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Adelheidis is a more powerful leader than you'll ever be. I intend to support her bid, and with her at the helm, the Empire will know defeat. She will get allies in the Quadrants behind her, something you are clearly incapable of.

- Praesator Waron Paratius, to President Apollo

The New Republic Civil War was an internecine conflict fought during the Second Great Cyrannus War, between Republic forces loyal to President Apollo and the new Senate on Capricaerón, and the self-proclaimed True Republic under the leadership of the ambitious Praesator Adelheidis. While political division within the Republic remained healthy and vibrant during the Cyrannian Cold War, the emergence of the Eastern Borderland Alliance and the destruction of the capital Mou'Cyran led to the collapse of the era of peace and prosperity—providing ample opportunity for Adelheidis and her followers to launch their own bid for galactic power.

Weakened by the Empire's brutal campaigns across the First Gigaquadrant, Apollo's government was ill-equipped to deal with Adelheidis' rebellion, which first sprung up in the Quadrant Galaxies, where she gained the support of the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral. Her rebellion, now known as the True Republic, spread into the Mirus Galaxy, where it was attacked by the Mendel Pact and the Vanara Houses, before engaging in a massive campaign to wrest power away from Apollo in Cyrannus, sparking the beginning of open warfare between the two Republics. On the sidelines, the Empire sought to exacerbate the tension caused by the Civil War, in preparation for a final destructive strike at all those who pledge loyalty to Cyrannian democracy—be they loyalists or rebels.

Driven from Cyrannus and Mirus by the united might of the New Republic and its allies, Adelheidis and her followers successfully sought aid from Rambo Nation, striking up an alliance with the increasingly unstable High King Rambert Ramveral, who attacked Republic forces when they entered the Quadrants, sparking war between them. However, when the Rambo were defeated at the pivotal Battle of Pauvenris, Rambert turned on Adelheidis, and provided the Empire with her location above New Capricaerón. The destruction of her fleet and her arrest and subsequent execution brought about the end of the Civil War, though heralded the beginning of a new deadly new phase of the gigaquadrantic conflict.

Course of the war[]

Opening Battles[]

Beginning of the Civil War[]

Not a day after President Apollo declared the final liberation of Coru Secundus that an unexpected threat emerged with devastating precision. In the Quadrant Galaxies, Praesator Adelheidis had previously declared independence from the Capricaerón government, claiming that Apollo's administration was one built on lies, deceptions and forged through his lust for greater power. However, despite arresting the rebellious Mirusian Praesator Waron Paratius, Apollo's attention, and that of the newly reconstituted High Command, was firmly fixed on the Empire's incursions, and not Adelheidis' bluster. However, having already made a pact with the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral, and secured the loyalty of Republica Elen'Nanethia's military forces, Adelheidis prepared to strike.

The New Republic fights against Adelheidis' "True Republic" at Saxhleel station.

With her loyal ships repainted from Republic red to the gold of House Adelheidis, and through negotiation with Rambert, Adelheidis led her fleet through the wormhole at Lianna station and emerged at Saxhleel in Cyrannus. The commander of Lianna-station, Nexul Tohon allowed the fleet to pass unchecked with approval of the Rambo crew under command of Thanram Tras. When the commander of the orbiting Saxhleel station refused to pledge his allegiance to Adelheidis' "True Republic", the vengeful Praesator ordered her fleet of Venator-class Star Destroyers to open fire, crippling the station and forcing its surrender. By the time the closest Republic fleet heard of the incursion, Adelheidis had already captured Novukanis and three other worlds in the Saxhleel Sector. Hoping to put an end to what he considered to be a foolish and unacceptable quest of personal ego, Apollo sent Senator Raen Magalen, his personal adviser Naelys Valraenos and his daughter, and Aldárae knight, Kara Inviá on a diplomatic mission to Saxhleel, where they hoped to persuade Adelheidis, who had agreed to discuss terms, to surrender. However, when they arrived on board the Layné Borellian with Fleet Admiral Shavalera, Adelheidis' forces immediately opened fire. Though outnumbered, the Borellian was soon joined by a reserve fleet from Mos'Notho, which sparked the first major battle of the New Republic Civil War.

Piloting an Aldárae Delta-class starfighter during the battle, Kara gunned down any Republic fighter that fired on her first, before landing on Adelheidis' flagship Talon of Veloci. Though she had been expected to capture Adelheidis and bring her to Capricaerón for trial, she instead received different orders—to infiltrate the crew of the Talon and report back on Adelheidis' plans. Though annoyed as she watched Shavalera's fleet retreat into hyperspace, she knew that unless the rogue Praesator began further conquests in Cyrannus, the Republic would be forced to contend with the Empire above all other considerations.

Adelheidis makes a new alliance with the Rihanaens and the Jenassians.

With the end of the battle, High King Rambert Ramveral of Rambo Nation openly admitted on the holochannels that the current situation within the New Republic was complicated, and that it should be resolved as soon as possible through diplomacy. He however warned that he would not allow any incursions into the Quadrant Galaxies, a claim that complicated matters even further and played well into the hands of Adelheidis. With Rambert's claim as discussed during their meeting, an attack at Lianna-station would mean an attack at Rambo Nation and the loss of their allegiance to Apollo.

Battle of Lloannen[]

Adelheidis was overjoyed by the initial success of her invasion. Not only had she emerged triumphant, she knew that the New Republic would be unable to deploy its full might to face her forces, fearful that doing so would allow the Empire to run rampant across its core territories. Additionally, with the bulk of Loyalist territory separating the region around Saxhleel and the frontlines, she would be able to concentrate on Apollo's forces free from the threat of Imperial intervention. However, she knew that Loyalist forces still outnumbered her own, and began travelling in secret across nearby sectors, searching for those who could be willing to support her claim.

The True Republic, the Jenassians and the Rihanaens attack and destroy Lloannen Station.

Though she found little luck among the worlds of the Eastern Borderland Alliance, she soon realised that in order to save the Republic from itself, outside intervention may be necessary. Travelling across the neutral zone established upon the end of hositilies between the Rihanae Pact and the Republic during the New Cyrandia Wars, she soon made contact with the Rei'praetore of the Rihanaen Star Empire, Xem Tcahlaer, who agreed to aid the True Republic provided that Adelheidis grant him sovereignty over the worlds of Rihanaen Deihui're—a group of Rihanaen who joined the Republic after the Sack.

