Dramatis Personae Edit

The Inquisitor's Mission Edit

Savis Crevix sat alone in his personal quarters, blinders placed over his eyes, as he kneeled in the center, his breathing soft and steady as he meditated on the existence of the Empire, the nature of light and dark and other things. He had been given a break after his latest job, bringing a Resistance cell's leader to his knees, and having him spill his guts to the Empire. Crevix cared little for what happened after, leaving him to his fate with the higher ups in the Inquisition, while Savis continued to enjoy his private, quiet life. While the Inquisition often felt the compulsive need to put him on the front lines, it was worth it in the end for his ultimate goals. His communicator buzzed to life, causing his eyes to snap open in an instant. He sighed in annoyance as he got to his feet, removing his blinders, and moving over to the communicator on his desk.

He moved past the various hands of various races he had collected over the years, carefully preserved and arranged next to his collection of priceless paintings, as he sighed in annoyance pressed the button on his communicator, bringing up a hologram of a figure he did not expect at all. The enigmatic Emperor of All Cyrannus, Tyrómairon, most of his majesty's body obscured except for his upper half, his fingers steppled in front of him, before his cold eyes focused on the Inquisitor. The Inquisitor, while normally apathetic, allowed surprise to take him for a moment, as his eyes widened, before he regained his composure, and returning to his cold demeanor.

  • Savis - "Honored Emperor, to what do I owe the pleasure of your presence, your Majesty?"
  • Tyrómairon - "Inquisitor, I have need of your services again."
  • Savis - "So soon, my lord?"
  • Tyrómairon - "Yes, a mission of great importance. You are aware of the Mendel, yes?
  • Savis - "I know little. They are a reclusive, but untrusting race. I know they are quite smitten with the New Republic, like hounds desperate for companionship, but that is all I know, I am afraid my lord. That, and that they keep the company of cannibals."
  • Tyrómairon - "Not all appear to fall under such an assessment, Crevix. I have been given information on a group of them operating on the fringes of the Galaxy."
  • Savis - "How did they get there? Am I to remove them?"
  • Tyrómairon - "To the first, I must admit I have little clue, recent events have made me wearily of uninvited guests. However, this is not the mission I charge you with. Their leader, a Chieftain named Chokuto has asked to parlay with us.
  • Savis - "Of what I know, the Mendel take oaths of allegiance to their allies very seriously. Why would such a being go against these "Oaths" of theirs."
  • Tyrómairon - "That is precisely what I ask of you, Crevix. You are to go the Chaykin Cluster, and the designated coordinates, and meet this little warband and see their intentions, study them. If by next week I enjoy what I hear, they may live, by my accordance."
  • Savis - "I am honored you entrust me, lord, but is this really the job of one of your great Inquisitors?"

Tyrómairon fixed him with a cold gaze, as Crevix felt panic rise in his chest. He felt a pressure upon his neck, not quite like being strangled, but dangerously close to it, and a feeling akin to a drill going through his forehead. Before long, the feeling vanished. He had heard the Emperor could strike down another in another galaxy, but this did not feel like a direct attack. As though the Emperor merely wished to give a preview of what his needless questioning could lead to.

  • Tyrómairon - "There are things at work that go above your little head Inquisitor, despite the ambitions you hide from your comrades, yet are clear as day to me. Do not question the part you play, merely execute your role to 100% capacity, understand?"
  • Savis - *robing his throat nervously* "Yes, My Lord, I will not fail."
  • Tyrómairon - *A cold smile slowly spreads across his lips* "Excellent. I have charged you with this mission personally. Remember that, and do not fail."

Savis was about to ask how he could fail such an easy task, one, so the Emperor would not subject him to another induced panic attack, and two, so he did not have to hear exactly what awaited him. Such an embarrassing failure would not gain him mercy. He breathed in deeply as he nodded.

  • Savis - "I will not fail. Whatever Chokuto plans or wishes for, I will find out his true intentions. I will not fail."
  • Tyrómairon - "Be certain you don't, Crevix."

With that, the Emperor disengaged his communications, as Crevix moved to the front of his personal ship, and, almost immediately, received from Orbispira the coordinates within the Chaykin Cluster he needed to travel to. He imputed the coordinates, as he coldly eyed the map. It would take a while to travel there, but he noted the Chaykin cluster was no where near where the Mendel warriors had planted their banners, much to his confusion. He did not let it distract him, his cold gaze focused ahead as his ship bolted into hyperspace.

The Arrival Edit

Crevix's ship came out of hyperspace not long after, slowing down to give identification to the Star Destroyer hanging in orbit. On the opposite side of the world, was a small flotilla of Mendel starships, with bone white markings along them, giving the ships a rather demonic appearance. Crevix sent a signal to the Star Destroyer, the Prosecutor, and was given the clearance to land aboard. As his ship landed in the hangar, and was seen to by the crews, he stoically made his way to the bridge. The Captain, a middle-aged Libertus named Martz, greeted the Inquisitor, removing his hat from his grey-feathered head.

  • Martz - "Inquisitor Crevix, it is an honor, sir."
  • Crevix - "No need for that Captain. I am a guest, I guess you could say, aboard your vessel. The honor, should be mine."

Martz put his hat back upon his head and nodded. He had heard unsavory stories of the Inquisition's members forcing themselves into command, and was thankful this one did not match this steorotype. He turned his old, tired eyes to the planet.

  • Crevix - "So, how did you discover this signal, good captain?"
  • Martz - "I was patrolling Imperial Trade routes 5 parsecs from here, sir, when my technicians intercepted a Mendel signal. I feared it may be the Mendel themselves, or the barbarian savages they use as shock troops, and did not wish for any families or Imperial citizenry to face such horrors, so I immediately set out to investigate, not wanting to wait for High Command to organize a fleet."

Crevix did not react, keeping his cold, stoic expression, but was secretly rather amazed. A captain seizing the initiative like that was courageous, but went against protocol of alerting command to it.

  • Martz - "When I arrived, the large ship christened a Koridalbe came into position ahead of the main fleet. The leader aboard, Chokuto, said he was leading the Clans here, and did not want hostility, instead, asking to speak with the Emperor himself on a matter of alliance and/or service. I did not know how to react, so I simply followed through, and contacted High Command, and after, the Emperor himself told me to stay here, and await an Inquisitor."
  • Crevix - "Very good, Captain. You have served your Emperor well. I will see what these Mendel have to say for themselves, and cast judgment."
  • Martz - "Thank you, sir. This is a strange situation, and I cannot say I expected it."
  • Crevix - "I'm sure no one did. I will be done there shortly. Assign two Stormtroopers to my retinue, ready and Imperial landing craft, and await my orders, Captain."
  • Martz - "By your command, sir."

Crevix left, and, making his way down to the hangar, was meet with two Stormtroopers, who saluted the Inquisitor, before following behind him, rifles ready, as he took to the Imperial Landing craft. They took off, the Stormtroopers sitting down, as Crevix awkwardly sat away from them, shifting slightly as he waited for the landing to come, the Stormtroopers only giving an aside glance from within their helmets. The landing craft rocked slightly as it hit the atmosphere, before stabilizing and coming down again. A few moments based, before the pilot came on the comms.

  • Pilot - "Alight sir, we're landing. They have a clearing ready for us and everything, so I can set us down close to their Base Camp."
  • Crevix - "Excellent, let's see what they have for us."

The lander set down, rocking slightly, as Crevix stood, stretching his legs a bit, as the Stormtroopers immediately stood, waiting for him, as he walked towards the doors, the Lander opening up as they followed him out. He stepped forward, and was greeted by three Mendel warriors. One had what appeared to be standard armor, curvered and geometric in basic profile, but with much of the armor on his arms removed, revealing tattoos and runes carved into the flesh, while the other two who approached had a much crueler atmosphere. They where thin, but of corded muscle, with spikes and blades adorning their armor, and from chains upon their waists, hung various shrunken heads and trophies taken and mutilated from their foes. Crevix did not react, though, wondered why they choose such crude hands. The ones that hung from their belts where crude, brawny, and lacked in finesse and beauty like the ones he choose. The one without arm-armor spoke first, his voice deep and gruff.

  • Warrior - "Who are you, Imperial?"
  • Crevix - "Savis Crevix. Imperial Inquisitor. Happy to make your acquaintance."
  • Warrior - "An official of the Empire then? Good, Lord Gredyc is waiting for you. Come, follow us to the Base-Camp."
  • Crevix - "Since you asked nicely."

