Second Great Cyrannus War: The New Shadow - Part III: The Spear of Ramielum

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Chapter I: Phoenix of Starlight

The sun was setting on the Aldárae Temple, the sound of songbirds and the trickling of distant waterfalls filling the twilight sky. In her quarters in the Temple, Aoirtae sat on her bed, absentmindedly gazing at the holographic display on the roof, depicting the heavens above Andustar, the planet where she spent much of her early life. Despite being glad she had the opportunity to travel the stars, in quiet moments—now all too rare with the outbreak of the war—she found safety and comfort in the projection of Andustar's crisp night sky.

The sound of the door buzzing snapped her out of her day dream.

  • Aoirtae: "On my way."

The young Ortella jumped from the bed, stretched, and walked over the door, which slid open to reveal Kara Inviá, who sauntered past Aoirtae and planted herself on the sofa.

  • Kara: "We should get a move on. Apparently something big is about to go down."

Aoirtae sighed heavily.

  • Aoirtae: "We should retire from this Aldárae business. Spend our lives, you know, sleeping, chilling out... and not constantly dealing with people who want to kill us."

Kara grinned.

  • Kara: "There'd be no fun in that, you'd go mad within a day."

Aoirtae shrugged, and beckoned Kara to follow her out.

  • Aoirtae: "I feel as though you aren't wrong, but five minutes peace would be nice!"

Kara jumped to her feet, and began to follow her friend.

  • Kara: "Anyway, I don't think we're being sent back to the front just yet. Ryen has just returned from Achiliquin, so we're probably just part of the welcome committee."
  • Aoirtae: "Welcoming committee? Oh Ryen's going to love that."

As the two made their way through the temple's corridors, they finally arrived at the entrance to the Chambers of the Ethelnór Aldárae, the guilding council of the Order. Upon gaining entrance to the chambers, they were greeted by Master Ryen himself, who embraced his former pupils warmly.

  • Ryen: "Aoirtae and Kara, it's wonderful to see you both! How have you both been?"
  • Aoirtae: "We're both fine, but how are you? Last we heard, you were injured during the Battle of Achiliquin."
  • Kara: "It would take more than a Phaedric Lord to stop this guy!"
  • Ryen: "Yes, well, it's good to see your enthuasiasm hasn't changed, Kara, my girl."

As Aoirtae looked around the room, she saw that many of the most revered members of the Order had assembled, including Masters Alinor Nanuq, Aenaró and Daera Rosalayne, as well as others such as Arasah Nui and Northarr.

  • Aenaró: "Indeed, indeed, welcome home, Master Ryen. You have arrived at an opportune time, yes. Master Du'utahrovin brings word that the power of the Light yet grows, in spite of the darkness, and that a new face may yet appear to our aid."

At this moment, through the windows of the temple, the light coming from the clear skies of Aldár appeared to grow more intense - far more than usual. The skies were illuminated and almost turned golden as a being, shining almost as much as a star, slowly emerged down into the atmosphere. Throughout the temple, the Aldárae made their way to the central courtyard, to greet the new arrival.

As the figure approached the ground, the light emitted from it slowly dimmed to reveal what it truly was; it resembled a massive bird with feathers made of flame, with three pairs of eyes as white as pearls. It did not beat its wings as it slowly descended to the ground, instead keeping them open, revealing to the Order its great span. As its clawed feet touched the ground, it spoke;

  • ???: "My time in hiding has come to an end. The Lord of Light has indeed cometh, as it was calculated so many thousands of years ago."
  • Ryen: "Welcome to Aldár. I am Master Ryen, and it is my honour to welcome you to the home of Light."
  • ???: "Greetings, mortal followers of the Lord of Light! I am named Chaneonix. I wish to speak to him at once."

To Aoirtae's surprise, Apolithanatár did not immediately appear in his Oikoumene form, but as as a group of firefly-like lights.

Spear of Ramielum 01

Chaneonix appears before the Aldárae.

