Operation Liberty, also known as the Liberation of the Republic, was the operation orchestrated by President Apollo's New Republic Remnant against the Imperial-occupied territories of Coru Secundus.


Early StagesEdit

Following the Fall of the Twelve Worlds and the resultant collapse of the New Cyrannian Republic, the remnants of the Grand Republic Fleet under the command of Admiral Willelmus Cretacea fled into the Unknown Regions of the galaxy, where, under the leadership of the exiled President Apollo, they intended on biding their time in preparation for a future liberation campaign of Republic Space. These plans were stalled with the disastrous defeat at Cognalorilos, when Remnant forces were routed by the Great Star Dominion, forcing their retreat to Harborage, beyond the galactic rim.

For several years, the Remnant slowly built up their forces and allies, most notably acquiring the Valiant-class Heavy Star Destroyer Resolute, a mirror universe vessel re-purposed as an advanced command and control ship. Ultimately, however, the Imperial Grand Admiral Tector Decimius deduced the location of the remnant's primary base on Harborage and launched a massive invasion intending on wiping out Apollo's loyalists in one fell swoop. For all his tactical mastery, however, Decimius did not anticipate the arrival of the Aldárae Order's Master Du'utahrovin, who annihilated the Imperial invasion force with torrents of starfire.

News of the stunning Republic victory quickly spread throughout the galaxy, inspiring the once hopeless to take a stand against the Empire and support the rise of the New Republic once more. Across the galaxy, resistance movements, which had been all but snuffed out as a result of the siege of Andustar, once again began to emerge beneath Apollo's banners of liberation, rising up where they could strike out against Imperial forces. Meanwhile, on the bridge of the Resolute, Remnant forces, in coordination with the Aldárae Order, began preparations for the long-awaited invasion of Occupied Republic Space.

Following the Republic victory at Harborage, the invasion of Coru Secundus was launched on 36 Novemex, 20 NE, when an armada of allied vessels captured Amphryssos, the former Terran capital in Cyrannus. While initially consisting solely of forces under the command of President Apollo, the invasion fleet of Operation Liberty would come to include forces hailing from the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, the Talven Empire, whatever fleets remained of the Waptoria Alliance of Species in Cyrannus, remnants of the Cyrandia Resistance and Confederacy of Free Planets, the Ecclessoth Convocation, Rambo Loyalists, and perhaps most crucially, the Krassio. Aiding the allies on various occupied worlds was the resistance within the Occupied Republic, led by Senator Raen Magalen, Caranye Valaeris and Arasah Nui.

When word of the Remnant's invasion reached Grand Admiral Vastæ Scaeva, the military governor of the Occupied Republic, an Imperial counterattack was quickly launched against the newly liberated planet of Auromunda of Coru Secundus. There, Scaeva defeated a sizable defence fleet of both Republic and Cognatus vessels, and, under the impression the force represented the totality of the invasion, reported a swift victory to Imperial High Command. Within two days, however, her report was proven to be wholly inaccurate with the surprise arrival of fleets of Krassio warships streaming from the Quadrantia wormholes. The Krassio, drawn to the Remnant's efforts through the actions of the Civatron Cainak, moved to reinforce Apollo's armada at Amphyrssos, defeating three Imperial tasforces en route.

Buoyed by their legendary allies, the New Republic Remnant began to fan out from Amphyrssos, moving steadily spinward of the Republica Run toward the remnants of the Mou'Cyran system, capturing Corathon on 9 Dekemurios and Aurmunda on 19 Dekemurios.

Second Battle of CoruaanEdit

For the New Republic Remnant, the Battle of Coruaan was the most important fight between Harborage and the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds. Coruaan, located along one of the great crossroads of the Republica Hyperlane, represented a critical staging area where Republic fleets would be within striking distance of the occupied capital, and limit the Empire's access to the Krassio-besieged ecumenopolis Coruanthor. Eager to push his advantage, President Apollo committed the very best of his forces to the liberation of Coruaan, tasking Fleet Admiral Roslia and Admiral Quarantar with spearheading the campaign.

SGCW Battle of Coruaan

The Second Battle of Coruaan.

The Imperials defended Coruaan with a trio of Judicator-class Star Battlecruisers and six Imperator-class Star Destroyers, commanded by Captain Hurst Ademan of the Star Destroyer Intimidator. Unprepared to contend with the superior firepower of the Resolute, Ademan bungled the initial stage of his defence, watching helplessly as the smaller Republic cruisers surrounded and overpowered the battlecruisers. With the front line destroyed, Ademan brought the six remaining destroyers planetside, holding position directly in orbit above the capital Thrace.

The newly assembled Ryen Squadron of X-9 ReCon starfighters, commanded by the Aldárae knights Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá led the strike on the capital city, where once again, Ademan bungled the defence of the city, taking the Republic's bait by moving his destroyer above the city and over the neighbouring Sennius Sea, where it was swiftly destroyed by an orbital strike from the guns of the Resolute. Though Ademan had been killed, the Imperials continued to fight for another three days before Thrace fell to Republic forces.

With Coruaan firmly in the hands of Apollo's loyalists, the New Republic had gained a strong foothold on Capricaerón's doorstep. Apollo himself travelled to the planet a week after the fighting had ended, meeting with local resistance forces under the command of former Senator Roth Caesenn, who organised a feast in the Governor's Palace, proclaiming the imminent rebirth of the Cyrannian Republic.

Ambush near CyrabandEdit

SGCW Ambush near Cyraband

The Basilisk ambushed Blazing Squadron

As the New Republic Remnant besieged Coruaan, Blazing Squadron- a unit of the Cyrandia Resistance was on its way to reinforce the Remnant forces after it finished its reconnaissance mission of the Mou'Lhhei System. Commander Raymus Oquoné was eager to take up arms against the Empire again after being stalled at Andustar. As the Rambo Loyalist had success within the Quadrant Galaxies, Raymus believed the Empire's firm hold over the Cyrannus Galaxy was crumbling.

One of his crewmembers informed Raymus that they approached the outskirts of Cyraband when all of a sudden an Imperial star destroyer dropped out of hyperspace. The Basilisk, under command of Marquar Cuinn cannons roared as the Imperial trap spun. The Venator-class Defender trembled and buckled as the Basilisk relentlessly continued its assault at the flagship of Blazing Squadron. Raymus ordered tight formation though it was in vain as a swarm of ASP Intercepters disabled and destroyed the CS-12 corvettes. While his own ship, the Protector of Democracy took damage as its port side cannons were destroyed. Cursing, Raymus ordered his crew to flee from the battle as he heard the desperate pleas of his fellow warriors on the other ships as the Basilisk closed in without mercy.



  • Based primarily on the D-Day landings and subsequent liberation of France during World War II.

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