The two Mendel warriors bearing trophies filed behind the Stormtroopers, who bristled at this, not liking an unknown force walking behind him. The Warrior who lead them turned his head slightly as they walked.

  • Warrior - "They are Ruins Hand, they are a culture of deception, debauchery and backstabbing. It is habit to always be behind those they have just meet, in case they must be removed without issue. Do not mind them."

Crevix was slightly surprised to hear this. While Warrior cultures like the Cogsangui tended to butt heads and change hands often over concepts of honor and religious doctrine, he didn't exactly see the Mendel as a "debauchery" type. He scratched his chin as he agreed to himself to learn more about these people. They came to the camp, a fortified compound, surrounded by iron walls and a gate of some sort, that rose slowly from the ground as they approached. The 5 moved through the fortress, as various warriors gathered to see the new comers approach, various weapons being cleaned, loaded, and prepared. Some sharpened their blades and swords, while others where practicing unarmed combat, but all of them stopped to watch them pass. Crevix did not enjoy not seeing their faces.

  • Warrior - "Lord Gredyc, the Empire has sent its emissary to speak with you."
  • Gredyc - "Good."

Crevix looked at the center of the fort, the large command post that dominated it. The Warriors around it all stood at attention, as the leader left the building. He was tall and lean, mostly muscle, but rather small compared to the image Crevix had in his mind. He expected a large, muscular brute, instead saw what looked more like an athlete. He was dressed in blood red armor with black markings across it, and his armor like, so many others, was adorned with spikes and blades, as he carried his helmet under his arm, marching confidently towards Crevix. His face appeared young, but marked with some scars from past battles. He walked up to Crevix, and inspected him, his hawkish eyes studying Crevix deeply, as the Inquisitor stood his ground, eyes locked on the Mendel.

  • Chokuto - "You Warriors may leave. I wish to speak with this one personally."

The three warriors bowed their heads, and left for the rest of the fort, as Chokuto motioned for Savis to follow him.

  • Chokuto - "Come, come, representative. We have much to discuss."

The warrior marched along, his armor clanking slightly, as Savis followed, before Chokuto raised his hand, bringing them to a stop.

  • Chokuto - "Your toy soldiers will remain outside. It is courtesy to not have soldiers present in political discussions among my people."
  • Savis - *whispers to them* "Stand outside, I will signal you if anything goes wrong."
  • Stormtroopers - "Yes sir."

The two took positions, and stood at attention, as the Chokuto and Savis marched into the command post. Once inside, Savis, looked around to see a basic command area set up, a holographic projection of the galaxy, detailed descriptions on nearby planets, and holographic maps on the walls detailing Mendel fleet movements. Savis was impressed with what these rebels had done.

  • Savis - "First thing is first, Mr. Gredyc. Why are you here?"
  • Chokuto - "Not a simple question to answer, Imperial."
  • Savis - "You may call me Inquisitor Crevix, just Inquisitor, or just Crevix. But, the most important question I have, is why do you wish to serve the Empire."
  • Chokuto - "I come from the Ruins Hand, we are rebels that broke away to support the Cano Clan for the position of High King. Terrorists, pirates, raiders, we eventually got stuck in with some Grox, and where forced to split from those loyal to the cyborgs. Eventually, the Hand of Retribution came to power."
  • Savis - "The populist King, correct? Did you support him?"
  • Chokuto - "Nah, father planned to kill him. But, then, Kirta Clett, the current High Queen, got to us, and killed my father. I worked under her for a bit, leading my clan, when an opportunity presented itself."

Chokuto clicked a button on the hologram, changing it to a recording of a great titanic battle, between Mendel forces, and various nations, some including French, Draconid and other designs, all fighting around a massive, monolithic ancient space station.

  • Chokuto - "Kirta took out his forces, and made herself Queen of the now-united people, but a small Clan's worth of forces escaped, still loyal to the Hand. I took as many warriors loyal to me, and tracked them down. After gaining leadership, I set about waiting for an opportunity to get my revenge."
  • Savis - "So this is all about revenge for you?"
  • Chokuto - "Not just that. While I want to take Kirta and everything she stands for, all her pride and courage, and eviscerate it, and scatter it on the ground. I want to take my people in a new direction."

He leaned in closer to Savis, his sharp teeth flashing as he did, his eyes becoming focused and angry.

  • Chokuto - "Strong leaders must always stand above the flocks of pigeons and guide them, control them. I must do the same for my people. They have lived in the shadow of other powers, but under my leadership, we may rise above them."
  • Savis - "Ambitious, but how can the Emperor rely on you."
  • Chokuto - "I see the Empire as the way to the future, a strong hand guiding all fates towards one destiny. If he helps me do the same for my people, I can remake the Mendel to be all the more fearsome. Your peoples' technology, my peoples' warrior skill and strength in battle. Imagine what we could do to your foes."
  • Savis - "Interesting, but the Emperor will not be convinced with honeyed words. I will remain here, go about doing what an Inquisitor does best, and find if you and your warband are truthful. If, by the week, I like what I see, and the Emperor agrees with my sentiments, you may stay here, and not be wiped from the face of the galaxy for your intrusion."

Chokuto leaned back, eyes narrowed slightly. Talking to this Osteola was like talking to a machine. Everything he said and did was cold, almost emotionless. Chokuto had encountered worse things in his childhood growing up among the murderers among the Ruins Hand, but such a figure among these Cyrannians was unnerving.

  • Chokuto - "Will we need to prepare anything special?"
  • Savis - "Just a place for me to rest, and allow me to observe your kind. Do not interfere if I ask question of your warriors. Understand?"
  • Chokuto - "One more thing I'd like to ask."
  • Savis - "Speak."
  • Chokuto - *Pulling up a map of Cyrannus and pointing to Capricaerón on the map.* "This planet is very nice, I've read what I can from intercepting transmissions and stuff. I'd like the Emperor to make me governor, once I kill Kirta and Apollo, if that's alright."
  • Savis - *whispering in anger* "Do not over-estimate your position. Your troops maybe skilled, and they might just turn out to be loyal, but if the Emperor or I deem you a threat, he could execute you with naught but a thought, even from his home in Orbispira!"
  • Chokuto - *Shrugs* "Every soldier needs payment for his service. A Commander should get only the best payment."

Savis frowned slightly, as he focused on Chokuto. He didn't like this filthy beggar demanding planets from the Emperor, though he now wasn't sure if he was serious or not now. He honestly didn't want the answer, and secretly hoped Chokuto wasn't just a clown in battle like he was here.

Despite his distaste, Savis, contacting Martz, told the dependable Captain to contact the Emperor, and inform him that Crevix would be sticking along with the Mendel for a week or so, and, after analyzing them, would report back his findings. Until then, he would be radio silent, and focus on finding any signs of disloyalty in this group.

1 week later

Savis sat along in his personal quarters, staring at the wall as he thought over everything he had gathered. Interviews conducted, warriors observed, and histories of the various Clans had lead Savis to make his conclusion. As he sat, a knock came at the door. Crevix did not react, instead, slowly turning and focusing on the door.

  • Savis - "Enter."

Chokuto came in, sword hanging at his side, and dressed in his usual armor. Savis wondered how comfortable the armor was, considering he rarely saw them step out of it.

  • Chokuto - "So, have you give your master your report yet?"
  • Savis - "I must wait exactly 2 more hours before I do so."

Chokuto raised an eyebrow, but said nothing. While strange, he had grown use to the distant Inquisitor's presence as of late, and had grown rather fond of him, despite his strange believes.

  • Chokuto - "Tell me something, you want for a higher position, right? Within your Inquisition that is."
  • Savis - "I do not aggressively seek out the position, because I know it will one day be mine. I wait, patiently, but do not overplay my part. If the Emperor or any of my other superiors find me worthy, I will rise, as fate wills it. If fate does not, my Emperor will see me stay where I am. This is how I will come to be the Grand Inquisitor, and, if Fate is willing the Emperor himself one day."

Chokuto stood backwards a bit, before regaining his composure. He knew Crevix was not all right in the head, but what he just said seemed surreal.

  • Chokuto - "You want to be Emperor? Didn't you inform me the Emperor could snap my neck all the way back in his nice little cottage while knitting little mittens for all his minions, without blinking an eye?"
  • Savis - "That would be hubris, what you imply. The Emperor knows my ambitions, but that does not mean I wish for his blood. I will play my part for his plan, and wait for fate to deliver my ascension onto glory. To play my hand before that moment, I would deserve death by the Emperor's hand."
  • Chokuto - "I take it the Inquisition as a whole is not aware of this attitude?"
  • Savis - "No, you and the Emperor are the only ones aware. My rivals believe me a fool more used to intelligence gathering then anything else."

