Wings of amber
Scales of blood
Swords of azure
Glinting buried in the mud.
What dark designs have forced this era
when two houses finally decree
that the other bears no right to rule
This blessed empire, sublime and free?

The spirits cry out "please, shed no pain!"
But alas, for their cries are in vain.
For fate has decided this age
For the lords of paradise
To stain with blood and tears
this celestial stage.

- Ellenim Quilvash "Paradise Stained"

The Second House War of the Draconid Imperium was a devastating civil war at the end of the Era of Imposters. When fight pit champion-turned ITN officer eventually learned that House Ultanos had been imprisoned on a distant planet (to which he was stationed on), he devised a scheme to release them and restore their family to their former place as heads of the Imperium.

The ensuing escape attempt however led to a civil war that effectively tore the Imperium in two and later destroyed the reputation of the once-respected House Khaxvis after the truth of their conspiracies came to light. Their betrayal had been met with execution but not before entire worlds ware bombarded ot ash and billions of lives were ended for the resistance they put up, the actions of past heroes reverberating to the present day.

Prelude: Political Prisoners[]

14th Vospida, ID.169950

Oniron Voxis pushed a trolley through a bunker-like installation in some distant part of the Draconid Imperium. The facility was underground, but you would not be able to tel lthat from the portholes showing imagery of outside. He had in his hands a tray of succulent meats and fruits all hidden under a large silver bowl. Oniron walked solemnly though the halls, occasionally passing pairs of Blood Dragons who looked at him with curiosity under their helmets. Oniron merely shrugged and continued pushing the cart through.

Using palm-print recognition software he registered his hand on a planet that opened a door by sliding it away from him, revealing a beautiful hallway reminiscent of something visible from some palace further near the majestic core worlds; marble tiles of contrasting black and white adorned with lush patterned red carpets and columns inlaid with gold. Near the back of the hall were staircases of the fnest marble, bordered with banisters and railings of the finest cherry-red hardwood and the rails themselves inlaid with gold and silver trim. Oniron always enjoyed the periods he was allowed inside this place, it was more beautiful than the bunker-like tunnels outside or his modest quarters in this place. Here he could forget he was in the frontier and indulge in the beauty that the Imperium's heart had to offer.

He continued pushing the cart and entered a hall divided by the entrance by a cherry-red wooden arch inlaid with silver. Beyond the threshold was a large table trimmed at the rim with silver and carved from a single piece of deep red wood, trimmed and detailed with instances of healthy-looking black wood. Sitting around the table were a dozen Draconis of all ages; children, infants, adolescents, adults and even an elder. They sat with welcoming eyes looking towards Oniron. Each of them wore fine clothes tailored to fit them, vibrant colours, clearly far more expensive than the military garb Oniron was clad in. They were well-groomed and healthy, a fine physique on each of them.

Oniron approached the table and lifted the silver bowl to reveal the courses of succulent meats, their aroma filled the air and everyone took a good, healthy sniff, smiling delightfully as the aromas wafted about. Oniron and a few other attendants that later joined him, served up the meals to each individual. With the last plate set, the group readied themselves and politely dug into the meal, filling the hall with munching, chewing and the odd gratified belching. Before leaving, Oniron quietly cleared his throat.

Oniron - May I sit with you sirs?

One of the elders, with silver hair and wearing a long crimson robe of velvet looked up from the haunch of Krann meat he was chewing on and smiled. His brown eyes locked onto Oniron and he had a charming smile upon his face.

Telestum - Of course Oniron, after all these years you have tended to us, we would not mind. Come.

Oniron nodded and left the tray near to the archway before walking back over ot the table and sitting down on a chair at one of the ends of the tables.Searching his pack he removed a container and an eating utensil reminiscent of a fork beofre opening the container to reveal it was full of succulent meat chunks, the spiced aroma filling his nostrils as he impaled the fork into one of them and gulped it down.

Telestum - Oh Oniron, you do not have to eat a meal like that, is there nothing more succulent you could eat?
Oniron - I am afraid not. These are my rations, not that I don't like the stuff.
Venestus - Are you serious? Would you rather not have a succulent Krann leg?

Another voice joined the conversation. Venestus was younger than Telestrum and a confident being, you could tell from the power in his voice. Oniron rememebred that sometimes he would have a few sparring matches with this Draconis, who proved a confident fighter, even if he was a cynic sometimes.

Oniron - I'm good. I would like to ask though...All those stories of the Imperium you told me about, before your line ended up in here. if you were to oh I don't know...return. Would that be a reality.
Telestrum - Nostalgic dreams lad. I myself do not believe the Imperium will ever be like it was in the Era of Diamonds. It might be grander, of course, but it might not have the same charm.
Oniron - Charm?
Venestrus - Forgive our father, he has been here a long time.
Oniron - But, well, you don't leave here much, Have you never asked yourself how things are?
Venestrus - Ahh, I'm sure whoever is out there in charge is doing a perfectly respectful job.
Oniron - Well...
Telestum - Oniron I would say you are a better judge of what the Imperium is like than us, but if our hosts are as respectful to their own kin as they are to us then I do not worry. After all, if the Imperium is prosperous for us to live the way we have done these past two millennia, someone on Alcanti must be doing something correct.

Oniron sighted and looked down into his container of spiced roasted meat. Slightly shaking his head as he popped a few more mouthfuls between his jaws using his fork.

Oniron - True...maybe I am simply living off the stories of the past.
Venestrus - Nothing wrong with dreaming, its the foundation of society.
Oniron - True but there's dreaming and then there's fantasising.
Telestum - Possibility is limited by the self and the pressure caused by outside forces. If you can overcome both, lad, you can do anything that your spirit desires.
Oniron - Yes...

Oniron slowly sat up from hischair and sealed the lid back on his lunch container, placing it back on the trolley with a heavy sigh. Pressing his hand on a panel, the trolley, it activated and moved just in front of him as he walked out, leaving the family to dine and lazily thinking to himself as he looked about the gilded surroundings he was in, this palace on the frontier.

Oniron - Anything my spirit desires....it got me here I am today. So...

17th Vospida ID.169950

Oniron was pacing though the corridors and rached the door to the collection of rooms that made up this residence for the Ultanos family. Pressing his hand against the keypad the door opened and he went inside as quietly as he could, power-walking up a flight of stairs and towards one of the bedrooms.

Brashly knocking on Telestrum's door, the elderly Draocnis stirred from his slumber and sleepily plodded towards the door, typing a gown around his waist and letting out a large yawn as he opened the door slightly.

Telestrum - Oniron? It is one in the morning, what are you doing here?
Oniron - This sounds crazy but...you need to leave here.
Telestrum - Wh-what? You must be tired. I know that I am.
Oniron - No-no you don't get it. I'm close to my second century and until I accepted my post back here in 'forty-three I was completely oblivious to the fact your family was still alive.

