The War BeginsEdit

Rivival of the InfectantsEdit

It was a cold, dead planet. Floo, a desolate wasteland. This place was the once great home of the vicious Alpha Infectant Hive. Suddenly, a being appeared from the shadows. It was an Infected. He was badly wounded, limping from his crashed spaceship.

  • Infected - I...barely survived that explosion. I idea what that was...But, [pulls out a thermos containing blood] my well being is nothing compared with that if my master...
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The mother of the Infectants, Hive Mind.

The infected walks to the ruined castle of the Infectants. He opens a secret hatch that leads downstairs. In the basement are ancient ruins, that are possibly thousands of years old.
  • Infected - My queen, I've brought the blood as you've asked.
  • Hive Mind - You've done well my child. Viral's death will be avenged. What of the Nebulorians?
  • Infected - They...we're defeated my queen. Ne'yon is dead.
  • Hive Mind - That's unfortunate. I had uses for him. Who did him in?
  • Infected - It was the Allied Forces of the Milky Way, along with the Waptoria and Ugandalorians.
  • Hive Mind - The Allied Forces? Curses...The Volver. Why can't they stay out of my way? Use the thermos to create an enhanced organism. He will lead an attack.
  • Infected - May a ask, an attack on whom?
  • Hive Mind - The Volver.

The Birth of OmegaEdit

The infected walked into the lab where the last of the Infectant scientists were preparing the device.

  • Scientist #1 - We have managed to unfreeze Ne'yon's heart. This will be the base for the new child.
  • Infected - I have Viral's blood in this thermos, so lets begin the process.

The three Infectants place Ne'yon's heart and Viral's blood in a chamber. They then expose an Infectant egg to the two objects. They all fuse under intense heat. The process was complete. The egg hatched, a new Infectant was born and was grown using acceleration serum. His name was Omega.

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Omega is born.

  • Omega - Where am I? Who are you?
  • Hive Mind - I am your mother young one. You are on Planet Floo. Your name is Omega, the son of Viral.
  • Omega - Viral...I...remember father?
  • Hive Mind - Ah yes...I see your genetic memory is kicking in my child. Viral was your father. The strongest of us aside from myself.
  • Omega - Yes. I remember. He was the Volver!
  • Hive Mind - Then you know what must be done?
  • Omega - Yes, mother. They will all die.

Omega leaves the chamber, fueled by anger. In search of the Volver who killed his father. He takes a stolen ship and travels into Volver controlled space.

Second Battle of AsconEdit

It was a calm afternoon on planet Ascon. The main city, Gartoomia, stood strong in the distance. Many different species traveled to and from the city. Brygon, the new appointed king, watches over the city.

  • Noruuk - King Brygon. There is an incoming transmission from an unknown ship.
  • Brygon - Open communications, Noruuk.

Noruuk opens comminications with the ship. All the two hear is a blood curdling shriek...then the transmission ends.

  • Brygon - What was that?

Suddenly, a huge explosion is heared from outside. The two run to the balcony to see a large stack of smoke rise up from the city. The see grotesque, hideous Infectants charging at verything.

Brygon jumps down from the balcony, killing five of them in one fell swoop. They notice Brygon and begin their attack. Brygon dodges the first Infectant with ease and stabs it in the back, then slashes the next one. The Infectants continue to pour out of the ship. Noruuk arrives on the battlefield with the Volver Army. The troops charge ang begin to wipe the Infectants out.

  • Brygon - What are these things!? They just keep coming!
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The Volver fight the Infectants with all of their might!

  • Noruuk - They are the Infectants. A virus that went mad and over populated their home world. They seek nothing but destruction. They will continue to attack as long as their leader is n command.
  • Brygon - Hmm. Alright where is he?
  • Omega - Right here!
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Noruuk and Brygon face off against Omega

Omega kicks Brygon through the sandbag barricades. Brygon struggles to get up. He locks eyes with Omega and raises his rifle. Brygon opens fire as Omega charges at him again. Omega's thick skin repel the bullets and he slams Brygon with a lariat. Noruuk jumps in and punches Omega back. He helps Brygon to his feet. The two prepare for Omega's next move. Omega roars and charges for them again. Noruuk leaps into the air and slashes Omega in the back. Brygon follows up with a jab to the chest, peircing through Omega's body. Omega falls over and begins to bleed heavily.

  • Omega - No...vengeance...will be mine... I cannot die...
  • Brygon - It's over you freak. Call off the attack.
  • Omega - No. I have to avenge my father. The Volver must be eradicated. I will kill you all!

A massive energy surrounds Omega. He stands up as his wounds heal. He then raises his arm as his eyes glow a light blue. Suddenly a huge shock wave of kinetic energy pushes all of the people on the battlefield away from him. The windows in the city break and smaller buildings crumble. His power increases and shoots an intense bolt of electricity at Brygon. Brygon screams in agonizing pain as the electricity burns his skin and shocks his heart. He raises his sword and conducts the electricity into the blade, then shoots it back at Omega causing a huge explosion.

As the smoke clears, the Infectants were gone and so was Omega.

  • Brygon - [coughs] What was that power!?
  • Noruuk - I've only seen one person do that before. I used to fight along side the past kings of Ascon. Your great-grandfather Zirux, and you father fought this foe before. He was lord of the Nebulorians. The all powerful Ne'yon.
  • Brygon - He has regenerative powers as well..that was Viral's power right?
  • Noruuk - Yes. The only way to kill something like that is to destroy all of him at once. But from the looks of it, he has escaped.

Roots of PurificationEdit

A swampy ocean world full of dead trees. No life was here. But it had been inhabited. This world belonged to the FloodMaw Hermicee before they were destroyed. What remained of the FloodMaw's biological weapons was stored here. Omega and his Infectants stepped out the Infectant Dropship to the planet below. There were Hermicee buildings everywhere, once made up a mashup of metals, now in ruins.

  • Omega - Be careful. If not all Hermicee here are dead, you know what happens.
  • Harbinger - When separated from their clan, or if their clan is destroyed, the Hemicee will become insane after a month, turning into Feral Hermicee.
  • Drone - ...What was that?

Suddenly, the sand burst open beneath their feet.

  • Harvester - Ferals!
  • Omega - Infect them!

The Infectants try to infect the Feral Hermicee, however they resisted the Super Infectant Virus, and continued to attack the Infectants.

  • Omega - If that doesn't work, kill them.

Eventually, the Infectants, due to their regenerating abilities, gain the upper hand. The Feral Hermicee are mercilessly slaughtered. The group then walks down into the poorest parts of the city. In the middle of the slums stands an entrance to a cave of some sort. The cave is filled with roots, tentacles and vines. Glowing Chrysali are attached to the cave's walls. In the middle of the cave is a large pit. A large machine rests inside it.

  • Omega - Open those cocoons!

The Infectants rip open the chrysali. Strange plants fall out of it. Botana.

They crawl closer to the Infectants.

  • Omega - We mean you no harm. We are the Infectants, our goal is to infect the galaxy with the Super Infectant Virus. But for that, we need you. You will deal with the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

The Botana stop, curious. The Waptoria Alliance was an relentless foe of them.

  • Omega - If you manage to defeat them, they will be your hosts, and yours alone.

The Botana rest silent. Then, they flood to the large machine. A Seedling presses some bottoms and...

The FloodMaw RebornEdit

The machine sparks to life. Green mist erupts from it, and Hermicee of all shorts crawl out of the machine. The Botana shriek in happiness. It was time for their Hermicee masters to return.

  • Omega - Huh. Not more of these crabs.
  • Drone - Brood homie gives yummy food?
  • Omega - Dare to attack me and...
  • Drone - But me hungry.

Loud footsteps are head as a gigantic Hermicee approaches. It is Faminarot, one of the Hermicee's leaders, who was killed, but who was now cloned back to life.

  • Faminarot - You eat later. What Infectants want?
  • Omega - Aid.
  • Faminarot - I need to feed newly cloned clan. Why should I aid?
  • Omega - Because I can give you all the food you wants.
  • Faminarot - Good. We go now. We are supreme!

The Hermicee clan cheers, and they, togeter with the Infectants and the Botana enter their ships. The Infectants had found new allies.

Attack on MilitoraEdit

Later on Militora...It was the same day that Bengo Flett was killed by Lord Ne'yon two years ago. Pulporious V, king of the Soldarian Empire, held a memorial service. After the service, a guard confronted him.

  • Soldier - Sir! There is an incoming transmission from the Volver. Should we respond?
  • Pulporious - ......
  • Soldier - Sir?
  • Pulporious - Respond. I want them on the holographic projector.

The soldier opens communications and the transmission comes through. Brygon stands there with a look of horror on his face. His armor is scratched and covered in purple slime.

  • Pulporous -'re King Glynn's boy aren't you? What do you want?
  • Brygon - King Pulporious, I'm sorry to interrupt anything, but...we require your help...
  • Pulporious - I know I promised your father that we would aid the Volver at anytime...but I'm afraid you will have to fight this battle by yourselves. I've lost good men fighting alongside your kind. And it's brought us nothing but sadness. I'm sorry.
  • Brygon - But you don't understand! The Infectants are back! They want all of us dead! You especially!
  • Pulporious - [looks up in disbelief] What!? You're lying..there's no way...Lavern scorched their planet...I was there!
  • Brygon - Look, I don't know what happened, but I do know that if we don't work together, it could mean the end of life as we know it.
  • Pulporious - ...Alright. We will take part.
  • Brygon - Thank you.

The transmission ends. Pulporious looks outside and sees an alien spacecraft nattering the atmosphere. It looked very familiar to him. It was the Infectant fleet.

  • Pulporious - All men to battle stations! We are under attack!

The Soldarian Elites pour into the city and outskirts preparing for the attack. Snipers line the rooftops and the Soldarian Super Elites arrive.

  • Wes - Wes Maros, Alpha 001 reporting for battle sir!
  • Norra - Norra Ling, Gamma 092 reporting for battle sir!
  • Pulporious - Ah, my two finest warriors. I expect this to go smoothly. Leave no survivors.
  • Wes - Understood sir.
  • Norra - I wish Delta 124 was able to see us today.
  • Wes - Worry not. For he is always in our hearts. Prepare for battle Norra.

The Infectants land. In an instant, the ship doors burst open and thousands of Infectants swarm the Soldarians. The Soldarians, mainly using lead ammunition firearms, were no match for the Infectant's bullet-proof skin. The elites eventually stepped in and held Main Street using plasma powered rifles. The snipers begin to take down any Infectants that strayed too close. Pulporious fired his guns from a distance, being covered by Wes and Norra. Omega steps out of the ship. He scans the battlefield for his target. He finally sees him and summons Infectant Brutes to his side. He and the Brutes rush the Soldarian Elites, knocking them down one by one. He finally makes it to the palace, eager for more bloodshed.

  • Omega - Pulporious the Fifth!! I am here to avenge my father! You must die today!!!
  • Pulporious - [steps out from behind the pillars] I'm over here kid. If you really want to challenge me, so be it. But leave my people out of it!
  • Omega - Oh no...they are as guilty as you are! They helped murder my kind to the brink of extinction. They aided the demon Volver and stopped the convergence of the Galactic Devastation Ray! You helped them destroy the Spear of Apocalypse! The Antroths are at fault as well as the hell-spawn Lavern and his Lavatufts. Now die!!

The brutes charge for Pulporious. He simply waves his hand as Norra and Wes leap out and neutralize them with ease. Omega roars and charges at Wes. He managed to tackle him only to be kicked by Norra. Wes and Norra form up on Omega and go fou a double attack. Wes pulls out his pistols and fires at Omega. Omega blocks the bullets but loses sight of Norra. She suddenly appears below him and uppercuts him into the ceiling. He ricochets off of the ceiling and slams into the floor. He stands once more. Wes reloads as Norra eyes him sharply. Wes and Norra nod to each other and rush him again. This time Omega was ready. He slams his spiked forearm into Wes's chest and kicks Norra hard in the leg. Wes leaps back clenching his bloody chest. Norra falls to her knees as her leg gives out on her. Pulporious growls and takes off his cloak, revealing a very muscular build. He signals for his two super elites to retreat. Norra escapes with Wes and leaves Pulporious to fight Omega. Omega's injuries heal almost instantly.

  • Pulporious - truly are Viral's son hm? I see you have his healing ability. To bad I won't give you the chance to heal!!

Pulporious runs at Omega and punches him square in the face with powerful force. Omega falls backwards, but Pulporious wasn't done. He kicks him in the shin and continues a barrage of powerful punches and kicks. Finishes with an earth shattering punch to the gut and sends Omega flying through the palace gate. Omega barely stands up. Pulporious walks out of his castle.