  • Apolithanatár: "Greetings, Chaneonix. What brings you to Aldár?"
  • Chaneonix: "Why, my purpose should be obvious! I have to come to pledge my support against the Dark Lord and whatever other forces would threaten the home galaxy."

Vanikaimar, the ancient Nagith warrior, raised an eyebrow as he gazed upon Chaneonix.

  • Vanikaimar: "Who and what is this entity?"
  • Chaneonix: "I am of the Oikoumene. A Vosaus! To you younger beings, the title would translate to that of a high-ranking scientist. I was among the many who created the Miluiel, among other things."
  • Kara: "Another Oikoumene would certainly be useful against the Empire. No doubt about it."
  • Chaneonix: "I was also appointed to be the head of the order of the Estëmentári after the fall from grace of the Warriors of Revelation... though I must admit that was not entirely my idea. I am a scientist, not a peace-keeper. I have spent the last thousands of years communing with the Vida'Rranlora, awaiting for the return of my kin. I thank you for freeing them from the clutches of the Empire, by the way."

Aoirtae smiled.

  • Aoirtae: "Don't mention it. Although, we have Apolithanatár to thank for that particular endeavour."
  • Chaneonix: "Yes, indeed... By the time I was given life, he was but a legend. But then it turned out he was, in fact, real after all! It was a breakthrough of science in itself. Though I had not the chance to meet him in person during time my kin freely lived in the home galaxy... This form you assume is unfit for a being of your majesty."
  • Apolithanatár: "This form befits the times, Chaneonix, for the time of the Oikoumene is past, and often wisdom can be found from the hands of those deemed weak, when the Wise and Mighty have faltered."
  • Chaneonix: "Yes, perhaps so."
  • Vanikaimar: "I have never heard of Oikoumene taking the form of... birds."
  • Chaneonix: "I am no mere bird, Nagith! I model my form after the legendary Vida'Rra! Your race's existence is but a speck of sand in a beach compared to theirs... And speaking of which, this brings up one of the reasons for my arrival to this world."

Chaneonix turned his head to face Ryen.

  • Chaneonix: "Am I correct to say your Order has seen the new shadow arriving to contest both the Dark Lord and the Lord of Light? The shadow of nightmares?"
  • Ryen: "Yes, he is known as Mar-Júun, a Basileus corrupted by the ancient knowledge and power of the Corruptus. My friends, Aoirtae and Kara, faced his thralls, such as the Fallen King Rambert, in the halls of the Rambo Capital, and his dark allies in the Borealis Galaxy, while Master Nanuq has uncovered his hand at work among the stars of the Plazith Rim."
  • Chaneonix: "I have spent the last 70 million years studying the Corruptus, and I refuse to allow its influence to damage Cyrannus more than it already has. I have also spent the last decades alienating the Dark Lord to the best of my abilities, in an attempt to hide my agenda, though I figure the Lord of Light's arrival has made him aware of my allegiances. I can no longer be on the run as I was before, and as such I request to take permanent residency in this world; if you would have me, I would tell you the means to deal with the Corruptus."

Apolithanatár looked to Ryen, who nodded happily.

  • Ryen: "It would be our honour to welcome you, Chaneonix. I daresay we cannot refuse such an offer."
  • Chaneonix: "It would be highly illogical indeed. Now, I know exactly what we are dealing with in regards of the Corruptus, to the very nature of this "Mar-Júun". He is a troublesome one, and leaving him unchecked could jeopardize the future of this entire cluster. Are you aware he has attempted against the life of your President once? I was forced to personally intervene; had he died that day, I dare say this Order wouldn't have even been founded."
  • Kara: "He's my father, he told me that he was attacked by Mar-Júun was I was a hatchling, but being saved by a big fiery Oikoumene must have slipped his mind."
  • Chaneonix: "I erased the memory of the incident from his mind. Myself and the Vida'Rranlora have calculated a course of action to take for eons, but his arrival was unexpected, and dangerous. Had your father died that day, you would've lost the key to the artifact that can destroy him for good."
  • Vanikaimar: "Artifact?"
  • Chaneonix: "Mar-Júun is a type of Nightmare called a "Vanguard". His life essence is directly linked to that of the abomination known as Shu'wokerama, and this link grants him resurrective immortality. Such Vanguards existed during the times of the Vida'Rra, and they happened to develop weapons made specifically to sever these links."

