The opening stages of the Second Great Cyrannus War inaugurated a renewed period of galactic conflict on a scale unseen in the Cyrannus Galaxy since the end of the First Great War over fifteen years previously. Throughout the Gigaquadrant, the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm prompted calls of unity with a fracturing New Republic under the leadership of President Apollo. Despite the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation at the Battle of Cadian, the New Republic remained vulnerable to an inevitable Imperial invasion of their space.

Struggling to form a new government to provide structure and order to Republic space, President Apollo's administration were faced with threats both from within and without, threatening to prematurely end the ancient dream of a "Republic greater than distance or time". Like wildfire, the conflict spread beyond the galactic barriers of Cyrannus, threatening to ignite old animosities in Andromeda, Borealis and Mirus, while in the Quadrants, a dark threat began a campaign of chaos and destruction, fuelled with hatred against those who would oppose their master in his quest for revenge.

In the shadows of the conflict, an eternal war intensified between the Aldárae and the Phaedra, working under the aegis of their Oikoumene guardians, Tyrómairon and Apolithanatár, preparing for the inevitable confrontation to decide the fate of a galaxy divided by darkness and light.

Course of the War[]

Skirmish at Corthon[]

Corthon System, Outer Rim, Cyrannus Galaxy

With the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation and the death of the imperious Grand Mandator Taev Vosaetiur, the Empire's grip on the northern Outer Rim began to weaken considerably. In Republic space, President Apollo, still grappling with restoring a working government and military command, ordered much of the Republic Navy on the defensive against any Imperial incursions. Nevertheless, unwilling to allow the Empire to restore their hold over the vulnerable territories near Cadian, Apollo offered several letters of marque to Republic-aligned privateers in the Outer Rim, aiming to harass and raid Imperial shipping and convoys in critical systems.

The Caelax I and Caelax II raid an Imperial convoy in the Corthon system.

A week after the beginning of the conflict, the Paladian privateer Tironus Manition, commanding the newly purchased CR90 Oenòen-class corvette Caelax II, dropped out of lightspeed in the Corthon system, previously one of the core worlds of the Great Corthrinusi Empire. When her sister ship, the Caelax I arrived several minutes later, with an escort of Republic starfighters, five Imperial interceptors had already been destroyed, while one Gozanti-class cruiser was leaking atmosphere. Strafing the cruisers, the Caelax II suffered minor damage, but managed to destroy one of the Imperial vessels, causing the other to retreat.

Returning to Republic territory, Tironus and his associate Corva, revealed that the Imperials had attempted to contact the Corthrinus homeworld for immediate assistance, only for their transmission to be ignored by Savra Mathen's offices on Rinus. According to the privateers, Mathren's forces could have arrived at Corthon within five minutes of the Caelax II's arrival. When he learned of this, the President made note of Savra's inactivity. Perhaps Savra was planning on luring the Republic into a trap, or perhaps, as Apollo suspected, the Empire was not as united as the rest of the galaxy had been led to believe.

Coru Secundus Campaign[]

Battle of Thaehos[]

Thaehos System, Mou'Cyran Sector, Coru Secundus, Cyrannus Galaxy

With the destruction of Mou'Cyran and the death of the senior officers of Republic Naval Command, Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea struggled to form a cohesive replacement from the Republic's new capital on Capricaerón. However, to the surprise of Republic officials, the Empire remained within their own borders for two weeks after the destruction of the Cyrannic Imperial Battlestation. On Ianuaria 53, the Empire suddenly launched a massive assault on Coru Secundus, led by Admiral Tharnak Adraci. Bypassing Republic fortifications deployed along the now non-existent Neutral Zone, as well as within the heavily protected Capricorn Sector in the Core, Imperial forces launched an assault on the border world of Thaehos.

The corvette Aurora escapes the battle as the Phoebus explodes.

Dropping out of lightspeed within ten kilometres of the Republic Defense Fleet, the Star Destroyer Inexorable, under Adraci's direct command, made short work of the defending fleet over Thaehos and began landing legions of ground troops in major population centres across the globe. Within two hours of the Imperial fleet's initial assault, they were caught off-guard by a Republic taskforce led by Captain Aeralon Temer of the Phoebus, deployed from Fleet Admiral Gialu Kaedar's Twenty Eigth Fleet in the Calithilaen System. The arrival of Temer's fleet forced the Imperials back beyond the orbit of Thaehos' primary moon, but found themselves surrounded when Thaehos' government defected to the Empire after being overrun by Imperial ground forces during the opening stage of the battle.

Forced on the defensive, Captain Temer was forced to contend with starfighters launched by the subservient Thaehosi government, which began firing the planet's hypervelocity defence cannon on the Republic ships deployed in orbit. Simultaneously, the Inexorable began an approach toward the besieged Republic fleet, which was being driven further and further from the planet to escape the range of the cannon. Caught between enemies on both sides, Captain Temer begrudgingly ordered a retreat to nearby Lugh, only to be caught unaware by an interdiction field deployed by the Star Destroyer Chimaera under the command of Captain Henera Medé and Grand Admiral Tector Decimius.

