Tales of the War is a series of short-stories taking place throughout the First Gigaquadrant during the cataclysmic Second Great Cyrannus War. The Tales follow a wide variety of characters, from Resistance generals to Imperial commanders, lowly smugglers and high monarchs, elaborating upon the adventures of characters and factions beyond the main storyline, appearing in the Chronicles of Apollo, Tyrómairon, Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá. Instead, the Tales tell the stories of minor or recurring characters from across the Cyrandia Cluster, expanding the universe in ways the main storyline can only touch upon.

Opening StagesEdit

Tales of the War I: The Viper and the KingEdit

As the Opening Stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War rage on, slowly the Cyrandia Cluster descents into chaos as alliances splinter and fracture before the might of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus. In the Quadrant Galaxies, however, the Empire is not the only threat to stability, for within the secure worlds of Republica Elen'Nanethia, Praesator Adelheidis utilises the political chaos to secure her own power, independent from President Apollo's government on Capricaerón. However, she knew that she could not achieve independence without support from Rambo Nation, and set about travelling to the blockaded Rambo Capital.

Making contact with her connections in the Cyrandia underworld, Adelheidis contacted her most trusted smuggler, Riordan Rambertan, with whom she had a romantic relationship with during the New Cyrandia Wars, when she was in cahoots with the Cyrannian Syndicate. Utilising forged identification papers, Rambertan managed to smuggle Adelheidis onto the Capital, setting the Eagle down close to the capital Tirithsilliana. From there, she stealthily made her way to the Royal Palace, making sure that she avoided both Rambo and Imperial patrols. Having already made contact with the Rambo throne prior to leaving, she waited a pre-selected location, where she awaited whomever High King Rambert deemed worthy enough to meet her. To her surprise, it was the High King himself, Rambert Ramveral had donned his more casual appearance instead of his armor with the antler helmet.

  • Rambert: "Your excellency, welcome to the Capital, albeit I hoped under other circumstances. I trust Rambo authorities provided no problems during your voyage?"

Rambert eyes Adelheidis, remarking her beauty for humanoid standards and her aroma of a sweet perfume. Adelheidis smiled sweetly and batted her eyelids.

  • Adelheidis: "Not at all, High King Rambert. My, my, I heard tales of your strength and good looks, but they do not do you justice."

Rambert raised an eyebrow and made a purring sounds.


Adelheidis meets with High King Rambert.

  • Rambert: "You look like a sweet spring morning as well, my lady. Though I am sorry to meet you under these grave circumstances. Please accept my condolences for the loss of Mou'Cyran and the following outbreaks of conflicts, though my information on it is limited due to our Imperial friends efforts to keep us blind and by the closure of the wormholes into Cyrannus."
  • Adelheidis: "Ah yes, dreadful news. Dreadful! And yet, from what I hear, fools back in Cyrannus believe it gives them the right to lead the Republic. Preposterous in my eyes."

Rambert sat down in a nearby chair and poured a glass of wine, offering one to Adelheidis he listened to her story.

  • Adelheidis: "You are probably already aware that Apollo has claimed the Presidency. Though you may not be aware that it was an act of illegality! In the event of an emergency, the Praesators of the Republic must gather to elect a new President, but we have not been consulted. As such, we in Elen'Nanethia do not recognise Apollo's legitimacy."

Nodding he took another gulp of his wine and looked at Adelheidis with sincere interest. He didn't like Apollo, believing him to be rash and not suited to lead in war.

  • Rambert: So, what will the Elen'Nanethia do?"
  • Adelheidis: "We will be independent in name, until a proper selection process for the President is introduced. We will oppose Apollo's government in any way, shape or form."

Taking another gulp of his wine, Rambert narrowed his eyes and wondered where Aldelheidis was going to and how it would involve Rambo Nation in her plots. He liked her, but her reputation was well known, even to him.

  • Adelheidis: "If I'm going to ask for your support, I don't expect it to be free, sweet King."

Saddling up to him, she stealthily unbuttoned the top of her blouse, before continuing.

  • Adelheidis: "Anything you would ask, I will give, if it's in my power to do so."

Rambert was speechless, he didn't expect this move though somehow he did like it. Though he was not interested in humanoids, a friend with benefits would be something new to him. Placing his hand on her leg, he looked dreamy at her.

  • Rambert: "What did you have in mind? After all I got a super star destroyer in orbit problem that has grounded me?"

Adelheidis ran her fingers through her long red hair.

  • Adelheidis: "Yes, that is a problem, now isn't it?"

Rambert leaned forward and smiled.

  • Rambert: "My hands would be less bound if that problem was solved eh?"
  • Adelheidis: "If only you had a powerful friend with a powerful fleet to help solve it."

Adelheidis gave a girlish laugh, before leaning forward conspiratorially.

  • Adelheidis: "Where shall we begin?"

Tales of the War II: The Andustar ResistanceEdit

On the bridge of the new Resistance flagship Emancipator, General Sesoka paced up and down the bulkheads, glancing briefly at a map of the Outer Rim of Cyrannus. While many commanders and leaders of the Resistance remained in hiding in the mystical world of Naamah, Sesoka had decided that in order to bring the war to the Empire, they would need to establish a hidden base in Cyrannus, from which Resistance starships could strike out against the Imperials. After months of searching the backwater systems of the Neoarkan Sector, Sesoka had ultimately decided to redirect Recon Squadron to scout out the systems beyond the Empire, in the Andustar Sector.

Colonel Perreri Ackdool had reacted as he had expected, with objections and frustration as the good colonel found his squadron was primary raised for battle. Sesoka had different thoughts on that, as the massive satelitte could detect transmissions from far away and could predict whether or not the Andustar Sector was suitable for a base, plus the squadron was used for reconnassaince and not primary for battle. While he had heard of Andustar from his conversations with contacts] with the Aldárae Order, his knowledge of Imperials operating in the sector made him question whether or not to establish a base there. Yet scouts reported that there had been no Imperial activity in the region for months, nor had the New Republic utilised the listening post that they constructed on the backwater world during the Cyrannian Cold War.


The Cyrandia Resistance arrives at Andustar.

Eventually, the Emancipator dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over Andustar, followed closely by the other squadrons of the Cyrannus Resistance cells, including the Free Osteola Rebel Cell, Creeper Cabel and Blazing Squadron. Gazing down at the frozen planet below, Sesoka nodded slowly.

  • Sesoka: "Yes. Yes, this will do nicely."

He walked over to the main holoprojector, where the holographic images of other Resistance commanders appeared.

  • Sesoka: "Welcome to our new home, comrades."

Lady Syria Achyriona looked nervously at the General.

  • Syria: "An ice planet General? Guess I will not be on the surface that much".

Commander Raymus Oquoné chuckled at the muttering of the Yudumaran female.

  • Raymus: "A nice spot General, the Imperials will think twice before attacking us here!"

Sesoka nodded.

  • Sesoka: "My thoughts exactly, Commander Oquoné. Commander Donaró, I have been in contact with the native Andustarans, they have agreed to allow us to construct a base, provided we stay out of the way of their towns and fortifications. Begin landing our transports."

The Osteolan commander smiled.

  • Donaró: "With pleasure, General. With any luck, we can finally stop running from the Empire and give them a much deserved punch in the snout."

The rest of the commanders nodded as well and prepared their squadrons for landing on the surface, where they began construction of the first Resistance Base.

Tales of the War III: The Second SunderingEdit

With the Battle of Coruanthor concluded, the Unified Order of Cognalorilos continued to press their attack against the remaining Imperial fleets in the Coru Secundus region. With the Primarch himself leading the charge on board his flagship, the core territories of Cognatus space, to the extreme galactic north east, were left under the command of Ashel Tathok, the Lord of Councilors on Cognalorilos. While the conflict with the Cognatus Empire was unresolved, much of the Order's fleet was positioned in areas of concern that rogue warlords such as Vos Adamae or Xarn Senakh'tenre could attempt to attack.