  • Pulporious - You are in for a world of hurt boy. Prepare to die.
  • Omega - No! You die!!!

Omega blasts Pulporious with a beam of intense energy. Pulporious is blown back into a wall. He slides down the wall trying to recover. Omega then runs up to him and pierces him in he chest with his two tails.

  • Omega - Now you will die... And be reborn as my mother's child...embrace the infection!
  • Pulporious - did your pierce my skin..Soldarian skin cannot be punctured by things like this...
  • Omega - I knew where Soldarians were the most vulnerable to an attack. I posses the knowledge of my donors. Ne'yon knew about every race in the universe...well, so do I. That's why his powers belong to me...

Omega drives his tails deeper into Pulporious' chest. Blood begins to spurt out all over the ground and wall. Pulporious passes out soon after.

  • Omega - Take him away. Mother will have some use for him.
  • Brute - As for the others?
  • Omega - I don't care what you do with them. They are nothing but food to us anyways.

Omega leaves with he unconscious Pulporious and returns to space. The rest of the Infectants continue the attack.

Assault on FarmiaEdit

It was an rainy day on Farmia, the homeworld of the Antroths. In the castle, Si'daal recieved an incoming transmission. She accepted it, curious.

  • Si'daal - Huh. Who is this?
  • Faminarot - Greetings Si'daal. We are the FloodMaw Clan. Why we here? For food. We wandering space, but we not getting any food. I hope you give us some.
  • Si'daal - You poor little thing. I will order the finest meat to be transported into your ships.

The transmission closed. After five minutes, Faminarot appeared again.

  • Faminarot - That delicious. But not the meat we wanted. WE WANT ANTROTH MEAT! WE CRUSH LITTLE ANTROTHS NOW! THIS IS ATTACK!

Si'daal closed the transmission. Oskel reports in.

  • Si'daal - Oskel, quickly, prepare the army. We are under attack!
  • Oskel - *grabs his eletrified tomahawks* As you wish Ma'am.

Suddenly the windows of the palace burst as an Strawberry Giant crawls in.

  • Oskel - My queen, flee! I will take care of this thing.
  • StrGiant - BRING IT ON!

Oskel trows a tomahawk at the Strawberry giant, with cracks his skin. A second one soon follows, and the Giant lumbers back, falling out of the window and plummetting on the ground below. Oskel and Si'daal watch the Hermicee ripping apart and eating soldiers alive. Both are horrified.

  • Si'daal - This is worse than a Loron raid! We need help!
  • Oskel - I'll put a transmission through to the Waptoria Alliance. They'll surely help us.
  • Si'daal - Go ahead...we have no other choice.

As the Hermicee procced to kill the Antroths, creature-like spaceships descend from the skies and land. Seeker swarms and other creatures made from pure biomass are deployed from the ships, and clear the way to the Antroth palace. The Waptoria had arrived.

  • W'tze - So it's true...Hermicee...Those pests keep bothering us. Honestly, Mirus will be a better place without them.
  • Si'daal - What do we do now? Wait for the Volver?
  • Oskel - My queen, my squad is devoured already. If we wait, we'll all die!
  • W'tze - Oskel is right. I have experience with them, come on!

W'tze, Oskel, Waptoria and Antroth troops slash trough waves of Hermicee Drones and Big Drones. Oskel then noticed the sky was turning red, and the temperature was increasing.

  • W'tze - Damn! They are heating this world!
  • Oskel - We have to stop them!

The team continued to fight the Hermicee. This time, the Drones were assisted by Lazy assassins and Grassy snipers. W'tze pulled out his own sniper rifle and shot the Grassies, as the Waptoria took care of the Lazies. Oskel was involved in an axe fight with an Big drone, the leader of this group. Eventually all Hermicee were down. The team proceed and without further difuculties reached the Hermicee's camp. Shadows fell over them as Raspberry and Strawberry Giant approached. But they didn't attack.

  • Faminarot - Finally, there you are!
  • Oskel - We have surrounded you, surrender now.
  • Oskel - Finally. A real challenge.
  • RspGiant - Yes challenge me fool!

Oskel leaps into the air, and trows a tomahawk with splits one of the Raspberry Giant' skull. It falls on the ground, dead. W'tze draws his rifle, and with a well-placed headshot kill the other Raspberry Giant. However the Strawberry Giant grabs him from behind and trows him against a wall, knocking him unconscious. The Raspberry Giant then points at Oskel.

  • StrGiant - Put down puny weapon and fight like true man!
  • Oskel - As you wish.

Oskel evades the Strawberry Giant's punching attacks, and rolls behind a wall to cover. He then picks up a grenade and a rock and trows the rock at the Strawberry Giant's head. The Strawberry Giant took no visible damage. It lifts up Oskel and prepares to crush him in his claw.

  • StrGiant - I expected a challenge.
  • Oskel - I know. You received a fatal challenge.

Oskel quickly shoves the grenade into the Strawberry Giant's mouth. The giant explodes, and the impact sends Oskel flying. However, he land safely due to his antigravity armor.

  • Faminarot - Well well well done. You disposed yourselves of some of best warriors. But I not done. I got allies to rely.

Suddenly Infectant ships land on Farmia. The combined Hermicee-Infectant forces are too much for the Antroths.

  • Oskel - What?!
  • Faminarot - Now run. Run or die. You lost.
  • Oskel - Never!

With a sign of his hand, Faminarot makes more Hermicee of all kinds appear. Oskel is clearly outnumbered. A Crackina trows a teleporter device at Oskel and W'tze, who are teleported back to Si'daal 's castle.

  • Si'daal - Soon Farmina will be overheated. There is only one thing we can do. If we stay here, we will die.

The Antroths flee to their remaining ships and retreat. The Hermicee soon follow. Farmia overheats, causing all life to die, and it is turned into a Boiling Planet. It was lost...

Regroup on AsconEdit

The Waptoria and Antroths descend through Ascon's atmosphere. As they get closer to the ground, they find Gartoomia, Ascon's capital, in ruins. Brygon looks up and sees his allies ships.

  • Brygon - So...I'm going to guess that they attacked you too...
  • Si'daal - Quiet brat! Where were you!? Oskel here radioed for your assistance!
  • Brygon - We were busy trying to clean up this mess and tend to the wounded!
  • Oskel - Calm down my queen. There's nothing he could have done. For their ships have been damaged.
  • W'tze - I recognize the Hermicee, but those hideous, fleshy beings...Were they really...Infectants?
  • Noruuk - They are the Infectant Habringers. One of their fiercest, most brutal military units.
  • W'tze - truly were Infectants.
  • Si'daal - Yes..they took root in the Milky Way. But I wouldn't be surprised if they were spread to other galaxies. I see why Ziskin chose them..
  • Noruuk - Si'daal, how do we defeat them?
  • Oskel - Why, do you assume that she knows how?
  • W'tze - If I've got my Milky Way history right...weren't you to in league with the Infectants before?
  • Si'daal - That was before they attempted to betray us. There is no way to defeat them.
  • Brygon - Wait a minute...I called for Pulporious V hours ago...I wonder if...
  • Oskel - Yes. They attacked Militora. They are mainly after the leaders of each empire. Me and my queen, Pulporious, and your father. Whom which we have no information on where he is.
  • W'tze - Why haven't they attacked me then?
  • Oskel - They probably plan to unleash something even more vile on you.
  • W'tze - Hmm. I'l be on guard...
  • Noruuk - Wait...there are only two people that the Infectants fear! Lord Ne'yon...and Lavern!
  • Brygon - That means Lavern is a target!
  • Noruuk - Then we must head for Volcanis as soon as possible!

Omega's Next MoveEdit

Meanwhile on Floo, Pulporious wakes. His wounds have healed, but he is still very weak from the fight with Omega. He realizes that he is bound by a familiar tentacle.

  • Pulporious - Damn it. It's you...
  • Hive Mind - Yes, it's me, Pulporious. Tell me...Where is Lavern?
  • Pulporious - Piss off you overgrown pile of flesh.

She squeezes him tight with the tentacle. Pulporious screams in pain as his bones are fractured.

  • Pulporious - *cough* you need to know?
  • Hive Mind - I must enact revenge on him for killing so many of my offspring. He must die.
  • Pulporious - You're telling me...that all these still...haven't found him..?
  • Omega - Anwser Mother's question!!
  • Pulporious- Truth be told...I have no idea where he is now...
  • Hive Mind - So be it. Omega. Open communications to the Volver.

Omega brings the communication screen over to Hive Mind. He then opens communications with the Volver. Brygon answers, appearing on the screen with Si'daal, W'tze, and Oskel.

  • Brygon - Omega! What do you want!?
  • Hive Mind - Tell us...where Lavern is. Or you friend Pulporious dies.
  • Oskel - Why you...using our friend as a hostage. That's just low!
  • Hive Mind - Oskel? Is that you? My you've grown into a real warrior. You would've made a great drone.
  • Oskel - I pledged my allegiance to only one queen Hive Mind!
  • Brygon - (Looks to Noruuk) ᎢᎿᎦC TᏆᎧᎥᎿ ᎭᎲGNᎦᏝ!! (Pronounced Tra Tho Re-sea)
  • Noruuk - ᎿᎥGᎢ ᎦᏔᎦᏍ ᎭiᎿ!
  • Omega - Tracking our signal is futile. For our planet's magnetic field negates all tracking equipment from outside.
  • Brygon - What!?
  • Omega - That's right. I know Asconian. I have Ne'yon's knowledge remember?
  • Hive Mind - Answer the question or he dies!
  • Pulporious - Don't listen! If you tell her more people will die!
  • Oskel - He's right...We can't reveal Lavern's location. Besides, even if we do tell her, she'll still kill him.
  • Brygon - ......
  • W'tze - *Si'daal...I'll make contact with a friend of mine.*
  • Si'daal - *Yes...tell him or her that we need them to save Pulporious.*

W'tze leaves the room. Brygon sits for a while to think over his decision.

  • Omega - We lack patience amphibian. Tell us where he is!
  • Brygon - Fine..Lavern is-

Communications cut short. And the screen goes static.

  • Oskel - What happened!?
  • Hive Mind - Well. Looks like you die Pulporious!

Suddenly a flash of purple slashes off Hive Mind's tentacle. She hisses and drops Pulporious and looks for her attacker. She looks down to see him on the ground.

  • Omega - It's..!
  • Averil - Hey H.M.! Did'ja miss me?
  • Hive Mind - You traitor!
  • Averil - Traitor? I wouldn't call myself being a traitor. I work for the person who pays the most...That is...The Justice Witout Borders fer now! And that's the Daxur family way!
  • Hive Mind - Omega...Kill him!!

Omega charges for Averil. Averil grabs Pulporious and flies out of the window. He glides to his ship and blasts off in an instant. It arrives on Ascon soon after.

  • Omega - Mother! He's escaped!
  • Hive Mind - It won't matter. I've managed to extract the information from Pulprious's brain. Lavern is on his Homeworld..Volcanis.
  • Omega - I will prepare the troops. He will die.

Battle of VolcanisEdit

The molten planet of Volcanis, home to the Lavatufts.

Spore 2013-03-04 23-18-36

The capital of Volcanis, Moltrania.

  • Magmos - Father. The shipment from the Soldarians has stopped coming in!
  • Lavern - What? I wonder what could have happened.

The two walk to the hangar where workers are inspecting a damaged Soldarian ship. Lavern walks over to their supervisor and begins asking him questions about the ship.

  • Lavern - what happened here?
  • Supervisor - The ship came in too hot and it crashed. Almost as if there was no pilot. We didn't find any bodies on the ship.
  • Lavern - Hmm...Curious...Check the cargo.

The workers pull out a large crate. They use crowbars to pry it open. Suddenly, and Infectant Brute bursts through the crate. The workers quickly raise their weapons.

  • Lavern - Stand down. I'll handle this.

The workers step back and watch Lavern. Lavern then makes gesture with his hands and blasts the brute with a heavy stream of fire. The brute is nothing but ashes.

  • Lavern - Magmos, get the army ready. It's time to burn out an old enemy.

The army rushes out onto the battlegrounds. The Infectants landed soon after. Omega steps out of the ship, followed by the entire Infectant army.

  • Lavern - Infectants! I thought I wiped your kind from existence...
  • Omega - So you thought. We are but an illness, we come back stronger than we were before.
  • Lavern - Who are you? You're not Viral...
  • Omega - I am his son, Omega! I have his and Ne'yon's skills and knowledge. I will destroy you! Infectants! Charge!!

