The Empire yet lies dissolved, but under my careful tending, it's ideals and power may yet live, even in this alien galaxy. I will build a dynasty to last a thousand years.

- Dravius Orestes

The Second Imperium is a sizable Empire and Kingdom within the Core of Mirus, just south of the United Lanat Empire, and most notable as a powerful Imperial Remnant from the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, the colonies there forged after the Emperor Abolix was murdered and a puppet placed in power. The colonies were established and built up for resources for the Empire, including construction, ship building, weapons manufacturing, and other resources the Empire would need in the coming years to strengthen it's hold and better crush resistance throughout the First Gigaquadrant. Largely ignored by the Empire except for it's tithes of manpower, ships and other things that the central government. For this reason, after the Emperor's "Death", Orestes saw an opportunity to seize power for himself.

As the other Warlord Kingdoms and their rulers, called Warlords or Diadochi, drained and bloodied themselves with Wars between themselves, the New Republic and other powers, Orestes spent his time building resources, purging the old guard and those set in their ways, as he sought to modernize, and more importantly, place himself in power. By time the new Republic and New Empire had signed their peace agreements, Orestes had an entire kingdom of his own in Mirus, out of the reach of any other powers, and wholly his own, with only slight resemblances to the Old Empire and it's structure.


The First Beginnings[]

The Second Imperium was always the ambition of the Warlord Dravius Orestes, at first a minor government aide on the Capital world of Bastion, would soon rise with his ruthless attitude and outlook, soon coming into a position of moderate power, but stopped by the Mandator, Galen Kir, appointed in Mirus. Orestes was forced to remain in his position, stoking his hatreds but not quite having the base of support needed to remove him. Having only enough power to remain and dodge The Mandator's fury and hate, but never enough to outdo his wily superior.

It was not until the Emperor's "Death" at the Great Battle of Orbispira, years later, that Dravius would see his chance. As unrest built, Dravius set up ties with student youth groups, Army units and members of the famous Stormtrooper Corps. Dravius knew his superior was many things, but he was simply a government worker put in high position. He lacked the ambition and force of will to truly do what needed to be done. With such a tight network, Dravius took advantage of the public broadcasts of the Empire's stinging defeat, and the Mandator's lukewarm response, to start a revolt against him.

Using his connection to the Stormtroopers, Dravius convinced them Mandator Galen was in fact working with the New Republic, and a traitor, executing him in the public square on Bastion. With his chief rival dead, Dravius Orestes was essentially undisputed ruler of the Mirusian Colonies, and with no one able to challenge him from Cyrannus, he was free to build his base of power and transform the colonies into his own private kingdom.

The Warlords Period[]

I am well aware that the Cyrannian Empire is heading by the day toward destruction... On its ruins I will build a vast kingdom... up to the Core and the Outer Rim.

- Dravius Orestes

During the Five Years after the Emperor's disappearance, The Warlords, or Diadochi as they would soon be called, waged war on each and the Republic and it's allies at the same time. Orestes would be the first of these Diadochi, but would remain out of sight, quietly building up his kingdom, purging hardliners and those who could not see the future, and working to make the Second Imperium truly his own.

With the loyalty of the Stormtrooper Corps, the Orestes was hard work, peeling away issues with the Empire he felt needed addressing, restoring a version of the Imperial Senate to his colonies, requiring the Mandators of his territory be elected by the sectors they ruled over, and placing a Potentate in command, both to run his kingdom, and to legitimize his rule as an Emperor. Increasing numbers of aliens were brought into the Empire as free citizens, and Orestes placed hard orders against the Extermination of lesser, more primitive species and the enslavement of any.

As the Rival Diadochi fell and were killed, routed, captured and arrested by their rivals, The New Republic and it's allies, or the leading Imperial Warlord of the galaxy, Henera Medé,Orestes merely extended the offer of resettlement and escape for any military forces that managed to make it into his territory, gaining veterans of the War in the Fleet, army and other areas to use as he wished.