Telestrum yawned again and raised his palm, indicating silently to Oniron to calm down.

Telestrum - Perhaps you never bothered finding out? Or you were in some other part of the Imperium?
Oniron - Impossible. I was a pit champion for a full century! I toured the entire northern rim of Segmentum Draco and I heard no mention of your line in any context that indicated you still had any position of power.
Telestrum - But the Northern Rim is but a part of--
Oniron - You are not listening, as far as the Imperium is aware you areall dead. House Ultanos is gone, in the ground, its line ended with Uriel the Fourth's assassination somehow.

Telestrum stepped back and shook his head upon hearing the news, baring his teeth slightly as he took a stern look at Oniron.

Telestrum - You expect me to simply travel to Alcanti, leave the safety of this place and tell the current parag'avatus - whoever they are - that our family line still exists? The concept itself sounds preposterous.
Oniron - You told me the other day that if you can overcome yourself and peer pressure you can do anything.
Telestrum - I didn't mean stand against the throne and the Imperium!
Oniron - No but don't you think the Imperium has the right to know you all still alive?
Telestrum - Our line is history, boy. Now please, don't bother me with--
Venestrus - Father, what's going on?

Venestrus came out of his room half-asleep, plodding towards the pair and yawning, Telestrum tried to hold one back, but Venestrus' presence brought Oniron's attention to him.

Telestrum - Go back to sleep my son, Oniron was trying to fill my head with fantasy.
Venestrus - What fantasy, father?
Oniron - The Imperium is unaware that House Ultanos still survives.

Venestrus blinked for a few seconds and frowned.

Venestrus - Impossible. It's kranndung surely
Oniron - As nice as this place is, its still a prison, I can show you. I used my genetic imprint ot get in, I can get you out.
Telestrum - This is madness! I need my sleep. Please do not wake me up again.

Telestrum snorted and firmly closed his door, returning to bed. Venestrus folded his arms and looked at Oniron sternly, lowering his head so as to emphasise his irritance over this news. he took in a deep inhalation, swelling his upper torso and lifted his head ot coincide with the inflation. Oniron looked at him, slightly intimidated and worried that he was about to lose his trust, the whole family's trust.

Venestrus - Look me in my eyes and tell me the truth of this.
Oniron - This is the truth sir, I swear to you. This time, I am being sincere, can you not see that?
Venestrus - Prove it. You call this compound a prison. I want proof.

Oniron - You want proof? Very well, follow me and stay close.

Venestrus followed behind defensively, keeping a firm eye on Oniron as the two walked into the main hall and at the door ot the rest of the compount. Venestrus has never seen what was beyond this part, but assumed it was the outside or entrance to the servant's quarters. Oniron gave one last look at him before pressing his hand against the door and sliding it open, his palm-prints unlocking the mechanisms that kept the door sealed. Sliding it open, Venestrus looked outside and saw the drab concrete-like material that formed the fabric of the tunnels. He looked down the corridors to see that it was featureless, blank, occasionally occupied by wall panels.

As they stared about a pair of Blood Dragons saw them, shouting out they bagan running forward, Oniron pulled him bakc inside and slammed the door shut, pushing him against a wall as they heard a thumping.

After three thumps the doors opened and Oniron kept Venestrus hidden in the shadows as the Blood Dragon stepped though. Venestrus was confused, having never seen these individuals before, with their backs to them, Oniron nodded as a silent command for Venestrus to keep quiet and quietly walked towards the guards, drawing a knife from his belt before impaling one in the side between the plates of the armour, skewering the knife to cause further damage.

Ripping it out, he wrapped his arm around the back of the Dragon's neck and tossed him into his partner, twisting the snout so as to snap the neck of the first, he plunged the knife into the second and kicked him in the leg, baring his teeth as his foot impacted the ceramic armour and causing less damage ot his opponent than he had hoped. He yanked the knifed out and rushed again. As the knife came down the Dragon blocked with his arm and threw Oniron across the hall. He swiftly paced over, seething with rage and drawing a longsabre that as sheathed from their waist.

As the Dragon approached ready to stab, Venestrus panicked and ran to pick up the sword and sprinted for the Dragon, as he was about to deliver a killing blow, Venestrus impaled the sword deep into the Dragon's waist, who responded by smacking Venestrus away, who let go of the sword. This gave Oniron a chance to reach for his side and pull out a fusion pistol, firing several blasts that impacted the personal shielding of the Dragon and dissipated across it. Grunting, Oniron knocked the Dragon to the floor with a leg sweep and pressed the pistol against his body, furing several blasts that caused intense plasma damage across the Dragon's torso, who roared before going limp from a strong kick by Oniron against the Dragon's helmet.

Venestrus struggled to stand up and coughed as he did so, Oniron walked over and wrapped his hand around Venestrus' wrist, pulling him to his feet, both were panting and bruised from their ordeals. Venestrus looked at Oniron with horror at what he had seen, still trembling.

Oniron - Blood pumping fast enough?
Venestrus - Y-you-- they're dead.
Oniron - Very astute, you deserve a medal.

Oniron began walking towards the door with his fusion pistol in hand, looking as though he was expecting more ot ocme through.

Venestrus - Wait you're going to shrug-off what you did? Just like that!?
Oniron - Yes.
Venestrus - But...you...you murdered them!?

Oniron turned around and glared at Venestrus pointing at the knife he had just picked up rather threateningly at the noble.

Oniron - What do you think I have been doing for a century-and-a-half? Preening? Sitting on my arse all day? I killed them, yes, they're dead, no longer a threat. Why? Because they realised that the illusion was broken. You learned that this compound is not how they wanted you to think it was! You. Are all. Prisoners!
Venestrus - And you are what? One of the jailers?
Oniron - Did you not see me kil lthose two in cold blood? Do you know how hard it is to do so?
Venestrus - They threw you and me across a room, how?
Oniron - Strength enhancement...keep the sword and gather your family.
Venestrus - Excuse me!?
Oniron - I was never informed what happens exactly should one of you break the illusion but it sure-as-the-void will not be pleasant. Now wake your family and tell them, got it? and by the way please attempt to downplay how brutally these two were slain.

Venestrus nodded frighteningly and ran back upstairs, knocking on the doors of his family's rooms with the bloodied longsabre in his hand, screaming for them to wake up. Oniron meanwhile stood at the edge of the door and peered out, wary for the arrival of any more Blood Dragons. Everyone was roused and were shocked to see the bloodstained sword in Venestrus' hand, after telling each of them what he saw he hurried them downstairs where they saw Oniron standing near to the two corpses. Everyone was in shock at this but thanks to Venestrus' words they were more open ot agreeing on what to do next.