The Infectants and Lavatuft armies collide, starting the Battle of Volcanis. Lavern rushes towards Omega, knocking down Brutes and Harbingers without a problem. Omega Takes a stance and prepares himself to confront Omega. Lavern slashes at Omega, Omega quickly dodges and counter attacks with a hard kick. Lavern doesn't budge, and slams Omega with his forearm. Omega staggers and spits venom at Lavern. Lavern quickly shields his face and jumps back. Omega then orders the Hermicee Lords in his command to attack the Lavatuft army. They begin to massacre thousands of Lavatufts.

Spore 2013-03-04 23-36-12

The Lavatufts try desperately to defeat the Hermicee

  • Lavern - Magmos! Tell the army to evacuate the planet! I will handle this!
  • Magmos - Father! I know you're tough, but there are hundreds of these guys! You can't hold them off!
  • Lavern - Listen to me! You are the next in line! I am counting on you to handle lead our people to safety. The kings before us will have died for nothing if we loose here!
  • Magmos - ...I understand father. Everyone! Retreat!!

The Lavatufts begin to retreat to their escape fleets. The Infectants and Hermicee begin to pursue them, but Omega commands them to stay.

  • Omega - Leave them be. Our goal is to kill Lavern. We will stay until he lays dead at my feet!
  • Brute - Omega sir! Are you sure we can take this guy?
  • Hermicee - Me heard things really frightening about this one!
  • Omega - hmph..with Ne'yon's knowledge, I know everything about Lavern. His entire life story in fact.
  • Lavern - Do you now? Then you probably know of my battle records correct?
  • Omega - Yes..during the Waternan-Lavatuft War. Your army was nearly defeated, so you told them to retreat. You lost an arm in the battle before and was still able to hold off the Waternans for eight days until your troops came back with reinforcements.
  • Lavern - This time, I have both of my arms. You won't get off so easy..because my army won't be coming back!
  • Omega - Kill him!
The army of Infectance and Hermicee charge for the single Lavern. Lavern roars to show off his power and rushes for them. He easily slams down the front line of brutes and quickly beats down on the second line of drones. The Raspberry Giants move in, followed by a group of Infectant Harbingers. Lavern breathes fire and sets ablaze the incoming enemies. He turns around and quickly back hands an attacking Hermicee Lord. He grabs the Lord and slams him into the Infectant Drone.
Spore 2013-03-04 23-44-14

Lavern takes on both armies alone

Omega pulls out a stolen Volver Pistol and shoots Lavern in the back. Lavern turns around, eyes filled with fury and charges for Omega again. The Brutes then begin to block Lavern's advance. Lavern, blocked by eight Brutes and two Strwberry Giants still is able to charge in at about 50 mph. He then slams down all ten of them and kills them swiftly. The rest of the army begins to follow him, attempting to stop Lavern with their blades and poisons. He turns his attention back to the army and realizes that he was stabbed about six times tin the torso. He shakes off these injuries and begins to annihilate the remaining troops. Omega then jumps in and blasts Lavern with a volt of lightning. Lavern flies back and then catches himself. He fires an intense fire ball at Omega. Omega tries to block it, but is burned in the process. Omega cringes from his burns and creates and opening for Lavern. Lavern charges in and lands a heavy punch coated in fire to Omega's face and sends him flying. Omega struggles to get up but is injured to badly. Lavern closes in but is knocked back by a familiar gun shot to the chest. It was a Waterman Class assault rifle. The shooter was the Hive Mind's assistant, Beta.
  • Omega - W-who are you?!
  • Beta - I'm Beta, your older brother. I see you've failed your assignment. Lets get out of here.
  • Lavern - [stands as his injures begin to take effect]'re alive!?
  • Beta - Yes. In fact, most of us are still alive. Well, other than Psi, you made sure to that.
  • Lavern - Come 'ere you bastard!

Lavern roars flames and runs towards theme. Beta evades and shoots Lavern in the leg. Lavern falls to the ground, staring at his injured leg. He sets himself ablaze using his natural defense mechanism. The heat is very intense and beta begins to back off. He then grabs Omega an retreats with what few troops remain. Lavern lays there as the flames die down and faints. Soon more enemy ships enter Volcanis' atmosphere. Volcanis was lost, even after Lavern's valiant last stand.

New Plans Edit

The Infectants and a few Hermicee return to Floo. Omega directly heads to the Hive Mind's chambers, reporting.

  • Hive Mind - So you temporary knocked out the Lavantufts? You've done well so far.
  • Omega - Thanks, mother.
  • Faminarot - Hey, what about me? I want smashing, not talking.
  • Hive Mind - Don't worry, I got a job for you. Something you're gonna like.
  • Faminarot - What?
  • Hive Mind - Take the Botana Brood with you, and attack the Waptoria.
  • Faminarot - I like that! It be done! We leaving now.

Faminarot goes outside to rally the Hermicee and Botana. They enter their ships, and with Faminarot's capital ship ahead, leave in the direction of the territory belonging to the Waptoria Alliance of Species.

  • Omega - Mother, are you aware that the Waptoria are well protected by nations like the NOVA Alliance and the UFG? So the Hermicee aren't likely to survive.
  • Hive Mind - I'm well aware of that. It is all going according to the plan. The Hermicee will die, and the Botana Brood will be ours to control. Besides, I've already called in another ally to replace the Hermicee. Ever if the Hermicee survive, we will be waiting for them, and feed on their flesh.
  • Omega - And what would the new ally be?
  • ??? - You already know us, Ne'yon.
  • Omega, hearing the word Ne'yon, suddenly collapses on the floor.
  • ??? - Ah, yes. I guess his spirit lives on through his heart, and that his name awakened his spirit for a moment.
  • Omega - I...will...surpress it...
  • ??? - Yes, yes, I guess so. Now rise and look at me.

Omega, rose to his feet, and looked. In front of him stood 4 figures. A Grox king, an Meeno Dronox Commander, an Morphling queen, and a figure Omega vaguely remembered from Ne'yon 's memories.

  • Hive Mind - Ah, Lord Mortox III. You have arrived.
  • Mortox - Indeed. But as you all know, I have other things to do than this. So my most precious commanders will command my Magma Legion during this war.

Mortox points at the Morphling and the other figure, and leaves, taking the Dronox Commander, Olumox, with him. Omega, looks at the figure and suddenly remembers who he is.

  • Omega - Lorka Gredyk, I assume?
  • Lorka - Correct. Now if you look out of the window...our full force is deploying.

The Infectants do what Lorka ask. They witness hundreds of Meeno Grox ships deploying Meeno, Alpha, Nova and Meta Conqrix, Dead Watch and Bio-Morphlings.

  • Omega - Quite a powerful force.
  • Morphling Queen - As we promised...the inferior...will be assimilated...will be made perfect...
  • Omega - Yesss...
  • Lorka - Watch, it isn't over yet.

Among the Meeno Grox ships, other ships were landing too. The Cult of Attzerry had arrived too.

  • Lorka - Backup. Always useful.
  • Hive Mind - Let's see how the Hermicee do, then prepare for stage two.

The FloodMaw's Fall Edit

Supreme Fleet leader Oji'b was is his room, worried. Various planets were attacked by the Hermicee, or rather, the Botana Brood. And Oji'b knew they were coming to Raptoranea. He contacyed W'tze.

  • Oji'b - Boss, the Botana and Hermicee are attacking on all fronts, and are coming for us.
  • W'tze - I know, we must hurry.
  • Oji'b - Any instructions? Wait...Too late...they are already here.
  • W'tze - Dammit. OK, I'm coming as fast as I can.

Outside, Botana Pods are dropped, and supported by Hermicee, attack. Hermicee Shredders overrun any Biotrooper who starts to pose a threat.

  • Oji'b - Oh good Mother Nature. I'll order all the troops to attack the Botana!
  • W'tze - OK. Then we take Faminarot.

The transmission is closed. Oji'b looks outside one more time, sighs, Then orders his men to focus on the Botana. Meanwhile, a Waptoria stinger class takes W'tze to the Hermicee flagship.

  • W'tze - This is gotta give a mess. Now where's that mercenary I hired? Ugh, doesn't matter.

Just as W'tze is about to take his assault rifle, four Raspberry Giants burst in.


W'tze manages to dodge some attacks, but is eventually pinned own a wall. Suddenly, a purple flash kills two of the giants, and some thrown tomahawks kill the rest.

  • W'tze - Averil, what in the world took you so long?
  • Averil - Do ya care? I saved your life.
  • Oskel - You should thank me, too.
  • W'tze - Of course. Thanks for coming, Oskel.
  • Oskel - Come on, let's move.

The trio move on to the bridge, surviving waves of Hermicee. After much fighting, Hermicee bodies laid all over the place, and the trio was badly hurt.

  • W'tze - Owww...this hurts...
  • Averil - does...Anyways, it seems Faminarot is behind this door.
  • W'tze - I will challenge him. Alone.
  • Oskel - But you the most badly hurt of us all!
  • W'tze - Yes, and you're needed on the ground now. Go!

Averil grabs Oskel, gets in a escape pod, with crashes down below. W'tze heals himself, and enters the bridge. Faminarot is waiting for him.

  • Faminarot - You came. You die. I win.
  • W'tze - I'll see about that, you bastard!

W'tze shoots at Faminarot, however the bullet shrugs off his skin. The Hermicee Lord strikes W'tze with his claw, and picks him up.


W'tze, however, punches Faminarot in the eye. The Hermicee screeches in fain, and lets W'tze go. However, he regains sight, and with a strike of utter hate, smacks W'tze against the wall. W'tze falls down, bleeding heavily.

  • Faminarot - Like said by I. I win.
  • W'tze - Not really. I am nothing but a clone. While we fought, reinforcements are ready to strike your fleet.
  • Faminarot - WHAT?! NOOOOO!

A Waptoria fleet, together with Soldarian, Anroth and Volver support warps in, and begins to fire at the Hermicee fleet. One by one, the Hermicee's ships are destroyed. Faminarot's ship took many shots, but eventually crashed down on Raptoranea's moon, exploding. A badly hurt Faminarot craws out of it. W'tze is nowhere to be seen. Si'daal's flagship howers over Faminarot, who sends a collum of plasma at the ship. the shield take it, however.

  • Si'daal - And now...It's my turn. This is for Farmia!

The ship unleashes all it's weapons at Faminarot. The Tyrant screamed in anger, fear and pain as his body explodes, implodes and is ripped apart at the same time. The Hermicee Lord was no more.

On the planet, the Botana suddenly calm down. Oji'b takes advantage of this, and quickly absorbs them into the Waptoria groupmind. What remains of Faminarot's Hermicee flees the galaxy back to Mirus, and with it, leave the war. The FloodMaw Clan was no more.

Genetic Recollection Edit

  • Omega - I cannot believe, a being such as myself was defeated almost three times in a row...even with all of this power.
  • Beta - Hmph. You just don't know how to use the power. You must access your genetic memory.
  • Omega - How am I supposed to do that?! I only had short bursts of power and can only use lightning!
  • Zeta - Just learn how we did. We all have Viral's memories. Perhaps you can access Ne'yon's the same way I and our siblings did.
  • Beta- Good thinking brother!
  • Omega - I just meditate?
  • Beta - No...unfortunately, we have to revive Ne'yon within the confines of the Floo laboratory.

The three brothers walk downstairs to the lab and extract some of Omega's blood and begin to revive Ne'yon. The process took hours, but Ne'yon was completely revived..

  • Omega - Father...
  • Ne'yon - Father? I have no children. What is this place?
  • Omega - This is planet Floo. I am your son Omega, I was created from your body tissue.
  • Ne'yon - Hmph...well you did a bad job at reviving me, my soul will only be in this world for a short time. And did you say Floo? That means you're an Infectant.
  • Omega - Yes. I was just curious as to how your powers work..I inherited them and I can barely control them.
  • Ne'yon - Forget it. I'm not teaching you anything.
  • Beta - Ne'yon...Mother won't be pleased...
  • Ne'yon - Beta? Are you speaking of Hive Mind? that bitch is still alive hm? Looks like I'll need to settle old scores...

Ne'yon begins to walk out of he lab when he three brothers block the door.

  • Ne'yon - What is this! Are you trying to stop me?
  • Omega - Even if you're my father I won't hesitate to kill you.
  • Ne'yon - [Chuckles] Well at least you got that trait from me.

Ne'yon suddenly pushes all three of them through the wall with a flick of his wrist. Omega stands ready and fires a lightning bolt at Ne'yon.

  • Ne'yon - [catches bolt] Ha! You call this a bolt of lightning!? [refects it] THIS IS A REAL BOLT OF LIGHTNING!!!

