The rebellion begins today.

- Commodore Helo Roslia, in the aftermath of the Battle of Cognalorilos

The Rebellion was a period of the Second Great Cyrannus War following the surrender of the New Republic during the Fall of the Twelve Worlds. In the aftermath, the Empire consolidated its rule over the vast Cyrandia Cluster, imposing martial law on the Occupied Republic and the space once occupied by Rambo Nation in the Quadrants, and the Allied Terran Republic in the Plazith Rim. Remaining Republic loyalists in Cyrannus soon took up arms with the Cyrandia Resistance, and a small remnant of the Grand Republic Fleet led by President Apollo.

In the Unknown Regions—the last safe refuge from the might of the Empire—the New Republic Remnant fled into Cognatus Space, where their forces were dealt a heavy blow by a new entry to the war, the Great Star Dominion under the command of the Grand Imperarch Zillum. Striking with the clandestine aid of the Cognatus Empire, the Dominion besieged Cognalorilos, attacking both the Order of Cognalorilos and the Republic Remnant, with Zillum himself personally killing Republic Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea, resulting in the fragmentation of the Remnant to a meagre fleet of four starships. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Helo Roslia, the Republic Remnant sought to establish a new base to rebuild their shattered forces and inaugurate the beginning of a new guerrilla war against Imperial forces.

Simultaneously, in the aftermath of his victory at Cognalorilos, and armed with an armada of highly advanced warships, Zillum set his sights on his fatherland: Mortalitasi Space, seeking to open a new front against the Empire's self-proclaimed lordship over Cyrannus. Thus, despite the fall of the Republic, the Empire was forced to contend with the Star Dominion's designs of galactic conquest, as well as resistance from the fallen Republic's allies across Gigaquadrantic space. In the Plazith Rim, with the rise of Imperial Terrae, the Empire became locked in a titanic struggle for dominance against the Delpha Coalition of Planets and Apalos—sparking a new front of total war between the superpowers.

Course of the war[]

Birth of Rebellion[]

Battle in the Nameless System[]

Unknown Star System, Carina Sector, Cyrannus Galaxy—50 Martex 17 NE

Two weeks after the Fall of the Twelve Worlds and the subsequent formation of the New Republic Remnant, Commodore Helo Roslia of the Star Destroyer Aeolus happened upon an abandoned U.R.C. starbase in system S-12091 of the Carina Sector, far beyond the borders of explored space. While the fate of the crew remained unknown, the crew of the Aeolus transferred the station's squadron of Advanced ReCon starfighters off the station, to compensate for the destruction of the fleet's supply of X-15 fighters.

The ReCon fighters attack the Absolution.

Upon joining the fleet in a nameless system of the Unknown Regions, however, the Aeolus and the rest of the Republic armada was suddenly attacked by Imperial Admiral Irenwen of the dreadnought Absolution. Raising an interdiction field to prevent the Republic from escaping her grasp, Irenwen launched waves of starfighters to pick off the last vestiges of Cyrannian democracy, one by one. Though Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea was hesitant to deploy his capital ships against the superior Imperial armada, he responded by launching the Remnant's elite new starfighters, with Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris serving as squadron leader.

Together, the two Aldárae expertly piloted their ReCon fighter into the heart of the Imperial fleet, and destroyed the Absolution's gravity well generator. As soon as the interdiction field dropped, the Republic Remnant immediately escaped into hyperspace, leaving the infuriated Imperial admiral behind to contemplate her failure. Free from the Empire's clutches, the Republic fleet immediately set course for Cognalorilos, where Primarch Voro Acetenus eagerly awaited their arrival.

Battle of Cognalorilos[]

Cognalorilos, Zelotes Sector, Cyrannus Galaxy50 Martex 17 NE

Upon arriving at Cognalorilos, the Republic Fleet was greeted by the Cognatus authorities led by Fleetlord Morin Ehtar, who escorted President Apollo, Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris to the City of the Ancients. There, the President met with Primarch Acetenus, who agreed to aid the Remnant in establishing a base upon which they could begin a guerilla war against the Empire and their new Republic puppets. During the meeting, however, a group of Cogsangui warriors loyal to the Cognatus Empire accosted Valaeris, Inviá and Ehtar, revealing that they had granted access to the system to a new faction known as the Great Star Dominion.

The Republic Remnant arrives over Cognalorilos.

Almost simultaneously, a massive armada of Dominion vessels dropped out of hyperspace and attacked the Republic fleet, while sending ground forces planetside to kill Apollo and his protectors. These Mortalitas were killed by Acetenus, who escorted Apollo and the Aldárae to their shuttle. In space, Cognatus forces under the command of N'thavo Xellunaion launched a bitter counteroffensive against the Dominion, which was revealed to be led by the Grand Imperarch Zillum—the fiendish Mortalitasi warlord with renewed aspirations of galactic power.

By the time Apollo's shuttle crash-landed in the Republica's cavernous hangar bay, the ship had already been boarded by a contingent of Mortalitas warriors. While Inviá made her way to ensure the safety of the Remnant's civilian complement, Apollo and Aoirtae joined up with the ship's security division led by Commander Selanius. Though they were pinned down by the Dominion's troops, Aoirtae jumped into action, dispatching the Mortalitas in a stunning display of Aldárae mastery. Having cleared the way to the bridge, Aoirtae led Apollo, Selanius and the security officers to safety, joining up with Fleet Admiral Cretacea and the Republica's command crew.

The battle rages above Cognalorilos.

Almost immediately after their arrival however, Mortalitas soldiers led by Zillum himself, blasted their way into the bridge. Toying with his prey, Zillum grabbed Cretacea by the neck and pulled him off his feet, only for the admiral to shoot the Mortalitas in the chest. Though free from Zillum's grasp, Cretacea proved no match for vengeful Mortalitas, who drove his sword through the admiral's chest. Horrified, Apollo rushed forward and held his father in his arms, watching helplessly as he died. Overcome with rage, Apollo attempted to attack Zillum, but was thrown to the floor in a heap. Just as Zillum lifted his blade to strike down on his old enemy, Gorf appeared in a flash of Dream Energy and saved Apollo and the Republic officers from certain death. With the last of his energy, Gorf sacrificed himself to save his friends, teleporting them off the Republica and killing Zillum's contingent of guards. Infuriated by his failure to finish off his great foe, Zillum returned to his ship and ordered the destruction of the Republica, before fleeing with his forces to contemplate the next phase of his invasion.

In the aftermath, while Apollo and Aoirtae rested on the Aeolus, Commodore Roslia revealed the troubling news that in the aftermath of the destruction of the Republica and the death of Admiral Cretacea, most of the Remnant's fleet had fled the system, leaving only four ships remaining—the Aeolus, the Ardaeinos, the Mou'Llhei Star and the Allecto. With Apollo in a despondent state, Roslia was promoted to the rank of Fleet Admiral and began the daunting task of rebuilding the Remnant's meagre forces.

Hyperion's Insurrection[]

Flight of the Reaper[]

Unknown, Cyrannus Galaxy52 Martex 17 NE

Remember them. Though the Republic has fallen, as have countless other of our valiant allies, the war does not end now. In truth, it has barely begun. I have pondered the President's talk of victory, and I understand now why we must fight. For the Republic fought tooth and claw for its freedom, and now, we must take up the mantle they left behind. Remember the glorious Republic, and remember how one day, we shall return to our home, and free our galaxy! We must fight on, not just for the Republic, but for all of Cyrannus!

- Admiral Taraen Hyperion of the Empire of Free Plants

Following the Battle of Cianbur, Taraen Hyperion's fleet had been refueling alongside Republic forces for the next offensive. The EFP remained in high spirits, as they had survived their first major battle. Yet, when the news hit that the Republic had fallen, Hyperion nearly broke. After all that had happened, all they had sacrificed, all they had risked, it was over.

The Reaper flees Republic space.

His second in command refused to consider any options of surrender. Captain Vaerandail had always been loyal to his Admiral, and in the two years since the first shots had been fired, the young Basileus had become an ardent supporter of both the Republic and the Empire of Free Planets. He convinced his Admiral that the best choice was to continue to fight, because if they didn't, who would? Hyperion made his decision, and the Reaper withdrew from Republic space, into the Southern Unknown Regions, trying to find some way to continue the war against the Empire.

Battle of Cyrell[]

Unknown, Cyrannus Galaxy-2 Novemex 17 NE

The weeks that followed were dark ones for Hyperion. The Empire would constantly chase his fleet across the southern regions of Coru Secundus, where, despite the loss of two more Venator-class Star Destroyers, he picked up small numbers of civilians from several worlds in an attempt to keep up morale among both himself and his allies. Nevertheless, the damage had been done. Hyperion now knew that his forces were massively outnumbered without support from the Republic, and were on the brink of collapse. He needed to find a base, or risk the destruction of his fleet. Hyperion's efforts were suddenly undermined when his fleet was caught unawares in the small Cyrell System. An Imperial Armada under Admiral Prentus suddenly arrived in the system. Despite lacking Dreadnoughts, Prentus' fleet still packed a massive punch as it severely outnumbered the EFP's forces.

The EFP finally flees its Imperial pursuers.

In light of this fact, Hyperion ordered his fleet to attempt a retreat, though this was quickly cut off by Imperial interdictors deployed in the system. Desperate, Hyperion had the massive Reaper attempt to shield his main force from attack with its giant hull. However, as the Dreadnought moved to defend its fleet, a second Imperial fleet, complete with an Executor-class Dreadnought arrived, catching the smaller EFP Star Destroyers and Battlecruisers in a trap. The two fleets quickly began to open fire on the EFP force, which attempted to defend itself from the invaders. Despite his best efforts, one by one his prized ships fell to the firepower of the advancing Imperial ships. Finally abandoning his hope, Hyperion delegated the responsibility of surrendering to his second in command, the Basileus captain Vaerandail, and prepared to meet a traitor's death at the hands of Imperial justice. His captain refused, and after a brief argument, knocked out the Libertus Admiral, and ordered the crew to abandon ship and make for the Salvation, the last Venator-class still in action with the EFP.