Overpowered by the combined firepower of the Inexorable and the Chimaera, the Phoebus was destroyed with all hands, including Captain Temer. With the destruction of the Phoebus, Decimius ordered the interdiction field lowered, allowing the sole surviving Republic ships to escape to the Lugh system. When they arrived, they were greeted by another Imperial fleet. In their last moments, the crew of the Aether-class corvette Aurora transmitted news that the worlds of the western Mou'Cyran Sector had defected to the Empire. Leading the incursion from the Inexorable, Adraci began to move along the eastern hyperlane toward the remnants of the Mou'Cyran System itself, planning on securing a symbolic victory for the Empire.

Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants[]

Mou'Cyran System, Mou'Cyran Sector, Coru Secundus, Cyrannus Galaxy

Detecting the Imperial fleet as it moved along the eastern hyperlane to the remnants of the Mou'Cyran system, Fleet Admiral Cretacea ordered a flotilla to rally to the system to prevent the Empire from scoring a symbolic victory by planting the Imperial flag among the asteroids which once housed the centre of the Republic government and military. The flotilla, led by Fleet Captain N'vae Celeneos of the Mou'Llhei Star, arrived before the Empire and was ordered by the captain to hide within the asteroid field, where the interference from the phantom energy would hide them from all but the strongest Imperial sensors.

Republic and Aldárae defenders ambush the Inexorable and the Chimaera in the asteroid field formed from Mou'Cyran's destruction.

The Star Destroyer Inexorable was the first to enter the system, followed by the Chimaera and a fleet of smaller Imperial support vessels, including ten Gozanti-class cruisers. Coordinating with Admiral Adraci, Captain Medé, who had been left in sole command of the ship while Grand Admiral Decimius returned to Orbispira, launched recon fighters in an attempt to ascertain the location of the Republic forces which they detected arriving in the system. When the recon fighters disappeared ten minutes later, Adraci ordered the Chimaera and two Gozanti cruisers to move deeper into the asteroid field. There, the Republic sprung the trap. Erupting from behind the asteroids with lasers blazing, the Mou'Llhei Star and three other Aether-class corvettes flanked the Imperial vessels, destroying one of the Gozanti cruisers and sending it crashing into the Chimaera, which sustained minor damage.

When the Inexorable arrived at the scene, it was ambushed by more Republic ships, reinforced by a small contingent of newly constructed Aldárae vessels, including two starfighters piloted by Aoirtae Valaeris and Janice Ross and a Defender-class light corvette captained by Kara Inviá. Outmatching the Imperial fighters, the Republic and Aldárae forces skimmed between the asteroids at incredible speeds, avoiding open areas of space lest they approach the weapons range of the Star Destroyers. When the Inexorable suffered considerable damage upon the arrival of the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Valour under Commodore Thonaloc, Admiral Adraci ordered a retreat.

Though frustrated that he had been denied his prize, he felt admiration for the fortitude shown by the Republic in the defence of their shattered home. However, he placed such thoughts to the back of his mind, confident that the next phase of the campaign would not end in disappointment.

Second Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants[]

Written by The Valader · Mou'Cyran System, Mou'Cyran Sector, Coru Secundus, Cyrannus Galaxy

Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment.

- Admiral Tharnak Adraci

Admiral Adraci on the bridge of the Inexorable prior to the Battle.

After his defeat at the Battle in the Mou'Cyran system, Admiral Adraci became fixated on claiming the system. Not only would a victory there all but destroy Republic morale, it would provide the Empire access to the six major hyperroutes which branched out from the former capital to all corners of New Republic space. In Adraci's mind, such an advantage would surely prove to be insurmountable, forcing the Republic to surrender to the Empire—thus sparing the galaxy from a galactic conflict from which it may never recover. With his hands clasped behind his back, Adraci gazed from the main viewport of the Inexorable's bridge at the growing fleet that Imperial High Command placed under his command, including Desolator under Captain Mornauó, the Devastator II, commanded by Captain Delin Lassiter and the Accuser under Captain Gaius Prentus. Though the Chimaera had been withdrawn to the flanks of the armada at Thaehos for repairs, Adraci was confident that the fleet could finally oust the Republic and Aldárae defenders. When the last Imperial ship arrived, Adraci ordered the fleet to jump to lightspeed.

The mere seconds it took to get there seemed like hours in Adraci's mind, yet his eagerness to return to the Mou'Cyran system quickly turned into a storm of quick-paced decisions when the fleet jumped out of lightspeed right in front of a tide of rocks coming from the planet's debris. Adraci quickly verified their flight path with his helm, but the gravitational distortion caused by the blast made it near-impossible to predict the path of the debris. The fleet quickly scattered in order to avoid the coming wave. Adraci split his ships in three separate groups in an effort to quickly rejoin formation as soon as the rain passed.

The Republic forces in the system, having detected a large Imperial fleet arriving to the outer space of Mou'Cyran, were quick to notice the erratic and almost immediate change in the Imperial formation. Seeing this as an opportunity to strike and rout their divided enemy, the Republic fleet mobilised to meet them in combat. Adraci and his forces saw the coming of the Republic and Aldárae cruisers, which quickly intercepted the Imperial navy right in the middle of evasive action. The rocks from the previously destroyed planet provided an advantage the Republic fleet would not waste. However, Adraci saw this otherwise.

He countered his previous command of avoiding the newly formed asteroid field, and ordered his ships to hide inside. Most of his captains quickly opposed to his decision, but as soon as the Republic warships opened fire, they opted to retreat and hold their position. Their pursuers followed, and chaos ensued.