On the remote ice world of Carthaniapian, one of the key fortress worlds pledged to the Order of Cognalorilos, Tathok oversaw the construction of a new planetary shield designed to deflect any Imperial or enemy Cognatus attack. Neither he, nor any of his subordinates, would take note of mysterious, unidentified ships entering the planet's orbit, using cloaking devices to keep themselves invisible to their radars while cloaked shuttles begun deploying into the surface, until the planetary defenses found themselves subject to hostile fire.

Immediately suspecting that the Cognatus Empire had launched a long-awaited strike against Carthaniapian, Councilor Tathok rallied all of his ground forces to protect his keep. As the warriors waited with raised blasters, they gazed in expectation in the far distance waiting for their foes to come to them. What they saw, however, was not anything they ever expected; rather than zealous Cogsangui warriors, they were being charged by hordes of great armored ape-like aliens, creatures they had all but forgotten about so many decades since their last encounter. At the end of the Intergalactic War, the Cogsangui had abandoned the Nequam race to their fate, and today, they had returned.


The Revanants attack the Order of Cognalorilos.

It all struck the defenders as highly unusual. The Nequam they remembered were brutish, primitive savages, unable to do anything but charge mindlessly at their foes. Yet these invaders were very well equipped and employed ambushing tactics, something unheard of their people. Leading his forces personally, Tathok expected to face the brutes he remembered from his youth, only to find his forces whittled down through cunning and guile. Within three hours, all was lost. Ashok let out a bellow of pain when a Nequam slashed the tendons above his feet, forcing him to his knees. Nevertheless, he remained silent as he watched the Nequam smashing the knees of his most loyal protectors with their bare fists, refusing to give his new foes the satisfaction of hearing his pained voice. A particularly large alien, whose armor clearly showed status, would begin speaking; never did any of them hear a Nequam speak so eloquently before.

  • ???: "For every crippled Cogsangui, take two as slaves. Let them work their lives out of their bodies in the mines."

A subordinate smashed his fist into his armoured chest in reply.

  • Nequam: "Yes, great Zyvok. What of their leader?"
  • Zyvok: "The leader is mine."

The massive Nequam would walk up to the kneeling Tathok, crossing his arms as he let out a sadistic chuckle.

  • Zyvok: "How ironic. You uplifted my kind so we could be your manual labour. Now the tables have turned."

Tathok coughed up some blood, before raising his head to face the hulking Nequam.

  • Tathok: "Your kind are... little more than animals... pets... slaves..."
  • Zyvok: "I see you Cogsangui scum haven't changed a bit after all these years... So proud of your "good deeds", and yet you say this to my face like it's nothing. But you'll soon find out trying to domesticate us was your worst mistake. Your precious "Order" and that filthy "Empire" will both learn to fear the mighty Nequam Revenants. You made us, and now we will unmake you!"

Zyvok launched a hand to Tathok, wrapping his fingers around his neck to lift him from the ground.

  • Zyvok: "I will parade your severed head for your Primarch to watch. Any last words?"
  • Tathok: "You have signed the death warrant of your entire wretched kind, brute!"

Zyvok let out a bellowing laugh as, with a swing of his other hand, he sent an energy blade to the neck of the Cogsangui to sever the head from his shoulders. He would turn to his men and raise the head in the air, and begin chanting;

  • Zyvok: "Death to the Cogsangui dogs! We spit in the face of their false gods! We are the masters now!"

Tales of the War IV: The Showdown on Tar Kuuraen Edit

On Tar Kuuraen, Agent Rhavor Aldorón sat alone in one of the rooms of the Jonalek Tavern, a cramped, though popular bar, which smelled of spilled drinks and the body odour of a dozen different species. Despite winking at passing female Libertus, Aldóron was not out for a 'night on the town', but rather on a top secret mission from the President himself. As he waited for his contacts to appear, one drink turned into many as he downed more and more alcohol. Suddenly, a voice came from behind.

  • Corva: "Hey, Mr. Republic Agent. You don't exactly look like a regular patron, now do you?"

Aldóron, who was just finished downing his fifth drink, smiled as he turned to face his contacts, the Alavar smuggler Corva, the Paladian arms dealer Tironus Manition and their green and smelly companion, Stench.

  • Aldóron: "I'll take that as a compliment, gorgeous."

Stench took a seat next to him and looked with high anticipation towards the drink the Republic agent was drinking.

  • Corva: "Smooth as a vogazard, but your charm doesn't work on me."
  • Aldóron: "Lets not be too hasty and say things that obviously aren't true. Anyway, whose your green little friend?"

Tironus holstered his blaster rifle and indicated to Stench with a shrug.

  • Tironus: "This is Stench."

Stench smiled and waved a hand.

  • Aldóron: "Anyway, I have a mission for you three, if you're interested."

Corva placed a hand on her hips.

  • Corva: "Last time we took a job from you, we were hunted across the Outer Rim for months. Not exactly my idea fun, you know."
  • Tironus: "Not going to lie, it's been tough being the only paladian within a thousand light years. I tend to stand out to Imperials. The smelly guy is quite an eye catch as well"

Stench looked curious, while the conversation returned Stench took a quick sup of Aldóron's drink and coughed. That was some tough stuff.

  • Aldóron: "Come on, guys! Where's your sense of adventure? The Republic needs privateers such as yourselves for the battle in the Coruanthor system. We really need all the help we can get."

Stench looked with high anticipation towards Corva and Tironus for their reply.

  • Corva: "Might as well. Anything's better than..."

She indicated toward an Adlapuspino vomiting into his drink.

  • Corva: "... this. But we better get paid well!"

Their conversation continued for a while though their attention was drawn towards the entrance of the Jonalek Tavern. A rare sight to see Imperial troopers entering the tavern, and to the patrons, it probably meant they were searching for someone, one who openly said something sarcastic about the Empire. Behind the visor of his helmet, sergeant Verico and four humanoid troopers entered the tavern and scanned the surroundings to find their targets. He knew they should be in here somewhere but finding them in the crowded area might prove difficult. Instead, Verico ordered his troopers to grab the saloon holder in pretence of arrest and brought him forwards. The talks within the saloon continued, as the customers were used to Imperial razzia's for smugglers and criminals. To draw attention, Verico drew his weapon and fired various rounds in the ceiling.

  • Verico: "Attention all. In name of his majesty the Emperor, this poor individual is arrested under charges of harbouring rebels. May they come forth to answer for their crimes!"

Corva looked at Tironus and Stench with apprehension in her eyes, but said nothing, merely downing a glass of alcohol. Tironus placed his hand on his rifle, while Agent Aldóron did the same with his blaster pistols, preparing himself in case the Imperials caught a glance at them. Verico counted his seconds but to his delight they all remained silent and the customers simply looked at their drinks. Smiling behind his helmet, Verico targeted the saloon holder and shot him at point blank.

  • Verico: "Prepare for identification inspection. Troopers, arrest any who simply raises a mere whisper against it. Gun down any who tries to run."

In their corner of the saloon, Corva shot a glance at the approaching troopers.

  • Corva: "We need to skedaddle!"
  • Aldóron: "No arguments here. We need a distraction!"

Corva smile viciously, grabbing her glass of alcohol she approached the vomiting Adlapuspino and smashed her glass at his snout. The lizard growled in pain and surprise and turned to see his assaulter. In doing so however, his tail swept the legs from underneath a nearby trooper who crashed into a nearby table with customers who simply enjoyed their drinks and a hot meals that went flying. Reaching into his holster, Aldóron grabbed a smoke grenade and sent it flying into the frey. With everyone's vision clouded, he grabbed Corva, Tironus and Stench and began running toward the exit of the saloon. The troopers, taken by surprise helped their fellow trooper to his feet while they tried to calm down the situation. Meanwhile Verico barked orders to his men.

  • Verico: "After them! Arrest them in name of the Empir-"

Before the sergeant could finish his sentence various drunken customers sprung on him in an attempt to get him down, unknowing allowing those he was searching for the perfect opportunity to get out. While the group exited the tavern by the back exit they found themselves confronting a dark armored slim lady. From her a cold feeling embraced the group as the lights of the alley seemed to dim with her presence. Her voice sounded cold and without emotion, yet with a slight sadistic undertone.