The Salvation was defending the civilian ships, huddled at the center of the collapsing EFP Fleet. In a desperate effort to get an opening, Vaerandail sent the listing Reaper on a collision course with the Imperial fleet at the center, particularly the interdictor. The Reaper pushed through the Imperial lines, using its sheer size and shielding before finally ramming the Interdictor, giving the Salvation and its retinue of civilian ships a chance to flee. Sadly, the rest of the fleet was unable to escape in time before the gap was closed by the reinvigorated Imperials, and these ships, including all of the remaining Imperator and Judicator-class vessels falling to the vengeful cannons of the Imperial fleet.

Battle of Albeus[]

Illanus Star System, edges of Imperial Occupied Vanara Space—1 Iunius 17 NE

As the war with the Empire progressed the Vanara had found themselves in rather dire straits. Their hit and run attacks against the Empire had been failing to leave to leave an impact, and they were rapidly running out of ships. Their new models were simply far too familiar to Imperial forces and thus could deal with the Vanara ships with ease. Thus the Vanara were forced to do as they always did when things go rough, adapt, in the most unexpected way possible. Ships from the days before the Vanara had made the move to modernize were all still in storage. Slowly they were being awakened and crewed, often by newbies. It was a desperate hope, but hope nonetheless.

Newly promoted Virtue, Miyiki, was one such individual having been assigned to command a Task Force of the Neo-Dark Fleet and was made captain of the newly reawoken Mackerel-class Battleship Strelitzia V, an assignment she was far from happy about. She had been promised an up to date warship with the latest in cutting edge technology, not some outdated spacefish. But orders were orders and her's had sent her to attack the moon base of Albeus. If the Vanara could take out this defensive position, then they might have a shot at penetrating into Imperial territory and maybe retaking Shaher.

The Empire battles the Vanara at the Battle of Albeus.

Once the task force was in range Miyiki ordered the ships to drop from Accel Space and begin opening fire, while keeping their distance. The imperial force here was not large, but substantial all the same, and led by the Praetor-class Star Battlecruiser Abandon Hope. As she was giving out her orders a message popped up from the ship suggesting that she instead charge in close as opposed to keeping distance. Miyiki scowled, dismissed the message and order her ships forward as planned. The moment they dropped from Accel Space they opened fire upon the Imperial ships in an impressive and devastating barrage, that was to no effect, the Imperial ships had seen them coming and had already organized themselves into an impenetrable defensive wall. The Vanara ships attacks took out a few craft, but nothing of any note. The battle wore on, turning into a dragged out slog fest of a good few hours, and Miyiki was beginning to get nervous. While the Vanara still had many ships their numbers were getting chipped away at a faster rate then the Imperials, whose line was showing no sign of breaking.

She was about to order a retreat when that same message popped from the Strelitzia V, requesting that she order them to get in close to attack. She was about to dismiss it when she noticed more and more of the same message coming in from the other ships in the task force. She hesitated for a moment and then, realizing she had nothing to lose, told them to do as they wished. The results were immediate as the larger ships grouped up and charged forward smashing into the enemy lines. As the Imperial fire turned towards the larger ships the smaller ships cut to the sides of the Imperial line and began to nip away at the edges of the Imperial force. Strelitzia V for its part charged straight for Abandon Hope, tanking every shot the Star Battlecruiser fired at it. The Vanara battleship's jaws opened wide as it chomped down and began to tear through the Star Battlecruiser until Abandon Hope had been cut in half. The debris in its jaws then began to melt a vaporize as it charged up its quagma arc. A dark purple beam lanced forward and obliterated the moonbase winning the battle. Miyiki sat back, smiled, and patted the side of her chair, thanking the ship. You're Welcome!, flashed across the screen.

Not long after mopping up the remaining Imperials, Scout parties were then sent through to check out Imperial occupied Vanara space. What they found laid all their spirits low. Imperial occupied Vanara space was heavily defended and no easy victory could be gained against the Imperial forces stationed there. The reclaiming of their territory would be an unholy slog of death and destruction, with the Vanara never being certain of if they could actually win. After much discussion though it was decided that they would have no choice, it was do or die.

Coleteoum Campaign[]

Coleteoum Star System, Edge of Mendel-Cyrannian Space—10 Iunius 17 NE

The Mendel came to Coleteoum, driven by the defeat of the Twelve Worlds, and the almost total destruction of the New Cyrannian Republic. Their drive to honor their oaths, and protect their allies, drove them to continue the fight. Ryaler and Kiun, embittered from the defeat of New Corulus, and the Fall of the Republic, resolved to deal a blow to the Empire, and, hopefully, put their victory on the back-pedal. They arrived in Coleteoum, and waged a long battle against the small fleet and space station, as their ground forces defeated the Imperial garrison. After capturing the Imperial survivors, and sending them to reeducation camps, the Mendel declared their victory, celebrating it as a major breakthrough, the Empire was hardly worried about it. Still, the Mendel broadcasted their victory to their various allies, hoping to raise the morale of their battered and broken allies, and raise up their hopes.

The Empire, however, had grown increasingly annoyed with the Mendel' posturing and arrogant belief that its small forces could change anything. To deal with them, Grand Admiral Tector Decimius, set up a battle plan known as Operation: Whitesnake, to deal with them, charging Captain Martz and the warriors of Platoon 44 to begin this plan. The Platoon leaders, Chokuto Gredyc and Inquisitor Savis Crevix, took the mission, deploying alongside a large-sized Imperial force, Crevix eager to finish the Mendel, and eclipse his unknowing rival Decimius. The Mendel Fleet faced an invasion many days after their victory, lead by Captain Martz, and another, Captain Zhinjar, sandwiching the Mendel fleet between their fields of fire. The Mendel Commanders, Ryaler and Kiun, were on planet, and left the command of the fleet to the Togunda Ragatora Lord, Tanga Ara, as they prepared their ground forces for the Imperial attack. This attack came not long afterward, thousands of Stormtroopers, stealth Imperial Shadow Troopers, vicious Imperial War Droids, and Imperial Commandos and their Mendel Loyalists landed to carry out the retaking of Coleteoum.

The Imperial army clashes with the Mendel Pact on Coleteoum.

The battle that followed raked the city, one part utterly destroyed by the crashing of an Imperial frigate onto the city, as the Empire landed two assault Walkers and numerous Scout walkers to oversee the assault. The forces clashed violently, the Imperials assaulting various forward command centers, in an attempt to decapitate the leadership and Sub-Commanders of the various Mendel regiments, as Kiun lead from the frontlines, Ryaler getting ready for his own all-out assault.

Throughout the battle, stormtroopers and Shadow Troopers fought all over the city against Ugandalorian, Kodalorian and Walgolorian Troopers, as Orgaat and Togunda auxiliaries deployed their own alien weapons and biologic features, the battle burning numerous parts of the city. Many Sub-Commanders under Kiun and Ryaler were killed, forcing the Mendel back into more defensive positions as their commanders struggled to avoid being killed, often forced into the back-foot by their Imperial foes. As the Assault walkers reached the halfway point, Kiun ordered his heaviest suits to begin their attack. Stomping into the ground, three would assault the walker with Heavy railgun fire. Though they managed to bring down one walker, the timely arrival of Imperial Commandos and Mendel Traitors managed to destroy the other three suits, and keep the Assault Walker moving. Using the Walker as a distraction, Chokuto and Savis infiltrated the palace of Coleteoum, and attacked Ryaler and the Mendel forces. Though he easily killed the traitors, Savis and Chokuto proved much more difficult, managing to keep him from gaining the upper-hand, despite his greater experience. Even using two Imperial Wardroids as a distraction, the two barely were able to overwhelm him, before Kiun arrived to lay down suppressive fire, almost killing Chokuto. As the two attempted to escape, the Mendel's Togunda allies prepared a trap, rigging the sewers under the streets with explosives and mines to destroy the walker. Activating their trap, they half-buried the walker and several Stormtroopers, before the Togunda miners tossed several more Blasting Charges in for good measure.

In space, the Imperial fleet, although difficult managed to gain the upper hand, the advanced technologies of the Imperials placed against the haphazard and strange abilities of the Mendel for the third time now, this time, their more unified approach to things putting them above even the fearsome Togunda, their simple mining lasers, though capable of destroying an unwary Star Destroyer, now wisely avoided or countered by more prepared crews. As both Captain Martz and Captain Zhinjar prepared to finish the Mendel, they were informed by an officer under Grand Admiral Decimius to retreat, as Imperial ground forces were pulling back. Though Crevix and Martz were confused, they were informed this was merely the first step in Operation: Whitesnake.

Bringing Chokuto to the infirmary, Crevix was angered by having been used by a being he looks down upon, though nevertheless complied, eagerly awaiting the chance to prove himself worthy to his Emperor, even contemplating learning some of the Valin'uvalyë in order to improve his abilities. Ryaler, meanwhile, reported his close victory to Kirta Clett, High Queen of the Mendel, and, upon learning there were Mendel traitors acting against her, prepared a fleet and set out for Cyrannus, eager to bring this rebel leader down herself. This was exactly what Tector Decimius imagined would happen, and the Imperials prepared for their next move.