With a fleet of warbirds under her sway, she travelled to the border of the Jenassian Regency, to seek an audience with Regent D'evi Teveda. Boarding her flagship along with Tcahlaer, the three leaders agreed to help eachother further their own goals, with Adelheidis acting as a mediator between Teveda and Tcahlaer, due to the historical enmity between the two powers. Three weeks later, with the civil war still in full fling, Adelheidis personally led a combined armada of True Republic, Jenassian and Rihanaen vessels across the neutral zone and attacked Lloannen Deep Space Station, under the command of Fleet Admiral Zal'Leo. Shocked by the sudden attack, Zal'leo attempted to call for reinforcements from the nearby spacelanes, though the overwhelming firepower of the enemy fleet quickly buckled the station, which exploded violently, killing all on board. Back on Capricaerón, Apollo watched footage from the battle with shock and fury, and became resolved to counter Adelheidis and her nefarious plans for the free democracy of Cyrannus.

Battle of Iveriu[]

The Republic Fleet, aided by the Sovereign Domain and the Cognatus attack the True Republic at Iveriu.

Three weeks after the beginning of the conflict, the True Republic, aided by the Jenassians and the Rihanaens, had scored victory after victory in the New Republic's relatively undefended eastern sectors. At Iveriu, capital of the Iveriun Sector, the True Republic established a staging ground upon which they could launch attacks on influential Loyalist worlds in nearby sectors, such as Mos'Notho and Ithirebor. Tasked with breaking their hold over the fertile planet, Captain Tymonir Vargeryan of the C.R.S. Ardaeinos rallied three Venator Star Destroyers and attacked the staging grounds over Iveriu, facing thirty True Republic vessels. Two of Vargeryan's Star Destroyers were lost in the intense fighting, though for every one Loyalist ship destroyed, five rebel vessels fell.

Regrouping for an assault on the Ardaeinos, the True Republic stood on the cusp of total victory when a wave of Cognatus and Azuxachoi Zazane vessels, commanded by Fleetlord Voron Valna'leh of the Surveyer of Allegiance, and the Zazane commander Aerax Balennis. Fighting to the bitter end, the True Republic attempted to flee, but were ordered by Adelheidis via subspace not to retreat, but to fight to the last ship, the last being, to destroy the usurpers to her rule. Forming a naval phalanx of Republic, Zazane and Cognatus vessels, Vargeryan, Valna'leh and Balennis carved a final swath through the True Republic's fleet, liberating Iveriu and opening the path to an assault on the wormhole at Saxhleel.

The War spreads to Mirus[]

Dark Wings of Despair Assault[]

Warfleet Admiral Auvia sat in the captains chair silently tapping her fingure as the great black scaled head of her Precore Dragon pact partner Black Wing hung over her as her other hand absentmindedly scratched him under the chin. Their current mission was a simple one, they were to infiltrate the Mirusian territory seized from the New Cyrannian Republic by Praesator Adelheidis' "True Republic" (a name that would be forever plagued by ironic quotation marks), locate one of their warfleets and destroy it. How they were to destroy it was up to Auvia as the Persan weren't much ones for micromanaging and tended to give very general orders with room for flexibility and adapting as the situation required it. 

She had sent her Nexx-class Stealthships and Grea-class Cruisers ahead as a vanguard. The Nexx-classes would locate the fleet and use their Indiction Cannons to drop it from hyperspace. The Grea-classes would then use their Hyperluinal Super Positron Sniper Cannons to provide covering fire from a couple of lightyears away as the main force dropped in to engage the fleet. Nano-class Corvettes and IM Suits would then be sent out to swarm the enemy ships while Forte-class Frigates would form the backbone of the assualt. While chaos reigned Black Wing and a force of Precore Dragoons would slip through and penetrate into the lead ship where they would slaughter the crew. With the fleet's leader dead and once Black Wing as his dragoons were back to safety, Auvia would have her Olivia-class Dreadnaught fire the Halvanhelev Cannon to shatter the back bone of the enemy fleet.

Auvia's fleet attacks the True Republic in the Mirus galaxy.

Those who chose to stay and fight would be destroyed. Those who fled would be allowed to do so before being hunted down by the Nexx and Grea-classes and destroyed. Those who surrendered would be spared, taken prisoner, and their ships stored to be shipped back over to the Resistance if they were in salvageable condition, if not then they would be stripped for parts and then those parts would be given to the Resistance. Auvia smiled at the thought of the battle to come and beside her Black Wing smiled to.

The signal came in that at True Republic fleet had been detected and a large one at that. The signal was given and the Nexx and Grea-classes opened fired with their Indiction Cannons. White and blue balls of hypermatter formed and traveled at hyperluminal speeds before colliding with one another to form a massive sphere of hypermatter that forces the True Republic Fleet into realspace. The Grea-classes laid down their hyperluminal suppressing fire as the Persan fleet warped in and went on the attack. Black Wing, knowing that as the aggressor in this situation, the onus was on them to achieve victory teleported outside the Dreadnought and slip through the True Republic lines with his Drag-On Dragoons.

However, things were not going exactly to plan. The indiction fire had not gotten the whole of the True Republic Fleet and those who had been caught in the spider's web had warped in a struck from the Persan flank. Auvia frowned, she had been too impatient, but now was not the time to panic. Sending out a command she had the Grea-classes warp in and been attacking those who flanking them from the rear while the bulk of the Persan fleet pulled a strategic retreat.

Meanwhile, Black Wing had located the enemy's lead ship. Landing on the hull he began to use his command over the fabric of space time to enlarge the space between the atoms of the ship's hull. Once the spaces were large enough he slipped through into the ship's interior while several of the crew were sucked out into the void of space. Moving through the ship he conjured up an aura of Dark Matter so powerful it drained the will to live from all those exposed while he unleashed the full force of his seismic torpedo launchers to force the ship's interior to rip itself apart. Tearing his way onto the bridge where he unleash a blast of dark matter causing all of the bridge crew to fall dead, their eyes glazed over as they simply stopped breathing. Black Wing advanced on the commander of the fleet who grabbed his blaster and fired at the great black dragon. Black Wings shrugged off the bolts like he would the stings of insects as he taught the commander, enjoying himself immensely. The commander dropped his gun and began to tremble and beg for mercy, Black Wing merely smiled before devouring the hapless man whole. Firing his Ender Plasma Cannon Black Wing blasted a hole in the ship to space which he flew through and les his Dragoons back to the Persan fleet.