Oniron was looking out of the corridor with a fusion pistol in his hand as the Ultanos family came descending down the stairs. Spotting a security camera on the corridor's far side he aimed his pistol carefully, keeping largely out of sight, and fired a beam of yellowish-orange light that hit the camera's dome with extreme force and caused a miniature shockwave as the plasma impact blasted the camera to pieces. After the random act of destruction, Oniron turned around and pointed at the dead Dragons, muttering for them to pick up the melee weapons the soldiers had strapped to their sides. As they approached, Oniron turned around and grabbed the body of a fusion pistol, yanking the boy inwards.

Oniron - I said close-combat.
Lereinios - But sir...I can't charge one of...them.
Oniron - Each Dragon uses a personal combat deflector making ranged weapons ineffective. Also--

Oniron used his strength to yank the pistol from the adolescent's hands and twisted it around, cushioning the grip within his hand and pointing it at the boy's snout before pressing against the trigger. The group were in utter shock at the incident before their fears washed away with a low-pitch "doop" from the pistol. The adolescent was clearly frightened for his life, standing petrified for a few moments. Oniron lowered his pistol.

Valserion - What in the void are you thinking!?
Oniron - Biometric lock. Stops non-authorised individuals from turning soldiers' guns against them.
Valserion - How come you didn't cause it to fire?
Oniron - I'm firing a Dragon's pistol. And I'm not a Dragon. Put the two together.

Valserion huffed as Oniron thrusted the pistol back at the adolescent, who shrugged with hesitation before tossing the pistol to the floor. Oniron turned his back and carefully approched the door, slowly opening it.

Oniron - Stick close, keep quiet, and keep your eyes open.

The family nodded and kept their distance as Oniron paced ahead and own the corridor. He had stolen a knife belonging to a Blood Dragon. Unlike the ranged equipment they used, edged weapons were still dangerous even when not activated by a biometric key. Not completely effective but still not harmless.

Oniron quietly approached two Blood Dragons, keeping his body low and his wings tucked in as he drew the two knives. When he was within breathing distance he rose up and held the daggers in his hands, thrusting downwards and impaling the two Dragons at the back of their necks. Digging the daggers in, he twisted to cause extra damage, and with the right momentum, pulled both of them to the floor, drawing the knives and gyrating them in order to clear some of the blood off. As they collapsed to the floor he rushed down towards the floor and stabbed both in their chests, twisting and wrenching to shred their insides before drawing the blades back out. He let out a swift pant and moved on, the family timidly following him, some of them tried taking the Dragons' weapons for themselves.

Oniron changed from a careful walk to a jog, keeping brisk and switching to a plasma pistol to blow out security cameras. The family kept behind, some of them using their commandeered weapons to protect themselves at the rear. While Oniron had a thrilled smile expressed on his face, a sense of enjoyment signalled by his narrowed eyes and his creeping and rising lip-line, the rest of House Ultanos felt fear, apprehension and uncertainty. He paced forward, stabbing at pairs of Dragons with agility and strength, using his daggers as a tool to control his opponents, lifting them, tossing them and splitting them, he enjoyed the thrill of battle and the rush of blood, staining his uniform and set of light ceramic armour with the blood of the Dragons he faced.

Nearer towards the entrance, the entrance in sight, Oniron entered a crossorads corridor and stopped, eyes widening; coming down each were a pair of Blood Dragons, six in total, and heading one of the pairs was a toned red-scaled Draconis with deep emerald eyes and a scar across his lip. His armour was detailed to indicate he was a man of station and power. Upon seeing the escaping group he unclipped the cloak that hung over his shoulders and tossed it to the side, drawing a hammer that shimmered blue on the front weapon-end. Uriel darted his eyes towards him and narrowed them with frustration. The Draconis twirled his hammer playfully, making a full rotation before glaring.

Oniron smirked, he took a few steps back and gave a knowing nod to this commander. He backed up and thrusted his knives as he twisted his body at the pair behind him, one grabbed him by the arm and the other stabbed him in the bicep, driving their kukri into his flesh as he let out a pained roar and falling to one knee. The commander walked up to Oniron and with a commanding aura stood sternly above him.

Kelius Khaxvis - Had enough of killing your kin yet, blood-drinker?
Oniron - Rot in the void, you moss-chweing newt!

Kelius - Fine. Kill him!

Using all his strength, Oniron reached out and grabbed Kelius by the leg, pulling him forward and with his free arm he drew his dagger and planted it dirly into one of his holder's legs, causing his stance to buckle and allowing Oniron more freedom, he briskly opened his wings, smacking the other Blood Dragon in the face and knocking him back. With his free hand he plunged his dagger into the Dragon's arm and twisted it firmly, wrenching at the skin and slicing into the flesh. The Dragon roared and loosened his grip. Oniron took the chance and tiwsted around, smashing the dagger's point against the helmet several times causing it to crack before a gut-wrenching sound of bone and flesh being pierced could be heard.

The ensuing twisting caused Oniron to smack Kelius in the stomach as he got up, causing him to let out a pained exhalation to signify his injuries. As Kelius backed away the other four Blood Dragons approached with power weapons ready. One of them, wielding a war hammer attempted to smash Oniron in the head, the latter's swift reflexes meant he barely avoided getting almost a ton of metal hammered into his body. With the hammer down he slammed his foot against the hammer-wielder's hand and cut at the gauntlet of the other hand. The Dragon felt the crunch of bone as Oniron's boot crushed his hand against the metal shaft and caused him to let go, Oniron grabbed the hammer and lifted it with the pommel end flying upwards and smacking the Dragon who once wielded it in the chin.

With only one hand Oniron lifted the large war hammer as best as he could, his other arm damaged by the cut that had been performed, he swung it in a sweeping arc to knock the other dragons down. After knocking two down he pulled the hammer towards himself and swung his tail to smack the Dragon in the side, using the momentum to hit other dragons with the hammer end as he loosened his grip to led his hand slide down the shaft. The intersection run with the ringing and cracking of ceramics and bone. Letting go of the hammer he drew his dagger out and continued spinning, pluncging it into the side of one Dragon's skull and sending him crashing to the ground. He looked at the House Ultanos onlookers and bellowed for them to run towards the exit as he opened his wing to smack another Dragon in the side, twisting around to pull the dagger out and slam his arm and then the dagger into the falling Dragon's body, twisting it to cause further damage as the Ultanos family members ran for the exit, as one of the last of them cleared, Oniron followed, slowed by the pain rushing though his bleeding arm.

He let out a roar as he felt his left wing burning and turned to see Kelius was standing and panting with a fusion pistol in his hand, he had burned part of Oniron's left wing and aimed closer to the head, another shot fired and another roar was heard, but it wasn't Oniron's.

Looking back as he ran, Oniron saw Venestrus on the floor with his hair burned and his head partially-destroyed. Oniron leaned down and picked up the body, carrying it out, taking one last look at Kelius and snarled visiously in his direction.