Invasion of Varn[]

Varn, DCP Colonial Sector—11 Iunius 17 NE

Hope. It was the only thing that the inhabitants of Varn had. In the aftermath of the Imperial invasion, they could only content themselves with their culture, their history, their wishes for the future, their desire given form in resistance, and the visible results of their defiance. Hope was the children being taught by elders that no matter how dark the current moment was, that it would pass. Hope was a dead Imperial Stormtrooper. Hope was the contumacious celebration of protesters in the aftermath of an Imperial Firing Squad’s execution of a suspected leader. Hope was the mirage that became ever more present, and ever more tangible with each passing day. Indeed, they had thought hope had ascended and turned into real triumph when the Stormtroopers withdrew. They were only partly right, but whereas they had thought hope would be replaced with victory, it was instead replaced with something else.

It was a single shadowy figure, flanked by four other phantoms. The shadow was vaguely Grimbolsaurian in form, though around twice the height of an average Grimbolsaurian and sheathed in a massive musculature that seemed to show even beneath its baroque armour. It carried weapons that the inhabitants didn’t recognise, and perhaps only a few of the later New Cyrannian Republic’s veterans could have recalled a nightmare they had thought extinguished a decade earlier. Perhaps one of them could recognise what the golden ring the encroaching leader wore meant. Maybe if one of them had been taken captive in that long-forgotten war, they would have recognised the net like equipment one of the figure’s companions carried. Of course they didn’t have to know what exactly these foes were to know that they were hostile, and thus, with all their valour and dynamism, they opened fire.

Mass-production had forced the Stormtroopers to wear armour that was merely very good - while they were equipped with shielding and substantive layered armour, the fact that the Empire had to armour its innumerable legions meant that some compromises had to be made in quality. A consequence of this was that fire from Resistance members, especially those who had been fortunate to get their hands on military-grade firearms, was lethal to them. Their seeming vulnerability only fed the flame of hope more, and each dead stormtrooper was another ten men inspired to join the resistance. The Emissaries however, were formerly Overseers who had survived till the culmination of the legendary Mirus Campaign, and did not have this issue. They were furnished with the absolute best of what the Tyranny’s Army Black Projects could come up with, and thus were armed and armoured with equipment from a time when sole individual power was the single criteria for the creation of equipment. Legend had it that a Praetor’s armour could, at full shielding, sustain the barrage of an aerial gunship or an armoured platoon, and that such vehicles could only fire lethal blows once this shielding had already been neutralized. Whether this was an exaggeration or not didn’t matter, the resistance fighters quickly found that when facing foes that gave even groups of the Gigaquadrant’s super soldiers nightmares, valour, bravery, and sacrifice were simply inconsequential.

It is no exaggeration to say that the cheering on the streets by the liberated populace gave way to stunned silence as anyone who fired at these oncoming foes were quickly incapacitated. It wasn’t so much a fight, as a blinding dash of the overseers from one resistance fighter to another, resistance fighters who were covered in nets and dragged by the dozen to the rapidly clearing central square of the city. Imperial Intelligence had already gone through the thorny problem of gaining a complete picture of the resistance’s organisational structure and whereabouts, and thus interrogation wasn’t needed. Of course this didn’t help those who had been captured, as no sooner had they been dragged to the square and their comrades dispersed than an Imperial Shuttle had begun offloading stake-like devices. What bystanders remained watched in horror as anyone who had fired on the 3 Emissaries were impaled, and watched with yet more apprehension as smaller spikes seemed to emerge from the main spike and exit the impaled victim from every internal angle. It was almost as if the victim had been implanted with a sphere, and from ever part of its surface, massive, barbed spikes had emerged. Indeed, the tortured screams, made more difficult by the passage of spikes through the victim’s throats and larynx grew louder and more pained as the spikes seemed to vibrate with a sinister electrical energy. The civilians watched in sheer terror, though some made the move of shooting the tortured souls, given a perpetual life of anguish by the spike’s life support in order to put them out of their misery.

It was a general rule that the ones who hoped were those who had a stake in a better future. If they didn’t live to see the dawn, they at least wanted their children to inherit a better world. As such, many of those who shot at the tortured souls had families they cared for, families which had been logged in the Imperial databases upon the initial Imperial census of a conquered planet. Indeed, though the process took hours, the Emissaries went through the bloody process of impaling not only those who had seen it fit to euthanize the tortured, but also their relatives up to those twice removed. After several days, thousands lay screaming in the plaza and across the boulevards while millions more lay stunned at the sheer cruelty of this response. Soon after, the mercy killing stopped.

This was insufficient for the Emissaries - in a voice that those who survived would work to forget, the one with the golden ring gave the order that if their cultural legacy was not burnt, that more families would be put to the stake. Slowly but surely, the populace defected, burning their most treasured heirlooms, and deleting or destroying their most cherished books. Indeed, the Empire had maintained comprehensive databases of these, but it was at the Emissary’s insistence that such a cultural genocide be carried out in this manner - the price for rebellion was torture, and the only ransom that could be accepted was suicide. To those who understood the Emissary’s sick policy, this made sense - the Emissaries were to make the populace accomplices in their own self-immolation. They would be co-conspirators in the plot to remove all that magnificent legacy of civilisation that separated them from the basest animal. They would enter willingly into chains as a respite from the consequences of their freedom.

The demands escalated - statues were to be burnt. The emissaries watched coldly as after a few hundred more were put to the stake, that the civilians relented and pulled down their own monuments while stoning their own cultural, educational, intellectual icons amongst others to death. Fear had overcome any other such impulse, and with a fervidness seen in the eternity before in which they had rebelled, they took to bludgeoning their best to death. In this god-forsaken abattoir, fathers tortured sons, brothers executed sisters, and men forfeited their sapience for fear or further punishment. The Emissaries had left the city when the last demand came - call the Stormtroopers back, make them feel appreciated and the tortured would be euthanized while things would return to normal. The Emissaries left because they didn’t have to be there - a broken animal would follow commands, with or without its masters presence, for the memory and thought of the whip were often as vivid as the whip itself.

It was often said that Imperial Quartermasters would often have to order a mass cleaning of their Stormtrooper’s helmets after these thankfully rare deployments of the Emissaries. Augmented or not, indoctrinated to believe in the Empire or not, the sheer spectacle of this madness provoked even the most jaded Stormtrooper to vomit in his helmet. It was only through their vaunted discipline and perhaps a respect for life that they participated in these mercy-killings. They were surprised and disturbed by the fervent begging that the once rebellious locals displayed, by the gifts they would be given where before there were only grenades and gunshots, by the statues created in their honour when they finished the liquidation and restored Imperial Administration. Emissaries existed to destroy hope, and were only called upon in the dire cases when even Imperial efficiency could do naught against the spirit of defiance. But there was more to extinguishing the spark than pacifying cities - there was the role that the various Champions of each Overseer creed existed for - the killing of heroes. It was with this in mind that these Emissaries were deployed to the Delphan fortress-planet of New Mirenton to combat the so called Luminary.

Iunius Offensive[]

Battle in the Void of Arathamaii[]

Void of Arathamaii, Arathamaii Sector—9 - 21 Iunius 17 NE

With the collapse of the New Republic and the cessation of hostilities in the eastern sectors of Cyrannus, the Empire turned its baleful eye westward, taking aim at the Confederacy of Free Planets—which had thus far in the conflict opted for neutrality. Refusing to permit any rival to exist within Cyrannus, Imperial forces commanded by Fleet Admiral Jora Camarelur of the Judicator-class Star Dreadnought Fist of the Empire pushed into Confederate space on two fronts. The first, commanded by Admiral Anten Rh'vaurek of the Harbinger set a trap at the Confederate Fleet staging grounds in the Void of Arathamaii, while the second, led by Camarelur herself, began to push down the Rimward Curve.

The Imperials ambush the Confederate staging area in the Void of Arathamaii.

Encircling his forces around the Confederate fleet, Rh'vaurek's armada dropped out of hyperspace and immediately deployed gravity well generators, preventing the Confederate fleet from escaping. Unprepared for the sudden attack, three Providence-class dreadnoughts were destroyed while still in drydock, while a fourth, the Invincible, launched swarms of automated starfighters to provide some semblance of cover while the local flotilla of Munificent and Sabre-class vessels launched a counterattack against the Imperial Interdictors.

Simultaneously, Admiral Camarelur mobilised from Carindes and besieged the Confederate stronghold of Neveran, annihilating the planet's defences and landing ground troops to seize the capital, which swiftly negotiated for peace once Camarelur arrived on the surface backed by two legions of Imperial troops. Rh'vaurek faced no such ease in ending the fleet in the Void of Arathamaii, however. In spite of the opening offensive being successful in catching the Confederates off-guard, they quickly organised around the dreadnought Invincible, commanded by Admiral Huromdi, who utilised her knowledge of the region's false vacuum fluctuations to stay one step ahead of the Imperial forces. Nevertheless, by failing to destroy the Empire's gravity well generators, Huromdi was prevented from fleeing the system, watching in dismay as one by one, her vessels fell prey to Rh'vaurek's forces. After over a week of constant battle in the Void, Huromdi found her forces trapped between the Harbinger and the Imperial Star Destroyers Persecutor, which, in a deadly broadside with the Invincible, managed to rupture the dreadnought's main reactor, destroying the Confederate flagship and marking the Empire's victory in the opening stages of the so-called Iunius Offensive.

Battle of Cainceron[]

Cainceron, Arathamaii Sector—25 - 49 Iunius 17 NE

After initial successes at Neveran and the Void of Arathamaii, Admiral Rh'vaurek directed his forces to securing Confederate worlds on the borderland region between the Arathamaii and Dusavali sectors, obliterating a Confederate task force which had attempted to destroy the Imperial starbase in the Laorox system. Simultaneously, Admiral Camarelur continued to carve a bloody swath along the Rimward Curve toward the Confederate capital Nengeredis, deploying the bulk of her forces to take the military hubworld of Cainceron—equidistant between Nengeredis and Neveran. Once Camarelur's forces arrived in the system, she was surprised to find it defended by a meagre force of old Munificent-class frigates, which were quickly destroyed by the Fist of the Empire's cannons.