Ne'yon fires a bolt of lightning so powerful that it incinerates the laboratory and leaves a mile wide scorch mark on the ground. Beta and Zeta are completely out cold. Omega's cells can hardly repair the damage done to his body.

  • Ne'yon - Damn...that display of my power drained soul can no longer stay here...son, come here...
  • Omega - What is it father?
  • Ne'yon - I will transfer my powers to you..I want you to destroy the allied forces at all costs!
  • Omega - I will kill every last one father!

Ne'yon transfers his energy into Omega before fading into the wind. Omega then regained all of Ne'yon's techniques.

  • Beta - did it.
  • Omega - Yes...I did...The allies will know famine. They will know pestilence. They will know perfection. And they will know Omega!

Omega roars with an intense display of new power. The tide has turned in favor of the Infectants.

The Volver Strike BackEdit

Back on Ascon, the other allies receive the news about the Botana. Brygon is in the Ascon Military Comand Center, talking to W'tze via hologram.

  • Brygon - So, you guys managed to defeat them?
  • W'tze - Yeah, but they were only Botana and Hermicee attacking.
  • Brygon - I find that strange. Maybye the Infectants wanted to get rid of the Hermicee?
  • W'tze - It hardly matters at the moment...At least now we only have to deal with the Infectants.
  • Magmos - [dashes in, scarred and bloody]
  • Brygon - Magmos!? What happened to you!?
  • Magmos - Volcanis...was lost. My father couldn't defeat them all. Me and the remaining civilians and soldiers managed to escape. Anyone probably dead.

Noruuk looks outside to see Magmos' damaged frigate.

  • Noruuk - What happened to your ship? The Infectants do not have functioning space combat technology, and the Botana and Floodclaw were just defeated before you got here...
  • Magmos - I have no idea what it was! Everything went dark...we saw no stars or planets. Then suddenly, the ship was thrown violently onto and asteroid field and fired apoun by an unknown force!
  • Noruuk - What? I've never heared of something like that...
  • Brygon - Me either. Alright we'll have Dr. Que look into it. In the meantime I'll have our maids take you to the medical center.

Two female Volver take Magmos by the arms and lead him down the hallway to the medical center.

  • W'tze - You know...we'll have to help them get their home worlds back. Right?
  • Brygon - Yeah. But I have a final strike plan. But I will have to ask a favor of you all...don't follow us to Floo.
  • W'tze - What!? Look, I know you haven't been king for too long, but don't you know how alliances work!? The Waptoria will aid you and battle and in return, you aid us!
  • Brygon - Listen, I want you and the remaining Antroth and Lavatuft armies to take back Volcanis and Farmia. Meanwhile, me and my troops will take down the Infectants.
  • Noruuk - Why would you do that?! You father would not have put the Volver Empire at risk like that!
  • W'tze - Listen to your mentor Brygon. I knew your father and he wouldn't separate his allies so far appart like this.
  • Brygon - You two obviously didn't know him too well...did you?
  • Noruuk - What!? How dare you! I watched over him when he was a child! You will not set this plan in motion!
  • Brygon - But if you know him so well, then you remember when he said this: I cannot get the others involved, for this is my fight, and my fight alone. I started it, and now it's time for me to end it.
  • Noruuk - ...
  • Brygon - We failed to kill off the Infectants and now they've spread. It's my destiny to defeat Omega...
  • W'tze - Alright, let's make a deal...we'll fight and take back Farmia and Volcanis. Once we are done, we will come assist you guys on Floo. But I'll leave Omega to you, unless the fight does not lean in your favor. Then I'll jump in to help.
  • Magmos - That goes for me as well! My father and Pulporious V will not have been defeated in vain!
  • Noruuk - I guess there's no changing you mind, your majesty. I'll get the army already.
  • Magmos - As will I. I'll be there shortly W'tze!
  • W'tze - Alright. I'll prepare my troops and ships for your arrival.
  • Si'daal - Oskel, ready the army. We shall fight again!

The transmission ends. Every leader gets their troops ready and begin to execute the plan.

Reclaiming Farmia Edit

The Antroth and Waptoria fleets get over to Farmia. The planet with it's giant plains and evergreen prairies had been changed. The overheating caused by the Infectants had turned the once green planet to into a desert-like state, with the only plants surviving being sharp, hard grasses and some small, evergreen shrubs.

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  • Si'daal - Well at least it's not boiling anymore...
  • W'tze - Time won't heal this thing. I can hear the screams of the wildlife trying to resist the Infection...the planet itself is suffering. We have to end it's misery!
  • Oskel - Yes. My Knights, for Farmia!

The Antroths beam down, ready to reclaim their homeward.

  • W'tze - Hey, wait for us.

The Waptoria ships land. Vents sart to open in their underbellies, and Waptorian Biotic Troopers pour out of it.

  • W'tze - Ok. This is the plan. My Tracker and Supressor Swarms gonna cause a little bit of chaos, while I send some Tripods to defeat the Brutes. Then, you guys swoop in, get to the castle and kill Zeta, while my Bio-Rangers, Bilers, Pregnants and Scions give ranged support.
  • Oskel - Good plan I guess. Let's go.

The group gets from behind the dune.

  • W'tze - Ok. Nothing.

The group walk trough the wasteland, but then, Infectants bury out of the ground. The Bio-Hunters leap at some of the drones, spitting corrosive acid from their mouths. The Scions stand still, aim, and fire their boomer cannons, sending some Infectant Collectors flying and splattering others in corrosive biomass. The Antroths move in, and kill the rest.

  • Oskel - Let's move on men.

The group continues their walk, while being ambushed by Infectants. Eventually, they reach a camp, with is set up by Antroth survivors. W'tze then notices something.

  • W'tze - Oskel, what is this desert in the distance?
  • Oskel - That? It was called the Shimmer Plain. Known for the illusions the sun created. Well, I guess the Shimmer Desert would be a better name by now. Behind it is Si'daal 's castle. It kinda acted as a natural barrier. Still acts.
  • W'tze - And inside Si'daal 's castle...Zeta is there isn't it?
  • Oskel - Indeed. Come on, no time to stay.
  • W'tze - As you wish. But I'll let the Scions guard this place.

Leaving the Scions behind, W'tze, his Biosoldiers, Oskel and his men enter the Desert.

  • W'tze - There are bones laying just everywhere...and what about the color of the sand...Pinkish? This desert creeps me out...
  • Oskel - Are you getting a strange feeling already? Like I said, that's what this place does. Most of these "bones" are illusions anyways.

W'tze tries to grab a bone, and gets nothing but sand.

  • W'tze - OK. Now this desert really creeps me out.

W'tze prepares to got up, when something tackles him. He looks up to see an Infectant Brute, with is quickly killed by Oskel.

  • W'tze - Whew. That was close.

As he group reaches the end of the desert, they see a Bio-Centurion laying down, dead. It seems to be severely beaten. Suddenly, it's flesh reforms, and it is turned into a Bio-Morphling Titan.

  • W'tze - Oskel, watch out!

Oskel dodges the Titan's earth-scattering punch. The Titan picks up a Bio-Ranger and slams it against the ground. The Bio-Rangers disintegrates into raw genetic material, splattering biomass all over, the sign of it's death. W'tze, enraged about the loss of one of his creatures, runs at the Titan and shoots it in the leg. Oskel trows a tomahawk at it's head, and the titan is finally finished when W'tze jums on it, and stabs his blade trough the Titan's skull. The Titan evaporates.

  • W'tze - ...first Bio-Morphlings? Why do those Infectants always need to ally those I hate?
  • Oskel - Well, I am delighted to tell you we are out this plain.
  • W'tze - It's a desert now, Oskel.
  • Oskel - It will be a plain again when you terraform it back for us, right.
  • W'tze - Of course. It can also be a rainforest if you wish. That would be my choice. But I guess that's just because my species are native to mangroves.
  • Oskel - We Antroths are born on the plains, and we will live on the plains, no matter what my friend.
  • W'tze - I guess..

The group move into a valley, with ends near Si'Daal 's castle. The main entrance is guarded by two Morphling Sentries.

  • W'tze - More of them...
  • Oskel - I take the left one, you the right one.
  • W'tze - Understood.

W'tze sneaks behind the Sentry, and cuts of it's tail. Various Bio-Rangers jump in front of it. The Sentry tries to spit at at, wich is useless as it's virus-spitting tail is gone. The Bio-Rangers soon finish it off. The second Sentry watches, confused, before it's skull id broken in two by Oskel's tomahawks.

  • Oskel - The entrance is clear. Soldiers, defend the castle. W'tze and I am doing this alone.

Oskel gets inside the castle. W'tze takes one last look at the few Bio-Rangers and Antroths that remain, then follows Oskel. He immediately sees that the walls of the castle are filled with a blood-like slime. It had some Morphling bodies fused to it.

  • W'tze - Defenders. Watch out, and do not come close. Otherwise it will fire a tentacle at you, with can behead you in one strike.
  • Oskel - Got it. Well, I'm disgusted how they managed to mess this beautiful palace up. Anyway's let's continue, and evade those Defenders.

As they enter the main hall, the door behind them closes; the door in front of them opens and Infectantss pour in. The duo manages to defeat them, however, more Infectants pour in, sometimes assisted by Morphlings. Eventually, the attacks stop.

  • W'tze - Wow! I'm alive! Lifemother, I'm alive!
  • Oskel - Ehm...we've got to defeat Zeta remember?
  • W'tze - Yes, right.

They get up, and clamp a long, spiraling stairway to the top of the castle. During their climb, some Morphlings and Infectants attack them, but Oskel manages to make hem charge at his, then jumps as the Infectants and Morphigs fall off. The two get inside the throne room. On Si'daal 's throne sits an Infectant.

  • Zeta - So you survived?
  • Oskel - It's time for you, Zeta!

Another figure appears next to Zeta. It is Epsilon.

  • Epsilon - Why, hello there.
  • W'tze - Another one?
  • Epsilon - Yes. In fact, there are many more of us...
  • Zeta - So why won't we just fight?
  • Oskel - Yeah, good idea. You are mine, Zeta!
  • W'tze - I guess I take Epsilon then.

Zeta roars as he gets larger, and his head transforms into a huge, lion-like head. Oskel charges at him, but Zeta roars, and a massive shock wave blasts Oskel off his feet and slams him against the wall. Zeta charges at Oskel, and continuously head-buts him. Oskel, however, kicks Zeta in the face, and manages to get away. Meanwhile, Epsilon tries to stab W'tze with his scorpion-like tail and slash him with his Toxis Telson parts he got in the place of hands. W'tze shoots it Epsilon, but the plasma bounces off Epsilon's exoskeleton. He is driven back by Epsilon's attacks. Eventually, Epsilon has W'tze pinned down the floor. He opens his cobra-like jaw, revealing bony teeth that seemed to be made from fingers. W'tze was horrified by this sight. Oskel notices this, and trows his last tomahawk near Epsilon, in order to distract him. It works, but he now finds both Zeta and Epsilon charging at him. Oskel grabs a huge, two-bladed battle-axe from the hands of one of the various statutes of Antroth Warriors standing in the room, and slashes at Zeta and Epsilon. They step back, and prepare to attack again, when a Mystic Energy beam send Epsilon flying. He crashes, and ruins various statutes in process. Zeta looks around and sees W'tze. Oskel, finding himself behind Zeta, knows it's now or never, and slashes Zeta in two. The Infectant completely disintegrates.

  • Epsilion - Zeta? Dead? Again? I better warn my brothers about this.

And he teleports away. A second later, Si'daal appears on Oskel's holopad.

  • Si'daal - Well done my warrior. The Infectant are gone. What shall we do now?
  • W'tze - Now? Now we're gonna help Brygon out.

Lavantuft Civil War Edit

Magmoss' ship hovers above Volcanis. There are no traces of Infectants, however the planet was filled with Meeno Grox, Morphlings and Dead Watch. Mostly Meeno. They enjoyed places like this.

Magmoss and his Lavantuft warriors land, but are immediately sighted by a squad of Meeno Dronox.

  • Lavantuft - So the rumors are true...The Grox are allied with the Infectants...
  • Magmoss - Everyone full out you water-rifles! That will hurt them badly!