Admiral Adraci decided to bring the battle towards the core of the system, seeking to establish a strong foothold and call for reinforcements. Certainly, the Imperial fleet was sizable, but more and more Republic forces patrolling the sector were jumping out of lightspeed to assist in the fray, so it was just a matter of time for the Imperial fleet to be overrun. The battle continued, each time spreading more and more across the entire system. Orbital fights on the different planets, several hit and run tactics from both sides, as the entire cluster of planets quickly split in half between Imperial and Republic forces.

When reinforcements arrived from both factions, the battle had come to a stalemate, something that irritated Adraci's wish to conquer the system for the Empire. In some places, particularly those filled with big rocks that once formed the doomed planet, the Republic was relentless, forcing close-quarter combat between the cruisers themselves. Where an Imperial destroyer would break the enemy's formation, a Republic suicide ship rammed its way into it, disabling the former and prolonging the fight even more. The Republic forces were determined on not loosing the system to their cruel enemy. Amidst those debris, soldiers and space troopers would come out to the surface of their lost ships to fight and attempt to board another ship, making a crossfire of both ship laser batteries and firearms. Fighters proved to be quite ineffective in these situations, since they had to fly through narrow spaces, and all in all a rain of crossed laser beams between Imperial and Republic soldiers. Adraci quickly pulled the remainder of his squadrons to protect those destroyers who hadn't entered the chaos. Orders for those entangled with the Republic fleet were simple: if they wanted to come out, they needed to eliminate the enemy presence in that sector or else die. Adraci was not going to sacrifice the ground he had gained in those hours. He knew that if he were to pull out, the Aldárae would surely follow, making it a total defeat.

Republic and Imperial forces fight to the last ship to claim the Mou'Cyran System.

The Republic had managed to stop the Empire for the first hours since the start of the battle. Records indicate that morale was high among Republic soldiers in those first instances of the conflict. However, that trust quickly turned to despair.

"Hope is the first step on the road to disappointment", Adraci boldly declared to his officers, as he had begun to notice, like his opponents, that the Republic military on that sector started to exhaust its resources. It was widely known that the Empire had far superior logistics, and that their fleets were way more adapted for prolonged combat than those in the Republic. The defenders had hoped, or at least Adraci suspected, to lower Imperial moral and force a quick retreat as soon as they saw the impetuous warships coming after them, they never expected Adraci's ambition to be a key factor at all. Little by little, Imperial soldiers, fighters and cruisers, started to gain the upper hand, as the Republic front could not hold itself any longer.

By the end of the day, Republic forces had retreated from the system, unwilling to loose any more assets in a desperate attempt to stop the Empire. Adraci quickly ordered a complete swipe of the entire system, he would purge it from any more resistance. Resistance was indeed met, yet not by opposing Republic forces, but from small scavenger flotillas that had emerged out of nowhere, like vultures, to pick up any useful technology they could sell or use. By the start of the next day, Admiral Adraci contemplated, from the bridge of the great Inexorable, his heart's desire finally fulfilled.

The Empire had dealt a crippling blow to the Republic.

Second Fall of Narsul[]

Narsul System, Indoctrinate Collective Space, Cyrannus Galaxy

The destruction of Mou'Cyran had shocked and infuriated the Indoctrinate Collective. The leadership of the technocracy of Borealis was quickly reminded of their first skirmishes with the Empire, where the Shodrae homeworld of Shrakéo was assaulted and subjugated while the Collective was forced out of the galaxy for the next several years, only being able to return after the formation of the New Republic. Many of the Crimson Scale's chosen lieutenants and captains were members of the Pax Infinitus Armada fleet over Mou'Cyran when the attack took place, and their deaths were further insulting to the Collective, who begun mobilizing itself; already giving humanitarian aid to the Republic, the call for war was made as reinforcements from Borealis were prepared, with Royal Marechal Jerkon being tasked to pay the Empire back in the same coin.

Simultaneously and in the midst of the Empire's campaigns to conquer Coru Secundus and the wormholes throughout the Cyrandia Cluster, Grand Admiral Mortalagueis was tasked by the Imperial Overseer with ensuring that Collective aid to the Republic ceases before it could be used to turn the tide of the conflict, now firmly in the Empire's favour, toward the embattled Republic. With a significant fleet now rallied in the Mou'Cyran system in preparation for an invasion of the Republic strongholds of Coruaan and Coruanthor, Mortalagueis instead directed his fleet to the galactic south, where due to the chaos in Republic space, it quickly captured key worlds along the Republica Run, including Conrothan, Mossahraer, Auromunda and the critical trade world of Manannán on the borders of Collective space.

The Empire invades the Collective capital in Cyrannus, Narsul.

Utilising lightning strikes, Mortalagueis' fleet, led by the Battlecruiser Judicator, shot out of lightspeed in close orbit over the Collective's Cyrannian capital of Narsul. The planet, which had only recently been rebuilt after being battered during the Neraida War, immediately went on full alert as the planetary defences detected the Imperials' arrival; Commandant Gavakar, who thankfully was not at Mou'Cyran at the moment of its destruction, spear-headed the defences in the battle against Mortalagueis. Though her fleet was outnumbered and outgunned, she put up a strong defence over the planet, unwilling to allow even a centimetre of it to fall into Imperial hands. The Imperials, held back by overconfidence, boldly pushed forward regardless, with Mortalagueis' first line of attack ships being destroyed by Narsul's advanced orbital defences. However, after three hours of continuous assault, Gavakar made the decision to withdraw to live to fight another day, after having evacuated much of the planet. This did not, however, stop Mortalagueis to order the last few stragglers taken down and pulverised, military or civilian. Annoyance grew on the Mortalitas admiral as the enemy managed to escape, but it was a temporary set back.

