I have set myself down for this task! This world shall either be my grave, or the site of my triumph! Let the Empire come!

- Commander Ryaler rallying his warriors

The Battle of Frenal was a major battle between the forces of the Mendel Pact, United Persan Descendants, and Waptoria Alliance of Species against the forces of Galactic Empire of Cyrannus lead by Titus Dromaeo. While the Imperial forces were repelled from Frenal, Titus used a Delta Zero Bombardment to cause serious damage to the planet. While a tactic to demoralize the allies, it only increased their desire to watch the Galactic Empire burn.

The battle would result in heavy loses for the Mendel Pact and their allies, though not enough to stall their war efforts. The battles leading up to it, like those of Shaher and Mu'a'a, would displace millions of the citizens from their allies, these refugees ending up in Mendel territory until their worlds could be liberated. This would, however, provide aid to the Mendel, who received waves of Waptorian and Persan ships that had escaped the Imperial rolling thunder attack. Despite, it still proved to be a tough battle, with many Allied and Imperial vessels destroyed and the very moon above Frenal partially damaged during the attack.

Titus Dromaeo would perform his base Delta Zero, damaging large sections of Frenal, and destroying the homes of thousands of Orgaat Clans, as well as a number of Ugandalorian, Kodalorian, and Togunda Clan Holds. Many Mendel and Imperial Legions had suffered heavily in the fighting, and both fleets where damaged from the fighting. Despite this, however, the fighting was far from over.

Naval Battle Edit

It had been a few weaks after the Blockade of Shaher and the Persan had been using a Fabien strategy to help draw the invading forces of the Empire's reasources thin and frustrate the Empire to no end. The Empire's invading force was being run ragged by the Persan, not because the Persan were fighting back effectively, but because the Persan kept leading them on wild goose chase while in retreat. The Persan numbers were remaining stable, but for the invaders frustration was building and moral was weakening even though vast amounts of Persan territory were now occupied by the Empire. Vast amounts of largely wild and untamed territory thanks to the Persan tendency to live in giant aerospace ships that acted as cities and could flee from the planet they occupied. Combined with the Persan tendency to settle unbelievably hostile worlds and Empire's ability to resupply the forces they had deployed, the area was becoming ever more strained by the passing days.

The Waptorian retreat was more hectic. They had, at first, tried to contact the Troodontid Empire, to no avail, only to be caught in a counteratack by the Empire. Captain Dromaeo had cleverly predicted that the Waptoria would try to appeal for aid first, and had intercepted them. Yet more of their fleet was destroyed, and the following weeks the Waptorians had constantly changed their course, trying to throw the Empire off their tail. When it appeared they had suceed, they headed straight for Frenal, but knew time was not on their side.

Likewise, the Persan knew that running forever was not an option and they would have to make a stand. Sending out a message to the Mendel colonies in Cyrannus, the Persan informed them of the incoming threat. Commander of the Mendel forces there, Ryaler, was agitated by the news, and called off plans for his fleets to raid the Empire's border settlements and distract them. It now appeared they where most certainly opening a second front to the war, on their terms. Gathering the Clans and Warlords of the Mendel, of all species, they began speaking of what to do with such a massive force facing them.

Finally, Ryaler rose from his seat and planted his sword in the table they had gathered upon. Speaking with great fury, Ryaler spoke simply and plainly to his gathered warriors. They would face the Empire at Frenal, all as one, alongside their Persan and Waptorian allies. Here, they would either triumph or perish against their foes. He called to them to gather their warriors and prepare for the greatest of battles to come to the Pact. The following days would test the strength of their blades and resolve. He was certain, however, his people could conquer this challenge as they had done before. As expected, within a few days, the dark hand of the Empire extended to grasp Frenal. Commanding his armada from the bridge of the Battlecruiser New Order, Captain Dromaeo was confident that the Empire's victory would be secured, for without their allies, the hated Republic would most assuredly fall.