The group fired at the squad, and killed them. Cyberzombies, Eruptors and Husks rush in, agitated, while Dead Watch jetpack over. Magmoss burns the Dead Watch and Morphlings to a crisp. As they reach the city, they see Lavantufts being assimilated and mutated by Meeno Dronox. Magmoss, enraged, charges in and breaks the spine of one, while his soldiers gun down the remaining Dronox. The assimilated Lavantufts charge in. Magmoss, with a heavy heart, is forced to kill them. The squad tee their way through, blasting Morphlings, Cyberzombies, Husks, Dead Watch and assimilated Lavantufts in their way. As they reach Lavern's fortress, Magmoss radios for assistance. Soldarian, Volver and Antroth ships enter Volcantis' atmosphere, and begin bombing the Meeno. The Meeno Grox, soon realizing they cannot hold off the attack, rush to the spaceport, while assimilated Lavantufts, Dead Watch, Morphlings and Conqrix give cover via gunfire.

Magmoss rushes to the spaceport, but is stopped by a kind of Cyberzombie no one ever saw before. It had lava-filled sacks on his back, filled with the mechovirus, with it shot with extreme precision. It was an Meeno Infector, their latest unit, developed during this war. The Infector fires a mechovirus-filled forcefield at Magmoss, who dodges, and fires his waterman-class assault rifle at the Infector. The Infector takes some damage, but not much as excepted. Magmoss leaps at the Infector, while the Infector charges at Magmoss. The two bodyslam into each other, slashing and punching each other. Eventually, the infector gains the upper hand, and lifts Magmoss into the air. However Magmoss breaks free, slams the Infector on the ground, and punches his head at full force, crushing it's skull. Meanwhile the Meeno Fleets retreat from Volcantis. What remained of the assimilated Lavantufts on the planet are killed. The planet was free.

Second Battle of FlooEdit

The Volver fleet soon flies over the Infectant Homeworld, Floo. The Volver fleet consists of the Volver Empire's most lethal ships: The Salamander, The Amphibian, The Chariot, The Leviathan, and the powerful Ascon Warship. Brygon, in the command bridge of the Ascon Warship, ordered all ships and their fighters to attack Floo ruthlessly.

The ships enter the atmosphere and launch their fighters and beam down soldiers. The Second Battle of Floo had begun.

  • Sigma - Mother! The Volver are attacking!!
  • Hive Mind - Do not fret, my child. They will not get far. Take your brothers and sisters, kill all of the Volver.
  • Sigma - Yes mother.

Sigma dashes upstairs to where her siblings were taking a break.

  • Sigma - Brothers, Sisters! The Volver are attacking!
  • Tau - Hmph, why does that concern us?
  • Sigma - Because of we don't go into battle with our lesser bothers and sisters, then they will all die!
  • Delta - They are inferior. Besides, we have legions of those things.
  • Beta - Now now siblings, we should help them. Even though they are not as strong as any of us. We have to protect Omega remember?
  • Theta - Um...but...Omega's...kind of mean...besides what has he done for us?
  • Sigma - But it's Mothers orders...
  • Omicron - Damn it Sigma, you were always the obedient one. We'd better listen before Theta here starts crying. I'm bored of sitting around anyways.
  • Beta - Good. Lets all go out there together. I hope Zeta doesn't die again. Why he chose to go to Farmia I don't know.

The siblings leave out and walk onto the battlefield. They instantly storm past the other Infectants and kill many Volver Warriors in unison.

  • Brygon - Agh! It's the siblings! I thought they were dead!
  • Noruuk - Dammit. Alright, Brygon, I've been saving this for a time when you were ready, but now is the best time.

Noruuk walks to the back of the bridge and pulls out a large case.

  • Brygon - What's this?
  • Noruuk - It's your father's sword. He was supposed to pass it down to you, as is tradition for thousands of years.
  • Brygon -'s cool and all...but how is this supposed to help me beat them??
  • Noruuk - the blade is composed of Alphorium. The Infectants are a virus carried over from the Omega Dimension to this one. Anything from that dimension is weak to Alphorium. You can possibly rip through their thick armor with this sword.
  • Brygon - I see. I'll make my father proud. Knights! To me!

Brygon takes the sword and gathers the knights. He beam down and run into the battle.

The knights cover Brygon as he slahes through each and every Infectant in his path. He later runs into the siblings.

  • Beta - Well, if it isn't that new Volver king?
  • Omicron - [finishes snapping a Volver Warrior's neck] 'bout time. I was getting bored of these toys.
  • Sigma - Wow he's kind of cute! Too bad we have to kill you.
  • Brygon - I'd like to see you freaks try it.

Siblings attack at once slashing, punching, and kicking at Brygon. Sigma spits acid at Brygon, but he is unaffected. Delta closes in and slams his clubbed tail into Brygon's knee. Brygon stumbles but manages to fatally wound Delta. Delta instantly becomes weak and is finished with a jab to the throat.

  • Theta - Delta! Noooo!
  • Beta - What!? How could he have cut through his armor?! Gamma! Analysis!
  • Tau - A-Alphorium!? How is that possible?! I thought that element didn't exist anymore!!
  • Beta - Looks like Ne'yon didn't do a good job at destroying all planets that contained it.
  • Omicron - Yatta yatta yatta, who cares about what the sword is made of?! Just kill him!

They rush Brygon, knocking him down and attempting to take the sword. Brygon stabs Omicron in the chest and kicks the others off of him. Then he dashes for Sigma and kills her swiftly. Omicron tries to stand but is then stabbed in the back.

  • Brygon - Looks like you guys are the only ones left.
  • Beta - Grrr...don't be so sure! We've got other brothers and sisters!
  • Brygon - Oh really? Because my comrades have already killed them.
  • Theta - No! you killed them all!!

Theta goes into a blind rage and roars. He becomes bigger and more muscular.

  • Brygon - What the hell?!
  • Beta - Hahaha! You didn't know that Theta was our secret weapon? His special power is his emotions. Get him mad and it's over for you!!

Theta's tackles Brygon with so much force that he knocked him through the steel door leading to the ruins. Brygon stabbed him multiple times, but the wounds did not seem to slow Theta down. Brygon lay there, injured. When suddenly, Omega appears coming out of the ruins.

  • Omega - Theta, halt. Leave him to me.
  • Theta - No brother! He must pay!
  • Omega - I said...STAND DOWN.
  • Theta - No!

Omega blasts Theta, killing him instantly. Beta was shocked.

  • Beta - Omega! What the hell are you doing!?
  • Omega - I terminated what I found incapable of use.
  • Beta - How dare you! He was your Brother!!
  • Omega - Are you opposing me?
  • Beta - Yes I am! I knew I should have listened to Alpha! I should have switched sides like he did!
  • Omega - Do not speak of that traitor!

Omega lifts his hand and simply incinerates Beta. Beta only screamed briefly before being turned to ash. He walks across from Brygon, eyeing him sharply.

  • Brygon - ends here, huh?
  • Omega - Yes. This is where you die!

Omega blasts Brygon. Brygon blocks the blast with his shield and counters with an energy beam from the sword. Omega takes the hit and is sent into the wall. Omega dashes at Brygon and slams him with is spiked forearm. Brygon staggers, but recovers almost instantly. He kicked Omega in the gut and slashed one of his antlers off. Omega roars and shoots deadly lightning at Brygon. He tries to block it, but is electrocuted. The lightning intensifies, hurting him even more. Suddenly, Noruuk jumps in and takes the remainder of the lightning for Brygon. Noruuk falls to the ground, dying.

  • Brygon - Noruuk!!

Brygon roars and slashes a huge wave of energy that sends Omega flying. Brygon runs over to Noruuk, crying.

  • Brygon - Noruuk! Answer me! Don't die!
  • Noruuk - I'm sorry Brygon...I'm done.
  • Brygon - Why? I could have tried to redirect it like last time!
  • Noruuk - It would have killed you! He...he's gained his father's true power. You have to kill him before he completely comprehends it!
  • Brygon - I can't! I hardly had to use my own strength to beat the siblings! I couldn't defeat Theta!
  • Noruuk - You must gain your true power, be the blade...think of your ancestors...they will give you strength...

Noruuk smiles, having served the royal family for hundreds of years, his job was done. Noruuk then passes on, peacefully. Brygon, stands, holding the blade with confidence as Omega returns.

  • Omega - That pest interfered with my blast. It won't happen again.

Brygon glares at him and readies himself. Omega runs for him, electrifying his fists. He throws a punch, Brygon dodges it and slashes off his arm with blinding speed. Omega grunts and attempts to stab him with his tails. Brygon blocks both of them and uppercuts Omega with his shield. Omega falls back as Brygon follows up by slashing off his tails. Omega jumps back and attempts to regenerate, but Brygon is too quick. Suddenly, Brygon's power increases immensely and punches a hole through Omega's right chest. Omega falls to his knees, gasping for air.

  • Omega - be!?
  • Brygon - I've discovered my ancestors' powers as you have. But the Volver are strong. You are weak!

Brygon attempts to strike Omega, but is lashed violently by a large tentacle. The Hive Mind drags both of them into the ruins.

  • Hive Mind - Omega, you traitor!
  • Omega - Mother! They were weak and disobeyed my orders!
  • Brygon - What the hell are you!?
  • Hive Mind - I am the original Virus. Ne'yon sent me here to be quarantined but the foolish Flooians could not handle my children. I devoured them all. And that's what I'll do to this universe!
  • Omega - Mother! It's impposible! This one...he's different!
  • Hive Mind - I am too powerful for him. As I am more powerful than I appear! You failed me Omega. You must return to me..
  • Omega - What!?

Hive Mind lifts Omega and quickly devours him whole. Omega screams in pain as he is slowly absorbed.

  • Brygon - Eww...what the hell!?
  • Hive Mind - I will destroy all of you!
  • Brygon - The fleet is closing in. My allies have arrived. They'll begin firming shortly!
  • Hive Mind - You don't get it do you? I am everything your army stands on!

Suddenly, a massive earthquake shakes the entire planet. The army evacuates to their ships and exit the atmosphere. The Volver Fleet join up with the Waptorian, Antroth, and Lavatuft fleet. Brygon is dropped by the tentacle and dashes out of the ruins and into an escape pod. He enters the Ascon Warship and looks at the planet from the bridge.

  • W'tze - What the hell is that thing man!?
  • Si'daal - So the rumors are true...she is the entire planet!!

Hive Mind's tentacles sprout out into space as the planet's crust is ripped open. Her large gaping mandibles are revealed from the fissures as she roars into space, rocking all of the ships with just sound waves. Her large, fierce eye glares and she whips the tentacles at the ships. They all take evasive action.

  • Pulporious - How can we stop that thing!? Our guns are doing nothing!!
  • Magmos - Our flame cannons are not affecting her!
  • Bryon - It's over...we can't beat her...

She begins devouring the lesser ships and fighters. The larger ships begin to retreat.

Arrivial of the Ugandalorians Edit

Things had been busy on the Ugandalorian homeworld. With the formation of the Federation of Glory, they had been buzy intergrated several empires into one. However, deep within the Capital citadel of Ugandalore, 3 warriors stood over a Data file sent to them by the Volver King, Bryon.

Each was fierce, intimdating, and awe-inspiring in their own way. The famous Barda Clett, Field Marshall and the Hunter, as he was called by Space Pirates. Ugandalore the Great, one who had faced entire armies, and young Tyrazis Clett, even stronger then his father, and still growing.

  • Barda - We must face down this new threat. It's quiet clear the Seeds of Ne'yon are going to destroy us.
  • Ugandalore - Not only that, but the Dead Watch are back, stronger then ever, and allied with the Meeno Grox.
  • Tyrazis - What of our Ultra Commandos?
  • Barda - Buzy, only 3 are avaiable.
  • Ugandalore - I don't care if only 1 is avaible. Gather them, and let's join our friends in the front. They could use the supplies, and fresh troops.

They went out, each with their own directive.

Finally, the armies of Ugandalore where gathered. In their shiny, silver, new armor of the Federation, the Ugandalorians where ready for any challenege. At their head was Barda Clett, one of the most feared warriors and bounty hunters in their species' history, also simply known as the Hunter, a name that inpired dread into his foes.

Ugandalore, with the 3 Ultra Commandos, Arkaalin, Uriet, and Tilaos, at his side, stood on a rail.

  • Ugandalore - My Brothers and Sisters of Ugandalore! Our Brothers of the Soldarians, Volver, Wapotoria, and others stand facing down darkness! The Infectants of Floo have begun to spread, and are growing stronger! We will back down? Or will we rise up, and Destroy these scum?!

His warriors roared in agreement. The War-path was about to begin.

  • Ugandalore - By the Great Spirit, Zaraturai, we will stand victourous over these disgusting brutes, and blaze our way to glory! But they are not alone, our mortal foes, the Dead Watch, Bio-morphlings, and the Meeno Grox stand beside them! We will bring them low, and burn them with our rage! Korde an!
  • All soldiers - Korde an!