Confederate forces hold their ground against advancing Imperial walkers during the Battle of Cainceron.

Once Cainceron orbit had been secured, the Imperial army, commanded by General Amintah descended from orbit, and almost as soon as they touched down outside Cainceron's capital city, they were met with fierce resistance by both Confederate soldiers and locals who refused to stand by while the Empire conquered their home. Though he was unprepared for such a display of defiance, Amintah responded quickly, dividing his forces into two army groups to capture the city from all sides. However, while Amintah's forces far outnumbered the Confederacy's, weeks of bitter fighting on the streets began to whittle down the Empire's forces. In response, on Iunius 34, the Empire deployed a squadron of ASP-V Fighters which rained incendiary explosives on the city's southern suburb district, which had been the epicentre of much of the Confederacy's counteroffensive.

Though the area was totally levelled, the Confederate militia made use of underground tunnels to escape the firestorms and flank the Empire's forward battalion as it made its way toward the industrial district. With Imperial forces strained, what was once an open-ended battle for control soon turned into a bloody and fierce firefight between Imperial and Confederate troops, who fought tooth and nail over every last centimetre of land.

By 48 Iunius, Imperial forces had become utterly dispirited with the destruction of the last Imperial Heavy Walker the previous day. Suddenly, Confederate forces mounted a massive counteroffensive from the rural areas surrounding the city, attacking the remaining Imperial force and downing the Star Destroyer Regina. Having lost over ten thousand soldiers in the space of a single day, General Amintah surrendered to the Confederate forces, disobeying Camarelur's direct orders and marking the first Imperial defeat of the Iunius Offensive. Though prepared to bombard the planet from orbit, Camarelur was instead ordered to retreat back to Neveran, where she learned that the Empire was preparing to deploy its new ultimate weapon.

Cleansing of Nosiso[]

Nosiso, Carindes Sector—54 Iunius 17 NE

Fourteen years prior to the fall of the New Republic, the planet Nosiso, once the heart of the Confederacy of Allied Systems' war effort against the United Republic of Cyrannus was liberated by General Taros Cassynder, who struck up a bargain with the native Nosisans to reactivate the heavy weapons factories dotting the desert planet's sun-blasted surface. Though the Empire sought to capture the planet at various points subsequent to the Liberation, the signing of the peace accord between the Empire and the Confederacy on the Sword of Peace in 05 NE put an end to such efforts.

Twelve years later, a single Imperial starship dropped out of hyperspace on the edges of the Nosiso system. A large flotilla of Confederate ships, three dozen strong, formed a defensive perimeter in orbit around the planet. Led by Commander Nak'kak'chish, who led his forces to victory at the Liberation of Nosiso, the Confederacy held position, as the unknown Imperial ship began to accelerate toward the planet. To Nak'kak'chish's surprise, when the vessel came to within 0.5 AUs of the planet, it disappeared from all sensors. A moment later, a massive wing, over one hundred kilometres in width materialised from nothingness in low-orbit over the planet—the Sovereign had arrived.

The Sovereign obliterates the surface of Nosiso.

Before Nak'kak'chish's forces could react, the Sovereign's singularity generators erupted to life, generating localised space-time distortions which prevented all Confederate supraluminal communications, even from ship-to-ship in the fleet. Brilliant green tendrils of antimatter soon followed, lancing out from the blackened hull of the Sovereign, seeking out and consuming each Confederate vessel. Within a matter of seconds, nothing, not a single piece of debris, remained of the Confederate fleet above Nosiso.

The Sovereign loomed over the doomed world like an impossible iron thundercloud, the fate of its insectoid natives hanging in the balance. By the Emperor's command, the Sovereign unleashed the firepower of its primary weapon, sending bolts of exotic matter accelerated to a significant fraction of the speed of light, pummelling into the surface of the planet, buckling Nosiso's continental plates and igniting the atmosphere, incinerating all life on the planet's surface. By the time the Sovereign disappeared from the system, it had left behind the blackened remains of Nosiso—now the shattered grave of one hundred billion.

Discovery of Harborage[]

Harborage, Uncharted Space, Above the Galactic Plane—21 Iunius 17 NE

After the Battle of Cognalorilos, the New Republic Remnant—now consisting merely of the Aeolus, the Allecto, the Ardaeinos and the Mou'Llhei Star—set about locating a new command base to restart the war against the Empire. Although starlogs from the Unified Order of Cognalorilos had provided Admiral Roslia with innumberable worlds in the Zelotes Sector from which to choose from, it was decided that only a world further afield, beyond even the reach of the Empire, would suffice. Utilising data gleaned from the Great Library of Aldár, an unchartered wormhole was discovered by scouts from the Allecto, which, when entered, led far above the galactic plane, in a pocket of hyperspatial fog constituting the Cyrannian galactic barrier.

The New Republic Remnant begins to establish a base on Harborage, far above the galactic plane of Cyrannus.

In the far-off system containing the exit point of the wormhole, the scouts discovered a frigid, though habitable moon—a world unlisted in any Cyrandian starchart and thus uncompromised. After reviewing the data sent back by the scouts, Admiral Roslia ordered the fleet to enter the wormhole. Arriving in orbit over the planet, the crew of the Aeolus were the first to witness the majestic view of the Cyrannus Galaxy, spread out across the planet's pristine horizon. At long last, the Remnant could stop runnning. At long last, they had discovered a safe harbour.

President Apollo, still in a catatonic state after the death of his father and Gorf, approached the viewscreen on the bridge of the Aeolus and pressed his hand against the glass, lowering his head in contemplation. Admiral Roslia approached and placed a hand on the President's shoulder, comforting him in the hopes that a spark of hope could be ignited within. Apollo, recalling a conversation the two had during the discovery of Mou'Cyran, turned to face the new Admiral and in a quiet voice, said that the honour of naming their new sanctuary was with the man who led them there. Helo opened his mouth to counter, but stopped himself, realising that Apollo was still broken from his experience. Turning to face the bridge crew, he spread his arms before the viewscreen.

"People of the fleet, this is your admiral. Today, our days of running are at an end. We may be bloodied, but we are not defeated. We may be tired, but we will not rest. We may down, but we're not out. We are the Republic! Here, from our new Harborage, we begin the war to reclaim Cyrannus! So say we all!"

Namdorei Counteroffensive[]

Battle of the Namdorei Strait[]

Namdorei Strait, Arathamaii Sector, Outer Rim—1 Novemex 17 NE

In the aftermath of the peace accord signed between the Confederacy and the Empire during the New Cyrandia Wars in 5 NE, High Chancellor Taros Cassynder knew that the Imperials would not honour their agreement forever, and that one day, they would seek to claim Confederate space in the name of Tyrómairon. Assigning High Admiral Evel Thielde to lead several projects intended to counter Imperial naval supremacy, Cassynder was particularly invested in the so-called Project Calidusa, named after the Old Confederacy's foremost political leaders, and designed to represent a game-changer in the great war to come.

However, when the first Imperial ship crossed the Void of Arathamaii on Iunius 9, Calidusa, a vast Subjugator-class Dreadnought based on the old starships once commanded by General Zillum during the First Great War remained motionless in drydock in the distant Namdorei Strait—a narrow passage of realspace between dense layers of hyperspatial fog. On the bridge of the mighty dreadnought, High Admiral Thielde waited for orders from the Confederate capital of Nengeredis. When none came, due to the communications blackout emanating from the Imperial flagship Sovereign, she decided to take matters into her own hands.

Activating a distress signal she knew that the Imperials would quickly latch onto, she ordered the Calidusa to leave spacedock and take up position within the atmosphere of the system's illuminous gas giant, hiding it from Imperial scans. There, the Calidusa awaited her prey. A day later, a flotilla of three Imperator-class Star Destroyers led by Captain Piouson of the Allegiant dropped out of hyperspace on a baring toward the Confederacy's shipyards in orbit around the Namdorei gas giant's third moon. Beneath the undulating gases, the Calidusa waited patiently until the Star Destroyers were within range, before Thielde ordered her tactical officer to fire.

The Confederate dreadnought Calidusa annihilates an Imperial armada in the Namdorei Strait.

A mighty blast of ion energy erupted from the Calidusa's starboard side, emerging from the gases and impacting against the Imperial vessels before they could react. All systems on the Star Destroyers immediately went down, leaving them drifting aimlessly with no means to defend themselves. Smiling in satisfaction, Thielde ordered the Calidusa to emerge from the gases and unleash a full volley on the Imperials. The Star Destroyer Pride of Corulus was carved up in a hail of turbolaser fire, while the hypermatter reactor of the Stalker ignited, causing a massive explosion which rained debris down on the Allegiant. With his last breath, Captain Piouson desperately ordered his crew to get to the escape pods, before the mighty Star Destroyer's bridge was incinerated by a stray turbolaser bolt.

On the Calidusa, Admiral Thielde sank into her command chair as the bridge crew erupted into elation at the destruction of the Imperial fleet. The wily Arctunvahrex knew, however, that a target was now painted on her back, and that in order to save the Confederacy, she would need to pick her engagements wisely.