The others helped Oniron carry Venestrus' body to a berthed shuttle and laid him on the floor. Almost instantly, Oniron paced up to the cockpit and programmed a set of coordinates, triggering the undocking procedure and launching the shuttle into the atmosphere. As it soared, Oniron approached the family, holding the cut on his arm and looked at them with a heavy heart as they sat around Venestrus' lifeless body in mourning. Oniron stood silently, a heavy sigh as he held his bicep, blood trickling from the wound. Taking a deep breath, he took a step forward and delivered a commanding presence.

Oniron - I will end him. In honour of the young one's life.
Telestum - And where exactly are we supposed to go? We had everything, which you took from us.
Oniron - I know a place in the northern territories. This is a Blood Dragon shuttle so the Hyperlane authorities won't question us.
Telestrum - And then?
Oniron - I have a place House Khaxvis doesn't know about. I know a few people there.
Telestrum - ...Fine. Just...swear that Venestrus' life is repaid.

Oniron nodded as he sat down, baring his teeth as he felt the rushing pain in his arm.


28th Sendara, ID.169953

For three years, House Ultanos kept to the shadows and in the dark places of the Imperium, where House Khaxvis dare not look. Oniron's toutings of retribution were kept in the back of the minds of everyone and slowly, over time, they gathered support. Each member of the growing resistance waited for the day they could strike. But Draconis live long, and a few years is nothing compared to the centuries their bodies could exist for. While other species may grow tired or impatianet, House Ultanos waited for the right time.

One of these Ultanos was Terellon, a young man who had infiltrated the ranks of the Blood Dragon guard, taking the guise of another. He had felt no shame in hijacking this Dragon's existence two months ago, he felt no regret, believing his victom's life was but to serve the paragavatus, t oserve Josk the Third in all his regal glory. Terellon spent those two months waiting and using his access to the paragavatus to gather information. But he was one of those who rememebred witnessing Valserion's death, he loathed House Khaxvis for locking his kin in that gilded cage on that unknown moon. He loathed House Khaxvis for ending his sibling's life. And plotted for his chance at revenge.

So each day he served his liege, pretending to be a humble servant and soldier, waiting patiently for the right time to one day take retribution. One eve, he finally had his chance. That evening Josk walked out ont oa balcony t oobserve Minos'Drakon's skyline. Terellon approached quietly while his target observed it with pride, dressed in his finery while admiring the view. As Josk turned around he saw Terellon rush towards him and tackle him, pressing his body over the balocny's lege, Josk struggled and tried to bat the crazed Blood Dragon off him for the assailant to open his helmet and reveal his face, revealing his amber scales and a crest set with bright red scales, his features pulled back in fury.

Josk - Ul--Ultanos!?
Terellon - So you do remember? Or do you just remember the fairytales your broodmother told you, of the royal family you kidnapped and tucked away!
Josk - R-rot in the void you gold-tinged houseless refuse.

Terellon responded by pushing him backwards further, forcing Josk to bend more precariously over the ledge.

Terellon - Want to say that again?
Josk - You heard me!
Terellon - You and your family's reign will condemn the Imperium. How many trillions will bleed from your arrogence?
Josk - You talk to a paragavatus, whelp!

Terellon clenched his fist and slammed it against the side of Josk's snout, sending hom reeling sideways, the crack of bone could be heard form the impact as Josk spat blood from his mouth, gasping fro mthe severity of the impact.

Terellon - And now I have struck one. Did your luminescent glow burn my fist? Did Drakon curse it to go numb and fall from my wrist? No? You are no true paragavatus.

Terellon tensed his muscles and tossed Josk to the side, sending him crashing to the balcony's stonework floor. He paced around, fists clenched and scowling as he observed the man at his feet.

Terellon - Drakon did not sanctify your house's place. You standing here is an insult to tradition and to the rightful heirs of the throne.
Josk - And that...would be you?
Terellon - The lifefather seems to think so, my family seems to think so.
Josk - Not everyone agrees.

Terellon was distracted, grabbing his arms and wings were Blood Dragons who kicked him in the back of his knees, sending him t othe floor as Josk slowly stood up and brushed himself off. He pulled back his coat and removed a fusion pistol from a holster inside and gripped the handle tightly as he drew it out and pointed it square in Terellon's face.

Josk - The Lifefather won't forgive you for this betrayal or this audacity. Enjoy the Void.

As he finished, Josk fired three blasts, one at the head, two in the torso, flash-frying the body parts and bathing him in intence palsma heat. Terellon's body collapsed as the Dragons held the limp and damaged corpse. As Josk walked towards the door he issued a command by pointing to the balcony's ledge and the Dragons nodded, heaving Terellon's body to the ledge and tossing it over the side, sending the body descending though the air before crashing though the jungle canopy below. Josk took one look at the disposal and smirked, holstering the pistol and headed back inside after brushing his hands clean and pressing his hand against where Terellon had hit him, contorting his jaw as he checked to see whether or not it was dislodged or not.

A Plan So Crazy It Can't Fail![]

5th Khalist, ID.169953

Orilenas - Damn that man to the void, what was he thinking!?

Orilenas, one of the senior members of House Ultanos' growing resistance cell, stood with her hands resting on a strategic table of the Imperium, with markers representing planets that had Hosue Khaxvis and House Ultanos influence. Leaning against the wall with a glass of exotic brandy in his hand was Oniron, looking irritated for some reason. He kept one eye on Orilenas who appeared ot be paning in frustration.

Oniron - You may want to calm down before you lay something.
Orilenas - Ha-ha not funny Oniron.
Oniron - It was only a joke.
Orilenas - This is no time for comedy.
Oniron - Sure it is. One of our own died but we're not going anywhere by moping about it. So keep it quiet and move on--

Orilenas retaliated by grabbing one of the model planets on the table and throwing it as hard as she could. Oniron weaved his head to the side, flinching as the plastic planet shattered into several pieces with a high-ckinking smash. This caused Oniron to jump so much he acidentally thrusted the liquid of his drink into his face, gasping from the shock of the splash. Orilenas looked at him and her growl had for a brief moment become a smile. Oniron, his snout now dripping with brandy could not help but smile pack, albeit a little out of embarassment.

Oniron - First time the liquid chucked in my snout was my own I would say.

Orilenas smirked and walked over to Oniron, resting her hand on his shoulder and trailing her palm down his chest. Oniron himself was slightly alarmed, a few twitches stopped himself from attacking her out of instinct but she struck the wall inches from him with a jab from her fist, holding it there as Oniron stared at it with surprise. After a few moments, the fist opened up and the hand moved slowly towards his chest. Oniron felt hesitant, was this another attack or something else. As her hand reached the base of his ribcage he broke his hesitation and moved his own hand and clasped his hands around hers.

Oniron - Brandy dripping from my snout or no, we have a war we must win.
Orilenas - R-right.