By the time the Peace treaty of the New Republic and the New Empire was signed, Orestes had a comfortable position as leader of the Second Imperium, but recognized issues already brewing. The Republic was not comfortable at all with any Imperial Diadochi that remained, and while Cyrannus was well and truly theirs, Orestes knew he would be a target, especially as the Mendel Pact and other members of the Unified Alliance of Enlightenment eyed the dictator with weary eyes. To keep his position secure, Orestes sought to normalize relations with the New Republic, and begin trade and peaceful talks.

Conversely, the Second Imperium took to challenging other Remnants, especially the New Empire back in Cyrannus, for the right to call themselves Successor States. Orestes sought to isolate and overpower the New Empire, while expanding his own kingdom. He realized, however, that no amount of military power could equal something like the Phaedric Order, the Lords and Sorcerers that survived, joining the New Empire. To survive, Orestes would need figures at every level who could counter his rivals.

Somehow, he managed to contact the Former Sorcerer and Rogue Phaedric Lord, Crothal, convincing him that they could work together, to help bring a new age for the Empire. Interested, Crothal agreed to a meeting, and set out at once, contacting his students from far and wide. Among the handful of surviving Inquisitors, came High Inquisitor Savis Crevix, Crothal's own student, High Inquisitor Antares Treymaze, and Inquisitor Alyara, as well as the few hundred Dark Side Adepts Crothal had trained that survived the Second War, including his most powerful, Lumariya.

Rulership in Mirus[]

Relocated within Command of the Second Imperium, Orestes would establish the floating fortress/space station known as the Shadow Academy, and Crothal would remain there, training those deemed worthy and transforming them into Adepts loyal to the Second Imperium. Though this would attract negative attention from the Phaedra, and their Aldárae rivals, as well as Orders native to Mirus, Orestes knew he was secure, and would use that time to prepare the Adepts loyal to him.

Later, the Second Imperium would reach out to, and gain an alliance with, the native insectoid species the Tridiken and their Empire, and worked out a deal and arrangement with them, Tridiken intelligence officers, soldiers and diplomats working closely with Imperium ones, in a bid to help further the Second Imperium's rise to power.

Later, upon the formation of the Federation of Free States, an attempt to unify and bring peace to the Mirusian galaxy like that of the New Republic in Cyrannus, the Second Imperium would step up it's military research, Acamad recruitment and training and fortifying their territories. They also gained the friendship of the Tranquil Erethyst Estates, extending their influence into Eastern Mirus somewhat.



The Imperium is a powerful Kingdom, cast in the mold of the Galactic Empire of old, but further modified by Orestes' ideals and views to better serve his Dynasty. Though the Core of the Imperium is made up of various species, including Libertus, Mortalites and Basileous as the most common, various others also make their homes within it, including a number of Native Mirusian species either conquered or convinced to join by the Imperium's Diplomatic Corps and leadership. Though given less status, bigotry and hate crimes against such beings is outlawed entirely.

Under Orestes' commands, citizens are taught to have a near-fanatical devotion to him, and view him as nothing less then the true successor to the Emperor, all others false and pretenders to the throne. Only Orestes has the strength of will and personality to truly forge a new Empire from the ashes of the Old Order. Slavery of any kind is completely outlawed, and the laws rewritten so that the Sentience of species could not be used to brand them slaves, doing away with a pointlessly cruel law, at least as far as Orestes was concerned.

Orestes, to further solidify his power, has taken to recruiting Dark Siders and Valin users to his regime to help control and direct his kingdom. Though only Crothal of the Phaedric Order joined him, Orestes has at least found his students and a number of Inquisitors to help give his future Dark Order focus and direction in the future.


The Second Imperium allows for the freedom of religion, is normally rather lax and Libertarian in this regard. So long the Religions within the Imperium do not cause dissent and division within his carefully charted order.

One noted group are the Church of Valin, a group of black robe-wearing mystics and holy men, who claim to use Valin to see into the future and glean knowledge. Despite this, they usually do mundane tasks as well, even handling wedding ceremonies and birthdays when their mystics are asked. Many whisper these shamans and figures have the ear of the Emperor himself in some way, but no one knows for sure.


