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Though the Coru Secundus and Wormhole Campaigns of the war have concluded, the Second Great Cyrannus War continued to escalate. Though the New Republic government under Apollo has stabilised with the re-establishment of the Galactic Senate, the fires of civil war spread across the extragalactic territories. Seeking to capitalise from the power vacuum caused by the Cataclysm, Praesator Adelheidis openly declared rebellion against the Capricaerón government, preparing to strike to ensure that the Republic succeeds through her leadership alone. Thus, the New Republic Civil War began, threatening to finish what the Empire had started at the beginning of the conflict.

Though faced with this existential threat, President Apollo continues leading a war on multiple fronts. Though Coru Secundus had been liberated, his efforts to expand the war into the Outer Rim have been halted by Adelheidis' rebellion. Meanwhile, the Empire, unwilling to watch from the sidelines, sought to exacerbate the chaos, striking out at any and all Republic targets, regardless of their affiliation. Meanwhile, across the Gigaquadrant, loyal Republic officers in the Borealis Galaxy began preparations with the Indoctrinate Collective and the Polar Crystal Alliance to oust the Empire from the Heleanorian territories. In the Plazith RIm, with the Delpha Coalition of Planets' entry into the conflict, the two titans prepare to clash in a titanic confrontation for control over space and time itself.

Course of the War[]

Liberation of Coru Secundus[]

Coru Secundus, Cyrannus

While the New Republic military had been devastated during the Battle of Coruanthor, the conflict had ultimately ended with a Republic victory. Aided by the Aldárae Order, as well as the Cyrandia Resistance, the Indoctrinate Collective and the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, the Imperial First Battlefleet had been destroyed, marking a decisive victory against the Empire and the beginning of a two-month long campaign to liberate Imperial-occupied Coru Secundus. While Fleet Admirals Kuestantine and Kaedar secured the northern sectors, Fleet Admiral Laege Shavalera of the Third Fleet, coordinating closely with Aldárae Master Alinor Nanuq, began to push south along the Republica Hyperlane.

Fleet Admiral Shavalera's fleet liberates Coruaan from the Empire.

Held by Vice Admiral Tethis Marrgrev, Coruaan had been the site of a costly Republic defeat earlier in the conflict, though with the destruction of Fleet Admiral Tharnak Adraci's fleet at Coruanthor, the Imperial occupation had weakened considerably. Once Fleet Admiral Shavalera, commanding from the bridge of the Star Destroyer Layné Borellian, had secured space above the planet, Republic General Anqual Gahan landed troops, hoping to rendezvous with local resistance forces organised by Senator Roth Caesenn and secure Coruaan's groundside ship manufacturing facilities. Once he did, Gahan faced a month-long slog marked by open and total warfare between lumbering Imperial walkers and Republic tanks, before finally liberating the planetary capital of Thrace at the end of 16 NE's first week.

Once Coruaan had been secured, Shavalera assigned three fleet captains to coordinate with allied Collective and Cognatus forces in further liberations along the Republica Run. Captain N'vae Celeneos of the Mou'Llhei Star won a relatively easy victory in the remnants of the Mou'Cyran system, whereupon the New Republic began the construction of a memorial to honour the memory of those killed during the Cataclysm, and during the Battles of the Mou'Cyran Remnants in 15 NE. Trying to work behind Celeneos' lines, Marrgrev attempted to regain lost ground by seizing Lugh, only to be badly defeated by Captain Tymonir Vargeryan of the Ardaeinos as his armada moved to retake Venetia and Mossahraer, both of which were back in Republic hands before the end of the month.

However, Republic efforts were not without setbacks. Captain Ramthor's attempts to seize a beachhead at Mantilles failed, as Lord Maethoruin's Executor-class Dreadnought Dark Hand drove his forces from their attempt to gain access to the galaxy's interior hyperlanes. Ramthor's forces fell back to Auethnen, where they reinforced the sector against any Imperial attempts to retake the region from the north. The Liberation of Coru Secundus finally ended on Martex 14, 16 NE, when Vargeryan and Celeneos' forces linked up with Shavalera's at Thaehos, sparking the Second Battle for Thaehos, during which a combined armada of Republic, Collective and Cognatus vessels dealt a crushing blow to the Imperial armada under Admiral Rela Loupál, shattering the remaining Imperial line in Coru Secundus and bringing Republic forces to the doorstep of the Core Worlds.

Incident on Noldágorel[]

Noldágorel, Quadrant 82

As the Second Great Cyrannus War raged on and escalated, the situation in the Quadrants remained rather stable though was fragile with Adelheidis openly declaring her intentions against President Apollo. With the Rambo Capital taken hostage by the Executor, the super star destroyer under the command of Grand Admiral Valindor Palenix, the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus secretly made incursions into the Unclaimed Territories, taking slaves and resources for the might and glory of the Empire. It also patrolled the infamous Gorge and became aware of the mystical and peaceful world known as Noldágorel, better known amongst Rambo Command as Starbase 30, harbouring an installation of their nemeses, the Aldárae Temple of Altum.