Savis turned back to the wall, his cold glare focused on it, as Chokuto stood by, waiting.

  • Chokuto - "You really gonna sit there for two hours?"
  • Savis - *not moving* "Yes. I like the quiet."

Chokuto eyed Savis wearily, before leaving. If Savis felt comfy there, let him be comfortable.

- 2 hours later -

Emperor Tyrómairon sat upon his throne, waiting patiently, as he did in all his presents. The Emperor's advisors, of the Inquisition and Phraedric Order questioned why Crevix had not called in already, despite it being a week. Tyrómairon knew Crevix would deliver, in his own unique way.

Finally, an alert sounded, as he pressed a button upon his throne, the hologram of Crevix appearing before him, hands folded behind his back, cold eyes focused. He bowed his head.

  • Savis - "Emperor Tyrómairon of all Cyrannus, I am ready to present my report. Exactly one week has passed, as ordered, my lord."
  • Tyrómairon - "Good work, I trust you have found the totality of the truth?"
  • Savis - "Yes, I have. Chokuto and his troops are loyal. Not to the level of our best officers and Stormtroopers, but they are driven by their hatred for this Kirta Clett, Ugandalore the Avenger, and their goals align with yours enough, my lord."
  • Tyrómairon - *rubes his palms together, before interlacing his fingers* "Impressive work. Your peerless skill has granted you this new position. Is the warlord, Chokuto with you now?"
  • Chokuto - *Comes into view as well, as the hologram expands slightly to include both of them* "Here, Emperor Tyrómairon."
  • Tyrómairon - "I am transferring a large company of Imperial Commandos to your command Inquisitor. Once there, they will be mixed together with the Mendel forces into an elite Special forces unit I have christened Platoon 44. From hence forth, you two have my express permission to prosecute this war by any means necessary. Not just Mendel, but Cyrandian Resistance, New Republic forces, any extra-galactics or inter-galactics, will be sundered by this group. No mercy for those that stand in the way of the Empire, understand?"
  • Both - "Yes sir."
  • Tyrómairon - "Most excellent. Captain Martz will serve in your fleet, and I will give your first target, on the world of Agralla. Your Loyalist kindred, Chokuto, have assisted a Resistance cell in overthrowing the Imperial Governor, and have thrown Imperial forces into chaos. Remove them. No survivors."
  • Chokuto - "Upon the Oathstones of my Clan, I will remove them sir."
  • Tyrómairon - "That is all I have to say. Report to me only after Agralla is firmly in Imperial hands. Imperial Commandos will arrive shortly."

The hologram cut out, as the two relaxed, Chokuto turning to Crevix.

  • Chokuto - "Not a warm sort is he?"
  • Savis - "Why would he need to be, when the galaxy is his."
  • Chokuto - "indeed. So, what are these Imperial Commandos?"
  • Savis - "Black Ops troops, soldiers active since the Great Cyrannus War, some going even further back into the Cognatus War. Surgically, chemically and genetically enhanced to be superior to our standard Stormtroopers. Multiple weapons and equipment pieces to carry out assassination, sabotage and other tasks of utmost importance."
  • Chokuto - "Great War, huh? Looks like some fellow veterans will be joining you."
  • Savis - "I only pointed them towards confederate terrorists and forces, this will be the first time I lead them."
  • Chokuto - "Strange, isn't it? Your mother helped prepare you to get those confederate "terrorists", and I am the son of a Mendel terrorist, and yet here we are, as allies."
  • Savis - "War makes for strange allies."

Chokuto nodded slightly, as the two made their way outside, to prepare Chokuto's forces for the Imperial arrival, and their service to a new group of masters.

The Beginning of the Unit Edit

On board the Prosecutor, several Commando units had been gathered. They where held within the barracks system that normally housed the Stormtrooper units that acted as boarding units and the like for the ship. Chokuto stood behind one of the isolated rooms, observing them. They beared a slight resemblance to the normal Stormtroopers he had seen when he was brought on board, but where much larger, not just because of their enhancements, but because of their armor. The dark grey and black plating was much thicker and broader then that of the Stormtroopers, making them a far more intimidating foe to look upon. Crevix approached to his right, arms folded as he analyzed them, his face, as always, distant and cold.

  • Chokuto - "Are you ready to take command?"
  • Savis - "Honestly? No. I have never lead anything more then a few Stormtroopers and Army Troopers, and even then, those where basic."
  • Chokuto - "I've trained to handle this sort of deal my whole life. I can handle most of it if you want."
  • Savis - *Shakes his head slightly* "No, they will not trust an outsider. A servant of the Empire has to appear strong, inspire morale and all."
  • Chokuto - "Will they be ready to work with a group so different from themselves then?"
  • Savis - "As I said before, war makes for strange bedfellows. Fighting alongside your kind should prove to them how loyal you are to the cause."
  • Chokuto - "Let's get down there, see the troops in the flesh, and see if they agree with your sentiment."

The two made their way off of balcony, marching their way towards the barracks and the rest of the Commandos. The two walked down a set of stairs, and walked through a set of sealed doors, as Chokuto turned to look over the Commandos. They seem to be talking amongst themselves, though Chokuto could not hear them say a word, and came to the conclusion they must have used their helmet systems to keep their conversations from getting out. Made sense, given their black ops oriented combat role. They all stopped and faced forward as Savis stepped forward, standing in front of them on a slightly raised platform, arms folded behind him, as he looked over the crowd coldly.

  • Savis - "Greetings, Imperial Commandos. I am Inquisitor Savis Crevix. I assume you know why you are here?"

A single Commando stood, saluting him, before Crevix motioned for him to stand at ease. The Commando noded, before speaking, Taurophoni accented Libertus voice speaking.

  • Commando - "Our briefings informed us that The Emperor himself has assigned us to your command, and our first drop is on Agralla, readings on current Imperial numbers, and hostile numbers, etc, sir."
  • Savis - "Correct. You and the teams here are part of Platoon 44, a special forces division under the command of myself, and Lord Chokuto Gredyc."

He gestured towards the Mendel behind him, as Chokuto stepped forward, and took a mocking bow before them. Savis saw many of the Commandos shift and breath in sharply seeing the Mendel warrior before them. He had a feeling that might have been their reaction to him. He was at least thankful they had the discipline to not shot him on sight.

  • Commando - "Sir, we where not told...aliens of his sort, would be with us."
  • Savis - "Really, you had no idea?"
  • Commando - "The briefing only said allies of extra-galactic origin. I thought that meant something akin to the Vartekians, sir."
  • Savis - "Well, he is an extra-galactic, and he and his warriors have sworn allegiance to the Emperor in exchange for liberating their people from their false ruler. They need only fight. I have personally interviewed and analyzed him and his warriors. You trust an Inquisitor, correct?"
  • Commando - "Yes sir.

The commando sat down, as Crevix studied the group.

  • Savis - "I assure you, these Mendel can be trusted. They must be trusted, after all. They will be part of Platoon 44 for as long as the Emperor wills it. You'll have to learn to like them."

Choktuo stepped forward once, now standing side-by-side with Crevix.

  • Chokuto - "I know it will take a while to earn your trust, but I will endeavor to make sure to help lead this organization right. No warrior who raises their fist, Mendel, Resistance or Republic, will survive the coming fire."

Savis eyed Chokuto slightly, before straightening himself slightly.

  • Savis - "We have a few hours before we deploy. I will brief you with any information you don't have, and plan out your deployment against the Resistance and their Mendel allies."

The War of Agralla Begins Edit

4 Hours later Agralla Agralla was a quiet, rustic backwater, an agricultural world since it was colonized ages ago by the Old Republic. The planet had long enjoyed a rather quiet life, largely ignored by the forces of the galaxy, Imperial, Republic, Neraida, Cognatus or Confederate. Its transition into an Imperial World was without complaint, its farmers and craftsmen continuing their jobs for the Empire as they did for the Republic. Why the Resistance decided to attack the world was unknown, but this cell of the Cyrandia Resistance, christened The Avengers of Hosniaal, though few members where known to actually hail from the planet.

For weeks, they had waged a running battle with Imperial forces, largely cut off from other Resistance cells, and armed with the barest of weapons. In the forests and mountains they hide, making it a miles-long death trap for any Stormtrooper, Scout Trooper or Officer to walk in. As such, the governor took the wise decisions to try and use his small imperial fleet to bombard sections of Resistance on the planet. What he did not expect, was the arrival of another player.