Ryaler's call to the Clans had not gone unanwsered. Finn Shesara and his warriors had done well in rallying them and preparing them, and they had turned Frenal into an indomitable fortress world, protected by layers of anti-star ship ground weaponry, planetary defense satelites, and further aided by a massive fleet made up of Mendel, Orgaat and Togunda forces, with further forces coming from Persan and Waptoria forces fleeing the hammer of the Empire's wrath. Despite all of this, however, Ryaler knew the Empire would have more then enoughto overwhelm him, even with the difficulty the Persan had given them. With his defenses prepared, Ryaler had only one recourse left; to wait and see what the Empire could give him, and if he would be up to the task of countering it.

Meanwhile the Persan forces where gathering between Frenal and its moon using the position to hide their singniture in Accel space from the Empire. In their mists where several Succubus-class Cruisers and Lilith-class Omniships armed with Indictors in order to turn the Empire's own tactics against them for some poetic justice. Leading the Persan forces was Admiral Miru aboard a brand new Silvia-class dreadnought the Frozen Hell. Her plan was simple, while the Mendel struck from the front she would hit from the back. She would then spear head a charge with Frozen Hell right at the New Order and destory the imperial flagship with Frozen Hell's Halvanhelev Cannon.

Where the Persan hid behind Frenal's moon, the Waptoria gathered in Frenal's atmosphere. Most of their soldiers were cleared for landing and dispersed amongst the jungles while the Mendel massed in the ash wastes - the ravaged Waptorian fleet would not be of much aid, while warfare in overgrown worlds was the specialty of Waptorian Biotics, and Frenal's terrain did lend itself greatly for that.

As the fleet signatures of the Empire approached, Ryaler stepped into his battlesuit, as Finn Shesara and the other Clan Lords rallied their warriors, blades and blasters readied, and all giving a call, "My Life for Mou'Cyran", said in dedication to the world lost, and their devotion to see justice done, and the innocents avenged. With one last call to his warriors and ships, Ryaler welcomed his allies, telling them they where strong warriors beyond doubt, and would be a great benefit to the Mendel. He next told his warriors to fight hard and with the strength of ten men, to defend their clans and holds, and that, so long as they followed the tenets of their ancestors and Gods, the Empire could not destroy them. With this last speech, Ryaler and his troops readied themselves, as the Empire began dropping out of hyperspace.

As the Imperials began dropping out of hyperspace the Succubs, Lilith, and Grimalkin-class ships fired their Indiction Cannons causing the Imperial drop from Hyperspace before they had planned causing havoc on their formation. The Persan ships immediatly opened fired in order to created an opening for the Frozen Hell. Stamping his armored foot down with a resounding boom, Ryaler ordered his forces to engage down the center line, his heavy-hitting Koridalble-class Battleships and Crigoa-Class Crusiers trading fire with the Empire's Imperator-class Destroyers. The Imperators and Koridalbe-classes seemed evenly matched. While both boasted incredible fire power, the Imperator had the edge in it's advanced technology, while the Captains of the Koridalbe answered with their illegal and strange alien technologies in response, soon draining the shield and weapons power from their rivals to power up their own ships. Star-Serpent Fighter platforms and Kiraab-class Fighters zipped through the battlefield, trading fire with ASP Fighters, Crusader Gunships harassing the flanks of their foes. Despite the attempts at keeping pressure on his foes, several of his ship crumbled under the pressuring fire power of the Imperial ships.

With a shout in his comms link, Ryaler summoned the Togunda. The short, squat aliens had hidden in a nearby asteroid to the left of the Imperial Navy's flank, their natural color blending in with the rocks, and their advanced technology hiding all heat and body signatures. 2 Stronghold-class Cruisers lead the way as they came on line, followed by 4 Citadel-classes. Though small in number, the power of their weapons would compensate greatly. The Togunda opened fire immediately, red laser fire burning through space and slamming into several of the unfortuante ships that could not move fast enough. Titus did not fret, however, and merely pressed a button on his command chair. He had studied the Frenal system, and knew the Mendel might try some primitive ambush tactic, and had prepared accordingly. Out of hyperspace, came 2 more Imperator-class Star Destroyers, lead by a Judicator-class, weapons already primed. The Togunda may have had durable, powerful vessels leagues ahead of their allies, but with their heavy armor, they where made targets for the oncoming Imperial vessels, being caught completely by surprise. Ryaler had planned accordingly however, and gave another signal, this time summoning a far different type of reinforcement. Dropping out of hyperspace from the nearby Kol'var System, where six Orgaat War-Spheres. While primitive, they had caught the Imperials by surprise, allowing them to open fire at the backs of their foes, and, worse, launch their warriors into drop pods at the Star Destroyers, who where not only eager for battle, but also for food. Thousands where launched at the rear sections of the Star Destroyers, and though many where shot down, many more smashed through the hulls of the ships, and disgorged their hungry and warlike occupants into the ship, to do battle with the Stormtroopers and Imperial Fleet Troopers on-board.