Auvia's gambit had been a success, the True Republic Fleet had collapsed back into a single force and the Persan were beginning to push forward again. Once Black Wing and his Dragoons were back to safety Auvia sent out a command to change formation. It was designed to spear head forward and break the front lines to reach the center. With the enemy leader dead their front gave like butter and Auvia was free to unleash the power of the Halvanhelev Cannon. A fired orange beam lanced forward obliterating several of the ships in the center. After that the what remained True Republic fleet put up some resistance, but most retreated. Auvia would have loved to hunt them down, but with the way things had gone that was not an option. She knew not stretch her resources so.

Auvia linked for communication to central command. The Mendel had just captured the planet Zebas and she was to regroup with them and wait for reinforcements. They would then decide what to do next.

Kiun's Strike[]

Kiun sat within his personal quarters aboard his flagship, Empyreal's Chosen. As one of the leading Commanders of the Mendel Pact, alongside his comrade and fellow student, Ryaler, Kiun had been given the task by Mendel Command, to see to it that any worlds loyal to the e True Republic be brought back to heel. While the arrest of Waron Paratius had defiantly curved Adelheidis' control in the Republic Mirus colonies, it had not stopped it completely. Her fleets and armies commanded control of the region, and attempts to besiege the region would be a difficult one. As such, the Pact ordered the deployment of their diplomats. These individuals, gifted in the use of propaganda, flattery and persuasion, would visit each of the worlds that had given into the True Republic's dogma, and attempt to bring them back, either through actual good agreement, or by veiled threats. Each victory of the Taidhleior would mean one less deployment of the Mendel's armed forces, or those of their allies.

Unfortunately, not every world could be convinced. While loyal to Adelheidis, many where pragmatic enough, or fearful enough, not to risk inciting war with the Mendel Pact. However, their loyalty to the Praestor, and "Traitor-Harlot" has she was called by the Mendel warriors, was sometimes stronger then any fear or pragmatism. Such was the case with many worlds, but today would be the case of the planet Zebas, a partially volcanic world of rich soil, minerals, and shipyards, and protected by one of the largest True Republic fleets.

Kiun knew that such a fight would be difficult. Although many of the mining Unions and Guilds held sway, and favored Apollo as leader, the military presence kept such sentiments under wraps. Despite shipping weapons in secret to the guilds, he had kept them from attacking until now. Once he breached the outer-defenses, he would land his forces, and  send the signal to the Apollo-Loyal militia forces. But, one thing had to be accomplished at a time. His fleet hung in orbit above the Fleet-production world of Walgo'n, and was made up of all sorts of vessels. This fleet was a small one, compared to the mighty armada Ryaler commanded, but it would serve it's purpose like a scalpel instead of a mighty axe.

His fleet was made up of many Mendel warriors, mostly of Walgolorian origin, and assisted by Orgaat, Togunda and Kamaside Auxiliaries. Many of the Orgaat hailed by the Tribe of the Seven Claws, they had consumed DNA originating from Alastor, and had immunity to the radioactive environments there. Although radiation levels where low on Zebas, they had joined Kiun's fleet out of loyalty to their Commander, who had fought with them for countless years. With his fleet ready, Kiun set out for Zebas, his warriors ready, but uncertain. While they had desperately wished to take part in the Second Great War, fighting forces of the Republic seemed wrong to them. Kiun promised his soldiers that these rebels had lost the right to be called kin and Clan-Brothers, and where to be treated just as the Empire's troops would be treated.

The Mendel fleet went into hyperspace, and a moment later, exited above Zebas, far from the orbital installations. Kiun studied his foe's defenses. Three orbital defense platforms armed with some of the best Mac-Guns available to the Republic, and several automated satellites equipped with laser and missile turrets. It was a difficult fight, not helped by the massive True Republic Fleet hanging above. Beginning his plan, Kiun sent his Togunda vessels along the left flank of the battlefield, all of his ships still cloaked, and the squat aliens began to head out, grumbling for battle and warfare. Meanwhile, he ordered his main fleet to advance as far as they could, before True Republic satellites revealed the Mendel fleet in their midst, and sounded the alarm. For now, the Traitors where unaware, and sitting ducks. His forces moved forward, inch by inch, the Mendel crew members watching wearily as they advanced forward.

Kiun strikes Adelheidis' fleet in Mirus.

As the fleet got close to the first round of defensive satellites, Kiun ordered his Togunda to reveal themselves. The Togunda Commander grumbled in reply, and de-activated his cloaking, revealing the obsidian black ships, and opening fire with their red batteries, crimson energy slashing into the first defensive platform, as the True Republic fleet scrambled to face them. While they knew little of the Togunda, they knew enough to know that the short aliens' technology far out-stripped the rest of the Pact. The Togunda, while only numbering 15 vessels, they could still do much damage. As the fleet of Venators and Aethers moved quickly to intercept them, Kiun's fleet revealed itself as the Togunda fully engaged the traitors, blasting immediately through the defenses, and moving towards the Stations. So focused where they on the Togunda, that few remained to handle the main Mendel fleet. Kiun launched bordering crews, intent on capturing and neutralizing the Stations. He did not wish to damage them too much before he returned to them to the Republic. As the warriors boarded and began fighting with the crews, he moved in, having his forces aim their railguns and plasma batteries at the Republic forces. Caught in a vice between the Mendel and Togunda, the True Republic fought desperately, but were ultimately taken apart piece by piece.

With the space above Zebas secured, Kiun lead the attack on the ground, now joined by the Mining Guild and Union militias. Pulse Rifle and Plasma gun fire echoed throughout the capital city, Aoetoinos, as Walgolorian and True Republic forces clashed. Although the tight quarters where used against the Walgolorian, far less capable in melee then their cousins, Orgaat forces moved from building to building, killing, and often times, devouring their foes with knife, rifle and spear in hand, many falling, however, to the disciplined fire of the Republic Troopers, now wearing golden armor of their mistress, holding the line and blasting apart several Walgolorian and Orgaat forces piece by piece. Togunda forces lumbered forward, laying down suppressive fire as Candarro tanks clashed in the streets with Republic walkers and Tanks. After hours of fighting, the True Republic's forces were neutralized, his forces ragged and tired, but proud of their victory, and let out a call of victory, swords, fists and blasters raised in triumph. Kiun exalted his forces, and personally thanked the loyalists to Apollo for their bravery.

