This story arc will narrate the war from The Inog High Monk Antropog perspective in the aftermath of the Shadow Harvester battle. The users that have participated so far in the war may contribute to this story arc.

Recapitulation Edit

The Allies, even with the help of a numerous Inog fleet could even harm the advanced void artifact known as the Shadow Harvester, in order to survive the incoming waves of the Loreatron/Inog counterattack made blind jumps across the galaxy having to time to establish a rendevouz point.
With the unexpected abduction of the Nigtrion chieftain Ulomio, leader of all Nigtrions, Antropog must gain command over the surviving forces and set a resistance against the Loreatron armies and its abominable weapon of mass destruction.


There was no Hope...Edit

The Allied forces lied scattered across the sector after making blind jumps in order to escape, the Inog had retreated as well. The Nigtrion tribes sought to return to their occupied homeworld and defend it to the last warrior.

Antropog was sitting on the floor of his own ready room, he looked completely worried, no one of his warriors of close friends will approach him in this time of great conflict. Antropog's mind was filled with the words of the Vaalaa, he had trusted them with all his being, all his might.

He felt betrayed, he felt... enraged.

His thoughts were so deep, so strong, they had to come out, they were impossible to control. He was an Inog, it was on his nature.

"YOU BETRAYED ME!" yelled. He felt relieved by his sudden honesty.

A more comforting and warm feeling started to appear, he was calming down, the yell was followed by a sarcastic, sadistic and joyful laugh. Antropog expression was erratic, filled with fear, joy and anger, it was a indescribable scene, a horrible scene. The objects around him were trembling erratic, moving from one side to another, floating. There was no cohesion in the Inog thoughts right now, only chaos, disorder.

Yes... Chaos, that was the fundament of all Inog, what created the Inog in the first place.

The Galaxy was on chaos, Civa Prime was in chaos, the Nigtrions, the so called allies... Everything was in Chaos! There was no hope for order! "Foolish! Foolish Inog!" he yelled to himself.

Yes! That surely felt good!

"YES!" he yelled again, his face expressing the same thing. His head turned upwards, he was trancing, almost loosing balance from his feet. His head was turning around in circles.

He was meditating. In chaos he had found the path.

Antropog's eyes regained their common appearance, his head once again was on its place, standing above his body. He had a plan, he had an idea, there was still a way to defeat his powerful foe. He regained composure, and walked towards the transporter that would take him to his bridge. In an instant, he was in front of his seat. Few mutagenic species were doing repairs to the ship. He ignored them, he sat on the chair, and regained control of his ship.

Suddenly the great cruiser started to move again, out of hibernation. The ships escorting his started to move in formation with its leader. The fleet was ready, it was always ready, the Inog were warriors, they were ready to die for him. For Antropog.

Ready to die, whatever that meant.

"All ships, we are to depart to Civa Prime and meet with the Nigtrion remaining forces." he said, "I will deploy a distress signal codified so that only Inog can break and decipher, it will carry orders for all the scattering Inog ships to rendevouz with us."

As the vortex opened yet again, a new Antropog was born, one that remained cold, but now broken, and determined to defeat... no, terminate those who humiliated him in battle.

The Devastation of a strongholdEdit

The small fleet of Inog ships following Antropog's lead was standing by in low orbit around the conquered world of Civa Prime. Besides them there was no other space activity nearby, except from a very old station at one of the three moons of the planet. The once shining capitol of the powerful Civatron race was now no more than an Inog mutated world, besides those Nigtrions that were still hiding in numerous small areas across the globe. Antropog could feel them. Those powerful warriors were battling the mutated Loreatron in warehouses, rivers, and even cities.

Antropog was on his captain seat watching the outside through pictures projected in his mind. Beside him was a creature covered by numerous pores on which a gaseous toxic came from, it was a mutated creature. The mutation had taken over the poor victim. Whatever was its past appearance, now looked like a floating squid with ruptures in the skin, leaving on sight the interior of the organism, which was glowing light. It was what the Inog called a sensor.

Antropog stared at the creature, the creature seemed to communicate with him through psychic pathogens. "They are out there massterrr"

"What are they waiting for?" he asked to himself.

Space debris from the previous Loreatron siege were floating around the ship now, some of them crashing against the shields.

Suddenly a blast appeared just in front of the fleet. Then another one, and another one, yet nothing seemed to came out of those ruptures in space. "Slipstream portals" the High monk noted, "So they finally show up."

A transmission opened through his mind.

"I see you have made a complete mess young one" said the voice, which was erratic and sometimes muted.

"Let's descend on the planet surface, we have a lot to talk about"

"Agreed, I find hard to talk via psionic telepathic channels". Then the connection went off.

"Helm" said Antropog to his pilot, "coordinate our fleet's trajectory with the Vaalaa, alert the mutagen I'm going down to the surface."

"Aye sir"

The MeetingEdit

Antropog stood with his henchmen and thousands of creatures around him, all absorbed into the Swarm. Antropog could feel the weak minds of all his underlings, their thoughts, only seeking to destroy, feed themselves with the dead, the living, everything that crossed their path. He had used a teleport psionic portal to land on the surface. The critters massed around him in a couple of hours as they arrived from all around the globe of Civa Prime.

Like a powerful blast, a pitch black emerged from the sky, descending upon Antropog and his horde, consuming all matter that he touched, sucking a hundred critters in the process. Antropog and his Inog brethren stood inert with they eyes fixed on the black sphere, their armor was moved by the powerful pull of that singularity, yet they stood inert like an immovable object.

Just as the anomaly touched the ground, a powerful earthquake shook the geography of Civa Prime's surface, the army that protected Antropog was massacred by a powerful force of nature caused by that anomaly. A creature came out of it, slowly placing himself on the devastated ground of Civa Prime. A Vaalaa.

The Void creaure walked slowly, almost majestically towards Antropog and the Inog, whom had their weapons pointed at the being.

"Low your weapons, he's friendly" said Antropog, calming his warriors down.

"The Inog's mistrust of things is renown even in the far space of non-space" declared the Vaalaa, "When I told you about the Shadow Harvester I never believed you would be stupid enough to confront a bigger force than yours."

"My informants didn't told me everything about that abomination" said Antropog referring to the Vaalaa.

"I can't tell you everything about my people Antropog, but I would have if you didn't left Bor'eaa and marched against the Fallen one and your fallen brethren!"

"Well there is always a start to things"

"That won't be necessary anymore Inog, your actions had inspired my people to join the fight."

"Well, so I can expect your full might descending on our enemies?"

"Not exactly, the news of entering this conflict had divided my species, one part will remain peaceful while me and my forces will enter the war. Like yours, my species is divided by several opinions."

"The Inog nor the Loreatron are able to defeat the Krassio Host, not even with the might of your despicable Fallen one" said Antropog changing his tone.

"Don't worry, we will bring him down, set your fleet and your allies to meet us at the the Shadow Harvester's location, we will be there and finish this once and for all!"

The Vaalaa was sucked by the pitch black anomaly, and then it disappeared in a white blast that blinded all the critters and Inog present there. Antropog signaled his men as he was being ported again to his flagship. This time with hopes of finally defeating this chaotic force thriving over Tigris Galaxy.

The story continues on the Ulomio Arc

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