Meanwhile the Persan were proceeding to press their advantage against the Imperials. Thanks to the Mendel strikes up ahead and the unpredictable actions of Persan commanders, who struck in seemingly random hit and fades, their back lines was slowly weakening. Using a group of Grimalkin and Lilith-class Omniships the Persan blasted a hole through the Imperial formation using the Grimalkin-class's Magic Gauss Artillery Cannon and the Lilith-class's Sadomasochist Cannon. This was exactly the opening Miru had been looking for. Sending out a signal she sent Frozen Hell straight in guarded by a compliment of Daemon-class Destroyers and Arachne-class Cruisers. The Daemon-classes used their Magic Gauss Auto cannons to chew through strike craft and smaller ships when they got to close while the Arachne-class Cruisers blasted down the larger ships with their magic bolt cannons. And in the center of it all was Frozen Hell devestating the ships that dared challenge it with its magic cannons.

Hardening its Realizer Frozen Hell rammed itself into the New Order sending the Imperial flagship spinning back before Titus regained control of the ship. With that Frozen Hell began charging up its Halvanhelev Cannon. Before it could fire at the New Order though a Procurator-class Star Battlecruiser broadsided Frozen Hell. Taken off balance the Silvia-class Dreadnought miss fired in a sweep that took out a couple of frigates and cruisers as well as the Procurator-class that had attacked it. The fiery beam fired from the Halvanhelev Cannon continued to lance down into Frenal's moon creating a massive crater on the surface throwing up a ton of debris. Miru turned Frozen Hell back around to strike the New Order again, but the Heavy Star Destroyer had already pulled pack. Miru frowned slightly at this, but didn't let her temper get the best of her.

Ground Battle Edit

The world of Frenal had been prepared for the battle ages before, and it showed, the city's outer perimeter layered with defensive turrets and laser weaponry, directed upwards. As the fleets of the Pact and it's allies tried to fight off the Imperials, ground forces where deployed from Acclamator-class Frigates, landing vehicles touching down in the jungles near Frenal, the city surrounded by a bubble shield. The Imperials meanwhile, deployed a full assault force. Assault and Scout walkers, artillery and tanks, Stormtroopers and Scout Troopers readied for battle. Almost immediately, they came under attack of the Waptorian forces, who vanished back into the jungles each time the Imperials tried to counterattack. On the way to the city, the Imperials were continuously harassed. Their casualties were, as of yet, light, but they were ever so slightly being pushed into the jaws of a trap.

The defenders had rallied for battle, Mendel warriors and Vashari Androids ready for war, and supported by walkers and tanks of their own. The Mendel drew their swords and guns, bellowing for battle and war, as the imperial forces, prodded by the Waptorians in their flanks and rear, approached quickly, Assault walkers crushing trees under foot as Scout walkers quickly marched forward, scanning the area alongside several squads of Stormtroopers. The Mendel prepared themselves for battle as the first few Scout walkers approached, firing their turbolasers at their position. The Mendel took cover as their comrades where cut down, and their tanks roared to life, returning fire with heavy mass driver fire, taking down several of them before the Stormtroopers charged forward, rifles and weapons ready. The Mendel commander, and ruler of the Cyrannian colonies, Docarrick Beroya gave a shout, followed by his warriors, and they charged forward, their own weapons primed.