Master Nanuq scratched his chin.

  • Nanuq: "Ingenious. If we could locate one of these weapons, there may yet be hope for the resolution of this particular conflict."
  • Chaneonix: "As it happens, I know the location of one such artifact. Likely the only one of its kind in the universe, as the Vida'Rra have long died out and took their technology with them."
  • Kara: "You mentioned that if my dad died that day, we'd have lost the key to this weapon. What did you mean by that?"
  • Chaneonix: "The weapon cannot be accessed without the aid of a powerful, pureblooded Dream Essence-based organism... like that creature your father keeps with him."

Kara's eyes widened, and despite her best efforts, she failed to suppress the humour in her voice.

  • Kara: "Gorf? Seriously? He's the key to defeating Mar-Júun? He can't even remember to wear trousers!"
  • Chaneonix: "Indeed! "Gorf" is the key! Had your father died at Mar-Júun or the Dark Lord's hands, he would have wandered off and likely died in the wilds. The calculations cannot be mistaken!"
  • Vanikaimar: "Are you quite sure about this? I have seen the creature, and it is barely sentient to begin with."
  • Chaneonix: "I am! As a matter of fact, because it... ate the key. Sort of. The facility holding this weapon had a power supply and it was eaten by this "Gorf". So he is going to serve as your way in now."
  • Aoirtae: "I always wondered what exactly Gorf is, I suppose this explains it!"
  • Chaneonix: "Well, I have an answer to that question, but the science behind it would be beyond your three-dimensional comprehension."
  • Apolithanatár: "You must learn to speak to them as equals, Chaneonix, for they are our only hope for victory."
  • Chaneonix: "Believe me, Lord of Light. The answer to the question would literally not be understandable to them. It is best to leave it at that."

Chaneonix clapped his wings together, and using his power over the Light, he created what appeared to be a star map of the Unknown Regions in front of himself, using one feathred finger to point at one specific region of space.

  • Chaneonix: "It was another unexpected circumstance in our calculations. Tyrómairon's Empire has actually found this planet before, but because the one you call Gorf ran off with its sole power supply, they were never able to get anything useful out of it. The facility has long since been abandoned again."
  • Vanikaimar: "What exactly would you have us do?"
  • Chaneonix: "Your most able-bodied must take "Gorf" to this facility and retrieve the weapon so we may use it against Mar-Júun. According to the Vida'Rranlora, it takes the shape of a spear, and it was developed by an ancient scientist known as Ramielum, so it should be relatively easy to spot."

Ryen smiled, and indicated to Aoirtae and Kara.

  • Ryen: "Well now, that sounds like a job for the crew of the Auethnen Raptor."

Aoirtae placed her hand on her head.

  • Aoirtae: "I knew you were going to say that."
  • Chaneonix: "Fear not, small Ortella child. The chances of any resistance existing in the facility after the Empire's departure should be about 0.2%. Stray wildlife at the very most."
  • Aoirtae: "If you say so, big Oikoumene eagle, but all the same, we'd best be prepared for anything."
  • Vanikaimar: "Indeed. I know this world from the Children. Any world they have stepped in is not perfectly safe."
  • Ryen: "Tread carefully, however, for there may be hidden dangers, even if the path ahead appears clear."
  • Chaneonix: "Whether it will be easy or difficult is irrelevant. You must bring this spear to Aldár at once, for it is the only means to permanent destroy Mar-Júun."

Kara scratched her head.

  • Kara: "We'll need to pick Gorf up on Capricaerón before we do anything. I can't wait to see the look on dad's face when we tell him!"
  • Chaneonix: "Once that is done, I would like to see this "Gorf" for myself. I have not had the chance to study dream-based lifeforms before... It could lead to fascinating experiments."
  • Kara: "I don't think he'll be okay with that, but hey, you never know. We should get ready to leave."