Oniron's eyes darted back to the table and he moved her hand aside, walking over to it and brushing his chin. He looked over the map studiously, spending a few moments critically analysing reports and star maps. Orilenas walked over to him curiously before he reached up to his tosro and unclipped a holster, he drew a mirrored and decorated combat knife with his forefinger and thumb before wrapping his powerful hand around it and slamming it into the table, causing the map's surface to glitch for a moment.

The knife had been slammed down on a line running though the frontier territories. On such maps these lines represented convoy routes. Studying the line this one traversed all the way to Araveene from a frontier world. As Oreilenas walked over she looked at where the knife's point and the map line intersected and furrowed her brow.

Orilenas - Oh you are insane.
Oniron - That I am.

Orilenas pushed herself away from the table and wandered about the room. As she opened with another speech during this aimlessness, she pointed at the table, Oniron turned around and with a confident smile slumped with his forearm on its rim.

Orilenas - That. Is a royal. Supply convoy. A dozen cargo vessels protected by at least a hundred ships, ten battlemaster-class capitals, and an infestation of fighters with highly-trained pilots and you want that to be our first move?
Oniron' - Those ships are laden with equipment valuable to Royal House Khaxvis. Amunition, weapons, vehicles, we might even get a few frigates out of it. Orilenas - At the same time those ships are staffed by some of House Khaxvis most elite soldiers in the entire Imperium. How exactly are we going to be able to hijack at least one cargo freighter?
Oniron - Josk murdered one of our own in cold. And I've seen his drone bodyguards kill others of the house. We need to smack him in his royal snout t oshow hi mwe mean business.
Orilenas - Oniron this idea of yours is suicide. We have barely the manpower to hold off a Blood Dragon raid let alone take on a convoy filled with an army of them.
Oniron - Then we need to be smart.

Orielenas snorted and turned her back to Oniron.

Orilenas - Drakon condemn you you are ill in the head.
Oniron - All we need is a very good plan. A few hired hands, and the assurance we can't screw up.
Orilenas - A plan like this? We need a think tank, some very loyal "helpers" and a sodding miracle to pull this off!
Oniron - I can do miracles. Youl just need to trust me. I know a few people.

Orilenas slowly turned around with a burning glare into Oniron's own eyes, a glare powerful enough to send shivers down even his spine despite all his years of experience. He held back the urge ot gulp at seeing her temper and instead stood straight to confront her.

Orilenas - You have one shot. We give you the funds you need, no paper trail, and then you bring us back at least one freighter and if you screw up and get captured, you'd better have a few of your "companions" to bail you out.
Oniron - So....you're not going ot help me all the way?
Orilenas - You pull this off Oniron, and I treat you to a high-end dinner.
Oniron - That it?
Orilenas - Well the alternative is I get you a strait jacket for Genesis Day.
Oniron - How could I ever repay that kind of offer?

Orilenas lowered her head with irritance and held up her hands up, palms facing Oniron to feign surrender.

Orilenas - Just-- Get me those sodding tanks.

Oniron chuckled and walked back to the table to pick up his brandy glass. As he walked towards the door he noticed a tiny bit of liquid still in the bottom and swigged it into the back of his mouth as the door opened for him and he walked out of the room, leaving Orilenas to lean over the table with a growl. She cussed over him under her breath as she looked with a furrowed brow towards the knife, letting slip another cuss under an exhale in regards to the damage caused to the table.

I Need Friends[]

18th Khalist, ID.169953

While he had been disheartened by the lack of support for his plan. Oniron had spent the last several days looking, making calls anonymously. Stories were circulating that since the execution by Josk III, exonet communication was being monitored closely. Using a flase name Oniron contacted several names, former arena names that he had known about for a while. He kept himself anonymous, only dropping subtle hints but overall claiming to be a veteren fan of each fighter, mentioning notable moves or styles held by each one.

The underground pits were often a breeding ground for potential champions under House Khaxvis. They liked to sweep such concerns under the media radar, keepign a low profile while outwardly stating to prefer the always-more-legal dueling tourneys held thoughout the imperium. Under this anonymity, Oniron arranged for them all to meet in a bar on the frontier planet of Talsayon XVIII. A frozen planetoid orbiting a blue star that although was on the frontier was a popular fight pit location masked as a minor trade hub.

Gathering inside the bar were seven men and women: Anastica, a Draconis famed for fast moves and a spiteful tongue, Okkorov, a battle-scarred terratrix outwardly displaying a bionic right arm and upper torso, Ovokh the Red-Eyed, a Korkonid with a fierce gaze, matching temper and titan-like physique, Allia, a Draconis bearing several etchings over her scaled body, short hair and for some reason always had a cigar lodged between her jaws. Galos the Tall, another Korkonid with tan skin and decorative combat armour and his partner Gevkib, a deep green Kroogvon with a missing eye stalk who often found himself pair in fights alongside Galos as a wingman and finally Esk'Shen'Kahi, a Ki'DIrrik freelance warrior with deep brown chitin body, savage pincers and several external carbon-black implents. All were famous in the pits for ferocity, cunning and survivability, and all were spread around four tables, talking quietly and with suspicion amongst each other.

The door to the bar opened up and standing in the threshold was Oniron with his arms folded and a rather eager smirk on his face.

Oniron - Say you all, I'm looking for a fe wwell know nchampions about. Anyone here have the innards to stand up for that?

Anastica turned her head slowly in a stern glare, her expression quickly changed when she recognsied who her challenger was. Her jaw opened slightly and she did not notice the cigar slowly slip from her mouth. Galos looked up from his rather large drink and perked an eyebrow. He stood up out of his seat and threateningly plodded over towards Oniron.

Galos - Oniron Voxis, eh. You have a lot of nerve to shove your snout out here with the likes of us.
Oniron - Yeah I was busy.

Galos expression changed after a few minutes into a mirthful smile and he wrapped his arms around Oniron's torso, lifting him up for the mto meet at eye level with Galos standing at full height.

Galos - We thought you'd hung your claws up you scaly bastard! What are you doing here, man!?
Oniron - Well-- Galos...mate...I could tell but, uhh, I am choking a little
Galos - Oh...

Galos set Oniron down as he coughed gasping for air, there was still a slight smirk however. Galos, being around Draconis for so long, had gotten to learn that Oniron was much more relieved and happy than his face made out.

After a few minutes he walked with Oniron over ot the others and Anastica had picked up her cigar and slumped her arms on the table.

Anastica - Okay so you're not actually dead. So why are you here?
Oniron - I have a proposition but hmm, we need a back-room.
Ovokh - Very well.

Ovokh turned around towards the bar and began bellowing at the top of his voice, another shrieking voice began yelling back from another room within the establishment.

Ovokh - HEY GRAL!
Gral - WHAT?
Anastica - She deaf or something?
Ovokh - What, Gralli? Nah, alloy-reinforced walls. She's paranoid some pirates are going to one day come and stab her and take her savings.
Anastica - Savings? In a place like this?
Ovokh - That's what I tried telling her but no, she wants a bomb shelter for a bar.
Oniron - She's your mother?
Ovokh - If she was I might prefer the being adopted.
Oniron - So what is she then?
Ovokh - Sister-in-law.
Oniron - Oh that's right I heard you gained a life partner. How is she?
Ovokh - Dead.