The two forces clashed, Stormtrooper squads taking position and firing at the Mendel, as the warriors either closed in melee, or returned fire as well. Candarro Assault Tanks lumbered forward, crushing several Stormtroopers under as they clashed with the Imperial Walkers and tanks, their shields managing to absorb some of the fire, as the Assault walkers lumbered into range, firing down on their foes with heavy canon fire, vaporizing whole sections of jungle with every shot. Vashari Droids aimed their weapons alongside the Walgolorian Warriors, firing down on the Imperial forces, as several Imperial Wardroids teleported into their midst, firing already into the ranks of the Walgolorian, and vaporising flesh and armor alike in seconds. The Vashari turned their fire instantly, concentrating on taking down their rival droids, who easily shrugged off the fire from the Mendel droids, and turned their attention on the Vashari, the two droid forces clashing near and around the outskirts of the city.

As the battle raged, the Walgolorian Battlesuits jetted over the battlefield, dropping down on tanks and enemy infantry, firing heavy Fusion weaponry and burst canons, dropping several of their foes, as other Imperial Androids teleported into battle to clash with the heaviest weapons of the Mendel. Then lumbering out of the forests came a unit of Euryale Assault Mechs. The massive bear-like machines lumbered from the woods before charging towards the Empire's equally massive Armored Assault Walkers, the Euryale either blasting away at them with their long ranged weaponry or ripping them to shreds with their fearsome claws.

From up in the air came down a rain of fire launched from the silent wing beats of Persan Ornithropters accompanied by Precore Dragon riders who plunged down from the sky to rend apart their foes on the ground. The Persan had based themselves in a bay near the city that was frequently used for fishing, using an Oceanus Submersible Carrier as a base from which to launch and coordinate their attack. However, the Oceanus also came with several missile artillery guns that were being used to bombard the Imperials from the bay.

Sitting in a Raven Mobile Weapon ready for launch was one individual in particular. Her name was Shaura, a Vanara agent who had, against all odds, survived the destruction of Mou'Cyran. It had been named a miracle by some, but to Shaura it didn't feel like a miracle. A good chunk of her body had been replaced by cybernetics and she had lost the ability to dream. Gritting her teeth at the memory she prepared to launch with only one goal in mind, revenge. Revenge against the Empire for doing this to her and she would take her first steps toward it on this battle field.

Tearing out of the Oceanus' launch bay Shaura sent her Raven shooting right towards a weak point in the Imperial Forces. Unleashing the full force of her Raven's Nano Conerter against an Assault Walker transforming the massive walker into a mass of programmable matter that was then broken down and incorporated into her Raven's self repair function. She then proceeded to fire the Mobile Weapon's Explosive Driver launching contact explosives that ripped apart both infantry and armor alike.

With the weak point broken the Persan forces began to slowly force the larger Imperial forces into tight quarters. With the Persan on one side, the Mendel on the other, and the cities defenses in front of them the only escape was into the jungles of Frenal where no one knew what awaited them. With disapline and organization decaying many where beginning to take that chance.

The Commander organized his forces and gave a retreat into the jungles, his few remaining walkers and tanks lumbering forward, while the Stormtroopers marched onward, many injured and wounded from the fighting. Surprisingly, the Mendel and Persan did not give chase, merely watching as the Imperial forces retreated into the jungles. The Commander felt it strange. From his experience with the bloodthirsty Cognatus, once one of these "warrior races" tasted blood, they would pursue and not stop till their foe was dead. Perhaps they held some superstitious reverence for the jungle or something. Turning his mind back to his task, he began reorganizing his shattered forces, and preparing for a possible guerilla campaign, telling his forces that, not only was the space above most likely secure, but so long as they held out, the Empire could still send reinforcements to help secure the world.

His Scout Troopers moved through the jungles, moving ahead to make sure the cost was clear, Sniper Rifles ready, as they where watched from the trees and overgrowth, saliva dripping from their long reptilian fangs, claws clutching their rifles and spears, eager for battle. The Scout Troopers moved forward, advanced sensors trying to pick up on any targets nearby. As they approached, Waptorians and Orgaat alike came silently from the jungles, leaping upon the Scout Troopers, who where only able to fire a few rounds, before the Orgaat fell upon them, tearing into them with a gusto, and dragging them off into jungles, while the Waptoria begun a punishing crossfire into any who tried to escape.

