We can no longer live under the shadow of Tyrómairon, send your ships, your warriors! Converge on Orbispira, and let us all step into the Light! We do not fight for conquest, we fight to end it! We fight for liberation and justice! We fight for democracy, for the Republic, for Cyrannus!

- President Apollo, rallying the galaxy to war prior to the battle[1]

The Great Battle of Orbispira, also known as the Liberation of Orbispira, was the decisive battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War, resulting in a New Republic victory, the defeat of the Emperor Tyrómairon and heralding the decline and fragmentation of the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus.

The planning for the liberation of Orbispira began immediately after the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds, during which the New Republic was restored as a functioning government under the leadership of President Apollo. Realising that the Empire would not suffer the Republic's existence, Apollo and his allies proposed an immediate strike on Orbispira, concentrating on their resources on taking the planet, while fleets loyal to the Singularim Pact protected the Republic's borders from an Imperial counteroffensive. Utilising knowledge of an ancient Oikoumene beacon on the planet, the Republic sent numerous teams to the planet's surface, resulting in the lighting of the Great Beacon, which summoned the disparate fleets of the galaxy to war.

The subsequent battle was the largest in the history of the Cyrannus Galaxy, during which a vast allied fleet led by Admiral Helo Roslia clashed with the Imperial armada in orbit, while simultaneously, the knights of the Aldárae Order fought against the Phaedric Lords on the planet's surface. Though the battle in orbit quickly turned against the allies, the arrival of a united fleet from across the galaxy turned the tide against the Empire, forcing the remnants of the Imperial Navy under Captain Henera Medé to retreat. However, the engagement was proceeding as Emperor Tyrómarion had foreseen, with the Dark Lord revealing to Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá and Apollo that he had allowed the Republic to be formed in anticipation for the day when they would lead all his enemies to him. At that moment, Tyrómairon revealed the Mornûnenduran Armada—a vast fleet of Oikoumene dreadnoughts which would herald the beginning of an age dominated by the Mornûnendur.

At that moment, when all seemed lost, Apolithanatár and Libraé arrived in the Imperial Sanctum, and together with Aoirtae and Inviá, they fought against the Dark Lord and his Mornûnenduran followers. Though the Emperor was powerful enough to subdue his foes, he was unable to withstand their combined attack, though even still, he was only defeated by the self-sacrifice of Apolithanatár, forcing both the Dark Lord and the Lord of Light to give up their physical forms, thus bringing an end to the dark reign of Tyrómairon and ending his plans for a universe governed by his will alone.

In the aftermath of the battle, the New Republic and their allies celebrated a resounding victory against the Empire, which had been fractured by the loss of their Emperor. Though the war would continue for another five years, the victory at Orbispira was considered a death knell for the Empire, which ultimately surrendered to the New Republic in 26 NE, finally bringing an end to the Second Great Cyrannus War and inaugurating a new era of peace and justice for the galaxy.


We must take new action. We're finished hiding. I propose an immediate attack on Orbispira, the Imperial capital itself.

- President Apollo[1]

The New Republic Remnant, reinforced by powerful allies from across the Gigaquadrant, launched Operation Liberty after winning a pivotal battle against the Imperial Grand Admiral Tector Decimius at the Battle of Harborage in 20 NE. Over the course of two months, the Republic wrested control of Coru Secundus from the Occupied Republic and their Imperial masters, culminating in the Liberation of the Twelve Worlds in Neochios 20 NE.

The allied leaders discuss the plan to liberate Orbispira.
Neochios 30, 20 NE

With the Imperials rallying a counterinvasion fleet in the Lurasura Sector of the Inner Rim, Apollo proposed a desperate strike on the galactic capital Orbispira, hoping to defeat the Emperor Tyrómairon and rally the entire galaxy to take up arms against their Imperial oppressors. The Republic's new allies in the Singularim Pact agreed to defend the New Republic's reclaimed borders, opening a new front against the Imperials from the liberated ecumenopolis Coruanthor.

