Valour of the Resistance is the direct sequal to the Struggle of being a Half-Elf storyline and will follow a wide variety of Cyrandia Resistance characters, including Idris, Yvenne and Zaa amongst others. On a continues threat looms beyond the horizon in the form of Legatus trooper Verico and a dark lady bound for revenge!

The story will feature cross-overs or reference to events seen in the Tales of the War and the Second Great Cyrannus War. Each chapter is a short story on its own.


March 21 AQF, Lady Astrosia entered the bridge in a sorry angry mood. Four days ago dissident forces managed to escape the Finduila Sector and she was powerless to prevent it. Her taken precautions on the other side of the wormhole were in vain as well as the Cyrandia Resistance movements known as the Rambo Loyalist and Lusitania Squadron saved the dissident and adopted them within their ranks. Her new orders, and Astrosia knew they were meant as a punishment was to remain onboard an Arquitens-class light cruiser and await further orders. That was four days ago, a clear insult to remove her from the Autokrator-class star destroyer and waiting in front of the wormhole as some low level guard dog.

Astrosia and Verico answer the call of the Rector provinciae

Sergeant Verico saluted the dark lady and welcomed her onboard the bridge of the Crimson Talon. “I am sorry to disturb you M’lady, we have an incoming transmission from Garkarg”. Astrosia eyed the Libertus sergeant trooper behind her visor. She always felt dislike for those scaly lizard tough at least the sergeant was a capable and reliable trooper. Astrosia did not comment and faced the holoprojector. She remained cold silent when the image of the Rector provinciae, Schlimm Eklig Statthalter appeared before her.

Lady Astrosia” the Rector said with rather distaste in his voice. In the corner of her visor she noticed the sergeant bowing before the autocracy. Astrosia made a slight bow as well and replied; “My Lord, what is thy bidding?”. As seconds past by Astrosia knew the Rector was enjoying having her in this utterly ridiculous bow of respect. Finally he spoke again; “You may both rise. Your failure to prevent the escape of dissident forces to the Dominata has sparked the unwanted attention of the Emperor upon us”. The bridge fell silent and Astrosia crossed her arm in front of her in disapproval. The sergeant simply remained silent and watched both of them as the tension in the air grew. Astrosia was the first to defend her honor; “With all due respect Rector, frequently I demanded to accelerate the implementation of gravity wells onboard star destroyers and..” and with a simple gesture of the Rector Astrosia was silenced, much to her dismay.

Lady Astrosia, if I wanted to hear apologies I would have found myself a half-elven slave instead of addressing you directly. Your clear incompetence to stop them have initiated a new initiative and the Emperor has granted you a second chance. You will join forces with the Dominata and hunt down this growing Resistance”. Astrosia bowed her head though the last words of the Rector haunted her thoughts for a while; “Better not fail me this time Lady Astrosia, the Emperor shall not grant you a third chance”.

With that the transmission stopped and Astrosia gave Sergeant Verico the order to rendezvous with their escort in the Cyrannus Galaxy, the hunt was on!

Chapter 01[]

Idris Vanguinar breathed heavily. While they had just escaped the star destroyer Relentless and rendezvoused with the Loyalist fleet, she was taken captive by Ramar Shadda Serindia guards loyal to Lord Ramannis Le Rambo, leader of the Rambo Loyalist, one of the key figures of the Cyrandia Resistance and former ruler of Ramar Shadda. The Serindia guards brought bad memories back and she resisted a lot, anger and panic took hold of her judgement and the guards had to subdue her by stunning her. As she was dragged to the bridge of the modified Munificent-class star frigate, Loyalist One she looked at the Serindia Lord with panic in her eyes. The Serindia looked stern and looked at Idris with discontent in his eyes, while commander Altus Mirea stood defeated behind him.

Idris faces Ramannis' wrath and judgement

Lieutenant Vanguinar, I believe you and I need to talk” the Serindia Lord spat out. Stepping in front of him commander Altus tried to hush him; “Please my Lord be gentle, she is troubled and damaged enough by her past experiences, I realize I should have told you from….” the Serindia Lord waved his hand in dismissal and handed over a parchment the elf girl eyed with disgust as her eyes turned watery. “Tell me girl, what is the reason Rambert’s whore is amongst us?” the Serindia Lord asked cruelly.

She fell silent at the rude remark by the Serindia Lord who looked angrily at both Idris and commander Mirea. Falling to her knees, Idris' future was shattered. “You knew her past history as the Kings Champion commander? Why did you not inform me about this? Why do I need to be told by Resistance intelligence that this girl is not what she claims to be?” Commander Altus Mirea looked tired now that Idris her past came to light and admitted he remained silent about it, only because of his love for the girl, whom he considers a daughter to him. Ramannis snorted and rested his head on a hand when he sat down, tired and wearily as well. It hurted him that one of his most promising, effective and trusted commander kept such a thing from him. He beckoned Idris to tell her story and the Serindia Lord admitted he only knew her history as a slave gladiator fighter under the orc Reghzul, after that her records were rather clean until her joining the Lusitania Squadron under the brave commander. “Tell me girl, give me one could reason I should not throw you out of the airlock”.

