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A Surprise Meeting Edit

Tselaya sat in the middle of court yard deep in medditation, slowley tapping into the very flow of spacetime to access her powers. As she did in her minds eye she saw herself in a dark place were only the faintest of light pierced through. She reached up a claw towards the light a croaked out in a small voice that was not her own.

???: "Help me, please."

her eyes snaped open and she came out of her trance to find herself back in the sunlite courtyard on the planet of Aldár. She signed a put her face in her hands panting slightly.

  • Tselaya: "What in the world was that?"

She and her new companions had arrived only a few days ago from the Yesh'Ayin homeworld and had been treated as guests. However, the map they had found had been encoded beyond anyones ability to crack, and so its data remained inaccessible to them. She was just about to try to go back to meditation when there was a beeping from her cmmunicator, she looked down in surprise and pressed it for a hologram of her mentor, Auvia, to appear.

  • Tselaya: "Teacher! What a pleasent surprise, I didn't think you be calling so soon."
  • Auvia: "It's good to see you Tselaya, but unfortunatly I bear no good news."
  • Tselaya: "Nobody iss any more I'm afraid."
  • Auvia: "Unfortunatly that is the nature of situation we find ourselves in. As for the news, the Empire found a clutch of Precore Dragon eggs on Saher."

There was silence for a bit and then Tselaya spoke up.

  • Tselaya: "That's really bad."
  • Auvia: "Indeed we cannot allow the Empire to get their hands on lifeforms possesing fruitt of life. I need you and a team to get the eggs back, or destroy theem as a last resort. You will be entierly alone for this mission, just you and whatever team you can assemble."
  • Tselaya - "Aye teacher."

The two said their goodbyes and the hologram winked out of existence. Tselaya quickly got up and rand out of the courtyard. Along her way sshe passed by Searah.

  • Searah: "Hey Tselaya, where ya going?"
  • Tselaya: "The Empire got their hands on Precore Dragon eggs I'm getting a team together to get them back."
  • Searah: "Well count me in."

Tselaya smiled at that aand nodded.

  • Tselaya: "Alright then, good to have you aboard."

Within the Aldárae Temple, Master Daera Rosalayne sat with her eyes fixed on one of the Library's computer terminals, reading a HoloDomain report published by the authorities of the Occupied Republic decrying the Aldárae as terrorists who sought to impose their will over the democratic Republic. Shaking her head in annoyance, Rosalayne turned her attention to her recently graduated former Tirolenros Kaliyana, who was pacing between the library's pillars.

  • Rosalayne: "You're going to wear out the tiles, Kaliyana."
  • Kaliyana: "I'm sorry, master, it's just a tad frustrating that the Ethelnór Aldárae hasn't sanctioned any direct attacks against the Empire since the fall of the Republic. We should avenge Ryen's death."
  • Rosalayne: "Patience, young one. Ryen would not want us to stray from the path of wisdom. The time to act against the Empire approaches, but we mustn't rush into a fight we cannot win."
  • Tselaya: "Well if it's a fight your looking for, I might have something for you."

The two turned to see Tselaya and Searah approach, both fully knitted out for combat. Tselaya's armor and weapons were skeletoid, made from the pieces of a slayrn beast, while Searahs were smmoth and refleective like a mirror.

  • Kaliyana: "I don't believe we've been introduced?"
  • Tselaya: "Name's Tselaya, I'm a Vanara Nagual."
  • Searah: "Searah, I'm a pilot."
  • Tselaya: "We came here with that map of Imperial supply rooutes that we have yet to crack."
  • Searah: "Anyway, we could use your help with something important."
  • Tselaya: "The Empire managed to get their hands on a clutch of Precire Dragon eggs, Precore dragons are picky about who they'll let ride with them, but the Empire has people to spare no doubt. If they get their hands on those eggs then they'll have a good number of living aerospace bombers capable of taking out ships much larger then themselvessingle handley."
  • Rosalayne: "Remarkable, but we musn't allow the Empire to gain control over these dragons. Is it possible to transport the eggs to a region of space where the Empire, or any other civilisation which seeks to harness their power can't find them?"
  • Searah: "Should be, Precore Dragons are about the size of a Dvottie when born and the eggs arn't much bigger, any ship with a decently sized cargo hold should be able transport them."
  • Kaliyana: "You mentioned that you have a map of Imperial supply routes. Do you have any idea where the eggs are located?"
  • Tselaya: "We can't crack the map, but we did get tracker on the ship, for now it's right here..."

She pulled up a holographic map revealing the ship to be in system marked Fafnier, it appeared to be stopped for a resupply.

  • Tselaya: "Intelligence suggests that they'll be there for a few days, long enough for us to get in, get the eggs, and get out."
  • Kaliyana: "Sounds easy enough. Which means it certainly won't be. Have you ever encountered a Precore Dragon before?"
  • 'Tselaya: "Once, they have reputation for being irratable, prideful, and battle hungry. The one I met was no different, though a touch more introspective."

Rosalayne turned to Kaliyana.

  • Rosalayne: "You go, Kaliyana. You're ready to face your final great trial."
  • Kaliyana: "As you say, Master. I'm ready to leave when you all are."
  • 'Searah - "I'll get my fighter perpared.

A New Song is Born Edit

Spacetime unfurled upon itself as Sereahs Dragonfly-class Fighter emerged from Accel Space, blue streams of energy trailing off it. The ship droped into stealth mode becoming invisible to eyes and scanner alike. It had been something of a crambed ride and one with only the barest of rations as room had to be made for the eggs in the cargo hold. Once the Imperial frigate was in range Tselaya turned to her two partners.