Akagêlth leads his forces against the Temple

Inquisitor Chi Chodecra of the Inquisition dispatched Inquisitor Akagêlth and a battalion of troopers to deal with them. Upon landing on the surface, the Imperial forces quickly took possession over the starbase over the startled protests of Commander Antonio Tennant who was overruled by the Inquisitor. Inquisitor Akagêlth led his forces towards the temple without opposition and eventually faced Headmaster Robert Lefler and the recently arrived Janice Ross who healed an injured cadet a few days before. Both ignited their sabres and tried to defend the temple but were forced to hide inside the temple while the Imperial forces tried to breach the heavy fortified walls of the temple. Their assault startled nearby wildlife as well which caused a rampage of the dragon like scion Mayquaza that destroyed the Imperial walkers before it left. Facing defeat and the destruction of his temple headmaster Robert Lefler considered surrendering when various Rambo Mortis-class dropships landed on the nearby docks. Commander Antonio Tennant had arrived with Rambo reinforcements that patrolled the Gorge. A very displeased Commodore Malegras emerged from one of the dropships and approached the Inquisitor and his forces flanked by Rambo clone troopers.

The Inquisitor ignited his own red sabre and ordered the droid like Rambo commander to leave. Malegras simply chuckled, removing his own cape ignited his own four sabres warning the Inquisitor that it was wrong to challenge him. Concordat or not the Inquisitor would pay for his unwarranted incursion against Rambo citizens. Both blinded by rage the two attacked each other, during the battle the Commodore lost one of his mechanical hands to the Inquisitor and faced a potential threatening chest slash. Before the Inquisitor could finish the job Malegras brought down his own sabres and drove them into the startled Inquisitor. Bisecting the Inquisitor his lifeless body fell to the ground and a battle raged Malegras faced the two Aldárae knights and the Imperial battalion commander.

Malegras versus the Inquisitor.

The Imperial commander claimed to arrest these heretics in name of his Emperor but Malegras rebuked the commander that the Empire had no authority to arrest or take Rambo citizens prisoners, even under the Concordat. Startled, the Imperial Command claimed that Janice was no longer a Rambo citizen due to her registered relocation to Aldár. Malegras response was simple, he knocked out Janice with a single strike of his fist and Rambo clone troopers subdued headmaster Lefler. Facing the Imperial Commander again he gave them permission to take Janice, as she was officially registered as a Cyrannian citizen now and remained on Noldágorel until the Imperial forces left the planet. Thanking commander Tennant for this pleasuring ordeal, he returned to his own flagship and continued to patrol the Gorge. The death of the Inquisitor, the Imperial Incursion against a Rambo Starbase threatened the once stable Concordat and continued for days to make the main headlines on the Holochannels. The first frictions between the Empire and the Rambo began to surface and for sure were not to be the last!

Political Pressure by Orbispira[]

Orbispira, Core Worlds

Grand Mandator Deoclet Caesarius quickly strode through the hall ways of the Senate Tower on Orbispira, which he had converted into his own personal base of operations, when away from his personal Star Destroyer Executrix. Grand Inquisitor Vandalion just informed him that they lost on Inquisitor on some back water Rambo Nation world in the Quadrant Galaxies. It seemed Commodore Malegras, a high ranking and quite infamous officer within Rambo Command thwarted the Inquisitor and managed to kill him when the Inquisitor wanted to remove an Aldaraé presence on Noldágorel. To his own opinion, they should have forced the Nim-Glaré Concordat and should have removed that plotting and untrustworthy High King of the Ramboidae long ago. Arriving on his office, he opened a holo channel with Valindor Palenix, whose super star destroyer was currently in orbit of the Rambo Capital.

Caesarius commands Palenix.

The Grand Mandator frowned when Palenix's hologram appeared. "Grand Admiral Palenix. What is this I hear about a dead Inquisitor? Killed by the Rambo, no less."

Palenix remained stern but his features betrayed his nervousness, anyone was nervous around Grand Mandator Caesarius. "It seems so. The notorious Commodore Malegras executed the Inquisitor after refusing to hand over an Aldaraé Headmaster who was still registered as a Rambo citizen. We did however manage to take the other one, who fought in various campaigns and is identified as Janice Ross."

The Grand Mandator glanced at a datapad entry on Ross, before turning his steely attention once more onto Palenix. "Not a total failure, then. This human has apparently caused quite a bit of bother for us."