Chapter II: Relics of the Ancients

Having picked up Gorf at Capricaerón, much to his dismay as he was asleep at the time, the crew of the Auethnen Raptor made their way to their destination, far into the Unknown Regions. It was a quiet trek, devoid of any obstacles, though Gorf would prove himself a less than pleasant passenger as he went out of his way to 'play' with them, leading him to be kicked a few times by Vanikaimar.

Once they arrived to the planet which supposedly held the Spear of Ramielum, they found it was, indeed, abandoned; former Imperial encampments were present in the lush jungle which hid the entrance of the facility, though they were devoid of life and all of its valuable resources had long been taken away, as the Empire found no use to the place. Once they landed and made their way through the camps, Vanikaimar kept his rifle primed in the event of an ambush while Gorf non-chalantly walked ahead of them.

  • Gorf: "Gorf remember this place. This where Gorf found piece of power that made him grow up from baby form."
  • Kara: "So this is where you were when you went missing."
  • Gorf: "Piece of power called for Gorf. Glad Gorf found it too. There were stupid people here before. Stupid robots and stupid ladies shot at Gorf but he was too quick for them."
  • Aoirtae: "Looks like it's been abandoned. A while ago, too."
  • Vanikaimar: "Enough with the storytelling, you little monster. Take us to where you stole the power source and put it back where it belongs.
  • Gorf: "Who bit you, eh? Why so grumpy?"
  • Kara: "He's always like that, this is him on a good day."

With a pout, Gorf guided them inside the facility which, as Chaneonix had said, appeared to have no power; electronics surrounded them, though they were all turned off. In order to guide them through the darkness, Gorf's eyes begun shining brightly as if they were a pair of lanterns - causing Vanikaimar to become increasingly disturbed -, which aided them in going down the facility and avoid any debris on the path.

The group eventually arrived to a larger chamber, where a large podium stood. Mumbling under his breath, Gorf shoved his own hands inside his mouth and then took out an object; a large shard of solidified Dream Essence, the same he had taken from this place years ago. He placed it on the podium, where it immediately begun to float as the lights around them turned on instantly. Gorf himself begun to rapidly shrink in size as he reverted to a more simple form, the one he had when Kara was still a child. Kara rushed forward to him, concerned that the experience was painful for the entity, though he appeared to be largely oblivious to what had happened.

  • Kara: "Gorf?! What's happening?!"
  • Gorf: "... Eeeeem?"
  • Vanikaimar: "Clearly the power source sustained his form. He was reverted back to what he was before he took it."
  • Aoirtae: "Are you alright, little guy?"
  • Gorf: "Eep."

Gorf looked at them in confusion, as if not understanding them. It appeared removing the shard had also made him less intelligent. Meanwhile, Vanikaimar looked through the systems of the chamber, attempting to make sense out of them; this technology was beyond that of the Nagith, and he struggled to find the means to open the path to the Spear.

  • Vanikaimar: "Hm. I do not believe I can operate these systems. These beings were advanced to a level beyond my understanding, I would doubt any of us have what is needed to-"

At this point, Gorf walked over to a wall and, curiously, gave it a simple poke. The machinery rumbled as a hidden doorway opened before him, leading deeper into the facility.

  • Vanikaimar: "... W-What?
  • Kara: "Gorf's full of surprises. Come on, the Spear must be down there somewhere."

Kara and Aoirtae activated their energy weapons, illuminating the walls of the facility as they moved deeper within the installation. The air around them was heavy, as if the corridor had not been used in billions of years, though the facility appeared to be lacking in any defenses; as if its creators had never expected it to need them. They would eventually reach what appeared to be a dead-end, though suddenly, a light passed through them as a robotic voice reminiscent to that of a Vida'Rranlora ringed through the corridor.

  • AI: "Standby for scanning."
  • Aoirtae: "Who said that? System AI of some kind?"
  • Vanikaimar: "It appears so."

After a couple of seconds, the wall before them rose up, revealing the chamber ahead as the lights dimmed out.