With the governor of Zebas taken hostage, and those loyal to Adelheidis sent to re-education camps to await their fate with the New Republic, Kiun sat back, his battlesuit scarred from fighting for so long, as he waited for the Persan to contact him with their own victory.

Preparation and Timing[]

With the Mendel Warriors making camp on the city of Aoetoinos, setting up a sector around the Governor's palace under their command, as their fleets kept control of the planetary defenses. Instead of moving on and giving control to a puppet leader, as they usually did, the Warriors waited for the arrival of one of their allies. A few days later, what appeared to be a supernova erupted over the skies of the world. While the inhabitants where amazed and slightly horrified by it, the Mendel paid it little heed, simply going about their tasks of patrol and monitoring the planet. Then, appearing from the great fiery portal, came the Persan vessels, already welcomed into the space above the world. Coming down, was the Precore Dragon, Black Wing, and the Vanara known as Auvia. Kiun, and his Sub-Commanders, the Ugandalorian Talorn, and the Orgaat Ha'brk, meet the two in the center of the Mendel Camp, and spoke of the fighting over Zebas, and what was to follow.

The leaders spoke for only a few minutes, but came to a quick understanding over the situation with the True Republic, the need to finish the war quickly before it sucked up too many New Republic resources, and the massive threat the Galactic Empire posed, Kiun remarking their weapons, size and brutality reminded of the days of the Dominatus Wars ages past. Auvia commented, meanwhile, of the civilians' seeming disinterest and out right hatred for the True Republic, as Kiun also remarked, that once armed and organized, would gladly fight back, just like what had happened on Zebas.

With the New Republic Ambassador on his way, the two sides agreed to wait for him before continuing their talks, Kiun offering the Persan forces the ability to camp alongside his own until they left for the next battlefront.

After a few hours later, a Venator-class Frigate appeared above the planet, and, after receiving clearance from the Mendel forces on the ground, the ship sent out a shuttle carrying the Ambassador, though he was not a Cyrannian lifeform, as they suspected, but a Tralot, from Mirus like the Mendel themselves. Though Kiun was surprised by this, he also said that he had no doubts of Ambassador Rix's loyalty, and they began talks of moving against the True Republic in Cyrannus, just as Mou'Cyran Accord forces moved to cut the True Republic from Cyrannus. Rix revealed that an admiral by the name of Aeranyeos, who would lead an attack on the Mirus capital of New Corulus, and end the True Republic's hold once and for all. Auvia spoke of the Persan's readiness to attack the True Republic where they would not expect it, while Kiun promised his warriors would fight to the bitter end to see their foes dead.

Battle of New Corulus[]

The days that followed on Zebas where one of constant work and rushing about, preparing for the arrival of the New Republic flotilla. The Mendel spent much of the time calibrating starship weapons and shielding, and, when that was finished, began sharpening and cleaning their blades, checking their armor systems, and practice fighting with one another. There was also the buisness of preparing the Mining militias to take over the keeping of law and order on the planet when Mendel and Persan forces left for new Corulus.

The Persan had been doing much the same as their Mendel friends, making sure that everything was prepped and ready to go. They had even run a few simulations for possible ways the battle could go, allowing them some contigencies for certain events. Other then that they had been extensivly scouting out their foe, looking for weak points, and locating spots of particulair unrest. A few days after the conquest of Zebas reinforcements in the form of Kelkate and Re'Ghul nomad fleets had arrived. While the Re'Ghul were allowed to wander freely amoung the Mendel, the Kelkate were told to keep to the Persan camps. Kelkate and Togunda ‎had a feirce rivarly. As one Persan officer said, "it's like goblins and dwarves with those two".

The boredom that was soon mounting among the Mendel and Persan warriors came to an end as the Fleet of Captain Aeranyeos. After giving the codes needed, his fleet was allowed to station itself above Zebas, as the Mendel and Persan began loading up their troops. Although time did not permit a face-to-face meeting, Kiun and Auvia contacted Aeranyeos, thanking him for his arrival, and honored to fight at his side. The Apationagtus returned their thanks, and told them it was an honor to work alongside them, and further complimented the strength and abilities of both nations' vessels, espeically the otherworldly Persan's.

Kiun, as he boarded "Empyreal's Chosen", informed Aeranyeos, that he was happy to submit to the New Republic officer, as his focus would be on the ground, as was Kiun's area of expertise, and his navies would answer to Aeranyeos in that time, as well as out of respect for the New Republic.

Auvia outlined her own forces plans for a combined ground and orbital assualt on her end, and promised to consult heavily with Aeranyeos to ensure it happened. Her plan was to use her heavier ships to draw the enemy's attention so that ground troops could be dropped and coordinated thier attacks with the lighter Persan craft's orbital straffing attacks on important military instilations. Aeranyeos spoke that such was a sound plan, to which Kiun agreed. Kiun volunteered to have his ships act as a shield, as their heavier armor and shielding would blunt the attacks of the True Republic, and, after vending them off, the Persan and New Republic Fleets would move in to strike the killing blow. His fellow admirals agreed that such was a strong plan, though Aeranyeos advised caution with pursuing such an ideal, not wishing the Mendel to risk themselves too much in battle. Kiun and Auvia laughed wearily, Kiun stating it was a Mendel's nature to risk themselves in all pursuits.

With that, the three prepared their hyperspace/Accel Space drives and charted the course to new Corulus, all of them ready for the be battle to come.

The Persan forces were the first to drop out of FTL in the New Corulus gravity well. Auvia's openning mover was to fire her ship's Halvanhelev cannon. The fiery orange beam lanced fourth taking out a few Aether-class Corvettes. Not the most effective use of the weapon, but that was not Auvia's intent. As her more threaening ships began to warp in Auvia had her present forces withdraw to the outer edges of the gravity well with the True Republic forces gaving chase.

As the True Republic got within range, and began exchanging fire with the Persan, the Mendel dropped out of Hyperspace right in front of their allies, expertly deploying in a wedge around them, as the New Republic came right after, Aeranyeos surprised by how Kiun managed his fleet's deployment. Venator fire from the True Republic lanced across the vessels of the Mendel, shielding buckling slightly, armor holding off the relentless attacks, as the Mendel returned fire, turbolaser rounds and massive driver shots from the Mendel ships countering the TR's weapons, as Orgaat and Togunda vessel brought their own brutal weapons to bear, the Togunda easiely slicing through enemy ships, as the Orgaat boarded the enemy ships, eager for battle. Driven off by the relentless attacks, the True Republic broke off, heading back to the Space Station and the rest of the fleet for it's protection and umbrella of fire power. Seeing their withdrawl, Aeranyeos ordered his ships to puruse, as Auvia and Kiun gave the same orders.