Oniron and the rest were quickly silent, their faces all telegraphed that they realised they had touched on a touchy subject. After a few minuts, Ovokh stood out of his chair, cleared his throat and led the eight of them into the back room that Gral had mentioned.

The room itself was relatively unattractive, some gaudy patterned wallpaper that surrounded a room with a floor layered with a navy blue carpet. Several chairs were dotted around as well as a pair of sofas. The group resolved ot sit down on them and settle themselves in. Oniro nstood up and cleared his throat as he stood in the centre of the room.

Galos - So what's this big thing you want to tell us about?
Oniron - Well turns out House Ultanos are not actually a dead house and I have ,though obligation and prior connections decided ot work for them.
Anastica - Right, so why sohuld we care.
Oniron - We all know that the paragons right now like t usue the fight pits to hand-pick elite soldiers, that's how come they picked me for the ITN.
Galos - Most of us still consider you a sell-out after you did that.
Gevkib - Sell-out!
Oniron - Whatever, point is if you want to avoid getting scooped up by those royals I have an alternative.
Galos - Oniron we all know House Khaxvis pays well and you are aksing us to sign up to a reformed hosue with no connections.
Oniron - We're working on that, they just need support. And funds. Which is what we can provide.

Several of the group snickered. Oniron huffed at their response and pulled a storage card from his pocket, inserting it into the room's local holoprojector and displaying a small-scale hologram of the convoy he discussed with his superiors several days ago. Esk'Shen'Kahi kickied his mandibles in surprise at seeing this while Anastica slumped forward in her chair. She looked intently at Oniron with stern amber eyes and with worry.

Anastica - Oniron...have you been drinking? Oniron - ...a little.
Galos - You want us to raid a royal convoy jsut t ocurry favour for these resurgants? Are you out of your mind, man!?
Oniron - Crazy plan, I know--
Anastica - Suicidal.
Oniron - Yeah I get it. But House Ultanos needs supplies, Khaxvis have it drifting though space like an overfed leech drifting down a slow current.
Anastica - Guarded by an entire swarm of ships.
Galos - And an army.

Esk'Shen'Kahi clicked his mandibles intently. Okkorov looked at him and nodded, turning back to the group.

Okkorov - Esk' says "and state of the art weapons"

Esk'Shen'Kahi created an irritated chirping hiss at Okkorov which prompted him to reel away in his seat with an irritated scowl.

Okkorov - Alright fine! I meant Esk'Shen.

Esk'Shen shrugged with a shake of his head and relaxed in his chair, prompting Okkorov ot relax and settle back in his own seat. Oniron looked at him with puzzlement.

Oniron - You speak Ki'Dirrik, Okkorov.
Okkorov - Not...exactly. I'm one of the Joined.
Oniron - Who?
Okkorov - People who took this fun serum that boosts your brain power. I became something of a telepath so I can hear what Esk'Shen thinks he's saying.
Oniron - Doesn't he have a translator band or anything?

Esk'Shen clacked his mandibles and chirped sharply in response to Oniron's question.

Okkorov - Says it broke in the last fight he had, opponent slammed their fist right into it.
Galos - As much as this delightful talk is, how are we supposed ot raid an imperial convoy and still all live to chat about it in some fancy club?
Anastica - Or some pisshole like this.
Ovokh - Hey. This is my in-law's pisshole. Be nice.
Oniron - Its why I called you all here. So we can work something out. Now we might be here all night so does anyone feel like passing out within the next two hours?

Only Ovokh and Okkorov raised their hands to Oniron's question. After resolving an idea for a workaround, the eight of the mbegan planning carefully the daring operation they were preparing to undertake, leaving no contingency unplanned and preparing for a potentially suicidal mission. Some time was also spent duscussing about potential backup for the operation as there was that overhanging matter of the small army House Khaxvis had assigned to protect the convoy. Oniron ordered a few extra drinks and during a lull period, Ovokh arranged with his sister-in-law to arrange beds for the group for once they began feeling sleepy enough. After they spent most of the night planning, they all retired for a few hours. But the plan itself would not be perfomed for a while.

Corsair Gambit[]

12th Arcarenna ID.169953

Several months of planning had gone into the operation that Oniron had concocted within his mind. Months of charts, trade runs, equipment deals, bribes and step-by-step procedures. He had selected a few more soldiers since then and in time they had gethered their own squads. But at the core of this growing army of brigants, mercenaries and psychopasths were the seven champions from that insignificant bar on Talsayon XVIII.

The group gathered in a random collection of corvettes, cruisers and manned junkers in orbit over an uncolonised planet close to the route that the convoy would pass. Oniron was on one of the crusiers. Rather than a military uniform or civillian attire, VOlkarus had dressed himself in light body armour over his torso and shoulders which was smeared with streaks of blood-red paint. He stood within the command deck of one of the larger crusiers, looking over the in-orbit formations. Galos plodded up behind Oniron and rolled his shoulders back. Everyone bore the same stains on their armour and clothing, signifying a sense of cohesion. As he approached, Oniron nturned his head with a rather eager smile.

Galos - You think this is gunna work mate?
Oniron - No idea, never tried an operation like this before.
Galos - What about your time as an officer?
Oniron - I can coordinate an attack on a hidden pirate station with an entire ITN fleet but this? Well it's going to be one void of a ride.
Galos - Right. I'll go notify the lads that we're ready to kick this off.
Oniron - I'll be in the thick of it.
Galos - Right then, try not to get shot up too much...boss.

Oniron kept his arms folded, GALos may have seen a slight smirk and a snorted chuckle coming fro mthe grizzled Draconis. Oniron gave a nod and walked over to a small pot of bright red paint, scooping some out with his fingers and smearing it down one side of his snout, exhaling to the point of euphoria as his hand left his face. He turned to Galos with a crazed look in his eyes, clenching his fists and grinning confidently, perhaps with a hint of sociopathy.

Oniron - Tell the lads: Tail is going to be kicked.

Galos chuckled mirthfully as a response. After the two exhanged pleasantries before Galos turned around and left the command chamber. A few hours later, under Oniron's command, the fleet engaged their hyperdrives and shunted out of orbit and into Hyperspace to ambush their prey.

A few light-years from the planet, the convoy was moving though hyperpsace. It drifted though the alien dimensino9 like a pod of steel whales, the echoes of communication to each other, inaudiable across the void to the ears of most creatures but readable by machines. The freighters were in the centre, surrounded in all firections by cruisers, gunboats and ten battlmaster-class battleships, gilded and decorated to signify some importance other than simply being the command ship.