  • AI: "Welcome back, Lord Ramielum."
  • Gorf: "Peem?"
  • Kara: "... Is that your real name, Gorf?"
  • Vanikaimar: "I do not believe he can speak in his current state. But look ahead; I believe we already found the Spear."

The chamber before them was smaller than the hall before, resembling more of a laboratory, though a long abandoned one. In a podium similar to where the facility's power source stood floated what appeared to be a mechanical polearm which radiated an aura of golden light. Gorf was immediately attracted to it, causing him to jump in an attempt to grab it, to no avail.

Spear of Ramielum 02

Vanikaimar grasps the Spear.

  • Aoirtae: "You're right. What else could that be?"
  • Vanikaimar: "Hm. I worry something terrible is going to happen when we place our hands in that weapon."
  • Kara: "With our luck, I wouldn't be surprised. But we've no choice. That weapon's the reason why we're here. Without it, we have no way to stop Mar-Júun."
  • Vanikaimar: "Hmpf. I may as well grab it myself then. If weaponry comes out of the walls and guns down the person grabbing it, let it be me."

Both Kara and Aoirtae were surprised that Vanikaimar would put his life in danger, in their place, and watched as he stepped forward. Vanikaimar threw a hand at the Spear and grasped on it, his eyes narrowed. Though, perhaps much to their surprise, nothing happened; there really were no defenses in the facility.

  • Vanikaimar: "Hm... That was easier than I expected."

Aoirtae blinked.

  • Aoirtae: "I expected an explosion or something. Oh, or the walls to begin contracting around us."
  • Vanikaimar: "There is something... mystical about this weapon. Holding it makes me feel... serene. Sleepy."
  • Kara: "More like creepy. It's weird seeing you like this."
  • Vanikaimar: "Hmpf. Fine then. Let us return to Aldár immediately."

Kara looked to Gorf.

  • Kara: "What about Gorf? We can't leave him in a devolved state!"
  • Vanikaimar: "Given we know where this place is and we know what it takes to enter it... Let him devour the power source again and lock this laboratory away once more. We can make him spit it out again if we need it."

By the time they arrived back to the main chamber, Gorf immediately jumped at the shard of Dream energy and chomped on it, swallowing it whole. Before their eyes, he quickly returned back to the form they were used to, though he appeared very displeased.

  • Gorf: "Never make Gorf do that again! Gorf has not felt this dumb in years."
  • Aoirtae: "Don't worry, unless we need another mystical artifact capable of killing a demonic Basileus, I think you're pretty safe."
  • Vanikaimar: "What a pity that the creator of such a marvel was reduced to such a state. I would have liked to meet the actual Ramielum."
  • Gorf: "Huh? Oh, Gorf is not Ramielum. Gorf is made of many, many peoples."
  • Kara: "Hm, I wonder what would happen if you found another Dream energy shard. Would you become more powerful?"
  • Gorf: "Probably! Gorf wanna be an adult!"
  • Vanikaimar: "Somehow I dread the thought."

Chapter III: Shattered Dreams

Having left Gorf back at Capricaerón, where Gorf would surely tire Apollo's ears telling him of his latest adventure, the crew of the Raptor returned to Aldár in order to present the Spear to Chaneonix. The avian Oikoumene, surrounded by the members of the Order, inspected the artifact outside of their temple as it floated before them; Chaneonix appeared particularly enthusiastic.

  • Chaneonix: "I am no weapons scientist, but even I can see the intricacies of this object's design. A technological marvel! A shame the rest of you are not yet as enlightened as my kin were, because I'm sure this just looks like a pointy metal stick to you all."

Aoirtae rolled her eyes.

  • Aoirtae: "Yes. Now remember everyone, try not to fall on it."
  • Chaneonix: "Hah. You joke about it, but if you got stung by that, you'd probably explode. A truly immensal amount of Dream energy is contained within this item; when the time comes, we require only thrust it through Mar-Júun's Corruptus Heart, and his link to his master will be broken, making him mortal."
  • Ryen: "And thus his reign of terror would end before it could begin. The only question is, how do we get close enough to deal the killing blow?"
  • Chaneonix: "Your mightiest warriors will need to face him in combat. He will obviously do his best to evade the Spear, so attacking him while he has his power and stamina would be futile."
  • Vanikaimar: "I would relish the chance to watch the abomination be reduced to what it truly is; mortal Basileus vermin."
  • Chaneonix: "Yes, indeed, warriors such as you would be preferable to... Wait. Do you feel that?"