The combined forces of the Mendel, Persan, and New Republic split into three prongs, with Pact in the center, the Persan on the right, and the New Republic on the left. The Mendel ships, having been mocked before by the True Republic for their lack of "finese and "sophistication", smashed through the True Republic's front. TR trying to escape from the sides were cut off by the duel firing of the Persan and NCR. Despite being boxed in the True Republic forces managed to get organized again and turtle up providing a hard to crack defense. However, New Corulus' atmosphere was now wide open and ground troops could be launched onto to the surface.

Kiun ordered his forces to prepare for battle on the ground. Thousands of warriors of various races prepared themselves, Mendel with their blades, Orgaat with their rifles and spears, while the New Republic loaded their rifles and other over what they would do once they got home, while the Persan offered prayers to Jura for providence. The transports took off, many evading the savage rain of fire of the True Republic ships, many however, not so lucky, while some Mendel mounted their Tahriko War Droids, and rode them straight from their hangars, down to the surface. Meanwhile specialized transport carrying Vanara Red Mages touched down far from the city. The Mages quickly got to work sendig signals to support craft up in space to start tracing ley lines and other areas of note, they had a surprise planned for the True Republic

Kiun was in a specialized transport for he, his guards, and his advisors, including Talorn and Ha'brk and his Brave Warriors. Kiun sent a message to all troops, Mendel, Persan and Republic of the targeted area, just outside the city. There, resistance would be far less and the forces could establish a foothold and ready their artillery for attack. The other two races' ground commanders agreed with the sentiment, and, as the transports touched down, they could already here True Republic weaponry primed and ready.

The Doors to many transports opened, as sniper and heavy gunner fire shot off. Many Walgolorian Warriors, New Republic Troopers and PAS Soldiers where cut down in short order, However, many others escaped the torrent of plasma fire, and took up position, returning fire with Pulse and plasma fire. The numerous buildings and apartments had been prepared accordingly, each lined with razor wire and defenses, prepared for Mendel jetpacks and the like. However, Kiun held a surprise for them, sending his Battlesuits to clear out many of the buildings, leading a squadron himself, their various weapons, such Heavy Rifles and Burst Canons, making short work of the surprised enemy infantry.

What his Battlesuits could not reach, the heavy weaponry of his allies could, Candarro Assault tanks rolling in beside R1 Heavy Walkers and Omori skimmer platforms, all of them bringing their fire power to bear against any buildings the Mendel could not get to. Still, other True Republic targets fell to the Mechas deployed by the Persan, using their negative particle weaponry to blast through any targets in range.

After many hours of fighting, the area was secured, and the Mendel sent out their Orgaat and Gvanta Pathfinder and Scout teams to clear any areas of snipers, the Orgaat happily taking to the hunt, their long, jaws snapping eagerly. Kiun then brought his artillery online, along with his allies, preparing their attacks and waiting for his Pathfinders to find the central hub of the True Republic's command center. Though it took longer then expected, a pack of Orgaat, though gorged on the flesh of rebellious Libertus, informed their commander of the coordinates of the True Republic Command center, right near the governor's palace. Linking in with the rest of his forces, Kiun informed Auvia and Aeranyeos of the location, and ordered his artillery to open fire, as the space forces lined up their weaponry.

The combined artillery and orbital barrage grounded the area around the Command post to powder, though the Post itself remained standing, it's shielding far too strong, even for the worst the three fleets could throw at it. Kiun realized, grimly, they would need to face the heavily fortified area head on.

The Persan comander however approched Kiun with a solution, one that involved the Kelkate and Re'Ghul militia the Persan brought with them. The Mendel and New Republic commanders regarded the squabling reptilians and carrion eating, mutant humans with some skeptacism, but decided to give them their chance. Quickly getting organized the two subterrian races located various sewer entrances throughout the city and quickly popped down in the foul muk below. Sloshing their way through swege the Kelkate and Re'Ghul slipped under the shields and under the base. Comming up on various forms of plumming the two races sent small robots armed with low yield nuclear explosives up the smaller pipes. With a flick of a switch the robots went off blowing the command center's plumbing to hell.

Explosions rocked through the base and water sprayed from the walls as Kelkate and Re'Ghul stormed in stepping over bodies of those who had died rather embaressing deaths. What fallowed was utter pandemonium. The Kelkate proceeded to run amoke, pillaging whatever they could grab and ganging up on any True Republic soldiers they found. The Re'Ghul slipped into the duct work and made their way over to several key areas. They cut the power plunging the base into utter darkness, darkness which both Re'Ghul and Kelkate could see clearly in. This further disorganized the base allowing the Kelkate and Re'Ghul to make head way to the shield generators. While their weapons were primitive slugthrowers they were still effective. Many True Republic soldiers fell to concentrated slug fire.

Apon reaching the shield generators the Kelkate and Re'Ghul lay down higher yield nuclear devices and the retreated back into the sewers. The bombs were set off and while the True Republic managed to disarm a few, it was not enough. The Kelkate and the Re'Ghul vanished from the base as the shields fell, leaving the way open.

While the Re'ghul and Kelkate had been doing this, Kiun had been moving the allied forces into position, while weary of their strange ideals, he knew that they could do their tasks with efficiency. As they neared the Command Post, The allies encountered the True Republic's own hardware, repurposing their own R1 Assault walkers, and various other vehicles. Behind Kiun's forces lay the wreckage of many crashed Cyrannian, Persan and Mendel vehicles, and the bodies of many of their warriors, though many, many more True Republic ones.

As the shields fell, Kiun ordered his forces forward, tanks and walkers opening fire, as his warriors rushed forward, returning fire into the entrenched rebel positions. The Orgaat bounded ahead, nimbly leaping from one part to the next across the bridge, finally leaping into the trenchs and redoubts, and ripping apart the True Republic with their claws, knives and other weapons, as their allies caught up with them, Mendel, Togunda and Persan ignoring their allies' bloody work, while many New Republic Troopers stopped for only a second to gap in horror at their work, before continuing the charge.