Standing from his desk, the Grand Mandator turned his back on the hologram and gazed out onto the endless city of Orbispira. "However, open defiance from the Rambo cannot and will not be tolerated. This "High King" must learn his rightful place." Palenix frowned his brows and his nostrils flared; "With all due respect Grand Mandator, what do you propose?" "The High King is fortunate that the war in Cyrannus has my full attention," the Grand Mandator mused, mostly to himself. Turning his head from his window, he held his head high. "Increase the blockade over the Rambo Capital. Tell Rambert that if his subjects dare strike out at an Imperial target again, we will make an example out of him." Palenix bowed, it seemed the Rambo citizens on the capital need to get used to surviving on food rations. Though he wondered why the Grand Mandator didn't want the head of this Commodore. Noticing Palenix's expression, a short smile formed on Caesarius' face. "Ah, the one responsible for killing the Inquisitor. His execution goes without saying." Sitting back on his desk, Caesarus placed his hands together. "Ever since the days of Garlboz, the Rambo have been a difficult rabble to control. No longer. They must fall into line."

Battle of Apailiana[]

Apailiana, Core Worlds

The Battle of Coruanthor had been as devastating to the Empire, as it had been for the New Republic, with Imperial logistical officers reporting to Grand Mandator Caesarius that as much as four percent of the entire Imperial military in Cyrannus had been destroyed. Nevertheless, Caesarius knew that with Adelheidis' rebellion against the New Republic's fractitious government on Capricaerón, it created the perfect opportunity for the Empire to continue the assault. While Coru Secundus had been reinforced against any renewed invasion in the foreseeable future, the Republic's home territories in the Capricorn Sector of the Core Worlds were ripe for conquest.

Almost as soon as his conversation with Palenix had ended, Caesarius departed his office on Orbispira to the Executrix, the first Imperial Star Destroyer ever constructed, as well as Caesarius' own flagship. Dropping out of lightspeed in the Driba System, Caesarius deployed several other Star Destroyers to join his armada, including the Intimidator under Captain Hurst Ademan, the Rampage under Captain Kendar Bozzel and the Devastator under Captain Delin Lassiter. Once his fleet had massed, Caesarius ordered an immediate hyperjump, crossing what once was the Neutral Zone before the war, and dropping out of hyperspace in the Apailiana System.

Grand Mandator Caesarius' fleet arrives in the Apailiana System.

On the command bridge of the Executrix, Caesarius smiled as the blue-green orb of Apailiana appeared before his fleet. On the surface of the planet lay a critical strategic resource—the Great Library of Apailiana, which, according to information provided by Imperial Intelligence, was now the site of a joint Republic and Aldárae research team. Such a resource would be most useful if back in the Empire's hands.

Standing against an immediate ground assault was the Apailiana defence fleet commanded by Admiral Valtaris Cao'ili of the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Maximus. Ordering Bozzel to keep the Rampage, an experimental Interdictor-class Star Destroyer, to the flanks of the fleet, Caesarius pressed his attack, combining the firepower of the Executrix, the Devastator and the Intimidator against the Republic forces. The Maximus, clearly noticed the Imperials were outgunned and launched its fighters for a decisive assault. How the Imperials managed to break the NCR borders without alarm eluded him though. Sending the smaller frigates to back up the fighters he ordered them to engage the small Imperial flotilla. Launching waves of ASP fighters, the Star Destroyers remained in close formation, seeking to prevent any Republic vessels from fleeing into hyperspace. The forward line of Republic hammerheaded Aether-class corvettes quickly fell to the mighty cannons of the Executrix, eventually leaving only the Maximus and a Consular-class corvette, where a young diplomat called Paya Naberrae, daughter of Willelmus Cretacea watched in horror as more and more Republic ships fell to the Empire. The Consular-class attempted to escape the battle by jumping into hyperspace though was pulled from it by the Interdictor-class Rampage. Onboard the bridge Bozzel smiled and commended its crew.

Imperial and Republic forces clash for control over Apailiana.

Onboard the Maximus admiral Valtaris realised the importance of the Consular-class and send his massive ship to take the brunt of the attack to protect the young Paya onboard. Realising the battle turned into favor of the Empire he contacted the Consular-class, commanding them to make the jump to hyperspace.

Pushing through the Intimidator and the Devastator, the Maximus was about to open fire on the Interdictor when it was hit by a full turbolaser spread from the Executrix, disabling the engines systems and leaving it utterly disabled. On the bridge of his flagship, Caesarius placed his hand to his chin, ordering full batteries to destroy the Republic flagship. However, his brow furrowed when he saw that the Rampage was moving out of formation at the flanks of the armada. On the critically damaged Maximus, Admiral Cao'ili ordered the last surviving Aether-class corvette to ram into him. Engaging full thrusters, the Aether impacted against the Maximus and pushed it ever closer toward the Interdictor. Bozzel realising his mistake ordered his crew to take evasive actions and rerouted the engines to no avail, the Maximus hit the bridge of the Rampage and its gravity wells, causing a massive chain reaction that destroyed all three vessels. Onboard the Consular-class, Paya ordered the crew to engage the engines and passed by the window screen of the Execrutix before it jumped into hyperspace and escaped. Irritated by the loss of the Interdictor, and Bozzel's foolishness, Caesarius nonetheless entered orbit over Apailiana, where he presided over the conquest of the planet and its archives for the Empire.