Though Gavakar attempted to contact the New Republic government on Capricaerón, the Empire had successfully imposed a communications black out across much of the Coru Secundus region. She decided that the best course of action would be to gather whatever forces remained under her command and travel to the New Republic-held world of Corathon, at the crossroads of Collective, Terran, New Republic and Cognatus space. There, she hoped, the remnants of the Pax Infinitus Armada could coordinate to stop the Empire's seemingly inexorable march to victory.

Battle of Coruaan[]

Coruaan System, Coruaan Sector, Coru Secundus

With the Fall of Narsul, and simultaneous Imperial invasions into the territory held by the Terran Republic and the Order of Cognalorilos, the Empire was close to securing the southern sectors of Coru Secundus. Meanwhile, in the north, Admiral Adraci's armada remained within the Mou'Cyran system, where they prepared for an assault up along the Republica Run to the key shipyards located in orbit over Coruaan. While Republic defences in that sector had moved to consolidate their strength, they struggled to coordinate an effective resistance to the Imperial onslaught. The loss of Mou'Cyran, Republic Command and the shipyards in orbit over the capital had been burned away, leaving only the surviving Fleet Admirals to lead the Republic Navy. Meanwhile, the Empire had scored many decisive victories, thus robbing President Apollo the opportunity to rally his demoralised people.

The Empire and the Republic battle for supremacy over the critically important world Coruaan.

Taking advantage of the chaos of the Republic Day Attacks, Admiral Adraci's fleet launched its assault, dropping out of lightspeed close to the Republic-controlled Coruaanian Staryards—a vast space station famed for manufacturing ships not only for the Republic, but also for their Collective allies. Commanding the Republic fleet from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Endeavour, Admiral Vinchauk Il'Chahol ordered his forces to form a defensive line protecting the shipyards. The fleet, consisting of both Republic and Collective vessels, including three dreadnoughts fought viciously against the Imperial onslaught, though reinforcements led by Admiral Rela Loupál of the massive Super Star Destroyer Empirical turned the tide of the conflict firmly toward the Empire. Against the caution of his first officer, Admiral Vinchauk opted to fight on against the Imperials. Punching a hole through the Imperial fleet, the Endeavour, the Impavid and the Implacable glided above the vast superstructure of the Empirical, diminishing the dreadnought's shields to the point where the Endeavour was able to inflict heavy damage on the bridge and engines with precision shots from the aft-mounted hyperlaser beam projectors.

Though the Empirical was badly damaged, Vinchauk received an order from Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine to retreat from Coruaan in the hopes of preventing another decisive defeat as they had at the Second Battle of Mou'Cyran. Slamming his fists on his command chair, Vinchauk ordered his fleet to withdraw, but not before ensuring that every surviving Republic and Collective vessel had managed to escape. Though the Empire's victory had been costly, Adraci's battered fleet soon received an unexpected arrival from Inquisitor Morhioven, who joined Adraci on the Inexorable and coordinated the Imperial ground offensive. Facing intense opposition from both the Republic military defenders and the fiercely independent natives under the leadership of Roth Caesenn—one of the last surviving Senators—the Empire began bombing population centres from orbit, killing thousands. Through hologram, Caesenn surrendered himself to the Inquisitor, who promptly ordered the execution of all surviving military personnel on Coruaan, as well as any civilian who refused to pledge his or her loyalty to the Emperor. In the aftermath, Caesenn began organising resistance to the occupation, hoping that the Republic's retreat would prove temporary.

Battle of Xellunactos[]

Xellunactos System, Swords of the Primarch, Coru Secundus

In orbit over the Cognatus colony Xellunactos, a long assault carrier, the Endurance of the Hallowed Stars stood ready to defend the system from Imperial assault. After the Neraida attack during the last conflict, the Council of World States had ordered the deployment of extensive ground defences though in an unusual move, the Primarch Voro Acetenus deemed to defend the planet with a single vessel—the Hallowed Stars. Under the command of Fleetlord Morin Ehtar, the Primarch had placed great trust in the capabilities of the vessel, particularly in such a chaotic time for the region, with Xellunactos surely on the Empire's list of targets.

Morin Ehtar plans his assault on the bridge of the Hallowed Stars.

Sure enough, a day after the Battle of Coruaan ended, an Imperial battlefleet emerged from hyperspace, consisting of one Imperator-class Star Destroyer and three Gozanti-class cruisers. From his throne on the Hallowed Stars, Ehtar ordered his vessel to full combat alert, intent on winning the first major battle between the Empire and the glorious Order of Cognalorilos. The engines of the Hallowed Stars roared, propelling the mighty carrier forward toward the Star Destroyer, which retaliated by launching tracking missiles and unleashing the full power of its turbolaser emplacements. The forward shields of the Hallowed Star absorbed most of the turbolaser damage, while Ehtar activated a short-range hyperjump to avoid the missiles, which came about to track the carrier as it continued its approach. At the last possible moment before colliding with the Star Destroyer, Ehtar brought the Hallowed Star about, narrowly grazing the underbelly, while causing the Empire's own missiles—unable to account for the sudden change in direction—to smash into the enemy vessel. The resulting explosion destroyed the Star Destroyer and one Gozanti cruiser, while a plasma barrage from the Hallowed Stars destroyed another.