With that the Ugandalorian Navies prepared for battle, their ships moving to meet the coordinates.

Ugandalore's face was taunt with pain. His body was alive with pain. He hoped he could get through this battle alive.

If he couldn't, then they would just have to get a new Ugandalore.

The Meeting Edit

Ugandalore and his top soldiers marched forward, onto the bridge of the Capital ship that held all the main leaders. Brygon rose to greet them.

  • Ugandalore - Brygon! Son of my fallen brother, I apologise for being so late to the fighting. Forming the Federation of Glory has taken a lot out of me, as well as being a father and all.
  • Brygon - It is ok, Ugandalore. With you here now, we have fresh troops to fight the Infectant Queen. Her brood are spreading further, with aid from the Meeno Grox and the Dead Watch.
  • Barda - Leave the Dead Watchers to me and Tyrazis.
  • W'tze - We'll need to concentrate on that Queen before the Meeno. I see you brought Arkaalin and only 2 others?
  • Arkaalin - My Brothers are buzzy fending off Pirates. I fear we may not be as effective dis-united.
  • W'tze - The Infectants hate fire, as much as we hate them, so this should help.
  • Ugandalore - Where are the enemy currently?
  • Brygon - Atacking a Vovler Military Installation. They have soom High-Priority weapons there.
  • Ugandalore - Barda, his son, and these 3 will lead the force to defend the base, while we attempt to make our way towards the Queen Root.
  • Pulparios - It won't be easy. She's being guarded by hordes of her brood, Bio-morphlings, and Meeno/Dead Watch forces.
  • Barda - Then Zaraturai Protect us in this hour of need. And let them know, that they have face the proudest warriors in the universe!
  • W'tze - Now, if you exude me, I've got things to do...

They all smilled faintly. They might just win this war.

Ketoi Verbai, new field Marshall of the Dead Watch, spoke with his master.

  • Ketoi - Master Lorka, our spies report that Barda, his son, and 3 of the Ultra Commandos are on their way.
  • Lorka - Excellent. Mortox will be want him assimilated, but that mostly won't work. We'll kill him if need be, or turn his son to our side. Our Master's ally will want those three dead.
  • Ketoi - Then the Cano Clan shall have venegance, master?
  • Lorka - Yes, my dear Marshall, yes it will...

The Trap Edit

Barda and his troops landed, stepping out of the gunships, to see some Volver troops fighting off Bio-morphlings and Dead Watchers. His troops charged, firing away at the Watchers. They turned, attacking them. The 2 Ugandal groups clashed, intil the hangar was cleared of Dead Watchers and Morphlings.

The hangar walls where covered in Volver and Morphling blood. Bodies lay everywhere.

  • Barda - What happened here?!
  • Volver Seargnant - The Dead Watchers' fleet came out of no where. Our sensors never alerted us to them. They just appeared. We thought we where doomed.
  • Barda - Tell your troops that help has arrivied. Try to hold back as much as possible.

His troops spread out, searching for the enemy soldiers. The Volver seargnant joined them. The Ugandals and remaining Volver spread out searching for enemies. In turn, the Dead Watch sprang out from the vents to attack quickly, then retreat away. However, this did not work for long. The Ugandals began throwing gernades into the vents, to flush out any Morphlings and Watchers.

Now with their element of surprise robbed, it was a full on battle. Barda, his son, and the Three Commandos moved through the base, blasting down any Morphlings and Watchers that got in their way.

Finally, their scanners indecated just 1 soldier inside. It was definitely Lorka.

  • Tyrazis - Father, there he is, lets move in!
  • Barda - Hold it son. This could be a trap.
  • Tilaos - *his eye-piece extends outward* No living beings detected. He's all alone.
  • Arkaalin - *un-sheathes his sword* Let's kill him, again.

Tilaos froze the door solid, then Arkaalin increased the heat dramicatcall, melting it. Lorka turned in surprise, pointing his blaster at them. Before he could fire, Uriet sent the hot Water right at him.

  • Lorka - Argh! You fools, come to challenge me?
  • Barda - Eww. Lorka, what happened to you?
  • Lorka - I am now a servant of the Grox, I am far stronger then you could ever hope to be!
  • Barda - What happened to Ugandalorian Greatness? The Lorka I knew would never betray his morals like that!
  • Lorka - That Lorka Died, and I was born.
  • Barda - Then I shall fight for his venegance.

Lorka laughed, as Morphlings and Infectant infection forms crawled out from the cieling and began infecting all the dead bodies. Soon, they where surrounded by Morphlings, and Infectants.

  • Barda - You guys take on the zombies, Lorka's mine.

He charged, as Lorka met him with slash from his sword. Barda Held up his 2 Blade Knuckles, blocking the blow, and tossing him aside. Barda then stabed at Lorka's face. The Dead Watcher paried, then kicked Barda away. Barda Landed hard on his back, as Lorka leapt on top of him, stabing him several times. Barda Kicked him off, then shot him 3 times with his blaster. Lorka fired his own blaster, 2 rounds hitting Barda in the chest, and another taking off a Morphling's head, who contuined fighting against Arkaalin. Barda and Lorka meant in the middle again, clashing their weapons again.

Tilaos leapt aside, as a Morphling tank rushed at him. He twirled in mid-air, stabing 2 leaping Infectants, and throwing them at the Tank. It turned it's huge, Mass-like arm weapon, smashing them away. Tilaos, however, had one last weapon. He created a Block of ice, then melted it into a icelcee. He charged at the Tank, then stabed the Icelcee into it's left eye. The Beast roared in rage, it's shriecks shacking the room. Tilaos then raised his Blaster, and using his enhanced vision, hit the tank in it's weak mid-section. Arkaalin, meanwhile, was burning away infectants and Morphlings. Why couldn't anything stay dead. Ark was usually easiely aggrivatied, and it didn't take much to piss him off. This was no exeption. What he wouldn't give to just burn everything around him. But he had learned too much in all his years of fighting. Fire without control was more of a menace then a power.

Uriet, meanwhile, was using her favorite weapon, aA Blaster rifle. She shot down Infectants, while sending tidal waves out, washing away enemies. Even her patience was not infinite. How many of these...things..where there? She stashed at 2 with her newest weapons, her power Axes. She slashed another's head off, while kicking another in the face.

Lorka kicked Barda aside.

  • Lorka - Come now Barda. The Future comes closer. The Cyber Collective approaches, and Perfection offers it's hand to you. A fate you must abide by!
  • Barda - There is no perfection Lorka. Not among us mortals.
  • Lorka - Because you are weak!
  • barda - *blocks another attack.* Yes I am weak. We all make mistakes Lorka, the diffrence is, the stronger man admits it. You once where like that Lorka, wheren't you?
  • Lorka - *Swings his Sword at Barda Several times* No...I am..Perfection now.
  • Barda - No your not. Let's finish this.

He and Lorka clashed, again and again. Swords and Bladed Kunckles met, the 2 attempting to out-do eachother. Finally, Barda Stabbed Lorka right in the chest, past his arm, and ripping his flesh apart. As Lorka gazed down to see his flesh healing, he finally realised it. He was but a hollow carcass of what he once was.

Lorka tossed aside his weapon, and held out his arms.

  • Lorka - You are right Barda. I have become less then nothing. Kill me. I have limited freedom, do me in before the Nano-machines take control.
  • Barda - I'm sorry.
  • Lorka - Don't be.

He held up his blaster, and fired a round into Lorka's face. He fell, finally dead.

As the last of the infectants where destroyed, Barda took Lorka's helmet and Sword, before walking away. He would honor Lorka as a friend, not an enemy.

Meanwhile, Ketoi Verbai called for a retreat, having seen the whole thing. With the Watchers and Morphlings falling back, the station was now free. Barda ordered a divison to stay behind, as the main fleet made it back to the Legion's headqauters.

Ketoi's hologram appeared before Lord Mortox.

  • Ketoi - Mortox, M'lord, Lorka has fallen!
  • Mortox - *Smiles* I know Ketoi.
  • Ketoi - Am I in charge now?
  • Mortox - No, Lorka is.

Before Ketoi could ask, he saw another Lorka step out from behind Mortox. He was larger, more musclar, and had cybernetic wires tracing alone his body, replacing his viens. His cold eyes locked onto Ketoi.

  • Mortox - I knew Lorka was a proplem child. So I cloned a new Lorka, this one totally without morals. He is stronger now. Nothing will corupt him.

Ketoi Nodded. When the final battle came, he would be more then happy to work with this new, stronger Lorka. The Cano Clan would have their revenge, on Torscka's plague.

His fleet began to move towards the main Infectant Fleet. The Legion would fall, and the Grox would rule all!

Hive Mind, Destroyer of Worlds Edit

Hive Mind continued her onslaught of various races in the galaxy. She hovers above a small world of tribal creatures. She then drives her tendrils and tentacles into the planet, pumping toxic gas containing the virus. The creatures are then instantly infected and die. Hive Mind proceeds to devour the remaining life force of the creatures.

She continues until there are no more planets left with life in the system. Hive Mind moves to the next system, then the next, and the next. Suddenly a ship enters her orbit.

  • Lorka - Hive Mind, I understand your hunger, but I insist you avoid eating your allies!
  • Hive Mind - Do not worry, all who die will be reborn as my children.
  • Lorka - That my be true, but what if the Legion of Glory manages to defeat you? It happened to Ne'yon, who had no equal besides the Dark One...
  • Hive Mind - Impossible. I've eliminated the two of the four beings who can defeat me in this form. The fourth, Dark One, is not here.
  • Lorka - There are four beings who can kill you?
  • Hive Mind - Yesss...Ne'yon, my cousin in a sense, had the power to defeat me, though if I devoured him, I'd gain his power. Lavern defeated my children before and forced me into dormancy. Dark One, being on par with Ne'yon, must have powers that can overpower me. And Glynnorious, with that damned Alphorium true weakness...though I thank him for killing Ne'yon for me.
  • Lorka - Alphorium...I should acquire myself some...
  • Hive Mind - The only Alphorium in the universe was forged into that sword. Kill Brygon, and you can keep the blade.
  • Lorka - Heheheh...I'll keep my eyes open for him. Well I'll pull my ships back, I'm going to finally get my revenge on the Legion. Oh, one last thing.

Lorka's ship fires a pod at the Hive Mind's crust. However, before toughing it, it starts to hover, and then deploys itself into a ring around her, filled with shield Generators, Grox Weaponry and Defenses. A powerful shield is then formed around the Hive mind.

  • Lorka - Mortox instructed me to do this. This shield will absorb any attacks fired at you, making you stronger in process. However, in order to attack, the shield will temporary go down, otherwise you attacks will be absorbed also.
  • Hive Mind - That doesn't matter.
  • Lorka - Very well. The Meeno will strike at your command!

Lorka leaves Hive Mind and begins his journey to the Legion's headquarters.

Attack on the Legion Edit

It was time. A full Meeno Grox fleet, aided by the rest of the Alpha Cyber Collective as well as the Meta Grox, moved in to the system. Even the united fleets the UFG, Anroth, the 2 Spodist nations, NOVA, Waptoria and Lavantufts were no match for these of the Grox. An Alpha Grox Diamond, carrying Lorka and the Meeno Morphling Queen, flew over the base. As they gave the sign for an attack, Infection Pods were dropped, and Infectants, Morphlings, Dead Watch and Conqrix swarmed out of it. They were going to dismantle the inferior UFG Legion. For the infection. They would make the UFG perfect.

The battle became bloody fast. The UFG were overrun, The Grox, Infectants, and Dead Watch continued their assault until they finally reached the UFG Council. The leaders of each opposing force walk into the temple while the war continues outside. A hologram of Mortox appears at the holotable at the room's centre.

  • Lorka - Ugandalore! Your Federation has fallen. Surrender, or die!
  • Ugandalore - Lorka! Barda shot you point blank! How did you...
  • Mortox - This Lorka is a perfect, cybernetic clone of the original. He is perfect!
  • Si'daal - Mortox! You Grox scum! This Federation will never fall!
  • Brygon - That's right! You won't defeat us, even if we are out numbered!
  • Lorka - These treats are futile! You've lost Lavern, probably the only hope you had of defeating the infectants, and your Soldarian troops, though effective, are in low numbers!
  • Mortox - Besides, Hive Mind will devour this planet whole!

Hive Mind is hovering above the planet, blocking fire from the UFG ships with her new shield.

  • Si'daal - I won't stand for this!

Si'daal raises her scepter and fires powerful magic at Lorka. He deflects the magic causes it to strike the wall.

  • Mortox - Enough! Lorka, kill her!

