We stand alone Mr. President, I am afraid we need a miracle.

- Vice President Ramdard Ramthrace

The Second Battle of Lianna was a major battle during the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus besieged the pivotal Lianna space station, in an effort to destroy the last remnants of resistance from Rambo officers who refused to accept the dissolution of their Nation, as well as the last non-Adelphi New Republic forces in the Quadrants.

In an effort to secure their newfound dominance over the Quadrant Galaxies, the Empire struck swiftly after the Fall of Rambo Nation, securing the infamous Gorge, conquering much of the New Republic colonial sector, before setting their sights on Lianna, located at the nexus of a wormhole leading to Saxhleel, in the Coru Secundus region of Cyrannus. By capturing the station, the Empire would be granted a position of great strategic value for future campaigns in both Cyrannus and the Quadrants.

During the battle, Imperial forces, commanded by Captain Sorondil of the Battlecruiser Conqueror, as well as the infamous Raptor Squadron, managed to capture the station, though were faced with the might of the rallied Republic and Rambo fleet. Though the Imperials suffered heavy casualties, the arrival of the Phaedric Lord Venatorius, in command of considerable Imperial reinforcements, ultimately resulted in the near-total destruction of the Republic and Rambo fleet, including the deaths of Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera, former President Apaltar and the capture of the venerable Rambo starships U.S.S. Excelsior and Constitution.

The battleEdit

Capture of the StationEdit

After the Republic defeat at the Battle of Crothynopolos, the Republic armada, led by Fleet Admiral Anuatolian arrived at Lianna station, where it reinforced Admiral Laege Shavalera's fleet, which had been stationed there since the end of the New Republic Civil War. Under the nose of the Republic, and the remaining Rambo forces stationed there, the Empire dispatched Raptor Squadron to infiltrate the station, and bring it under Imperial control, thereafter an Imperial fleet commanded by Captain Sorondil would rid the system of the Empire's foes. Landing in secret aboard the station, Lady Astrosia, flanked by commander Vitiian Rax and sergeant Verico walked the main hallway of Lianna, stealthily killing any officers they happened upon.

After the sudden fall of Rambo Nation, Mandator Camron Dar dispatched Raptor Squadron to capture Commodore Malegras, and once successful, made their way to Lianna. Once they arrived, the entirety of Raptor Squadron dropped out of hyperspace, and engaged the Republic and Rambo forces at the station.The battle was fierce, but went well after Raptor Squadron managed to board the Rambo station. Verico scouted the hallway, debris littered the hallway and electrical cables hung loose from the ceiling. Their goal, capture the station, arrest the dissident Rambo officers onboard and, if possible, arrest former President Apaltar as well. A sudden tremor halted their advance as the station was rocketed by impact from the turbolasers of a nearby Star Destroyer. Outside, the battle raged on as the Imperials advanced, engaging both NCR vessels and the last Rambo Ships in service, amongst them the USS Excelsior and the USS Constitution.

"Commander, take your troops and secure the bridge of the station", Lady Astrosia's cold voice commanded.

Commander Rax removed her helmet and nodded. "By your command, Lady Astrosia. The station will soon be in our hands." Astrosia nodded, replying in her cold voice her team performed adequately and above standard expectations.

Commander Rax unholstered her rifle, and continued to lead her forces closer toward the bridge, where, if all went well, the commanding officers would be too busy dealing with the newly arrived Imperial forces that they'd have no time to react before being eliminated. After several minutes of navigating the deteriorating halls, they finally arrived at the entrance to the command bridge. Rax stood to one side, and indicated for Sergeant Verico to do likewise on the opposite side, nodding the sergeant unholstered his blaster as well and stormed the bridge, shooting two troopers down. Diving behind a nearby console, a startled and to slow lieutenant Thanram Tras was stunned by Commander Rax and hit the ground hard. Before Nexul Tohon could raise a blaster Astrosia used her power and held him in the air. "Surrender to the might of the Imperial Order captain Tohon or share the fate of traitors"" she said coldly and without emotion.

Captain Tohon clutched at his neck, as Astrosia strangled the life out of him. "I'll never surrender to you Imperial dogs!", he cried, before Astrosia snapped his neck, sending him collapsing to the ground in a heap. Verico approached a nearby console and informed his superiors that the station was theirs and he was ready to lower shields and order the surrender of the defiant forces.

"Negative Sergeant, target all station weapons on non-Imperial ships. The traitors had their chance. Wipe them out" she said without remorse. Verico hesitated, not sure if such massacre was within the vision and duties of an Imperial soldier. Rax shared his apprehension, and remarked to Astrosia that there was much that Tohon could have told them about Republic fleet movements in Cyrannus. Astrosia simply turned and raised a hand, Verico felt his own hand moving towards the console and was unable to stop it. Rax looks disgusted as she witnessed Verico entering the commands against his well. Then space around the station turned bright. Turning to the viewscreen Astrosia and commander Rax watched the carnage inflicted on those that opposed the Empire.

The explosions reflected in the helmet of Astrosia made her even more terrifying, and sergeant Verico felt disturbed, something Rax was very well aware of. Astrosia as well, as she turned to ask him she suddenly fell to the ground after she was hit in the shoulder by a blaster rifle. Verico duck behind a console together with Rax as they tried to evade their assaulter. Apaltar cursed, the imperial troopers reacted swifter than he had anticipated, signaling a nearby NCR trooper he was determined to regain control of the station. If it would fall into Imperial hands, the Cyrandia Resistance had another obstacle to gain a foothold within Cyrandia. Astrosia rose again and ignited her vibro blade, deflecting the NCR's blasters bolts back the soldiers, they dropped dead.