During the battle, however, the third cruiser managed to land troops on the surface of the planet, seeking to force the planet's defences to capitulate, thus forcing the lone ship in orbit to flee. In the midst of a fierce battle for the capital between the Empire's advanced wardroids and the beleaguered Cogsangui warriors, the distinctive "scream" of Cognatus T'umulus'ek-class assault fighter were heard overheard, followed by Morin Ehtar's battlecry as he and his personal guard of troops landed to reinforce the Keep of Xellun. With blade in hand, Ehtar and his troops charged forth against the Imperial forces, carving a bloody path to the Imperial dropship. When he arrived, Ehtar faced the Mortalitas commander in single honourable combat, before ending his opponent's life with a strike to the neck. With the day won, news of the bravery of Ehtar and his victory against the Empire spread throughout Coru Secundus, giving hope to those whom hope had seemingly abandoned.

Battle of Corathon[]

Corathon System, Manannán Sector, Coru Secundus

In the aftermath of the Second Fall of Narsul, Gavakar and her fleet made their way to the closest New Republic world still free from the Empire's expanding shadow, Corathon, a heavily populated colony located close to the borders of the Collective, the Order of Cognalorilos and the Terran Republic. The Dracogodasimer commander's hands were clenched in anger for the loss of the capital, and she was determined to get the forces necessary to take the fight back to the Empire at all costs. However, when her fleet dropped out of hyperspace in orbit over Corathon, her bridge crew reported that no Republic signals were detected in orbit, other than traces of debris on the far side of the planet. It became abundantly clear that they had arrived too late, that any Republic forces in the Corathon system had already fallen to Grand Admiral Mortalagueis.

The Judicator locks onto the Liberty with a tractor beam, as another ship arrives at Corathon.

On the bridge of the Star Battlecruiser Judicator, Mortalagueis smiled. It seemed that Gavakar had fallen into his trap. Emerging from behind Corathon's moon, the Imperials activated an interdiction field, preventing the Collective forces from escaping. As she realized the gravity of the situation, Gavakar immediately ordered her fleet to retaliate with all they had; if there was no way out, she would fight to the very last. After three hours of brutal fighting between the Collective and Imperial ships, Gavakar's star cruiser, the Liberty, was disabled by the Judicator. Keen to ensure the destruction of the extragalactics, Mortalagueis locked onto the Liberty with a tractor beam, before joining a boarding party to capture Gavakar. As the invaders entered the ship, robotic drones were deployed to deal with them, and the boarding bay of the Liberty quickly turned into a battlefield as the massive Mortalitas ordered his forces onward.

Despite the efficiency of the ship's defenses, the drones and crew soon begun to drop under the gunfire of the Imperials, and it would be only a matter of time before Mortalagueis finally neutralized Gavakar. The wily Dracogodasimer commander readied her officers on the bridge, resolved to take down as many Imperials as they could. However, just as the Imperials were about to break through the barriers to the bridge, the entire ship began to shake as a massive vessel entered the battle. Outside the bridge viewport, Gavakar saw a massive shadow cast on three Imperial frigates surrounding the Liberty, with all three almost immediately destroyed by lances of crimson flame.

When the unknown vessel came into view, Gavakar immediately recognised it as the Herald of Retribution of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, a ship under the direct command of Primarch Voro Acetenus, whom she had served with during the Cataclysm in the Neutral Zone. Over the comm, the deep and confident voice of the Primarch rang out, declaring that he and his forces were in the process of boarding the Liberty to "tear our mutual foe assunder". With energy blades in hand, the Cogsangui warriors stormed the Liberty, cutting down any Imperial drones or troopers foolish enough to stand in their way. Leading the charge, the Primarch marched his way to the bridge, where he soon stood face to face with the Mortalitas Grand Admiral. The soldiers of the Collective fought with renewed vigor thanks to the arrival of the Cognatus, while Mortalagueis was caught by surprise, left in a vulnerable position as the Primarch ambushed him. It had been many decades since his last close-quarters combat, making him rusty and an easy target for Voro Acetenus.

Voro Acetenus and Gavakar lead the Collective and Cognatus forces against Mortalagueis.

Wounded by the Primarch's blade, the Mortalitas had to choice but to order a retreat, swearing to the Collective and the Order that he would have his revenge at a future date. In space, the Herald was soon joined by other Cognatus vessels, such as Morin Ehtar's carrier Hallowed Stars. Outmatched, the Imperial fleet scrambled to survive the attack, with only the flagship Judicator escaping the carnage. By the time the battle had ended, Corathon was firmly under allied control—the first major victory since the Battle of Cadian. News from Corathon quickly spread, giving hope to the remnants of the Republic that the Empire could indeed be defeated.