Ryen suddenly reacted to an unseen force descending from the heavens.

  • Ryen: "I feel... darkness."
  • Chaneonix: "You cannot hide from me, nightmare!"

Throwing out his wings, Chaneonix unleashed a wave of light around him which covered the Order, and beneath Kara's feet, her shadow's shape shimmered as it took the form of a Basileus. Kara was the first to react, moving away from the shadow and activated her blade. The other assembled Aldárae activated in unison, activating their blades and forming a defensive circle around the younger and less experienced members of the Order. From the ground, Mar-Júun manifested from Kara's shadow, leaping into the air and grasping on the Spear.

  • Mar-Júun: "Thank you for telling me all your plans, you filthy mortals!!"

With widened eyes, Chaneonix attempted to launch his energies at Mar-Júun, though befor ehe could strike him down, the Basileus teleported away in a black mist, taking the Spear of Ramielum with him.

  • Chaneonix: "No! The Spear... lost!"
  • Aoirtae: "That snake! Now what do we do?! We can't defeat him without it!"
  • Chaneonix: "How did he even get here?"
  • Vanikaimar: "... Perhaps he has been following us ever since the battle at the Rambo Capital."
  • Kara: "Hiding in my shadow?!"
  • Chaneonix: "Unacceptable! Unthinkable! This truly throws a spanner in the works, for there was never any "Plan B" for this. The Spear must be recovered!"
  • Ryen: "But where would he take it? I do not know of any Corruptus stronghold remaining in this cluster."
  • Chaneonix: "That must be investigated at once. In fact, I am going to do that right now."

Chaneonix proceeded to take flight and depart from the area entirely, clearly distressed. While recovering the Spear from its original location was easy, it seemed they were being watched all along; and Mar-Júun was not one to let his enemies take the upper hand so easily.


The skies of Vasuband grew dark and ships begun pouring out of hyperspace and opening fire at its planetary defenses; Imperial ships warped by terrible forces, as well as ships associated with the Cognatus. Soon enough, armies begun marching across the planet itself: Heleanorians, Rambo Serindia and undead Cogsangui, fallen to the Nightmare, opened fire at the Imperial forces of the planet. The mothership leading the invasion was known as the Dark Dream, named after the ship Mar-Júun used during his brief time working alongside the Imperial Navy, and at its helm was Warmaster Xae Vandon, who awaited his master's return.

He was eventually met to the sight of Mar-Júun teleporting into the ship, holding into the Spear of Ramielum, though he would quickly throw it into the ground in a hurry - merely touching the Spear burned through his very soul, causing him to snarl in pain and disgust.

  • Mar-Júun: "What a terrible contraption the Vida'Rra have created. I'll ensure it is destroyed as soon as possible."
  • Xae Vandon: "My Imperator. The siege of your homeworld is under way. Soon, it shall be yours."
  • Mar-Júun: "Ah, very good, Warmaster. We both shall go to the surface so that we may relish on the retaking of Vasuband; it will be delivered back to the hands of its true owners!"
  • Xae Vandon: "As you wish, my Imperator."

Atop the Crimson Tower in Basilban, Grand Mandator Erissare stood with her hands on her hips, gazing out the window at the ships descending from the skies.

  • Erissare: "CENROND!"

One of her aides, Cenrond, jumped in place and rushed forward.

  • Cenrond: "Yes, your worshipfulness?"
  • Erissare: "I'm about to vomit on your face. Why are there demons on my planet?! Tell them I'm in the tub, and have already joined a new religion. If that doesn't make them go away, just hand them five cubits or something."
  • Cenrond: "According to reports from Orbispira, the High King of the Rambo was held under the sway of a demonic Basileus known as Mar-Júun. It would appear that he's attempting to gain control over Vasuband. Please, we need to evacuate!"
  • Erissare: "I'm not going to let some backalley hobo with a glowing chest hole loiter around my house. No, send out our troops. Repel them at any cost."