Idris smiled sadly as her thoughts drifted back to darker times. Sighting she began her tale in hopes the Serindia Lord would not execute her, or even worse banish her from her new life. “After my rescue from Nal Amroth by Claire, Corva and Tironus Manition I was brought to Terra Prime where a Yodian by the name of Kjac treated my wounds. For a Scion professor he knows a lot about the universe.” Idris smiled while thinking back of him, her eyes sparkling with fondness. “He made me my current outfit, and remained with him for some time. Everything changed in 09 AQF or so.

Idris folded her hands and her voice turned sour. “Then it all changed when I recovered enough, learned a lot about Scions from the professor I decided it was time for a walk in a nearby forest. I followed the Mountain Road as I wanted to see the famous Krabler's rock for myself, though before I knew I was attacked from behind and paralyzed to be taken elsewhere”.

Ramannis held his breath, he knew the Sinleri was quite pale for her kin but at this point of her tale she grew even more pale and the blue bags under her eyes grew apparent. Idris continued; “The next thing I knew I looked into the armored faces of some Rambo Serindia who abused me and shouted at me for being worthless. Their armor was dark and gold with a white unicorn insignia on their chests. After a few days, I don’t know how many had passed I was suddenly chained and hung upon a hook in the ceiling. One of the guards undressed me, I struggled of course but underfed and weak I was unable to prevent it. Another unclipped his whip and begin whipping me with it, the whip was of metal and teared my skin almost to the bone. This continued for another few days, multiple times a day. I frequently lost consciousness and at one point I was afraid to die.

As Indris continued her tale, behind her the Libertus features of commander Altus Mirea tensed, he was one of the few she initially told her tale and he was disgusted by the person who orchestrated it all. Ramannis’ anger subsided with the tale she told and was disgusted learning that Serindia were involved in it. He regretted having her brought upon the bridge of his flagship.

A sad smile formed on Idris face as she continued: “One day “he” entered and provided me a blanked to cover me, gave me water and food and said I was safe for now if I did what he said. I was desperate, weak and naïve and so took his words for heart. In the following three years he trained me every day till exhaustion but I became stronger and stronger. I already was a gifted fighter but now with his aid I perfected my abilities. Then I had to deliver in my promise, as a Sinleri I take my word serious and complied. He knew and I had to do a lot of awful things, the worst was poisoning an elderly Serindia Lord who died in the night. It was a poisonous venom that is untraceable for modern medical standards. After that all changed again, my mentor turned into a cruel Serindia and had me frozen in stasis until the times he needed me. This continued for a few years until the so called “Excelsior Incident” where I met the Commander Mirea. The incident changed me and I was in rage and anger though he showed my another path and ever since I am in his debt to him.

She looked at Altus Mirea and smiled, a single tear rolled down her cheek and the commander approached her, wiping the tear away and smiled sadly. “And I will always be here to help and support you my young elf." The Serindia Lord look anything but happy and stormed forward, pushing Altus aside as he grabbed Idris by the neck and lifted her in the air, slowly cutting off her air. “You killed my brother” the Lord spat out. “Give me one good reason I should not kill the Kings Whore and Assasin?” Altus wanted to stop the Serindia Lord but was stopped by two of his guards. Gasping and struggling for air tears flowed from Idris’ cheeks; “N-no….gasp….p-please…I….gasp….s-so s-sorry…” she pleaded. Ramannis features slowly turned softer and slammed her against one of the nearby consoles. “Throw this vermin out of the airlock, suffocation should be a mercy for the punishment she deserves” Ramannis said disgusted. Idris crawled forward and begged to spare her, Ramannis and Altus looked shocked as a knife materialized in her right hand. Turning her other arm she cut her wrist before anyone could stop her, as pain rocketed through her arm she dropped the knife and as tears flowed from her eyes she looked directly as the shaken Serindia Lord who muttered; “W-what madness is this?” he exclaimed. Her eyes turned angry as she kept the gaze with the proud Serindia Lord; “With this blood oath I swear my allegiance to you my Lord, my fate is in your hands. If you want me I will serve you in any way you desire. Throw me out of the airlock and be done with it if you want, or wield me like a weapon for House Le Rambo” she said bitterly. The Serindia Lord wings moved and he knelt beside her, suddenly his voice was more gentler as he pressed his hand over the gushing cut in her wrist. “I have studied the ancient ways of the Sinleria at Tirithsilliana and I know a blood oath of service by a Sinleri is not lightly given and bound by magic”. Lord Ramannis helped Idris to her feet as the Serindia Lord eyes her from top to bottom. “I will never forgive you for murdering my brother, but I shall not deny you the chance to redeem yourself”. Idris under lip curled, the Lord accepted her servitude and gave her a chance to repent for her crimes. He turned his attention to commander Altus Mirea and placed a hand on his shoulder. “I task you with the care and deployment of this girl commander. Now please take her of my bridge”. The commander nodded and guided Idris off the bridge. Ramannis looked them leaving and sat down again, his rage almost killed a young abused girl. Though responsible for the death of his beloved brother, he knew the true one responsible one was the usurper Rambert Ramveral. It would take some time before he would accept the girl but a blood oath of a Sinleri was something special, and she truly regretted her actions. He saw it in her eyes and heard it in her voice, accepting her oath and service was a far greater torment and punishment for her than granting her the mercy of eternal rest.