A Mendel Clan-Fleet, lead by Clan Lord Grash Braaykor, lead his forces to the planet, trying to scout out for the legions aboard his ships, and for Commander Ryaler. When he found a Resistance cell struggling against the empire, Grash changed his plans, and contacted the Commander, who gave him the green light to land. Bringing heavy tanks and fire power with him, Braaykor managed to turn the tide, even leading a special forces division into the Governor's palace, and taking his head, throwing his headless body to the streets. Despite this, the Imperial forces, over-stretched and cut off, held out as best they could. Many of the native held a rather naïve view, that, so long as they where loyal to the Emperor, he would watch over them like he did for all his subjects. What they did not expect, was the arrival of some of his most dangerous soldiers.

Crevix and Choktuo stood on the bridge of the Prosecutor, as they came out of hyperspace, and near a nebula field. Chokuto studied the area, as the rest of his fleet followed closely behind.

  • Chokuto - "Do we have any cloaking gear aboard?"
  • Martz - "I am afraid not...sir. This is a standard model Imperial Star Destroyer, meant to carry out combat, not stealth missions."
  • Savis - "We will need to commission that from the Emperor's armories, after this mission, then."
  • Martz - "The landing craft can block most sensors, though you will have to get through the Nebula to activate the sensor blocking, and the cloaking device onboard."
  • Chokuto - "We will deploy half of our forces in the city-capital, and half in the forests, where Resistance forces are heavy. Which one will you take Crevix?"
  • Savis - "I will oversee operations in the Resistance hideaways. Very dangerous, but nothing I cannot handle."
  • Chokuto - "The Clan Leader will probably be in the city, but if you do see him, try and leave him for me, understand?"
  • Savis - "Yes, yes, your honor demands it. I understand."
  • Chokuto - "Ha, don't be silly. I just want a challenge."

Chokuto put on his helmet, as he and Crevix existed the bridge. The two walked down to the hangar, silence hanging over them. As they neared the landing craft, Chokuto finally spoke.

  • Chokuto - "Crevix, I want to thank you."
  • Savis - "What for?"
  • Chokuto - "Helping me reclaim my people. This will save countless lives."
  • Savis - "After we kill many hundreds."
  • Chokuto - "You know what they say about omelets. Gotta break a few skulls first."
  • Savis - "Eggs, you mean."
  • Chokuto - "I know what I said."

The two made their way to the lander, as the Imperial Commandos and Gredyc's Warriors began to prepare their weapons and double check their systems. Crevix and Chokuto approached, Crevix checking his beam saber, as Chokuto placed his hand upon his sword at his waist. Crevix motioned to the transports, as the troops stood at attention.

  • Crevix - "You all know your mission. Half of you will deploy with me into the forests. The other half will have the more dangerous mission of fighting alongside Chokuto in the city of Caprascion. Delta Squad will move at my side, as Omega will do the same for Gredyc, any questions?"

When none came, Chokuto hit his chest with an armored glove.

  • Chokuto - "Be we Cyrannian or not, lets kill some terrorists and end this bloody struggle once and for all. For the Hunt!"

His warriors, and some of the Commandos repeated the battle cry, as the four transports where loaded into, and they took off for Agralla. Savis stood in the control area with the two pilots, as they guided the landers towards the planet, several Mendel and Resistance vessels. As they exited the Nebula, and toward the planet proper, the pilots touched several buttons, clicking on the cloak relay systems and jamming systems, disappearing from any detection systems either fleet force had.

Aboard one of them of the vessels, a Mendel Fleet tech anaylsing the system spoke to his Captain.

  • Technician - "Sir, we caught signs of something entering the system, before vanishing. Should we prepare the fleet?"
  • Captain - "It is probably just a glitch in the system, or some solar winds passing by. Do not take any chances. Have the fleet go to Level One readiness, and be on the look out for any Imperial forces, or their allies."

The technician nodded, as he the rest of the crew sent out the orders, the Mendel fleet sharing the information with their Resistance counter-parts, as Savis and Chokuto's forces flew by, unnoticed by the fleets as they headed down to the planet. Crevix clicked his communicator on, communicating with the rest.

  • Crevix - "Alright, Squadron A, head towards the designated forest coordinates. Squadron Wing B, to the city. We will extinguish this rebellion from the galaxy once and for all, starting here."

The group split in half, three heading for the city, and three heading for the forests, still camouflaged in. Chokuto marched steadily to the pilot section. He pointed towards one of the destroyed center domes that dominated the city, destroyed by tank and artillery, and only partially standing.

  • Chokuto - "Land there. The remaining Imperial forces are located there. We'll set down on there."

One of the pilots nodded, as the landers set down just outside the dome, as the ramps opened up, his troops marching outward. He was flanked by two Mendel Warriors, as his squads made their way to the center of the dome. There where a number of Stormtroopers, some standing guard, some being treated for injuries. The group where given strange looks as they passed by, but none of the troopers stopped them, as Chokuto approached the center of the base, various pieces of equipment set up among the ruins, as the remaining Imperial technicians tried to keep track of the encroaching Resistance/Mendel lines. The ranking commander, approached, his armor and uniform scorched with plasma burns, a bandage over one of his eyes. The Ortella Officer eyed Chokuto and his troops with his good eye, confused.

  • Officer - "I was told a Special Forces group was coming with "foreign assistance", but this is...not what I expected."
  • Chokuto - "Greetings, I am Chokuto Gredyc. I am leading my Clan, and few others, on behalf of your Emperor. What's the situation?"
  • Officer - "If the Emperor approves, so be it. I am the last ranking commander here. Our governor and last general were killed. My stormtroopers and Army Troopers are doing all they can to keep from being overwhelmed, but we are heavily out-numbered. Any help will be welcome."
  • Chokuto - "These Imperial Commandos, with my warriors, have no weakness. The Mendel loyal to the False High Queen and the Rebels will fall. Have your troops assist mine whenever I call upon them, understand?"
  • Officer - *slightly nervous* "Yes sir, but the area out there is thick with Mendel forces. Resistance troops are also on the move. Do you have enough?"
  • Chokuto - *Gives a dismissive wave* "One does not need fire power, so long as one knows where to hit the target. Trust me."

He gestured towards his troops, taking out his long rifle, as the 2 Imperial Commando squads brought their weapons online, and Chokuto's Mendel troops did the same. The sounds of battle echoed in the distance, rife exchanged, explosives detonated, and the roar of Resistance fighters probing enemy defenses, as the teams moved forward. Chokuto kept himself low to the ground, crouched like a jungle predator, and waiting for the moment to strike. He and his troops came to a large wall, created from the destroyed section of a building. Chokuto brought his troops to a halt with a gesture, the sounds of battle now very close.

Chokuto stepped carefully over the rubble, and crushed and broken bodies of countless dead Imperials and Resistance troops. He hardly paid them any heed, as he peered over the rubble, and out at the battle. His helmet scanned the battlefield, craters pock-marking the area in and around the city, plasma fire being exchanged as Resistance and Mendel forces pushed forward. Closer to him, just off to his right, where the Imperial forces left to defend the city, countless dead, bloodied and ravaged from the battle, some of the bodies left in no-mans' land to rot and bloat in the pleasant sun, as blood stained some of the buildings still left standing.

Chokuto looked across the battlefield, as the Republic-loyal forces began to push in. Chokuto contacted the Stormtroopers via the battle-net.

  • Chokuto - "Imperial forces operating in the Eastern Sector, this is Sub-Commander Chokuto Gredyc, pull back and allow my black ops teams to get ready. Fall back to the command center and hold that area."
  • Imperial Officer - "We read you loud and clear, Sub-Commander. We are falling back to the CSP, to await further orders. Good luck, sir."
  • Chokuto - *Takes aim with his rifle* "Thanks, officer, but I do not need luck."

The Stormtroopers withdrew dutifully, dragging along the injured, and making for the Command Post, while still exchanging fire with the encroaching Mendel and Resistance forces. As they moved in, Chokuto skillfully commanded his forces, ordering the squads to take up positions where they where best suited, Commandos near the back to provide covering fire and Sniper/Anti Armor fire, and his own Warriors near the front, to face the foe blade-to-blade if need be. The Mendel and Resistance troops, battered and tired, still marched with precision and discipline, looking around for any signs of the enemy.