Oniron's assaulters arrived in short order, using black-market concealment technology to hide themselves from sensors used by the royal convoy. There were moxed feelings aboard of apprehension, eagerness ,concern or paranoia as any number of things could happen. These vessels were not designed to engage the Imperial Talon Navy in a full-frontal assault. The pod of starships drifted though hyperspace with distance, allowing the cruisers to delicately fly nearby. As they were in 4D space, where native matter reacts with realspace matter in violent ways, the ships bore minimal shielding, creating bubbles of hypermatter-free space around the vessels. These were navigation bubbles however, and using shuttles and pods brought with the corvettes, frigates and crusiers, Oniron's soldiers slipped as best they could into the hanger bays of the more powerful vessels.

Oniron was part of an assault party that landed on the battleship, the TNSS Gloria Astrum. After arriving using a visually-cloaked shuttle, Oniron and his group emerged with coilguns firing at the crews and officers at locations on the body where the outfits were undamaged. They then dragged the corpses onto the shuttle and closed the doors as they left. Oniron and his companions had strapped holographic projectors to their bodies, which they activated as they left, hiding their outfits and dresing them up as officers of the Imperial Talon Navy. With everyone ready, they briskly headed out of the hanger bay, Oniron tipping the mock hat of his officer's uniform to acknowledge some of the cres servicing drone starfighters.

Oniron's group moved briskly down corridors and though turbolifts towards the command deck. It was an uneasy feeling, al lthis deception and a few of the soldiers were eager for action.

As they approached the entrance to the command deck, Oniron heard a coded beep within an earpiece attached over the pair of tympanic membranes on the side of his head. As he reached the door he tapped a button next to the emitter which sent out a similar signal indicating he was ready. After engeging it, he looked to his comrades, several Draconis and a few other aliens that wore similar mock officer's holograms. As the door opened outwards, Oniron looked at them while grinning before giving a single command with hushed tones.

Oniron - Curtain's up.

They nodded and joined Oniron inside, who draw a pair of falcatas that were hidden withi nthe hologram. He cleared his throat as he marched in, brandishing the falcatas in front of everyone and emphasising a vocal dissonance from his throat that was common amongst Draconis to give an air of power, made capable by a third valve in his syrinx that his speciesp posessed. To many aliens, he suddenly took o nthe voice of a demon.

Oniron - Everyone kindly step away from your consoles and cooperate without argument if you all still favour your hands, tails, necks and knees. This does not have to get violent, but will if you push us.

THe cree all stepped back in shock. One Rapidox command crewman flew up a panic and pressed a panel on his console. Or at the very least, he tried to, suddenly finding his hand was now a scorched stump and the console in ruins after a flash of light hit his eyes. Turning his head and visibly looign as though he had jsut soiled himself, he saw one of Oniron's companions holding a fusion pistol in their hands.

Oniron - Now what did I just say.
Elsenthiki - Wh-what?
Oniron - What. Did I. Just say.
Elsenthiki - I ahh I--

Oniro nhuffed and marched down the central aisle, holding the falcatas pointing outwards. He reached the Rapidox's unit within moments and jumped down int othe trench, landing with a thud and pressing the flat of his right falcata on the underside of Elsenthiki's snout, pushing it up to stare Oniron in the eyes.

Oniron - What did I tell you to do not ten seconds ago!
Elsenthiki - Y-you told us to...
Oniron - Yes...What did I tell you not to do? And speak up, so everyone knows you heard.
Elsenthiki - S-step away from our consoles and c-cause no argument.
Oniron - And what did you do?
Elsenthiki - Uhh...
Oniron - You argued. You tried to act smart and all you ended up with was a missing hand. We're all on a tight schedule. In fact, we'd be gone now if it weren't for you so I'm going ot give you a nice thank-you gift.
Elsenthiki - Y-you are?
Oniron - Yeah. You earned it.

Oniron flicked his falcata, sending the Rapidox's head upwards before swinging back and in one clean move he severed the alien's head from his neck. Oniron then plunged his other Falcata into the core of the momentarily-levitating head and swung his boy around, with his left arm pointing outwards which dislodged the head and sent it flying into a far wall, placing his feet back down as the body fell forwards. With a huff, Onion jumped up and landed feet-first on the walka above, brandishing the bloody swords.

Oniron - You all see what happens when you don't do as you are told around me? I get techy, and when I get techy, I get tendencies, tendencies that make me want to sever flesh from bone.

Oniron turned around on his heels and looked towards the captain, who sat timidly in his chair at the back end of the command chamber.

Oniron - Oh yeah I forgot about you. Are you going to cooperate or am I going to have ot mail your hemipenes to Alcanti?
Raider - Boss that may be a little extreme.
Oniron - Well its not like he uses them is it.
Captain Severus - Rot in the void, vandal. You insult everyone here wearing that uniform.
Oniron - You're right, I don't. Got sick of it years ago.

Oniron thumped the centre of his chest, disengaging the device and revealing his true outfit in front of the captain, as well as dispalying the paint on the side of his head and dow nhis arms. THe captain looked up and down with a mix of fear and disgust.

Oniron - Tell you what captain, I'll let you live. By now my lads are sorting out the other vessels. You cooperate and we'll dump you somewhere nice, like a plantation on the fringe. How's that sound?
Severus - Go back to whatever harlot spat you out.

Oniron lowered his head, looking ashamed before tilting his head to reveal a furious eye before sheathing his falcatas in sheathes strapped ot his legs.

Oniron - I'm going to give you thirty seconds to take back that statement before I regret what I am about to do next captain.

The captain reared himself in his chair, smiling confidently. In the back of his mind he guessed there was little that this vandal could do to make him change his mind. Oniron merely looked at him and shrugged, waiting a few minutes for the captain to savour the moment before he made a very subtle nod to one of his partners who drew a vombat knife and positioned themselves behind the captan's chair, leaning forward and quickly pressing the edge of the knife against the captain's throat, with another hand resting against one of his pecs. Lookin to his side, the woman - a grey skinned being with a long face and no visible mouth on the front of her face, staring at him with four large refelctive eyes. The captain's chuckle quickly stopped as Oniron sheathed his falcatas and approached with a clenched his fist, thrusting it just under the captains' diaphragm, denting the breastplate he wore and causing him to loudly wheeze. The captain, now winded, struggled to breathe as Oniron placed his hand against the captain's collarbone and pushed him pack.

Oniron - Little advice captain, but I'm really a decent man. Well-rounded, mindful, respectful, even to my dear old broodmother. So as you might be able to tell, I don't enjoy people talking kranndung about her. Especially disciplined. Overconfident. Stuck-up. Pompous. Officers of His Majesty's navy. Talk like that ot me again and Shankanak here will spill that amber blood of yours all over your nice clean well-kept uniform. But do as I say, and you get to live. Are we clear?