The Governmental structure within the Second Imperium remains largely unchanged by Orestes. He acts as Emperor within the Imperium, and has complete control over all matters revolving around the military, diplomacy, tax collection and other policies. To handle the day-to-day running of the Imperium, Orestes appointed the Council of Mandators to govern and handle such segments, with the Potentate acting as the Emperor's figurehead when Orestes is busy with other details, meeting with leaders, handling the execution of policy, and various other matters of importance.

Each Sector under the Second Imperium is ruled by a Mandator, a figure elected by the sector he rules in question. Unlike Mandators of the Old Empire, the Emperor left the election and governance of each world to the choice of it's citizens and inhabitants, so long as said Mandators remained loyal. Any disloyalty or attempts to move against Orestes, would be met with the force of the Imperial Army, and the Emperor appointing each and every government official to his will and specifications.


Although the majority of species come from Cyrannus, such as Ortella, Libertus, Basileous, Mortalitas and Alavar, an increasing number are drawn from species native to Mirus itself, and given rank and position to make them comfortable within the Imperium's structure. These include the Warlike warriors uplifted by Orestes' command, known as the Nokhoai, the arrogant and insolar humanoids of Firrantio and the species that attracted the attention of Dark Side Adepts, known as the Keth or Kethari. Other species include the adaptive Quisling, the aquatic Nothosaurs and the six-limbed, four-eared, three-eyed, twin-tailed Mesonychids. These various beings give the Empire an edge, and are treated with respect to ensure their loyalty, the Old attitudes of High Cyrannian culture and it's more bigoted connotations mostly abandoned.

Old Cyrannusian Species
New Mirusian Species


Imperium Army[]

The Second Imperium maintains a large armed force, powerful and given the cutting edge technology and legions of professionally trained fighting troops ready to carry out the will of the Imperium. The bulk are Imperial Soldiers, made up of those deemed not loyal, strong or capable enough to enter the Stormtrooper Corps. These soldiers are garrison and support units, sent to fight in the most grueling conditions, and little care given for their survival. All local governors and planetary leaders maintain garrisons and armies of Imperial Army Soldiers and such, but only the Emperor may command the Stormtrooper Corps. This gives him centralized command and ability to wage war, and if any turn to rebellion, Orestes' Stormtrooper legions would crush them, as Stormtroopers only answer to Orestes.

The Imperium Army has seen several reforms in time, and the loosening of restrictions to allow any species to serve more openly, diversifying the Stormtroopers and Army Soldiers to an extent not seen in the Empire or other Imperial Warlord factions.

A key section of the Army charged with guarding the Emperor and facing foes he deems of great importance, are the Emperor's Guard, who journey with him to locations, guard the Imperial Palace of Bastion, join military forces under the Emperor's express command, and famously, draw their ranks from the local Skallin warriors of Mirus.

The army is lead by Supreme General Rah Moctharan, and inventor and lead designer of the infamous Dark Trooper program.

Imperium Navy[]

The Second Imperium uses a large assortment of ships, ranging from Frigates, Corvettes, dreadnoughts and the infamous Star Destroyers. These forces are drawn from the local forces that were already stationed there when the Empire began to colonize the galaxy. Further forces were drawn from Imperial defectors and escaping forces from the various Warlords, giving Emperor Orestes an impressive array of new and old ships, further complimenting them with fresh designs from the Mirusian Foundry Worlds.

The navy has three Super Star Destroyers of the Executor design, though it's fleets are 75% of the size of the New Empire's own. It still relies heavily on the old designs of the fleet, using Judicator-class or the newly built Vasilias-class as a flagship and leading vessel, while supported by the Imperatore-class and numerous Accalamtor and Victory-class Frigates. Other smaller vessels used to back up their fleets include the Lancer-class Frigate, Carrack-class ship and other ships.