The forces broke through, fighting through the base, while Tahriko War Droids and Largotz Dragons smashed through the cieling, ripping apart troops with their massive claws. The True Republic fought for many hours, the area a bloody gathering ground for dead forces on all sides. After many more hours of fighting, the forces under Kium where victorious, Mendel warriors raising their bloodied swords to the sky and roaring in approval of the bloodshed, as the other forces, tired and batter, celebrated in their own way.

Up in space the battle had drawn to a stalemate, the defensive position provided by the Space Station kept the allied forces from truly and finally breaking those of the True Republic. Down on the ground though the Red Mages had finally mapped out the ley lines and other important areas. Beginning their ritual those in orbit watched in wonder as an area of land of about ten kilometers by five kilometers was surrounded by the great fiery triangle. Inside this triangle form a great burnning circle the spun with strange symbols taking shape with. A vortex of shadows and color began to swirl about the circle as from the center a great fire ball that spate of a rainbow of chromatic sparks sailed into the outer atmosphere and the then struck the space station. What all present saw was a great explosion engulf the station. When the flames cleared it could be that a total fouth of the station had been utterly destroyed and the rest suffering critical damage.

This was all the allied naval forces needed and opened fire with renewed vigor up the True Republic ships. With their defensive advantage gone the True Republic's moral began to wane and many simply surrendered. By the time the whole affair came to an end the True Republic forces on the planet were utterly broken. While the allies had lost much life in the conflict they had scored a decisive victory. Aeranyeos contacted Auvia via hologram, and thanked her again for her help in the battle, and for dealing such a powerful blow to the True Republic's deception, before contacting Kiun and offering his thanks as well, telling him his ground combat abilities had won them a great victory this day. The two, in turn, thanked Aeranyeos for his help, and for the continued friendship the New Republic had given them.

War in the Quadrants[]

The Count of Apatalore[]

Power rests where folk believe it to rest, young one. And I fear Adelheidis has amassed much of it.

- Count Apaltar, to Kara Inviá

Content that her campaign in Cyrannus was now secure with the aid of the Jenassians and the Rihanaens, Adelheidis commanded her flagship Talon of Veloci to return to the Quadrants through the Saxhleel Wormhole. Once it arrived, it immediately set course for Apatalore—the nominal capital of the True Republic, though one that remained staunchly loyal to the Loyalist government on Capricaerón. As the Talon resupplied in orbit, Kara Inviá stole a fighter from the hangar deck and travelled to the planet below. There, she landed in Apatalore city, and made her way to the Palace of Count Apaltar, the first President of the New Republic, and one of Adelheidis' most hated enemies.

Kara Inviá meets with former President Apaltar.

Meeting with the former President, Kara learned that Adelheidis had him placed under house arrest, forcing him to remain within the confines of his keep and his vineyard. Though reluctant to take up arms against the "Traitor", he was ultimately convinced by the charismatic young Libertus to organise a resistance movement against her regime from within her core territories. Over the next two weeks, Apaltar and Kara made contact with a number of Quadrantia officers, such as Nexul Tohon, Aeranyeos and Fleet Admiral Anuatolian, rallying them in support of Apollo's government, and preparing them for an eventual strike against the True Republic.

Second Siege of Saxhleel[]

With the collapse of the True Republic's hold over Iveriu, the path was now clear for President Apollo's forces to besiege the critical wormhole at Saxhleel, which was used by Adelheidis' forces to reinforce their positions in Cyrannus. Under the command of Fleet Admiral Shavalera, the New Republic massed their forces in the nearby Mos'Notho system, while a second assault force, led by Tymonir Vargeryan and the Cognatus Primarch Voro Acetenus rallied in the Novukanis system, which had recently been liberated from Adelheidis' clutches.

The allies fight to push the True Republic from Cyrannus during the Second Siege of Saxhleel.

Coordinating their strikes, the two fleets left their respective systems at precisely the same moment, with Vargeryan and Acetenus' forces arriving at Saxhleel first. The True Republic immediately opened fire on the invaders, only to be caught off-guard by Shavalera's fleet, which attacked from the opposite side of the battlefield, boxing the True Republic between the two fleets and the wormhole itself. Desperate attempts by launching star fighters to hold the advance of Shavalera's fleet were in vain as the Cognatus joined the frey as well, outnumbering the True Republic forces 3:1. Nevertheless, the True Republic fought bravely to defend their bastion from falling into enemy hands, and retreated to surround Saxhleel station as they prepared for allied reinforcements.

Emerging from hyperspace came a squadron of Jenassian cruisers, reinforced by a trio of advanced Rihanaen warbirds, which managed to catch a Republic Liberator-class dreadnought with its shields down, destroying it with a volley of well-placed plasma torpedoes. However, the allies had reinforcements of their own, with a fleet of Mendel Pact cruisers under commander Carchal Nal arriving, along with several Persan ships, helping turn the tide of battle. Nevertheless, once it became clear to the Jenassian and Rihanaen commanders that the battle was unwinnable for them, they retreated back to their home systems, unwilling to die for Adelheidis' cause. After several hours of bitter fighting between the two forces, the True Republic commander stationed on Saxhleel station finally surrendered, officially ridding Cyrannus of Adelheidis' influence and surrendering the station back into NCR control.

After news of the victory at Saxhleel reached Apollo's ears on Capricaerón, he announced the news alongside his Vice President Ramdard Ramthrace, still recovering from the grievous injuries he sustained during the Republic Day Attacks the previous year. Once he finished the press conference, he returned to his office with Ramthrace, where they contacted the Rambo High King Rambert Ramveral, in order to request his permission to allow the New Republic fleet enter the Quadrants to put an end to Adelheidis' rebellion. When Rambert appeared on the holoscreen, Apollo was shocked by his shabby appearance, as well as his rude demeanour. The High King refused to allow Apollo's fleet to enter the Quadrants, warning him that doing so would bring about only bloodshed. Nevertheless, Apollo was resolved to ending Adelheidis' threat before it could further harm the Republic, and ordered his fleet to enter the Quadrants.

Seeking Allies[]

With news flooding into the Quadrants that President Apollo was preparing to launch an assault on the wormhole at Lianna station, former President Apaltar and Kara Inviá travelled to the Eye of Horus, the Phoenix-class supercarrier commanded by Fleet Admiral Anuatolian. Once there, the Eye of Horus travelled far beyond True Republic space, beyond the central Rambo territories and into Andormaru space. Though the Andormaru are members of the New Republic, they maintain the Andormaru Empire as a separate memberstate, and thus refused to join Adelheidis in her rebellion.

New Republic loyalists prepare to strike at Lianna.