Idris and Zaa say their goodbyes

Altus supported Idris while they walked back towards their own ship. “You stupid naïve girl” Altus scolded her. Idris raised an eyebrow in surprise and one side of her mouth turned into a smile. “I was afraid of losing you…" Altrus said heavily but Idris cut him off. “No worries uncle Mirea, I found an elegant, perhaps painful solution”. Both smirked as they approached the docking tunnel back to their ship, though Altus wondered if Ramannis was ready to fully accept her and his holding back his knowledge of her past. Another question raised as well in his mind, who was this contact of Ramannis that had knowledge she was the Kings Champion, that had to be someone within the highest levels of the government.

After the event she met with Zaa Ashara in the air tunnel that docked her freighter with the Loyalist One. “So you are leaving Zaa?” The Cargura turned around and smiled, seeing the hooded girl appearing from the mist the airlocks oxygen systems caused. A slight smile formed on her lips. “Yeah, I have no quarrel with the Empire Hooded Girl. Though one day I would like to know your name” Zaa replied gently. She noticed the hooded girl looked tired though simply shrugged shoulders at Zaa’s remark. “It doesn’t matter, I understood you can be contracted as a privateer! I doubt this is the last time we meet” the hooded girl replied gently as well. Zaa nodded and waved her hand. “Till next time then perhaps? I have a Cluster to explore!”.

With that, Idris watched her vanish from sight, the intercom alerted her to leave the air tunnel so that the freighter could detach. Sighting she wondered what the future would bring, the Empire faced various losses by the New Cyrannian Republic and the Resistance was expanding its ranks, though the Empire kept a tight grip on the Quadrant Galaxies, rumors had it the Empire had started campaigns into the Unclaimed Territories there with the approval of pro-Rambo-Imperials.

Chapter 02[]

Commander Raymus Oquoné of Blazing Squadron, part of the larger Cyrandia Resistance looked at the data pad in his hands and sighted. Taking two of the CS12-classes and various X-15 starfighters he left Andustar and was heading for the Rambo Colonial Sector where he would have one of the last chances to execute the desired mission near New Ramhall. Raymus knew why General Sesoka had shown him the details, as Raymus and Blazing Squadron would be the only squadron brave or crazy enough to attempt an Imperial convoy deep within Imperial space.

Vertac onboard the New Dawn prepares for battle against Blazing Squadron forces

On the bridge of the Arquitens-class light cruiser New Dawn Imperial captain Vertac Uiana eyed the navigational computer wearily. Though his escort included two Gozanti-class cruisers, travelling through the Rambo Cyrannus Colonial Sector was still too close to New Republic borders now that the Second Great Cyrannus War seemed to escalate. He knew his mission was kept secret to most other officers within the Empire, under direct orders of Grand Admiral Valindor Palenix he abandoned his patrol along the Gorge in the Quadrants and picked up a package near Noldágorel. Much to his surprise it was a prisoner by the name of Janice Ross that had to be delivered directly to Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius who was at Apailiana at the moment in New Republic Space. As travel to the Cyrannus Galaxy was fastest by using the wormhole near Yudumarth that had its exit near New Ramhall. Vertac only needed to travel to Orbispira and rendezvous with the Grand Mandator there. Vertac had to admit he was curious for the importance of the woman captive though his thoughts were interrupted by two corvettes jumping out of hyperspace near his position.

Lieutenant, open a channel. Tell them to remain clear of the convoy or they will be attacked under Imperial law” Vertac ordered. As the officer relayed the message various fighters dropped out of hyperspace as well and the ships were on intercept course with the New Dawn. Cursing under his breath Vertac proclaimed; “Blast it, signal the other vessels and Imperial Command! We are under resistance attack!”.

Vertac and his men prevents the rescue of Janic

As the two CS-class corvettes engaged the nearest Gozanti-class it was easily dispatched as the supportive fire of the X-15 Starfighters signaled its doom. As the two CS-corvettes targeted the engines of the New Dawn, Vertac realized his assailtents did not intent to destroy him, but came to rescue the girl. Pressing the intercom he commander “Prepare to repel boarding parties”. If they were so intent on having violence, these resistance fighters could get it.

As one of the CS corvettes docked with the New Dawn, the boarding fight began, under direct leadership of Raymus the resistance fighters advanced into the corridors of the Arquitents-class light cruiser. “Hurry men! We need to find the Knight as fast as we can!” Within minutes Raymus and his troopers found Janice in one of the cells. Raising an eyebrow Raymus smirked. “Well Janice, can’t say I look your new outfit?

Janice shot an annoyed look at the commander and shrugged her shoulder; “Well, what ya expect from the Imperials” as she took a model stance showing her orange/light yellow prisoner outfit. Nodding his head in disbelieve Raymus barked “No time to lose, let’s get out of here Janice”. Janice nodded, “My idea exactly commander”. The return to the air tunnel went without problems, and all to smoothly to Raymus idea, entering the tunnel towards their own vessel Vertac’s commanded his two troopers to open fire. Smiling viciously at Raymus he raised his chin in arrogance. “Commander Oquoné, another traitor to the Empire!” Pressing a button on a nearby console the neck collar of Janice released an electric charge, rendering her immobile and unconscious. As the troopers advanced they dragged a desperate Raymus with him, the attempt to rescue Janice had failed and Imperial reinforcements had arrived. In the nick of time Raymus and his forces escaped while Janice was brutally dragged back to her cell.