  • Mendel Trooper - "Where did our foes run off to, the cowards!?"
  • Rally-Master - "Stay on your guard, these slime will unleash any trick upon us. Do not fall for any slights of hand."
  • Resistance Pathfinder - "I'm not picking up anything so far. The Plastic Boys seemed to have run towards the center."
  • Rally-master - "Excellent, we will surround them and pour down fire power upon those that remain, like drowning rats within a hole! Glory to the Gods, and our allies!"

The groups continued on, tanks even lumbering in, while Chokuto sat, camouflaged into the rubble wall, overlooking them and not more then a few feet away from them. He aimed his rifle, and zeroed on one of the officers directing his troops forward. Without any mercy, Chokuto fired a shot, the blast ringing out as it zoomed forward, and struck the side of the Officer's head, going through one side of the helmet, and out through the other. The Resistance troopers took cover, looking for the source of the shot, but the Mendel briefly froze up. For a seconds, they could hardly react, until they came to their senses.

  • Mendel Trooper - "That was one of our weapons! Did one of the Imperials get their hands on our weapons?"

Chokuto stood from his hiding position, as his troops soon opened fire, explosive rounds hitting the side of a Mendel tank, as many of the enemy where soon cut down by blaster fire. Chokuto aimed one of his wrist rockets, and fired, hitting the back of the tank, right in it's engines, just as its shields went down, and blow up much of the rear section, consuming the tank in fire. Several of the Resistance troops turned, opening fire on Chokuto. A few rounds hit him, only burning his armor slightly, as he flew forward, and opened fire in the air, unloading round after round onto his enemies, cutting them down in short order. Chokuto grinned in his helmet, as he landed atop a Mendel warrior, fired at one of his squad mates, and unsheathed his sword while putting away his rifle.

A Kadalian Warrior charged swinging his own massive blade at Chokuto, who dodged each strike from the massive green-skinned warrior, narrowly avoiding every cut that could see him sliced right in two. As he battled against the larger warrior, Chokuto radioed into his troops.

  • Chokuto - "Troops, move in."

Imperial Commandos began moving in, their grey armored forms shrugging off damage as the remaining Mendel and Resistance tried to concentrate their fire on them, shields flickering with plasma round that landed, as they returned fire with rifle or Grenade launcher. Meanwhile, Chokuto's troops flew overhead, swords ready as they landed, and began engaging their foes in close-quarters, many unprepared Resistance and Mendel troops cut down before they find cover or pull out their own melee weapons. Chokuto deflected a blow from his own foe, turning aside his sword strike, and stabbing the Kadalian in the side. The gigantic creature growled in anger, and swung his backhand at Chokuto, knocking him to the side.

The Mendel warrior struggled to his feet, remembering now just how strong a Kadalian could be. Even with his armor on, Chokuto felt like his skull and much of his body had been shattered from the attack. The Kadalian growled as he approached, lifting his sword up to finish off the stunned Chokuto. Before he could commit the deed, several blaster rounds rang out, as two Imperial Commandos aimed their blasters at the creature and opened fire, sending the Giant backwards, until he finally fell. Chokuto stood up slowly, gathering his bearings as the two Commandos approached.

  • Commando 1 - "You alright sir?"
  • Chokuto - "Sure. He was falling for the trap. But thanks for the help."
  • Commando 1 - "You certainly looked liked you had the situation under control, sir."
  • Chokuto - "We'll just say you where part of trap, alright?"
  • Commando 1 - "Fine by me sir."

The three approached the rest of the group, the Mendel a little more bloody, armor damaged and some of the Commandos now sported some battle damage as well. All that was left from the attack was a single Mendel, in purple and green armor, and the leader of the attack, his helmet knocked off, and his half his face bleeding, forced on his knees by two other Mendel loyal to Chokuto. He focused his angry glare at Chokuto.

  • Marshall - "Traitor! Scum! Who are you who spits upon the ancestors and forgets his oaths!"
  • Chokuto - "I am honoring my ancestors by doing this."
  • Marhsall - "You know nothing, brat! What are you, he who breaks ancestral blood ties to side with the Empire! High Queen Kirta Clett the Avenger shall have your skull for this!"
  • Chokuto - "I am not that weakling Kirta. I am not a zealot like the Hand of Retribution. I am something much more terrifying, and much more useful to my people."
  • Marshall - "Though my Clan-kin and I die, know this, traitor! The Gods will smite your soul. Varkanii will haunt your sons and daughters!"

Chokuto raised his blade, and slashed downward, slicing the Ugandalorian's head in two, right down to the neck, as the splattered across his armor and the ground. Chokuto cleaned his blade and stepped back as the body fell to the ground. He looked over the troops, and circled two of his fingers through the air.

  • Chokuto - "Let's move on. We have more enemies to clean up."

Welcome to the Jungle Edit

Savis and his group moved through the jungles of Agralla, moving as silently as their armor allowed. This was close to the Resistance out-post and supply depots, where they hide and planned out their next waves of attack. Savis could see that several battles had already passed through here, the trees and rocks bearing blaster scorching from past battles as the Commando units passed through. Ahead of the rest of the group, where 2 Mendel warriors, armed with sniper rifles, scouting ahead for traps and enemy patrols. Suddenly, one of them threw up a gesture to stop them.

  • Scout 1 - "Patrol incoming. Make yourselves scares!"

Commando and Mendel alike leapt off the dirt path and into the forest undergrowth and stones below, crouching low, as the two scouts quickly used their claws to scale up the trees and disappeared into the leaves and thicket above. Crevix watched for the patrol, but heard and smelled them before he saw them. A series of low, eerie hissing and calls meet his ears, as a strong, salty musk hit his nostrils. The Inquisitor had smelled worse in his days, but wondered what alien menace could produce such a strange odor. The group soon came into view, a large pack of hunched, muscular grey-scaled beasts, with long fang-filled jaws and sharp quills upon their heads.

They wore little armor other then some metal and leather-hides. The largest one, adorned in a head dress and bones of past prey, stood straight, and looked about, as his pack mates stared about with hunger-filled, alien eyes. The leader released a worbling call thrice, before stopping and listening. He stopped, as though listening for a reply, before gesturing to his troops, and giving a commanding bark, as they kept moving.

The group watched them leave, as one of the Mendel contacted Crevix on an enclosed channel.

  • Mendel - "Orgaat, sir. Very ferocious fighters. It is good we avoided them."
  • Savis - *Whispers* "I have heard of them. Not very pleasant company."

They began to rise from their hiding positions, and, as Crevix rose, a shot rang out. All instinctively ducked, as the shot berried itself in a tree near Crevix. The Osteloa's eyes widened slightly as he turned to see the Orgaat had returned, without making a sound, several with their seemingly primitive rifles raised to fire. Their Chieftain raised both knives above his head.

  • Chieftain - "You thought you could hide from a hunter such as I? Your scent betrayed you, little Imperial! And what is more, you bring traitors with you to carve open! Perfect! My kin will gorge themselves on your meat for days to come!
  • Savis - "If you come to feast, then step forward, but know the only dead shall be your own, savage."
  • Chieftain - "You say savage, but my kin have yet to destroy a world."
  • Savis - "And how many planets worth will die because the New Republic perpetuates violence with it's very existence?"

The chieftain only hissed in response, his quills standing on end as he lead the charge of his warriors. The Orgaat released their own calls and shrieks, the air echoing with their shirll battles cries, as they readied their rifle-blades, pole-arms and knives for battle. The Mendel and Commandos took up positions, firing at the charging Orgaat as the best leapt over rocks, as some fired their own primitive rifles. Despite being upgraded, the charged bullets could do little to the armor used by their enemies.

As they closed, the Mendel took out their swords, and meet the Orgaat in melee, blades clashing violently as the two forces barbarically clashed into them. The Commandos maintained their positions, firing at any Orgaat who got near, their thick hides shrugging off even the advanced fire of the Imperial troops. As they got closer, many of the Imperial Commandos activated their wrist knives, stabbing several in the throat immediately, or firing point-blank right into their foes guts, their armor absorbing the cutting blows the Orgaat rained down upon them.

The Chieftain closed onto Savis, knives readied, as Crevix activated his energy blade, the blood-red blade, filling the air with an almost demonic hum of energy. The Chieftain glared at Crevix, with a mixture of rage and hunger in his primal eyes, as the Inquisitor simply stared back with his cold, uncaring eyes.

As they circled each other, both took up their combat stances, as the battle raged around them. Finally, with a hiss, the Chieftain charged, causing Crevix to almost step forward, as the Orgaat kicked out his feet, sending dirt at the Inquisitor's face, before leaping at him. Most of the dirt was vaporized upon contact with his blade, before stepping back as the Chieftain slammed into the ground. The Orgaat leader slashed at Crevix, knives barely missing Savis as he kept distance from the cannibalistic tribal.