As he had dealings with them in the past, and as Apollo was the one who first convinced them to join the Republic, Apaltar hoped that they would send aid to Apollo's forces soon to enter the Quadrants. To his relief, they agreed to meet him, as did a delegation of Adelphi led by Velar Coura, who made first contact between her people and Rambo Nation many decades ago. When they touched down at Andormar, Apaltar met by Initiative ambassador AnPthak who looked stern but pleased to see the former president of the Republic. Apaltar greeted AnPthak with a long bow, remembering him from their dealings when the Republic first joined the Initiative. Soon, Velar Coura joined the meeting, greeting both Apaltar and AnPthak. Apaltar began by speaking about the treasons of Adelheidis, and the dangers posed by the Empire, warning that if she was not defeated quickly, she would ultimately doom the Republic.

Coura was eager to lend the support of the Adelphi's sector fleets, which were blockading their homeworlds around Adelentia ever since Adelheidis first rose as the Praesator of Elen'Nanethia. The Andormaru were less eager to provide aid though promised to send support to aid their allies against the True Republic, starting with food and medical supplies for the NCR planets in dire need. Pleased with the outcome of the meeting, Apaltar managed to convince the delegates to lend him a fleet or two for the upcoming battle at Lianna.

Battle of Lianna[]

Lianna-station, a Rambo Nation space station and head quarters of the Lianna Initiative is an important facility that ensures a safe passage between the Cyrannus Galaxy and the Quadrants and a major hub for trade and commerce. Normally busy and often chaotic, today was even worse as captain Nexul Tohon strode through the hallways, making his way to the bridge. For at least a decade the station's red alert wasn't sound until today. His Serindia XO lieutenant, Thanram Tras issued a red alert and requested Tohon at the bridge. He already feared this day might come as the Second Great Cyrannus War was raging on.

The True Republic fleet which had emerged from the wormhole from Cyrannus several weeks earlier moved into position, effectively surrounding Lianna Station, in preparation for what was to come. Lieutenant Tras informed captain Tohon that the station's shields were raised and weapons were online. The first vessel to emerge from the wormhole was a Republic-modified Constitution-class,, which Tohon identified as Captain Tymonir Vargeryan's ship, the CRS Ardaeinos. It was soon followed by a massive armada, consisting of Republic vessels such as the Layné Borellian, the flagship of Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera, the Herald of Retribution, the flagship of Primarch Voro Acetenus, and a multitude of other Republic, Cognatus and other allied vessels, including the personal fleet of Carchal Nal.

Neither side fired on the other however, and Shavalera sent a transmission to the station, requesting that Tohon target his weapon systems at the True Republic fleet, and formally asked their surrender. Scratching his chin, Tohon considered Shavalera's words for the moment, before turning to face his XO. After all, the station was technically a Rambo station, and he felt that he should consult with the highest ranking Rambo officer. He noticed the Serindia officer was conflicted as well, bound between duty as friendship and voiced that he rather would power down the station's weapons and remain out of the conflict. Nodding, Tohon replied that the station was temporarily under Tras' command, and left the station's command bridge for his docked personal destroyer, the Teihu'rhe, which moved to join Shavalera's fleet.

Across the gulf of space, on the far side of the station, Praesator Adelheidis stood with her hands held behind her scarlet dress and scowled. She had not expected the Libertus fool to disregard Rambert's orders not to enter the Quadrants, and now that his forces had, her True Republic, and her plans for the future were now at risk. Disregarding Shavalera's order to surrender, Adelheidis ordered all of her ships to immediately open fire. Acting quickly, both Shavalera and Primarch Voro responded in kind, and with superior numbers and firepower, began to whittle away at the True Republic fleet.

The Republic and the Cognatus battle against the True Republic and the Rambo.

Suddenly, a large Rambo flotilla led by the Caradhras-Class USS Galathynia under command of commodore Malegras. Flanked by various Delphator-Class and Miranda-Class battle cruisers he opened a channel and demanded both sides to cease hostilities or be fired upon. Shavalera responded by rallying all Republic and Cognatus vessels around the Herald of Retribution, and replied that this was an internal Republic matter, and that Adelheidis's tyranny was finally at an end. The Commodore simply chuckled and reminded that he was out of line and executing hostilities within Rambo sphere of influence. To enforce his commitment and warning two of the Delphator-classes launched photon torpedoes of the front bow as a warning. On the bridge of her cruiser, Adelheidis grinned broadly, and lined her ships alongside Malegras'. Lending his voice to the tense situation, Voro announced that lest the Rambo stand down and hand over the traitors, he would set their fleets aflame, as he would any other enemy.

Adelheidis made the first move, once again engaging the Republic and Cognatus ships with the full fury of her remaining forces, inviting Malegras, as a fellow Quadrantian to do the same. Malegras simply responded that this was his final warning, and it counted for both sides as his flotilla unleashed their weapon power and targeted both sides. Adelheidis made no further aggressive action, though watched with satisfaction as the Rambo fleet opened fire on the Republic and its allies, pushing them ever-closer toward the wormhole's horizon. Unprepared to deal with the might of Malegras' fleet, Shavalera was about to issue an order to retreat, when a sizable armada dropped out of hyperspace on the far side of Lianna Station.

Kara Inviá and Apaltar appeared on the viewscreen of Shavalera's bridge, informing him that they had unified an armada of Republic, Adelphi and Andormaru vessels in opposition to Adelheidis' rule. Matching the Rambo vessels in speed, the Andormaru cruisers shot ahead of Fleet Admiral Anuatolian's flagship, and began to harass the Galathynia, while waves of New Republic starfighters engaged in deadly dogfights with Rambo fighters, all the while opening a hole in the Rambo armada for Apaltar's fleet to join up with Shavalera's. Malagras issued a retreat, not wishing to bear the brunt of the combined fleet but warned Apaltar and Shavalera that they had made a wrong choice, one that might cost them dearly. As the Rambo fleet was withdrawing, they took the True Republic vessels in protection as well.

Rambo Reverberation and Response[]

After the Battle at Lianna, the political fall-out within the Rambo Senate resulted in chaos. The senate was split in two whether or not accept this conflict as a misunderstanding or to declare war against the New Republic. High King Rambert Ramveral used his political cunning and knowledge and played on the fear of the senators. For one, if the Rambo were willing to go as far as during the Gorge Dispute, they cannot ignore this insult and lack of respect by President Apollo. Fleet Admiral Shavalera, Primarch Voro and Apaltar met on Lianna station, which the New Republic placed under its 'protection', though ensured that all Rambo officers on board were treated fairly. With the fleet repairing, Apaltar returned to Apatalore, to continue raising support for the collapse of the True Republic.