Chapter 03[]

Approaching Concor Refueling Depot

Appearing in view, Concor Refueling Depot was busy at this time of hour. An approaching Imperator-class star destroyer and its escorts approached the station, an Altor-class Replenishment Vessel was docked to refill the stations fuel tanks while a Yurrus-class light carrier was docked as well. Idris ignored the Imperial vessels, as the three grey/blue colored heavily modified and upgraded Dreadnought-Class' were her goal. The dreadnoughts were originally in service of Rambo Nation deployed by Rambo Command before being resigned from active service. Some of these vessels wound up in civilian hands and senator Ram'Lendila Le Rambo acquired some of them to serve as the Cyrannus Colonial Sector’ private military force.

Loyalist Intelligence acquired information that the three docked at Concor Refueling Depot were scheduled for demolition to reduce the strength of the private forces of Concordat territories. The order was issued by Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius and were ill received by the colonial sector but they were forced to comply. To expand the Loyalist Fleet Schout bij Nacht Jan Michiel Tasman and Lord Ramannis Le Rambo set in motion a plot to acquire the vessels for the fleet, and Idris and Lusitania Squadron played a vital role in it all.

Idris was rudely interrupted in her thoughts by an incoming transmission for the refueling depot. “Civilian vessel, identify yourself!” an Imperial traffic controller barked over the intercom. Idris smirked and relied; “This is civilian space cruiser Acceptance requesting a refuel! We miscalculated our travel and are very short of fuel. By allowance of the Imperial Senate articles of emergency refuelling on military facilities sector 4.b, we request your assistance!” The traffic controller grumbled, civilians were allowed to make use of the depot but were often found an annoyance by the Imperial military due to their meddling and known for causing troubles on the promenade bars. Idris send the clarification code and was cleared for docking, where they were informed it would take a few hours due as the Altor-class Replenishment Vessel was still refueling the station. Idris acknowledged and was happy with it, so far all went according to plan.

Idris meets with Yvenne onboard the station

Ordering her crew to remain aboard, Idris exited the airlock and entered the promenade where she sought out her contact. Wearing her hood she did draw some attention due to her appearance but many ignored her, simply busy with their daily work. Taking a stance at the bar she ordered a soda and looked around at the rather empty bar, an early day it was after all. The bar holder, a dubious looking overweighed Cyrannian race looked at the slender Sinleri. Idris noticed and raised an eyebrow. “You have a question mark on your face buddy, spit it out” Idris remarked. The bar holder scratched his under chin, trying to find his words before replying; “What brings a pretty girl like you to this place eh?” Idris shot a blank glare, shrugging her shoulders and taking another nip of her drink should convince the bar holder it was none of his business. The bar holder leaned in closer and whispered; “Excuse me for asking, but are you one of those entertainment girls for the Imperials? You seem to dress like o…” before he could finish his sentence Idris grabbed his collar and yanked him forward, with her other hand she placed her knife on his throat. Narrowing her eyes she hissed her next words; “Continue talking and you won’t have to wonder anything about me ever again”.

Raising his hands in defiance the holder apologised and took a step backwards when Idris released her. Breathing heavily Idris lost her temper again, perhaps not the wisest thing to do at an Imperial refueling station but the creature was asking for it. “Well, that is not according to regulations girl” a voice said behind her. Rolling her eyes in annoyance Idris turned to face the obvious Imperial remark but was stunned when she realised it was someone she thought she actually recognised. Stammering and searching for words Idris was left speechless though the Imperial officer simply cut her off: “Walk with me citizen, before I change my mind and throw you in the brick”. Idris followed the officer outside, hesitantly she asked; “Is the refueling going according to plan?” The Imperial officer smirked; “How should I know hooded girl, not my problem now get along!

Idris stopped and watched as the Imperial officer took a turn and vanished out of sight. Idris smiled, her agent was onboard and things for now were going according to plan.

Chapter 04[]

Idris returned to her ship two hours later, nodding towards her crew the slicer they brought disturbed the security cameras onboard the station. At once, the alarms of the Imperial station sounded and Idris contacted the traffic control while resistance troopers and pilots exited the ship and made their way through the hallways. The traffic control issued Idris and her crew to stand by, none of the docked vessels were allowed to leave.

Yvenne and Lissarhk on the bridge of Concor refueling Depot

Meanwhile on the bridge, Tra'ssahk commander Lissarhk Gnackt approached the view screen. The disillusioned Imperial officer swore under his breath, he already got this boring position after making a severe mistake and now something was going on at the station. “Reportsss” the commander hissed. His crew fanatically checked the monitors but could only inform him the security cameras were off after their systems were hacked. Narrowing his eyes he crossed his hands in front of him; “Complete lockdown, none of the ssships leavesss before inspection” he ordered. Suddenly a tremor shook the station as explosions were felt, followed by the intercom message that the hangar bay was under attack by unknown assailants. Behind him a female humanoid lieutenant entered the bridge, turning he eyed the unknown lieutenant that arrived a week before with a new batch of young officers, the so called next generation. He noticed she wore the Legatus uniform, so the rumors were true that the Legatus and the Empire were mixing crews. “Lieutenant, take command of the bridge. I will deal with these assailantssss messself”. Saluting, commander Lissarhk simply nodded and stormed off the bridge. Smiling Yvenne crossed her arms in front of her as well and ordered the crew to lock the bridge per safety protocol. The crew complied though before they could turn around to tell her both were stunned by the pistol Yvenne carried.