  • Astrosia: "Greetings. I have been expecting you."
  • Aldóron: "Run!"

Trying to navigate the crowd of patrons running for their lives, Aldóron, Corva, Tironus and Stench tried to flee as more and more Imperial troopers entered the cantina.

  • Astrosia: "Command Rax, they are on the run. Secure the docking ports. I will take the legion and approach your position."
TalesShowdownTar Kuuraen01

Astrosia and Rax meet in the streets of Tak Kuuraen while their target attempts to flee

In the skylanes above the cantina, a squadron of elite ASP fighters patrolled the area above, before the lead fighter landed on a nearby pad. Stepping out of the cockpit, Commander Vitiian Rax drew her blaster.

  • Rax: "Affirmative. Approaching your position, my Lady."

Once the group escaped through the backdoor of the cantina, fleeing from the blade of Astrosia, they ran straight into a black armoured humanoid in the gear of a special forces pilot. Commander Rax raised her weapon.

  • Rax: "Surrender, rebels!"

The group halted and realised the trap had sprung. Tironus had other ideas though and launched himself forward at Vitiian. Looking behind her, Corva saw crowds in the distance giving way as the dark lady and a contingency of troopers made their way towards their position. With the butt of his rifle, Tironus attempted to strike Vitiian in the face, though she dodged and kicked him to the ground. Aiming her weapon, she didn't count for Tironus counterattacking, knocking her from under her feet. As he got to his feet to strike her down, a team of troopers came rushing in from behind, blasters raised.

  • Corva: "They are trying to block our access to the docks! Hurry!"

With dual pistols in hand, Aldóron blasted the team of troopers, before rushing to grab Tironus. As they rushed to the docks, Commander Rax fired a blaster bolt which hit Tironus in the back, sending him crashing to the floor. Corva screamed and rushed to his aid.

  • Tironus: "Ugh... I'm fine, it's just a scratch. We need to get out of here!"

Stench nodded and headed towards the Eagle, starting up the engines Stench joined the others while their CC classes took off. Realising that there was nothing more she could do on foot, Rax rushed back to her starfighter, jumping into the cockpit and flying toward the docks. Astrosia was pleased, the ships had taken off and the commander was in for the pursuit. Opening a channel to Nanda Tessala she informed her to intercept the resistance forces and disable their ships. As the rebellious ships broke orbit the Arquitens-class light cruiser Provocateur opened fire while two Gozanti-classes blocked a clear path for hyperspace.

  • Nanda: "Criminal scum, you can either surrender or perish. Decide now!"
TalesShowdownTar Kuuraen02

Stench's final moments

In the cockpit of one of the CC10 corvettes, Corva grumbled.

  • Corva: "If anyone has any bright ideas, now's the time!"

As the Gozanti-classes deployed their ASP-fighters, both CC classes took damage and risked destruction as the Arquitens-class light cruiser closed in to finish them both. As the cannons of the light cruiser fired both the CC classes shook and took damage while the shields buckled and engines fluctuated. Consoles sparked, cables fell down from the ceilings as the ships buckled and creaked. On board the Eagle, Stench sighted and knew what to do.

  • Stench: "Stench to friends! Follow my lead, Stench finds way!"

Corva had not expected Stench to offer any plans, but amused him regardless.

  • Corva: "Stench?!"

Stench took the Eagle in a steep dive and its blasters opened fire at the approaching ASP-fighters. Channeling all its availible power to the front shields he forced the ASP-fighters to make evasive actions lest they would collide. Taking a direct intercepting course towards the Provocateur captain Nanda Tessale smirked.

  • Nanda: "Target that light freighters, what are they thinking? That a lone freighter can stand against the might of the Empire? All batteries, full power and shred that freighter to pieces!"

The cannons targeted the Eagle and fired once more as the Eagle slowly gave away, losing one of its wings it spiraled out of control, opening a clear firing path to both CC classes. On the bridge of the Caelax I, Corva watched with tears in her eyes as her precious Eagle took so much damage, but nonetheless continued the assault. Coordinating with Tironus and Aldóron on the Caelax II, the two corvettes unleashed their laser cannons on the Provocateur. Nanda tried to hold her footing by the impact leaning on the nearby railing. Swearing she ordered her crew to intensify forward deflector when suddenly the Eagle passed by the Caelax I.

  • Stench: "Go friend go!"
TalesShowdownTar Kuuraen03

Captain Nanda is too late to evade coallision with the Eagle

The little greendion yelled over the intercom as he engaged its hyperdrive and drove the Eagle into the Provocateur, The collision disabled its engines and the light cruiser plummeted down, drawn by the gravity of the planet before it was able to recharge its engines. By that time both the CC classes had made their jump into hyperspace and the privateers were gone. In the crewquarters of the Caelax I, Corva broke down into tears. Yet another one of her friends had paid the ultimate price to save both herself and Tironus. As her ship was in hyperspace, with Tironus on the other vessel she raised her knees and suddenly felt truly alone in the coldness of space.

Meanwhile onboard the damaged Provocateur captain Nanda welcome commander Rax and Lady Astrosia onboard the bridge.

  • Astrosia: "All is going as planned commander. We can inform the mandator to prepare the rest of the fleet. I predict they will rendezvous with a Resistance squadron or fleet. Tracking devices were placed onboard the hull and will transmit the moment they drop out of hyperspace."

Rax placed her hands behind her back.

  • Rax: "Excellent. I won't let that Paladian get the best of me again."

Commander Rax turned her view towards the windows and crossed her arms behind her back. Smiling viciously, she was sure their plan was to work out.


Tales of the War V: At the Inquisitor's MercyEdit

Janice closed her eyes once more, afraid of losing her mind in this grey cell. Without a window, the grey box with artificial light caused her to lose track of time and place. With only a metal plate functioning as her bed, and a lone toilet calling the place boring was an understatement. Janice didn't recieve any real nutrition during her time in prison, just Imperial rations that only included fluid nutritions that tasted to metal, or at least the closest thing Janice could remember something that could be tasting to metal. Lying down, crossing her hands behind her head Janice sighted once more, her orange prison overall itched, probably due to fleas or so.

Emerging from the darkness came a dark armoured Aqualinii, with the Imperial crest emblazoned on his shoulder.

  • Charcar'maer: "I am Inquisitor Charcar'maer. You are Janice Ross, I presume?"

Janice frowned her brows and rolled her eyes.

  • Janice: "Who's asking?"

Charcar'maer leaned closer, narrowing his eyes.

  • Charcar'maer: "Hmph. Clearly you did not expect the Imperial Inquisition! How do you plead, rebel?"

Janice chuckled, rose up and confronted the inquisitor, placing her hands in her hips and forwarding her chin she smiled.

  • Janice: "The Inquisition eh? I am a Rambo citizen you cannot touch or interrogate me Imperial as long as the Concordat is in place."

The Inquisitor began circling Janice like a shark.

  • Charcar'maer: "You are accused of being a member of the Aldárae Order. You have forfeited your rights as a Rambo citizen. Now, I ask again, do you confess?"

Janice was left speechless, the Empire took her Rambo citizenship away due to her being part of the Order? Her lips formed a narrow line on her face as she narrowed her eyes.

  • Janice: "I am no rebel sir, I am a knight of the Light and former personnel of Rambo Command!"

The Inquisitor activated his energy blade and held it to one side.

  • Charcar'maer: "Confess!"

Janice stepped back in her cell, placing her hands behind her back she came to a halt when she felt the cold metal wall in her back. Drups of sweat rolled down her spine, sending shivers across her slender body. The Inquisitor gave a sinister smile.


Charcar'maer interrogates Janice.

  • Charcar'maer: "So be it, mammal."

Janice gulped but refused to reply and remained in the back of her cell. Charcar'maer smiled wickedly, turning his head to face a torture droid which came floating into the cell.

  • Charcar'maer: "You can spare yourself so much pain, if you would only confess to your crimes."