Siege of Manannán[]

Manan System, Manannán Sector, Coru Secundus

The Osteolan colony world of Manannán, capital of the sector of the same name, was swiftly conquered by Grand Admiral Mortalagueis as his battlefleet moved south along the Republica Run in the lead up to the initial Battle of Narsul. As with many newly conquered planets in Coru Secundus, however, the people of Manannán were not content to simply allow the Empire to claim their home. Organising into militias on the streets, the native Osteola attacked the Imperial occupation force, only for the Imperial administration to clamp down on any and all resistance within the planet's population centres, destroying three particularly defiant cities through orbital bombardment. In space above the planet, the Star Destroyer Visage led a small fleet of re-purposed Imperial State Vengeance-class star frigates in defence of their conquered prize.

Cognatus forces ambush the Imperials at Manannán.

Two days after the end of the Battle of Corathon, the Herald of Retribution and the Hallowed Star dropped out of hyperspace, along with a sizeable portion of the Fleet of Unrelenting Reverence. Plotting a parabolic course to slingshot around the Manannán, Shiplord X'elorn Tolahven deftly directed the mighty assault carrier at the head of the fleet, accelerating at attack speed toward the Imperial squadron. The Visage quickly reacted by firing its displacement cannons, causing vast quantities of energy, in the gigaton range toward the Cognatus fleet. Three Cognatus destroyers were immediately destroyed in the ensuing explosion, though the Herald countered with a single blast from its excavation hyperlaser, which punched through the non-phasic shielding of the Star Destroyer and bisected it, sending one remnant into a star frigate.

The remaining frigates frantically attempted to escape into hyperspace, only to leave their engines vulnerable to superheated plasma torpedoes from the Cognatus battlefleet. Within a few minutes, all that remained was dust. Leading the charge onto the planet's surface, Primarch Acetenus and his most trusted warriors deployed ground assault vehicles, while the Herald sank beneath the white clouds of the colony to provide close air support against the Imperial forces. After a day of fighting alongside the remaining members of the Osteolan resistance, Primarch Acetenus declared victory over the Empire, unaware that his exploits were being watched by an old enemy eager for vengeance.

Skirmish at Cyraband[]

Cyraband System, Coruaan Sector, Coru Secundus

With Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea rallying the Grand Republic Fleet in the Calithilaen System to protect the Twelve Worlds from an Imperial invasion, Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera was tasked with the protection of Coruanthor, the most populous planet in the Coru Secundus region, as the final Republic stronghold in standing against total Imperial domination of what was once the Republic Core. With the Fall of Coruaan, Shavalera bolstered his defences in orbit over Coruanthor, while also deploying the Dreadnought Equity and a quartet of Aether II-class corvettes to reinforce the Guardian-39 Starbase in geosynchronous orbit around Cyraband.

Commodore Tethis Marrgrev of the Star Destroyer Dominator attacks the Republic staging ground at Cyraband.

Cyraband, once a colony world of the ancient Phaedric Empire, had since inundated by a vast, planet spanning ocean. Beneath the waves, prosperous colonies inhabited by aquatic Republic member species such as the Mon Nahdar, the D'annaoí and the Hipaca, spread across the ocean floor, the usual serenity interrupted by the deployment of ground-to-space weaponry by Republic defence forces. Within three days of the Equity's arrival, a Harrower-class Star Destroyer, the Dominator, dropped out of hyperspace and began an immediate assault on the system. The destroyer's commander, Commodore Tethis Marrgrev, was surprised by the presence of the Equity and its armada, though he nonetheless pressed his attack, destroying Guardian-39 before engaging in a broadside with two Aether-class corvettes, including the Venetian Sky under Captain Nils Agmaer.

Underestimating the corvettes, Marrgrev fell victim to the agility of Agmaer's vessel, which rammed into the Star Destroyer at full speed, pushing it toward a large piece of the destroyed starbase. Realising that he could not win against the Dreadnought and the corvettes, Marrgrev ordered an immediate jump to lightspeed, sending the Venetian Sky careening out of control, before being stabilised by a Republic tractor beam. With the skirmish concluded, defences at Cyraband were increased, while for his bravery, Agmaer was promoted to Commodore. However, back at Coruanthor, Shavalera suspected that the Empire was merely testing the Republic's final defences in preparation for their final assault on the ecumenopolis, where he was sure the future of Coru Secundus would be decided.

Battle of Cognethril[]

Despite setbacks during the invasion of Unified Order of Cognalorilos territory in Coru Secundus, Imperial forces under the command of Vice Admiral Pierea had managed to capture five sectors in the Swords of the Primarch region, inexorably moving toward the former capital of Cognethril, the purple sands of which were famed across Cyrannus. In orbit over the planet, Fleetlord Voron Valna'leh commanded the defence fleet from the bridge of the mighty armoured cruiser Surveyer of Allegiance, eager to defend the planet and secure a crushing victory over Pierea's forces. Pierea, however, knowledgeable about the strengths and weaknesses of his foe, played his cards close to his chest.

The Order of Cognalorilos fight a desperate ground war against the Imperial invasion.

Three Imperial frigates dropped out of lightspeed within close proximity to the Moon of Red and Blue, drawing Valna'leh's forces in. When they had reached a sufficient distance away from the planet, Pierea and the bulk of his battlefleet, led by the Star Destroyer Eviscerator dropped out of hyperspace, separating Valna'leh from the majority of the planetary defence fleet.