Battle of Laurantia[]

Laurantia, Outer Rim

Though the Republic was forced to contend with an Imperial invasion into the Capricorn Sector, as well as Adelheidis' True Republic in the sectors around the Saxhleel Wormhole, President Apollo was committed to ending the perception that the Republic was always on the back foot. Rallying a sizeable armada of vessels freed up by the victory at Coruanthor, Apollo ordered the 19th Fleet under Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine to finally invade Imperial territory and seize the temperate planet Laurantia, on the eastern edge of the Outer Rim. In the nearly two decades since Apollo had last been to Laurantia, it had fallen under the ever-expanding sway of the Empire. Unwilling to allow that expansion to continue, the Republic armada was soon joined by the Aldárae Grandmaster Ryen, and his tirolenros Arasah Nui, both of whom would be granted command positions within the Republic Army and Navy.

Imperial and Republic forces battle for control over Laurantia.

The Republic crossed the Outer Rim border and dropped out of hyperspace above Laurantia, soon joined by a fleet of Mendel Pact, the Waptoria Alliance of Species and the Sacred Vanara Empire. While the Imperial Navy had a small fleet in orbit over the planet, was was quickly overrun by the Republic, which began landing troops on the outskirts of the Capital City. There, however, the true battle would begin. Emerging from the Imperial factories constructed in the north of the city came an entire battalion of Imperial troops, backed up by gunships and an entire contingent of Imperial Heavy Walkers. Nevertheless, the Republic pressed their advantage, destroying the last surviving Imperial Star Destroyer and sending it crashing into the enemy positions. The surviving soldiers and pilots of the destroyer rushed to join the battle, but found themselves outgunned by Republic R1 Main Armoured Attack Transports and marauding waves of AU-28 Attack Gunships.

Arasah Nui and Ryen face Inquisitor Vandalion.

Pushing their way through the Imperial forward lines, Ryen and Arasah Nui became surrounded by the Imperial Grand Inquisitor Vandalion and his personal guard, who goaded the young Cargura into attacking him. Duelling intensely, Vandalion used his blade to severely injure her, though was prevented from killing her by Ryen's intervention. Utilising the Light, the Grandmaster seriously injured the Basileus, forcing Imperial medics to flee with him in tow. With the Battle of Laurantia won, news spread across the Republic and its allies that for the first time since the beginning of the conflict, the Empire was on the retreat.

Liberation of Alberensis[]

Alberensis, Core Worlds

For years, the natives of the Core World of Alberensis had been locked in a seemingly interminable conflict with the Imperial occupation of their world, commanded by Captain Marquar Cuinn. With Cuinn reassigned to the frontlines of the conflict with the New Republic, the Alberensian resistance, under the leadership of the crafty general Nilane Dhracari, saw their opportunity to finally put an end to Imperial rule over Alberensis. Making good use of her own personal wealth and popularity among the people of her world, Dhracari's forces broadcasted her speeches across the planet, rallying Alberensian patriotism and hatred for the Empire. Over the course of several months, Dhracari made clandestine contact with Republic Strategic Intelligence agent Rhavor Aldorón, who promised that he would sneak a Republic armada across Imperial territory to help in the liberation.

A Republic corvette engages Imperial forces during the Liberation of Alberensis.

When the time finally came, Dhracari's forces poured out of their hiding places in the forests of Alberensis and attacked every Imperial installation on the planet's surface. The governor of the planet, Eranol, immediately ordered the planet's authorities to crack down on the rebels, though to his horror, significant portions of his own forces refused to follow his orders—over two thirds of the Alberensian security forces had defected to Dhracari's cause. To Eranol's further horror, a Republic strike fleet commanded by Commodore Thonaloc dropped out of hyperspace and began landing ground troops in strategic locations across the planet.

Simultaneously, he dealt with the Imperial armada in orbit, aided by Alberensian crusiers and corvettes commandeered by resistance operatives. Together, three Star Destroyers fell in Alberensis' orbit—a powerful symbol of the Empire's defeat in the skies above Alberensis. Within three days of intense fighting, and with Imperial forces unable to assault the system due the presence of Republic interdictors, the capital city of Tithonia surrendered to Dhracari's forces. In the aftermath, Dhracari met with Thonaloc to discuss opening a new front of the war within the Core Worlds themselves, including plans to attack the ecumenopolis of Arnaorio. The next she, she oversaw what Thonaloc dismissed as a 'dvottie court', the trial of Governor Eranol, which ended in the feeble governor's execution.