Battle of Cúrongul[]

Cúrongul, Arathamaii Sector, Outer Rim—6 Novemex 17 NE

Raid on the Muunilarian Trade Route[]

Equidistant between the Balikum Belt and Hosabridon, Muunilaria Sector, Outer Rim—12 Novemex 17 NE

With the fall of the New Republic and the ongoing Imperial invasion of the Confederacy of Free Planets, the Cyrandia Resistance, having spent several months rebuilding their forces after the Battle of Coruanthor, began to contemplate ways to hamper the growing impression among the citizens of the Gigaquadrant that the Empire had grown too powerful, and were thus unassailable. For months, Resistance cells had concentrated their efforts on raids in the northern sectors of the Outer Rim, though had yet to carry out a truly impressive attack enough to warrant the attention of both the Empire, and their enemies.

The Resistance flagship Emancipator attacks the Imperial supply run.

In the Resistance base on distant Andustar, General Sesoka decided that the time had come to seriously hamper Imperial operations in the Outer Rim, announcing to his subordinates that he would personally attack an Imperial military convoy plying the Muunalaria Trade Route between Balikum Belt and Chansharl. Though some of his commanders opined that such a brazen attack would spark an Imperial reprisal the Resistance was not yet ready to face down, Sesoka reminded that with the Fall of the Republic, and the apparent destruction of the New Republic Remnant at Cognalorilos, the galaxy needed a force to rally behind, and he was intent that force would be the Resistance.

Striking quickly and decisively, the Emancipator and its fighter escort dropped out of hyperspace within range of three Gozanti-class cruisers, which had transitioned to realspace equidistant between Balikum Belt and Hosabridon to refuel at a local Imperial supply station. Before the Imperial commanders could react, the Emancipator unleashed a full turbolaser spread which caught one of the cruisers with their shields down, destroying it instantly. The second Gozanti cruiser pivoted to face the Emancipator and launched a forward salvo which failed to pierce the Mon Nahdar cruiser's deflector shields. While the Resistance starfighters began their assault on the supply station, the Emancipator launched a volley of concussion missiles, which destroyed the Imperial cruisers before they could make the jump to lightspeed. Once the supply station had been disabled, Sesoka ordered all Resistance forces to retreat, confident that their war against the Empire had only just begun.

Raid on Coruaan[]

Coruaan, Cyrannus Galaxy17 Novemex 17 NE

The Republic Remnant plot their next move from Harborage.

Upon establishing a base on Harborage, the New Republic Remnant immediately began planning a guerrilla campaign against the Empire, aiming to topple both the Imperial regime, and their stranglehold over Republic Space. In the two months since Harborage had been discovered, the Allecto, under the command of Captain Nerazachi, had been assigned by Fleet Admiral Roslia to search nearby systems for sorely needed resources, and while it was uninhabited, it swiftly became apparent that the Remnant would not be able to take the fight to the Empire by relying on it. As such, during a strategy meeting held in the Remnant's newly established base, a daring plan to steal a Star Destroyer from the shipyards of Coruaan was hatched.

While the members of the Remnant looked to President Apollo for guidance, the forlorn leader, still grieved by the death of his father and Gorf during the Battle of Cognalorilos, remained silent, though listened intently to the plan of action. Captain Nerazachi would take the Allecto to the Coruaan system for decommissioning, in pretence complying to new laws imposed on the Occupied Republic by Imperial Grand Admiral Scaeva. When docked at the staryard, the Aldárae agents Aoirtae Valaeris and Kara Inviá would board the newly completed Star Destroyer Phoebus-A, commandeer it and bring it to Harborage, thus adding considerable firepower to the Remnant's meagre force.

Two days later, once everything had been put into order, the Allecto entered the Harborage wormhole back to Cyrannus, where it made an immediate lightspeed jump to distant Coruaan. While the planet had once been the centre of the Republic Navy, the staryards in orbit over the planet had since been refitted by the Empire to accommodate Imperial vessels, while the outer fringes of the system were used as targeting grounds by the Imperial Navy to scuttle Republic vessels turned over to the authorities. When the Allecto dropped out of lightspeed, it was immediately detected by the Republic Star Destroyer Impavid, under the command of Ramthor, who had begrudgingly accepted the authority of President Zare'Anne and the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat. When Nerazachi explained his intentions to turn himself over to the authorities, Ramthor quickly granted him permission to dock at Stardock One.

Aoirtae and Kara seize control over the Star Destroyer Phoebus.

Almost immediately, Aoirtae and Kara commandeered one of the Allecto's shuttles, and hurtled toward Stardock Five, where the Phoebus was docked. Quickly blending in with the scores of shuttles and worker bees moving about the area, the shuttle passed unnoticed into the one of the side hangars of the Phoebus. Though they had brought Republic naval uniforms to blend in with the collaborationists they had expected to encounter, both Kara and Aoirtae were surprised to find the ship utterly abandoned.

As they made their way toward the bridge, it became clear to them that the Empire intended to scrap the newly-minted Destroyer, as they had begun to do with any other Occupied Republic vessel which could be turned against the Empire's dominance over the Cyrandia Cluster. When the Aldárae reached the bridge controls, however, they were suddenly caught off guard by a new arrival on the bridge, an unarmed Occupied Republic officer, who stood in shock at the sight of the two Aldárae. Instinctively, both Aoirtae and Kara whirled on their feet and activated their phasesabers. Understanding their intentions, and recognising them as members of the vaunted Aldárae Order, the officer gave a curt nod and left the bridge to board one of the remaining shuttles on the Phoebus. Deactivating their weapons and smiling at the small display of loyalty to the Republic they sought to restore, Aoirtae and Kara activated the ship's AI, and directed it to activate engines and pull away from the shipyard.

On the nearby starbase tasked with coordinating intrasystem travel, Captain Ramthor gazed at his viewscreen in alarm as the Phoebus began to pull away, and the Allecto moved alongside it. Before he could mobilise his forces, an unidentified fleet dropped out of lightspeed and began opening fire on both the Occupied Republic and the Empire. On the bridge of the Allecto, Nerazachi eyed his viewscreen in confusion when it showed Republic-red emblazoned on the hulls of the attackers, led by a battle scarred Praesator-class battlecruiser. Before he could initiate contact with the rebels, the Allecto and the Phoebus were fired upon by a newly arrived Imperial flotilla, prompting Nerazachi to order both ships to retreat from the system. By the time the Allecto and the Phoebus arrived at Harborage, reports had already reached the Remnant's leadership that the attack on Coruaan, orchestrated by the rebel Admiral Quarantar, had succeeded in destroying five Imperial vessels before retreating to hyperspace. Intrigued, Roslia made it the Remnant's top priority to establish contact with Quarantar and seek the aid of his Revanchists in the restoration of the New Republic.

Massacre at Sethusan[]

Sethusan, Mos'Notho Sector, Coru Secundus—21 Novemex 17 NE

The Fall of the Twelve Worlds had been the effective grave for the New Republic as its own independent political entity, but old loyalties and ideals were still just as well-entrenched in the hearts and minds of many of its people. Small, but potentially detrimental rebel groups were becoming an increasingly common sight within the territories of the Occupied Republic, and, in fact, were acting far more organized for there not to be a connection between the reported incidents. The speculations of intelligence officers in charge of handling the situation were found out to be true with the surfacing of a report made by an agent stationed on the planet Sethusan. According to the agent, the planet housed a high-functioning rebel cell that had taken residence in an old, United Republic-era spaceport, from where they were monitoring Imperial naval movements and relaying the information to other rebels in the sector. To make matters worse for the Empire, the agent's report also detailed small amounts of support given by the planetary government towards the rebels' efforts.

It was at this moment that the Imperial Inquisition stepped in to handle the situation, sending one of their newest members, the Zio'Aeni Harak'Tuose to oversee the elimination of the rebel cell on Sethusan. In the hopes of not alerting the rebels to his presence by entering the system aboard the Imperator-class Star Destroyer that he was travelling on and thus giving a chance for some of them to escape in time, Harak assumed command of a squad of Imperial Stormtroopers and entered the system aboard an unmarked transport shuttle alongside his new soldiers.

Initially blending in with the civilian traffic within the system, the shuttle then diverted its course towards the designated coordinates that led to the far side of the planet. As the shuttle neared its destination, however, its approach was noticed by the rebels on the abandoned spaceport, who quickly took action by stationing their soldiers on the landing platform onto which the shuttle was to land. During the shuttle's landing procedures, Harak, fully in control of the situation that was about to present itself, ordered his men to shut off all lights within it and to try and remain hidden until he would have drawn the rebels' attention away from the shuttle.

Harak ignites his phasesaber as he prepares to face rebels on Sethusan.

Opening the shuttle's door and walking to the edge of its darkened interior to be greeted at gunpoint by rebel soldiers filled with uncertainty as to his reasons to be at their base, Harak then slowly detached his phasesaber from its magnetic clasp, before igniting it as he launched himself with brutal force at the rebels' defensive line. Now being fully assured of the harmful intentions of the shuttle's passengers, the rebels sent word ahead to their allies still inside and proceeded to engage the Inquisitor in battle. However, the rebels soon found themselves being hampered by incoming fire from within the shuttle courtesy of the Stormtroopers aiding Harak on his mission.

As the tide of battle on the landing platform turned to favor the Imperials, the surviving rebels began to retreat back into the confines of the spaceport, closing the blast door behind them and separating the currently Imperial held grounds from the rest of the building. However, this only offered the rebels a brief reprieve to regroup, as the Stormtroopers planted breaching charges on the door, opening the way for them. Harak himself was the first one through the breach, providing a safer approach to his limited number of soldiers by cutting down multiple defenders situated nearest to the blast door. With the rebels' initial defensive lines now broken, the battle eventually began to trickle further and further into the interior of the spaceport complex, with firefights taking place in narrow corridors that the rebels had hastily barricaded. Despite the higher amount of manpower at their disposal, the rebels found themselves almost completely unable to directly match the Zio'Aeni Inquisitor in battle, with only their limited number of Aldárae Knight allies being able to hold their ground against the frightening warrior.