Massaging her hands, Yvenne took her seat behind one of the command controls and began searching her way around. From her pocket she took a Resistance communication device and opened a channel; “Legatus for hooded girl, I am in position”. The channel cracked and the hooded girl replied; “Well done, release docking clamps of targets and complete your mission”. Yvenne rolled her eyes and entered the command to release the docking clamps of the Consular-class and the three Dreadnought-classes. Next she returned to her position and dropped a stun grenade, falling unconscious to the ground Yvenne played her part and seemed to have been stunned by the assailants as well.

Escaping Concor Refueling Depot with two Dreadnought's

Idris and her crew broke free of the station and contacted her resistance groups on the station, two of the three dreadnoughts were secured though at the third they faced heavy resistance from the Imperial commander. Lissarhk ordered his crew to engage and advance after shooting down at least four resistance fighters. Noticing the docking clamps of the vessels were released and two of the dreadnoughts embarking the station. Lissarhk realised the purpose of the assailant’s attacks. These were no pirates or criminals, his station was under attack by the Cyrandia Resistance. Opening a channel to the bridge that went unanswered, Lissarhk grew furious and slammed his hands on a nearby consoles. Much to his surprise the vessel exploded when it attempted to disembark by the station after the engines of the vessels exploded. The Resistance fighters failed to realise the Imperials already started to disassemble that particular dreadnought, its primary engine fuel injectors were removed, starting up the engines would cause the engines to ignite the fuel and destroy the vessel. Placing his hand on the window he sighted heavily, what a waste of lives and materials.

Idris eyes widened by shock when she saw the dreadnought explode and sink into the station. “Signal the flotilla, we will rendezvous at point delta 4”. Flanked by the two dreadnoughts, they jumped into hyperspace to escape the station before Imperial reinforcements could arrive. Sitting back in the command chair, Idris was pleased. The Lusitania Squadron managed to complete the mission once again and ensured the Loyalist Fleet was strengthened by two Dreadnought-class command destroyer carriers.

Meanwhile, back on the station Lissarhk confronted the bridge crew and berated them for their failures though the blame would fall upon him he knew. Three days later, much to his dismay Lissarhk was removed from his command of the station. Though allowed to keep his rank he was send to commandeer the deep remote outpost known as Isle Blue in the Space in Between, the most boring and least prestige base within the Empire. A place where the Empire’s greatest failures were send to, often nicknamed and known amongst officers as “Loser Outpost”.

Chapter 05[]

Lissarhk's shuttle at Ozdudrhak

05 may 21 AQF, commander Lissarhk Gnackt snorted as he eyed the massive crater city known as Ozdudrahk, home of the independent half-orcs in the Space in Between. The city was known for its independence and safe haven for criminals and smugglers, the main port of the trade route known as the Corridor between the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrant Galaxies, one of the three possibilities to travel between those three galaxies.

As his Sentinel-class shuttle skimmed the sky, towering buildings eventually gave way to a large circular opening. One of the two access ports to the lower city, and goal of Lissarhk’s journey. The sight took Lissarhk’s breath, a small lake surrounded by medium sized buildings, billboards made up the lower surface while the city’s ceiling featured similar buildings as the city above. Shaking his head he hoped the Empire would never invade or attack this place, for one it would be a tactical nightmare but destroying such scenery would even be worse and a loss of a unique architecture.

Lissarhk meets with the half-orc chef

Sir, we are approaching the landing pad, please strap yourself sir” the shuttle's pilot asked. Nodding Lissarhk complied and awaited touch down. With a slight bump the shuttle's landing was rather smooth and he exited when he was cleared. Lissarhk approached the nearby saloon, where Imperial Command had booked a room for his stay. As Isle Blue was on the other side of the Corridor it took some time to get a transport for him and would take a couple of days. Lissarhk requested this one as he didn’t want to draw attention to himself as Imperials were frowned upon at Ozdudrahk. This particular saloon holder was well known amongst the Imperials as trustworthy and was rather gentle and welcoming for them.

Entering the salo?on, the saloon holder smiled. “Welcome commander! We’ve been expecting you sir!” he bellowed, his belly visibly bouncing disturbing the commander. “Thank you chef, is my room ready?” Nodding and extending his hand, Lissarhk returned the gestured and shook the chef’s hand as he said; “It is commander, food and drinks are in the fridge, breakfast is at 08:00am. If you want though……. there is sports on the non-Imperial holo channels”.

Lissarhk smirked, he already heard of these “legendary” nights, quite popular amongst Imperial officers who wanted to see something else beyond the Imperial holo propaganda. “I’ll refresh and will be there”. Taking the door at the back, Lissarhk took the stairs to his rooms. Perhaps the wait on Ozdudrahk wouldn’t be that bad.

Chapter 06[]

Idris Vanguinar cursed as she almost lost her footing, another impact shook the Consular-class as the shields were failing. Entering the bride she shouted commands to the crew. “What in the name of Artmyris is going on?” she demanded. The ship veered sharply to the left to evade incoming fire as one of the pilots informed they were hunted down by a Arquitens-class light cruiser and two Gozanti-class cruisers.