Janice' eyes widened in despair, when the cell door opened she desperately launched herself forward at the Inquisitor in a futile attempt to escape. Striking the human to the ground, Charcar'maer sighed, ordering the droid to begin shooting torrents of electricity into her body, causing her to writhe on the ground in agony. Charcar'maer's expression remained steely as he watched. He found no pleasure in torturing the girl, but found it necessary lest she give up the Aldárae Order's secrets and plans. Raising his hand, the torture ended and he passed Janice a glass of water.

  • Charcar'maer: "I admire your tenacity, young one. But you must confess. Confess, and you will be returned to Rambo Nation. Confess, and live out your days as an honoured... guest of the Empire."

Janice, shaken by the relentless assault of the droid, got to her knees unsteadily, grasping the glass of water to take a gulp. The Inquisitor slammed the glass out of her hands and grabbed the girl's throat, lifting her in the air he shook his head in disappointment as the droid drilled two needles in the sides of her head. Janice kicked her feet rapidly to no avail as pain took over her senses and a scream of agony rolled over her tongue.

  • Charcar'maer: "You know girl, you can stop this agony. Just confess and you can return home."

Now awaiting her reply the Inquisitor slammed Janice into the wall again, releasing his hold she fell to her knees and her hands, panting she was unable to catch her breath as the interrogation droid send another bolt of electricity straight into Janice her head. Eyes widened and gasping in pain Janice cried in terror. Exhausted, Janice slammed hard into the ground.

  • Janice: "P-please....s-top....."
  • Charcar'maer: "Silence! You will confess! You will confess, or you will die!"

Janice cried in agony once more when electricity hit her, the muscles in her arms and legs convulsed as she tried to crawl on the floor. Suddenly, the ship shook, and the sound of weapons fire could be heard outside the cell door. Charcar'maer narrowed his eyes as he turned his head away from Janice and toward the entrance to the cell. Using his comlink, the Inquisitor contacted the bridge.

  • Charcar'maer: "What is going on, captain?!"
  • Captain: "Lord Inquisitor, the Republic has invaded Laurantia, and they have us surrounded! They've boarded the shi-"

Before he could continue, the cell door came flying off its supports and into the room, followed by the arrival of two beings wielding energy blades.

  • Charcar'maer: "Aldárae scum!"

Grandmaster Ryen and Arasah Nui activated their blades and began to corner the Inquisitor, who activated his own doubled-bladed weapon in response. Arasah Nui shot a glance toward Janice, who was huddled in a corner, still shaking from the torture.

  • Arasah Nui: "You'll pay for what you've done, Inquisitor."

The Inquisitor chuckled as he span his blade and trusted forward. Arasah Nui countered with blow from her own double-bladed saber, barely holding her footing to the relentless assault by the former Grand Inquisitor. Raising his hand, Ryen telekinetically grabbed hold of the Inquisitor as he was about to strike down on Arasah Nui, and sent him crashing into the wall of the cell. Charcar'maer tried to get to his feet, but was knocked to the floor when Arasah Nui sent the torture droid smashing into him, electrocuting him and knocking him unconscious. Ryen turned to Arasah, with a concerned expression on his face.

  • Ryen: "Come, tirolenros. We must save Janice and get off this ship! They need our help down on the planet."
  • Arasah Nui: "Yes, master! Can you stand, Janice?"

Janice unsteadily rose to her feet, though required the support of Arasah to walk.

  • Janice: "T-thank y-you my noble master and...Ugh"

Before Janice could say more her knees gave away, only the aid of Arasah prevented her from falling to the ground.

  • Arasah: "It's alright, it's alright. Just lean on me for support and we'll get you home."

Slowly, but surely, Arasah lifted Janice to her feet, and with Ryen's help, they made their way back to to their ship waiting in a docking tube, while Republic troopers covered their retreat. As they did so, Janice could see a space battle over the green-blue world of Laurantia.

  • Ryen: "You have shown such great courage and conviction, young one!"

Janice smiled weakly before her thoughts turned blank and slowly descended into a state of unconsciousness. Arasah cast Ryen a concerned look, but he remained stoic as he led them to the ship. Once there, and it was free of the Imperial cruiser, they shot off toward Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine's command ship, the Spirit of the Republic, where Janice would receive much-needed medical care.

Tales of the War VI: The Battle of LaurantiaEdit

The Battle of Laurantia had begun. Imperial and Republic starfighters fought across the once verdant green plains outside the Capital City, while lumbering Imperial walkers loomed large over the horizon. Standing in a Republic AU-15 Attack Transport, Grandmaster Ryen peered over his hood at his newly appointed tirolenros Arasah Nui. The young woman had proven herself before, by saving Senator Ramdard Ramthrace during the Republic Day Attacks, and helping rescue Janice Ross, and was now well on the way to completing her training, under Ryen's direct guidance.

"Be mindful, young one", Ryen said with a smile. "Battles are long and arduous. Only through surviving them can we emerge victorious."

Arasah sighed deeply, but nodded her head with a steely expression on her face.

"I'm not going to lie, master, I'm nervous. But I promise, I'll do you proud."

Ryen gave a short smile as the doors of the transport opened. "Of that, my young friend, I have no doubt."

The sounds of battle, which had filled the transport, gave way to a chaotic battlefield, marked by explosions and rampant blaster and turbolaser fire. Ryen fixed his eyes on the Imperial positions in the distance.

"Now come, to battle! For the Republic!"

Leaping from the transport almost as soon as it touched the ground, Ryen landed ten metres away, deflecting an Imperial blaster bolt with his bare hands and sending it careening in the opposite direction, where it struck an Imperial sniper. Ignited her double-bladed energy blade, Arasah Nui ran to join him as they proceeded up the Republic battlements and behind lines. Using the Light to run at great speeds, they appeared to be a flash of colour to unsuspecting Imperial troopers. Once they passed a downed Republic Aether-class corvette, Ryen turned his head to one side, casting a quick glance at the Cargura.

"Quickly, tirolenros. We must break through!"

Slowing down, both Ryen and Arasah activated their blades once more, cutting down any Imperial who stood in their path. Eventually, they reached a large clearing, which the Imperials had been using to call down reinforcements from the crashed, though still active, Star Destroyer in the far distance. Closing his eyes, Ryen telekinetically lifted an Imperial supply transport and sent it crashing into an Imperial Heavy Walker, destroying its front legs and sending it crashing to the ground. As they prepared to move onto the next target, their concentration suddenly snapped to the sound of clapping hands.

"Well done, Master Ryen. Splendid work."

Ryen narrowed his eyes as he turned to face the new arrival, whose voice both he and Arasah recognised clearly.

SGCW Battle of Laurantia 02

Arasah Nui and Ryen face Inquisitor Vandalion.

"Inquisitor Vandalion," Ryen began, readying his blade in his hand. "Come for a spat of imprisonment, like before, old chum?"

The Inquisitor wagged his finger disapprovingly. "Tut, tut, Osteola. Where are your manners? It's Grand Inquisitor Vandalion now."

"As if that makes any difference. You'll leave this place in a grand bodybag," Arasah Nui said through gritted teeth. Igniting her blade, she lunged at the Inquisitor, eager to kill the monster who killed her father before her very eyes.

Vandalion swiftly activated his own energy blade to counter Arasah Nui. The force of her attack knocked him back a few steps, but he still managed to let out a short laugh. "Ah, Ryen, I remember this little girl. I skewered her dear papa, if I remember correctly." He fixed his eyes onto Arasah. "If it's any comfort, mammal, you'll be joining him soon enough."

Arasah screamed, slamming her blade into Vandalion's with no regard for precision or fighting style, only pure and unadulterated fury. Forced to contend with a group of Vandalion's personal guard, Ryen was unable to prevent the Grand Inquisitor from impaling the young Cargura once he found an opening, causing to collapse to the ground in pain. Throwing his blade in a circular fashion, he decapitated five of the Imperial guards, before retrieving the blade in mid-air, jumping to prevent Vandalion from dealing a killing blow.

