the Rambo for aid (one was to combat the Loreatron). The Kzyterkz captain transfered the transmission to Rambo Command, deep within Quadrant 82. Ulomio was greeted by someone he hadn't seen before, the Serindia looking creature identified himself as the Marscalcus, highest militairy officer of Rambo Nation.

"Greetings Ulomio, leader of the Nigtrion and respected warrior. Your request is quite surprising, aiding the Inog and the Nigtrion in destroying a device called the Shadow Harvester. We never heard of it, nor do we have any reasons to trust the Inog. We never encountered them before and it seems they attacked your planet."

Ulomio nodded and responded: "I know Marscalcus, and it sounds quite unusual but...." Ulomio was cut short as the Marscalcus closed his eyes and raised his hand. The Serindia simply said:

"Great Ulomio, our alliance was formed, according to our standard over 21 years ago. We often asked for you aid and together with others we managed to keep the Xhodocto at bay. No need to explain yourself, we trust your judgement no matter what. I have dispatched 25 ships, fully supplied for you cause, under command of Captain Ramuchi of the USS Enterprise-B. Though if you need more vessels, I would need to send a request to the Senate, but they are not that fast in making militairy decisions. I hope they will be of great aid to you and the Inog. Watch over them for me and may the blessing of the Rambo Gods be upon you."

With it the transmission was stopped. Ulomio was suprised, he didn't knew the Rambo had such trust in them. None the less, three minutes later the USS Enterprise-B, together with various Phoenix, Galaxy, Miranda and Constitution Refit class ship arrived. Captain Ramuchi send a transmission telling Ulomio she awaited his command.

Assault on the Shadow HarvesterEdit

The fleet was ready, allies and Inog, together…

Ulomio sensed the battle upcoming; they were going to assault something of unknown capabilities. He let her mind rest from the incoming psychic messages he was receiving from the rest of the fleet. He was felt with a feeling of joy, fear and sadness. Should they fail, not only they were giving up the galaxy to the Loreatron, but other galaxies may suffer from this unknown weapon.

He was anxious, anxious to enter the fray, to feel the bodies of his enemies falling defeated. He was anxious.

Ulomio allowed the thoughts to gain his mind once again. He was not alone anymore; the warm feeling of his brethren and his allies comforted him.

“Antropog” he said, a powerful mind suddenly connected with his.

“Yes chieftain?” answered the cold Inog leader.

“Our fleet is ready, lead on.”

“With pleasure Nigtrion.” Ulomio gazed the ship pilot, whom was busy setting the coordinates given by the Inog fleet. The first line of the Inog formation entered a warp psionic vortex.

“Helm, drive all commands of the ship to my telepathic module” said Ulomio as a crystalline husk appeared from the roof of the bridge and fitted the Nigtrion’s head like a helmet.

“Aye sir” said the helm, as he changed the helm of the ship to its commander.

“Thank you, you may assist me in case of trouble”


“I want to fight entirely during this battle.” Confessed the chieftain.

The Second formed line of Inog ships entered the vortex; it was time for the allied fleet.

“This is the Rambo fleet, signal our departure chieftain.”

“This is the DCP fleet, lead the way Commander.”

“This is the URC fleet, we are not going anywhere without you.”

“Most appreciated old allies of the Nigtrions.” Answered Ulomio, and as he ordered his ship to enter the vortex, all Nigtrion ships entered as well, followed by the allied fleet. “Tactical Alert, all hands ready for battle… engage!” he ordered. All ships disappeared from orbiting Civa Prime, leaving the planet lonely, the atmosphere started to look darker at each time, and the continents started to look covered by a mutagenic atmosphere.

A handful of minutes passed, and they got out of the Vortex. The fleet of approximately 20 000 ships was now facing a pitch black, surrounded by a white aura. Ulomio’s sensors picked up many Loreatron battleship carriers orbiting somehow that void, they also picked a star approaching the singularity, it was a matter of minutes before the star reached the nothingness.

It did, the star disintegrated as it touched the void. Ulomio was stunned. ‘’Such power’’ he thought.

“It can’t be…” said Antropog using telepathy, “that thing is operational?”

“What?” said a surprised Ulomio, “I thought that you said it wasn’t finished yet!”

“I thought it wasn’t, either my spies lied to me, or the construction was about to be finished!”

“What now?”

“We got to destroy that thing before it could be fully operational!”

“Wait Antropog!” said Ulomio, as he sensed thousands of ships coming their way. “The Loreatrons are coming! Let’s finish them off first!”

“Agreed, all ships engage the…” the connection was lost.

The ship’s shields started to shine as the projectiles of the Loreatrons reached the force field. A moment after the ship was trembling because of the shots.