Astrosia tracks down Idris in preperation to destroy the Resistance once and for all

From onboard the bridge of the Crimson Talon. Lady Astrosia stood motionless while observing the chase. After the Imperial insult at the refuelling depot, Mandator Camron Dar dispatched Astrosia and her ship, escorted by two Gozanti-classes to track down the Consular-class that happened to be there at a very convenient time and escaped with the two dreadnought-classes. While Astrosia was displeased, she obeyed even though she thought it more of a task for commander Vitiian Rax. Lieutenants Timothy Winthazen and Swain Tavira sat behind the helm, steering the vessel in its pursuit. Commander Velasus approached the dark lady; “M’Lady, we are close to disabling their shields”. Astrosia turned away her attention and looked at the dinosaur commander, her trusted second in command. “Very well commander, launch fighters and disable their engines, I want them alive!” the commander bowed and ordered Swain to inform the Gozanti-classes to launch their ASP-fighters.

Lieutenant! They’re launching fighters!” the navigational officer informed Idris. Taking a look at her screen she sighted, her ship was crippled and some of the weapons were down. These Imperials were highly effective, more so than other Imperials she encountered. As the fighters approached they opened fire, disabling the upper cannons before swinging around and targeting the engines. Idris took over the controls of the vessels and veered sharply to the left, straight at the Imperial flotilla. “Open fire at the light cruiser and plot a course for hyperspace NOW!” Idris ordered. The engines roared and the ship shook as Idris full throttled the engines. The Consular-class shot forwards while its forward weapon fired on the Crimson Talon. The Imperial vessels changed course to evade collision, allowing Idris and her crew to jump into hyperspace and escape the battle. Commander Velasus gulped and the bridge fell silent onboard the Crimson Talon. “We lost them ma'am” Velasus hesitantly informed the dark lady, fearing retribution or punishment for his failure at destroying the rebels. Astrosia simply crossed her arm behind her back and didn’t take her attention away from looking outside the view screen. “Ma'am?” the commander asked once again.

Inform our escorts we will rendezvous with the rest of Raptor Squadron and open a private channel to Mandator Dar and pass it to my ready room, I will inform him myself of our successes” she ordered. Velasus prompted his bridge crew to comply though wondered why the lady was so pleased and called it a success. The rebels escaped right? As Astrosia entered her ready room she was excited to inform the Mandator of her success, a tracking device had been implanted on the Consular-class, it would prove her correct that the Cyrandia Resistance largest and most influential figure heads would not be present at the same location and had separate fleets to ensure their survival. For now, let them think it were random encounters, the downfall of the Resistance is near!

Chapter 07[]

Arriving at Bunker Eighty Two

Five days later at 10 may 21 AQF a Gozanti-class cruiser had picked up Lissarhk on Ozdudrahk and entered the Corridor. As he sat in the bridge he reviewed the data pad in front of him, apparently his assignment to Isle Blue was not only commandeering the Imperial base there, but various bunkers/outposts fell under his responsibility as well. It turned out, ever since their construction in the early days of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus they were never inspected or changed personnel rosters. Lissarhk’s first task was to inspect them and report his observations to Imperial Command. Each bunker or outpost was commandeered by a lieutenant commander whom reported to him, capable and hardened Imperial officers and protected by at least a battalion of troops. Most of the Corridor forces were hailing from the Legatus Finduilica though and were probably humanoids. The lieutenant commanders commandeered the outposts and Fortress Blue on Isle Blue on a six month rotation. Three Gozanti-class cruisers fell under Lissarhk’s command as well, commandeered by lieutenant commanders as well to ferry cargo, personnel and supplies across the Corridor and were to conduct regular traffic inspections as well. Together they made up the Space in Between Sector Command.

Meeting lieutenant Tarcarvor

After three days of travelling on the Corridor Trade Route, a busy line of space traffic and passing at least two wormholes leading to other outer regions of the Imperial territories they finally arrived at Bunker Eighty-Two, the first Imperial presence on the Corridor. His clerk aide, a female human lieutenant the Legatus by the name of Ciena Dunedin approached him and informed him they were ready to descend into orbit. He noticed she had a darker skin and dark hair, bright eyes and a slender body. Frowning he was surprised the outpost had a landing platform for a Gozanti-class, the female officer simply smiled and said most deep outpost had them for resupply purposes. Nodding he joined her to the flight deck as the cruiser descended and approached a large crater where Bunker Eighty Two was located. Lissarhk noticed a satellite dish, a large hangar with fighters, two landing docks and a shield generator protecting the base. “Commander, touch down in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1” lieutenant commander Paul Janssen informed Lissarhk. The Gozanti-class landed with a gentle bump and Lissarhk exited before the ramp was fully down. Approaching him was a male Basileus lieutenant by the name of Tarcarvor, one of the more brutal Imperial officers in the sector and the one that commanded bunker eighty two currently and a highly ambitious officer. The arrogant Basileus strode forward and saluted; “Welcome to bunker eighty two commander” the officer smiled, revealing his row of teeth. Lissarhk frowned, he always disliked the Basileus as a species, finding them untrustworthy and backstabbing. “Yes yes thank you lieutenant, let discuss performance reports so I can get on my way to Isle Blue” Lissarhk barked perhaps a little too much. The officer tensed, afraid he did something wrong and escorted Lissarhk inside where they discussed the performance and current state of the outpost.

Four hours later, Lissarhk was pleased, perhaps he misjudged Tarcarvor as he ran the outpost quite efficient and though arrogant and ambitious, was a loyal and capable officer. Lissarhk commended Tarcarvor for his work much to his delight before he entered the Gozanti-class and headed to his next objective, Isle Blue.