Landing between Vandalion and Arasah Nui, Ryen summoned an orb of starfire in his hands. It grew larger and larger, flames travelling up his arms and across his torso, his body becoming attuned to its energies.

Vandalion shielded his eyes from the intense light. "What sorcery is this?!"

Ryen's eyes gleamed with the energies of Light and with a single gesture, waves of fire erupted from him toward the Grand Inquisitor. Engulfed in fire, Vandalion began to scream in pain, his energy shields being the only thing preventing him from disintegrating. Through pained pants, Arasah Nui rose and bowed her head slightly, raising her hands and summoning another blast of energy, which caused Vandalion to smash into a nearby Imperial light walker, which toppled to the ground. Briefly getting to his feet, Vandalion's gazed at the Aldárae through ruined eyes, before once again collapsing to the ground, only to be carried off by Imperial medical droids.

Trying to get to her feet to finish the job, Arasah was stopped by Ryen's hand on her shoulder. "No, Arasah. The swiftest path to destruction is through vengeance. The battle is won."

"B-but master... he killed my father." Arasah said, tears forming in her eyes.
"And many others. Revenge is a confession of pain. And as an Aldárae, we must rise about that. Now come, we must return to the Republic."

Holstering the young Cargura onto his shoulder, Ryen turned back to see the last Imperial forces retreat into orbit. The Battle of Laurantia may have been won, he thought to himself, but its scars may take quite a while to heal.

Tales of the War VII: Old Wounds and New OpportunitiesEdit

A Caelum-class shuttle descended through the white clouds of the neutral world of Con-aoi in the Ralfian Sector of the Outer Rim. Its occupant, New Republic ambassador Ansin Cyrellon smoked from a cigarra as the shuttle touched down on the surface. His office on Capricaerón had been contacted by a mysterious individual through diplomatic backchannels which had not been used since the New Cyrandia Wars, and while Cyrellon was suspicious, he was far too curious to discover who had summoned him from across the galaxy. Cyrellon's expression did not betray his surprise when the shuttle's ramp descended, revealing a duo of Mortalitas guards protecting a single Onamí in fine regalia—one whom he knew closely. He adopted a sly smile as he strode forward to greet his contact, arm outstretched.

  • Cyrellon: "Coth Saeno, as I live and breathe, how the hell are you?"

Senator Coth Saeno, representative of the Confederacy of Free Planets extended his webbed hand to meet Cyrellon's, though he did not return the warm pleasantries.

  • Coth Saeno: "As well as can be expected in this time of galactic upheaval, Ambassador."
  • Cyrellon: "Dark times, old friend, dark times indeed. Tell me, what did you summon me for?"

Coth and Ansin began to walk along the modest promenade overlooking Con-aoi's aquamarine sea.

  • Coth Saeno: "The enemy of my enemy is my friend, Ambassador. What if I was to tell you that Chancellor Cassynder is willing to discuss a formal alliance with the Republic against the Empire?"
  • Cyrellon: "I'd say that I'm surprised the old sailback was willing to rejoin the Republic he abandoned."

Cyrellon speaks with Senator Coth Saeno.

Saeno stopped in his tracks, clearly taken aback by Cyrellon's response.

  • Coth Saeno: "I beg your pardo-"
  • Cyrellon: "Coth, oh Coth, I remember you when we were junior senators together on Orbispira, before the First War. You were a fine senator. Smart. Dedicated. But when you abandoned the Republic to join Dastirius' movement, you became a traitor. A rebel. A lot has happened since, of course, but don't forget that the Republic I serve, is the same as the one you, Cassynder and countless other Confederates, betrayed all those years ago."

Saeno struggled to find his words.

  • Coth Saeno: "The Great War's been over for sixteen years, Ansin! Your own President Apollo negotiated peace between the Confederacy and the Empire, during which we were declared a legitimate government!"
  • Cyrellon: "And yet we didn't establish formal diplomatic relations, Coth. The Centrist majority in the Senate rejected all efforts to formally recognise the Confederacy as anything more than a Republic splinter group. We do not take betrayal well, as you should indelibly know."
  • Coth Saeno: "Don't be a fool, Ambassador. We both know that we need each other to survive. Without the Confederacy, the Republic will assuredly fall. And vice versa. You need us, just as we need you."

Cyrellon smiled, and began to walk back to his shuttle.

  • Cyrellon: "I didn't say that we didn't, 'Senator'. I would welcome you back into the fold of the Republic. We all make mistakes, after all. Granted, mistake is probably not the best word in this instance, as fomenting a galaxy-spanning war goes a tad beyond an innocent error."

Saeno narrowed his eyes and flared his nostrils in anger.

  • Coth Saeno: "We did not fight for freedom from your corrupt Republic, and the Empire it birthed, to be swallowed back up into the Old Order! We extended our hand as equal friends, and as a sovereign government. If the New Republic cannot accept that, perhaps it deserves to die with Mou'Cyran."

Cyrellon shrugged.

  • Cyrellon: "I'm willing to work with you as an equal, Coth. Absolutely willing. I bet you you'll not find a more reasonable fella this side of the Perliama, but I promise you this, I don't negotiate with rebels. Not if I won't receive anything in turn."

Coth narrowed his eyes in understanding.

  • Coth Saeno: "Oh. Oh, I see how it is. What do you want, Ansin?"

Cyrellon, who had reached the ramp onto his shuttle, smiled and turned to face Coth.

  • Cyrellon: "Well finally, I thought you'd never ask."

Tales of the War VIII: The High King's ConditionEdit

High King Rambert Ramveral had been gone for three days. According to official reports, he was attending a diplomatic visit to the recently settled territory of the Indoctrinate Collective, and from what Rambo Capital's guards had heard, he had gone to pay a visit to the extragalactics' local capital of Kourus in order to discuss their intentions and the possibility of establishing trade routes between them and Rambo Nation; even before his rule, the Collective and the Nation were loyal allies to one another, despite having a shaky story due to the involvement of the Empire.

Now, it marked three days since Rambert's return home. The meeting went well, he claimed, and he would send diplomats for future visits in order to further work on the Nation's relations with the foreigners. His guards, however, noticed something odd since the High King's return, however. Two guards, who were tasked with protecting the halls of the Royal Palace, stood on opposite sides of a door as one called the other's attention.

  • Guard 1: "Did you hear the commotion some time ago?"
  • Guard 2: "You know we're not supposed to talk about this kind of stuff on duty."
  • Guard 1: "No one's watching. There ain't anybody else in these halls at this time of day."
  • Guard 2: "... Alright, fine. Yeah, I heard it. I think everybody did."

Looking from side to side to ensure the area was clear of any eavesdroppers, the first guard approached his companion by leaning his head at his direction.

  • Guard 1: "I've not seen the High King this angry since the whole Gorge business."
  • Guard 2: "What even happened there? Why did he start yelling?"
  • Guard 1: "You're not gonna believe it. Turns out... he had just tripped over a piece of the carpet."
  • Guard 2: "... And he made that scene over that? You're joking."
  • Guard 1: "No way. I was there at the time. He looked like he was the angriest Serindia alive right there, though it only lasted a few moments. He begun apologizing to me and the nearby servitors, then requested a glass of water before leaving."

The second guard had an uneasy expression under his helm as he turned his body fully to face his companion.

  • Guard 2: "You know, I'm starting to get worried over the High King. Ever since he came back from that diplomatic visit, he's been acting so... irritable. It's like he lost all of his temper."
  • Guard 1: "As far as I know, he's actually having to take medication for it. I reckon that's why he exploded on that trip. His medication wore off at the time."
  • Guard 2: "Medication? He's obviously ill then."
  • Guard 1: "You can tell he's definitely not healthy. But I hear he's assuring everyone he's fine, and that he's just stressed out recently."
  • Guard 2: "Hm. I guess you can't really blame him. He's been through a lot lately, what with the whole Gorge nonsense, trying to keep relations stable with the Hutter, and the whole war over at Cyrannus which feels like it's slowly creeping into our galaxy."
  • Guard 1: "I hope he gets well soon. Nitpicks aside, he's been a good king to us. And we need him in a good state of mind to lead us through these times of hardship."
  • Guard 2: "You can say that again."

