The Second Nagith War (13,500 BNE - 13,210 BNE) was a devastating conflict in the Cyrannus Galaxy, fought for nearly three centuries between the Nagith Empire and the First Republic.

The war would become the most devastating conflict since the end of the Phaedric Wars and resulted in the deaths of trillions of both Republic and Nagith citizens. The infrastructure of both civilisations were devastated beyond repair, bringing about the end of the Nagith Empire and forcing the dissolution of the Republic, sparking a millennia long Cyrannian Dark Age.

The origins of the conflict can be found in the Nagith Wars of antiquity, when Nagithi scouts discovered the nascent First Republic's use of Oikoumene relics and attacked them as an affront to their gods. While the conflict ended in a resounding Republic victory, the Nagith never forgot the conflict, and invaded Republic space in 13,500 BNE under the reign of the Princeps Torox XVI. Throughout the conflict, the balance of power shifted considerably between the Republic and the Nagith, and the war itself has since been divided into numerous epochs by galactic historians, who noted periods of relative galactic calm between intense warfare.

By the final decade of the conflict, the Nagith Empire had blockaded the Perliama Hyperlane to the Core Worlds, starving the populations of countless worlds and forcing the collapse of the ancient Senate. In one fell swoop, Princeps Reyanex I, obliterated the orbital defences of Orbispira and besieged the capital itself, proclaiming total victory over the Republic. However, intrepid Republic defenders, whose names since became lost to history, activated a powerful series of beacons, which radiated across the galaxy, rallying numerous Republic fleets and allies, which struck quickly against Reyanex's forces.

After weeks of battle, the war ended on Orbispira, when Reyanex and his forces were wiped out to the last attacker, forcing the total collapse of the ancient Nagith Empire. However, the Republic itself was damaged beyond repair, and the few surviving senators signed the Articles of Dissolution, ending the dream of Cyrannian galactic governance and beginning a period which has since become known as the Cyrannian Dark Age. It was not until the formation of the Federation of United Worlds in 6,000 BNE that galactic unity was rekindled.


  • The Second Nagith War has been a part of the lore of Cyrannus since its creation in 2010.

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