In the aftermath of the Battle of Ambar and the subsequent outbreak of the Second Great Cyrannus War, the fleet of the Cyrandia Resistance scattered, in the wake of the organisation's first united strike against the Empire. Though the Imperials were now focused on the Republic, which began to rally under the Presidency of Apollo, General Sesoka knew that they would be vulnerable to an Empire vengeful after the loss of Ambar and the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. However recently the rebellion had received a strange, encoded message. The message had been passed around until someone who knew Persan codes, for indeed it was a Persan code was found to translate it. The message was as simple as they came, it list coordinates for an out of the way planet at the edge of the Persan Cyrannian territories and an invitation to come.

On the bridge of the new Resistance flagship, Emancipator, Sesoka pondered whether or not to respond to the message. While it was clear that the Persan Descendants were no friends to the Empire, in these dangerous times, it was prudent to be cautious. Nevertheless, he decided that the benefits of such an invitation likely outweighed distant potential dangers. Entering the coordinates into the navicomputer, Sesoka watched as the Emancipator made the jump to lightspeed, where it soon arrived at the edge of the Peed at the edge of Persan territory. There, he awaited those who had sent for him. Very soon a burst of crimson flames signaled a ship exiting from Accel Space, a Persan Envoy Cruiser with its standard spear-like shape and purple and silver paint scheme.

  • Sesoka: "This is General Sesoka of the Resistance flagship Emancipator. Please identify yourself."
  • ???: "This is the Persan Envoy Cruiser Airjammer, on behalf of Lord Ruthen we would like to invite you aboard. We have something of the utmost importance to discuss. Something that maybe of use to your resistance."

Sesoka nodded, intrigue showing on his face. Making his way to the shuttle bay, he boarded a ship which took him to the Airjammer. As it approached, he gazed in admiration at the ship, being quite different from those utilized by Cyrannian powers. When he docked, he strode onto the deck, where he awaited the Persan representative. A short while later a door to the right slide open soundlessly and a being that resembled no known Persan species stepped up to greet him. The being was dragon-like in appearance with simmering golden scales, red veins running across his skin, and bright green eyes. Despite its noble looking apperance the being before him gave off an odd aura. The draconic creature stepped forward to greet Sesoka.

  • Ozarius - " Hello there, your General Sesoka I presume?"
  • Sesoka: "Indeed. May I ask your name?"
  • Ozarius - " Oh right, my names Ozarius. If you don't mind i'd like to ask you to follow me, Lord Ruthen will be waiting for you in his study."
  • Sesoka - "Not at all, lead the way."

Ozarius nodded before setting off, the ship's interior walls were well lite and the floor was dominated by a soft red carpet. The place was designed to look cosy and comforting in order to avoid putting other races off, which the more macabre styles of the Persan had a habit of doing. From deep inside the walls, if one listen close enough, the subtle ticking of clockwork could be heard.

It didn't take long before the two reached a pair of thick, heavy wooden doors. Ozarius walked up and pushed on them grunting slightly with the effort. With a bit of struggling he managed to shove the doors open revealing a clutter study with a fire place crackling away on the back wall, a painting of a gothic city and what looked like a spider web in the sky, and desk with an elderly Vanara with blood red fur and black eye patch was sitting. as they entered the elderly Vanara looked up a smiled.

  • Ruthen - "Ah Ozarius glad to see you brought our guest, and you must be General Sesoka. Come in, come in and have a seat."
  • Sesoka - "Thank you. I appreciate your hospitality."

The two took their seat and Ruthen folded his hands in front of him before continuing.

  • Ruthen - "I imagine you must be curious as to why I invited you here and in these days time is of the essence so I will get right to the point. Simply put your resistance has impressed us and we wish to assist you in taking down the Galactic Empire of Cyrannius. However, we are aware you are in need of recovery, indeed I have been asked to invite you to Mirus to recoup your losses and recover your forces. What do you say to that?"

Sesoka was momentarily lost for words.

  • Sesoka - "W-well, I'm not sure what to say. What would you expect in return for such a generous offer?"
  • Ruthen - "Believe it or not nothing, we have as much interest in seeing the Empire fall as you do. In fact I believe young Ozarius' teacher was most insistent on us doing our best ensure Emperor Tyrómairon's downfall."

Ozarius nodded and bit his lip slightly.

  • Ozarius - "Indeed, a sentiment I can only agree with. I... I know these dark lord types, their an awful bunch to say the least."
  • Sesoka - "In that case, it would be madness to refuse. While we have managed to acquire a new flagship, the fact that the New Republic is now embroiled in open warfare has resulted in a shortage of supplies from them. As we build up our strength in Mirus, perhaps we can eventually bring the fight to the Empire."
  • Ruthen - "Excellent! In that case I have another proposition, one of great secrecy. If you would both come with me please."
  • Ozarius - "Ruthen, what are you planning?"
  • Ruthen - - "I plan nothing, this was another of your teacher's requests."

With that Ruthen stood up and walked over to the painting, pulling a key from a necklace he wore Ruthen touched the key to the surface of the painting which rippled. Nodding to himself he stepped right through the painting and disappeared.

  • Ozarius - "Oh me, oh my."

Ozarius quickly regained his composure, got up, and leaped through the painting himself. Sesoka was in shock, but put any doubts to the back of his mind as he followed Ruthen and Ozarius into the painting. Reaching the other side he immediately found himself standing in the very city portrayed in the painting, spider web sky and all. Ruthen and Ozarius turned to him and Ruthen smiled.

  • Ruthen - "Welcome General Sesoka to Naamah, the true capital of the United Persan Descendants. An entire world contained within a painting, or rather a series of paintings."
  • Sesoka - "This... t-this is amazing... How is it even possible?"
  • ??? - "To be fair we have no idea ourselves."
  • Ozarius - "Teacher!"

Everyone turned to see a being with a vaguely humanoid shape, but entirety made of shadows. Its lower half spread out into swirling tendrils of darkness, great black wings rose from its back, stars shimmered across its skin like the night sky, and its face was dominated by two blazing white eyes and a jagged smile of the same color.

  • The Master - "Hello there, I'm an Ozarius' teacher, but you may call me the Master if you wish, or not names mean nothing to me really. In any case i requested that you be invited here to see if your resistance would be willing to accept an offer to use this world as a secrete base. A place where the Empire may never think to look."
  • Sesoka - "It is an honor to meet you. I am humbled by your kind offer. I had no idea such a power existed in the Gigaquadrant."

The Master laughed softly before replying.

  • The Master - "Oh there are far stranger things then this to be seen. However, it is the least we can do. As a being of darkness I have felt Tyrómairon's ever growing power, faintly but I have felt it."

The Master scowled as he continued, eyes narrowing into slits.

  • The Master - "I wish to see an end to it. I maybe of darkness, but of a fearless darkness that brings rest and recovery from the toils of the day. Not that nightmarish terror that now surrounds us and grows stronger by the day."
  • Sesoka - "During the Battle at Ambar, I saw an aspect of that darkness first hand. Thankfully, the Lord of Light managed to drive it off. Are you aware of him? And the Aldárae Order?"
  • The Master - "I'm not, though I must admit I have felt a few rays of a light not like the light of Mirus. Similar perhaps, but not the same."
  • Sesoka - "In any case, I gladly accept your offer. In these dark times, the smallest gesture of hope can often be as powerful as any weapon they can throw at us."
  • The Master - "Indeed I have seen such hope overcome impossible odds before and hopefully will see it happen again."
  • Ruthen - "Agreed, we will stand by your side and the Republic's to the bitter end if it comes to it. You have our support and the Empire will only see our backs when we're dead."


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