The two Serindia guard returned to their formal positions, though after several moments of silence, the first leaned his head to the direction of his friend one more time.

  • Guard 1: "Say... Did High King Rambert always have purple irises?"
  • Guard 2: "Huh? His irises? I... am not sure? I don't think I've ever stopped to pay attention."
  • Guard 1: "I think he may be suffering from some eye irritation too."
  • Guard 2: "Well, no wonder he's angry lately. I'd probably be too."

Tales of the War IX: The Count of ApataloreEdit

On board the Talon of Veloci, Kara Inviá hid in the cargo hold, having disguised herself as a member of the crew. From what little she could glean from the crewmembers, the war wasn't going well for the New Republic. While Alberensis had been liberated, the Empire continued to press on the Capricorn Sector, forcing the Loyalists under her father's government to fight on two fronts, one against the Empire, and another against Adelheidis and her True Republic. The Talon of Veloci had travelled through the Saxhleel wormhole back to the Quadrants, and when it arrived in orbit over Apatalore, Kara stole one of the docked starfighters and made her way down to the surface, careful not to appear on Adelheidis' scanners. Fortunately, she knew exactly where she was heading.


Kara Inviá meets with former President Apaltar.

Kara's starfighter glided over the blue, glistening waters off the coast of Apatalore City, before setting down outside an opulent palace on the outskirts, surrounded by vineyards. Stepping out of the fighter, she ran up to one of the attendants, a Chinawyka male, who directed her to the estate's owner, who was sampling his vintage under a large tree. Panting, Kara rushed toward the owner, who was caught off guard by the young Libertus' approach.

  • Kara: "President Apaltar. Good, you're still alive. You probably don't remember me, but I'm-"

Apaltar rose to his feet with a laugh, and embraced Kara warmly.

  • Apaltar: "Of course I remember you, dear Miss Inviá! I rarely forget a face! I just never expected to see you here, on Apatalore, after all that's happened."
  • Kara: "It's not by chance that I'm here, Mr. President. The Republic needs your help, now more than ever."

Apaltar released Kara from his hug, and turned his head away, sadly.

  • Apaltar: "Would if I could, dear girl, would if I could. That... traitor, Adelheidis, pox on her name, she placed me under house arrest. Under pain of death, I cannot leave the confines of this palace."
  • Kara: "She can't do that, sir. She has no authority."
  • Apaltar: "Power rests where folk believe it to rest, young one. And I fear Adelheidis has amassed much of it."

Apaltar sat on his stool and continued picking the berries.

  • Kara: "That's why we have to stop her. If we don't band together, if we let the Republic collapse from within, we'll be doing the Empire's work for them!"
  • Apaltar: "I do not disagree, Miss Inviá, but I'm merely one man."
  • Kara: "You are Apaltar, Count of Apatalore and the first President of the New Republic. The people will listen if you speak out against the traitor. They will follow if you fight against her. Surely you know of people in Republica Elen'Nanethia who would be willing to take up arms against her?"

Apaltar seemed to ponder Kara's words for a moment, before once again rising to his feet, a wry smile on his face.

  • Apaltar: "How silly of me to think that my life would be peaceful when my presidency came to a close. Come, my girl, we have a regime to overthrow and a Republic to save."

Kara clapped her hands together.

  • Kara: "Sir, yes, sir!"

Tales of the War X: Consequences and BloodEdit

On Capricaerón, President Apollo had just learned that the final bastion of the True Republic within Cyrannus had fallen during the Second Siege of Saxhleel, and wasted no time in broadcasting the information to the citizenry of the Republic, who longed for a shimmer of hope in these increasingly dark times. His vice-president, Ramdard Ramthrace congratulated the president on his achievements and stood next to him to announce their victory to the public. Though not fully recovered, the victory and their first public appearance would reflect the strength and resolve of the new Republic government. However, Apollo knew that Adelheidis had deployed but a fraction of her forces in Cyrannus, with most remaining in the Quadrants, and according to whispers from the Republic's Mirusi allies, within the Mirus Galaxy too.

When he finished a press conference informing the people, and the wider Gigaquadrant, Apollo shook Ramthrace's hand, patted him on the back and returned to his office to contact the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral, to ask formal permission to allow New Republic fleets to enter the Quadrants through the Saxhleel wormhole. It was a formality, to be sure, but Apollo still worried that Rambo Nation's placement under an Imperial protectorate by the Nim-Glaré Concordat may have poisoned Rambert against aiding the Republic. Nevertheless, he made arrangements to contact the Rambo Capital through diplomatic backchannels. The backchannels whispered of bad tidings, the High King swing of moods made him unpredictable and none within the Senate or High Council was sure what were his wishes.

Nevertheless, Apollo adjusted his suit and activated the holotable, revealing Rambert's holographic image, who was quite disheveled in his appearance. Apollo hid his surprise with a wide smile.

  • Apollo: "High King Rambert, a pleasure to see you again."

The surprise was something unexpected as the High King spat out the following words while he leaned forward.

  • Rambert: "Pleasure? What do you want Mr. President from the Rambo this time."

Apollo's eyes widened in surprise, and he opened his mouth to retort, before rethinking his words.

  • Apollo: "If this is a bad time, High King, I can call later toda-"

Rambert rudely interrupted the president by pointing his finger at him and narrowing his eyes.

  • Rambert: "I know what you want Mr. President and my answer is no! I will not let you wage conflict within my sphere of influence! We have no querrel with Adelheidis and we wish not to be drawn into it."

Apollo folded his arms.

  • Apollo: "I'm not asking you to help us, High King. I'm merely asking you to allow us to enter the Quadrants and end this traitor's rebellion against the New Republic."

Rambert leaned back and smirked. He smiled sinisterly while he took another sip of his Serindia Wine.

  • Rambert: "My dear Apollo, I would never allow that nor would the Rambo Senate publicly consent with such a request....."
  • Apollo: "It's not a request. I'm sending my fleets after Adelheidis, with or without your approval. This call is merely a courtesy, in light of the alliance between the Republic and the Rambo."

Rambert leaned forward, his face looming over the screen.

  • Rambert: "Again my friend, officially we cannot consent and will publicly denounce such rash actions, on the other hand off the record........"

Apollo narrowed his eyes, growing annoyed by Rambert's behaviour.

  • Apollo: "Yes, on the other hand?"

Rambert smiled again and raised his glass of wine as a toast to Apollo.

  • Rambert: "Engulf yourself Mr. President, the consequences and blood will be on your hands".

Apollo sighed.

  • Apollo: "Goodbye, High King."

Apollo turned off the holoprojector, rose from his chair and paced toward the window, with his hands folded behind his back. He closed his eyes and remembered coordinating the Second Galactic War, the Intergalactic War and the Great Cyrannus War with Ramashe, becoming close friends with her in the process. It was clear to him that working with Rambert would not be so enjoyable. Behind him Ramdard placed a hand on his shoulder.

  • Ramdard: "I am sorry Mr. President. Truly I am ashamed of what the once noble dynasty has become under that mad man. Though his popularity amongst the people prevents the noble houses to act against him."
  • Apollo: "I'm sorry too, my friend. I remember the days when Ramashe would jump at the chance to aid the Republic, and vice versa. How things have changed."

Ramdard looked outside, quietly agreeing with his president. Somehow the fire of the Rambo should be ignited and let them take up arms against those who do harm like they did in old times. Ramdard was only afraid that as long as the Concordat was in place, their fire was dimmed.

Tales of the War XI: Calculating the Strike Edit

Meeting on Zebas

Crimson flames exploded into life over the atmosphere of Zebas as the Persan fleet dropped from Accel Space. To those below it looked as if a cluster of stars had burst to life over their planet, but the most such a sight got from the Mendel was at most a quick glance upwards. Data Flares caused by Accel Space exit and entrace were common enough over Mendel worlds what with Persan tradeships regularily comming going. Granted the flares were crimson, black, white, or blue flares would have raised an alarm as they indicated ships under the flag of the Scelus Purification, Vanara Singularity, and Affonire Rebuplic respectivly. 