The Inquisitor barely let his heart weaken at all. He had faced worse foes. He could not let panic stricken him. When he approached the situation calmly and rationally, the Fate would give him a sign and allow him to win. This would be rather simple to deal with. The Chieftain again lunged at Crevix, only for the Inquisitor to side step him, and stab him through the chest with his energy saber. The Orgaat growled in rage, hardly minding the energy blade in his chest, as he grabbed Crevix's shoulder with his left arm, almost crushing his shoulder socket, and lunged forward, sinking his teeth into Savis's other shoulder. The Inquisitor screamed in agony as the Orgaat sank his teeth, and, before Crevix's eyes, began to change, his quills taking on a more feathered appearance, black feathers like Savis' own sprouting from his face, and his crest shifting as a nasal crest began to sprout.

Disgusted and angered by this, Savis removed his blade, and stabbed the Orgaat through the neck, finally killing the creature, as it fell to the ground, only half-transformed. The other Imperial forces where busy cleaning up, armor damaged and cut, but no serious injuries, the Mendel and Commando forces largely able to fend off the savagery of the Orgaat, like a fortress weathering a horrific storm of claws and teeth. A Mendel officer approached, tending to Crevix's shoulder, as the Inquisitor deactivated his blade.

  • Mendel - "Don't worry sir, standard Orgaat don't have many poisons in their maws. There shouldn't be an infection. A little Healing Serum, and you'll be ready to toss around Star Destroyers in no time."
  • Crevix - "That does not ease my mind. I don't like being bite by such a thing."
  • Mendel - "He just saw your pretty face, and wanted to copy it. You'll be fine, sir. Unless you want to sit this one out?"
  • Crevix - "I began this operation, I will not let others finish it for me. Let's end this Resistance here and now."

The Imperial Commandos nodded slightly as they reloaded and took stock of their ammunition and weaponry. Many of them initially looked down on Savis, seeing him as one of the Emperor's Spooks, and a big softie. While loyal, they, like many soldiers, tended to look down upon guys in the Intelligence and Inquisition, especially those sent to keep tabs on them, hence the Spooky Savis nickname they began to trade around behind his back. His willingness told them he was more then just a soft little intel guy more used to pens then a gun.

Savis motioned for them to continue on, leading the way as they trekked across the forests of Agralla, hiding out from patrols of many Resistance troops, and some Mendel. The foe seemed on edge, certain Imperial Forces were in the perimeter, but not sure where they would attack from. Crevix and his forces stopped as they came to a fortified compound built into the hills that made up the clearing of the forest, various fences and guard towers set up to keep outsiders out. His forces set up, as the various Squad leaders and Mendel Rally-Masters listened to him for a strategy.

After a moment, he took a deep breath and turned to them.

  • Crevix - "We shall split off into three groups. Omega Squad, you shall lead Zeta and Hoorangiir Squad in an attack on the east. Gamma Squad, you will lead Korhosh and Terikadax Squads in an assault on the West. The rest, are with me. Once you two groups breach the defenses, and have them engaged, we will punch through the middle. Understood?"
  • Squad Leaders - "Yes Sir!"
  • Crevix - "No unnecessary risks. The Emperor needs all of you to fulfill your duties and see the Republic ended, understood?"
  • Squad Leaders - "Understood sir."
  • Crevix - "Let's begin then. Squads, fall out."

The four squads near Crevix stayed in position, as the other six diverted into their own directions, weapons ready as they stealthily approached their operations and moved around to begin their attacks. Savis stoically waited, watching the base like a predator watching his prey, not even reacting, as the sounds of blaster fire reached his location, the rest of his troops shifted slightly as they waited the order. Alarms went out, as the forces within rushed out in various directions to fend off the assault, Mendel Warriors running alongside Cyrandian Soldiers to defend the base. Vashari, android soldiers of the Mendel, stood in the center of the base, on guard for another assault, as Crevix turned his head slightly to his troops.

  • Crevix - "Our own hunt begins."

As the battles raged, Savis and his group rose form their hiding positions, and moved towards the frontal gates. The Vashari immediately noticed them, raising their rifles and opening fire, blaster shots blazing past them, and hitting them at times, as the Commandos advanced, returning fire, as one of the Commandos attached the Grenade Launcher attachment to his rifle, angling the launcher and firing a large caliber grenade right into the gate, blasting it apart, as the group advanced forward, blasting through the remaining Vashari, as Crevix activated his energy blade, deflecting a few stray shots back at the droids, and searching the complex for any signs of the headquarters.

  • Commmando - "Sir, Our intel is limited, but the fly bys down by local forces say that, that building there is mostly likely housing the Resistance leaders."

He pointed to one of the depots, built straight into a hillside, and, while a little larger then the others, looked no different then the others. Crevix and his troops began to make their way there, more to not stay still and be an easy target, then to actually begin their attack.

  • Crevix - "Evidence?"
  • Commando - "A lot of radio and comms chatter there. Inscription networks where specially tight there. A flurry of activity came form there just before the Mendel arrived."
  • Crevix - "Whatever force is leading these rebel scum, we will remove them."

The commandos quickly made their way through, trading fire with Resistance and Mendel forces, shooting several Ugandalorians out of the sky as they moved. Finally, they came to the entrance of the Depot, guarded by a Squad of Resistance soldiers, who opened fire at the sight of the Imperial forces. Crevix kept his forces back with a wave of his hand, going in and deflecting their blaster rounds they aimed at him, deflecting two right at two surprised Libertus, before closing in and slicing and stabbing his way through them, before coming to a stop at the main gate. He motioned for one of the squads.

  • Crevix - "Delta Squadron, I require a door be opened for me, please."
  • Delta lead - "Yes sir, we're on it."

The four Commandos approached, two setting up on one side of the door, crouched, as another stood guard on the right side, the last approaching the door, and setting up a charge. After pressing a few buttons on the charge, and then ducking to the right, as the charge exploded, destroying the door's control mechanisms, and forcing it open immediately. Crevix saw a few shapes moving towards the door in surprise, before one of the Commandos tossed in a Flash Bang. Crevix turned his head as a loud pop sounded, and a light flashed out of the corner of his eyes, before the four Commandos rushed in. There where sounds of a struggle, as Crevix followed them in, seeing them easily tearing through the few Resistance and Mendel warriors left.

He calmly walked in as the last Kodalorian was tackled to the ground, the Commando punching in the neck, before a knife popped out of his wrist, blood spurting out across his chest armor and face plate, as the warrior gasped in agony, immediately grasping onto his neck as he struggled for a moment. Savis looked about the room. It bore the signs of a command area, with various pieces of equipment still active and running, whirring and, some bearing signs of damage, sparking from blaster fire. He turned his attention to a Resistance member, a Libertus, seated in a dark corner, almost unseeable, a ear piece pressed up to the side of her head, as she was desperately whispering something. One of his Commandos pointed his rifle at the hapless officer, before Savis placed his hand on the rifle, and looked at him directly.

  • Savis - "Leave us. You and the rest of the squads, clear the rest of the base."
  • Commando - "Yes sir."

The Resistance officer froze in place, everything stopping as the Inquisitor calmly approached. She expected him to activate his blade, and immediately remove her head, or stab her through the chest. Instead, he merely walked up calmly, sighed, and gently removed the communicator, before laying it on the ground and crushing it beneath his foot claws.

  • Crevix - "Stand and turn, slowly, rebel."

She did so, slowly turning, and straightening her uniform, as the Inquisitor watched her, inactivated energy blade in hand. He turned his head to the side slightly, studying her. The officer shuttered as she felt those cold dead eyes borrow into her soul.

  • Crevix - "What is your position here."

She glared back as she felt a droplet of sweat run down her head. Should she tell the truth, should she not?

  • Crevix - "What is your position here."
  • Officer - *stand straight* "I am Commander Seoria Kanar, of the Hosniaal System, a System you lot butchered, and we shall avenge, no matter how many of us fall!"
  • Crevix - "Indeed."

He studied her coldly, pacing back and forth throughout the room, as he gazed at her with those same lifeless eyes, almost like a Neraida drone that had decided to serve the Empire. She glared back, clamping down on the fear in her chest. The Resistance would feel no fear from the Emperor's dogs, no matter if the Phaerdra themselves came to deliver the killing blow!