During a strategy meeting on Capricaerón, the Last Nagith Vanikaimar revealed the existence a beacon below the surface of Orbispira, which had been used during the closing stages of the ancient Second Nagith War by the First Republic, allowing them to defeat the Nagith by summoning the galaxy to war. Apollo hoped that history could be repeated, and tasked Aoirtae Valaeris, Kara Inviá, the Adjunct and Vanikaimar to travel to Orbispira and light the Great Beacon. Simultaneously, a group consisting of Caranye Valaeris, Arasah Nui and Rhavor Aldorón would travel to the planet to link up with the treasonous Tereyn Aeresius, who had provided the Republic with access to the secret military hyperlanes leading to the planet in exchange for sanctum.

The Great Beacon is lit.
Neochios 34, 20 NE

On the morning of Neochios 34, the Auethnen Raptor dropped out of hyperspace above Orbispira, and travelled to the site of the dilapidated Senate Tower, which had become a refuge for the impoverished citizens and political dissidents of Orbispira. Travelling to the site of the Great Beacon, Aoirtae, Kara, Vanikaimar and the Adjunct discovered that it was inoperable, prompting the ancient Oikoumene AI to sacrifice himself in order to supply the Beacon with the power necessary to be seen across known space. Kara subsequently used the Beacon's datastream to transmit a message from her father, which could be seen on every holoprojector, screen and droid across the Cyrandia Cluster, rallying all those who oppose the Empire to wage the great battle of the age.

The battle[]

Opening Clashes[]

The Empire has forced you from your homes and robbed you of your freedoms. They have spread their darkness to every corner of their cosmos. Today, we say enough! At this very moment, the galaxy itself rises to fight them. Now is not the time to hide in the underworld, under the boot of an evil Emperor. No, now is the time to fight! To resist!

- Arasah Nui[1]

Though the beacon had transmitted Apollo's message to every corner of the galaxy, it was cut off through Tyrómairon's intervention, halting the broadcast, though the damage had already been done. Emerging from the shadows of the chamber of the Great Beacon came the crimson blades of the Emperor's Phaedric enforcers, preventing the Aldárae from escaping. However, the Phaedra had not counted on the strength of Vanikaimar, who sacrificed himself to allow his friends to escape, killing Lords Echoriax and Cythonia in the process.

In space, Apollo's fleet arrived in orbit and immediately engaged the Imperial defence armada commanded by Grand Admiral Mortalagueis and consisting of the flagship Sovereign and numerous escort ships including the Fist of the Empire, the Desolator and the Harbinger. The Imperials quickly established a defensive perimeter around the Sovereign, forcing allied commanders such as Voro Acetenus, Helo Roslia, Gialu Kaedar and Taros Cassynder to concentrate their fire on the legions of Star Destroyers protecting the Imperial flagship.

The battle for control of Cyrannus rages in the skies above Orbispira.

Meanwhile, on the surface, Arasah Nui and a crowd of civilians watched in horror as Potentate Aeresius was put to death on the steps of the Imperial Sanctum by Grand Mandator Caesarius, as a warning against all those who would take up arms with the New Republic. With the Empire closing down entire sections of the city, sending thousands of civilians to labour camps in the government district, Arasah Nui, Caranye and Agent Aldorón travelled to the planet's underworld, where they met with Tironus Manition and Corva; smugglers who helped numerous citizens escape the Empire's ongoing purge on the surface. The smugglers brought the Republic agents to an open refuge for the civilians, where Arasah gave a fiery speech calling on them to take up arms and reclaim their homes from the Imperials.

In orbit, the Republic's front line of warships began to collapse, with Captain Nirndal of the Sovereign using his ship's mighty primary cannon to destroy the venerable Spirit of Freedom commanded by Admiral Mytus Aradraen. To make matters worse, Imperial reinforcements began to arrive at the battle, including Grand Admiral Carandial of the Imperatore, Admiral Rela Loupál of the Empirical, and Admiral Sarcophoneus of the Tyrannic—all of whom commanded dreadnoughts with more tonnage than anything in the allied armada. With morale quickly vanishing, the Cognatus Primarch Voro Acetenus resolved to take bold action, and ordered his flagship Herald of Retribution to ram through the Star Destroyer Accuser and open a hole in the Imperial fleet.