After the fleet settled into orbit a fast traveling object began to burn its way through the atmosphere streaking towards the ground. Before it struck the object burst into bright green shareds that vaporied into plasma which harmlessly disappated. From the shattered object the great ebony form of Black Wing emerged folding his wings as he landed. He was an elderly Precore Dragon with scars covering him, but held himself with a regal air, not even acknologing the mortal creatures scurrying around beneath him. Stepping from his back was Auvia in Sephirah form. She was about as tall as an Olympian, but less bulky, more sinewy. Her fur was a shinning blue as were the feathers on her her six great wings, albeit with midnight black tipps. Her eyes were blood red and burned with what seemed to be miniature suns within. She didn't bother calling for a messenger. Kiun already knew she was here.

Kiun stepped out of the quickly assembled Headquarters, as Drones floated by, carrying out their own tasks. The Walgolorian was shorter then Auvia, only a tad taller then the rest of his kin, but carried himself with stoic resolve. His battlesuit was currently undergoing repairs, having taken the brunt of several missile shots from New Republic forces, and he was shirtless, wearing armor slacks as he made his way to meet the Persan leaders. Following behind him was Chieftain Ha'brk, the genes of the life forms of Alastor giving a look similar to the Persan, though hunched and covered in tribal fetishes, including a newly created necklace from what looked like Libertus finger claws, something Kiun choose to ignore. To Kiun's right, came the Ugandalorian Sub-Marshal, Talorn, wearing his golden plate armor, covered in plasma burns from the last fight. His claymore was braced across his shoulders as he joined Kiun without a word.

Kiun stepped forward, stepping up to Auvia, and bowing to his comrade.

  • Kiun - Welcome, Admiral Auvia, the Mendel Pact is most honored one of our greatest allies comes to fight and plan alongside us.

Auvia bowed in return flaring her wings out so the tips point a him, a greasuture of respect of a Sephirah.

  • Auvia - Indeed I am most grateful for your hospitality - turning to Ha'brk - and Chief Ha'brk I see your hunts go well.

Her voice was friendly enought, but there was a distinct distance to it as if comming from something not of this world. Ha'Brk made a high-pitched hissing sound, before going into a fit of croacking laughter, as he slammed his rifle butt into the ground.

  • Ha'Brk - Ah, yes. They put up a good fight, but not good enough! Their blood runs through many of our kindred now. Such an honor would not normally be reserved for traitors.
  • Kiun - On that note, we must plan our next move. The Clan Lords have spoken of ending this war's front quickly. They do not want our already desperate allies fighting a two front war longer then they should.
  • Auvia - Oh yes of course, while our forces can fight on two fronts easily enough the Empire is something else altogether, much tougher then the Xonexi ever were.

She scowled at that last bit, while Persan hatred for the Xonexi had cooled, what the Covenant of Mirus had done to the Persan still shook them to the bone. That and she still couldn't forgive the Waptoria for trying to maintain a positive relationship with the Eldarisians, even if it was to prevent the threat of another genocide. The Eldarisians had tried to erase the entire Raptoranean population in Mirus and would see their whole culture undone. Sure, they might perserve it, but to Auvia that was just pumping a corpse full of formaldehyde and putting it on display. What was the point in experiencing a culture unless it was activaly alive and breathing, not jotted down in a history book.

Kiun felt largely the same, as did many Mendel. The Waptorians seemed to think this was all about the Raptoranean genocide that the Eldarisians had commited, something which to Kiun seemed insulting. While that was how it all had begun, the Mendel had found out just what the Eldarisian planned for the Mendel too, to wipe their culture out through sabotage, and where eager to answer them with a skull caved in by a Claymore or Axe. Talorn removed his helmet as Auvia mentioned the Xonexi, and spat on the ground. Kiun breathed in as he straightened himself, and stood at attention.

  • Kiun - My fellow commander, Ryaler can not send reinforcements at the moment, and the Clans are limited in what numbers I can field. The Empire is something I have not seen since the Dominatus, with it's numbers and strength. We must make a quick, surgical strike, and end this war in Mirus before it can begin. Do you have a plan?
  • Auvia - The fight against the Empire is currently being coördinated, but I have not been privy to the plan as of yet. As for taking down the "True Republic" we recieved a contact from a Apollo loyalist with in the True Republic territories here. He is coming to meet with us and disscuss the posibility of starting a rebellion with in the True Republic.
  • Kiun - Indeed, based off what I have seen, she The Traitor-Harlot has high support from military and extra-galactic fear-mongers, but civilians support is amazingly low. As I have seen here Zebas, the Civilians, if armed, will crash down on their oppressors with a vengeful fury equaled by no other.

Auvia - Our contact gave us much the same information. If we show them that someone is behind them they should rise up quickly. Still after that we should move quick, I don't like the idea of others dying for us, especially civilians.

Everyone present knew this to be true, the Persan hated causing civilian death unless they had no other option. It was the reason for developing the Realizer's Territory function which established a protect field that prevented a weapon's destructive force from leaving a contanined area. The Mendel also looked down upon causing too much damage to civilians. There was great dishonor to be leveled upon a Clan whose warriors engaged in such an affair.

  • Kiun - What do we know of this informant?
  • Auvia - Not much, however we had a Kaiser Precore Dragon read him; there was no deciet.
  • Kiun - Excellent. If there is nothing else, you and your troops may camp with my own until he arrives.
  • Auvia - That will be all. I've sent word to my troops and we will get situated shortly.
Rendezvous with the Loyalist

A Venator Star Destroyer dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over Zebas, emblazoned in Loyalist red, indicating to allied sensors that it was loyal to President Apollo and the Republic government on distant Capricaerón. Once it had received clearance codes, a Caelum-class shuttle launched from its hangar, and descended beneath the planet's clouds before setting down close to the camp. To the surprise of those assembled to meet the contact, it was not a Libertus or a Cyrannian creature like they had suspected, but an elderly Tralor. The Tralor walked down the ramp and came to a halt before the leaders, bowing his insectoid head in respect and greeting. 

  • Rix: "Good tidings. My name is Ambassador Rix, emissary of President Apollo."
  • Auvia - "A pleasure to make your acquitense, I am Admiral Auvia of the United Persan Descendants.
  • Kiun - "I am Commander Kiun, of the Mendel Pact, it is an honor to meet with you, though, I must admit, I did not expect one from Mirus like myself."
  • Rix: "Understandable. Few of my kind serve the Republic, though upon the collapse of the Tralor Freedom Force, I was forced to seek an alternate career path. I assure you, I have no love for Adelheidis and her traitorous ilk."
  • Kiun: "I harbor no doubts about your loyalty, would never think to do so. Now, I believe you can assist us all in ending the Traitor's threat to us all?"
  • Rix: "Yes. The President knows that the citizens of the Republic's colonies in Mirus are faultless. Blameless for this act of rebellion. They know who the rightful leaders of the Republic are, and if given the chance, we're sure they'll take up arms to banish the usurper from Mirus, and ultimately, wherever else she may tred."
  • Auvia: "Indeed, we both noticed such a thing with our attacks on the "True" Republic, the Mendel moreso, we took a more...aggressive approach to dealing with them."

Rix nodded gravely. 

  • Rix: "The unfortunate reality of war. However, if we're to drive Adelheidis' forces from Mirus, we'll need to strike at the heart of their territory. If we can infiltrate the capital world of New Corulus, I'm confident that we can overthrow the current regime, and reinstate a government loyal to Capricaerón."
  • Kiun': "This will require a more stealthy approach, correct? My forces can handle a subtle or direct approach if need be."
  • Rix: "Excellent. I'm currently attached the Star Destroyer Behemoth under Captain Aeranyeos. He fled the Quadrants when Adelheidis declared her rebellion, and has upgraded his ship with state-of-the-art stealth technology which should aid our cause immeasurably."
  • Auvia: "Stealth is our area of expertise, so this should be easier then blinking for us. We'll put a knife in whoever is leading these damnable rebels on New Corulus and end it here and now."
  • Kiun - "My forces, Mendel, Togunda and Orgaat, are all prepared for this, and will be happy to honor our Clan-Brothers within the New Republic with this journey into the unknown. Let the Mother Goddess smile upon our fortunes this coming battle."