Chapter 08[]

Smogash Transports meets with Raptor Squadron to deliver supplies

Two days later, 12 May 21 AQF Zaa Ashara was happy, placing her legs on the consoles and leaning back in her chair her life was good. Employed by the Smogash Transports she and Hisharo were assigned to serve onboard the modified Curagae-class freighter under command of the Amiaeria trader Sentegas Dofine. Zaa was hired as the pilot of the Smogash Express, though relative agile it was a bit sloggy for her taste, none the less Zaa enjoyed to having the crew around her. Much to her surprise the freighter had its own fighter escort, something Hisharo was very interested in learning. This job allowed both of them to explore parts of the Cyrandia Cluster and earn some money as well.

Delfine and Zaa met with Imperial Mandator Dar

After some supply between Jatooine in the Quadrant Galaxies and the planet Tar Kuuraen in the Cyrannus Galaxy they were suddenly tasked by Smogash Tranports to make a supply run for the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. Zaa disliked them but Dolfine simply shrugged and told them the transports could be contracted by just anyone. Zaa sat straight as the white star lines turned slower as the ship exited hyperspace in a system near the planet Ozdudrahk. The sight in front of her disgusted her, various Imperial vessel hung in orbit in formation, various Arquitens-class light cruisers escorted by Gozanti-class cruisers and a single Yurrus-class light carrier. Sighting she informed Dofine they had arrived who entered the bridge and opened a channel. “Greetings Imperials, this is Sentegas Dofine arriving with your supplies, I hope we are not late” the male Amiaeria said politely. The response was gruff and short, they had to dock with the light cruiser and make no sudden moves as a squadron of ASP-fighters swarmed around their vessel to “escort” them to dock. Dofine rubbed his forehead; “Now all, please remain calm and follow their directions”.

Minutes later, Dofine met with mandatory Camron Dar who appeared to be in command of Raptor Squadron. In the air tunnel Dofine and Zaa met with Camron, who looked stern and proud as any Imperial officer. Looking with rather disdain at Dofine and amusement at Zaa he nodded. “Well subjects, you arrival is timely and on schedule. You have my gratitude for that. I expect you to be finished within two hours so we can conduct our operations”.

Zaa frowned but Dofine, as sly as he was simply nodded and totally agreed with the Imperial Mandator. While Dofine went with the Mandator for the handover of the payment Zaa remained in the hallway to eardrop. Apparently the rumor amongst the Imperials was that they were preparing to engage a Resistance cell that was currently in hiding at the surface, and if necessarily they would level the half-orc city with it. Zaa gulped, this was bad and the forces on the surface were cornered. Returning with Dofine to their cruiser to await the wrap off of the cargo handover, Zaa secretly contacted Idris Vanguinar and informed her about her discovery.

Chapter 09[]

LordRamannis Le Rambo rushed to the command center of one of his modified Munificent-class star frigate, the Loyalist One. The sudden arrival of Empire’s elite Raptor Squadron signalled bad tidings. The Rambo Loyalist’ arrived at Ozdudrahk to resupply and were confident the Empire would not venture this far outside Imperial space, yet he was proved wrong when Idris Vanguinar held up to her oath and informed him that Imperials were approaching the planet. “What is the status of our fleet?” Ramannis barked to his crew. To his horror the Dutch forces of the Loyalist Ensemble was stationed in another sector while all of the CC14-classes were docked in surface landing platforms. Cursing under his breath he ordered his forces to launch fighters and his CC14-classes to recall personnel and take off as soon as possible. Meanwhile Sentinel-class shuttles emerged from the clouds as they approached the city in order to hunt down Resistance sympathizers who were on the surface.

Battle of Ozdudrahk

While the Loyalist One itself ignited its engines three Arquitens-class light cruisers emerged from the clouds and opened fire as Loyalist and ASP fighters engaged each other above the massive half-orc city. The Loyalist One trembled and shook as it took serious damage. A sudden flash drew the attention of the Serindia Lord as he saw one of the blockade runners crashing down on the city, destroying various buildings. Swearing under his breath Ramannis realised the Empire had come to wipe them out. “M---L-lord taking heavy damage” was heard over the intercom shortly before another blockade runner went down. Ramannis leaned back in his chair, realizing that it might be over before everything had started. The Empire had tracked them down, cornered and moved in to destroy him and his ideals. “My Lord! You should get out of here now! Take the Loyalist One to these coordinates and get out of here my Lord, I will provide the opening” ser Ramniels Ramcelsior barked over the intercom. He steered his blockade runner straight at one of the light cruises. Ramannis realised his intent and replied over intercom; “Ser! Don’t!” but it was too late. The blockade runner boosted its engines and rammed one of the light cruiser, both plummeted down in large ball of light and explosions. Glancing away, Ramannis sighted and ordered his crew to boost the engines as the Loyalist One passed by the Imperial forces. Reaching low orbit the ship jumped into hyperspace, leaving many fighters behind who covered and sacrificed themselves to save their Lord. Onboard the light cruiser Crimson Talon Lady Astrosia strode proudly on the bridge. Opening a channel to Mandator Camron Dar, who was on the other side of the galaxy to hunt down resistance forces she bowed her head in respect. “Mandator, I am pleased to inform you that of these “Loyalist” forces only the Munificent-class managed to escape with heavy damage, all of the blockade runners have been destroyer together with a large amount of Tiger-class fighters” her cold mechanical voice said. Mandator Dar crossed his arms and smiled, though the command ship escaped he was pleased, they dealt a serious blow to one of the Cyrandia Resistance cells and the second Imperial victory against the Resistance was ensured. “Well done Lady Astrosia, without this cell the group of General Sesoka will have lost a valuable ally. We are close to discover his whereabouts. Report back to the Raptor fleet and I shall inform Imperial command that we have found a grounded reason to invade and occupy Ozdudrahk for harboring known fugitives”. With that the transmission stopped and Astrosia turned, ordering her crew to set coordinates to rendezvous with the rest of Raptor Squadron. She however inconveniently neglected to inform the loss of one of the light cruisers.