Astrosia strangles Apaltar

Using her powers again she held Apaltar in the air as well and began cutting off his airway. Verico rose from behind his console and looked at his commanders with clear shock. Such brutality was impossible to be tolerated, even by Legatus personnel who operated in the outer regions of the Empire in the Finduila Sector. As Apaltar gasped for air, Astrosia simply stood motionless with her arm raised and a smoldering shoulder.

To Verico's surprise, it was Rax who stood forward. "Enough, Astrosia. Stand down!"

Astrosia dropped her arm in surprise and lowered the former President. "I beg your pardon", she said rather politey. As Apaltar gasped for air he grabbed a nearby blaster and tried to raise it on the two unsuspecting officers. Before doing so however, a blade plunged through his chest and a mutter of pain escaped his mouth, killing the former President instantly. Astrosia turned in reflex and ignited her own sabre while Rax raised her blaster. Suddenly both Astrosia and Rax found themselves in the air clutching for breath and air as Lord Venatorius entered the bridge.

"How disappointing", the Pheadra Lord said, before letting both Astrosia and Rax fall to their knees before him.

Lord Venatorius placed his hands within his black cape. "And yet, it seems you have accomplished your mission. The station is ours."

Space battleEdit

When Lianna station fell into the Empire's hands, both the Republic and Rambo forces were forced to turn their weapons on their beloved former space station, which in turn began unleashing volleys of torpedoes. Although the Imperials took heavy casualties during the opening stages of the battle, the arrival of Lord Venatorius heralded the arrival of a considerable Imperial armada under the command of Grand Admiral Valindor Palenix of the Star Dreadnought Executor, which began to unleash volleys of turbolaser fire on the Rambo and Republic ships. The Rambo ships were easily taken out, due to the simple fact of using the same frequencies. Both the Constitution and the Excelsior received critical damage and were left driftless. A nearby Miranda-Class exploded in a bright light after its armory was hit, another crashed into a Venator-class when it nacelles exploded and was send spiraling. Its debris hit verious other allied vessels as well.

SGCW Second Battle of Lianna

The Republic and the Rambo Loyalists desperately try and escape the battle.

On the bridge of the Layné Borellian, Republic Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera desperately attempted to hold his fleet together, before finally giving the order for his forces to retreat into the wormhole. From onboard the Constitution captain Ramickon Ramglover signaled that though driftless, he and his crew would do whatever they could to give cover their retreat. May the Atlantica be with you admiral the Serindia captain said sadly. Covering the retreat of the smaller ships of the fleet, Shavalera unleashed a volley of torpedoes at the approaching Imperial fleet, destroying a weakened Imperator-class Star Destroyer, before being caught in a tractor beam by the larger Executor. Though ensnared, the Borellian continued to fire on the Imperial flagship, allowing for much of the Republic fleet, including the Teihu'rhe and the Behemeth, to escape.

Various New Republic vessels that attempted to jump into hyperspace instead of using the wormholes were drawn back by the gravity wells of Interdictor-classes present at the battle, ensuring the wormhole was their only escape. Yet the Empire was not without trouble, the venerable Venator-class vessels stood their ground against the Empire's cannons and managed to destroy various Arquitens-class light cruisers and at least two Yurrus-class carriers. From the bridge of Lianna, Astrosia smiled behind her mask as she witnissed pure Imperial onslaught taking place, giving no quarters she issued orders to fire on any enemy vessels the cannons of Lianna could reach. On the bridge of the Borellian, Shavalera ordered his officers to escape the vessel, and bid his farewell to his command crew as they made for the escape pods. After several minutes of sustained fire, the Borellian finally succumbed, and in a firey explosion, the once proud flagship of Admiral Shavalera was destroyed, taking its esteemed commander along with it. With the battle reaching its end, Captain Rax took her elite squadron Empire's Fury to flight and destroyed most of the stragglers, refusing to give those mercy if they did not surrender.

However, with the destruction of the Layné Borellian and the death of Fleet Admiral Shavalera, the battle had all but ended—securing a considerable victory for the Empire.


In the aftermath, the New Republic lost all access to the Quadrant Galaxies with the fall of Rambo Nation, the loss of Lianna-station and the occupation of Elen'nathia Republic colonial sector. Raptor Squadron, under command of Mandator Camron Dar was given command of Lianna-station to use as their main base of operation against the Resistance and to serve the Empire in any way required.

Back in Cyrannus, President Apollo sat behind his desk, looking at his glass of Serindia Wine but not feeling to drink anything when suddenly his vice-president, Ramdard Ramthrace entered. "Mr. President, you're still awake?".

Smiling sadly, he placed various data pads om Apollo's desk. "I was hoping you were already asleep sir", he continued. "The pads contain the latest intelligence. From the Quadrants, no word. We lost contact with the Rambo Loyalists after their loss at Ozdudrahk a while back. And there is an increased Imperial activity around Sesoka's last known position.".

Apollo frowned. "There's little sleep to be had in this line of work, I'm afraid. We need to rethink our strategy, if we hope to survive this war."

Ramthrace nodded, wondering to himself it there was any chance of surviving this war the way it was progressing. I still frown upon our blindless of Ramveral's actions, with one quick strike the Empire removed one of our greatest supporters since time past, the Terrans. We stand alone Mr. President, I am afraid we need a miracle". Placing a hand at Apollo's shoulder for comfort, Ramthrace silently strode away leaving the President pondering and alone.


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