Battle of Corutaran[]

Corutaran, Outer Rim

With a foothold in the Outer Rim after the victory at Laurantia, Fleet Admiral Aver Kuestantine, over the course of several months, orchestrated multiple lightning strikes at Imperial targets in the outlying Skyridill and Onderthon Sectors, working closely with reinforcements provided by the Unified Order of Cognalorilos, led by Fleetlord Morin Ehtar. Frustrated by the success of Kuestantine's campaign, Imperial Command dispatched Captain Mornauó of the Star Battlecruiser Desolator to reinforce the strategically vital world of Corutaran, the first Libertus colony established in the Outer Rim, and within an astrographical stone's throw away from Basileus Space and Vasuband.

Morin and Kuestantine's armada clashes with Mornauó's.

As Mornauó expected, Kuestantine's armada came roaring out of hyperspace with a full turbolaser spread, and while the sheer power of the armada's fire managed to destroy three frigates, the main body of Battlecruisers and Destroyers remained relatively undamaged. On the bridge of his Dreadnought, the Spirit of the Republic, Kuestantine ordered all ships to engage the Imperial fleet at point-blank range, a tactic which had worked well in his past engagements. Coordinating his ships, Mornauó responded with the full power of his fleet's forward batteries, smashing multiple Republic and Cognatus vessels as they attempted to enter broadsiding range. When the allied ships had lined up alongside the Imperials and began opening fire, Mornauó sprung his trap, calling in reinforcements from Vice Admiral Lucaevon Pierea's Tenth Outer Rim Defense Fleet, which emerged from hyperspace along the same vector the Republic had.

One by one, Moranuó and Pierea's combined Imperial armada whittled down Kuestantine's fleet, to the point where the furious Republic Admiral ordered an immediate retreat from Corutaran. When the order came, Fleetlord Ehtar slammed his fist on his command chair, and ordered the engines of the Endurance of the Hallowed Star to prepare for ramming speed. The massive assault carrier roared to life, propelling toward an advancing Imperial Star Destroyer, which attempted to maneuver out of the carrier's path. At the last possible second, Ehtar ordered a full barrage of the forward deconfinement disruptors, sending waves of destructive energy into the Star Destroyer, utterly vaporising it as the carrier passed through the ashes which remained, before jumping to lightspeed.

Battle of Carolinii[]

Carolinii, Inner Rim

Since the beginning of the war almost two years earlier, the Serapis had been occupied by the Empire. Just as with other civilizations over the course of the Empire's expansionist campaigns, the Serapis resisted the invasion as best as they could., though within three days of the beginning of the fighting, the Serapis Homeworld of Dilania was conquered. However, one Serapis Admiral, Lesik Sanarias, escaped. The remnants of the Dilanian Imperial Navy followed him as they sought to escape. During their travels, the Serapis came across the powerful Dysprosian Imperium of Races. Ultimately, the two allied, and after rebuilding their fleet using Imperium shipyards, the Serapis and their newfound allies launched a retaliatory strike against the Empire by invading Carolinii.

Imperial, Republic, Resistance, Serapis and Imperium forces clash over Carolinii.

Admiral Rela Loupál was getting frustrated. Ever since her fleet had been devastated at the Second Battle of Thaehos, she had been reduced to guard duty over the planet of Carolinii. She longed for the chance to face the Republic in battle again. To make them pay for abandoning her people and challenging his eminence. Suddenly, a bridge crewman reported unknown ships emerging from hyperspace. Looking out the Empirical's windows, she spotted dozens of ships. They seemed to be of two different species. One she recognized as the Serapis, the pathetic weaklings who had allied with the Republic following the New Cyrandia Wars, and another, unknown race. Before she could send out her first orders, the two fleets began a massive bombardment of the Imperial ships defending the planet. The Empirical shook from the fury of the turbolaser and hypervelocity gun barrage. Nevertheless, the Alavar responded by ordering a full retaliatory assault on the invaders.

As the two fleets clashed for control of Carolini's space, Gialu Kaedar leading a republic task force in a nearby system, received word of the invasion of Carolinii. Surprised but elated by the potential new allies, Kaedar led his fleet to reinforce the Serapis and Dysprosians. Back at Carolinii, the Serapis and Dysprosian Fleets began to drive the Imperials into the atmosphere. By this point, despite the power of the Empirical, the allies were driving them back. Finally realizing that even her Dreadnought was outgunned, Loupal gave the order to retreat. Carving a path of destruction through the allied ships, the Empirical ultimately escaped, though the smaller Star Destroyers in tow were caught and forced into the atmosphere. Finally, the Republic arrived in the system. After contacting the Serapis and Dysprosian forces, the three allies entered the atmosphere to finish the conquest of the planet. Over the course of the next few hours, the allies finished the conquest of the planet, capturing the capital of Suchopolen within three days. Despite the allied conquest of the planet, the allies had taken heavy casualties. Of the eighteen Predator-class Star Destroyers that had participated in the battle, four had been destroyed and seven had been lost. Nevertheless, Carolinii had been captured, and the allies had a foothold in the Inner Rim.