The allied ships got divided from the Inog fleet, a rain of phasers, psionic pulsars and advanced laser shots appeared, destroying many Loreatrons in the way, but more were coming.

“All allied ships, rally to me” said the DCP commanding ship, Ulomio decided to support the motion, since the ships were ripping apart the Loreatron vessels, they were no match for the powerful and advanced ships of those who fought the Xhodocto in massive space battles.

“What is the plan Admiral?” asked Ulomio, the DCP ship didn’t last to answer.

“If you are able to escort at least three of my ships until we reach the singularity, then we can create a rain of antimatter torpedoes, our weaponry will end the Shadow Harvester!”

“Acknowledged, we are behind you” said the URC commander.

“Hurry up Admiral, I want to be soon for dinner with my family!” said the Rambo fleet captain.

Ulomio smiled at the last comment, “All Nigtrion ships, converge with the DCP fleet, don’t let any Loreatron get them!”

The fleet of approximately 4, 500 ships moved forward across the battle, the Inog seemed to gather the attention of most of the Loreatron defense while the allies opened a breach in the other flank of the defenders formation. As the fleet moved forward at full impulse, more Loreatron ships seemed attracted to the sudden move.

“More are coming in!” said the Rambo captain, “Nigtrions our ships are coming to assist your flank”

“Negative Captain, we can hold our ground, don’t let them get through yours!”

“They’ve breached the formation near .34.2 watch out!” said the URC commander, “I’m dispatching a few ships to deal with it.”

“Acknowledged!” said Ulomio, as he sensed how the URC moved without reducing speed towards the leak, in a matter of minutes, the firing from their ships ceased all intrusion in the phalanx.

“400 meters” said the DCP admiral, “300… 200… 100… 50… FULL STOP!”

The whole ship stopped, catching most of the defenders off guard and consequently being destroyed.

“FIRE!” yelled the Admiral; the DCP fleet fired a wave after wave of antimatter torpedoes towards the singularity. The pitch black started to regain colorful matter being hit.

“Its working!” yelled Ulomio. The Nigtrions at the bridge started to cheer.

Suddenly, a cold feeling filled the chieftain.

The singularity started to regenerate.

“It didn’t worked!” said the Rambo captain.

“Our close range scans tell that something is regenerating the Shadow Harvester.” Said the URC commander.

“That’s not the harvester.” Said the DCP admiral, “It’s the weapon of the Shadow Harvester.”


“Indeed, our scans had picked up this when we arrived, I was so stupid.”

“Send your readings Admiral!” said the Rambo captain.

“Look! There are two different void signatures, one is coming from the attractor, which is made to attract, the other is just there, behind the singularity!” yelled the Admiral.

“But why we can’t see it?” said the URC commander. “Does it have some sort of cloaking device?”

“It doesn’t, to the common eye the structure looks pitch black, there is nothing but void, our observation capabilities only detect a black chasm because there is nothing on the invisible spectrum to see!”

“Ah my head” said the Rambo captain, “So is it even beatable?”

“Really doubt it, DAMN!” added the Admiral, “I never thought that the Inog were meaning about a literal void structure, I never knew what the Krassio meant with void.” He stopped, and then he started laughing. “A true structure made out of nothing! Is that even possible?”

“Easy guys, we can still eradicate the Loreatrons here!” said Ulomio.

“Scratch that!” intervened Antropog, “Our fleet has engaged with a larger Inog force, they are the dark one’s followers, we cannot hold them.”

Ulomio swore… there was no hope for them there.

The Battle was lost.

“Understood” replied Ulomio. “All ships, retreat!”

Just as the DCP fleet, the Rambo and the URC started to depart using their FTL engines, the Nigtrions were opening a vortex and so the Inog, there was no rally point, they had to loose their persecutors.

Ulomio’s ship was entering the vortex, when his ship went inoperative, it deactivated like if someone had pressed an off button.

“What is happening?”

“I don’t know sir!” said the Helm, whom was busy fixing some leaks of the ship.

Suddenly Ulomio’s body was surrounded with particles, he understood what was happening. The pilot went frenzy.

“Save the SHIP!” yelled the Nigtrion to his subject.

In a second there was no chieftain on the ship.

“This is the bridge, the chieftain has disappeared, it was abducted!” said the pilot. The ship started to suffer from the Inog and Loreatron fire; the pilot took command of the ship. “I’m sorry sir!” as he drove the cruiser towards the vortex.

The battle was over all of a sudden. Ending in a terrible defeat for the allies. Just now, what hope they had?

From here the story divides in two arc stories and one short story.
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