With blinding speed, Lorka charges up the stairs and for Si'daal. The others try to react, but are not fast enough to catch him. Suddenly, Averil blocks his advance, kicking him down a flight.

  • Lorka - pest!
  • Averil - 'ey! Ya don't see me calling you names!
  • Brygon - Averil! I'll help you!
  • Averil - No, leave 'em to me! None of ya are fast enough to keep up with 'em!
  • Oskel - My Queen, What should we do?
  • Si'daal - We have to stop Hive Mind! Oskel gather our ships!
  • Mortox - Stupid inferior! Hive Mind is larger than this entire planet. Resistance is futile!

With that, the hologram dissapears. Si'daal then prompts the others to follow, leaving Averil to Lorka.

The Leaders begin making their way to stop Hive-mind.

Meanwhile, the 3 Ultra Commandos are finding it tough goings with the Cult of Attzerry High Commanders.

Uriet and Lust are locked in battle, the 2 attacking again and again, as Uriet also defends against Envy and Apathy.

Tilaos is knocked against multiple crystal towers belonging to Pride, as Gullontony smashs him with his Mace. Arkaalin is fighting off the rest.

  • Uriet - *Blocks A blow with her spear.* This is hopeless! Without our brothers, we are doomed to fail!

She sends a tidal wave, sending her foes flying into several Dead Watcher Defenders, as a Bio-Morphling Titan stands over them all. With a roar, it prepares to smash them down, when a Pillar of Mud and stone rises, stabing straight through his chest.

A tornado then goes, sweeping up several Cultists, as well The Commanders of Genocide, Envy, and Lust.

  • Corhufu - You rang?
  • Arkaalin - It is good to see you. Now we must gather with our leaders and defeat the Hive-mind, but how?
  • Tilaos - Brygon might have a chance *Blocks a blow from Pride, before freezing him solid, all without looking.* But we need someone as powerfull as Glynn or Ne'yon to tip the scales.

They made their way to the hivemind. Intil Lorka and Averil landed, locked in combat. Arkaalin joined, slashing with his sword.

  • Arkaalin - Everyone! GO! Deal with the Hivemind. I shall deal with Lorka myself!
  • Lorka - Bring it, Commando.

The 2 clashed, slashing at eachother, with Arkaalin bringing his fire powers to bear against Lorka's own.

Ugandalore, meanwhile was blazing ahead, intil a massive tank smashed it's way in front of him.

  • Ugandalore - Ketoi Verboi! A Criminal thug and a savage. Just like what the Dead Watch would recruit.

Meeno servants seperated the other from Ugandalore, keeping them from getting to him. They began struggling against them.

  • Ketoi - My father's death, was your fault! Everything happening now is your fault!
  • Ugandalore - Ketoi, A strong man knows when he is wrong, and while it is my fault for not finding a diplomatic solution to this civil war, your father's death was not my fault.

Ketoi roared, and fired several blaster rounds at Ugandalore, he flew up with his jet pack, shoting at the tank. Ketoi fired a Seeker missle, which zipped around and hit Ugandalore from behind.

His jet Pack exploded, and feel on his hands and knees, coughing up blood and his armor caked with mud, dirt, and blood.

  • Ketoi - Now I get to wipe you from Ugandalorian History!

He opened fire, hitting Ugandalore the Great several times in the chest, who growned in pain. In one last act, he threw a gernade, which landed right on top of the tank, adn exploded. Ketoi went flying away, landing miles away.

Barda ran forward.

  • Barda - Ugandalore! Torscka!

Several Dead Watch opened fire. W'zte grabed Barda and throw themselfs both to the ground, W'zte screaming so as to make it look like they where dead.

After the Meeno troops where defeated, Barda Stood alone, holding his friend's hand.

  • Barda - I'm sorry Ugandalore, I should've had your back.
  • Ugandalore - No. *Groans* This is my life-time's journey. Your's lies beyond. *He points to the Hive-mind*. Trust yourself. I am proud to call you brother, Barda Clett, and the New Ugandalore.

He took off his helmet, and handed it Barda. He took it and put it in his back-pack like structure on his jet pack. He and Ugandalore bumbed fists one last time. Then, Ugandalore's body finally stopped. The Great ruler, was now dead. Barda shut his eyes in saddness, holding back the tears. He had lost so many friends, family. Ugandalore was one of the few who didn't die. He had been there, like a second-father, and A Brother, to Barda.

He stood, his teeth clenched tight. Then an over-whelming blaze seemed to spread throughout his body. He opened his eyes, to see his armor and skin, where now red, simaler to Arkaalin's.

  • Barda - My elemental power...

He stood before his comrades, all shocked at his transformation. A new fire glowed in his eyes. His weapons had changed, now able to harness his inner-elemental power.

  • W'tze - Ascension? Well this stuff looks as powerful as the Mystic Energy I have.
  • Barda - Come my brothers and sisters. It's time to finish the fight...

Purge the Infection Edit

Meanwhile, Si'daal storms to her ship, blasting any oncoming enemies with her magic. Oskel and Brygon cover her by cutting down any stragglers she may have missed. Magmos flies overhead, blasting fire at the Infectant and Bio- Morphlings. Averil flies to them, wounded from his fight with Lorka.

  • Magmos - Averil! We're you victorious!?
  • Averil - That's not important! Barda needs our assistance! He at W'tze are near one of Hive Mind's tentacles and will be climbing up shortly.
  • Brygon- Right, we'll be there! Let's move troops!

The leaders and their armies fight their way to Barda. Brygon attempts to greet him, but can sense his anger and sadness. He looks over to find Ugandalore the Great, dead.

  • Brygon - he...
  • Barda - Yes. He's gone.
  • Brygon - No...this can't be...
  • Oskel - I assume you are the new Ugandalore?
  • Barda - Yes...I was assigned the responsibility with his final breath.
  • Si'daal - Barda, mark my words...we will avenge him. His death will not be in vain.
  • Brygon - Right, will destroy Hive Mind, then deal with the Grox. If we can at least...
  • W'tze - Let's move. We don't have much time before the planet is no more.

The group leaves their troops behind. They pass through the shields using Brygon's Alphorium Blade and travel to Hive Mind's infested core. Infectants immediately attacked them. The hardened warriors strike back without mercy, thinking about all they have lost along the way. They toss them aside like they are toys and continue on. They reach her core.

  • Hive Mind - You've come for me? I hope you don't expect to win!
  • Averil - Shut yer trap! We are going to end this!
  • Barda - We will not let you terrorize the galaxy anymore with your spawn!
  • Hive Mind - I will never stop. I will consume EVERYTHING!!!

She lashes her tentacles and captures them all. She squeezes them with bone crushing force, slowly killing them.

  • Hive Mind - I will finally kill you all! This all works out perfectly! Brygon, Si'daal, and Magmos, children of my greatest enemies! Killing you will ensure that your bloodline will never interfere again!
  • Oskel - You will not harm my queen!
  • Hive Mind - And as for you dear, I will give you a second chance to be my love once again...
  • Oskel - Grr...never!
  • Hive Mind - Then die like the rest! As for you Barda, once I devour you, I'll devour that boy of yours!
  • Barda - You won't harm him!

Barda's energy explodes, causing Hive Mind to drop the warriors. Oskel quickly dashes forward and slashes her with his tomahawk. Hive Mind screeches and slams him with her tentacles. Barda and Brygon follow up and stab her multiethnic times. The Alphorium in Brygon's sword nullifies her strength, allowing Barda to deal effective blows. Hive Mind attempts to strike Brygon, but he is defended by W'tze and Magmos' attacks. Si'daal fires a stasis blast and puts Hive Mind into slow motion. Oskel grabs all of her tentacles, halting her attacks.

  • Oskel - Now! All of you attack NOW!!!
  • Si'daal - For Farmia!
  • Magmos - For my father!
  • W'tze - For the Waptoria!
  • Averil - For my family!
  • Brygon - For Noruuk!
  • Barda - FOR UGANDALORE!!

The warriors deal their most powerful blow all a once. Hive Mind was unable to take so much damage directly and her core was destroyed. Her planetary outer shell crumbled and she fell to the planet below, crushing some Meeno ships. With Hive Mind dead, the Infectants were no more. The Infectants fighting on world dropped dead almost instantly. The heroes walk out of the Hive Mind's core, realizing their strength came from something they hold dear.

  • Brygon - It isn't over yet. We still have the Meeno and Bio-Morphlings to deal with.
  • Magmos - Right. My people have not forgotten the injustice we faced from the Grox.
  • Brygon - The Ascon Warship can destroy the fleet with the Volver Laser, but it has to have time to charge. Can you all cover me until then?
  • Barda - We'll try.

The warriors jump into their fighters and fly into the space battle. Oskel, piloting Si'daal's royal fighter with Si'daal as gunner, cover Brygon as he makes his way to the Ascon Warship. The Chariot, a Volver frigate carrying the great Volver Knights, is accompanied by the fleets of the SCN and Clacleaure. The Meeno and Bio-Morphlings close in on the fleets, severely out numbering them.

Showdown in Space Edit

Brygon makes it to the ship, realizing that it has been boarded by the Meeno. Kionorox, the Meeno Marinox Commandant, who is currently in command of the Ascon Warship, notices Brygon.

  • Brygon - Kionorox! Leave my ship!
  • Kionorox - You won't win this war you inferior life form. Troops! Exterminate that Inferior!

The Meeno Assimilated jump from their chairs and charge at Brygon together with Meeno Marinox. Brygon draws his sword and swiftly cuts down the first. He dodges the second and stabs the third. The second tries to counter attack but is slashed across the throat. The fith and sixth try to double team him, but he blocks both attacks and with one horizontal slash, kills both of them.

  • Brygon - Now as I said, leave. My. Ship.
  • Kionorox - You'll have to pry it from my cold dead hands!

Kionorox charges up his gun and opens fire on Brygon. The Volver Knights finally arrive and team up on Kionorox. Kionorox fends them off, but Brygon jumps in and stabs him. Kionorox stumbles backwards and leans against the wall, bleeding. The knights close in to deal the final blow, but something goes wrong. Suddenly, every Volver on the battlefield stops instantly, and faints. Brygon is taken by surprise, as his movement is greatly restricted. Despite this, he struggles forward to Kionorox.

  • Brygon - Whatever you're doing, it won't hold me back!
  • Kionorox - What!? Inferior! I am not responsible for this!
  • ??? - ᏆᎦᏝᎢ (pronounced Ehs-oolt)

From that word, Brygon stopped completely. He couldn't move even if he tried.

  • ??? - Kionorox, ᏣᏯMᎧ ᏔIᎢᏆ MᎧ....
  • Kionorox - I don't understand! Error! Who are you!?
  • ??? - Come...

Suddenly, Kionorox vanishes instantly. Brygon and the rest of the Volver regain their mobility. Brygon ponders on what happened for a moment, but realizes the Volver Laser is ready to fire. He steps over to the controls.

  • Brygon - Now! Everyone move out of the way! I'm about to fire up the laser!

All of the allied fleets retreat behind the Ascon Warship. The enemy fleets have no idea why the sudden retreat, but notice what is happening too late. The Volver laser fires, along with the super weapons equipped on the allied ships, and annihilates the enemy fleets.

  • Brygon - Whew...Barda, it's over.
  • Barda -'s over...

Kionorox' fate Edit

Meamwhile, on Meeno Atzerry, the Meeno Morphling Queen arrives at Mortox' castle, with Lorka and Ketoi waiting outside in the hot wind.

  • Morphling Queen - My gone...
  • Mortox - Affermative. My best fleet commander is vanished.

Mortox rose from his throne.

  • Mortox - The Evermind dislikes this. But no matter. We will find him, for we are the Grox! Lorka and Ketoi will lead the investigation. Also, Kionorox can defend himself quite well.
  • Morphling Queen -

Mortox simply pointed at the Queen's Lava Pit, then sat back on his throne, thinking...

Kionorox appears in a dark place, shadow flowing around him like water in an ocean. He swims up, and find himself reduced to his Marinox appearance.

  • Kionorox - [charges up his gun] Inferior trash! Let me be!
  • ??? - I cannot allow you to interfere any longer.
  • Kionorox - THEM? Vague. Conseptless. All who interfere with our plan and our allies will be exterminated.
  • ??? - Try me.

Kionorox charges for the being's voice and attempts to slash him. But it blocks his punch and sends an energy pulse through his body, shattering his bones. Kionorox fell to the ground, bleeding and in intense pain.