Battle of Hosniaal[]

Brave Republic defenders strive in vain to oust Elenwen from the Hosniaal system.

Slowly but steadily, Grand Mandator Caesarius' armada advanced in the Capricorn Sector, utilising the aftermath of the New Republic Civil War to wreck chaos on Republic positions, left relatively undefended while the bulk of the navy engaged High King Rambert's forces in the Quadrant Galaxies. After the Fall of Apailiana, Caesarius dispatched Vice Admiral Irenwen to capture the critical Republic trade world of Hosniaal, located in one of the Capricorn Sector's most affluent regions—located at the astrographic crossroads linking the Capricorn Run hyperlane, and important worlds such as Surdana, Navanon and Oran, the homeworlds of the Draken, Navajao and Oiseau, respectively. Exiting hyperspace in command of the I.S.S.D. Absolution, an experimental Mandator II-class Star Dreadnought, Irenwen ruthlessly destroyed the meagre Republic defence fleet in orbit, before demanding the planet's surrender.

Authorities on Hosniaal, faced with a choice between death and submission, chose submission, and responded affirmatively to Irenwen's demand. However, the fanatically anti-Republic Basileus admiral, laughed in response, and targeted the planet with the Absolution's X-45 Orbital Displacement Cannons, mercilessly bombarding the planet's key population centres, before at last, accepting the unconditional surrender of Hosniaal's few surviving representatives. When word of the newly labelled "Butcher of Hosniaal's" victory reached the desk of President Apollo on nearby Capricaerón, he immediately redirected Admiral Quarantar to command the defence of the worlds lying between Hosniaal, and the homeworlds of the old members of the Capricorn Sector Alliance. Quarantar, a former member of the Basileus Freedom Movement, began to rally an armada of vessels around his flagship, the Praesator-class Destroyer Starfyre, and prepared to meet now-Admiral Irenwen on the field of combat.

Battle of Agralla[]

As the Mendel rushed to defend the New Republic with what forces they had, they were largely unaware of a group of defectors form their ranks. Years before, during the war that saw Kirta Clett become High Queen of the Mendel, a group, loyal to the last tyrant that had slayed her father, vanished, disappearing into the unknown to plan their next attack. They where not the only ones. During one such battle, Kirta had to slay one of the rogue Mendel leaders, gaining his followers to her armies, but causing his son to take as many warriors as he could, and seek out those loyal to the Tyrant King, in order to fight back against Kirta and gain vengeance. When the war with the Empire started, this warrior, Chokuto Gredyc, saw an opportunity for revenge. He and his forces made their way to the Cyrannus Galaxy, and, upon creating a base, and contacting the Empire. After, the Emperor assigned an Inquisitor, Savis Crevix to watch and analyze them. Though perturbed, the strange Inquisitor analyzed them, and after a week, reported to the Emperor their loyalty to the Empire.

With that done, A Special Forces unit was sent to group up with the Mendel Warriors. The group was given their weapons and assigned to their first attack, the world of Agralla, a distant and forgotten world under attack by the Cyrandia Resistance and a Legion of the Mendel Pact, who brought with them their alien allies to assist in the battle. After almost overwhelming the Stormtroopers and Army Troopers of the world, Savis Crevix and Chokuto Gredyc arrived in the system, leading their forces on the world, covertly inserted into the world, using their advanced weapons, equipment and tactics to cripple, hamstring and destroy the cooperating Mendel-Resistance forces. After killing most of the Mendel and Resistance leadership, the Imperial Fleet and their traitor Mendel allies, managed to destroy the Resistance and Mendel fleet above Agralla.

Pleased with their progress, and their ability to effectively coordinate despite their many differences, Emperor Tyrómairon himself formed their unit into Platoon 44, a special forces task force meant to not only destroy any Republic and Resistance forces on high-value worlds, but also gain control of the Mendel Pact, and bring their forces under the control of the Empire. While the Imperials celebrated their victory, the Mendel and Resistance leaders were confused of the loss, not sure how the Legion and Avengers of Hosniaal came to their end. Ryaler, angered at the loss, gathered up his forces and prepared for another attack, as Chokuto and Savis began to plan their next strike against Mendel Pact.

Raid at Harmatia[]

  • Story continues Here.