  • Crevix - "You have my apologizes. I do not condone the slaughter of countless innocents. It is stain on the..."honor" of the Empire, and what we hold ourselves to. If I could, I would have Irenwen discharged, dishonorably, and face a trial for war crimes, but, alas, I cannot make such decisions. I leave such things to the Emperor, and try my best to act in accordance to what our Empire holds dear."
  • Seoria - "Your Emperor created this Empire, and does nothing as it slaughters countless innocents! Your empire is built on blood, and his hands are stained with it. The only thing in "accordance" with the Empire is obedience with the fear of death!"

Crevix focused a cold glare in her direction, red eyes focused, as he stepped closer. The silence allowed the sounds of distant battles to creep, followed by the clicking of his foot claws against the cold metal floor. He reached out with his hands, gripping her face with a cold grip. Just like his eyes, it felt as though a corpse had laid its hands on her.

  • Crevix - "The Empire is built on order and stability. Those who follow, need not die. Obedience breeds life. All were happy with their place, all knew what needed to be done. Your Republic, your Resistance, has breed such malcontents. May I see your hands?"

She slowly raised one of her hands, as Savis studied it closely, holding it up to his face with his hand, as his other was bent at his back. Seoria, confused and frightened, began to reach behind her for her side arm.

  • Crevix - "You have very beautiful hands. And a pretty face. Unfortunate the mind behind it cannot be obedient. What is your position in the Resistance command structure?"
  • Seoria - "Why should I tell you anything?"
  • Crevix - "The Emperor has ordered every Mendel and Resistance member be executed, killed and the like. If you give me what I want, I can promise you the rest of your days will be spent in peace."
  • Seoria - "I will not sell our my troops! Kill me if you must, but the Mendel warlord will destroy you and your traitors. You cannot escape death!"

Savis studied her with dead eyes, glaring at her intently, before sighing and nodding his head, as though he finally understood.

  • Crevix - "Fine. Do as you wish. Attack me."

Without thinking she brought her pistol forward, but in one swift movement Crevix pulled his hand from behind his back, and activated his saber. The saber seemed to make an otherworldly howl as it was activated, its blood red surface burning the area around it as it was flung through the air, slicing and cauterizing flesh in an instant, severing her limbs just below the elbow. Seoria fell on her back, screaming in agony. Savis stepped forward, placing his claw foot on her chest, still glaring down at her with the same unfeeling eyes, now with a burning, smoldering look to them.

  • Crevix - "You have a very pretty face...but I think I prefer your mouth...shut."

He stabbed his saber through her throat, before tearing it out and standing back up. He looked down at her for a moment, before gathering her hands up. What magnificent trophies they would make for his collection, once preserved of course. He deactivated his saber once more and calmly stepped out. Seoria watching him leave, unable to say anything, as the air rushed through the hole in her neck, and her vision blurred, her last thoughts, are prayer.

  • Seoria - *thinking* "Please, Lord Uniaki. Kill them all, Hosniaal. For my men."

Savis walked out, tucking his newly acquired trophies into a pouch in his cloak, sighing to himself as he left for the surface, and prepared to gather up his forces and leave.

  • Crevix - "That...Resistance leader...was troublesome. I wish they would not resist so much. It wastes so much time and energy, with them thinking they can play hero. Fools all of them like...her...? No matter."

He tapped the communicator in his ear, connecting him with his squads.

  • Crevix - "Finish off any stranglers. We're leaving."

Crevix then contacted the landing crew.

  • Crevix - "We need airlift. We are done here. Get to us to the city."

The Killing Blow Edit

Chokuto marched along the city streets, as the last of the Resistance and Mendel forces where being killed. The Mendel Marshall simply laughed as Chokuto approached, his face bloody and ravaged.

  • Chokuto - "What's so funny?"
  • Marshall - "You have defeated me, and many of my Clan-kin, my comrades and allies. But there is still Lord Uniaki to deal with."
  • Chokuto - "A Togunda leads this assault?"
  • Marshall - "How do you think we broke the city?" *Laughs hysterically* "His hammer will shine with your blood! You will not survive his wrath! Haha! I'll see you in the Void, scum!"
  • Chokuto - *pulls out his pistol and shoots him in the heads* "You are not the first to say that, "brother"."

Chokuto looked around, as Savis' landers appeared above the sky line, setting down, as his troops disembarked, greeting Chokuto's men with various hand signals and secret hand shakes and the like. He meet with Savis himself, the Inquisitor looking around at the all the destruction left in their wake.

  • Savis - "You've been busy. I too thought the city was a little to clean myself, definitely needs more rubble."
  • Chokuto - "Did you succed in your mission, brother?"
  • Savis - "The Resistance Commander spoke of a Mendel leading this assault, did you find him?"
  • Chokuto - "I just killed the Mendel Commander, and Clan Lord, but it is not he who lead this, but a Togunda."
  • Savis - "My troops saw some during the battle, those are the short ones, about the size of a Vevilog of the Cognatus, and armored like a tank?"
  • Chokuto - *nodding* "No clue what a Vevilog is, but yeah, they're short, grumpy, and armored to the teeth."
  • Savis - "Don't your kind, and your Genetic cousins, take the lead on most things?"
  • Chokuto - "Siege craft is a Togunda's bread and butter. If the Clan lord felt it needed, he could pass on Command to this Uriaki."

Suddenly, a sharp explosion sounded in the distance, as three red objects howled through the skies, flying towards them at breakneck speeds, Chokuto immediately yelling.

  • Chokuto - "Find cover! Togunda artillery barrage incoming."

The troops did as they where told, Mendel jet-packing as away, as Chokuto grabbed Savis roughly by the back of his collar, and roughly tossed him into the rubble, Chokuto following shortly afterward. Three massive explosions, far larger and more powerful then any Imperial Artillery barrage Crevix had seen, rocked the area, sending dust and body parts flying over the area.

  • Crevix - "Was that damned artillery barrage, or a small Base Delta Zero?!"
  • Chokuto - "Yeah, they may have a small advantage in fire power."

As the dust cleared, four heavily armored figures, shorter then most, marched through the ruins, looking through the ruined city and the corpses of their brothers left.

  • Uniaki - "Fear not my brothers. The enemy will fall, no matter how many there are!"
  • Chokuto - *speaking into his comms system* "No one engage the shorty leader. Crevix and I will hit him. You take out his bodyguards."
  • Savis - "Can't we just orbitally bombard him and call it a day?"
  • Chokuto - "Our fleets are still fighting the Mendel one. We need to clear out any resistance ourselves. if we leave him to sit and simmer, he could slip word to the other Mendel Clans and Fleets that Platoon 44 is running around."
  • Savis - "I would just like a quiet life, spent in the shadows. Not fighting crazy alien warlords that want to take a hammer to my skull."
  • Chokuto - "C'mon, Savis, you want to secretly be the Emperor's besty one day, killing crazy warlords is how you do it!"

Savis groaned as Chokuto practically dragged out of the rubble, as Uniaki's Bodyguards lumbered off, unknowingly, right towards the Spec ops troops of the Platoon. Chokuto unsheathed his sword, as Crevix stepped alongside him. Uniaki noticed them, slamming his armored foot to the ground, his short form resembling a small Imperial walker with the all armor and equipment he carried.

  • Uniaki - "I could scarcely believe my ears, but, as I live and breath, a traitor Mendel! Be it Lord Braaykor or Commander Seoria, I will have vengeance for them this day!"
  • Chokuto - "It is an honor, Lord Uniaki. I have heard so much about you, mostly how you'll send me to hell."
  • Uniaki - "Indeed, and who is the feathered corpse beside you."
  • Savis - "An Imperial Inquisitor of the highest accord."
  • Uniaki - "An Inquisitor! Bah! What is next, traitor, becoming one of the Emperor's Sorcerous scum?"
  • Chokuto - "It's either that, or become the governor of Capricaerón. Or maybe both if I'm lucky!"

Both Chokuto and Uniaki laughed heartily at his joke, the booming laughter of the Togunda, and Chokuto's hearty guffaw, filling the dead city with their humor. Savis looked at both, for once, worry etched into his normally cold features as he looked at them like they both belonged in a mental ward, Uniaki wiping away a tear as he laughed. Both suddenly snapped back to normal and glared at one another.

  • Both - "I'll kill you!"