While his second command suggested bombarding the planet from orbit, Pierea refused, instead deploying a planetary invasion army to quell any and all resistance on the planet's surface. Imperial Walker Barges dropped from the crimson skies of Congethril toward the capital city, while the skies were filled with the distinctive screams of Imperial and Cognatus fighters battling for supremacy. On the great mesas which dominate the planet's surface, Imperial Heavy Walkers faced equally vast Cognatus counterparts, which, while possessing more advanced technology, were eventually overcome by the sheer numbers of the Imperials.Simultaneously, Valna'leh desperately attempted to reinforce the beleaguered defenders on Cognethril's surface, though was prevented from doing so by the Empire's blockade.

After four hours of endless fighting, space above Cognethril was clogged with the debris of mighty dreadnoughts which had fallen in the fighting. Respectful of Valna'leh's efforts, Pierea, via hologram, offered to accept the Cognatus commander's surrender, promising him that his warriors would be treated fairly until the end of the war, when the Empire would leave the Cognatus to their own designs. Valna'leh, however, refused to accept the offer, cutting Pierea's transmission off and retreating into hyperspace, but not before ramming a blockading Imperial Destroyer, severing it in half. Nevertheless, the Battle of Cognethril was over and the Imperials had scored a decisive victory over the Cognatus.

Battle of Coruanthor[]

Although the Empire had been moving along the Republica Hyperlane since the beginning of the conflict, in a seemingly inexorable march to total victory, the conflict on Coruanthor began when Praesator Vel Natalo, the newly elected leader of the planet, surrender to Imperial forces led by the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin and Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci. Though the Empire accepted the surrender, becoming entrenched in the capital district, the Republic defenders, backed by civilian resistance movements, sprang up in opposition. Organised by Republic Fleet Admirals Shavalera, Kaedar and Kuestantine, the Republic armada retaliated against the Imperial forces, sparking a battle which would last four months.

Imperial and Republic forces clash on Coruanthor's ruined cityscape.

Claiming legitimacy through Natalo's puppet government, the Imperials rallied the support of many of Coruanthor's traditional Great Houses, including House Capulex, members of which felt that the New Republic had stripped away their political power, particularly in the aftermath of the Neraida War. The once pristine streets of the ecumenopolis became a battleground, with both Imperial and Republic forces hiring mercenaries, bounty hunters and smugglers in a desperate bid to secure victory over their foes. Simultaneously, the battle saw extensive confrontations between the Phaedric and Aldárae Orders, culminating in a battle between the Aldárae knights and the Phaedric Lord Echoriax. The battle utterly ravaged large swaths of Coruanthor's surface, killing millions of civilians and decimating considerable portions of both the Republic and Imperial armed forces.

The battle ended in Dekemurios 15 NE, when President Apollo gathered a team including the crews of the CRS Aeolus and the Auethnen Raptor on a mission to gather support from the Republic's allies. The combined assault from the New Republic, the Indoctrinate Collective, the Cyrandia Resistance and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos drove the Imperials from the system, thus ending the Coru Secundus Campaign and the opening stages of the war. However, the victory would be a costly one, with over eighteen percent of the entire Republic military falling in the battle. However, four percent of the Imperial military was also destroyed, a disproportionate number given the respective sizes of the combatant's forces.

Wormhole Campaign[]

Hostage of the Rambo Capital[]

Serndianiliae System, Rambo Capital System, Quadrant Galaxies

Simultaneous to the Battle of the Mou'Cyran Remnants, as the New Cyrannian Republic and the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus clashed one more time the Empire made decisive move to threaten the New Republic on all fronts. To quell any thoughts of incursions against the Imperial might now that the New Republic openly defied them, the Empire began securing their interests with the full might of their military. On behalf of Emperor Tyrómairon, the Mornûnendur scientist Ekrillium opened a rift in space similar seen as during the In Noctem-events. Though this time not from Capricaerón, instead the rift and portal was opened at Cyroenia after decades of constructing a similar construct.

The Executor arrives to "protect" the Rambo Capital

For a second time, the naval forces of Rambo Command were powerless and taken by surprise when a massive rift appeared in high orbit of their beloved Rambo Capital. To their horror, the Imperial Navy was led by grand admiral Valindor Palenix of the super star destroyer Executor. When the Rambo Government protested against the presence of super star destroyer in orbit, the Empire proclaimed it was for their own protection against the revengeful forces of the New Republic. For his own safety, by command of the Emperor High King Rambert Ramveral was given house arrest and was not allowed to leave Tirithsilliana. The King accused the grand admiral of taking the Rambo Capital hostage, though the admiral dismissed these claims as contingency plans to protect the most vital places of their protectorates. Though Rambert was powerless to do anything, as the super star destroyer rotated with the planet, ensuring that at all times the turbo lasers were targeted at Tirithsilliana to enforce and ensure Rambert's compliance with the Imperial Will of Emperor Tyrómairon.

Battle of Mauritia[]

Mauritian System, Terran Colonial Sector, Quadrant Galaxies

With the Rambo Capital now firmly under the control of the Dreadnought Executor, the Empire began preparations for the next step of their Quadrantia operations. Grand Admiral Palenix directed a portion of his fleet, led by Fleet Captain Sorondil of the Judicator-class Star Battlecruiser Conqueror, along the Ramsoria Run from the Capital, taking it beyond Ramsoria and Pauvenris before stopping at Karzhamarhi-Nui. There, the fleet restocked before vanishing into the Metruia Nebula. On nearby New Capricaerón, Republic intelligence agents, tracking the Empire's fleet movements, speculated that the armada was about to launch an attack on the northern border of Republica Elen'Nanethia and quickly informed Praesator Adelheidis to redirect all available ships to potentially vulnerable worlds. However, no such attack came.