The Imperatore smashes into the Sovereign, destroying both Imperial flagships.

With strong shields protecting it from intense Imperial fire, the Herald of Retribution held position over the fleet and Acetenus launched his daring mission, leaping from the hangar bay and falling through space before landing on the hull of the Judicator, the flagship of Admiral Mortalagueis. Smashing through the bridge with a contingent of his greatest warriors, Acetenus challenged the Mortalitas, and defeated him in single combat, before ordering his followers to direct the ship toward the Imperatore and engage the hyperdrive. Abandoning ship at the last moment, Acetenus watched as the Judicator made the jump to lightspeed, taking the Imperatore along with it and sending both ships smashing into the Sovereign, dealing a considerable blow to the Imperial Navy.

The battle of the fates[]

You escaped the Empire's birth because I willed it so. The New Republic rose from the ashes of the old, because I allowed it. All in preparation for this day. It was by my design that you gather my enemies here, at the end of all things.

- Emperor Tyrómairon speaks with Apollo[1]

Though the Empire quickly summoned more reinforcements commanded by Grand Admiral Valindor Palenix of the Executor, the Imperials soon found themselves surrounded when a vast armada of ships from across the galaxy arrived to aid the Republic, including the exiled Senator Guolivian of the Basileus Freedom Front, Emperor Savra Mathen of the Corthrinus as well as the planetary fleets of the Mon Nahdar, the Delfoi, the Aevarin, Trucinex and the Saurornithanta. Combining their strength with that of the allied armada, this massive fleet quickly turned their guns on the Tyrannic, destroying it before concentrating on the Executor.

The galaxy answers Apollo's call to arms.

Meanwhile, on the planet's surface, Aoirtae and Kara were ambushed by the surviving Phaedric Lords, prompting a duel between the followers of the Light and the servants of the Darkness. Though the Phaedric Lord Moranonúngur was killed by Aoirtae, they were ultimately captured by Venatorius and brought before Emperor Tyrómairon in the Imperial Sanctum. On the streets below, the Republic and their allies began landing ground forces all across the planet, linking up with Caranye and Arasah's team as they made their way toward the Sanctum. There, they watched in horror as Tyrómairon used his mastery over the Darkness to ensnare the Republic flagship Resolute, sending it crashing toward the planet's surface, presumably killing Apollo and Admiral Roslia. In actuality, however, both survived the impact, with Apollo being captured by the Phaedra, and Roslia hidden from sight by his mysterious messenger.

Despite the loss of the flagship, the Republic Admiral Gialu Kaedar took command of the fleet and directed it to destroy the Executor, prompting a mighty battle between the Imperial dreadnought and the Star of Cyrannus, it's Republic counterpart, destroying both ships in the process. Without a clear chain of command, Republic commanders and their new allies fought with chaotic resolve, smashing through the remnants of the Imperial fleet before descending through the clouds to reinforce the fight on the surface.

The battle rages in orbit.

As the planet rose up in revolt against the Empire, aided by the Republic, and after defeating the rogue Phaedric Lord Ruuvitharn on the planet's surface, Caranye Valaeris led her forces to the crash site of the Resolute, where they reunited with Admiral Roslia and watched as legions of Imperial Inquisitors led by the Emperor's Wrath emerged from the Sanctum, cutting down any enemy that stood in their path. When all hope seemed lost, the Oikoumene Chaneonix arrived in the skies, bringing with him an army of Miluiel and the Aldárae dragon lord Du'utahrovin, which clashed with the Emperor's dark forces on the avenue leading to the Sanctum.