It had been several months since the Mendel, Persan, and Waptoria had driven back the Imperial forces that had attacked Frenal While the threat had been successfully repelled, Frenal had received significant damage thanks to an Alpha Delta strike initiated by the Imperial commander. Since then the Persan forces had made no progress in their resistance against the Empire thanks not only to the strength of the Empire, but also to the distraction the Republic Civil War. However, the Persan forces were beginning to make moves into Imperial territory, raiding and slashing supply lines. Now they were moving forward to attack a Imperial military outpost at a little known planet named Haramtia. The outpost would be poorly defended and good place to strike with the intention of capturing Imperial ships so they could be taken apart and any weaknesses could be analyzed.

A decent sized force hand been sent to accomplish this task and were stealthy speeding towards the planet. Upon hitting the systems gravity well the dropped out of Accel Space and proceeded to spearhead their way forward towards their target destination. The outpost was indeed, as predicted, sparsely defended and seemingly surprising at the sudden appearance of the Persan strike force. They assembled into a defensive formation around the planet as the Persan forces smashed into them and the battle began.

Up till the point of the battle kicking off, sitting in the hanger of a carrier was silvered, blue scalded Vanara named Searah, with dark pink eyes sitting in the cockpit of brand new Medusa Medium Infinite Mobility Suit tapping her pointer claw in bored fashion. Her ears perked up though when the klaxon stared blaring. Grinning widely she activated the holographic controls and launched. Tearing through space she fired on the first Imperial fighter she laid eyes on taking it down with a barrage of electron rays and anion particle lasers. She then began to make her way over to the planet, entering the atmosphere ready to perform a bombing run on the outpost. This plan was interrupted though when the HUD started flashing with a blue arrow pointing towards outer space. Searah turned her head to see a massive Imperial Fleet warping into orbit over the planet, this was a trap. Searah frowned at the amount of effort they seemed to be putting into defending such a minor outpost before shaking her head. There was no time to think about this, she had a mission to carry out.

Taking her IM Suit into a nose dive she began to accelerate to maximum speed at a shallow angel while turning the anti-grav system to max output. The maneuver she was looking to pull off was one of the hardest in the book, but if successful she could damage the base without expending any ammunition and at speeds she was going, would be difficult to hit. As Searah tor through the atmosphere, a trail of plasma forming behind her and the air molecules were shredded behind her, the onboard AI alerted her to something interesting. It had discovered that the bases security system, was surprisingly up to date and secure. Searah told the AI to start hacking and quickly at that. The Ai went about its work as Searah began to pullup her IM suit shaking as though it was going to come apart.

After what seemed like an eternity the AI beeped signaling that it was done. Searah put on one last burst of speed as she shot past the base the air around the IM Suit distorting and rippling outward and a discharge of plasma was produced from the force of the sonic blast generate from the maneuver Searah had just pulled off, commonly referred as a MegaSonic DoomBoom. The base cracked in two as many within the fell dead and the rest were painfully defend, their eardrums exploding in their skulls. Searah raced past miles and miles of landscape as she careened into space. Looking over she saw the Persan strike force surrounded by Imperial ships. Swearing she took a look at what her AI had dug up, it was a made of several major Imperial supply routs. Grimacing she activated her IM Suits Accel Drives and warped away from the planet. She had to get this information to her own people, or any of their allies for that matter.

October Ashes of a Fallen Nation[]

With the fall of Rambo Nation and the breaking of the Nim-Glaré Concordat the Galactic Empire of Cyrannus in october 21 AQF/21 Dekemurius 16 NE the Quadrant Galaxies plunged into disorder. Something the Empire was eager to restore with their Imperial might.

Capture of Malegras

Malegras' ship is intercepted by Raptor Squadron

The rogue Rambo officer known as Malegras was shocked to hear the news of the fall of Rambo Nation. While still engaging and evading New Republic forces in the Republica Elen'Nanethia he realized he should make a stand together with others at Lianna-station and set course. While crossing the NCR borders a task force led by Lady Astrosia of Raptor Squadron, aided by two Legatus-Interdictors pulled his prized vessel from hyperspace and engaged Malegras forces. The Caradhras-Class USS Galathynia, not build for the sudden loss of speed buckled and internal systems overloaded. With no shields, Raptor Squadron moved in as the two Interdictors opened fire while ASP-starfighters targeted vital systems of the mighty warship.

Furious Malegras ordered his crew to defend his ship to no avail. Facing Lady Astrosia in personal combat Malegras was defeated by her powers and was brought onboard her Arquitens-class to be brought to Pauvenris.

Insurgence on Ramalivua

The Human/Serindia city on Ramalivua burns!