Chapter 10[]

The Loyalist One joins the Ensemble fleet

Five days after the disastrous events at Ozdudrahk the Loyalist One rendezvoused with the rest of the Loyalist Ensemble and the Lusitania Squadron near the Purpura Nebula (Space in Between. Battered, shaken and damaged the Loyalist One joined formation as a single shuttle embarked for the Acclamator-Class Eendragt. The assembled Ensemble had expanded drastically since Ramannis left Ramar Shadda, at this moment the Loyalist Ensemble had expended with human Dutch dissidents, exiled and desperate Carnthedain Elves and loyal Serindia from Ramar Shadda. Its resources now include massive battleships like the Lucrehulk-class, Dreadnought-class command cruisers and a number of blockade runners and frigates.

The Loyalist Ensemble decide their next move

At the bridge of the Eendragt, the main Loyalist commanders were horrified when Lord Ramannis Le Rambo arrived on the bridge, injured with his arm in bandage. The rest of the ensemble fell silent, schout bij nacht Jan Michiel Tasman silenced the room. “Lord Le Rambo, what happened? Where is the rest of the command fleet?” he inquired hesitantly, not sure if he wanted to hear the answer. Ramannis slammed his fist on the table and raised his voice for all to hear; “We were ambushed my friends, the rumors of this Raptor Squadron are true, bound to destroy us all is their single task. We lost Ser Ramcelsior to them and the blockade runner’s part of my fleet” the Serindia lord proclaimed. At once the bridge erupted in shouts and arguments as many within the Loyalists were unsure how to act now that they were actively hunted down before they even revealed themselves fully. Some wondered whether to continue or quit and looked at Lord Ramannis who was deep in thought, looking at the star chart of the Space in Between. Suddenly Idris Vanguinar stepped forward, much at the dismay of some of the senior officers. Ramannis frowned and crossed his arm in front of him, surprised by this bold move of the former King’s Whore. “We all knew the risks, but we are Loyalists isn’t it? We rebel against the High King and the Emperor of Cyrannus and we all knew it would not be without risk” the young Sinleri proclaimed. One of the elf druids stepped forward and asked “what would you have us do then lieutenant?” he asked hopeful. Idris narrowed her eyes and pointed her finger at Ramannis while she slammed down her fist on the table; “We’ll let them pay as we follow our Lord” she hissed. The room applauded and some placed hands of comfort on her shoulders for speaking up. Even Lord Rammanis approached her and said “Well done young one, let’s find a base to train and maintain our fleet before we return to the fray” he said. Shortly after the Loyalist fleet was on the move, searching for a possible base within the Space in Between, it would take them time to rebuild and integrate all the new additional members into a solid fighter force but they would succeed, and they will return to fight Empire and High King Rambert Ramveral.


Lissarhk discovers the dark secret of Isle Blue

Later, Lissarhk Gnackt and his female lieutenant clerk, Ciena Dunedin walked down the steep hill, the young human visibly displeased going to this particular site. Lissarhk, after arriving at Isle Blue made himself at home but wondered where the native population was. Though little remained of the Bluedion fortress, once Atlantican in origin the population seemingly was spirited off and after some digging in the database and some pressure on the young lieutenant she said the only thing she had picked up upon her arrival was that the Bluedions had been relocated to these coordinates, a single island away from the main Imperial installation.

Leaving their Sentinel-class shuttle behind the two strode up the hill, with the young girl growing more anxious every step. “S-sir, I feel we should not do this without reinforcements or back up and..” she said before she was interrupted by the commander. “Lieutenant Dunedin, we ssshal ssssee what thissss relocation meanssss” Lissarhk hissed. Arriving at the bottom of the crater the young girl fell to her knees, growing pale and sick. Lissarhk narrowed his eyes and hissed. So the whispers were true. He gazed into the crater and grew sick as well, bones and remains were scattered all around the area as the implication hit him. The Empire had wiped out an entire race of sentient beings without a second thought. He turned and grabbed his clerk by her shoulders and shook, “who oversaw the relocation lieutenant?” The girl babbled and didn’t make any sense until Lissarhk backslapped her, sending her to her knees in shock. Rubbing her painful cheek she looked in anger at her superior while she spat out her answer; “Tarcarvor sir, the lieutenant commander of Bunker Eighty Two” while a single tear rolled down her cheek. Hissing he strode up the hill and dragged Ciena with him. Before entering the shuttle a shadow passed over drawing his attention. His eyes widened as he saw a various U-Wings and Tiger-class fighters passing over.


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