  • Tselaya - "Alright here's the plan, me and Kolbi will get on that ship,Searah will beam us aboard and eam us and eggs off once we've found them. Sound good?"
  • Searah - "Aye, sounds good to me."
  • Kaliyana: "Affirmative, no issues."

Tselaya nodded.

  • Tselaya - "Alright beam us aboard."

Searah took the fighter in close and circled for a bit, steadily proabing, when she found a likely spot she instructed the fighter to beam the both aboard. Blue light engulfed Tselaya and Kaliyanaand they were both aboard the Imperial Frigate.

  • Tselaya - "Searah, can read us?"
  • Searah: "Aye, the eggs are in the cargo hold, I'm giving you a map."
  • Tselaya: "Thanks."

She then turned to Kaliyana.

  • Tselaya: "I say we take this seaky, let's not get into a fight unless we must."
  • Kaliyana: "Agreed. We don't want the entire ship's complement to come crashing down on our heads."
  • Tselaya: "Alright, then let's get going."

The two made their way down towards the cargo bay, having a few close calls but keeping out of sight. Upon reaching the cargo bay doors they found two guards there.

  • Tselaya: "You know of any quiet ways to take them out? I'm afraid I'm not much one for quiet kills."

Kaliyana smiled slightly and nodded, indicating to two small spheres she held in her hand. Telekinetically, she lifted the spheres into the air and sent them whirling toward the two guards. Upon impact, both were immediately incapacitated and fell to the ground, unconcious.

  • Kaliyana: "Not bad, huh?"
  • Tselaya: "Not bad indeed. Color me impressed."

The two quickly ran over and Tselaya search the unconcious bodies till she found a key card. She slid the thing through the reader and the cargo bay door hissed open. The two walked inside and their in the corner was a large cluster of eggs of a rainbow of colors, oozing some sort of thick goo. Tselaya quietly ran over and looked over the eggs.

  • Tselaya: "Few! They're alright, let's get these puppies outta her."

She was about to place the teleporter one the eggs when of them, a small white one began to glow a slight golden color.

  • Tselaya: "What the?"

She reached her hand out as if enchanted and then the egg exploded, unleashing blinding white flash, and covering her in transparent goo. Out from the remain flopped a small white, gold, and black Precire Dragon. The gangly thing squaked slightly and fixed its eyes on Tselaya. It waddeled forward and streched out its wings as if asking to be let up.

  • Kaliyana: "... It's... cute."
  • Tselaya : "Aye... and it's... bonded with me."

She reached down and held out her hands, the tiny dragon climbed on into them eagarly and then made its way to her shoulder where it curld up. Tselaya smiled slightly and was stroking it when Searah phoned in.

  • Searah: "Uh guys, you got company."
  • Tselaya: "Shit! Get us out of here!"
  • Searah: "Gonna take a minute or three until I can get a good fix. Fend them off while you can."

At that point several imperal soldiers stormed in, pointing guns at the two.

  • Tselaya: "Geez, I'll take the right, you want the left?"

Kaliyana nodded, and grabbed a device from her belt, which extended into a lenghty spear with a laser blade on the end. Leaping forward, Kaliyana drove her spear through the first of the Imperials, and kicked the other to the ground. The third raised her rifle to fire, but was blasted off her feet by a blast of Light energy.

Tselaya breathed in deep and then opening her mouth unleashed a wordless, reasonating song that form into swirling bands of light and shadow. She gathered up the shadows in one hand forming them into a shield, and the light in another forming it into a sword. She blocked the blaster fire from the imperials with her shield the shadows devouring the bolts. Shen then blinked forward and sliced the fouth into before following up with a spin kick that punched its way through the chest of the fifth.

  • Searah: "I got a fix, I can you all aboard."
  • Tselaya: "Do it!."

Blue engery began to surrond the three and the eggs before they vanished a flash of light and were back on the fighter.

  • Tselaya: "The eggs?"
  • Searah: "On board."
  • Tselaya: "Good now get uss outta here!"

Searah turned thefighter around and charged up the engines blasting them off into Accel Space. Once they were safly away searah turned to Tselaya.

  • Searah: "Looks like you got a new friend there, what's his name?"

Tselaya hmmed at that and looked at the dragon, the hatchling looked at her and made a melodic sound in his throat.

  • Tselaya: "I think I'll call him Seraphsong."
  • Kaliyana: "Nice, I'm just glad that we've kept him free from the Empire's hands."

Seraphsong gurgled a bit, curled up and went to sleep

A Darker Song is Made Edit

Elsewhere, deep within the looming frame of the Sovereign Emperor Tyrómairon sat lazily in his throne stared down with a coldly upon a single purple egg. Though no expression was etched upon his reptilian face, an icy fury radiated from him so strongly that the room seemed to grow colder and darker around him. Such failure was intolerable and the more emotional side of his mind told him to crush this fragile thing that seemed to represent the botch mission. But then the more logical side would weigh in telling him no.

  • Tyrómairon: "I still have so use for you."

he reached out a clawed hand towards the egg and picked it up gingerly. Holding it close he could feel the life with struggle, almost as if trying to escape from him. Tyrómairon smiled ever so slightly at this and let his dark energy flow into the egg. The shell darken turning from a vibrant purple to a dull black, and the life with ceased its struggling. For awhile all was still but then the movement within the egg resumed. However, now it had machine like precision about it rather then the organic grace it originally held. Slowly the egg cracked open and out came a eyeless thing with bone-like wings and metallic black and red scales.

  • Tyrómairon: "I shall name you Lucifuge, and you be the dark fire under which my enemies burn."

Lucifuge turned to its master, already looking for orders.

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Was written by Gorzill and Cyrannian.

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