In what became known as the Great Clash, the Republic's forces and those of their allies joined the Miluiel in their fight against the Inquisitors and their army, slowly pushing their way through the legions toward the entrance to the Imperial sanctum. As Grand Mandator Caesarius watched the allies approach his bastion, he realised that the battle had been lost, and ended his life rather than face Republic justice. However, within his throne room, Tyrómairon remained calm, for everything was proceeding as planned. Unveiling the culmination of the Grand Plan to Aoirtae, Kara and an imprisoned Apollo, the Emperor called upon the ancient Mornûnenduran dreadnoughts which the Mornûnendur had spent the last two decades attempting to reawaken, darkening the skies of Orbispira and signalling an end to the allied cause.

In spite of this overwhelming threat, the Republic continued to fight on bravely, while in the Sanctum, Tyrómairon goaded Aoirtae to kill Venatorius upon revealing that the Phaedric Lord had killed her parents in the hope that it would push her toward serving the darkness. However, Aoirtae remained loyal to the Aldárae Order, and as punishment, Tyrómairon moved to execute Apollo, only to find that he stood under the protection of his wife Libraé, who had arrived alongside Apolithanatár. Thus a mighty clash erupted between the Oikoumene, resulting in the defeat of Apeligateza and Ekrillium at the hands of Aoirtae, Kara and Chaneonix, while Morumadáin was cured of the Dark Lord's corruption by Libraé. Apollo was subsequently returned to the surface by Chaneonix, where he participated in the ground battle. Simultaneously, the Phaedric Lord Maethoruin commanded the Empire's losing battle against the Aldárae, and though he managed to kill Master Daera Rosalayne, he was overpowered by Arasah Nui and Alinor Nanuq, forcing him to retreat the battle alongside Archaxys, the Wrath and Imperial forces led by Henera Medé.

The titanic battle between Tyrómairon and Apolithanatár threatened to rip apart the very fabric of existence, causing the Sanctum to lift into the skies of Orbispira, where it was annihilated due to the intensity of the bout. Libraé protected Aoirtae and Kara from the vacuum of space, and at a moment when it seemed as though Tyrómairon would overpower Apolithanatár, they were confronted by the spirits of those who came before, including Master Ryen, Vanikaimar, Gianne Inviá and Willelmus Cretacea, who gave them the power and encouragement they needed to fight. With their combined power, Tyrómairon was ensnared by Apolithanatár, who bid farewell to his friends and sacrificed his physical form to banish Tyrómairon from corporeality, ending the reign of the Dark Lord of the Mornûnendur.

With the Dark Lord's defeat, the Mornûnenduran fleet disintegrated before it could be used to dominate the Gigaquadrant, and on the surface, celebrations erupted proclaiming the end of the Empire and the beginning of a new era under the stewardship of the New Republic. Before departing from the cosmos, Libraé and Chaneonix restored the life of Gorf as thanks for Apollo's role in the battle, and with their departure, the age of Oikoumene influence came to an end.


There is a great cycle in our history. Some generations live with much given, while from others much is expected. We have endured much, but we have emerged victorious. Our rendezvous with destiny is not over. We stand at the gates of a new era! And we stand ready to rebuild our galaxy. Long live the Republic!

- President Apollo, 26 NE[1]

In the aftermath of the battle, the Empire splintered between various warlords hoping to claim the vacant Imperial throne. After the celebrations had ended on Orbispira, President Apollo rallied his people to continue the war against the Imperials, sending fleets throughout the galaxy on campaigns to liberate Imperial space. He was aided in this regard by the people of the galaxy itself, who realised that with the Empire's defeat at Orbispira, a new age for the galaxy had dawned.

In 26 NE, after five more years of conflict in the galaxy, the New Republic had claimed almost the entirety of Imperial space, from the Core Worlds to the Outer Rim, reaching a territorial extent which exceeded that of the Empire at its height. Faced with no other alternative, and facing a lack of resources, the Imperial leaders Henera Medé and Lord Maethoruin travelled to Orbispira to sign the Imperial Instruments of Surrender, bringing the Second Great Cyrannus War to a close and marking a new age in galactic history—the age of the New Republic.


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