The Terran fleet under Captain Preston Yates rallies in defence of Mauritia during the Imperial invasion.

Dropping out of lightspeed in orbit over the Terran Republic's Quadrantia capital Mauritia, the Imperial fleet struck quickly, incapacitating a line of defensive space stations in high orbit. On the bridge of the Conqueror, Sorondil's crimson eyes were set on his prize—not the planet, but rather the stable wormhole leading to the Milky Way Galaxy. Though caught unaware by the attack, Captain Preston Yates of the Arcadia-class Battlecruiser A.T.S. Arcadia, quickly rallied the defense fleet, launching strike fighters and arranging the cruisers and destroyers in a blockade over Mauritia. To Yates' surprise, however, the Imperial ships powered over his fleet toward the wormhole, before cutting their engines and pitching to face the Terran fleet.

Realising the Empire's intent, Yates ordered the fleet to mobilise to engage, breaking away from the planet to meet the Empire close to the wormhole. The Mauritian system was quickly consumed in battle, which spread across much of the system, with Yates recalling more and more of the entire sector fleet to protect the capital. However, the Imperial fleet, larger and battle hardened proved nigh-unassailable, steadily pushing the Terran ships into Mauritia's atmosphere, where many burned up under atmospheric stress and intense enemy bombardment. When the Terran dreadnought, A.T.S. Denali, was destroyed by a turbolaser barrage from the Conqueror, Yates begrudgingly ordered a retreat—an order which saved thirty percent of the surviving fleet, the rest trapped by Imperial interdiction fields, where they awaited their sorry fate.

Blockade of Shaher[]

Shaher System, Cyrannus Galaxy

With most of the primary wormholes leading from the other galaxies of the Gigaquadrant and the Cyrandia Cluster now under firm Imperial control, Imperial High Command deployed Captain Titus Dromaeo of the Allegiance-class Heavy Star Destroyer New Order. The ambitious Saurornithantan officer, keen to make his mark on the Imperial Navy, was tasked with directing his fleet to the far fringes of the galactic south on the borders between the Outer Rim's Laurantia Sector and the Unknown Regions, where a coalition of allied states such as the Waptoria Alliance of Species, the Mendel Pact and the Sacred Vanara Empire—closely allied with the New Republic and the Mou'Cyran Accords—had been granted many verdant sectors within which they were free to colonize.

Dromaeo knew that by blockading the Vanarine Cyrannian capital of Shaher, followed closely by sacking the Waptorian Cyrannian capital of Malu'h'a and assaulting Frenal, the capital of the Cyrannian colonies of the Pact, the hated Republic would be robbed of yet another extragalactic ally, as they had with the conquest of both the Indoctrinate Collective and the Terran colonies closer to Coru Secundus. Based on information gathered by Imperial Intelligence, Captain Dromaeo knew that the key of the success of the Persan was their use of the mysterious alternate dimension known as Accel Space, which rendered them largely immune to hyperspatial tactics. However, by modifying the interdiction fields generated by the Empire's Interdictor-class Star Destroyers, utilising technical information devised by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius, Dromaeo believed that they could utilise the fields to disrupt Accel Space travel, thus providing them with a distinct advantage.

Imperial forces under Captain Titus Dromaeo attack the Sacred Vanarine militia at Shaher.

Within moments of the activation of the interdiction fields, Dromaeo's Imperial Fleet dropped out of lightspeed over the Shaher, catching the planetary defenses off-guard. Confusion reigned among the Vanarine ranks before the Esonexus connection they all shared allowed them to quickly get a grip on the situation through instantaneous communication and retaliate. Defense Platforms immediately opened fire as Nano Jammers jammed whatever Imperial weapon systems they could. The Vanarine militia ships quickly went on the offensive using their chaotic movements and agility to keep from getting hit. Unfamiliar with the unorthodox tactics of the SAT commanders, Dromaeo's overconfidence was his greatest weakness, at the cost of many Imperial vessels.

However, the sheer numbers under his command began to turn the tide of the conflict toward the Empire, which began to isolate the Persan fleet away from the planet, attempting to blockade it against any potential incursion. The Sacred Vanara Empire simply put were fighting a losing battle, the Empire out matched them by a wide margin. However, the imperials hadn't counted on the inherent destructive nature of Accel Space. Matter and form were alien there and without a Realizer the indiction fields were being torn apart. Taking advantage of the gap the Vanarine city ships raised themselves off the planet and jumped into Accel Space, fleeing from the lost world. The Vanarine militia that was left took the chance for a few more shots themselves before quickly fleeing.

Afterwards a message went out to all Sacred Vanarine Cyrannian colonies, warning them not to attack the Empire, but to flee and deny the Empire resources and resupply as best they could. With that the main Persan fleet made the trek to the home of their closest ally. Frenal, the homeplanet of the Mendel Cyrannian colonies.


  • The Second Great War follows the layout of the Great Cyrannus War and the Dark Times, albeit without years. Users who've joined the fiction are free to add their own battles here.

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