Ramalivua, protectorate of the former Rambo Nation was left defenseless with the dissolution of the Rambo Navy, a situation that did not escape Bolgrash Bloodhammer. Sieging this oppertunity he rallied his orce forces and attacked its capital city, overun its defenses and send most of the humans back into space. During the fall of the human city their leader, Ramjon Martin Ramelzen went missing and the planet became independent once more, now without humans living on it.

Bolgrash burned most of the city, though the spiral white towers were not destroyed, the damage was done and the city turned into a desolate ghost fortress.

Purging the Capricyránae

Bikasulam falls for the might and glory of the Empire

Inquisitor Chi Chodecra, commanding the experimental Relentless was ordered by Mandator Camron Dar to enforce the Imperial presence throughout the fallen Rambo Nation colonial sectors. With the sudden expanse in territory, the mineral rich worlds of Rambo Nation were ripe for the taking and exploit. First on the list of Bikasulam, the homeworld of the Venatioa and one of the few native Capricránae species within the Quadrant Galaxies.

The Relentless, escorted by another Star Destroyer arrived in orbit of Bikasulam, without warning it opened fire at the unsuspecting Venatioa. The planet had no chance, as the bombardment reduced most of the spiral towers to ruins, removing another reminder of the Capricornian Republic and for what it stood. Thousands found their deaths within the first volley of fire, many more when the city began sinking the mountain collapse. Those that managed to flee either found refuge on other Rambo planets, fled into space to fight the Empire or simply enslaved to work for the glory of the Empire.

Starbase 33 falls, signalling the Imperial control over the Gorge

The grip of the Empire was tightning around the Quadrants.

Securing the Gorge

Raptor Squadron, an elite Imperial squadron was dispatched from the Rambo Capital and advanced over the Ramsoria Run, their goal was clear, secure the northern part of the (in)famous Gorge and split the Quadrants in two, isolating the New Cyrannian Republic territories from the northern territories and the Lianna Initiative allies.

Starbases 24 and 25 had already surrendered when news reached them Rambo Nation had fallen, giving the Empire a great advantage over any starbases that were reluctant to recognise Imperial authority. Amongst them the military starbase 32 refused to acknowledge Imperial authority and found themselves under siege by Raptor Squadron. Its personnel were put in front of a firing squad forcing other stations to surrender as well, amongst them starbase 31, 33 and 04. After Raptor Squadron was done securing the Gorge, only one station remained in open rebellion, Lianna-station were a NCR fleet was stationed together with renegade Rambo officers.

Battle of Crothynopolos[]

With the fall of Rambo Nation late in the previous year, the former territories of the True Republic, now under the de facto control of Apollo's government on distant Capricaerón, began to prepare for the Empire's inevitable push into Elen'Nanethia. Indeed, both New Capricaerón and Apatalore had both fallen to the Rambo, and later, the Empire, earlier in the conflict, prompting the Republic to rally their fleet at Crothynopolos. Led by Fleet Admiral Anuatolian, the Republic armada, consisting of several Venator-class Star Destroyers, including the Behemoth and the Phoebus-class Star Destroyer Concord, quickly reinforced the planet, hoping that such a heavy military presence would draw the Empire away from immediately attacking the Adelphi homeworld of Adelentia.

The Republic's territories in the Quadrants finally fall.

As anticipated, the Imperials took the bait, deploying Fleet Captain Sorondil and his armada, led by the Conqueror, a mighty Judicator-class Battlecruiser. Deploying an interdictor cruiser at the system's hyperspace waypoint, Sorondil moved his Star Destroyers from all vectors to converge on Anuatolian's fleet. In response, the Republic launched starfighter squadrons in an attempt to break a hole in Sorondil's forces, concentrating their fire on the interdictor cruiser. As the capital ships engaged one another in deadly broadsides, the Republic X-15 Nychus Rone Squadron managed to sneak behind Sorondil's forces, and destroyed the interdictor's gravity well generators. Though Sorondil expected the Republic to immediately flee, he was surprised to find them fight on, and within a few minutes, he realised why.

A sizable Cognatus battlefleet, commanded by the famed N'thavo Xellunaion arrived in the system, unleashing deadly plasma broadsides on the unsuspecting Imperial vessels preventing Anuatolian's fleet from safely fleeing the system. Punching a hole in Sorondil's forces, the Resolution and Truth, Xellunaion's flagship, managed to seriously damage the Conqueror's, preventing it from giving chase to the Republic ships as they made their separate jumps into hyperspace.

In the aftermath of the battle, Anuatolian spoke to Xellunaion about the battle. While he was convinced that they could have defeated Sorondil's forces, and launched their own invasion of Apatalore, thus freeing the sector, he had been ordered by Fleet Admiral Cretacea to withdraw safely from Crothynopolos and reinforce Vice Admiral Laege Shavalera's force gathered at Lianna. Only then, Cretacea argued, could a true counteroffensive be successfully initiated.


  • The second story arc of the Second Great War.

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