At the base of the Crimson Tower, Mar-Júun and Xae Vandon joined their demonic forces as they fought the defenders. The Warmaster's savagery was unmatched in combat, cutting through sways of troopers with little effort while Mar-Júun used his powers to invade and corrupt the minds of any Basileus who got in the way, turning them into his servants. Members of any other race caught in the cross-fire, however, were ordered to be slaughtered without mercy; lesser races were not welcome in his army.

Spear of Ramielum 03

Erissare confronts Mar-Júun and Xae Vandon.

In her office, Erissare frowned.

  • Erissare: "Those soldiers are a disgrace! I can't believe I've wasted my own credits on useless cannon fodder, when I specifically ordered useful cannon fodder."
  • Cenrond: "You didn't pay the-"
  • Erissare: "Enough of your useless tattle, Cenrond, those men gave up their lives to protect you. The least you can do is show them some respect. Now, find me my shuttle. At least I still have my condo on Mou'Cyran."

It was too late to escape, however, as Mar-Júun's minions begun pouring into the Tower itself, and soon enough, the Vanguard himself and his Warmaster entered Erissare's office. The sight of her caused Mar-Júun to snarl in disgust. Erissare reacted in kind, running her eyes up and down Mar-Júun's armour.

  • Erissare: "How exactly did you enter the tower without setting off the fire alarm?"
  • Mar-Júun: "Truly, this detestable Empire sees my people as nothing but a joke. They would choose this deranged madwoman as the representative of our glorious homeworld!"
  • Erissare: "Don't start with me, Marion, or I'll kick you in your glowing chest cloaca. And speaking of which, please take it, and your overly phallic horns, and your overly phallic face, and get the hell off my planet."
  • Xae Vandon: "Shall I dispose of her, my Imperator?"
  • Mar-Júun: "No. I have something better in mind."

From the shadows beneath Erissare and her aide, tendrils of nightmarish energy thrust upwards, wrapping around their limbs and leaving them immobilized.

  • Erissare: "My safe word is Dvottie."
  • Mar-Júun: "You are not worth converting... You are not even worth killing! Rather, you shall be treated as a Libertus: as a slave! You will scrub the floor I walk through for now on."
  • Xae Vandon: "Ah, so you shall have your own jester then, my Imperator. A clever choice."
  • Erissare: "This is a travesty of intergalactic proportions. How dare you? You two should be ashamed, forcing the universally beloved Grand Mandator Erissare into a position more fitting for someone like Cenrond. But I, I, Grand Mandator Erissare. I'm engorged with hatred and bile. Yes, I'll scrub the floor and clean up after you. But I'll make sure that every single thing you eat from this day on contains an unspecific amount of fecal matter. I'll stop at nothing before I see you homeless on the streets, letting passersby use your chest vagina to preform lewd acts, in a desperate attempt to stay alive."

Clenching his teeth in anger, Mar-Júun threw his hands at Erissare's head, his hooked clws digging into her scales and his touch feeling hot as fire.

  • Mar-Júun: "Talk to me in that tone again and I will rip the skin from your body and leave your raw flesh to dry in the sun. Am I clear, clown?"
  • Erissare: "A-as clear as your beautiful blue eyes, Juan. And may I say, your scales look quite lovely too."

Mar-Júun dismissively let go of Erissare, though she would remain trapped in the tendrils for a while longer as he and Xae Vandon left the office to seek a balcony, where he could speak to his minions; victorious, the Vanguard's army of monsters cheered for their leader as he spoke.

  • Mar-Júun: "Let the Empire know that the Glorious Crimson Imperium of Cyrandia, the true sons of Tyranus, have arrived! We shall retake Basileus space and deliver it back to its rightful owners: us! And once that is done, Orbispira will be next. Let the false Emperor know the Corruptus has returned... and we are going to destroy him!"


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