And so, as the wheel turns on a new galactic age, the New Republic dies.

- Lord Venatorius

The Fall of the Twelve Worlds was a decisive battle of the Second Great Cyrannus War, during which the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus successfully captured Capricaerón—the capital of the New Republic. Taking place over the course of three days in Martex 17 NE, over two years subsequent to the Mou'Cyran Cataclysm, the Fall of the Twelve Worlds brought about the collapse of the New Republic and the emergence of Occupied Republica under Imperial rule, and the New Republic Remnant seeking to restore democracy and ultimately defeat the Empire.

Despite insurmountable odds, the Republic endured for over two years under the leadership of President Apollo, who guided the decapitated government toward a semblance of stability, reestablishing the Galactic Senate on Capricaerón, and rallying a powerful coalition of allies in opposition to Emperor Tyrómairon. However, despite impressive Republic victories in various fronts of the conflict, internal strife fanned by Praesator Adelheidis sparked a civil war which would ultimately prevent the New Republic from gaining ground in the conflict. In the aftermath of the Corruptus Crisis, the Empire was finally in a position to capitalise on the Republic's weakness, and, aided clandestinely by Republic traitors such as Zare'Anne and Ansin Cyrellon, besieged the Four Systems of Calithilaen.

Imperial battlecruisers under the command of Grand Admiral Tector Decimius were first spotted on the outer fringes of the Heran Delta subsystem of Calithilaen on the morning of 21 Martex 17 NE, and swiftly conquered Aquaraen, the least populous world in the Four Systems, forcing the planet's surrender with minimal effort. By the time word had reached President Apollo on Capricaerón, the rest of the Heran Delta system had already fallen to Decimius' forces, upon the destruction of Republic Admiral Noth's armada during the battle of Scorpiae. Using Heran Delta as a staging ground, vast Imperial fleets launched lightning strikes against Heran Alpha, Beta and Gamma, with the bulk of their forces engaged with the Grand Republic Fleet under Fleet Admiral Willelmus Cretacea at Capricaerón.

A second Imperial fleet, commanded by Grand Admiral Sarcophoneus reinforced the Empire's position in Heran Beta, capturing Libraen and forcing Virgon's government to surrender. By the time word reached Capricaerón that Virgon had surrendered, the planetary shield which defended the planet from invasion had weakened to cover only the capital city Capricaépolis, where Apollo and what remained of his administration struggled to coordinate the defence of the Twelve Worlds. Vast regions of Capricaerón fell swiftly to the Imperials, though coordinated resistance in cities such as Oldale and Demeterón in the Tethyian continent continued for a week after the fall of Capricaépolis. Prior to the fall of the capital, however, the Phaedric Order deployed its full might on the planet, though suffered an unexpected loss when Grandmaster Ryen of the Aldárae Order sacrificed himself to destroy Lord Agonânghâsh.

When the shield failed entirely, the Phaedric Lord Venatorius joined Decimius and Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius in the capture of the Presidential Pyramid, and during a standoff with Apollo's remaining supporters, revealed the treachery of Cyrellon and Zare'Anne. Ultimately, it was only through the arrival of Kara Inviá and Aoirtae Valaeris that Apollo was able to escape the Empire's clutches. Immediately subsequent to Apollo's flight from the capital, the Empire proclaimed the signing of the P'ax Cyrannica Concordat—the same document offered to President Nexarón Valkistair the day of the Cataclysm—thus proclaiming the surrender of the New Republic and the end of the war.

Zare'Anne formed a new government for the Republic, though it was immediately demonstrated to be a mere puppet of Imperial interests, when Lord Venatorius executed Cyrellon, whom Zare'Anne had intended to name Vice President. Nevertheless, rather than face certain annihilation, the Republic Senate unanimously agreed to the Empire's unfavourable terms, though most retained a faint hope that the occupation would eventually end. Fleeing with his supporters to the fringes of Heran Gamma, Apollo reunited with Fleet Admiral Cretacea, and what remained of the Grand Republic Fleet—now consisting of a mere fourteen vessels, the commanders of which proclaimed themselves to be New Republic Remnant, which fled the system, intending to resupply at Cognalorilos upon the invitation of Primarch Voro Acetenus of the Unified Order of Cognalorilos.


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