Eventually, however, the blaster fire and other sounds of battle across the complex quieted down as the Imperial assaulters emerged as the victors of the battle. While the Imperials had suffered their own significant losses, the death toll on the opposing side had been far greater, as the rebel cell was left completely devastated by Harak and his men, with every non-Imperial aligned soul that had been within the spaceport now dead. With his men gathering any useful intel still left in the rebels' datacenter and preparing their shuttle for departure, Harak contacted the Star Destroyer from which he had departed on this assignment in the first place as it was entering planetary orbit, relaying to its commanding officer the coordinates for an orbital strike at the spaceport. And as the salvos ceased and smoke cleared on the impact site, nothing remained of the rebel outpost but a smoking crater and ruins strewn about it - a grave for the memory of what the Republic had once meant.

The Raid of the Khanornusi[]

P-4666, Unknown Regions—26 Novemex 17 NE

As the war between the remaining, struggling powers of Cyrannus fought against the indomitable dreadnought of the Empire, the mysterious Knights and Masters of the Aldárae Order, especially Master Du'utahrovin, became aware of ancient relics of power coming to activity after millennia of inactivity. Receiving frightful visions of ancient temples and cities surrounded by malevolent shadow, Du'utahrovin traveled to the Aldárae , and revealed what he had seen, warning them of dark times ahead. Disturbed, the Aldárae began planning their next moves, and learning of the Temple’s owner’s relations to the Multus Esse, contacted the Mendel regarding assistance in the endeavor. The Mendel, aware that there were powers at work here beyond their basic knowledge, convened with the other UAE members, and sent two Koatria Warriors to assist their brethren.

The Aldárae were not the only ones to become aware of the coming conflicts and powerful relics. The Shadowy Emperor himself, grew interested in the power these ancient relics had, the super weapon they would lead to, and tasked two of his trusted Phaedric Lords, Lady Echoriax and Lady Cythonia, to retrieve them, as well as assigning Savis Crevix as their assistant, and Chokuto Gredyc, due to his Mendel origins and close ties with Inquisitor Crevix. They would journey to the mysterious world of P-4666, home of the Khanornusi, and retrieve their relic. At the same time, the mysterious elders of the Khanornusi, possessed of incredible Valin'uvalyën powers, received visions of the future that warned of slaughter and battle. Disturbed, their leaders, Karsdonundi, gathered his warriors and ordered them to prepare.

Aldárae Master Nanuq Alinor and Knight Arasah-Nui meet with their two newest companions, Koatria of Light Takanius Clett, Brother of the High Queen and Son of Barda Clett, and his wife and comrade Mikiang’y, Koatria of Sunlight. The two were joined by Tohoroki, a Persan Dragon Rider and niece of Takanius’ Teacher, Niyra. After exchanging information on what they knew, the five decided to visit the archives of the Aldárae, and, after using the description of the space given to them by Du'utahrovin, found the possible location of the Khanornusi homeworld. Though they knew nothing about the reclusive aliens, what was known was disturbing to most, but decided to journey there, knowing nothing could compare to the horrors of the empire.

As they made their way into Khanornusi space, difficult given it’s anomalies and strange flows of energy, the Phaedric Lords and their minions journeyed into their homeworld, using their abilities and the Emperor’s guidance to pierce through the veil and began to observe the actions of the aliens. After infiltrating the main city, the Phaedric Ladies, Inquisitor and Mendel warrior launched a small attack, killing many warriors and citizens, and framing the Republic. With the seeds in place, the Phaedric disappeared into the jungle, using their powers to hide away form sight.

When the Defenders of the Republic arrived, the Khanornusi were immediately hostile, and, having felt the loss of several worlds already, captured them, intending to sacrifice them to the Oikoumene and Multus Esse. One of their warriors, Huigodores, however, doubted the truth of the attack, and took them himself to their homeworld, revealing his belief they were there to help, his own Valin'uvalyën allowing him to see the good in them. However, the other Khanornusi did not believe or trust them, immediately attacking them, and the War leader, Zeppokalnor brawling with Huigodores, who told the Aldárae to get to the central temple and save Karsdonundi. The five obliged, running to the temple, as the Phaedric Lords overwhelmed the few Temple Guards. After reaching the top of the temple, they found almost all of the guards dead, and, as they approached, one’s body exploded with pure Valin energy. Angered by the horrific death they dealt, Takanius confronted Cythonia after she and her comrades revealed themselves. Though Alinor warned him to calm down, Takanius fought her directly, firing blasts of light energy at her, for her to deflect them away with a few flicks of her blade, though played directly into Takanius’ hands, revealing his light had turned the stone floor around them into glass, and, with his wife, firing beams of energy that reflect off the glass and back at her, critically injuring her.

Alinor took charge, confronting Cythonia as she rose again to fight, as he directed Takanius and Arasah to see to the archives, distracting the enraged Phaedric Lady. Echoriax herself fought both Mikiany’r and Tohoroki, the latter atop Seraphsong, her dragon, her crazed fighting style and overwhelming power able to match the former’s powers of sunlight, and the latter’s Dragon’s size and strength. As they clashed, Takanius and Arasah rushed towards the archives, near the back of the temple.

There, they faced Savis Crevix himself, strengthened and partially trained in Valin, and clashing with both. Using his abilities, he managed to critically injure Takanius, and clashing with Arasah. Though the superior fighter, Arasah was caught off balance by his impressions in the Valin'uvalyën, and his relentless swordsmanship. After injuring her, Savis revealed his sympathy for her loss of her father, having lost his own father to terrorist, before Arasah revealed several details of his personal life, having read his mind as he, in his arrogance, left himself unguarded. Enraged that a lesser would intrude into his mind, he prepared to strike the killing blow, before Takanius stopped him, and proceeded to beat him down, taking him out of the fight. Both heavily injured, the two passed out, as Savis struggled to get back on his feet.

Chokuto, meanwhile, had infiltrated and hacked into the Khanornusi’s computers, retrieving information and clues about the other 12 relics, before destroying and wrecking the systems. He attempted to contact his superiors, but couldn’t get or raise any of them. Worried, he made his way up, and found the battle before him. Firing off several missiles at Alinor to distract him, he jet packed to Cythonia, and revealed he had the information on the relics and the clues to get them. Knowing they had what they needed, Cythonia and her fellow Lord withdrew, as Chokuto retrieved Savis, and retreated with the two.

Tired and weary, Alinor gathered his fellows to his side, as they went to tend to Takanuis and Arasah’s severe wounds, but found most of them mending themselves. Karsdonundi awoke from his deep, deep meditations, beckoning them, and calling forth Huigodores and Zeppokalnor to cease their fighting and meet. The two obliged, and although horrifically damaged, one arm almost off, another’s eye ripped out, they appeared. After much discussion, Karsdonundi learned the truth of the Empire’s effort to undermine Khanornusi peace, and their war crimes, and declared his people would fight alongside the Republic.

Meanwhile, as Savis was kept onboard a medical vessel to recover from his wounds, Echoriax and Cythonnia, along with Chokuto, presented their findings to the Imperial Overseer, as the Emperor was busy overseeing other aspects of his plan and conquest of the galaxy. Though disappointed that they could not retrieve the Khanornusi’s relic, and their own joining in the war, the Overseer revealed they would begin searching for more of the relics, though such searches would be of secondary concern to The Herus' subduing of the galaxy, as the Emperor wished for the galaxy to be stabilized under his regime before he began adding more weapons to his arsenal.

Fall of the Confederacy[]

Battle of Nengeredis[]

Nengeredis, Arathamaii Sector, Coru Secundus—56 Novemex 17 NE

By the end of Novemex 17 NE, Imperial forces spearheaded by the flagship Sovereign had all but annihilated Confederate resistance in the heartland of the Confederacy of Free Planets. With the exception of the capital defence fleet positioned at Nengeredis, and the marauding superweapon Calidusa, the Confederate armada was little more than a distant memory, crushed under the heel of the advancing Imperial juggernaut. On Nengeredis, Chancellor Cassynder was occupied ensuring continuity of government in the all-too-likely scenario that the Imperials would soon raise their banners above the chambers of the Confederate Congress. Though he spent much of his time on planet's surface, as more of the outlying worlds fell to the Empire, the Chancellor began to make use of his old flagship, the Providence-class dreadnought Viscount, hoping to lead the inevitable defence of his beloved capital.

On the morning of 56 Novemex, the moment the people of the Confederacy dreaded had finally arrived. Dozens of massive battlecruisers came erupting out of hyperspace, followed by an escort armada of several smaller Star Destroyer variants, and most ominously, the vast wing-shaped Sovereign—flagship of Tyrómairon himself. Turbolaser fire filled the emptiness of space as deadly broadsides and starfighter dogfights punctured the once peaceful skies above the Confederate capital. On the bridge of the Viscount, Cassynder was almost thrown from his command chair when a particularly devastating volley almost ruptured the dreadnought's protective shields. Steadying himself, he gazed out of the viewport and witnessed three Munificent-class frigates instantly vanish in a flash of energy and debris—the destructive work of the Sovereign's cannons. Approaching from behind, High Admiral Mornheleth growled between her teeth. A capable officer, and not one given to flights of fancy, the aged Mortalitas ordered the Confederate fleet to withdraw from the system.