The Commander stopped his forces, waiting for reports from his scouts, his hand up in the commlink in his ear, but could get nothing but static, and, some strange crunching noise beyond that. Curious, he ordered his forces forward, the Stormtroopers carefully stepping forward, as the Scout walker lumbered forward, moving past the trees that where taller then they. The Imperial forces looked around carefully, as a sound drew their attention to the trees, as the bodies of the Scout troopers tumbled down, half-torn apart and mutilated by some unknown foe, hung by primitive rope and string like hunter's quarry.

As panic briefly swelled through Imperial ranks, the Commander ordered his forces to remain calm, as a screech filled the air. Imperials looked around, rifles ready, as from the jungle and undergrowth, leapt out the Orgaat, their rifles and weapons ready. Firing their primitive, charged projectiles at the foe, the Orgaat closed, leading their hounds and Gorilla-like genetic cousins straight into the fray, smashing into the Stormtrooper ranks, as the Gorilla-like Orgatox used their incredible strength to flatten the any tanks, infantry or walkers in the way. Behind them came the Waptoria, Spotters circling above designated targets for the Snipers to take aim at, Flankers driving off anyone who came close. Rangers, hidden in the canopies, took aim from above, the seeker rounds of their rifles evading branches to home in on the Imperial troops. As the situation began to detoriate, with Stormtroopers trying their best to hold the line as the Orgaat leapt upon them, taking out many of the savages with well-aimed rifle rounds. Waptorian Hunters joined in, the theropod pack predators splitting into two when critically wounded, and seemingly competing with the Orgaat hounds to gain the freshest prey. Finally, the Commander brought his last heavy walker into the fray, the massive machine lumbering down, and firing at any Orgaat it could, stopping only for it's canons to recharge.

As the walker joined the battle, he was surprised to see the primitive tribals continue their fight, despite the futility in battling such a massive siege walker. Waptorian Scions, clad in thick bark-armor, joined the fray, their Boomers coating the tank in quickly-hardening webs of biomass, but even they could do little to slow the massive walker down. As he fired the main canon of his tank at them, sending the Waptorian heavy troops flying through the air with a well-placed shot, a roar filled the air. Lumbering out of the jungle, to the left of Imperial forces, was a massive beast, similar in proportion and build to a Valkorasaurus from Mou'Cyran, but with the stiff quills and beak-like structure of an Orgaat, and, much, much larger, coming up to the knees of the assault walker. It roared again, and charged, as the Orgaat on it's back aimed the bolt-launcher mounted on it, and fired, skewering several men, as it slammed into the Walker head on, it's small clawed-arms digging into the left front leg, and pulling on it, as it pushed it's massive bulk into the walker. Taken off balance, the walker fell with mighty boom, falling on it's side, as the Ornaloc tore into the metallic frame of the walker. The Commander had his tank turn it's turret around and open fire at the massive Ornaloc. A plasma round burned through the air and hit the side of the Ornaloc, burning into it's right leg. The creature roared in pain, before turning to face the tank and it's commander, hate in it's small eyes. It stepped away from the flaming ruins of the Walker, and lumbered toward the tank, before going into a charge and slamming into the tank. The Commander wisely lowered himself into the Tank and closed the hatch, as the Ornaloc dug it's claws and teeth into the metal prey that had attacked it. The creature tore into it's hull, until it ripped straight through, the crew now exposed to the elements. Reaching in, it began devouring the crew, as the Commander, terrified, ran out, taking advantage of the "distraction" the creature was now focussed on, and ran into the open, the creatures on top of the Ornaloc seemingly giving encouragement to their "pet" as it ate.

He saw his remaining troops, either being savagely devoured by the hungry Orgaat, tranquilized by Waptorian Bio-Soldiers, or on their knees and arms raised, weapons dropped to the ground. He was approached by the tribal leader, dressed in a little more armor, and wearing a primitive head-dress around it's eyes and much of it's face. The creature approached him carefully, eyeing him like a hungry predator, as one of it's warriors approached from behind and knocked him onto his knees. The Chieftain rose above him, but, in a warbling voice, said he would not be the one to kill the Commander today, as his warriors and hissed and cackled amongst themselves as they splattered the jungle with the gore of his troops.