Tales of the War XII: Classified ReportEdit





Fleet Admiral, the Aeolus arrived in system S-12091 in the CARINA SECTOR, without incident [49-Mart//17]. Abandoned U.R.C. starbase, classification FORTITUDE, discovered in orbit over class-B gas giant. No lifesigns. No record of any such station existing in the Unknown Regions.

Commander SEVINE, K., Commander SELANIUS, A. and Subcommander T'RAN, V. led a ground team to the station, where they discovered two squadrons of heavy starfighters [X-9 ADVANCED RECONNAISSANCE]. Given the devastation of our X-15 starfighter squadrons during the Fall [24-Mart/17], I have transferred them to the Aeolus.

It's damned odd. No sign of the crew, nor any discernible signs of struggle. It's as if they simply vanished. However, radiation levels are slightly higher than average, and several locations along the exterior show exposure to extreme heat, the origin of which remains unknown.

All station chronometers stopped at the precise moment [34:33/11, 43 Iun/2BNE], and all data regarding the station's prior location has been erased. Further inquiries met with single message:


Additionally, as we prepared to depart the system and rejoin the fleet, we detected an unusual ship signature. Our artificial intelligence construct [AI-RAMÍ] automatically engaged red alert and spooled up hyperdrive for jump beyond red line, with no instruction from myself or the command crew. Signal vanished a moment later, with no discernable hyperspatial or FTL signature.

AI-RAMÍ claims that the signal activated a hidden protocol, used at Aeolus origin point [SEE ATTACHED: INCIDENT 1250].

Repeat: Odd, damned odd.


Tales of the War XIII: CyberintrusionsEdit











Tales of the War XIV: Unlikely AlliancesEdit

SGCW A New Alliance


>CFP AI-N.AI.A: Vessel approaching rendezvous point, Admiral.


>CASSYNDER, CHANCELLOR: I don't recognise it. The rebels?
>THIELDE, HIGH ADMIRAL: A likely assumption. The design is clearly Mon Nahdar in origin. 102, hail them.


>CASSYNDER, CHANCELLOR: General Sesoka, I presume?
>SESOKA, REBEL LEADER: Chancellor Cassynder. There was a time not long ago when it would have brought me great pleasure seeing you behind bars.
>THIELDE, HIGH ADMIRAL: I suggest you address the Chancellor with more respect, Tenerensis.
>CASSYNDER, CHANCELLOR: That's quite alright, Admiral. If the General feels he can take down the Empire without our help, he is welcome to tr-
>SESOKA, REBEL LEADER: Come, come. We both know we need each other, why else would you reach out to me?
>CASSYNDER, CHANCELLOR: Very well, General, let us skip the pleasantries. Until such a time when the Confederacy possesses the numbers and capabilities to challenge the Empire and reclaim our space, I am willing to donate my remaining forces to your cause. I daresay the Calidusa could be quite a boon, particularly in comparison to the hodgepodge of frigates and corvettes you call a fleet.


>SESOKA, REBEL LEADER: Yes. It certainly would. With your forces added to ours, we can accelerate our timetable for a major strike on Imperial holdings in the Outer Rim.
It appears we have a deal, Cassynder.
It appears we have a deal.


Tales of the War XV: OccupationEdit



Personal log.

It's the 298th day of the Imperial occupation of New Republic Space, and so far, it appears there's no end in sight. Despite all attempts, we've had no news on the status of President Apollo or Admiral Cretacea's forces. Aneen is under the impression that both were killed at Cognalorilos, but I can't let myself believe that. I refuse to believe it.

Regardless, it would appear that perpetual war is the only realistic prospect for us. Even if Apollo and his forces are still out there somewhere, what hope do they possibly have? Empire's do not fall easily, but despite the odds, we must never lose hope.

An insurgency has been growing on the streets of the Twelve Worlds, striking at the Imperials whenever and wherever possible, and while reprisals are quick and merciless, I believe any and all acts of defiance are important for morale... for sanity. Still, a high profile target is needed if we hope to have a more meaningful impact on the state of things here.

The Imperial Occupation Authority, under the rule of Grand Admiral Scaeva exerts total control over Republic Space, while the government, under... "President" Zare'Anne functions in name only. The depth of his betrayal still astounds me.

Despite silence on the question of Apollo's forces, I've recently been contacted by a triumvirate, who claim they wish to help the insurgents on Capricaerón. Given the circumstances, I'm naturally cautious, but we're desperate and a victory is long overdue. The very fate of the Republic is at stake.

End log.

Tales of the War XVI: State of the GalaxyEdit

21 Martex, 19 NE




SUMMARY: Since the fall of the Republic two years ago, the Empire has secured near total control over the Cyrannus Galaxy, spreading from Basileus Space in the galactic south, to the once unclaimed regions spinward of the Core. Republic remnants have begun to once again cluster around Apollo's faction beyond the galactic rim, though they have yet to strike a blow against the Empire, seemingly preferring to amass a considerable force before risking exposure. Other factions, such as the Cognatus and the Dominion, have turned inward, preparing for inevitable Imperial campaigns.

IMPERIAL FORCES: Within a span of two years, the Empire has crushed resistance within the galaxy's interior, beginning with a successful campaign against the Confederacy of Free Planets in mid-17 NE, and concluding with the fall of the Jenassian Regency, the Rihanae Star Empire and the Ecclessoth Convocation earlier this month. Despite rumblings of discontent within the Imperial hierarchy, Tyrómairon's hold on the throne remains absolute, although his apparent tendency to delegate the war effort to the Grand Mandators and Admiralty has been a subject of note among dissidents. Of concern to the Imperial hierarchy, however, are the recent reemergence of the Krassio in the Quadrants, and efforts have been apparently been made to prevent their spread into Cyrannus.

  • REPUBLIC SPACE: Republic Space, governed in-name-only by President Zare'Anne, has languished under a singularly tyrannical Imperial regime. Since the signing of the Pax Cyrannica Concordat upon the fall of Capricaerón, no fewer than twelve colony worlds have "disappeared"—no doubt the result of local rebellions ruthlessly burned out by the Imperial Navy. I have been in contact with surviving Senators, as well as agents of both NRSI and the Aldárae order, in an effort to foment a more successful resistance within occupied space. Efforts have been slow, though I'm confidant that contact with the Republic Remnant will inspire hope in the citizenry.

REPUBLIC REMNANTS: From what little I've been able to glean from scattered reports in the Unknown Regions, the New Republic remnant has settled on a world beyond the galactic halo, and have been bolstered considerably by Admiral Quarantar's Revanchists, who now supply the bulk of their military forces. While some tension exists between Admiral Quarantar and Admiral Roslia—presumably given the latter's promotion from Commodore to Fleet Admiral—Apollo appears to serve as a unifying figure to both factions, lessening the likelihood of a public military split. Nevertheless, many members of the Remnant disagree with Apollo's efforts to consolidate their strength, preferring to initiate a guerrilla war against Imperial positions.

ALDÁRAE ORDER: Despite rumours that the Order have been snuffed out by the Imperial Inquisition, the presence of numerous Aldárae operatives across the galaxy have rendered such beliefs patently false. Nevertheless, through unknown means, Aldár itself has seemingly vanished from the galaxy as if in retreat from the Order's ancient enemies.

COGNATUS SPACE: All military activity in Cognatus Space appears internecine by nature, largely, though not exclusively, in the form of the ongoing conflict between the Primarch's loyalists and the disparate remnants of the Cognatus Empire. Nequam factions, under the leadership of an unknown war chief, have continued to raid Cogsanguian settlements, but have yet to openly declare their intentions.

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