At midnight that same day, Commodore Malegras led a Rambo Nation invasion fleet into New Cyrannian Republic space as a silent declaration of war. Without warning, small task force assaulted various agricultural planets though did not invade. Instead, they fire photon torpedoes into orbit, poisoning the air and in result the crops and water supplies as well in an attempt to cripple the people's faith in Apollo.

Ramberts send his forces as retaliation against the NCR
(propoganda poster)

At 06:00 am, following the invasion of the northern areas of NCR space, Malegras laid siege to Apaltore with at least three Caradhras-classes and its escorting fleet. The defense fleet, taken by utter surprise, put on a valiant fight but the ruthless tactics deployed by Malegras resulted in the destruction of the shipyards and the disabling of many vessels. Malegras himself went to the surface and personally placed former president Apaltar under house arrest, and under the protection of Rambo Nation. As news spread over the holonet, the once promising Lianna Initiative shattered as the Rambo, Republic and Andormaru, backed by the Cognatus were unable to speak reason to High King Rambert Ramveral as Rambo forces continued to occupy Apatalore.

To make matters more complicated, Rambert placed Apollo's son, Laoi Cretacea under house arrest at the Rambo Palace, and the NCR ambassador, Tadgh, who had held the position of ambassador since the days of the Capricorn Sector Alliance was arrested as well. Delighted by the turn of events, Adelheidis travelled to the Rambo Capital to meet with Rambert, and express her thanks for siding with her against the 'vile traitor' Apollo. During the meeting, Rambert, as a gesture of goodwill, asked Adelheidis about what she would do with Laoi and Ambassador Tadgh, prompting the Praesator to respond that rather than keep Laoi on the Rambo Capital, he should be sent to the harshest prison camp imaginable, while Tadgh, as a symbol of the Rambo's resolve and power, should be executed for all the Cluster to see. Rambert complied, and had him executed on holo channel for capital treason for all to see. The act however had an adverse effect amongst most of the Rambo citizens, whom began harbouring doubts about their once promising King. To make matters worse, the Empire was watching as well.

End of the war[]

Battle of Pauvenris[]

U-Wings and the Silent Retribution rescue the group from Pauvenris.

On Capricaerón, President Apollo began preparing for an increased military presence in the Quadrants, to counteract Rambert's act of war and rescue his son from the salt mines of Pauvenris. In short notice, he managed to contact the Saviki Void Combine and the Mendel Pact, both of whom agreed to aid Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea's forces. Meanwhile, Aoirtae Valaeris and Vanikaimar travelled to the Space in Between, where they made contact with the Rambo Loyalists. Negotiating with Lord Jar'Dis Ravencrow, Aoirtae managed to convince him to not only reveal the location of Pauvenris, but to aid them in their fight to liberate Laoi.

Arriving in orbit over Pauvenris, Fleet Admiral Cretacea attempted to reason with the Rambo forces stationed there, though when they refused to hand over Laoi, a massive battle for control over the system began. Cretacea had not expected the Rambo to place such high defences in orbit around such a ruined planet, with several Paragavatus-class super star destroyers stationed in defence of Rambert's darkest secrets. Nevertheless, unwilling to allow his grandson spend another moment on the hellish world, Cretacea responded with force, unleashing the full power of the Republica and commanding his subordinates, including Helo Roslia and Tymonir Vargeryan to do the same.

The Republic and their allies battle against the Rambo at Pauvenris.

Travelling to the surface in a Saviki stealth craft, Aoirtae, Kara and Qurik Skel infiltrated the Rambo compound and, after a deadly battle, managed to defeat the elite guards of House Ramveral who were stationed there. When they reached Laoi's location, they brought him to the courtyard outside the compound, which was being showered by space debris from the battle in orbit. Fortunately, the timely arrival of Vanikaimar, and Rambo Loyalist forces led by Yvenne Thalyssaera, resulted in the success of their mission. In Cyrannus, Apollo received the news from Ramdard Ramthrace and made plans to travel to the Quadrants to reunite with his children. Before he departed, however, he forged a bond with Rikken Eksil, the leader of the Void Combine, and promised to help him find a new homeworld for his people.

High King Rambert's reaction to the defeat at Pauvenris was one of great fury; he would put all the blame on Commodore Malegras, leading him to be branded a traitor by Rambo Nation and to the infamous Gorge to be closed once again. The Commodore, infuriated by the news, in turn reduced entire worlds to rubble as he fled both the Nation and the New Republic to evade possible capture. And as this all took place, Rambert's eyes turned to Adelheidis and her New Republic.

Battle of New Capricaerón and aftermath[]

Ever since I allowed you into the Quadrants, I've suffered nothing but woes. I see it clearly now; all of the Cyrannian Republic is a thorn in the side of Rambo Nation, be it Apollo's or yours!

- High King Rambert Ramveral

By Dekemurios 1, 16 NE, the True Republic had been reduced to a single fleet, which moved behind the Rambo armada, securing worlds conquered by the now-rogue Commodore Malegras. In the process of securing the recently captured New Capricaerón, Adelheidis was contacted by an irate Rambert, who launched a tirade against the Praesator, accusing her of being responsible for his woes after the Rambo defeat at Pauvenris. Before Adelheidis had the chance to respond, Rambert revealed he had let her location known to the Imperials, and ended the transmission. Intending to escape to seek an alliance with the Regellis Star Empire, Adelheidis suddenly found herself trapped when the Imperials raised an interdiction field over the system.

In a battle which became known as the Last Stand of the Viper, a massive Imperial armada commanded by Grand Admiral Tector Decimius viciously attacked Adelheidis' fleet, destroying it within the space of half an hour. When the battle ended, Adelheidis was apprehended by Decimius and brought to Orbispira, where she came face-to-face with Emperor Tyrómairon. The Emperor initially claimed he had some use for the traitorous Praesator, though when she attempted to seduce him, he ended her life. News about Adelheidis' defeat soon spread across the Gigaquadrant, and while President Apollo hoped that it would allow his forces to concentrate on an invasion of Imperial territory, High King Rambert remained a truly dangerous foe. Thus, as the ashes of the True Republic scattered across the cosmos, a new and destructive phase of the Second Great War began.


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