The Chieftain let him go and he quickly scrambled away fleeing into the jungle, wondering what in the world the savage had ment. Looking behind himself, he saw a shadow darting in between the trees. Grabbing his blaster he turned around and tried to locate his unkown pursuer. From out of the shadows a bladed disk came flying through the air and knocked his blaster out of his hand.The disk carried the blaster and buried them both into a tree, before the disk exploded, destroying his blaster. Beginning to panic now, he was about to take off running again when two more disks flew out from the forest. One logged itself in his right shoulder, the other in the left side of his hip. Both disks exploded simultaneously, causing him to fall to the ground where he lay writhing and slowly bleeding to death. Hearing footsteps approaching he saw a black furred female Vanara with green eyes standing over him. She pulled out another one of those wretched disks and then stabbed it into his side, shoving deep into his body cavity before walking away. The commander heard the beeping of the detonator from within him and his eyes widened in a split second of terror as he realized what was happening. Right before he was splattered all across the trees.

Shaura didn't even look back as she heard the scream of the commander, followed by a gruesome splat. Walking back towards, the Orgaat and Waptorian troops, she nodded at the Chieftain before continuing on her way back to the city. The Chieftain bowed slightly, as his warriors finished their meals of the Imperial troops, as the Waptorians began herding the defeated Stromtroopers and tank crews to the city. The re-education camps was their fate now. Or so it would seem. Though it had appeared that the New Order had fled, in reality, Captain Dromaeo engaged the mighty vessel's phase cloaking device and engaged a short hyperjump to low orbit over the city. With the city protected by a bubble shield, Dromaeo stood ready to begin a base delta zero bombardment of the surface of Frenal, but instead began a diversionary bombardment separating the allied advance force from retreating Imperial ground troops. Squadrons of Imperial gunships came roaring from the ventral hangar bays, while heavy lift transports latched onto the larger walkers, ferrying them to within the cavernous interior of the New Order. With most of the surviving Imperial forces safely onboard, the New Order began intensifying its bombardment, creating massive firestorms on the planet's surface, as it slowly lifted off into space. The remaining Imperial vessels engaged in orbit broke off their assault and retreated into hyperspace, though Dromaeo was convinced that the Empire's new foes would learn to submit.

Shaura stood perfectly still as the fire storm raged around her. Sparks danced past her vision as hot winds buffered her and smoke whirled about her like a cloak, but not a single flame touched her. In her hand she held a crushed Libertus skull dripping with blood. She said nothing, just glared at the sky. Most races would have trembled in fear, but she was a Vanara and they replaced fear with rage. Rage and the thirst for divergence. She was not the only one who felt that way. The Orgaat, having dragged their kills out of the jungle, stood with the Mendel and Waptorians at first to celebrate their victory, but the gathered warriors quickly let out cries of dismay and horror. The Orgaat, and some Mendel Clans, had made their homes in the forests of Frenal, and now much of it was immolated by the empire. enraged, a few pilots turned their Tank canons on the "New Order", but could do very little to the massive ship as it escaped. The warriors swore vengeance for their ancestors for this great dishonor and the destruction of their holdings, as the Orgaat screeched in sadness and pain, many kinsmen still trapped in the burning jungles, their souls lost to the kindred, and their flesh unable to rejoin the Clan.

Aftermath Edit

For the forces of the Pact, the sweet taste of victory was marred by the loses. While not enough to take them out of the fight, they still had received much damage from the battle, and many ships would have to be repaired, out of the fight for months on end. The destruction of much of Frenal's surface, and the Clan Holds within the forests and swamps of Mendel, Togunda and especially Orgaat origin left a bitter taste in their mouths, causing the races of the Pact to swear oaths of vengeance and grudge-keeping against the Empire. Ryaler, not at all happy with Titus' escape, organized his forces, and his allies, and set out to find them, taking a significant number of Mendel legions with him, including the Mendel Protectors of Clan Shesara and her vassal Clans. They had taken few loses, and had proven the Mendel's most successful force in the battle.

The Imperial forces had been bruised, but it did not effect their morale, or even their ability to continue waging war. They left the battle zone of Frenal with a massive force. While they had lost at least two legions, the remaining forces where still considered a massive threat by Command, and Ryaler would not be comfortable until they where removed. Titus himself began formulating a new plan, not convinced the Mendel and their allies could win. This was a minor set back, but he would not underestimate their strength a second time. Sooner or later, the Empire would triumph.

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