  • Kionorox - Aargh! You...wait untill we figure out the source of Ne'yon's power. Then...then we'll see if you want to keep...smack...
  • ??? - Hmph...Ne'yon? He was merely my pawn. I gave him only a fraction of my true power.
  • Kionorox - No
Spore 2013-04-02 14-11-31

Kionorox meets THEM

  • ???- Yes. I am the False God that will come. Spivile. Though, that's more of an alias. I only posed as Spevile to use Ne'yon. And Alphorium was a creation of mine. It was merely a back up plan if Ne'yon decided to betray us. Which he did. And the Volver, though they are unaware of it, are my creations as well. I made them specifically to kill Ne'yon and that pesky virus Hive Mind, considering they are the only beings besides me who can wield Alphorium without it draining their energy.
  • Kionorox - Still...irrevelant. Must...still...exteminate!

The being does not respond. Instead, it then sends Kionorox back to Mortox in an instant.

  • Mortox - Ah well. I must say I did not expect you to return quickly.
  • Kionorox - Spivile must be assimi...Error. Not enough energy remains. This unit will go in a lockdown now.

Lorka and Ketoi appear, and take Kionorox away to a recharge pod.

  • Mortox - Spivile...I either sense a potential ally or a potential enemy in you...

Faminarot's Revival Edit

Faminarot FloodMaw wakes up at the same spot as Kionorox did an hour ago, dizzy.

  • Faminarot - Damn Crakina's! I said you wake me up when I fall asleep during battle!
  • ??? - You were not asleep. You were dead, but I give you another chance. A chance to serve. Me.

With this, Spivile uploads the Infectant's plans for the Hermicee into Faminarot's mind.

  • Faminarot - What?! Them bastards! But wait how can I trust you you not going betray me as well?
  • ??? - I do not dispatch loyal servants. You, Hermicee, are dumb yet loyal.
  • Faminarot - We are not dumb...well actually all the aliens say we are.
  • ??? - *loud, evil laughter* This is not all. As a reward for you servitude, the FloodMaw Clan will be revived. Not the FloodMaw of your generation, no, the whole FloodMaw. Every single member of it, from it's formation to it's destruction.

With this words, a truly gigantic horde of Hermicee appears, and bows before Faminarot.

  • Faminarot - OK. Now I really decided. We FloodMaw Clan no longer! We AbyssMaw Clan! And AbyssMaw Clan serves THEM!
  • Drone - Me sais long live AbyssMaw!
  • Big Drone - I ready to fight enemies of AbyssMaw!

All Hermicee together then shout "Long live THEM!", then are silenced by Spivile's booming voice.

  • ??? - We are supreme.

The Hunt for a Killer Edit

Meanwhile, Barda stood aboard his personal Ship, The Celestial Dominace. He had spoken with his wife, who despite some cyncism, was ok with his mission, as where the other leaders. Now he spoke with Brygon.

  • Barda - I'm going after Ketoi. You don't have to be ok with this, just know what I'm going to do.
  • Brygon - What's your plan?
  • Barda - Either bring him to Ugandalore alive, or kill him.
  • Brygon - How complex.
  • Barda - I either do this for the Ugandalorians, and Torscka, or I don't, and I'll never be a true leader.
  • Brygon - I'd say otherwise, but your cultre.
  • Barda - Not really. It's a personal goal. Wish me luck Brygon.

Ketoi, meanwhile, was aboard his own personal ship, Death's Hand, and raiding several minor races for more money, spice, and slaves. He was quit proud of himself. The Dead Watch, despite the small set-back, where up and running again. The New Lorka turned a Blind eye to his raiding and piracy, unlike the other. he sat on a Throne on the bridge, his face now lined with scars from the Infectant War.

  • Dead Watch Trooper - Sir, we have a ship coming out of FTL. It's True Ugandal in design.
  • Ketoi - Show me.

A Design read-out of the ship appeared in front of him. He immediatly reconized it. Suddenly, an explosion shock the ship.

  • Dead Watch Trooper - Engines are crippled. And there's an object heading towards the bridge!

Ketoi grabed his rifl and helmet, and ran for the exit, as a projectile smashed right through the window. The Projectile was Barda Clett. He slammed right through, his red armor glistening, as a small cape adnorned his shoulders. He now wore the Ugandalore's helm.

As the exit door closed, Barda activatied his new powers, melting the door. 2 Dead Watch wraiths tryed to stop him, only for him to smash their heads together. The other Dead Watchers ran after him, but not before he fired a concussion missle at their controls. The explosion riped the area apart as barda made his escape, tracing Ketoi's path perfectly, as the Dead Watchers where launched out in the vaccum.

As Ketoi ran through the escape deck, Barda jumped up behind him with a roar of rage. He turned, as Barda Slammed a Kick into his face. Before he could recover, Barda slammed his armored fist into Ketoi's Helm, breaking it.

  • Barda - You better hope there's an after-life Ketoi.
  • Ketoi - *Snorts* How over-rated.

Ketoi slammed an elbow into Barda's face, followed by a punch to the Kidney.

  • Ketoi - I guess Ugandalore, or your insane father never got to finish training you.

Ketoi grabed barda By the Back of the neck, and held up his middle and pointer fingers.

  • Ketoi - So allow me to show you how to rip open a Man's throat. A gift from Tox Cano, from the after-life.

Another Explosion rocked the ship. Ketoi droped Barda, who tried to crawl towards The Field Marshall's fallen rifl. Ketoi grabed him by the straps of his armor.

  • Ketoi - Dead Watch, this is Ketoi Verboi. The ship is comprised. Get to the Pods. But don't worry *Slams an Elbow into Barda's face* I've delt with the intruder.

He left Barda Lying there as he walked into the nearest one. Barda got up, and not wasting time, ran after him. He jumped in, just as the Pod's doors closed. The 2 fought it out, as the pods launched out, and the ship exploded, taking many of the Dead Watch's finest with it.

The Pod landed, and the Door flew off. Ketoi slammed Barda into a Wall, and flew off. Barda Shoke himself off, then leapt out, looking for him.

  • Ketoi - You're determined Clett, and strong, but your not fire-proff.
  • Barda - You'll find I'm full of surprises, boy.

Ketoi pointed his flamethrower, and launched a jet of flame at Barda. Barda held up his hand. The Flame went around Barda's fist, and abosrbed into his body. He jumped toward Ketoi, Focusing the Fire into his fist, and slaming it into ketoi's chest. The Dead Watcher went flying into a river, but not before firing a Grabling hook from his wrist, and latch it onto Barda's ankle. He followed it the river, against his will.

The 2 struggled against the current for about an hour, intil Barda found a beach. Pullinghimself by his elbows, he climbed out. A Famiely of Wild, feline beasts watched from afar. Ketoi followed, and stabed him from behind with a long needle, that pierced right through his armor. He staggered as the world spun.

  • Ketoi - World's a'spinning Barda? Good. I just shot you full of Meeno grox Nano-Nites. While it won't kill you or assimilate you, it will knock you. OH ho, I'll do the killin myself. *Hits him in the face with a branch* Torscka Nitrocon would be sooo disppionted in you...

Everything snapped in Barda at the minute. He had survived the Dark one, survived the Hive-mind, and he Would Not die by a Dead Watcher's hand. Triggering one last weapon in his wrist gaunlet, he swerved around, and slashed a Saw-Blade-like weapon into Ketoi's gut. Blood spurtered out, as He yelped in pain.

  • Ketoi - You *Groans* Think this cut is gonna kill me?!
  • Barda - *Wipes his nose* No...But they will...

Ketoi turned to hear a roar of hunger. the Feline Mother's eyes where red. It had smelt blood, and it's children and she where hungry. This one would make a fine feast. Ketoi screamed something un-intelligeable, as Barda passed out, his last thoughts praying he didn't die, before he could see his wife, Brother, and son again.

Barda woke up in the Med station of a Waptoria Frigate, dazed from his fight. W'zte was standing by.

  • W'zte - Very risky thing Barda. Dire Cats, could've eaten you too if you wherent'carefull. Once they smell blood, it takes months for them to calm down.
  • Barda - They must've thought I was bad Meat.
  • W'tze - *Laughs* I guess you are. Rest no, brother. We'll be meeting up with the other leaders, to hold a memorial for all those who fell in the war.
  • Barda - I'll be ready to raise the sun and moon.

W'tze laughed again, patted Barda on the shoulder, and walked out. Barda sat back and rested, and for the first time in years, his sleep was not disturbed by Nightmares of the past.

Remembrance Edit

Crowds of civilians, politicians, and soldiers from each race of the NOVA, Brotherhood of Spode, Unified Nations of Spode, WAOS and UFG gathered in Gartoomia, capital of Ascon. On the planet, inside the caskets lay the bodies of Grand Advisor Noruuk and Ugandalore the Great. Many other caskets and urns surround them, full of the fallen warriors. Pulporious V, now bound to a wheelchair, was in attendance. Lavern, who had finally awakened from his coma, watched in despair as the memorial of his friends took place. Si'daal walked down the isle escorted by Oskel and the other royal guards. Brygon followed guarded by the Volver Knights. Barda and W'tze walked together, along with the families of Ugandalore the Great and Noruuk. Magmos was the last to reach the podium. Each of the leaders took a seat, as Barda stepped up and spoke to the crowd.

Spore 2013-04-02 13-55-35

All of the Leaders gather.

Barda rose with trouble. His hip had taken damage from his fight with Ketoi. He would heal though.

He stepped up, and took a deep breath, before speaking to the crowds.

  • Barda - You may all know one of the fallen warriors there, as Ugandalore the Great. A Great Ruler. Passionate, Compatient, and honor-bound. He, Torscka Nitrocon, swore to protect the Ugandal people with his all, and he did, even, as I found out, he was dieing from a disease, one he had succesfully kept hidden from his closest friends. He was without doubt the greatest of our kind. I am now Ugandalore, called the Un-touchable by my people. But I shall never live up to his legacy. He has pathed a path of glory for our races, one that we must follow, to honor his memory, and the memories of our fallen brothers. They where all pieces, of 1 fist, used to smash down the Infectants' scourge. Without all their courage in the face of ever-lasting shadow, we would not stand here today. Torscka told me that his Life-time's journey was at an end. It is because of that, we must contuine ours. For Noruuk's, Torscka's, and the many other fallen warriors' memories.

He went back to sit by his wife, son, and daughter, sitting down slowly, his helm covering his face, hiding the tears, and the memories of the past.

  • Brygon - Thank you for your kind words Barda. I understand your pain, but now my father, Noruuk, and Ugandalore the Great, can rest. We were victorious against the Meeno, Death Watch, Bio-Morphlings, Botana and the Infectant Scourge. Leaders, Soldiers, we have all survived this great ordeal, as well as the Nebulorian-Alpha War, the war that claimed many of our warrior's lives. But now, we must look on to the future, and rebuild. All of us have stayed together to the end, and that's a true alliance.

W'tze rose from his seat. He had a determined look on his face.

  • W'tze - That is true Brygon. We have fought many wars together, and by Unity, we have won. There was once a great empire, known as the Enlightened Ones. Many of us are created by them. Well, like Noruuk and Torscka, they died, but they left a legacy for us to continue! We must carry on that legacy! We must protect Mirus and beyond from the forces of Evil! They, and Ughandalore the Great, have not died in vain! They have leveled our path, so we can walk it! We must create an Mirusian-de Alliance, become the new Enlightened Ones, and protect Mirus, whatever the ULE likes it or not. But either way, we, the New Enlightened Ones, the Novia Ligdia in Waptorain and ᎢᎩᎭ ᏌᏜᎣᎦᎥᎦᎧ (TA-Reju-Ae)in Asconian, shall succeed in our job! But for now, let's honor the ones who died for us. That's all folks.

W'tze stepped down, and returned to his seat.

Barda, Brygon, and Magmos

Brygon giving Barda the title of Ugandalore the Untouchable. Magmos cheers

There was a long moment of silence. Minutes later, a few Ugandalorian guards line up next to the podium, two on each side. Barda steps up to the podium. Brygon, Si'daal, Magmos, and W'tze walk with him.

  • Brygon - People of the UFG! Barda Clett, will be the new Ugandalore!
  • Si'daal - Yes, for he is the only one worthy I such a title.
  • Magmos - Lead Ugandalore with pride!
  • W'ze - And don't forget to listen to your people pal.

Brygon turns to Barda holding Torscka's helmet. Barda kneels and bows his head. Brygon takes the helmet with both hands and gently slides it onto Barda's head. Barda then stands, turning to the crowd, revealing his new armor.

  • Brygon - You are now known as Ugandlore the Untouchable. [ᏜᎾᎦᎳᎦᏝᏯᎿᎧ (Oo-gah-dja-lore) in Asconian.]
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