Uniaki stomped his right foot, bringing a large gun online that sprang from his back and locked on, a targeting laser locking onto Chokuto, as the Mendel pulled his claymore. Savis activated his Saber, the savage howl echoing throughout the city. Uniaki opened fire, cyan-blue bolts of energy zipping across the landscape as they zeroed in on Chokuto, a loud hissing following each one. Chokuto waited till the last second, and dodged each one, flipping and rolling out of their way, as they hit various walls and pieces of debris, burned through, and continued onward. Savis wasted no time, rushing to the right, as Chokuto activated his jet pack, and pulled out his pistol, opening fire on Uniaki, as the Togunda raised his right forearm, an energy shield activating, and causing the bolts to harmlessly bounce against it's surface.

Savis meanwhile slashed at the Togunda's right arm, only for his saber to bounce off harmlessly, and the Togunda swung his hammer smashing rock and the ground as Savis jumped away, landing as he raised his saber in surprise. Most metals and armor buckled under the strike of a Cyrandian Saber. How could this Togunda shrug such a strike off. Uniaki advanced, shield raised to block Chokuto's fire, as he readied his hammer.

  • Uniaki - "Your strikes are little more then a rainstorm across my mighty armor! Try harder, little Oathbreakers!"

Chokuto aimed his wrist, and fired, a wrist rocket flying at Uniaki, and hitting the shoulder just above his shield, exploding. Chokuto landed beside Savis, and, as the dust cleared, the two saw Uniaki still standing there, only a scratch upon his armor.

  • Savis - "What will it take to destroy such armor?"
  • Chokuto - "Get in close. Even if the armor is tough, our weapons can slowly but surely cut through, or find a weak spot in the armor."
  • Savis - "Yes, we'll whale on the heavily armored hammer-yielding warlord, and hope we hit him right."
  • Chokuto - "I don't see any other way."

The two charged again, slashing and stabbing at Uniaki. Although he could dodge few of the strikes, his armor absorbed most of their damaged, or he used his shield to block some of Savis' own. He swung his hammer about, as they docked and weaved out of it's way, barely missing the savage strikes he aimed at their heads and body.

As Chokuto backed away from an overhead strike, he reached into one of his pouches, and brought out three knives.

  • Chokuto - "Here, have a gift, on me."

He threw the three, the blades going through the air, stabbing into Uniaki's chest. However, he barely seemed to react, continuing his attacks, as Chokuto and Savis backed away from him. Uniaki activated his back-mounted laser weapon again, but before he could fire it, Savis fired another wrist rocket, the explosion this time sending Uniaki off balance as the force of the rocket's explosion, and the destruction of his powerful laser unbalanced him. Savis wasted no time, striking at Uniaki with all he had, the alien warlord about to regain his balance, as Chokuto jetpacked up again, pulling out six knives, three and each hand, and began throwing them at the Togunda, the blades sticking into his armor, but going no further.

Savis slashed at Uniaki repeatedly, burn scars appearing across the armor, but doing no other damage to him. As Uniaki and Savis dueled, Chokuto landed behind the Togunda lord, and analyzed his armor. The backpack upon it seemed to power not just the suit, but the shield and back laser. A simple enough attack could destroy it. He had one last wrist rocket. One good shot outta do it. He carefully took aim, as Savis and Uniaki dueled one another, before firing. Uniaki only turned his head slightly to see the missile zoom through the air, and collide with the back of his armor, exploding, and sending Savis away, who deactivated his saber, tucked, rolled and sprang back up.

The two looked at the cloud of smoke billow and dissipate, as Uniaki stood, most of his armor now ruined and blasted, he himself bleeding heavily. Despite all this he still stood, his armor having lost power, now simply hunks of metal latched onto his heavy form. Savis was the first to approach, carefully edging towards him, as Chokuto also followed suit.

  • Savis - "I'm surprised you can still stand. I can practically see Chokuto through your wounds."

He waited, as Uniaki said nothing.

  • Savis - "You put up a great fight. If I could, I would have you healed and kept as a POW, as the Codes of War dictate. But, alas, I am to leave no survivors."

Uniaki looked up at his, his remaining eye, the one not covered in blood and burns, glared right at him.

  • Uniaki - "The Ancestors grant me a vision, one of your defeat. I can see it as clear as day. The Republic, their allies, others, they gather around you. We will meet soon, in the afterlife. Me, the traitor, you, and your demon Emperor."

With that, Uniaki bent his head low, and breathed his last, still standing as his shoulders sagged. Savis studied the corpse for a while, before he and Chokuto meet up again.

  • Savis - "Excellent work, Chokuto, The Emperor will be pleased."
  • Chokuto - "Thank you. About what he said, does that bother you?"
  • Savis - "Should it?"
  • Chokuto - "Togunda, when they speak of their Ancestors and Visions, tend to be right. I worry about our fate."
  • Savis - "Worry not. The Emperor plans for everything. Our victory will come. I have heard rumors that a great expansion in territory and resources is coming soon."
  • Chokuto - "Good. My people, hopefully, will follow soon."
  • Savis - "Hopefully."

The two made their way to the landers, as their forces reported the last of the Togunda dead. Following that, Captain Martz reported his fleet, while it had been a tough fight, had broken through the Resistance and the Mendel, ACP and Devaab Bombers leaving no ship able to escape as his Imperial-Mendel Fleet took them apart. Pleased, the two loaded into their landers, and prepared to go back up to meet with Martz again.

Epilogue: The Platoon is Formed Edit

Chokuto and Savis marched into the bridge, now sore and a tad tired from their battle, but a faint smile on both their faces as they made their way through the bridge. A large Imperial fleet arrived soon later, to take control of the situation on Agralla, as Captain Martz patched them through to Orbispira itself. Finally, the hologram of the Emperor himself appeared before them, the tired smiles of the crew, Inquisitor and Mendel warlord disappearing as the Emperor himself looked down upon all of them.

  • Tyrómairon - "I trust your mission was a success?
  • Savis - "Yes, Eternal Emperor. The Mendel forces where utterly destroyed, they and their alien auxiliaries. The Resistance forces where gutted and burned to ash. Other then some injuries from the Mendel's alien technologies, our Commandos took no serious losses."
  • Tyrómairon - "Excellent work, Inquisitor. You may find yourself in a favored position after all."
  • Savis - "Thank you, my lord."
  • Tyrómairon - "I am routing a few new ships to help your fleet, but Platoon 44 will be acting as a small force, so do not waste what I give to you. I am sending with them engineers to upgrade the armor on the Mendel forces, and any weapons the fleet will need."

Chokuto bristled slightly, but said nothing. Though a traitor, he still felt it was unbecoming for a Mendel to let someone upgrade or tinker with his armor without his permission. He said nothing however. Tyrómairon was not someone he wished to insult in anyway. Despite this, Tyrómairon turned his cold gaze upon Chokuto.

  • Tyrómairon - "A problem, Gredyc?"
  • Chokuto - "Well, your gracious Emperor, I don't mean to offend, but it is not customary for Mendel to let others touch their armor, especially those they do not know. I mean no offense, but time with dealing with spies nd traitors causes us to only trust those within our Clans."

He expected for the Emperor to reach out, to strangle him from across the galaxy, or burn his mind away, or cause his body to burst into flames where he stood and reduce him to ash, but instead, the Emperor merely nodded in...understanding?

  • Tyrómairon - "I understand precisely why your culture practices such ideals. A warrior can only trust those who march with him after all. But you march with the Empire now. If anything befalls your troops, any act of sabotage, however small, report to me, and I shall deal with it."
  • Chokuto - "Thank you, My Lord. I am deeply honored by your generosity."
  • Tyrómairon - "Anything else that must be reported?"

Three slowly shook their heads, as the Emperor steppled his fingers as he watched them.

  • Tyrómairon - "Good, I am granting you the extraordinary privilege of leading Platoon 44 as you see fit. The others answer to me, or one of the Admiralty, but I grant you independence to pursue The Empire's goals as you see fit, befitting your...strange origins. Any missions you partake are yours to decide upon. The Imperial Overseer, if he so wishes, will send you to targets of importance, but otherwise, I trust you to handle things on your own. Do not misuse my trust."

Three felt the hairs or feathers on the backs of their necks stand up with his last words. A privilege for certain, but one that made Savis, Martz and Chokuto worried. A failure on their part would be far deadly then any time before their joining the Empire. Except for perhaps Chokuto, whose history with the Ruins Hand was perhaps the only thing that came close to being as dangerous as the Emperor. With that done, the Emperor merely had a few words left, before they departed for their next missions, those words as cold as a blade pressed against their necks.

  • Tyrómairon - "Begin now."

His hologram disappeared, as the three looked to one another, before moving out to carry out the Emperor's will.

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Was written by Zillafire101.

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