Cassynder, despite his apprehension, belayed the order and steepled his claws. He had one final gambit. Emerging from hyperspace came the distinctive profile of the Calidusa, a ship which had quickly garnered a reputation as the most feared vessel to Imperial officers, since its first appearance during the Battle of Namdorei Strait. Cassynder gave a sigh of relief when he witnessed Admiral Evel Thielde's weapon disable and quickly destroy a hulking Judicator-class battlecruiser, allowing three Confederate frigates stacked full of fleeing civilians to flee the battle. However, though the Calidusa managed to carve a swath through the advancing Imperial fleet, it was utterly outclassed by the Sovereign, which loomed large over the battlefield, effortlessly tearing the Confederate fleet to shreds.

As the Calidusa moved alongside the Viscount, Admiral Mornheleth escorted Cassynder, against his better judgement to the shuttle bay, where his ship awaited to bring him to the more heavily armed flagship. Bidding the admiral farewell, Cassynder climbed aboard and piloted the craft into one of the Calidusa's cavernous hangars. Almost as soon as his feet touched deck, he was jolted forward by the unmistakable sensation of being ensnared by a tractor beam. On the overbridge of the Sovereign, Captain Nirndal smiled sadistically, watching as the jewel of the Confederacy began to move inexorably closer to the Sovereign, and to its inevitable destruction.

A Confederate dreadnought kamikazes into the Sovereign during the Battle of Nengeredis.

Aboard the Viscount, Mornheleth hastily ordered the crew to abandon ship, though remained fixed to her seat. She could not allow the Calidusa to fall as so many others had, and resolved do her part to save the Confederacy. Turbolaser fire continued to lance past the bridge viewports as the Viscount turned from the hyperspace waypoint and back toward the advancing Imperial fleet. On the Calidusa, Thielde and Cassynder watched in horrific realization as the Viscount disappeared into a streak of light, and before they could shield their eyes, the blackness of space gave way to a supernova.

When it impacted against the Sovereign's shields, the Viscount erupted into a column of plasma hotter than a sun and detonated in a hyperspatial explosion which destroyed fifteen Imperial battlecruisers in an instant. Though most of the Calidusa's systems were down, Thielde instantly realised that the tractor beam was no longer operational, and ordered the ship to jump to lightspeed. On the planet's surface, Confederate partisans, preparing for an inevitable ground invasion watched in muted glee as the expanding orb of light left numerous Imperial cruisers blackened and gutted, though their celebration turned to horror when the light faded—revealing an undamaged Sovereign. The Fall of the Confederacy had begun.

Skirmish on Shaher[]

Commander Summeris sat back in the cock pit as his heavy assault walker trudged its way across the icy landscape of Shaher, snow and sand blew about as his lance, consisting of two Assault Walkers and three Light Walkers trudged across the landscape of sand dunes and rock. The Vanara Cyrannian capital had been under imperial occupation since the beginning of the war, but the Vanara who had remained on planet had not been fully put down. When the Imperials had landed they had found all the cities abandoned. The Vanara had taken whatever they could and fled out into the wilderness, they had been running a guerrilla campaign ever since. That was why he was out here, to track down a rebel based and bring down the Empire's wrath upon them.

Crossing over a rocking ridge they came to a slope leading to an icy river crossing. As they continued down the slope a boggy showed up on their radar and one of the light walkers stopped dead as it felt the ping of a sensor lock. Coming into view was a Vanara Vanir Frame Mech. The Heavy machine didn't give the imperials time to respond, it opened fire with its magma disruptors on one of the light walkers scorching its armor. The Light Walker began to give chase before another magma pulse from the far left cut through the walker's armor, molten slag landing on pilots and severely burning them. Summeris ordered his walker to turn its head and fire on a rocky outcropping where sensors indicated another Vanir mech was hiding. Opening fire with the walkers turbolasers the outcropping was reduced to dust. The Vanara mech was exposed and Summeris had it quickly obliterated after that.

Advancing forward all four imperial walkers then gave chase to the first Vanir frame, their combined fire power crippling it and sending it to the ground. However, a barrage of magma pulses from a second and unforeseen Vanir Frame sitting at the top of a hill destroyed the already wounded light walker completely. Ordering a switch in targets the imperial fired back on the second mech until Summeris' Assault Walker's guns were fiery orange and smoking. Eventually the enemy mech went down, but not before a Vanara Aesir Frame had lumbered into view. With single shot from its magma lances to the head of one of the light walkers destroyed the smaller mech and the Aesir continued to advance. The last light walker charged forward only to be crushed under the Aesir's feet. The two assault walkers trading fire with the Vanara mech, retreating as it advanced. Summeris watched as the other assault walker was reduced to molten goo by the Aesir. However, as the monster of a mech advanced it began to tilt, Summeris seeing the opening ordered a full turbolaser blast on an exposed ammorack. The ammo exploded and the Aesir went down. Summeris knew the mech had been recording the battle this whole time, and while it was down its pilot was probably alive, time to put a stop to that. As he gave the order to fire a warning appeared on the HUD. "Overheat immanent, firing unadvised", Summeris told the crew to ignore the warning and fire.

Red eyes watching within the corpse frame of the Aesir watched as the assault walker's back end blew out and it crashed to the ground. Synchronizing with the AI with in the mech, pilot and machine began compiling data and reached a conclusion. They then analyzed its situation and reach another conclusion. They could not move and any distress call would most likely attract Imperial attention, they would sleep for now. They eyes of the mech went dark as the pilot was embraced by a stasis field. The snow and sand blew, covering the mech, rendering it completely unseen.

Assault on the Mortiol Sector[]

Moreuse, Mortiol Sector, Unknown Regions—56 Dekemurios 17 NE

Rumours had reached Imperial Intelligence soon after the Battle of Cognalorilos that the final remnants of Apollo's resistance had been swept away by an unknown adversary from beyond the galactic rim. Rumours persisted that they had fallen prey to a resurgent Neraida, or perhaps more likely, a faction of the now-splintering Cognatus Empire. As Dekemurios drew to a close, however, the answer soon became clear. A vast fleet of unknown battlecrusiers dropped out of lightspeed in orbit over the Mortalitas homeworld of Moreuse, bypassing Imperial defences and forcing the surrender of the vast Leyawiin station in the planet's orbit.

Only when space above the planet was secured, that the aggressor revealed himself as Zillum, the self-styled Imperarch of the Great Star Dominion. Launching ground troops onto the planet's surface, Zillum personally oversaw the capture of the capital Minasmort, forcing the Imperial administration to surrender before confronting his former wife Moch-Na, biding her to bend the knee to the Dominion. The Grand Mandator was infuriated, and initially refused to even consider the notion.

The Great Star Dominion invades the Mortalitasi homeworld.

However, before the assembled Mortalitasi court, Zillum revealed that he had already turned the planet against her. For months following the Battle of Cognalorilos, the Dominion had infiltrated the worlds of the Mortiol Sector, and through force, charm and the threat of annihilation, had subtly turned them against both Moch-Na and the Empire itself. Left with no other option, Moch-Na surrendered and was promptly imprisoned for crimes against what Zillum referred to as the "true Mortalitas".

Following the fall of Moreuse, and the subsequent defection of much of the Moreuse Sector to the Great Star Dominion, Imperial forces rallied from Rinus and Imperaveilli, and in the expectation of a great victory over mere "insurgents", soon found themselves surrounded on all sides by the enemy. It quickly became apparent to the Empire that, to an extent far beyond their expectations, the Dominion had acquired a vast fleet and enough power to hold their conquered territories. Nevertheless, overconfident Imperial commanders, struggling to push into Dominion territory, rallied their forces at Varthal, where they were ambushed and massacred by a Dominion fleet commanded by Villios Mervandis.

In the aftermath of the assault on the Mortiol Sector, the Empire was forced to divert attention away from quelling resistance in New Republic space, and thus provided an opening for numerous insurgent groups, most notably the so-called Revanchists.

Battle for Borthidon Hold[]

Borthidon, Cognatus Space, Hanwyr Sector—58 Dekemurios 17 NE

On the Cogsangui world of Borthidon, a conflict had broken out as the world faced invasion. Giving their first born sons and daughters to Primarch Voro Acetenus, as par tradition for his campaigns, the world itself had suffered a small incursion by those loyal to the Archon Adamae, but had driven them off. Now, a large Tribe of vicious Nequam had arrived on the world weeks later to raid and conquer it for themselves. Although aligned with the Revenants, their chieftain, Seberniis, had grown bored of waiting, and sent his tribe to take Borthidon for himself. The ruler of Borthidon, Councilor Jat'Vratunee, organized a defense, but his fleets and forces were no match for the cunning and guile of Sebernis, who quickly landed and began forcing the Cogsangui back, until the population was bottled into Borthidon's central keep.

All hope was not lost, however, as, a recent addition to the war, the Khanornusi, had arrived. Sent there by one of their Elders, Whammutta, the Chieftain leading the armies, Diolethla, brought with him the message from Whammutta to Jat'Vratunee, of his prophetic prediction for Borthidon; The world was doomed to fall, but Jat, his Clan, and those loyal to them must escape. Jat not wishing to abandon his family's home, but Diolethla pointed out that there was only dishonor and needlessly dying, and a warrior should always avoid such a thing while his foe still lives. So long as Jat and his people lived, they could return and take back their world, but could not if they died. Accepting her wisdom, Jat withdrew his forces, as the Khanornusi covered their retreat.

Throughout the countryside, Khanornusi Scouts launched small attacks on Nequam flanks, causing severe loses with the deployment of their solar engines, which, combined with Nequam artillery fire being exchanged, caused a forest fire that caused many Nequam deaths. Still, Seberniis was intrigued and excited by his newest foes, and concentrated his forces on taking the fort. Diolethla and her warriors fought for many hours within the fort and it's surrounding settlements, meeting Nequam Spiker, Plasma and Grenade launcher weaponry with their Nanometal clubs and swords. Despite all of their ferocity, and use of Stardust Energy to quickly heal their wounds faster then the Nequam, the Khanornusi were forced to abandon the ruined city, by now a smoking wreck, and went into the oceans that the Fort overlooked. Though no adapted for water, they could survive long enough to win a battle.