Oniron performed hand gestures with his free hand, his fingers darting towards himself and the captain. His interogatee nodded without a word and with a scowl, erupting a smile over Oniron's face as he stepped back, relieving pressure from the collar and turning around on the heels of his feet while opening his wings. As he twisted he tapped the earpiece and put on a charmer's grim as he looked out ot the viewscreen otu front

Oniron - Alright everyone. Exit hyperspace at the coordinates each of you have gotten and we'll sort out our bounty from there. Any funny business from our hosts and we give them a nice reminder. All ready? Crimson Ghosts: Let's jump!

The first ships to engage their transwarp drives were the freighters, the primary target of this daring raid. After the first four jumped out, several cruisers began firing on the other freighters. This came as a partial surprise to the raiders. The raiders who had taken command of battleships and crusiers persuaded their cres to turn their guns on the escorts, firing missiles and rail rounds that punched and withered shields that surrounded the vessels. Some of the hijacked cruisers, relying on crews forced to fire on their allies were not fully cooperative, faking jammed guns and keeping shields on navigational strength in a desperate bid to sacrifice themselves to foil the raiders' plans.

Esk'Shen'Kahi had been in charge of one of the freighters. As a warrior strain he stood at an intimidating 2.6 metres tall, his body adroned with a protruding reinforced carapace of an iron-red coloration. WHen he realised that the Terratrix captain that he had assumed command over was trying to get him killed he turned around and marched up, folding both sets of arms as he looked down at the captain. A garbling and chirping noise escaped between his mandibleas as he spoke.

Esk'Shen'Kahi - Roaeshajakkalakakajakra-kh-kh-rakakkah.
Captain Allashrov - G-garble all you like insect. I'm not talking.
Esk'Shen'Kahi - Ga'anshanshakkarakrarra. Gan-gah shanshkannakaka-ki-kah.
Allashrov - I'm not answering. You can burn for all I care.

Esk'Shen'Kahi responded by reaching forward and grabbing Allashariv by the throat and hoisting him to eye level, the beady eyes set within his armoured face narrowed as he looked threateningly at the alien being throttled within his grasp, the captain pluttered and choked as he wrestled free.

Esk'Shen'Kahi - Grrahashankankanakakkk. Hraashoshkakik shreanakaikah.
Allashrov - Go...to...oblivion.

Esk'Shen'Kahi narrowed his eyes further before squeezing further to the point where a disturbing crack resonated the room. WIth the corpse dangling, Esk'Shen'Kahi shoved the body back into the chair and uttered for the raiders he was with to join him as she ship shook further from impacts. Realising the magnitude of the danger, the group of them turned a brisk walk into a run for the evacuation bays. Chunks of the hull could be heard being blasted off around them.

Esk'Shen'Kahi's raider companions managed ot reach one sat, with Esk leaping feet-first into a second one nearby, using both sets of arms to prepare the shuttle and eject himself from the decaying vessel. Esk' esposued a rather hostile set of phrases in his language as the pod emerged and prepared to engage its warp drive. Before he could escape however a group of interdictor vessels arrived at the scene and began to flank the remaining convoy, firing on vessles that they identified as bring turncoats though communication with the surviving vessels. Esk'Shen'Kahi's shuttle was scooped up by a cruiser that quickly took shelter near to one of the interdictors, leaving the Ki'Dirrik inside to the eventual judgement of the Imperial Talon Navy. Despite the devestation and the chaos, two thirds of the royal convoy were able to escape into the depths of hyperspace, some of them followed by flotillas that broke away from the main battle in order to chase them down.

After the battle, Esk'Shen'Kahi waited impatienctly for the inebitable. He knew fro mthe vibrations of his shuttle that he was to become a prisonerr and waited, staring that the shuttle door which, after an hour, was forced open. Not hesitating, Esk jumped out from the pod and used his weight to barge past two marines that had opened the door to captrue him. He did not get far when he felt a sharp sting ripple across his side and though his body, paralysing him and forcing him to collapse to the floor. He groaned in despair as three armed marines approached him and grabbed his arms by the wrists.

Just before they ragged him away, a fourth marine approached his front and clamped a metal collar around his neck, sending a discomforting feeling down the neck and through his pody underneath his carapace. SOmething about the device made hi mfeel dizzy, his vision blurred and through his eyes he saw the Draconis and everyone else around him becoming like shadows. There was not much he could do at this point as he was weak, he lay limp as his body was dragged away into the bowels of the interdictor.

You Said Something About Dinner?[]

13th Arcarenna ID.169953 Orilenas was coordianting with strategic officers in the resistance cell's war room, going over charts and movements with her peers. By this point she had assumed Oniron was either dead or in Impeiral custody and the oppertunity to strike the convoy was lost. As she talked with one of the advisors managing inner-rim fleets, an attendant approached her uttering that there was a vessel entering orbit over the planet that was asking for her specifically. Orilenas looked at the messenger with a confused look but decided to take the holomessage anyway.

She tidied herself up and walked into a boradcast room designed for virtual conferencing. When she accepted the transmission she was met with Oniron in his odd armour grinning like an idiot. She mrely looked at him as thoug that was what his smile was.

Orilenas - Well at least you're not dead. Are you calling me from a Khaxvis prison cell?
Oniron - Funny. No I wasn't captured don't be such a pessamist darling.
Orilenas - I am told that a ship is arriving in orbit. That you?
Oniron - That one's a little obvious isn't it?
Orilenas - And the convoy?
Oniron - Take a look.

Orilenas huffed and manipulated a touch-terminal within the room which brought up an orbital image of the planet with the new vessels arriving in an orbit pattern some 900km from the planet's surface. Manipulating the image to focus on the new ships her jaw dropped when she recognised the design.

Orilenas - Oniron...How in the VOID did you capture eight royal freighters!?
Oniron - Happy hatchday! Now, I recall something about dinner?
Orilenas - You...Obnoxious. Deranged. Mentally-deficient. Blessing of the Lifefather! I could nuzzle you right nwo were you not a megametre above me.

Oniron put his hand in front of his mouth and cleared his throat to draw her attention

Orilenas - Yes I do remember I suggested dinner but... well, how did you do it?
Oniron - I'll tell you more over some coarlatus ribs. Let's just say that I know a few psychopaths.
Orilenas - So an army of you. How deligfhtful.
Oniron - One way of putting it, although we did lose a few getting your goodies.
Orilenas - They will be remembered for what was done here.

Oniron nodded and disengaged the holoconference form his side, adjusting himself i nthe captain's chair. The captian himself meanwhile had been taken down and detained in the brig on the lower levels.



  • The Second House War has been canon since the Draconid Imperium's original inception, with considerable expansion given to it starting January 2013.
  • While not originally intentional, the author's feel for this story has some comparison to John Milton's "Paradise Lost". Specifically regarding he politics regarding the kingdoms of Heaven and Hell and the trait of leaving it to the reader as to which side has the moral highground.
  • Originally the war's plot was planned to be explored in the working title "History Relived"


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