Orestes is constantly working to build new designs from the shipyards and factories of the Imperial territories, wishing to one day have the forces needed to establish his own kingdom as a hyperpower to rival the Old Empire, and to bring any other Warlords to heel to his mighty will.

The Fleet is lead by newly christened Grand Admiral Nial DeCairn, a Dark Side Adept of moderate power over Valin.


As before, Orestes has deep ties with the Intelligence, and makes use of their agents to survey his kingdom, both within it's order and strata, and outside observing other Empires and Kingdoms for weakness and aggression. Officers, when not infiltrating society or moving unseen, wear Crimson uniforms resembling those worn by Naval officers. When called upon, they perform assassination, blackmail, material retrieval and other dirty jobs, as well as working alongside Commando units. The most common military units assigned to them are the famous Shadow Troopers, who also serve the Imperial Army.

Unlike the Old Empire, the Inquisition did not survive in the Second Imperium. While three members made their way into Imperium to serve Orestes, the Order itself has vanished from the Imperium. Indeed, these three only maintain their names as Inquisitors for nostalgia and convivence sake. The Inquisition's role was moved into the Acamad Order.

The leader of the Intelligence Agency is Director Kazi Isharat.

Dark Side Adepts[]

Trained by Crothal in his hidden fortress of the Shadow Academy Station, these figures are deemed important enough by Crothal to be trained in the ways of Valin to better serve the Second Imperium. Although Orestes is not a Valin user himself, he recognizes it exists and is important as a tool, and keeps a close ear with Crothal and his Adepts, especially Lumariya. Taking Phaedric teachings and modifying them further, these Adepts form a group known as the Shadow Guards, and act as equivalent to the Phaedric Order within the Old and New Empire, and to the Inquisition.

It's ranks numbers in the thousands, and is beyond Imperium Central command in most cases, being the Emperor's own, and answering to him. Their ranks are their own, and few know their strange rituals and ideals outside of those trained in their Order.


  • Name - Crothal
  • Species - Unknown
  • Position - Heresiarch of the Shadow-Guard

  • Name - Savis Crevix
  • Species - Osteola
  • Position - Formerly High Inquisitor, Currently Shadow-Guardsmen

  • Name - Nial DeCairn
  • Species - Basileus
  • Position - Grand Amdiral


Green face.png Allies[]

The Emperor views you highly.

Blue face.png Friends[]

You have gained our trust. A notable achievement.

Yellow face.png Neutral[]

Apathy is death.

Orange face.png Disliked[]

Your transgressions will not be tolerated!

Red face.png Enemies[]

You face the wrath of the True Successors of the Emperor!

Quotes from others[]

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Another Remnant of the once Great Galactic Empire of Cyrannus, bold in its move to pacify relations with the New Republic. Time will tell if the self-proclaimed 'Emperor' Dravius Orestes ambitions will threaten Imperial Remnants outside that of the Mirus Galaxy

- Vice-admiral Veloci Onychus threat analyses of the Second Imperium

You of the Second Imperium have freed themselves from a bloody dictatorship and a false emperor, I hope you can respect the sovereignty and authority of the Jinaris Empire, and consecutively we will respect you.

- Emperor Lucios von Jinaris IV of The Jinaris Empire

This won't end well.

- Thor of Troodontid Empire

I've been tasked with hunting down Imperial remnants in Cyrannus and beyond. Gotta say, you are first on my list.

- Flockguide Dan'danh of Waptoria Alliance of Species


  • Though named for the Imperial Remnant of Legends, the Second Imperium burrows most heavily from the Restored Empire.
  • The Second Imperium somewhat replaces the retconned Ultramirusian Empire, though indirectly. The Quislings, Nothosaurs and Mesonychids all were part of the Ultramirusians, although their new location is different, and they are much less savage.
  • Diadochi is the term for the Warlords, Generals, friends and confidants of Alexander the Great after the fragmentation of his empire. ZF coined the term as he figured it would serve well for all the Imperial Warlords Post-SGCW.