Seberniis was surprised by many things about his new foe, but took up his hammer, and lead his troops directly into the oceans. Although they could not survive under water, their armor was advanced enough to give them a few days worth of fresh oxygen for the battle. There, a long battle erupted under the waves, the dark purple blood of the Nequam and the fluorescent crimson ichor of the Khanornusi spilled out in such great qualities, that the blue waves were awash with purple and red for weeks after. The two sides clashed, with spear, club and heavy axe against rifle, shotgun and Gravity Hammer. Finally, facing her in single combat, Seberniis finally faced Diolethla herself. Impressed with her might, having killed 10 of his best warriors on her own, he offered her the chance to surrender. Answering that she could not as a warrior, Seberniis accepted that he thought as much, and noticed a critical injury to her right leg. Taking a knife, he injured his own leg in replication, and challenged her to single combat.

The two clashed in a final, blood conflict, both suffering numerous injuries, before Seberniis finally dispatched his foe. Victorious, his tribe made the long trek back to their camp, under the waves, as countless Nequam and Khanornusi corpses floated to the surface. In celebration, Seberniis mounted Diolethla's skull upon his shoulder armor, to honor his foe, a practice his warriors followed, taking the skulls of the Khanornusi and turning them into additions to their shoulder and helmet armor, and even turning their hides into capes for high ranking leaders. Borthidon, had fallen into Nequam rulership.

With nothing left to accomplish, the Khanornusi left, their hearts heavy from the loss of a great warlord of their own, but their original goal at least successful, Lord Jat and his warriors arriving at a safe port the following day, saving the Order of the Cognatus numerous troops to deploy in other fields, as the Khanornusi turned their attention to other battles.

Spinward Invasions[]

Unknown Regions, Cyrannus—62 Ianuaria 18 NE - 01 Martex 19 NE

In the aftermath of the fall of the Confederacy, the Empire, virtually unopposed in Cyrannus, made moves to secure its position in anticipation of the formation of a bloc of powers in the Unknown Regions of sufficient power to challenge the emergent Imperial hegemony over the galaxy. Striking quickly, three Imperial battlefleets, commanded by Admirals Tharnak Adraci, Carandial and Tethis Marrgrev simultaneously crossed the borders of the Jenassian Regency, the Rihanaen Star Empire and the Ecclessoth Convocation. The Jenassians, struggling in the midst of an economic downturn resultant from the collapse of their alliance with the True Republic, desperately deployed a meagre fleet of cruisers ill-equipped to contend with the Empire's Judicator-class battlecruisers, and despite their best efforts, swore fealty to the Empire under the threat of an "immediate and total bombardment" of Jenassio.

The Empire's fleet conquers Rihanae.

Meanwhile, Grand Admiral Carandial, in command of the mighty Imperatore brutally blockaded Rihanaen space, destroying all major shipyards within a span of four weeks, and breaking the back of the Rihanaen Imperial Navy with minimal casualties. Nevertheless, equipped with advanced cloaking technology, the Rihanaen resistance, led by Admiral Terex fled into the far reaches of the Ambari void, striking Imperial forces wherever the opportunity arrived. Cut off from command, however, Terex and his forces were unable to shatter the Empire's blockade of Rihanae, which, after a day of concentrated bombardment from the Imperial fleet, was forced to surrender to Carandial's forces.

The Ecclessoth Convocation proved more dangerous prey. Bolstered by technology recovered from Oikoumene dyson spheres scattered across their territory throughout their long history, the Ecclessoth refused to fight the Empire through conventional tactics. Rather, through a combined use of unorthodox hyperspatial warfare and guerrilla tactics, the Ecclessoth were able to hold off the Empire's push into their central territories for several months. However, despite their technological mastery, the Ecclessoth could not withstand the Empire's numerical advantage, nor the esoteric powers of the Phaedric Lord Venatorius, who through guile and sorcery, negated the Ecclessoth's advantage in hyperspatial warfare, and brutally ordered the destruction of any Ecclessoth civilian centres encountered by his marauding Imperial fleets. After a year of constant struggle, a combined Imperial armada commanded by Venatorius dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over the Ecclessoth homeworld, and immediately began bombarding the planet from orbit. Resistance was swiftly stamped out, and upon the Empire's landing on the planet's surface, the Holy Matriarch Mormande, faced with the tip of Venatorius' blade, bowed in submission, ending millennia of Ecclessoth sovereignty and securing the Empire's grip on Cyrannus.

The Subjugation of Bygor[]

You have been a rather painful thorn in the side of the Empire, Lord Kradik. But now, that comes to an end. The Emperor has waited a very long time for this, my little green friend.
Try your blades and powers against me then, brave little warrior. Your armor will decorate my palace, and I will remember you and what is left of your Crimson kind fondly as I burn your worlds to ash!

- Maethoruin and Kradik exchange greetings and insults before their final battle.
Unknown Regions, Cyrannus -10 Martex NE - 12 Martex NE

After the Empire's conquest Jenassia, Rihanaen and the Ecclessoth, one of the last major foes left to Imperial dominance in the galaxy were the three-eyed reptiles of Bygor Major and Minor. For years, Kradik of Zarbania had built up his forces to invade the galaxy, and, throughout the war, had been launching lightning raids against the Empire and even other powers to test his forces and weaken any rivals. Due to getting his hands on Oikoumene, Drakodominatus and various other elder and advanced powers, the Empire was more leery to launch their invasions. However, with most of the other powers cleared away the Empire could not task their forces with the removal of one of their last hurdles towards total dominion. Tasking Captain Zhinjar and Phraedric Lord Maethoruin with the task, the two were further joined by Chokuto Gredyc's forces, due to the presence Kulaung forces loyal to Kradik within his military, and Azuris.

Launching a massive attack outwards, Kradik attempted to take the Empire off balance with their recent expansions towards other powers and their subjugation of countless worlds, hoping they would fall before him. Zhinjar and Maethoruin, impressed by his audacity, guessed that he would've been able to actually almost succeed if he had struck earlier, and the Emperor had not prepared the two. Swooping in over the sectors he had conquered, Zhinjar's Star Destroyer "The Brawl", lead the assault, fighting a hard fought battle that tested the might, endurance and technology of both empires, though, ultimately, the Bygorians and their extragalactic allies were pushed back.

Moving onto Bygor Major and Bygor Minor, the twin Homeworlds of the Bygorians, Zhinjar and his superior were surprised by the lack of Bygorian forces throughout the exterior, but never the less moved forward, until they arrived in the orbit over the twin worlds. There, a massive armada awaited them. Zhinjar and his fleets immediately fired upon the Bygorian fleets, rounds exchanged, and, as more ships fell on each side, more were brought out from hyperspace, as Maethoruin, taking advantage of a gap in Bygorian fleets, lead a massive ground force into the worlds, as Zhinjar was left to lead the fleets.

Maethoruin and his Stormtroopers clashed with Bygorian and Zarbanian troopers, as his Shadow Troopers made surgical strikes into Bygorian lands, under the cloak of their black armored forms, while Imperial Walkers clashed with Bygorian War Golems. Maethoruin, directing a squad of Imperial Mendel Troopers, fought their way into the inner Sanctum of Kradik. His white armored Troopers, lead by the vindictive Dred Klist, made their way, and seeming slaughtered Kradik rather easily, the 20 foot tall Bygorian titan falling. Though confused by the ease, Maethoruin lead his troops further in, into a much larger hall, with a strange highly roof, and odd floor. Though there was no sign of any trouble, Maethoruin ordered his troops to not move a muscle. After a moment, a massive, 50 metter form rose from the earth, Kradik finally revealing himself in battle.

After exchanging taunts with one another, the two proceeded to do battle, the Phaedric Lord and his Mendel and Overseer allies clashed for many hours with the gigantic titan, Kradik pushing the Phaedric Champion and his troops to their absolute limits, half a dozen Mendel falling to Kradik, before Azuris punched Kradik's third eye, causing him roar in agony, and opening up a chance for Mendel warriors to unload their wrist rockets, and Maethoruin firing a blast of Valin Lightning into his exposed jaws. Under such an assault, Kradik fell onto his back, dazed and weakened, but still alive. Before he fell, he congratulated Maethoruin and his troops for their strength, even praising Azuris. He, however, warned his death would not end the Bygorians. He quickly grasped Maethoruin in his clawed hand, attempting to crush him, before Maethoruin ordered his troops to withdraw. Confused, his troops jetpacked away, as Azuris retreated.

With them out of the way, Maethoruin contacted Zhinjar, and ordered The Brawl and other ships to perform a Base Delta Zero on his location. Surprised, Kradik smiled as he stated the joy of dying with a worthy foe. Several minutes later, the Brawl and two other frigates lined up their guns, and fired, as Maethoruin used all of his energy to project a shield of pure energy to protect himself, as Kradik received the full brunt of the blast. After several more minutes of this, all that was left of Kradik was ash and skeletal parts. Maethoruin broke himself free, and bowed his head to the massive titan, paying his respect to the Armored Titan of Zarbania.

With that done, the Empire had finally subjugated the United Bygorian Ascendancy, and one of it's greatest threats broken away. However, the last plans of Kradik had been put in motion already. Nine fleets spread and fled from the Bygorian Ascendancy's territory, and into the wild space of several sectors, taking with them Kradik's personal guards, and with one of them, a developing clone of Kradik, kept secret from the rest of the Ascendancy...


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